As stated, there are two phases to MDM.  Please keep this in mind while searching for the match you desire to read about.

Comprised largely of vignettes and short posts.  Not much actual fighting, and relatively true to the Deathmatch! concept.
Key Authors:  D^Knight, Jay Winger, WeB ViRuS

Longer posts and more in-depth.  More fighting, owes more to WWF/WCW than Deathmatch!
Key Authors:  Jay Winger, Voodoo, Java Trinomial, Sai Lemur
Ünres v. Gigabyte
Renei v. Enzo (V)atrix
See Piler v. Mike the TV
Grizzly Crew v. Web Riders
Cowboy & Chaotis v. Mouse & AndrAIa
Ünres v. Megabyte
Bios v. Daemon
Nathan Justice v. Enzo (V)atrix
Nathan Justice v. Jeff Freeman
Elogin v. Hexadecimal
Dirk v. Codemaster Lens
Sil al'Nasen v. Mouse
Dax Lockheart v. AndrAIa
Dax Lockheart v. Niente Aught v. Dot Matrix
Twins v. Backup & Little Enzo Matrix
Terrorizers v. Bob & (V)atrix
Lean Il Lupe v. Megabyte
Jay Winger v. Voodoo
Zilch Aught v. Gigabyte
Erinys Naigerek v. Ray Tracer
Terrorizers v. Powerlock & Web Rider Boss
Toughest Couple Tournament
Dreckards v. Golems & Pyra
Bios v. Earia v. Elogin v. Tri Cyanopia v. Lean Il Lupe
CReaTuRe v. Lazarus

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five
Twins v. Bob & Turbo
Lean Il Lupe v. Gigabyte
See Piler v. Zaytan
Light Heavyweight Tournament
Java Trinomial v. Voodoo
Jay Winger v. Voodoo
Flip Side Felons v. Bob & Turbo
Hyena v. Hexadecimal
The War with Puck W!ld
Chaotis v. mystery opponent
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