Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two
Night #2: A Rivalry Forms...

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 27, 2000

The continuing saga of the Deathmatch! drives on. Jay Winger's hopes for the Metaverse to sweep the matches the previous night failed with the betrayal of Chaotis the Hacker Anarch. Chaotis had been teamed up with Calvin "Cowboy" West against Mouse and AndrAIa, then refused to tag-out his partner, allowing Cowboy to be absolutely devastated by the two females. As the 'broadcast' ended, Jay Winger and his Chronicles team beat the snot out of Chaotis.

It is now the next night, so the matches must be booked. ((BTW, if any of you object to the things 'Jay Winger' says in the thread below, that's just the character I am assuming for MDM/MWF. Nothing personal.))

[A new night, so new matches. The lights dim as a remix of Powerman 5000's "When Worlds Collide" plays. The Metatron shows Jay Winger and the Metaverse icon as the Author emerges in his black-and-green Metaverse shirt and Gold Belt. He is accompanied by Nathan Justice and Ünres. Jay carries a microphone. The three of them enter the ring. Jay looks around, then raises the mike.]

Jay: [a la Triple H] I know that some of you were disappointed by the outcome of the tag team match last time. Lord knows, I hated it. The premise was for Calvin West--the Cowboy--and Chaotis the Hacker Anarch to team up and beat the living hell out of Mouse and AndrAIa.

[Pause. He glances at Justice and Ünres. They nod. Jay continues.]

Jay: Chaotis was unable to put aside his professional hatred for Cowboy. Everyone knows they're on opposite sides of the hacking spectrum. Cowboy lives to "protect the sanctity of the code." Chaotis lives to "crack and scourge"...the code. Also, Chaotis was thinking with his hormones. You see, Chaotis was thinking that if he refused to help Cowboy win the match--in effect helping Mouse and AndrAIa win the match--he could get on their good side and...get to know them, if you will.

[Another pause. Jay looks at the crowd's reaction. He continues.]

Jay: Well, as you saw last time, what goes around...comes around. And we're not done with Chaotis yet. [He turns to the Metatron entrance.] Bring him out!!

[PM5K plays again as the rest of the Chronicles team emerges. With them are Elogin and Niente Aught, who drag Chaotis, who is tied up in a straitjacket. Chaotis struggles against their grips, but he might as well be trying to bend titanosteel. Renei and Cowboy are there also, both bandaged and wearing neck braces. They pull him into the ring. Jay leers as he approaches the tied-up hacker.]

Jay: Chaotis...I'm going to give you one last chance to apologize to Cowboy.  [He holds up the mike.]

Chaotis: [leering behind his mask] Go {bleep} yourselves!

[Reaction from crowd. Jay steps back, frowns, then wallops Chaotis on the head with the base of the microphone. Chaotis rocks back, held by Elogin and Niente.]

Jay: Now, since you threw a monkey wrench in my plans, Chaotis...I think it's only fair that I throw a monkey wrench at you. Dirk!

[Dirk Manning steps forward with a wrench and starts beating Chaotis over the head with it. Finally, he stops, then laughs.]

Jay: String him up!

[A hook descends from the rafters. Jay takes the hook and connects it to the straps on the back of Chaotis' straitjacket. He steps back and signals, and Chaotis is hoisted up above the ring, where he kicks. Jay produces a Hannibal Lecter-esque mask. He stuffs it on Chaotis, then sends him up.]

Jay: You hang up there and think about what you did! [pause] Now, getting back to plan last time was for the Metaverse to be triumphant. For that to be totally successful, my team needs to win some gold. There is a shortage of titles in this competition. So I had Deathmatch! create some new titles.

[He pauses.]

Jay: Tonight, in our first match, Ünres will fight for the title of Most Evil Viral Overlord against...Megabyte!

[Roar from the crowd. Jay smirks.]

Jay: Despite the fact that the other Authors want the Metaverse to win as much as I do, I can think of [holds up fingers] two who would want Mainframe to win this. So, WeB, Silv, I could care less if you want Megabyte to win. You are going to see Ünres tear your hero apart.

[Roar from crowd.]

Jay: And then, Elogin [he points at her] will go up for the title of Most Insane Virus against...Hexadecimal!

[Another roar.]

Jay: AND THEN! Nathan Justice [he gestures at him] will fight Big Enzo Matrix for the title of Most Dangerous Renegade.

[Another roar.]

Jay: AND THEN! Dirk Manning will battle for Toughest Mechanic against...the Codemaster Talon...better known as Old Man Pierson.

[And the crowd roars again.]

Jay: AND THEN! Sil al'Nasen and Mouse will go up for the title of Best Sword Fighter.

[Sil swings out her sword and raises it to the delight of the crowd.]

Jay: I'M NOT FINISHED!! [He waits for the crowd to settle down.] In my last match for the night, Dot Matrix will defend herself against Niente Aught for the title of Toughest Bigger Sister!

[Reaction from crowd.]

Jay: Those are just the matches that *I* have set up. I don't know what the other Authors have planned, but I can only guess that they will have their own words to say. That is why I'll let them come out and book their own matches. It's an open mike for it!

[Reaction from crowd. The Chronicles team and Elogin and Niente start out. Jay starts to climb out of the ring, but he turns back and looks up at Chaotis.]

Jay: Have a nice day!

[PM5K plays as he drops the mike, drops to the floor and shoulders his Belt as he starts out. Chaotis kicks and screams above the ring, but nobody makes any moves to help him.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Mar 27, 2000

[As the group leaves the arena, leaving Chaotis hanging from the rafters, the lights of the statium flash out, then flash on, and Chaotis is no longer hanging from the rafter's, but insted is standing next to Voodoo, along with Dax, Jenny, and Ki'ace. Voodoo raise's the mike in his hand to his lips]

Voodoo: Now now.. I have never seen such as display as this, leaving one team mate hanging from the rafters....But then again, I never thought i'd ever be in a match such as this....

[Two Metaverse security guards rush out from the Metatron, sent by Jay most likely, Voodoo smiles and snaps his fingers, two large winged Anthro's decend from the spots in the rafters and knock the guards to the ground, and step on their head's, holding them inside there talon like toe's. The people inside the statium are shocked, but yet cheer as the Dreckards make there first known appearnce to the public.]

Voodoo: Now ladies and Gentelmen, i would like to introduce you to some of my very close friends, making there first public appearance, I give you two of Dreckard Race, Scar and Mistya!

[The two Dreckards let out a roar, and the crowd goes wild. Voodoo notices Chaotis trying to sneak out, But Ki'ace is far quicker and get's him into a head lock]

Voodoo: Now, Jay... I am going to give you're Man back, but here's the deal... I want Bios...

[A Flash of muti colored light and Bios stands on the top of one of the Post of the rings]

Voodoo: To also be in the virus overlord match.... I also want Dax here...

[Dax waves sending the crowd cherring, with a few boo's from the wemon]

Voodoo: To also fight in the Biggest sister match.... Seem's fair enough doesn't it ?

[Voodoo snaps his fingers and the Dreckards release the guards, who run like hell, and Ki'ace let's go of the Chaotis who also slips out of the ring.]

Voodoo: Well Jay?

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 28, 2000

[The Metatron plays PM5K's "When Worlds Collide" again, and Jay emerges, accompanied by Ünres, Justice, and Niente. Jay frowns, scanning the audience, then starts talking.]

Jay: Voodoo, I see you finally got off your duff and let your peeps see some action. While I can't say I like you're releasing Chaotis --

[Boos from the audience at the mentioning of the Hacker Anarach.]

Jay: -- that's okay because I let Cowboy beat the snot out of him backstage.


Jay: As for your proposals, I have a better idea. You don't interfere in Ünres' match. It's just him and Megabyte. But Bios gets a crack at the titleholder after the match. [He looks at Ünres, who nods slowly, cracking his knuckles.] That's the stip. Whoever's holding the title belt after the match is fair game for Bios.

[He paces over to Niente, placing a hand on her shoulder, then looks back at Voodoo.]

Jay: As for the Bigger Sister fight, you got yourself a deal! Triple Threat Match! One pin for the title! And you can be sure that Ms. All-Go, No-Quit, Big-Bike Niente Aught is going to absolutely mop up the floor with Dot Matrix, and then send your girl Dax into the next life.

[Jay steps back, glaring out, his Gold Belt (the sign of an Author, btw) on his shoulder. He lowers the mike, and then all four of them -- Jay, Ünres, Justice, and Niente -- raise their arms in the DX sign.]

Jay: We got TWO WORDS for ya!

All Four: PUCK IT!

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Mar 29, 2000

[Voodoo and Dax look at one another as Jay finish his speech. Dax smiles and cracks her knuckles. Bios, who jump's from the post and lands next to Voodoo, Unleashes her Claws and grins]

Voodoo: Well Jay, i see like most of your characters, you have a simple vocabulary, so I'll make this a plain Text file... As you can plainly see, Bios and Dax are more then ready to rumble..

[Scar and Mistya watch Jay and his team members closely, just in case they decide to do something]

Voodoo: You set the time and date, and my girls will be ready to rumble...

[Ki'ace steps forward and whispers something into Voodoo's ear]

Voodoo: Good idea Ki'ace... Here's another thought.. How 'bout an Anthro Vs. Anthro match? My Dreckard's and Zed's Vs. any Anthro's that's got the guts to step up and fight... tell you all what! I'll even let Ril in...she's close enough...

[The crowd seems to go wild over the idea that the Anthro's might fight. Voodoo smiles as the lights dim out, and all is left in the arena is Voodoo doll sitting in a stool, and evil laugher is sent thought the P.A.]

Johnny: Who! whatt'a a night nick, First we see a major betrayal, and then a somewhat rescue for Voodoo, a man we hardly ever see. And then a new race of Anthro! My, the next round of matches should be great!

Nick: I'll say Johnny! Can you imagine what's going to happen! I mean, Voodoo's got one tough team of women that's for sure, a Virus, a Hybrid and those Anthro's! There's going to be a major rumble in the Metaverse jungle tonight!

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 29, 2000

[After Voodoo's departure, Jay, Justice, Ünres, and Niente scoff at his overly dramatic exit. Jay raises his mike again.]

Jay: Voodoo, see, now, I would put in my Anthros for a good fight. But there's a problem. One, I have a small number of Anthros available. Nails is still out from his little bout with Hex-Web, Sil's already got a match tonight, and Renei's still recovering from that piledriver Matrix gave him.

[Niente taps Jay on the shoulder and mutters something under her breath. Jay grins.]

Jay: Of course, I could always bring in the Golems...but that wouldn't be sporting, because no other Anthro would stand a chance against them. But right now, Megabyte, boyo, get ready to have your ASCII whupped.

[The four of them flash the DX symbol again, then leave backstage.

[A short while later, the match starts...The Metatron's screen turns blue and flashes Megabyte's 'un-happy' face symbol. The heavy metal guitar music from "Talent Night" plays as Megabyte himself stomps out amidst pyro bursts and a negative reaction from the crowd. The small positive reaction he gets comes from some of the Metaverse Authors and their people. (WeB, Corel, Silv) Megabyte carries a rather evil-looking gold Championship belt -- the Most Evil Viral Overlord title.]

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall, deciding the title. Making his way to the ring, from G-Prime, the Most Evil Viral Overlord -- MEGABYTE!

[Megabyte hands the title belt over to the ref, who puts it aside. Pyro bursts go off and the Metatron goes red. The "Magitek Factory Theme" from FF6 plays as industrial machinery clashes on the screen. Ünres emerges, Jay beside him. Jay has devested himself of his Gold Belt.]

Announcer: And his opponent, representing the Metaverse, hailing from System Vector, being accompanied by Jay Winger, the Class-12 virus -- ÜNRES!

[Ünres climbs into the ring and immediately attacks MB with his metal right hand. The fight bell rings, officially starting the fight. Jay shouts encouragement from the Metatron-side of the ring as Ünres shoves MB back against the ropes, then pulls MB up and shoves him across the ring. MB springs back and collides with a stiff clothesline. MB falls.

[Ünres pulls MB up and backhands him. He sets up to do it again, but MB recovers and fights back with a knee to the face. MB then grabs Ünres and DDTs him. MB climbs to the top rope, flashes his claws, then leaps. Ünres manages to duck MB's attack and retaliate. He Samoan drops MB, then attempts to pin him. MB kicks out after two. Ünres stands him up and hurls him into the corner.

[The Class-12 charges, but MB kicks him in the jaw, then climbs up the ropes to unleash a Twist of Fate. Ünres goes down. MB goes for the pin, but Ünres kicks out. MB prepares to drop an elbow, but Ünres sits up and hits MB hard in the kneecap. MB cries out in pain as Ünres stands up and drops MB in a spinebuster.

[Ünres attempts a pin, but MB kicks out again. The Class-12 snarls and pulls MB to the corner. Ünres climbs, hefts MB, preparing to powerbomb him into the steel stairs. But MB rolls off Ünres' shoulders and lands in the ring. He grabs Ünres by the waist and powerbombs him into the ring! MB gets up to Swanton Bomb Ünres, but the Class-12 gets up and catches the leaping MB by the throat.

[Chokeslam! Jay leaps in triumph as Ünres descends for the pin. They stop as the lights dim. Jay turns toward the stage and the Metatron as it lights up yellow. There is a rhythmic beeping, not unlike an EKG. A symbol, comprised of yellow vines sprouting from a Guardian icon, appears on the Metatron. Ünres stands and stares. The beep flatlines, music ("Tazz's Theme") plays, and pyros burst at the appropriate moment. Images flash across the screen, and then, from the back emerges the supervirus herself -- DAEMON!

[Daemon stalks toward the ring, but Jay confronts her, trying to shout her down. Daemon, whose gaze was fixed on Ünres, glances at him, then smacks him aside powerfully. Jay lies stunned. Daemon goes into the ring and grabs Ünres, who makes a futile attempt to hit her. He writhes as Daemon hurls him out of the ring and into the stage, which dents from the impact. Ünres attempts to get up, but Daemon quickly leaves the ring to grab a steel chair. She goes back in the ring and throws it at Ünres' head. He goes down.

[Daemon turns to MB, who appears to be relieved for the save. But before he can show his thanks, she uppercuts him, then body-blows him. MB doubles up, and she grabs him and drops MB in the Pedigree! She turns him over for the pin.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings, ending the match. Daemon claims the belt and holds it up.]

Announcer: Here is the Most Evil Viral Overlord -- DAEMON!

[Daemon celebrates, but then a recovered Jay climbs into the ring with the steel chair. He smacks Daemon in the back. Unfazed, she turns to face him, lowering the belt. Jay blinks, then looks at the chair in disbelief. He starts to back up, but she grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him. As he lies stunned, Daemon marches triumphantly out of the ring and the arena.

[To the announcer's booth:]

Nick: What a match, Johnny! I haven't seen such a surprise ending in all my years with Deathmatch!

Johnny: You said it, Nick. We just saw the supervirus Daemon demolish Ünres and destroy Megabyte to claim the Most Evil Viral Overlord title. Now she must defend it against the Author Voodoo's chosen champion -- Bios.

Nick: That match proves to be big, Johnny. Bios styles herself as the "Queen Bitch of the Metaverse," but Daemon was smashing people under her feet before Bios started compiling.

Johnny: Don't count Bios out, Nick. Voodoo has been long promoting Bios, and from the looks of things, Bios is well-prepared to take on Daemon.

Nick: And who knows what's next, Johnny? After the Bios-Daemon fight, D^Knight's Nemesis or Proteus could step forward, or maybe WeB ViRuS will throw her side's hat in the ring. Maybe Megabyte will try to reclaim his title. There's no way to tell.

Johnny: Still to come -- a newcomer, Class-17 Elogin, takes on the established psychopathic virus Hexadecimal for the Most Insane Virus title --

Nick: -- F'Val pilot Sil al'Nasen challenges the hacker Mouse for the title of Best Sword Fighter --

Johnny: -- Nathan Justice and Enzo Matrix battle for the position of Most Dangerous Renegade --

Nick: -- Dirk Manning versus Old Man Pierson for Toughest Mechanic --

Johnny: -- and a Triple Threat Match to determine the holder of the title of Toughest Bigger Sister between Niente Aught, Dax Lockheart, and Dot Matrix.

[Backstage, a sore Jay Winger throws a glass mug across the room, where it shatters. He screams in anger.]

Jay: What the HELL was Daemon doing here? She just ruined my plan!

Justice: Wasn't the first time.

Jay: Shut it, Justice. It's not so bad. We can still win the title, it's just we'll have to wait for Bios to lose.

Dirk: Don't hold your breath.

Jay: Shut up. We've got the other matches to worry about. [He thinks for a moment.] If I want an easy victory, I could always book Naught.

Niente: What? Why?

Jay: Consider his track record. He's won both matches he's been in.

Niente: Right. The first time it was Al's waiter, who wasn't much of a challenge, and the second time it was the Y2K Bug, who keeled over because of the Y2.5K problem. His luck won't hold out forever.

Jay: Hey, things like this come in threes.

Cowboy: Which means that your plan should get ruined at least once more --

Jay: SHUT UP! Niente, you start getting ready for your match with Dot and Dax. I'm going to go have a chat with Voodoo. Ünres, you come along.

[Jay and Ünres leave their green room and go to Voodoo's area. As they walk in, Jay holds up his hands in a sign of peace.]

Jay: Hey, easy. I was just as surprised as you were by Daemon. You think I'd let the Metaverse lose a chance to get that title? But the stipulation says that now Bios has to fight Daemon. If you need any help, [smirks] don't hesitate to call on us. Ünres has a bone to pick with Her Royal Supervirus.

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Mar 29, 2000

[As Bios watches Daemon stand in the ring, proclaiming her victory, Voodoo watches as Jay enters his part of the stadium]

Voodoo: Well, Well, the mighty has come down to met the new comer...

[Jeff and Jenny stand,as if being back up, the two Dreckards Scar and Mistya, close the door and stand infront of it]

Voodoo: As you can see Jay, Bios is more then able to take on the super virus...She shall we say... an "Evolving temper"....

[The Hybrids along with the Anthro's chuckle, at Bios's well know ability's]

Voodoo: But if she does manage to get in trouble... I'll keep you in mind...

[The two Dreckards step out of the way, letting Jay leave. Voodoo sits back in his chair thinking]

Voodoo: Bios, match is about to start, better get out there...

[Bios nods and stands, Dax follows behind her as they make their way out to the metatron]

[The lights flicker on and off in the stadium, as the screen over the Metatron flashes images of war's and people being hunted along with the images comes a techno voice saying " We are controlling transmission..We..we...we are..are are are..controlling transmission". The pyro's and flames from the ramp announce the arrival of Bios,her robe slides off and Dax picks it up, and back steps into the Metatron. Bios makes her way down the ramp, playfully flirting with all the guys on the side]

Nick: Now, the self proclaimed 'Queen Bitch of the Metaverse', Lady's and Gentleman, the queen bitch herself....BIOS!!!!!!!

[Voodoo and his creation watch from there screen in there room, as Bios enters the ring, they can plainly see that she is not going to play by the rules]

Jeff: Um, not that I care about it or anything.. but um... you did tell Bios that she couldn't use her claws right?
Voodoo: She hasn't listen to me before, you think she will now?
All together: Most likely not....

[Mill lane decides to stay outside the ring, and doesn't bother to tell them the rules. The bell rings, But Bios just stands there, her arms crossed. Daemon shakes her head, and charges, jumping mid way into a jump kick. Bios simple side step's, And Daemon falls to the ground]

Bios: Simple old virus.....

[Daemon is not pleased by the laughing from the crowd stands and fire's an energy bolt at Bios's, knocking the Class 15 to the ground.]

Daemon: Bring it on Girly girl!

[Bios's eyes glow ready, as she jumps up onto her feet. Her claws unleash from her lower arm, she charge's, Daemon blocks her advance, the two begin in a blow for trade blow match, nether gaining any real ground for more then a moment. Daemon, grabbing Bios's right arm, use's her own claws against her, slashing Bios's face.Bios stumbles back, feeling the blood trickle down her face.]


[Back stage]

Voodoo: oh yeah..she pissed
Jeff: You don't think she..
Voodoo: Big time!

[In the ring, Bios moves back to the edge of the ring, her eyes glowing, she lets out a scream as her bends over, wrapping her arms around her stomach as she screams her banshee scream. Daemon is confused and starts to back away. The skin on Bios's back seems to be being pushed up from the inside, It rip's apart, sending orange/red blood splattering onto the crowd and onto the ring. Large horns are apparent on her shoulders, smaller ones work their way down the to the base of her spine. What's left of Bios's skin slides off, reviling her new demonic face,her now almost web creature like skin, shines in the light of the stadium, the blood reflecting her now black skin. her arms stretch out, her hands are replaced with a long, bone like curved blades. She stomps on the arena knocking Daemon to the ground, she lets out a roar, more ear piecing the the last.]

Voodoo: We are really screwed...
Jeff: If she doesn't calm down soon,
Dax: By by everyone..
Crix: I hear Resonate is nice this time of year...

[Back at the arena, Daemon stands to run, But Bios opens her now alien type mouth,as two bone like tongues shoot out, one piecing Daemons chest, the other her throat. Daemon struggles to breath as she is slowly being pulled back to Bios. slowing into her mouth..]

[A few members of the crowd puke, as they see Daemons un-timely end]

Nick: Oh! The Humanity!!!

[Mill's lane slowly enters the ring, picking of the bloody belt and handing it to Bios's more evolved form.]

Mill Lane: The Winner, By just a head, BIOS!!!!!!!

[Boo's and Cheers comes from the people in the arena as Bios slowly begins to shrink. Voodoo, along with Dax, Jenny, and Scar run out from the Metatron to the ring. As the climb in, Dax quickly covers Bios, before any one can see her less then clothed Viral form. The team slowly leaves the ring, Carry Bios back to the room]

Johnny: What a sick and twisted match Nick! But it seems the fans want more!

Nick: It sure was Johnny, but too bad Bios isn't up for any more matches, so i guess we will have to wait till Dax gets into the ring!

Johnny: We sure will Nick... We sure will.

[A Knock sounds on Jay's door as Voodoo walks in, holding a small white flag]

Voodoo: Sorry Jay, but Bios does have an evolving temper. No Regrets old sport?

From: "Java" <>
Date: Mar 29, 2000

(Backstage. Voodoo is in the hallway when a Khatran sprints up to him, obviously pissed off.)
Pyra: Hey, if you think you're having an Anthro match, you had better count *me* in!
(Java runs over also in jeans and a fushia sharf tied on her head, obviously *not* pleased)
Java: What in HELL Pyra, dammit, you're going to get yourself killed!
Pyra: (turns) No, I'm fighting this *overblown* whatever! (turns back to Voodoo) Well? I'm ready for your littl' "creation" , so you'd better let me in. Or, are you chicken? (watches him)

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Mar 29, 2000

Voodoo: Well, aren't you an eager little Beaver... Are you sure you want in.. because you all saw what Bios did... think you can take on my Dreckards? Fine.. i'll let you in.. doesn't matter to me..

[Voodoo lookes to Java]

Voodoo: I hope he can handle it... When i finish setting the match up with Jay, i'll let you know...

[Voodoo walks back to his room, the Two Dreckards Scar and Mistya glare at Pyra before shrugging and walking off to the room with Voodoo]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 29, 2000

[During the course of the Bios-Daemon match, Jay, along with his Chronicles team and Resonate team, watch the Supervirus take on the Queen Bitch. As Daemon meets her end, several sick looks cross their faces. Zilch, who has Blank and Zip on his lap, covers their eyes.]

Naught: [wretching] Ugh...
DaVinci: I wouldn't ask that on anyone...not even you, Lazarus.
Lazarus: [dryly] You're too kind, DaVinci.

[Then Voodoo walks in. Everyone's heads turn towards him. Jay swivels his chair to face the new Author and signals with his fingers. Justice and DaVinci step up beside him as the Golems Deki and Celesi shut the door and block it, much like the Dreckards did earlier. Jay smirks.]

Jay: An 'evolving temper' my ASCII, Voodoo. But I'm not complaining. At least we got to see Daemon destroyed. I'm sure WeB will like that.

[Chuckles from Jay's teams.]

Jay: As for taking on Bios, I *could* send in Elogin.

[The Class-17 cracks her knuckles and leers. Her eyes flash wild colors.]

Jay: But that would be unsporting. You think Bios has a temper, Vood? [snickers] Well, as Elogin put it so succinctly --
Elogin: [flexing her claws] Carrie was an amateur.
Jay: But, as I said, I think it's unsporting to challenge poor Bios right now. I'll let her recover...a bit...before Elogin tears her apart.

[He glances to the side, then nods at Justice, who shoulders his way past Voodoo and through the doors, the Golems moving aside long enough to let him past.]

Jay: Now, back to our business, eh, Vood? Justice has Matrix to destroy.

[The Golems open the doors, and Voodoo leaves. Jay swivels back to face the monitor.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: March 29, 2000

[Voodoo returns to his room, the hybrids are looking over Bios, now in a semi-coma state. Voodoo sits in his chair, turning towards his set of screens.]

Voodoo: CRIX!

[Crix looks up from his laptop]

Crix: Yeah?
Voodoo: You have those tech spec's on the Golem's?
Crix: yeah... Good new's and bad news.....

[The Screen's infront of Voodoo are filed with Info on both Golem and Dreckard.]

Crix: Scar and Mistya could very easily take out the more..'normal' Anthro's, But golem are damn near as powerful as Dreckards.
Voodoo: Anything we can use aginst them?
Crix: You mean other then a level 4 tear? um.. not really. Scar and Mistya have flight and strength, but golem's have strength and there's skin. Far tougher then Dreckard.

[Scar and Mistya listen to the two talk, and then look to Ki'ace, who shrugs.]

Voodoo: Ok.. well...this means we have to set up another fight... who do we have for the anthro fight?
Crix: that can fight? Well other then Ki'ace, Ki'eva, Scar, and Mistya.. We are looking at the Golems, and that... Pyra was it?
Dax: If i may interject, i believe that im up next!

[Jenny and Jeff look to Voodoo, hopeing that he will send someone else in]

Voodoo: True Dax, But i want to see who Jay's going to send in... besides... we are all on the same team are we not?
Scar: Not if Web had made sure Megabyte won, she would kill you if Bios kicked his ASCII.
Mistya: So what's the plan Boss man?

[Voodoo turns in his chair, facing his creation's]

Voodoo: For now we wait..... And watch closely....

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 29, 2000

[The Metatron glows red and starts flashing Matrix's (\/) symbol, heavy metal music playing. Big Enzo Matrix appears through the Metatron, holding Gun. He fires his weapon in the air, to the accompaniment of pyro bursts. Matrix stomps into the ring, setting Gun aside.]

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall for the title of Most Dangerous Renegade. Here is the first competitor, representing ReBoot, from Mainframe -- Enzo MATRIX!

[Matrix roars a la the Big Show and raises his fist in the air. He starts to test the ropes when the Metatron darkens.]

Metatron: [Justice's voice] Let's do this.

[The Radicalz Theme from WWF plays, a Grizzly Bear roaring on the screen over hardcore shots of the crew. Nathan Justice sweeps out and glares around at the audience. He draws his pistol and fires as well, then swings his gun arm around and shoots at the base of the Metatron, which flares up and pyros go off in a much larger fashion.]

Announcer: And his opponent, representing the Metaverse, from the SS Grizzly -- Nathan JUSTICE!

[Justice approaches the ring, tossing his pistol to an official and grabbing a mike. He speaks into it as he climbs into the ring.]

Justice: I'm damn dangerous, so I say, make this match HARDCORE!

[The audience cheers as Justice storms at Matrix, clocking him with the mike. With a squeal of feedback, Matrix staggers back before Justice launches a spinning heel kick. Matrix falls back against the ropes. Justice grabs his wrist and pulls him up and across. Matrix stops and uses his momentum to hurl Justice into the ropes. Justice returns, ducking under Matrix's swing, then punching at the sprite's face.

[Matrix leans back, out of the way, then does a powerful roundhouse kick that knocks Justice down. Matrix springs off the ropes to do an elbow drop, but Justice manages to roll away. He gets up and kicks at Matrix's head. The renegade Guardian grunts, then sweeps around and does a low-blow. Justice winces, stunned, and Matrix uses the moment to do a knee to the face.

[Justice lies on the mat while Matrix climbs out of the ring to get a steel chair. The ref can't stop him -- Justice did, after all, make the match a hardcore match. Matrix slides in the steel chair and starts to climb in, but Justice recovers and picks up the chair. He clocks Matrix as he gets on the apron, knocking Matrix off. Justice climbs up to the corner, holding the steel chair and looking down at the stunned sprite.

[Justice raises the steel chair, then leaps off into a flying elbow drop, but hits with the chair instead of his elbow. He collides into a rising Matrix, who falls back into the announcers' table. Justice, who is a bit sore from that move, looks up at him and starts to raise the steel chair for another blow, but Matrix grabs the fight bell and smashes Justice in the face with it. CLANG! Justice drops the steel chair, staggering.

[Matrix throws down the bell and grabs Justice around the waist. With a powerful grunt, Matrix hoists Justice up in the air. He glares down at the steel chair on the floor, then brings Justice down in a powerbomb, right on the concrete floor and steel chair. Matrix climbs back into the ring, leaving the injured mercenary for a moment.

[Justice starts to get up and glares up at his opponent. Matrix sees him and starts over to grab him by the head. Justice picks up the now-dented steel chair and slams Matrix in the face as he leans over the ropes. Matrix falls backward. Justice gets back into the ring, then climbs partway up the post, stopping to look out at the screaming audience. He looks back at Matrix, then gets down to grab Matrix in a full-nelson. Matrix shakes free, turning to punch Justice, who leans back, just as Matrix did earlier. Justice uppercuts, then wraps his arms around the stunned Guardian. He does a suplex, then climbs the ropes, crouching on the top and waiting.

[Matrix gets to his feet, wobbling and looking around for his foe. As he turns to Justice, the mercenary leaps into a brutal martial arts kick, flooring Matrix. Justice stops his momentum and turns back to pin Matrix.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ...

[But suddenly AndrAIa and Mouse jump out from the audience and into the ring, where they attack Justice. The surprised mercenary is grabbed by Mouse in a headlock, and AndrAIa smacks him in the face with her fins. The ref stays out of the way, letting the two femmes whale on Justice. Matrix starts to come around, but doesn't get up yet.

[Then, to Justice's rescue comes Dirk and a still-bandaged Cowboy. Dirk carries a wrench, which he hits AndrAIa with. AndrAIa falls, and Cowboy punches Mouse hard, sending her reeling back into the corner, where she slumps to the floor. Cowboy turns his back to her, doing the DX salute, then runs at her and leaps into a Bronco Buster. Mouse goes out, then Cowboy drags her out of the corner and rolls her out of the ring. Dirk puts his wrench away, rolling AndrAIa out. Justice gets
to his feet, looking at the two of them. They all nod as Matrix gets to his feet.

[Cowboy grabs Matrix by the legs, picking him up and into Justice's grip. As they bring him down, Dirk hits Matrix with his wrench. The Grizzly Death Drop! Matrix is out for the count, and Justice covers him.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings. Justice stands, raising his arms in triumph, but the ref shakes his head. He indicates that Dirk, Cowboy, Mouse, and AndrAIa's interference invalidated the match, despite the hardcore rules. Justice scowls, backing the ref into the corner. He holds out his hand to Dirk, who places Justice's pistol in his palm. Justice puts the barrel to the ref's jaw. The ref sweats, then nods to the officials, who hand Justice the title belt. Justice holsters his pistol and raises the belt.]

Announcer: Here is your winner, the Most Dangerous Renegade -- Nathan JUSTICE!

[Justice puts the belt on his shoulder, leaning on Dirk, who helps Justice off the stage. Cowboy remains by the ring, taunting the stunned Mouse. Justice turns back and shouts at Cowboy, who jeers at Mouse one last time, then runs off after them.

[Cut to Johnny and Nick, who are amazed.]

Nick: Wow, Johnny! I'm not sure if that match was even legal!

Johnny: Tell me about it, Nick. Nathan Justice changed the rules at the beginning of the fight, setting hardcore rules. That allowed both him and Matrix to pull out all the stops.

Nick: Plainly shown by the use of the steel chair, Johnny. But according to title fight rules, there cannot be any outside interference, like we just saw.

Johnny: Matrix's girlfriend AndrAIa, and his compatriot Mouse, both came into the ring to prevent Nathan Justice from winning the Most Dangerous Renegade title. And then Justice's teammates Dirk Manning and Calvin "Cowboy" West came in to save Justice!

Nick: They demolished Mouse and AndrAIa, then did the dreaded Grizzly Death Drop to a defenseless Matrix, allowing Justice to win the match.

Johnny: But the referee didn't want to give Justice the title, so he pulled out his gun and threatened the referee at point blank to award him the title.

Nick: I don't know about you, Johnny, but to me, that just shows that Justice is the Most Dangerous Renegade. You don't piss off a man like Nathan Justice.

Johnny: Still to come -- Dirk Manning and Old Man Pierson fight for the title of Toughest Mechanic --

Nick: -- Sil al'Nasen and Mouse compete for Best Sword Fighter --

Johnny: -- and Niente Aught, Dax Lockheart, and Dot Matrix go one-on-one-on-one for the title of Toughest Bigger Sister in a Triple Threat Match, later tonight on "Metaverse Deathmatch!"

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Mar 29, 2000

[Jeff, Jenny, and Dax are glued to the screen that was showing the fight. the trio smiled to one another and nodded]

Voodoo: what are you to nodding about?
Jeff: I have to say Voodoo, that Justice gives even me a run for my money... i want to take him on!
Jenny: Me too!
Dax: that goes triple for me also!

[Voodoo ponders this for a moment, then looks over to Ki'ace]

Voodoo: Odds of winning?
Ki'ace: one on one? Jeff and Dax have the highest percent on winning a match with him.
Jenny:HEY! how come they have better chance then me!
Ki'ace: Jeff's going the power, Dax has the speed. You have both, making you more of threat to yourself in the long run.
Jenny: Explain!
Voodoo: Later...

[Voodoo turns in his chair, facing Crix]

Voodoo: Crix.. Get Jay on the Com would you? i have another thought to share with him. Oh yes, and make sure Bios is ready to fight soon...

[As Voodoo turn's back to the screen, a image of the "grizzly" symbol appears on the screen, and soon Jay's face]

Voodoo: Hello once again my friend, I'll make this quick... You have a real bad ass there, i believe you call him Justice, I want him to fight Jeff. Call it the " Who's the Biggest Bad Ass" if you want, it doesn't matter to me. Also, Bios is recovering very quickly, she always has, How about we set up another Viral match huh? Since you haven't seen anything yet. Also my Dreckards are growing restless, we must set up an Anthro match soon don't you think?

[Voodoo sits back in his chair, awaiting Jay's answer]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 30, 2000

[Jay swivels in his chair to face the comm screen, Justice looming up behind him. The mercenary wears his title belt around his waist. Jay listens to Voodoo's spiel, then smirks.]

Jay: Justice a bad ass? That's putting it very mildly, Vood. Nathan Justice just happens to be the baddest mother@#$%er in the Metaverse. But if you want your 'Creation' to get his @$$ whupped, far be it from me to stop you.

Justice: That *half-breed* wants to take me on? Come and get me. [leans in to the screen, glaring at Voodoo and Jeff] I'll have you know I've tried the Garmacind Scenario. My time was 50 minutes, 20 seconds. The only person better holds the record: Jonathon Promuss. I think I can handle a stupid half-breed.

Jay: Calm down, Nathan. [to Voodoo] We'll set that match up later. Let's finish the matches that are already set up. Has Dax written her last will and testament? Because Niente's going to nuke her butt.

[In the background, Elogin gets up and starts pacing. Jay sees her, then smiles.]

Jay: I have to go, Vood. Good luck finding some saps to fight your Dreckards.

[He severs the communication and goes over to Elogin, while Hexadecimal prepares to go through the Metatron.

[The Metatron lights up with a field of Hex's masks. Wild, crazy music plays before pyros go off. Hexadecimal flies out, cackling. The crowd reacts. Hex goes to the ring.]

Announcer: Making her way to the ring, widely considered to be absolutely crazy, from Lost Angles -- HEXADECIMAL!

[Hex cackles as she stands in the ring, showing off her powers.

[Shift backstage, where Jay pumps up Elogin.]

Jay: Don't think about that reaction she got. You're better than her.

Elogin: Yeah...I'm better... [starts shadow boxing]

Jay: Sure, she's crazy, but you -- you're 100%, abso-tively, posi-lutely, full-on bucko nuts.

Elogin: [boxing] Bucko nuts...

Jay: She doesn't stand a chance!

Elogin: [screaming] I'M @#$%ING PSYCHO!!

Jay: [blinks] Okay, easy. Watch your language out there. [slaps her on the back] Now go out there and make the Metaverse proud!

[In the arena, the Metatron goes gray, then starts flashing many colors, chaotically.]

Metatron: [Elogin's voice] Carrie was an amateur.

["Dragula" by Rob Zombie plays as pyros go off. Elogin runs out.]

Announcer: And representing the Metaverse, from Great Codex, the Class-17 virus -- ELOGIN!

[Elogin leaps into the ring, still pumped up. Hex shifts to a puzzled mask at Elogin's actions, but she cackles again and shifts to a 'game face' and prepares to fight.]

Announcer: The following match has been scheduled for one fall, with the title of Most Insane Virus on the line.

[The fight bell rings and the two leap at each other. Elogin's sheer ferocity forces Hex back. Elogin grabs Hex by the hair and swings her around to hurl into the corner. Hex, however, slides to a halt and reverses direction, clotheslining Elogin as she runs in for the attack. Elogin reels and Hex uses that moment to suplex Elogin. The Class-17 gets up and blocks Hex's swing. Hex responds by kicking Elogin in the chest.

[Elogin falls over and blocks Hex's descension with a double-kick to the chest, throwing Hex half-way across the ring. Elogin gets up, shaking her head to clear it, and is therefore caught by surprise when Hex shoves her back in the corner and starts punching like crazy. Elogin staggers, about to fall over, but when Hex backs up for a stronger attack, Elogin surges forward and spears her.

[Hex writhes under Elogin, who gets up to kick at Hex. The Class-17 stands Hex up and does the 'fireman's carry' drop. Elogin then springs off the ropes into an Asai moonsault. Hex bucks under Elogin as she tries to pin her. The ref only gets to two before Hex throws Elogin off.

[Hex screeches and jumps up and bounces off the ropes. She kicks Elogin in the head, spinning her around. Hex then latches on in the bizzare submission hold called the Cross-Face Chicken Wing. Elogin struggles to break free, falling over and writhing in agony while the ref starts counting. At six, Elogin manages to grab the rope. As per the rules, Hex releases Elogin, who rubs her neck.

[Hex cackles, turning to the audience and laughing, and doesn't see Elogin climb to her feet. Elogin taps Hex on the shoulder, then uppercuts her when she turns around. Hex flies back into the corner from the force of the blow. Elogin runs in and attempts to smother Hex in a bearhug. The ref pulls Elogin back, who goes back to punches. With the same ferocity as at the beginning of the match, Elogin whales on Hex. The ref backs up, and doesn't see what happens next.

[Hex smirks, then raises a hand to her mask. She removes it for a moment to send a flash of energy into Elogin's eyes. Elogin shrieks and staggers back, hands going to her face. Hex climbs up the ropes and launches a deadly kick from the top rope. Elogin goes flying into the ref, who falls, out cold.

[Hex attempts a pin, but the ref is down. Hex notices this and goes over to the ref, trying to revive her. While she's distracted, Elogin gets up and flexes her hand. Her elongated, clawed fingers glitter. She holds her hand back in a claw-like pose. When Hex turns back, Elogin snatches forward and grabs her opponent in the Mandible Claw. Hex, stunned, swings her arms, but the Claw paralyzes her. She falls to her knees, then to her side, where Elogin punches her hard. Hex goes out like a light.

[Elogin goes for the pin, and the ref by now has recovered enough to see this. He administers the three-count.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings. Elogin stands, triumphant. She accepts the new Most Insane Virus title belt and hoists it. Hex, weak, rolls out of the ring.]

Announcer: Here is your winner, the Most Insane Virus -- ELOGIN!

[Elogin's eyes flash colors wildly as "Dragula" plays again. She marches out, past a still-dazed Hexadecimal, and meets Jay at the top of the stage, who grins.]

Nick Diamond: [v.o.] Still to come! Dirk Manning vs. Old Man Pierson for Toughest Mechanic --

Johnny: [v.o.] -- Sil al'Nasen vs. Mouse for the Best Sword Fighter Title

Nick: [v.o.] -- Niente, Dot, and Dax in a Triple Threat Match for Toughest Bigger Sister --

Johnny: [v.o.] -- and an unconfirmed matchup between Nathan Justice and Jeff Freeman, later tonight on "Metaverse Deathmatch!"

From: "Java" <>
Date: Mar 30, 2000

Java: Alright, Pyra, get back to rooms. I need to go get some stuff.

Pyra: Like?

Java: Look, I'm not gonna say bandages, so get your ASCII going.

(Pyra reluctantly leaves. Java sighs.)

Java: User, why the hell am I doing this...

(She runs over to Voodoo's rooms and waits for him to return, then wait while a few dozen guards pass. Finally. she knocks on Voodoo's door.)

Java: Let me in. I have a proposition

(the doors open, a crack. Someone calls out "What is it?")

Java: Y'know, I could make a deal to beat the golems...and no one else needs to know. (She raises up her hand, which holds a levitating turquoise ball...)

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Mar 30, 2000

[Not paying much attention to Java, Voodoo try's to keep Ax from going section 8]


[Jeff and Jenny tackle Dax to keep her quite. Voodoo closes his eyes and thinks.]

Voodoo: Crix, send a massage to Jay telling him that Jeff with fight Justice.To make it interesting, no projectile weapons will be used. That includes any bullet or energy gun.

[Crix nods as Jenny and Jeff have to hold down Dax, who is pushing them off as hard as she can. turning away from the family fight, he faces Java]

Voodoo: Oh..yes you...My Dreckards are more then able to take on the golem's... But your Anthro, which i apologize for calling her a he ( forget the 's'), wants to fight, it will fight Ki'ace.

[Ki'ace grins and cracks her knuckles]

Voodoo:Now go...

[The Dreckards 'escort' Java out of the room, as he turns back to the fight. Jenny has dax pinned, and she is yelling to be let out]

Voodoo: Primal rage if i ever saw it..

Jeff: Family trait..

Voodoo: Yes, indeed....

Jeff: So I take on Justice huh?

Voodoo: Yes, No guns though...

Jeff: I know I know, but do you think he will play by the rules?

Voodoo: I hoping he wont.

Jeff: How come?

Voodoo: You will see... you will see...

From WeB ViRuS <>
Date: Mar 30, 2000

* WeB ViRuS growls at the User's character's comment. "Your little creation there needs to have his ass kicked. And that's putting it politely." *thinks of Matrix* Biased against half-breeds is he? I may be an author myself, but I also happen to have a half-virus character from long ago.

* WeB's long-forgotten Anthro-character clone comes sailing in on bat-like wings, landing with a thump and a growl. "I agree with Voodoo's little fireball he calls Dax. *looks over at Voodoo and then Dax, raising an eyebrow at the raging character* You'd better keep that female on a leash, dear. She looks rabid. *evil grin*

* The half-virus looks back at Nathan and Jay now, slitting her gaze. "As for you, Nathan, I don't play with pathetic humans; I'm a little above that. *looks away* However, if I possesed -or had a need for- currency, my credits would be on Dax. May she kick your ass out of that Matrix Complex you seem to be rammed into. *portals out to Scifera*

the WeB ViRuS
and *ahem* half-breed protige

From: Jay Winger <>
Date: Mar 30, 2000

[Back in his own green room, Jay cleans his glasses as Nada reads him Crix's message.  The Author smirks.]

Jay: Nathan Justice vs. Jeff Freeman, eh?

Nada: No guns allowed.

Jay: Fine.  [He looks at Justice.] That okay by you?

Justice: I don't need a gun against that half-breed.

Jay: Fine.  [to Nada] Send a message to Voodoo accepting the fight.  It will take place before the Triple Threat Match, after Sil's match with Mouse.

Nada: Right-o.

[Jay looks to Dirk, who has already left to go through the Metatron.

[In the arena, the Metatron darkens.]

Metatron: [Dirk's voice] Let's do this.

[The Grizzly Theme plays, and Dirk emerges, pumping his gloved fist in the air.  He climbs into the ring, then up the ropes.  He raises his arms to the cheering crowd.]

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall, the winner receiving the title of Toughest Mechanic.  Here is the first contender -- representing the Metaverse, from the SS Grizzly, weighing in at 251 pounds -- Dirk MANNING!

[Dirk grins, hopping down.  He does the DX hand chop, pyros bursting in an X pattern.  He turns to the Metatron, waiting for his opponent.  Then, to practically no musical accompaniment, Old Man "Talon" Pierson steps out with a microphone.]

Pierson: Hey, boy.  I'm supposedta fight ya for the Toughest Mechanic title. [pause, Dirk nods]  I'm an old 'nome, boy.  If I fought a young whippersnapper like yourself, I wouldn't put up much of a fight.

[Dirk leers, nodding, adjusting his glove.  Pierson quiets the audience.]

Pierson: [of the crowd] But these people paid to see a fight.  So, with that in mind, I'd like to introduce my REPLACEMENT...

[The Metatron glares with light as "High Code" music plays.  Dirk frowns, then his jaw drops as he realizes that his opponent is -- ]

Pierson: ...the Codemaster LENS!

[Lens emerges from a portal.  He runs a finger along his Gibson Coil, staring at Dirk.  Dirk dashes to the announcer and grabs his microphone.]

Dirk: @#$% that!  Hell, no!  I ain't fightin' no Lens-dude.  [He points at Pierson.]  The match is scheduled to fight you, for the Toughest Mechanic belt.  [He points at Lens.]  *HE* ain't no mechanic!

Lens: You are a coward.

Dirk: [to Lens] Shut your hole!  [Lens blinks with surprise at being addressed in such a manner.]  Look, old man, if you try to weasel your way out of this match, then I get the title by default.  And the only *COWARD* here [he glares at Lens for a moment] is *YOU*, old man!

[Pierson is silent for a moment.  He looks at Lens, then shrugs.]

Pierson: Fine.  You get the title.

[The crowd boos.  Pierson grins.]

Pierson: But you still have to fight Lens!

[Pierson laughs and dashes backstage as Lens leaps into the ring.  Dirk backs up, then ducks under Lens' first attack with his Gibson Coil.  Dirk responds by uppercutting Lens with the mike, then grabbing him in a DDT.  Lens rises, merely annoyed, and Dirk bashes him on the head with his wrench.

[Lens goes down, stunned, and the referee runs over to shout at Dirk.  Evidently, the ref has a mind to disqualify Dirk for using that wrench.  Dirk shakes his head and shouts back, pointing at Lens' Gibson Coil.  The ref considers, then nods and gives a thumbs-up.  To quote Mills Lane, he'll allow it!

[Dirk runs at Lens and punts him in the kidneys, then slams his spine with the wrench again.  Lens grabs his Gibson Coil and rams it into Dirk's stomach.  With a flash of energy, Dirk goes flying into one of the corners, lying stunned.  The wrench slides out of his grip and out of the ring.  Lens looks at it, then at his weapon.  He tosses the Gibson Coil aside and charges at Dirk.

[The human sees the attacking foe, then gets out of the way by rolling under the ropes.  Lens' momentum prevents him from stopping, and he collides with the steel post.  Dirk hops back up on the ring apron, grabbing the second rope and pulling it over the top rope.  He grabs Lens' head and pulls it through the crossed ropes, then releases the rope.  Lens is trapped in the ropes!

[Dirk, looking a bit panicked at fighting a much younger and more spry Codemaster than he anticipated, climbs back into the ring and grabs Lens' kicking legs.  He twists them, forcing Lens to turn as well, the skin on his neck being torn by the ropes.  Lens manages to thrust his fingers between the ropes and separates them enough to slide out.

[As Lens comes free, he lunges forward, grabbing Dirk by the head and hauling himself forward.  In a moment, Lens has his legs wrapped around Dirk's head and is punching away.  Dirk's hands grip Lens' waist, then he falls backward, suplexing Lens.  The Codemaster gets back up, facing the mechanic.  Dirk starts to turn, but Lens snaps him back into the mat with a spinebuster.  Lens retrieves his Gibson Coil, climbing up the ropes.  He pauses at the top, holding the Coil aloft.

[Dirk lies stunned on the mat as Lens leaps down, driving the Coil into Dirk's belly.  Dirk spasms, then lies still.  Lens tosses the Coil away to pin Dirk.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings and Lens stands, triumphant.  The thin Codemaster raises his arms, and is completely caught by surprise when Dirk rises, grabs Lens' wrists and ankles, and lifts him in the air.  With a grunt, Dirk falls to one knee and brings Lens' spine down on his knee.  Lens' body shudders, lying in pain.  Dirk rises to both feet, looking out at the audience.  His eyes aren't quite focused -- he's running on adrenaline.

[Then, Dirk does a move that starts out looking a great deal like the Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment.  He kicks Lens, his left hand going to his glove.  Slowly, Dirk peels his glove off, exposing his extensive tattoo job.  He tosses the leather glove out at the audience, then whips his arms back and forth.  He runs, springs off the ropes, hurdles Lens, springs off the other ropes, runs back, stops, then holds his tattooed hand up, bringing it down in a fearsome punch.  A little move that Dirk learned back in the Metroplex: the Southern Lightning.

[His chest heaving, both from fatigue and lingering pain, Dirk rolls out of the ring and accepts his title belt.  He retrieves his wrench and starts out up the Metatron's ramp.  As he nears the top, Old Man Pierson steps out with a microphone.  Dirk stops and stares.]

Pierson: Congratulations, boy.  I gotta say, I've never seen someone get up from a Gibson --

[Dirk shuts him up by clocking him on the head with his wrench.  Pierson drops and Dirk stumbles back to the green room.  There, Jay doesn't look happy.]

Jay: [grumbling] That's again the Mainframers have humiliated us.  Cowardly old man.

Sil: At least he got the title, Jay.

Jay: Right, right.  You just go get ready to take on the Mouse.

Sil: No problem.

[The F'Val scratches Sentry's head and walks out of the green room to go get ready.]

From: Voodoo <>
Date: Mar 30, 2000

[Voodoo watches the match finish and shakes his head]

Voodoo: Can anyone tell me what seems to be this teams biggest weakness?

Dax: Other then the overly aggressive Male hormonal balance?

Crix: That's in, I now know she's Gay...

[Crix soon finds himself on the floor, with Dax's foot closing off his air supply by stepping on his throat]

Voodoo: Enough you two, But that close enough. And who do we know that's also like that on the team that's not a man?

[Dax grins and nods]

Dax: I see what you mean, guess Mr. Big Shot Jay is about to see what a second Generation Hybrid can do!

[Dax walks out of the room, even though her match is not up for a while. Crix sits up and starts to gasp for breath]

Crix: You..Do.. Know.. That.. She.. Will... Kill them... One ..way or.. another...

Voodoo: I know, but i dont care about that right now.

[Voodoo looks to Jenny]

Voodoo: Jenny, You know what you are always saying to Jeff?

Jenny: I dont think i can say that here Voodoo

[A tear drop appears on Voodoo before he shakes his head]

Voodoo: NO! not that.. about working out..

[Jenny grins, knowing what he now means]

Jenny: Oh yeah! but, what's that gotta do with me?

Voodoo: We, we are about to put that to the test...Grab what you need, the fight is coming up soon....

From: Voodoo
Date: Mar 30, 2000

[The Radicalz Theme from WWF plays, a Grizzly Bear roaring on the screen over hardcore shots of the crew.  Nathan Justice sweeps out and glares around at the audience. Walking down the ramp, he raises his arms in the air. The crowd goes wild at the returning champ. He makes his way into the ring. Taking the mike from Mill Lanes hand he speaks]

Justice: Today, I have already proven that I'm the toughest Rogue... Now.. I about to prove the entire Metaverse that i am.. The worlds toughest bad Ass!!!!

[The crowd roars at Justice, who smiles, and simulates shooting with his fingers]

[Back stage]

Jeff: What a show off..

Voodoo: And that's all his is...

Jeff: Most likely, But just in case...

Voodoo: Jenny is set up behind the Metatron Screen, don't worry....

[The lights of the stadium flicker, and the music is switches to a "Enter Sandman" as Jeff steps out of the Metatron, his eyes roam the the crowd. The Screen above him show's him blowing away a group of sprites. As he descends down the ramp, Pyro's shoot off.]

Justice: Oh please! You all think this Synthetic human can beat me! I already beat Matrix!

[As Jeff enters the ring, he steps right up to Justice, the two seem to be at the same height]

Jeff: Yeah well, i have a full time Matrix complex!!

[Jeff Head butt's Justice, who stands his ground, But Jeff follows with a powerful punch to the stomach, knocking the other man to the ground. Jeff picks up the mike, he stares at the normal Human]

Jeff: Oh yeah, few things you should know... Number 1... Hybrids are stronger!

[As justice try's to get up, Jeff steel boot kicks him in the jaw, knocking him back onto the floor.]

Jeff: Number two...Hybrids are faster!

[With pre programmed movement, Jeff lets lose a group of punches to Justice Stomach and chest]

Jeff: But that's not all are secrets...

[Jeff turns and raises his arms to the crowd, who await to hear more..]

Justice: to bad, they talk to much!

[The Human, who had gotten up while Jeff turned his back. Knocks him to the ground with a dual fisted punch to the back of the neck. Returning the punishment from before, his stomps on his back. Making sure to dig his heel into Jeff's lower back.]

Justice: Oh..this will be so much Fun, beating the hell out of Voodoo's pride and joy!

[As Jeff groans on the floor, he roll's onto his back as Justice climbs onto the ropes and jumps, with a flying elbow drop. Jeff brings his legs up, Justice gets the wind knocked out of him as he lands on Jeff's raise feet. Jeff pushes the normal human off and into the people next to the ring.]

Johnny: WHOA! Are you seeing this Nick!

Nick: Sure am Johnny, seems to me we got two well matched fighters here!

[Jeff stands, and removes his Black Duster, his hands instinctively reach down to his empty holster]

Jeff: Damn... no gun's......

[As Jeff looks back to the Metatron, as if searching for something, Justice slides into the ring with a steel chair, and smacks Jeff on the back. Jeff stumbles forward as Justice readies for another blow, Turning quickly, He ducks out of the way of the blow, and round house to the back of the head, knocking the human into the ropes who is flung back into Jeff arms. Kneeing him in the back he keeps his grasp on Justice. His arms, a little stronger then Justice enclose around his neck,in a head lock tight enough to black the man out]

[Jutice now sees a small red light from the top of the Metatron Screen, and a flash of silver as an object flys towards him, he closes his eyes. but opens them a moment later to see the tip of a cross bow arrow being held a mer inch from his forehead]

Jeff: Number three, Hybrids always have back up... But I play by the rules....

[Throwing Justice to the ground, with enough force to make him bounce up, Jeff leaves the ring. And makes his way back into the Metatron]

Mill Lane: Um.. well... With no pin, Match is forfeited, no Winner...

[The crowd boo's at the fact no one is dead, or dying]

Johnny: Whoa.. what a match Nick, with a assassin hidden the entire time!

Nick: Sure was Johnny, Can you imagine how Pissed Jay is going to be?

Johnny: I can only think of what's going to happen... but what i can want to see is Dax Lockheart fight! I hear that the Great WeB Virus might even be here to see it, and also she is putting up a large some of money too!

Nick: That's gonna be a great match Johnny...

[Back Stage, in Voodoo's green room]

Dax: Why did you catch the arrow!

Jeff: You wanna tell her Voodoo?

[Voodoo turns in his chair]

Voodoo: Simple Dax, What do you think would happen if Justice was killed, and or pin and lost the match?

[Dax thinks for a moment then looks at Jeff, then Voodoo]

Dax: He'd be pretty pissed. And so would Justice.

Voodoo: That's right.. Now how do you think the entire Team is going to be when there is no declared Winner?

[Dax Smiles]

Dax: More pissed The Bios when she's in a bad mood... thus making his team more of a push over in future matches because they will be so enraged at us for not taking the win...

[Jenny, who has now entered the room, pat's her daughter on the head]

Jenny: Very good Grasshopper, you have learned much.....

From: Jay Winger <>
Date: Mar 30, 2000

[As the match ends, Jay roars with fury and throws a paperweight through a monitor.  Everyone stares at him.  Jay's eyes flash behind his glasses.]

Jay: [low, utterly pissed off]

[Everyone scrambles to obey.  Nada watches them, then taps a key on her laptop.  A vidwindow opens to Voodoo's green room.  Jay glares at him.]

Jay: Voodoo, you have a lotta guts doing what you just did.  You're just fortunate that my team's got the gold.  [He leans forward, his lenses glinting somewhat evilly.] It's gonna stay that way, boyo.

[Justice comes back into the room, looking merely pissed off and not actually that injured.  As he stomps toward Jay and the comm screen, he passes Ünres, who chuckles at Justice's comeuppance.  Justice scarcely looks at him, merely lashes out and clocks the Class Twelve in the jaw.  Ünres staggers back into the wall.

[Justice shoves Jay aside and raises his pistol.  He puts a bolt through the screen.  Jay shoves Justice away, giving him a don't-@#$%-with-me-right-now look, then reopens the comm.  He gives a thin smile.]

Jay: Sorry about that.  Let me make myself perfectly clear.  [He removes his glasses, exposing his hard dark eyes.]  During the Triple Threat Match, the only people in the Arena will be Dot, Dax, Niente, myself, you, the announcers, and the referee.  No Jeff, no Jenny, no Bios, no Crix, no Dreckards, no Ki'ace.  Likewise, there will be no Nathan Justice, no Dirk, no Sil, no Cowboy, no Ünres, no Golems, no Elogin, no DaVinci, no True Force, no Quinn, no Resonates, no other Aught Siblings.  Just the contestants, the Authors, and the officials.

[He leans back in his chair.]

Jay: I think that should prevent any further rebellions like young Ms. Lockheart made.  [He smirks and leans forward again.]  Oh, by the way, Vood, I'd cut back on the caffeine and crack that girl's doing.  [He leans back again.]  Also, this match will have no weapons whatsoever.  No steel chair, no fight bell to the head.  And no crossbows.  Keeping it fair.

[He swivels away, then turns back.  He grins.]

Jay: Tell you what, Vood: Dax is eager to shed some blood, isn't she?  Well, let's give her a little warm up.  How about Dax vs. AndrAIa?  That should be easy enough for the little tyke.

[He disconnects and swivels away.  He replaces his sunglasses.]

Jay: @#$% 'em.

From: Voodoo <>
Date: Mar 30, 2000

Dax: Crack!!!! Oh Screw Dot and the rest! I'll kick his,..

[Again Jenny covers her child's mouth. the rest of the group is gather around Voodoo. Even Bios is up and about, if not just a little Drained]

Ki'eva: You really think he will keep his guys at bay? i mean, he's got more then one reason to slag us all after That little stunt you three pulled.

Voodoo: Wise man once said. ' Two wrongs don't make a right, but three right's make a left'.

[The group all looks at one another, Even Jeff, who is having his lower back re aliened by Ki'ace]

Scar: What the hell does that mean?

Mistya: Men... I mean's that both side's have committed wrong, Thus "Two wrong's don't make a right". The rest mean's that they are going to go to go back to the original meaning of the match. thus.." three rights make a left".

[It seems that only Jeff, Ki'ace, and Jenny have finally figured it out]

Mistya: Put it this way. Everything is going to be legit now. Nothing sneaky

Crix: I thought the point was to be sneaky

Mistya: If it was, then Justice would be dead.

Jenny: Good point.

Voodoo: So.. Jay wants a fair fight.. i can agree to that. Dax is will fight alone..

[His eye's narrow on Jeff]

Voodoo: And I mean alone......

[Jeff Shrugs and returns his attention to the screen's]

Dax: So I fight the game sprite..

Voodoo: No, you fight a Game sprite.. you forget about Java's friends.. Now.. I'll see what i can do about that match, But keep you're mind on the triple bout... Dot has her flaw's, we all know them. But that Hacker...Well... I don't know her as well as i should.

Dax: You mean I'm going in on limited info?

Jenny: Never stopped you before...

Dax: be damned if it did now, but that's not that point..

Voodoo: The point being then?

Dax: Well, err..nevermind.

[Crix re-opens the Com. And Jay's face appears]

Voodoo: Agreed Jay. No one but us, the fighter's and the Ref. Along with the Announcer's. No tricks. As for Dax fighting AndraAIa, well, we will see after the match with your sprite...

[The Com closes, and Voodoo returns his  attention to the people in the room]

Voodoo: Let's get ready to rumble...

From: Java Trinomial <>
Date: Apr 4, 2000

[Vidwindow opens. An older teen-young twenties woman is in it, human from the look of her, with a mop of blonde hair and cyan eyes.]

Tri: [jumping right to the point] Alright, Voodoo refuses to accept any help from Java, so I'm offering it to you. I'm one of her chars, and I'll take out the Dreckards or, better yet, mostly anyone, *if* it hurts Voodoo.

[MDM Jay swivels to face Tri. He smiles.]

Jay: Well...this is certainly interesting. Certainly. I would like that. Stay on standby. I may have a use for you in either the Justice-Freeman fight or the Dreckard-Golem fight, if I get that going.

[He smirks.]

Tri: Well, *that's* much better that Java's reception. I'm usually not the one to-

Java: *TRI!*

Tri: Yes?

[Java bursts in, running over to the window.]

Java: What the *hell* do you... Oh. Hello. [She waves, slightly embarressed] Tri, we *have* to get Pyra out of the fight. She's going to kill herself!

Tri: Well, See will be happy about that.

Java: Look, the *last* thing I need is her getting hurt like this... [stops and looks through the vidwindow] *Hold* it. Why are you talking to him?

Tri: Mr. Winger? I just made the deal with him that Voodoo refused you.

Java: Oh. Fabulous. You *did* tell him who you are, no?

Tri: [small smile]

Java: (sigh) Looks are deceiving in the Metaverse. Alright. [to Jay] If she's going to be pulling any stunts off, would you tell me first? This *is* my girl here. I'm going to check outside about the security. Bai. [walks off]

Tri: [looks at Java until she leaves, then turns back and askes honestly] Are you *really* going to have a fair fight there? In the triple threat?

Jay: [smiling] Tri, if there's something you should have picked up so far, it's that my team doesn't exactly play fair. Observe the fights that we've won. Justice got the Renegade title because he pulled a gun on the ref and because his teammates beat the crap out of Matrix's teammates. Dirk pulled a morale victory out of his @$$ by whackin' Lens and Talon with his wrench.

[He sits back, steepling his fingers.]

Jay: I have a certain ... individual to back me up in the Triple Threat fight. If you'll remember, I said that on my side there would be no DaVinci, no Quinn, no other Aught Siblings, no Grizzly crew, no Resonates, no True Force, no Golems. [smile] I never said anything about the Wolf.

Tri: Alright. Java may be the one more interested in whooping Voodoo personally, but I'll get back to you-[hears knock on the door, then opens it for a small wotsit] Hey Jav. What goes?

[The wotsit bounces once, twice, and Java poofs into existance. She shakes her head.]

Java: Nothing. I need to talk to us all about something. Kay? [goes to get Pyra and See.]

Tri: Alright, Jay. I'll vid you later. [closes the connection]

From: Jay Winger <>
Date: Mar 31, 2000

[Jay turns to his teams. He removes his glasses, his dark eyes glinting.]

Jay: You heard the stip. None of you is allowed to interfere in the Triple Threat Match. [Loud disapproval.] Hey! [They all quiet.] I'm in charge, okay? Niente doesn't need your help to win.

Nada: I'd like to point out that Dot happens to be a pretty tough sprite, and that Dax chick seems to have a bit of a short temper.

Niente: And I don't?

Nada: ... Good point.

Jay: [smirks smugly] Anyway, just get back to business. This Triple Threat Match'll be the last one of the night. After Sil cuts the Mouse up, Dax'll have a shot at AndrAIa, and then Niente'll frag her and Dot.

[In the Arena, the Metatron darkens, then gears up.]

Metatron: [Sil's voice] Let's do this.

[The Radicalz/Grizzly Theme plays as Sil steps out. She stops, her tail swishing, then flicks out her sword. It extends to its full length -- just longer than a katana -- and gleams in the light. Sil produces a scrap of paper. She holds it up, then flicks it up in the air. As it descends, Sil makes two slashes. The paper flutters before her, then splits into three equal pieces as it nears the floor. The crowd loves it.]

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall, with Sword Fight Rules. The winner recieves the title of Best Sword Fighter. The first contestant, representing the Metaverse, from the SS Grizzly, originally from Clan Nasen of Val -- Sil al'Nasen!

[Sil walks down the stage and slides into the ring. She stands and holds her sword up, then cuts it down in the air. Pyros go off at the corners of the ring.

[The Metatron flashes Mouse's symbol and then plays the "Mouse chime" from the show. The "ReBoot" theme plays as Mouse steps out. Mixed reaction. Mouse stops, just as Sil did, and draws first her shorter wakizashi, then the katana. She spins the swords and does a few practice cuts, then hisses as she dashes down to the ring.

[Sil and Mouse stand off against each other. Mouse looks Sil over, then slowly puts the wakizashi away. She and Sil both hold their swords out in front of each other, circling warily.]

Johnny: This promises to be one hell of a fight, Nick.

Nick: You said it, Johnny. Sil's swordfighting skills are almost infamous.  I've heard rumors they were one reason her Clan kicked her out.

Johnny: Don't count Mouse out, Nick. She's just as skilled as Sil is.

[In the ring, Sil and Mouse finally attack. They leap at each other, then clash their swords. They lock, glaring at each other, then shove themselves back. Sil brakes herself, then spins and sweep-cuts low at Mouse's legs. The hacker blocks the cut with her sword, then slashes forward at Sil's face. The F'Val leans and rolls away, kicking at Mouse's head as she gets back up.

[Mouse staggers from the kick, then cries out as Sil kicks her again, into the corner. Mouse turns herself around, then barely blocks an attack from Sil's sword. Sil uses her sword's extra length to her advantage, taunting Mouse by tapping the point of her blade against the flat of Mouse's, millimeters from her nose.

[Snarling, Mouse bats aside Sil's blade and cuts at Sil's hand. But Sil's sword is too long for Mouse to reach her without exposing herself to danger. Sil chuckles, then does a series of fakes before jabbing forward at Mouse's gut. Mouse responds by leaping up and planting her feet on the bottom rope, the blade cutting the air between her legs. Sil doesn't hesitate as she spins around Mouse's retaliation cut and slams her forearm into Mouse from the side. Off-balance, the fiery-haired hacker tumbles off the post and out of the ring.

[Mouse gets up, angry, and tries to climb back into the ring. Sil, however, slashes with her sword, forcing Mouse to step back. Mouse tries again, from a different side of the ring, but Sil is there as well, and blocks her entry.]

Nick: Wow, Johnny! Sil's knocked Mouse out of the ring, but she's not letting her back in!

Johnny: The ref's starting to count her out, Nick. But if that happens, the title is forfeited. To earn the title, Sil has to pin or force Mouse to submit.

Nick: Looks like she figured that out, Johnny. Look.

[Sure enough, Sil backs up enough to allow Mouse to climb back into the ring. The hacker charges again, hiss-roaring, and Sil sidesteps, cutting at Mouse's shoulder. The F'Val pilot halts her cut, but not before cutting Mouse's arm.]

Ref: First blood to Sil!

[Furious, Mouse spins like a tornado and puts a deep cut in Sil's armor. Sil's eyes glare and she snaps. She slams her blade down into Mouse's -- hard. Mouse's grip is loosened, and Sil then drives her elbow up into Mouse's jaw. Stunned, Mouse's grip is further loosened, enough for Sil to kick it away. Sil steps to the side, driving her foot into Mouse's knees. Mouse falls down.

[Sil quickly turns her over and drops her knee into Mouse's stomach. With an OOF, Mouse starts to double up, but Sil puts the edge of her blade at Mouse's neck. The hacker freezes, and the ref administers the count.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings. Sil stands up, then pulls Mouse to her feet. With a vulpine smile, Sil flicks her sword shut, then picks up Mouse's katana. With a showy flourish, she presents it to Mouse, who picks it up, surprised. Sil accepts the microphone from the ref.]

Sil: I have nothing against you. Nothing personal -- it's just business.

[She bows politely, then takes her title belt and leaves the ring. Mouse, unsure of how to react to that, stands there.

[Back in Jay's green room, Sil returns to cheers. Jay smiles.]

Jay: We can show them that not all of us are dominated by our tempers. Good work, Sil.

[Sil smiles as she joins her crewmates. With a grin that is mirrored by everyone but Justice, Sil, Dirk, Justice, and Elogin raise their belts in the air.]

Jay: [grinning] Four out of five ain't bad!

[Then everyone watches the monitors to see how Dax fares against AndrAIa.]

From: Voodoo <>
Date: Mar 31, 2000

[The Stadium light's, flicker, the sound of lighting and strange almost magical type music fill's the arena, the Screen above the Metatron, two demonic green eye's open and flash. The Lights in the stadium turn on, showing Voodoo in standing in the middle of the ring. his face is painted like skull as he raises the mike in his hand]

Voodoo: Lady's and Gentlemen, With out further wait, i give you one of the most awaited Matches next to the triple threat match.. Lady's and Germ's....Dax Lockheart!!!!

[The Screen above the Metatron flashes images of her fight's with Bios, with " American Woman" playing, only the words are re-touch to say "Metaverse Woman...Stay away from me...". Dax descends the ramp, the Guys go wild as they see her. Leaning over the metal barrier,trying to get closer. One gooses her, Dax looks at him, smiles, then Slugs him in the nose, knocking him out. She enters the ring and raises her arms, sending all the guys to yell]

Voodoo: Lady's and Gentlemen, Dax Lockheart! When she's not in Class she's kicking someone's ass!

[A loud cheer sounds as Voodoo slides out of the ring as AndrAIa, descends the ramp and enters the ring]

Mill's Lane: Alright girls.. this is it. I want a good bloody fight, no weapons, to hitting below the belt, hair pulling is recommended.. Alright.. Lets get it on!!!!!!

[The bell ring's, and Dax is first to strike, hitting AndrAIa in the Stomach and then following with a kick to the head. AndrAIa blocks the head shot as she steps back from the blow to the stomach. Dax does not let up, she follows with a kick to the back of the knee's then to the side of AndrAIa. The Game sprite hit's the mat, moving quickly she unfolds her fin's, with a two pronged attack, she is back up, with Dax holding her arm from the  slash she has received.AndrAIa takes her stance, the blood sliding down her arms from where she has dealt damage to the Hybrid.]

[Dax round houses, AndrAIa blocks both kick's and follows with punch to the stomach. Dax Holds her ground as Andy releases her nails, and try's to stab Dax. Dax Catch's Andy's hand a few inches from her throat. Pulling the Game sprite close with a quick jerk, she flips her onto her back, Stepping in her arm, she slams the nails into the mat, snapping them off, AndrAIa yell's from the pain.]

[Dax back flips, and readies her stance. AndrAIa slowly gets up, her fins reopen. Dax smiles and jumps high into the air, Coming down with her foot aimed at AndrAIa's face. She The Sprite is stunned at the move but blocks Dax's foot, and jabs her arm into the air. Seeming to have cut through the leather shirt of Dax's and through her breast plat, as Dax hit's the ground, and lay's still, not moving.]

Johnny: Oh my God Nick! Is the lovely Dax Lockheart dead?!

Nick: Not sure Johnny, it seems that AndrAIa has slashed the vital life giving vein in the hybrid.

[Jeff and Jenny run out from the Metatron, along with Crix. No sooner then they reach then  Dax Springs up into a Scissors kick, wrapping her arm's around the game sprite, she slams her to the mat. Grabbing her head into a headlock, She Pull's tight]

Dax: Let's hear the snap!!!!

[With her one good hand, AndrAIa unleashes her nail's in a attempt to stab her Jailer. With Quick movement's, Coming only from year's of fighting, Dax blocks the nail's and pushes AndrAIa forward onto the mat, keeping her held down with her knee's Dax Slowly pushes the nails into AndrAIa's throat, and the sprite screams in pain. With AndrAIa's arms now pinned, Dax pushes the shoulders down, and Mill's Lane rushes in.]

Ref: 1.....2......3!!!!

[The bell rings, and the crowd cheer's at Dax, but Jeff is quick to put a towel around Dax's now exposed Skin. AndrAIa had cut the shirt, but just skinned the skin, so to speak.]

Johnny: Whoa! What a match! I'm not sure if the crowd is cheering because Dax Won, or because...

Nick: Yeah Johnny, that was a great match, cant wait to see her fight against the two sprites..

Johnny: Me nether Nick.,...

[Jeff, Jenny, and Crix lead Dax back to the room so she can change. Voodoo enters the ring]

Voodoo: Alright Jay, you have seen two of my hybrids fight! If you want to back out.. i under stand... Tell you what, I let you keep the few belts you won, Because that's the only way you are going to keep them!

From: Johnny Gomez & Nick Diamond
Date: Apr 1, 2000

Johnny: Hello all you out there in T.V. land, and welcome to Metaverse Death Match Update!

Nick: Here you will see every sick, Twisted and gruesome thing that has happen lately in the death match ring! So you know what that means!

Johnny: I mean's Fun for the whole family! this time is set aside, to update all the people who for some reason haven't been watching! Or, have simply missed a few things!

Nick: That's right Johnny, This had been a intense week! Once being a few match's, has turn into an all out war! It all started when Chaotis betrayed Cowboy in the tag team match with Mouse and AndrAIa! So Jay made sure that he was taken care of! Only to be released a few moments later by a new person in MDM Arena!

[The Scene play's where Voodoo appears for the first time, and release Chaotis, and begins talking]

Johnny: The new person is a new writer to the Metaverse, going by the name "Voodoo" We have seen that this is not some street punk trying to show he's the best!

Nick: That's right! I think he might even show up the long time champ Jay Winger! Voodoo has brought alot into the arena, and him and Jay have been trading blow's and so far, Voodoo seems to have Jay in a corner. With the win in the "Viral Overlord" Match taken from him by Daemon, Jay was pissed, But even more it seemed when the newcomer Voodoo sent out his Virus, a Class 15 named Bios...

[Clip plays off Daemon's un-timely death by the hands..err... Mouth of Bios]

Nick: This is one woman who has defiantly earn the title, "Queen bitch of the Metaverse"!

[A picture of Bios is shown and the words " Queen Bitch " is stamped on}

Johnny: Jay also suffered a humiliating defeat by the Hybrid Jeff Freeman. Jeff almost killed Nathan Justice, but at the last minute, didn't, Catching the arrow from an assassin, Jeff arena with no pin or kill, Mill's Lane ruled a forfeit by both fighters and no title was awarded, Jay was pissed at this!

Nick: That's for sure Johnny. But Jay soon got another title of "Best Sword Fighter", when Sil defeated Mouse. But Voodoo, not to be outdone, sent in the lovely Vixen, Dax Loxkheart to fight Andrala. The Match was one everyone loved, and Dax left the winner, and without a completely intact shirt!

Nick: Well that's about it, and now we await the Triple threat match. It will be a battle royal with Niente Aught,Dot Matrix, and Dax Lockheart!

Johnny: Until then, Good fight, Good night...

From: Jay Winger <>
Date: Mar 31, 2000

[Jay sits in his chair, Niente beside him.  The tall biker blinks a bit at Dax's ferocity.  Chaotis, still tied up in a straitjacket, has watched the whole fight.  He seems to pout as Jeff covers Dax up.]

Chaotis: Darn...

Cowboy: Horny b@st@rd....

Chaotis: Shut up!

Cowboy: [laughs] Chaotis, you are in no position to tell me to do anything.

[Cowboy pokes Chaotis in the arm, then pushes.  Chaotis tips over, and the Hacker Anarch kicks.]

Chaotis: Hey!

Jay: Shut up, both of you.  [to Niente] Worried?

Niente: Not really.  Lean fought about as tough as she did.  And Dot's from the old times.  She doesn't stand a chance against me.

[Jay nods, then sends Niente to go get ready for her big entrance.]

Zilch: Why'd you stop us from gettin' involved, hey?

Jay: Because I wanted the fight to be fair.  You know, no Mouse or AndrAIa leaping out of the audience to give their girl a hand.  The same for Dax's parents and friends.  So, to keep up the appearance, I agreed to keep you guys out of it.

DaVinci: Makes sense, I guess.

Jay: And Voodoo seems to think we're all controlled by our temper.

Nada: With good reason.  Look at the fights so far -- Justice, Dirk, Ünres, and Elogin all got pissed at one point or another during their fight and demolished their opponent.  Sil's the lone exception.

Lazarus: If you ask me, it looks like the, eh, 'half-breeds,' as Mr. Justice called them, have a pretty short temper as well.

Ünres: Don't get me started on that Bios b!tch.

Jay: Whatever.  You all know the rules.  Stay back here.  Nobody in this room sets foot outside.

Naught: How ya gonna keep us here?

[Jay just smirks as he stands up.  When he closes the door behind him, two Golems block the door, folding their massive arms over equally massive chests.]

[In the Arena, Dax already stands in the ring, Voodoo beside her.  The "ReBoot" theme plays over images of Dot battling Web Spores and Megabyte's troops.  To loud cheers, the heroine of "ReBoot" walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring.  She looks Dax over, then tests the ropes for their springiness.

[Powerman 5000 plays over images of Jay, the Metaverse icon, and images of his teams demolishing their foes.  The grinning Author comes down the ramp, wearing his Gold Author Belt around his waist.  He carries another one in his hand.  To a mixed reaction from the crowd (after all, Jay's been something of a b@st@rd of late), Jay climbs into the ring, standing opposite Voodoo.  He looks at Dax briefly, then hmphs and turns back to the other Author.]

Jay: Well, Voodoo.  I see your team's been doing rather well.  Now, as you all may have noticed [this last addressed to the audience] I like to wear this belt.  It signifies me as a Big Shot in "Metaverse Deathmatch!"  I am, after all, an Author!

[He pauses, waiting for the crowd to quiet down, then continues.]

Jay: Seeing as how you, Vood, are just as important in Deathmatch! and the Metaverse, I think you deserve this belt.

[He holds out the second belt to Voodoo, then steps away and addresses the crowd.]

Jay: And now, ladies and gents, the moment you've all been waiting for!  This is the Main Event!  Llllllllllet's get ready to RUM-BLE!!!

[The crowd cheers.]

Jay: This match is fought under Triple Threat rules.  The first person to pin another, or force them to submit -- [he glances at Dot and Dax, then shrugs, knowing neither is likely to submit to anyone] -- gets the title of Toughest Bigger Sister.  In this corner, hailing from Mainframe, the, owner of most of the businesses in the system -- DOT MATRIX!

[Cheers.  Jay quiets them, then turns and gestures at Voodoo and Dax.]

Jay: And in this corner, representing the Hybrid Saga of the Metaverse, being accompanied by her Author, Voodoo, hailing from Scifera -- DAX LOCKHEART!

[Cheers, especially from the guys.  Jay quiets them again.]

Jay: And lastly, representing the Resonate Series of the Metaverse, being accompanied by Yours Truly, Jay Winger, the hoverbike speed demon and all-around ASCII-kicker, Ms. All-Go, No-Quit, Big-Bike --

[The Metatron lights up, playing "Legacy" by the Gone Jackals as spot lights sweep the arena, seeking the biker.  A hoverbike engine is heard revving up.  Jay grins as suddenly Niente roars out of a stadium entrance through the crowd.  Security people hold the fans back as Niente speeds through, up a ramp, and over the ring.  She lands beneath the Metatron, her back to the ring.  Niente turns off her bike, adjusts her goggles, then pumps her arms back and down.  Pyros go off.  She gets off her bike and peels her goggles off, tossing them on the handlebars of her bike.  As she stalks to the ring, an official discreetly moves her bike out of the way.]


[Niente climbs into the ring, then shrugs off her longcoat.  Jay catches it, folding it over his arm.  He passes it to an official, then approaches the three women.  Mills Lane stands opposite him.]

Jay: All right, ladies, you all know the rules.  As much as some of you might like to spill some blood [here he looks at Dax, but stands just out of her reach], this match is to be somewhat more civilized.  Pinfall to win the title.  As Mr. Lane would say, I want a good clean fight.

[He's about to go on and start the fight, but he smiles and offers the mike to Lane.]

Jay: I wouldn't dream of depriving you of it, sir.

Mills Lane: Let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings and both Authors climb out of the ring, standing on opposite sides to shout encouragement.]

From: Jay Winger & Voodoo & Java Trinomial
Date: Apr 4, 2000

Announcer: Finally, the match you've *all* been waiting for...Triple Threat for the title of Toughest Big Sister!

[The crowd starts wildly cheering.]

Announcer: In this corner, the of Mainframe and sibling of Enzo Matrix...DOT MATRIX!

[Dot, wearing her command outfit, smiles and waves at the crowd.]

Announcer:  Next, the big sister from Voodoo's fics, DAX LOCKHEART!

Announcer: And finally, from the faaaaaaabulous system of Resonate, helping bring up the Aughts, NIENTE AUGHT!

[Jay smiles at this last..  He and Voodoo wait at the side of the ring, watching.  Jay strokes a small blue-black Wotsit in his hand.]

[The bell rings.  The three women circle each other.  Dot is sizing up her opponents, while Dax glares.  Niente's eyes narrow while she cracks her knuckles and moves her long hair out of her face.  Niente drops back into a fighting stance, then pounces and unleashes a fearsome punch to Dot's face.  Dot staggers back, and then Dax moves in with a spinning heel kick.  Dot falls to the mat.

[Niente grabs Dot by the hair and pulls her to her feet.  The biker flips her over in a DDT, and then Dax stomps on Dot before doing a flying elbow from the second rope.  Niente picks Dot up, then powerbombs her into the mat.  Dax pulls Dot to her feet and then catapults her into the ropes.  As Dot starts to spring back, Niente runs and clotheslines her out of the ring.

[Dax and Niente pause for a moment, looking out at the stunned sprite, and then they look at each other.  Dax launches herself at Niente, who staggers back under the initial ferocity of the attack.  Niente recovers and backhands Dax back.  Dax blinks, stunned by Niente's power (evidently she underestimated the biker sprite), but then she does a flying jump kick at Niente's head.  The sprite is startled by Dax's speed, getting hit, but, to her credit, she recovers, grabbing Dax's leg and hurling her to the ground.  Niente quickly goes to the nearest post and climbs.

[The second-generation hybrid looks up, and spins her legs around and gets back to her feet as Niente pounces.  Dax raises her arms to block the biker's attack, but Niente's momentum knocks them both to the mat.  Niente lies still for a moment, recovering, but Dax gets up first.  Dax climbs the post, then legdrops Niente in the head.  The biker rolls aside from the blow and gets to her feet.  Dax charges, unleashing a furry of punches, momentarily stunning Niente.  The sprite, however, ducks Dax's final swing and grabs her around the neck with both hands.

[With a shout, Niente lifts Dax off the ground and hurls her into the corner, hard.  Dax lies stunned for a moment, but recovers to avoid Niente's clothesline charge.  Niente collides with the post and wobbles off, clutching her chest.  Dax springs off the ropes into a Downward Spiral that flips Niente across the ring.  Niente gets to her knees, getting up.  Dax gets back up and moves to attack.  Niente stands erect and crosses her arms, then does a double backhand, stopping Dax's charge.

[Dax, now enraged at her failed attempt, springs into action.  Running at Niente, she flips over the other woman, and before the sprite can react, pulls off a combo that would make her mother proud.  Niente reels back from the blows to the stomach, followed by a powerful kick to head.  As she is forced around from the force of the kick, Dax grabs her, bending backwards Dax slams her into the mat.  As Niente tries to stand, Dax stomps on her face, then goes for the pressure points.

[Dax jabs at Niente's throat.  Niente chokes, clutching her neck, and then Dax drops her knee on Niente's face.  Niente lies still, stunned.  Dax moves for the pin.

[Suddenly, the Metatron lights up.  Jay, who has watched the last part of the match with a frown, smiles, stroking the Wotsit as he turns to the Metatron.  Dax stops, looking up, as do Voodoo and a slowly-recovering Dot.]

Metatron: [a la the Big Show's entrance] We-ell... [pyros go off] Well, it's IL LUPE!!

[The audience screams as a wolf's head symbol appears on the screen and the infamous Class-8 appears.  He's got a new look.  His silvery hair is long on the sides, and styled straight up, almost like canine ears.  His teeth are sharpened.  He's traded in his old armor for a studded leather look. Spiked leather covers his shoulders and knees and elbows.  Fingerless leather gloves cover taloned hands.  He wears steel-toed boots.  With a mighty howl, Lean thrusts his arms in the air, discharging lightning into the ceiling. The fans go completely nuts!

[Voodoo looks at Jay with shock and fury.  Jay just smirks as Lean runs down to the ring and slides in.  Dax stands and moves to attack him.  Lean ducks under her swing and uppercuts her.  He moves in with a series of right-hand punches, finishing with a knock-down blow.  Dax gets up, and Lean grabs her arm and catapults her into the corner.  He moves in quickly to wallop her.  Dax lashes out and catches him in the jaw, making him back up in pain.  Dax hoists herself onto the ropes and then leaps at Lean.  She knocks him down, then starts to pound on him.

[Niente, by this point, has recovered.  She kicks Dax off of Lean, then hurls her into the ropes.  Dax springs back, moving to attack Niente on the rebound, but Niente stoops and ducks under Dax's attack, grabbing her around the legs.  Niente stands and hurls Dax backwards, into Lean's grip.  Lean holds Dax high, and with a howl, slams her into the mat!

[Dax struggles to get up, but Lean pulls her to her feet and thrusts her back in the corner.  As she stands there, stunned, Lean raises his arms to the crowd.  Energy crackles around his claws, and he grabs Dax by the shoulders, zapping her.  Dax spasms in Lean's grip, then goes limp.  Lean steps back, letting Niente rouse Dax, then start pounding her again.  Lean turns to the audience, howls again, then starts doing the DX hand chop.

[Suddenly, Dot slides back into the ring and comes up behind Lean.  She swings low and delivers the low-blow.  Lean winces and grabs his nether regions, and Dot hurls Lean against the ropes.  Just as Niente did earlier, Dot follows behind and clotheslines Lean over the ropes.  Lean tumbles to the floor.  Jay comes over to check on him.

[Niente, who hasn't seen what happened to her newfound ally, is caught by surprise when Dot sweeps her arms around her neck and arms and locks the biker in the Tazz-mission submission hold.  Niente writhes, trying to get free, but Dax recovers and unloads some heavy punches to Niente's face and upper body.  Dot grunts, bending over and suplexing Niente into the mat.  Niente lies stunned, and Dax moves in for the pin.  Dot, however, comes up behind her and delivers a two-handed blow to the back of the neck.  Dax drops like a stone, leaving Dot to slide in and cover Niente.  The ref runs in.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings.  Jay and Lean stand in shock, which is mirrored by Voodoo and Dax as Dot stands to accept her title belt.]

Announcer: Here is your winner, and the Toughest Bigger Sister -- DOT MATRIX!

[Dot quickly makes herself scarce as Niente starts to come around and as the two rival Authors start to shout at each other.

[Dax looks at Voodoo, and Voodoo to her. But his eyes slowly narrow on Jay, and if looks could kill then Jay would be as dead as disco.]

Voodoo: I can't believe, with all the low down dirty..

[Dax grabs hold of her creator before Jay can be physically harmed by the now pissed Voodoo.]

Voodoo: You let that...that...*virus* interfere with the match!  You cheated!

Jay: Hey, *I* played by the rules...[faux innocence] I said that nobody in my green room would interfere in the match.  Lean just got here, so that rule doesn't apply to him.  And I'm just as pissed off as you are that the Metaverse lost.  What do you want me to do?

Voodoo: [snarling] Start screaming, cuz you are about to see primal rage at it's fullest!

[Dax is now barely holding on, so the hybrids rush out and tackle Voodoo before he can do anything and shout at him to calm down.  Bios stands by quietly, watching the "famed" Lean Il Lupe, resurrected. ]

[Voodoo breaks free of the hybrids' dog pile and tries to attack Jay again, but Lean easily knocks him aside at the Hybrids.   Dax sees her chance and in a few quick movements pops Jay in the jaw before starting to pull Voodoo towards the ramp.]

[Rubbing his jaw, Jay watches Voodoo, then smiles darkly]

Jay: How prophetic, Voodoo.

[Jay drops the Wotsit.  The creature bounces once, twice, and suddenly transforms into Java. She stands up, rage in her eyes.]

Java:  Now, I may be a newbie and I may be naive.....

[Her eyes narrow on Voodoo and Dax as they beat feet,  but she'll be damned if they get away.  She pulls one of the turquoise balls out of her pocket]

Java: But I *am* a threat!

[She throws the ball at Voodoo, barely missing Dax.  Voodoo is hit in the back, and the marble-sized ball turns into a flare of energy. Voodoo goes flying forward, yelling in pain as he hits the ramp. Dax is knocked back, landing at the bottom of the ramp.  Voodoo limps up the ramp alone as Dax turns and gets up.  Bios also starts over, angry at the attack on her creator.]

Jay: [sees the trouble coming] Damn! [to Lean]  Get her!  [He turns around and gets back to his green room]

[Dax now has the opportunity to get back at the guy who nearly cost her the match, and moves to take advantage of it.  She starts throwing punches at Lean, but Niente comes over to help him.  Dax suddenly whistles, and the Hybrids hurry over and begin attacking Lean while she concentrates on Niente.  Java, who from here had been aiming her second ball, finds the pouch of balls pulled out of her hands.  She turns, and gets slashed on the forehead by a red eyed Bios.  The virus throws her into the group of hybrids telekinetically.  Jeff and Jenny pull Java up and throw her at Lean, who staggers back as she collides with him. ]

[The two go back-to-back as the Hybrids surround the two in a circle.  Bios lifts herself up and smiles, preparing to administer a few attacks of her own.]

Java: Oh User...You wouldn't happened to have any way of getting out of here, would you?

Lean: [stops] Well actually, I do.

[He throws a small blast of energy to clear a place, then opens a portal and pulls Java and himself in through it.]

[Voodoo's Green rooms.  15 minutes later.]

[Voodoo is returning from a med to the green room after the hybrids and Bios came back from the disappearance of Java and Lean.  Entering his room, the door slams against the wall as he kicks over the table that held the bottles of Gatorade.  He sits in his chair and turns away from his creations. Dax walks over to shut the door and looks to her parents as they look away from Voodoo]

Dax: Think he's a little more then pissed.

Jeff: More then a little Hun, he's about to go section 8 after that match.  Told you we should have been stationed in the arena.

Jenny: For once, I agree.  Jay *must* have known that Lean was coming.

Voodoo:  So should have we..

[Voodoo turns in his chair, facing his characters.]

Voodoo: It's simple now... If Jay wants a war... then he's got one.

From: Voodoo <>
Date: Apr 4, 2000

[Voodoo sits in his chair, well, more like slumped in his chair. re-watching the match over on one of his many screen's. Everyone is quite as the writer broods over the loss, if not the humiliation of the loss.]

[Jenny, deciding that she has to do something, she always had that train of thought. The train of thought being, that she has to interject everything and anything]

Jenny: Listen Hun, it's only one loss, I mean, look at me and Jeff, we loss about..

[Jenny is silenced by Voodoo's hand being waved. Not in the mood to hear her go on, not to mention the fact he knows everything about each of his creation's, it was pointless for her to try and relate her history]

[Lucky for the group, Bios had little comment sense when it came to such matters, But the Virus was still smart, smarter then most anyway, and decided to let her two cents be added to the can]

Bios: Alright, so, Jay's got the Java girl... big whoop, sure she shocked the hell out of Voodoo but that doesn't matter.

[Dax, who is flexing her hand, still hurting from when she slugged Jay, returned her attention to the room]

Dax: What does matter Bios? You think you can take out both teams? Oh.. Bad question..

Bios: Yes it was, but I'll ignore it this time... What does matter that even with all out firepower, and natural power, at any one given time we are out numbered...

Jenny: So what your point? I don't think Voodoo wants to tamper with time again, so that he can get Jay or Java on his side..

Bios: Simple Jenny, We get WeB.

[The room is silent for a moment before it burst out laughing]

Mistya: Come on Bios. Web's as loco as Hexadecimal when she even thinks about Lean, Can you imagine what's going to happen when she gets next to him? What kind of Allie would she make?

Bios: A good one...i have one simple word..

Crix: Surrender?

Bios: No, Zaria

[Voodoo turns in his chair]

Voodoo: She's got a point... Even if it's Bios, She's got a point.. It's War, not a grand one by any means, but a war never the less.. Send a message to WeB Crix, telling her..We need to talk...

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