Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two

Night #5: Tournaments, Tricks, and Trouble
Part Five
From: "Voodoo"
Date: Oct 6, 2000

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room. Section: Holo-Chamber. Time: 1 hour before the match.}

[The setting changed for the forth time in the last twenty mintues. Now the particals had aranged a more urban setting. To be more exact, Mainframe, late 2450's before the peace accords. The area once known as Level one lay in shambles. Although it once was a thriving part of Mainframe, Mainframe had grown by leaps in and bounds the years after Deamon and Level one was moved to the new site and what was left was the old shopping district. That area took the heavy front of the War.]

[Fully automatic laser fire filled the air and skies. The ground shook from plasma charges and the one could not help hear the screams of pain from falling enemies and friends alike. Mainframe was urban warfear and this was the setting the Hybrids were accustome to and used to thier full advantage. This is why the score was tied 2-2.]

Jeff: Come on Jenny, stick your head out....

[Jeff camped nicly hidden behind the large burnt out "D" of the former Dots Dinner. His scope of his early 2451 Marks 79A "Avenger" rifle rested comfortably over his eye. His finger rested on the guard as he adjusted his seating on the roof. Jenny had been resorcful and had taken the faster routes before and had gotten the drop on him. Jeff had decided to change tactics, and wait for his prey.]

[His prey was playing hard to get. She rested her head on the wall as she checked the magzine in her pistol. four shots left and she hardly knew were her husband was, all she knew was that he was behind her useing a high powerd laser rifle. He had knocked the larger auto rifle from her hand when she had wanderd into his sights, and now she was left with a small firearm. She tried to reach for the larger weapon, but a streak out of corner of her eye made her return her hand to her side. Good thing to because the bolt narrowly missed her hand and slammed hard into the ground.]

Jeff: Damn it!

[Jenny took a breath as she pounded over what to do.]

Jenny: Sorry hunny but i'm going to win this round.

[Her suductive grin spread on her face as she pulled the flashbang from her side and pulled the pin with her teeth in a classic movie fashion and tossed it out the window she had took cover next to. The bang peiced the air.]

Jeff: Augh!

[She heard Jeff scream, she slide out and shot towards the "D" where she figured her husband might be hiding. Thankfuly he was blinded and the shots pieced through the sign and hit him.]

Computer: Simulation, Over.

[The setting faded from view, and the Hybrids were left in the chmaber with nothing but the clothes on thier backs.]

Jeff: That was cheap!

Jenny: That was thinking. And who are you calling cheap camper!

Jeff: It's not camping it's sniping.

Jenny: Whats the difference?

Jeff: When I do it, it's sniping.

Jenny: I'll remember that.

Jeff: So you won. Whats you wish?

Jenny: Hmmmm. [Jenny's smirk appeard on her face yet again]

Jeff: Not again. How 'bout something different this time?

Jenny: Oh..alright. How 'bouts a night on the town. In Mainframe.

Jeff: Sounds to easy, whats the catch?

Jenny: Your taking me to the most fanciest resturant I can fine there. And it will be a suit and tie Mr.Freeman.

Jeff: I knew thier was a catch.

Jenny: And I will pick out clothes for you to wear. Since you idea of a suit is your best pair of pants and a shirt.

Jeff: Thier clean.

Jenny: Your worse then Crix at times you know that.

Jeff: Love you to.

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Oct 9, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}

Tri: Do not!

Pyra: Do too!

Tri: Do NOT!

Pyra: [smirking] Do TOO!

[Erinys and See are flopped on the couchg, vaguely wondering what they're arguing about. They had just been murmuring betwixt themselves, Sai's name had been said, and then...]

Tri: You just like annoying me!

Pyra: Oh c'mon, those slugs won't do a thing, and it's the one thing you get embarressed about.

Tri: [Annoyed glare]

Pyra: Okay then, you won't rise to the bait no more? Let's try this. [She opens a vid and dials Jay's GR number.]

Tri: NO! [jumps Pyra, trying to stop her.] Do you want to COMPLETELY embarress me?!

[Pyra laughs evilly as the call goes through.]

Erinys: [to See] Who's at Jay's room?

See: Don't ask me.

[No one notices the small wotsit exiting the room in the chaos.]

From: "Team Winger"
Date: Oct 9, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Justice, Dirk, DaVinci, and Lean are milling about, waiting for the big match between Voodoo and Jay to begin when the comm rings.

[They all stop and look at each other. It rings a few times as they stand there.]

Dirk: I'm not answering it.

Justice: Don't look at me.

DaVinci: Guys, let's settle this. Hands behind your back. When I say, put out one or two fingers.

[With a grumbling sigh, all four of them do so.]

DaVinci: One, two, three.

[They hold out their hands. Justice, Dirk, and DaVinci all have out two fingers, and Lean has one.]

Lean: [swears in se'Macik]

DaVinci: Answer the damn comm.

[Lean, still muttering oaths, does so.]

Lean: Jay's Greenroom. Who is it?

From: "Tri Cyanopia"
Date: Oct 10, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}

[No one is in sight of the vidwindow.]

[That's probably 'cause it's askew from Pyra's wild dashing away from both Tri and Erinys, who decided to stop the nonsence and would those two PLEASE not act like See and Herself?!]


[Pyra passes the vid, giggling wildly, holding a small padd.]

Erinys: [v/o, embarressed] Okay, who gave Py moon-sugar?

Pyra: Now, I shall read-Ooh! The call's up! [runs to it] And exactly the person-

Tri: [v/o] [swears in Ta'Oosi] That's IT!

[Pyra...freezes. Literally.]

Tri: [v/o] There we go.

[She appears in the vid, pulls her diary-padd from Pyra's hands, minimizes it, and turns to the vid, only slightly red.] My apologies, Pyra's sanity decided to go AWOL for a while.

[She turns and releases her hold on the Khat.]

Pyra: Ow...Meanie! [humphs and toddles over to the other Guardians.

Tri: ...*cough* Everything's...okay over there? I figure you have a little more calm...[looks around at Py now screaming at See and Erinys, then teardrops.] Actually...Could you take a refugee? I'm about to go AWOL myself with all this...

From: "Lean Il Lupe"
Date: Oct 10, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Lean seems to take the insanity in stride, waiting until things start to calm down before snickering a bit to himself. Tri talks to him, and he considers it.]

Lean: A refugee? Well-- [glances o/c at Justice, Dirk, and DaVinci] --yeah, I don't think the others will mind.

[He has been wearing his Ginole sunglasses, which he puts up on his head and looks into the vid.]

Lean: You want to take your route or shall I allow you to use mine?

From: "Tri Cyanopia"
Date: Oct 10, 2000

{PLace: Java's Green Room}

Tri: Route?...Oh, yeah, well, I figure I could walk-

Pyra: [v/o] HAZZAH!

[Loud smashing noise.]


Tri: ...Your route. Now. Please, Lean.

From: "Lean Il Lupe"
Date: Oct 11, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Lean hears the chaos behind Tri and winces. He nods.]

Lean: Anything to oblige a fellow virus.

[He concentrates and opens a portal under Tri. With a surprised yelp, she falls through, then drops out of a portal next to Lean. He shuts the vid and turns to her.]

Lean: Your fic-mates getting annoying, I take it?

From: "Tri & Java"
Date: Oct 11, 2000

{Place: Jay's Green Room}

[Tri sighs, shaking her hair out and fingercombing it into some type of order.] Annoying, yeah. You saw what was happening, it'd probably annoy any other half-sane person. [looks about] The match hasn't started yet? Who's stalling?

{PLace: Somewhere in the MDM Arena}

[Java, now out of her wotsit shift, looks down the corridors. She had been going around bored, up and down staircases (mostly up) and was now hopelessly lost. Whee.]

[She sits down at the four way crossroads and tugs at her scarf end. Her code begins pricking again, not fully fixed, but she tries to ignore it. Instead, she pulls a few objects out of her pockets - a plain, non-energy magenta marble, a few coins, bits of paper. Her hand touches something cool, and startled she loks first to see if her jeans are ripped, then pulls whatever it is out of her pocket.]

[Voodoo's present.]

[The chain he had given her slowly coils in her palm. For a minute she just looks at it, expressionless. Then, standing up, the necklace still in her hand, she begins walking, looking for the next staircase up.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Oct 13, 2000

{Place: Somewhere in the MDM Arena}

[And after five minutes of trying to go somewhere, Java seems to have gone the exact opposite.]

[That is, if she even knew where she was still.]

Only when you *want* people to be around they come around. I mean, I don't want Bios to come around and she does. I don't want Erinys to come and try to help, and he does. And people think *I'm* the insane one.

[She sits back down in the corridor.]

I wonder about Seraph...or whatever Sai and all call her. She seems to really be an angel...she saved me from Bios, that's enough for me. And she knocked the stuffin' out of Lazarus.

[She looks up to the ceiling, then concentrates, trying to broadcast her thoughts.]

Seraph? Are you there? It's...It's Java, you must know me, you helped me once...Can I speak to you? Please?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Oct 19, 2000

{Place: MDM Arena...somewhere...}

Seraph...? Or...maybe not...

[Java is still sitting in the hallway, feeling slightly let down now with no responce. She droops her head, eyes closing. Maybe she should just take a nap, let herself heal...not what she wants to, but what's probably going to happen.]

[Then she feels a...-tug-. And a strange dislocating feeling...not painful, just weird.]

Uh oh...not again...

[The wall behind her dissapears to her feeling. The air feels slightly warmer from the cool of the hall, more comfortable. The audio changes from silence; there is a quiet humming, a small coversation..which goes silent.]

...Should I even open my eyes?

[She see herself in Voodoo's Green room, the Dreckards looking down at her.]

Java: Eep. [She pulls her knees closer, trying to make herself as small as possible. Her eyes watch the dragons, ditzily scared.] If it could be okee not to turn me into polymorph sushi this soon? Or let Bios...[blinks] How am I here?

From: "Minke"
Date: Oct 20, 2000

[Minke walks out of Voodoo's quarters to come over to Java and stare down at her] *I thought it might be easiest if I...brought you here this way... It's far quicker...*

[She picks Java up to her feet, who wobbles a little in surprise and slight disorientation]

Java: Um.. [looks up nervously at the Dreckards] where's Bios?

Minke *You needn't worry about her while the others and I are around. Just keep within sight... She seems to like making cheap shots at you when you're unprotected...*

[Minke turns to head into her room] *And I suppose it could be 'Seraph' when it's just you and I... Voodoo will see you shortly. Call me if you need...*

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Oct 20, 2000

[Java seems a bit more relaxed when Minke enters the room, and now exhales, unaware she was holding her breath a lot.] Uhm, well...Thank you, Ser-er-CRe-uhm-whatever I'm supposed to call you if people are about. [looks to the Drecks, ditzily] Hi...Congratulations about the win, I know it's really late...You seemed bigger in the ring by the way...[Pause, then turns back to Seraph, slightly more "normal"] And, I mean before ya go anywhere...

[Java steps just a little bit back, then bows to her.]

Java: Anything you wish that I can do - I mean *anything* - and you have it. [sheepishly] Two life debts are going to be hard to pay off, since you don't usually need rescuing, but...[She trails off, shruging, then stands straight, hand clutched around something, occasionally peeking to the doors, wondering which is the Author's.]

How am I going to do this...

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Oct 24, 2000

Minke: *Voodoo... Java is here.*

[Voodoo hasn't moved from his spot infront of the wall mounted termanal.]

Voodoo: *I thought that was her.. What does she want?*

Minke: *Why don't you talk to her and find out?*

[Java uneasily sits on the long couch, Everyone is watching her and she doesn't like it. Who would? I mean, having 3 hugh Dreckards around you and two more Hybrids within arms reach of weapons. You would you feel safe? Java trys to break the ice.]

Java: So..This is the fable green room of Voodoo's huh? I always though it would be more..

Jeff: Black?

Jenny: Dark?

Mistya: Dank dungon looking?

Java: All three to be truthful.

Scar: For a room around 80 feet from the ground, we live comfortably.

Java: high?

Jeff: High enough for you to pray before hitting the ground.

[There is nothing from Jenny or the others to tell him to hush up and Java grows even more scared. She tries to remain cool, but one can see that her fear is showing, like a kid going to the dentist for a check up. She slowly stands and turns around to see out the large windows that line part of the green room. She can see the ring and Voodoo's section clearly, with other parts hidden.]

Voodoo: Much a club house, there are no polymorphs allowed. But seeing how you have a friend in this club, you get a hearing. So what is it you want Madam Trinomial?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Oct 25, 2000

[Java hears the Author's words, wincing slightly at the remark of her race. Her face is almost white, even paler in contrast to her scarf. She tries to compose herself, not suceeding very well, and begins slowly.]

Java: First off... I began this fight between us... I took offence when you refused my help, not that you needed it... and I was the one who attack you without provocation - I didn't know how powerful they were - creating this... just saying...

[She trails off nervously, then sharply begins again, forgeting any idea of tact or diplomacy.]

Java: You wanted to know why I decided to come here, why I asked Seraph to bring me? [She raises her hand and drops the necklace down, letting it dangle by its chain.] When you gave this to me, you were trying to make a peace with me. And admittedly I threw you into the Arena in a big ping-pong ball. But now I am here, not even asking for a truce or forgiveness yet, just for a safe passage, and this is what I recieve! [She waves her hands, the necklace bouncing about.] I doubt Jeff would include such a safety like I gave you, and yes, I did know it was going to work, damnit!

[The 'ress stops herself in her anger, looking down, flushed purple. She raises her head again, catching Voodoo's eyes. Her voice now holds a note of pleading.]

Java: I don't know who won our little fight officially, whose side the balance favors. I'm certainly in pain, and [her eyes flutter to his side, where she had cut him] you've taken your wounds. I don't really care anymore. I... I guess I'm here to end this fight, to find what you want - what you would accept - as the price for peace. Information, alternate tech, something, anything... for my sake, my characters, perhaps you and yours as well...

[Java seem to be finished, but she glances around the room. To Seraph, seeming so strong and powerful, a protecter... then to the characters of Voodoo, together even more powerful, and seemingly hostile to her. She glances into Jeff's eyes... for a second she sees Voodoo in him, when they were in the ring, kneeling over her, then remembering the pain... she winces suddenly.

[She looks to Voodoo, face calm, but suddenly missing the spark, the joie de vivre of hers always there.] Then again, if you were planning to kill me, I doubt I could stop you now, walked right into your hands, I see... protected only by parley... saving the Seraph... So...

[The woman quiets, watching Voodoo, waiting for his judgement.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Oct 25, 2000

[Voodoo stares at the polymorphic author. His mind thinking over his options. He feels a nudge in the back of his head.]

Minke: *She's scared of something.*

Voodoo: *I know..and it's us this time.*

Minke: *You know what you wish to do?*

Voodoo: *Yes. My choices are always final.*

[The silent conversation is broken when Ki'ace walks out of the medical lab, followed by her younger sister. She nods to Voodoo as she passes and goes to Java.]

Ki'ace: Come with us.

[Java looks silently confused, or worried.]

Voodoo: Go Java, they are going to patch you up.

Ki'ace: We take a nutral stance on all teams, you won't be harmed if it can be helped.

[Java is taken to the medical bay and the door hisses shut]

Jeff: Excuse me, but I know what look Vood. Thats the same look you had when Minke came here. You not goinh to side with that Author are you?

Voodoo: I'm not siding with her. But there is no reason not to be a good host.

Jeff: She poses a great risk by being her Voodoo, you know that! E.V.A. is less then functioncal, and we don't need her getting into anything.

Voodoo: All systems are coded and she has less then the knowladge to talk to E.V.A. let alone use her.

Jenny: So whats the plan Voodoo?

Voodoo: She is under our care and protection till I see fit, my choice is final.

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Oct 26, 2000

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room, Medical lab}

[Java follows the sisters into the bay, wondering why Voodoo could be offering her help. After her little speech, she is thoroughly confused about the whole MDM as she sees it. When she enters the bay, she stops as the door closes behind her, and stares.]

Ki'ace: Someting wrong?

[The Authoress stares for a moment more.]

Java: Neat! [wincing] Althought it reminds me of the last time someone tried to seriously mess with my code. Where do I sit?

[The younger Zed indicates a bed.] Why would someone want to do that?

Java: Erm...

[She sits down, looking around the bay again, examining the bio tanks curiously. Ki'ace goes to a control panel, initialing a scan.]

Java: [to Ki'eva] I know this is going to sound paranoid, but-

Ki'eva: I don't know where she is.

Java: Eep...Is Dax okay?

Ki'eva: She'll be fine.

Java: That's good...I mean, I don't want anyone to get killed or anything, 'specially now...And if Py's going to defend the title, I don't want anyone to think she wasn't up to par...

[Ki'ace speaks up suddenly.] Madam Java-

Java: Miss, z'okee?

Ki'ace: Miss Java, these scans are showing-

Java: Instabilities in my code so essential that I'm either deleting before your eyes or will be in three seconds?

[Ki'ace nods.]

Java: Oh, those are normal. It's the little breaks that hurt, mind concentrating on them?

Ki'eva: If it's that dangerous, how can you call it normal?

Java: [shrug] I've had them since I was initialized. And, since I'm here, [cheerful] I'm not dead yet! [sad] It's the little things...

Ki'ace: I can run someting to fix those, shouldn't take more than ten minutes. Haven't you tried to fix those errors?

Java: Oh, people have tried, they just screwed up each time, didn't have either the tech or the skills. I finally just left when anyone clinical-looking got near me. Now, sweetie, coulds you just run the program? [miserable-sweet] It's getting worse...

[The Zed nods and begins the cycle as Java lies down on the bed. There is a slight discharge and the 'ress squeaks in alarm, but it cuts off quickly.]

Java: This has been a confusing day.

Ki'eva: I don't doubt it.

[Java nods, then turns over on the bed, lying on hee stomach, head on her arms. Her eyes close lightly.]

Voodoo's helping me.

Why? I expected a cold reprimand, maybe even an attack, and her gives me relief. What is going on?

I don't know what Jay would do if he finds out bout this; he's so riled up for his fight. Oosi, don't let him know.

Jay I sorta understand. He's cool and he wants his char's to win. Not a demanding guy. And he's sweet to me, likes me. Not too hard to understand.

I don't know anything about Voodoo, though! I don't know what he wants in the MDM - wins are probably one - and I really don't know what he wants from me!

Althoug if he planned to kill me, I wouldn't be here. Waste of energy.

I can't understand how he treats me. This night, he interrupted my show! Shone that virus-green light on me, grabbed me by the chin - okay, I tried to bite him, can't blame him there - and the fight...he began telling me to surrender, he didn't want to fight me - what did he expect me to do? Walk out of the ring? Lie down and let him pin me? But at the was like he was possessed.

He is a dark writer compared to the rest of us...He strives to be orderly, logical. And me...hell, I'm the Chika da Chaos!

Oh, I just don't understand...

[She closes her eyes, trying not to think for a while.]

[Someone brushes her left shoulder, the one her head isn't facing. Java opens her eyes and turns to look.]

From: "Minke"
Date: Oct 27, 2000

[For some reason she had heard the Zeds leave a moment before, and Java turns her head to see Minke there, or Seraph as she calls her. Though she already knew it was Minke, to see her again somehow is a comfort, or a reassurance, whichever. Both just look over each other's faces for a few moments before Minke speaks]

Minke *How are you feeling?*

Java: Suddenly better. I guess that would be thanks to you?

Minke *The Zeds can only do so much with the provided technologies here, and their abilities... should rest and let the scans do their work.*

[Java nods as much as her position will allow and turns away again. Her mind once again becomes preoccupied]

Minke *You have questions...

Java: Yes?

Minke *Voodoo?*

[Java's brow furrows slightly but she answers] Yeah.

Minke *I didn't pry... You know, you come through in strong waves...*

[A moment passes]

Minke *I will let you know this, Java, Voodoo is a being who preffers honesty. If you truly must know, ask him. Don't be afraid to.*

Java: Afraid?

Minke *Ask if need be...*

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Oct 27, 2000

[Java looks back to Seraph.] But you were right...I am afraid.

Minke: Of Voodoo?

Java: Yeah...and of getting thrown out the window, now...

Minke: Voodoo will not let that happen, Java.

Java: Not now, sure, but try telling that to my imagination...[She sits up on the bed.] My head is more confused that ever...and it's been pretty confused, trust me. All the ideas,'s like putting together a puzzle with a third missing...Can you sorta see?

Minke: It would be hard not to I said, you come through strongly.

Java: I give off a lot, someone once told me...

[She suddenly slides off the bed, interrupting the cycle. Minke starts.] Java, you should be resting.

Java: I can heal anytime, Seraph, see, it's half done anyway. I feel okay enough.

Minke: For what?

Java: My head is as messed up as it can be now, I won't hurt it by doing more. And I can't figure anything out without a little more of the puzzle. [She shakes her head, clearling out the cobwebs, then takes Seraph's hand.] This is sudden, I know...and tomorrow Night you come to my room and I'll have a little ol' time tea party, hey?...But, could you show me where he is? I mean, without letting anyone start creatively threatening me [coughs] I could speak to Voodoo alone?

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Oct 30, 2000

Jeff: I can't get over the fact that the FAQing polymorph is hanging out in our medical bay.

Jenny: That sounds very racist Mr. Freeman.

Jeff: You know what I mean.

Jenny: All to well Jeff. Voodoo see's fit to have her here in out protection then so be it. It's not like we havn't been here before.

Jeff: Minke is different. [Jeff pulls his fingers away from the wire that just shocked him. His work on the "Vault" had seen little progress, the control panal was shot all the hell and the patch job was less then 3rd rate.]

Jenny: Why? Because she hasn't tried to kill Vood yet? Be thankful.

Jeff: How so.

Jenny: She'd kick his ass that why.

Jeff: Yep, suttle.

[A spark from the wireing, and a hiss from the door locks. Jeff stands and grins.]

Jenny: You ain't the man.

Jeff: A thank you would be nice.

Jenny: You still owe me a dinner buddy boy.

[The couple walk into the "Vault", The nick name for the Team Voodoo Weapons Storage Room. Of the entire Green Room, next to the Reactors and E.V.A.'s core com room this places was the most surcure, and had been unatainble since the "Blast". The two slowly walked inside the room, the lights began to flicker on and off. The Vault had seen better days it was less then a grand site.]

Jeff: Shh's..

Jenny: Wha? [She pause's and listens. Then she looks to her husband and the two bolt for the door.]

Jeff/Jenny: FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

[The room shakes with the force of a thousand small earth quakes and a electrical wave shoots through the room, as the couple hit the ground. The air crackles and snaps. Weapons lockers fade from site, the walls are gone, simply erased. An entire row is gone, followed by two more, the work bench shatters and fades, when the wave fades, the room is a war zone, no burn marks are present. It looks like an artist just rubbed out his dawning.]

[Dax and Zaria are present soon after, Voodoo appearing behind them, the Elders look up.]

Voodoo: Please tell me you hit one of ours.

Jenny: That was an EMP weapon, only you have the codes for that locker.

Jeff: Someone planted it here during the downtime.

Dax: Who can just appear in that part of the green room?

[The Hybrids look to Zaria]

Zaria: Hey!!! I was with Sai during your little "downtime"! You can ask her!

Dax: Besides Zaria wouldn't do this.

Jeff: Well till we find out who, we are short an entire cache of weapons.

Voodoo: Thats why you never put all your eggs in one basket.

Jeff: You happen to have another Vault somewhere?

Voodoo: Former resitence. I'm sure you can manage to do this?

Jeff: Let me dig my wifes nails out of my..

Jenny: JEFF!!

Jeff... and I'll get right on it.

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: Nov 2, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[Jay is still seated at his desk, eyes closed, fingers steepled. He almost appears to be asleep. A small fly buzzes around his head. His hand snatches out, grabs it, and quickly crushes it between two fingertips. He wipes his hands clean on his jeans.

[He raises his head and 'looks' in the direction of Voodoo's Greenroom shortly after the new explosion. He raises an eyebrow.]

Jay: Again? Maybe I should have Voodoo forced to move back into the Stadium, where there's less of an explosion hazard.

[He tilts his head back down and closes his eyes again, calmly waiting for Voodoo to call him out for their match.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Nov 2, 2000

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room, Medical Bay}

[Java was waiting for Minke's reply when the Green Room was hit with the shockwave. Java looks around in fear.] What was that??

Minke: I'm not sure...

[Java blinks a few times, then plods over to the doors, which open automatically in her face, surprising her. She slowly comes out and moves to the side, trying to make herself less noticable.] Was that...Oh dear...and she used a book...

[She winces, waiting for someone to enter.] Now I'm dead...

From: "Minke"
Date: Nov 3, 2000

[Minke comes tromping out beside the much smaller-in-comparison Java. She suddenly squints towards where the Vault is and crouches down to Java's height] *You do realize that this was dreadfully bad timing for stunts, Miss Java...*

[Java remains silent outwardly to possibly avoid being spotted -though with Minke beside her, that'd be pretty impossible- but she looks up at Minke and tries a link] But I didn't!

Minke *Cyanopia, am I right?*

[Java sighs and gives up] How'd you know?

Minke *Well it's certainly not like See or Pyra. didn't quite...*

Java: It's just really bad timing. What'm I going to say to Voodoo!?

[As if on cue, Voodoo and a few other residents of his greenroom, come out of the former Vault area to congregate in the main area. Sai comes running out of her section in night dress foaming at the mouth, toothbrush in hand. Across the room, Scar comes stomping out carrying a file in one clawed hand, robe held closed with the other. They all stop when they see Java there]

Minke *You had best think fast, young authoress... Please try to calm down. They're not barbarians. We're all with the ability to reason here...*

[Java gulps as she stares over at a straight-faced Voodoo who just stares back, and feels the remnants of her match's wounds burn at her. The final moments of the match play themselves over and over in her mind, making her wince. All eyes are upon her] Right...

[Minke places a clawed hand as gently as possible upon Java's shoulder, slightly suggesting with it that she should get things overwith]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Nov 3, 2000

Jeff: That's it! I'll slag her myself!

[Jeff stands, pulling his python from his pocket. He is quickly retained by his wife.]

Jenny: Jeff Freeman don't you dare shot that polymorph in here!

Jeff: I'll take it outside then!

[After a shot fight for power, Jeff pulls himself free, minus a gun but he charges towards Java, But the larger Dreckard quickly gets him into a hold postion.]

Voodoo: That's enough Jeff!

Jeff: She activated a EMP weapon inside a green room! You know how many Metaverse Peace Accords she just shatterd with that! Let alone the fact that if the wave was any bigger she could have erased some of t he core and blown this stadium sky high!

[Voodoo slugs Jeff right across the chin, the other brutal act he has done to any of his characters short of Bios herself. The room is stunned for a moment. So is Jeff]

Voodoo: I will not allow this to go any futher.

Jenny: Jeff's right Voodoo, she could have killed us all, and not technolgy you have could have brought any of back from that.

Voodoo: You don't agree with his actions since you did stop him.

[Jenny pasues for a moment to think. Voodoo knows the true answer before she even speaks.]

Jenny: I spent alot of time decorating this place, the last thing I need to have is blood spilled on my carpet.

Voodoo: Thats what I thought. Now you two take a walk, down to the old green room and see what you can do about getting into that vault.

[The two stand there for a moment, thinking over the order.]

Voodoo: NOW!

[The couple leave, mumbling as they go. Voodoo takes a deep breath before looking towards the two Authors and one Anthroic bodyguard.]

Voodoo: Yes?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Nov 4, 2000

[When Jeff had pulled out his gun, Java had shrieked and slammed herself back into the wall in terror, watching the rest of the scene play out. After...]

Java: Uhm...For the record, Tri did it, and really, she knows what she's doing...I mean, I needed a third one and all, don'cha know...and virii don't usually follow the Peace Accords...

[She winces, wishing she could just get out, but that would do nothing.]

Java: [quietly] I wanted to speak with you, privatly perhaps - s'why I came out...But if I should leave, I will... [She looks over to the betoothbrushed author sheepishly.] Hi Sai...

[Sai blinks at Java, stares at Voodoo, squints at Minke, realizes what she's wearing, "meep"s and rushes back inside her room]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Nov 8, 2000

[Voodoo slowly turns his attention towards Java. Sai having ran off he has nothing but Minke holding him back from killing the little polymorphic being that is shivering in terror.]

Voodoo: Do you have any idea what could have happen if that blast was any larger! You could have killed us all inculding yourself.

[There is a pause, as they wait for the mood to fully embrace the room.]

Java: Baka... I told you it wasn't me who did this it was Tri!

Voodoo: And who creatred Tri? You did! You also gave her non-Metaversian techonolgy, used illagel EMP weapony, and could have destoryed the entire MDM stadium!

[Voodoo's fist clentch, and only Minke can feel the power of his mind in full fury as he has yet to master its power. The glowing orange plasma blade ignites from his gauntlets, as he slowly walks towards Java. But her angel, as well as his interjects.]

Minke: * Voodoo! End this now! There is no need for blood shed here! This is a place of peace! And I will not allow this death and destruction to go on! Now calm down and think!*

[Voodoo thinks over her words. She has a point and this his only reason for letting her stay, other then some strange and maybe morbid reason or more exact an effection towards her. The plasma blade returns to its domate state.]

Voodoo: Talk Java.... very fast, and very clearly. 

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Nov 9, 2000

[Java looks back to the Author, slumping against the wall. She clutches her icon in fear, wondering for a moment how Voodoo can always frighten her into this state. A few morbid thoughts creep into her mind as well. She breathes, her voice hurried.] Look, this is too crazy even for me. The MDM is s'posed to be in name only, but this Night has nearly thrown that out the window. I don't want Jay, or my characters - anyone's characters -, or me, or you, Voodoo, to get killed. That Vault - I messed up, alright, didn't think, and if I deserve to be punished, fine, go ahead. And I don't know what or who possessed you during our match, I would have asked. But if we have a death, an Author death, the MDM will be destroyed.

[She pauses, peering at Minke. A spark of courage, or perhaps just manic desicion, appears in her face, and she pushes herself away from the wall and out of Minke's immediate reach, coming face-to-face with the Black Clad one. Their eyes meet, and the black and magenta cloths seem to match slightly.

Java: All I ask for now is a truce. The next match I don't know who'll win, but don't get yourself or my Jay-chan killed, please. Say this and I'll go back to my room, try to rest and heal. Take your due for the Vault from me if you must, but grant this and I'l leave.

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Nov 13, 2000

[For the moment Voodoo's rage has been shackled from coming lose. Minke's voice, least how he hears it has saved him from once agian killing the polymorphic sprite.]

Voodoo: For what has happen by all accounts you should be punished. But once again I have been advised, if not reminded that I am not one to go about killing Authors for any reason, let alone this one. But be forwarded Java, that futher action will not result without equal reaction and thus. [He pauses, and thinks again] Thus you must remember that I did give you protection in my Green Room and I do keep my word. Java, now you have an alliance and thus for now... You are free from any... discomfort.

[There is a silent pauses as every thinks over Voodoo's words. Searching for that hidden meaning that is in everything he says. He gives Minke a silent summonce and she follows Voodoo to his chambers.]

Voodoo: You saved me once again old friend, and thus I am thankful.

Minke: *You are changing Voodoo. I have noticed that you power has increased far to rapidly.*

Voodoo: You have no idea how much I am changing Minke. It almost scares me.

Minke: *Why doesn't it scare you?*

Voodoo: Logic is never scared, for it is simply logic.

Minke: *Then what is it that is changing Voodoo?*

Voodoo: A simple man.

Minke: *Mankind is always changing to suit it's need.*

Voodoo: But this time it may be wrong.

Minke: *How many does it take before it becomes wrong Voodoo? 600?6000?*

Voodoo: Just one.

[Another pause]

Voodoo: I need some time Minke, please tend to Java?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Nov 13, 2000

[Insert various blinking/small disbelieving motions here.]

Another alliance... This is getting even more confusing...

[She turns and toodles over, trying to ignore the Dreckards, and looks through the window.] It *is* high...though Jeff overlooked my ability to turn into a bird or such and fly away. Then again, with his aim...maybe not. Eep.

No one's down there! Why -- oh yeah, Match, evacuation. Erkities. Hmph.

Note to self: No more messing with Voodoo. He's just a bit too strong. Although now who do I mess with? Isn't fair.

[She leans on the window ledge, stifling a yawn.] Okay, maybe I am tired...Yeah. Definitly. Thought s-[yawns]-o...

[The 'ress turns to a door opening, Minke leaving Voodoo's room (or what Java gueses as such). She pushes herself away and lightly tugs on one of the Anthro's feathers (very lightly), acting almost like an innocent child.] Seraph? You okee? Mebbe...D'you want to see my room? I'll introduce ya 'n' all...And they're all nice... Nothing like meanie Lazarus. So?

From: "Minke"
Date: Nov 13, 2000

[She crouches down to face Java and tugs on one of her strands of hair, very lightly, a pseudo-grin coming to her face]

Minke *I woudn't mind that at all...*

[She gives the greenroom a onceover and begins speaking privately with Java as the 'morph heads towards the exit]

Minke: *But I -am- Voodoo's personal bodyguard...*

Java: And here I thought you knew all about this metaphysical stuff.

[Minke cocks an eyebrow and tilts her head at Java]

Java: You should know that you can keep an eye on him even if you're not in the same area. A third eye, that is. And you can come back whenever, wherever, right?

Minke *That is true... I do still have a lot to learn about my capabilities, don't I?*

[Minke tries this and sees Voodoo sitting at his desk in the other room, in a thoughtful pose, but she does not disturb his thoughts or make her presence known] *Hmm...*

[Java now speaks aloud again] So what does Seraph have to say then?

Minke *I am satisfied with that. To your greenroom it is then... Would you preffer we walk, or teleport?* [tilts her head again]

From: "Java"
Date: Nov 14, 2000

Java: Can we poof-I mean, teleportie thingie? Cause it's a bit of a walk, and...yeah...

[Minke nods, and the two apparate in front of Java's green room door. The 'ress nods and taps in a small code on a pad to the side, then opens the door, walks in...and stops, blocking the anthro's way.]

Minke: *Java?* [looks over her shoulder]

[The room is slightly the worse for wear. Erinys and See seem to be cleaning up, and Pyra is tied to a chair, struggling wildly, trying to talk around her gag.]

Java: [teardrops] Oh User.

Erinys: Huh?...Oh, hi Java. Pyra sorta...

See: [annoyed] Went completely crazy and nearly tore the place down. What the hell did you give her?!

[Java blinks, stepping forward a bit so Minke can enter, then toddles over to Pyra and carefully pulls the gag off.] Py?

Pyra: [grinning] Yes?

Java: Did you take the khajiti I got you?

Pyra: Yup!

Java: ...You did dilute it like it said, riiiight?

Pyra: Said where? I took a normal dose.

[Java teardrops again.] That was really concentrated...and thus a normal dose which would just get you all alert and stuffies gave you a SuGaR HiGH...[She turns to her characters.] Uhm...You guys do that...Untie her when she falls asleep, the moon-sugar should wear off soon...

[She whuips back, nicely pulling Minke over into her own room, and closing the door after her.]

Minke: *Will Pyra be alright?*

Java: If she didn't hurt herself, of course! [She pulls up a candle and begins lighting a few around the perimeter, with the normal lights still off. Finishing this, she plops on the bed and taps the side next to her.] Talk, Pika. How are ya? And...What's going on?

From: "Minke"
Date: Nov 14, 2000

[Minke tilts her head at Java as she goes over to sit down. The bed creaks, and she does a little teardropping of her own...] *Well, Sai's back in the greenroom, I've been accepted as part of Voodoo's 'family', and I'm his personal bodyguard... Everything is doing fine I suppose...*

Java: What's bothering you? Hey, polymorphs can tell. If it's about Pyra, really, she'll be fine. Too much SuGaR can be a dangerous thing.

[Minke pseudo-grins at her but answers] *No, it's not that... I'm not so sure if I can speak of it so openly to one outside of his greenroom...but Voodoo is being incredibly secretive, and I know it's something serious. I just don't want to invade his thoughts to find out what... I wish he'd be honest and tell me...*

Java: Let me guess, it has something to do about his and Jay-chan's upcoming match. [starts] You don't think he's planning to kill my Jay-chan, do you??

Minke *Don't worry, Java. I have a sense that it's not that at all... It's like when one knows the end is near, and there's this acceptance one has of his fate...*

Java: Well Voodoo's not one to forfeit. But...maybe he's preparing a little insurance. A new weapon maybe.

Minke *I just wish he'd tell me... He shouldn't fear my reaction...*

[The two sit in silence for a moment, Java trying to think of what Voodoo might be cooking up, Minke worrying over secrets]

Minke *Never mind... It will reveal itself in time. It's just the waiting...* [looks down at Java] *I'd rather know how -you're- doing lately... After what he did, I was afraid you'd be killed. I'm glad to see you're up and about so soon...*

Java: Well, I've got Fury Squad looking out for me, and Jay-chan too. Apparently Voodoo's fine with forming an alliance with me too, so maybe this will end some conflict.

Minke *I know that Mr. Winger isn't going to like this. The MDM thrives off of violence...not unity and peace. Well, it is good to see that thigs are getting less dangerous and tense around here... About a question you'd asked, what exactly do you mean by 'what's going on'? Your query implies there -is- something going on...*

From: "Team Winger"
Date: Nov 14, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Justice and Dirk are asleep at the card table. They both look to be in various states of sobriety while doing this. Justice is leaning back in his chair, feet propped up on the table, amidst a few empty beer bottles. Dirk is slumped on the table, head buried in his arms, one fist still clenched around a bottleneck.

[Lean is seated on a couch with Tri. The Wolf is drifting off, and Tri's already curled up next to him, sleeping herself. Her head is on his shoulder.

[Only DaVinci is awake, tooling around in the Arena dBase. He's monitoring the evacuation, worried at Jay's edict, and more worried that Jay hasn't coming out of his office for a while. But he knows better than to bother his Author, so he just continues with his hackwork.

[DaVinci jerks a bit as the relative silence is shattered by the ringing of a comm. There's some murmurring from the couch as the two viruses are roused a bit from their slumber. Justice blinks groggily and kicks at a beer bottle, knocking it into Dirk's head.]

Justice: [mostly asleep] Dirk, answer the comm.

[Dirk mumbles and lifts his head, gesturing groggily with the bottle in his hand.]

Dirk: [mostly asleep] Sil, answer the comm.

DaVinci: Dirk, Nat -- go back to sleep.

[With a drunken mumble, they do so. DaVinci opens another vidwindow on his computer and answers the comm.]

DaVinci: Arena...DaVinci speaking.

Nada: D? What's up? I noticed there was something up there...

DaVinci: Yeah. Jay thinks his match with Voodoo is gonna get ugly, so he had the place evacuated...why do you ask?

Nada: [sighs] The kids won't go to sleep until they see the match. Neither will the twins, but they're old enough. Zilch and I can seem to get them to go to sleep.

DaVinci: Try having Niente tell them. She has more of a rapport with them...

Nada: Really?

DaVinci: Yeah, you didn't know? Zilch may be the oldest, but they listen to Niente a lot more than they do him.

Nada: All's everyone else?

DaVinci: Well, Nat, Dirk, and Lean are still all here. They're all dozing off...and Tri came by to visit Lean. She seems to be dozing off too...

Nada: [sighs] Well, I hope this match happens soon. I have a very bad feeling, D. The sooner this match gets by, the better I'll feel.

DaVinci: Me too, Nad`. Catch you on the flip side.

[Off comm, on Nada's end, Naught is heard: "That's my line!" (whack!) "Ow! Niente..." (whack!) "Ow!"]

Nada: [giggles] Right. See ya, D.

[The comm is switched off, and DaVinci goes back to his hackwork.]

{Place - Java's Greenroom, Java's Personal Room}

[Java is speaking with Minke, but neither are aware of a form in the corner, hiding itself with viral powers, hiding its mind with Authoric mental powers. It does this to avoid sighting by the 'ress and CReaTuRe, and to avoid mental detection by Minke, whom it knows can sense such things.

[Jay -- who had fallen asleep back in his office and morphed into Puck W!ld -- folds his arms as he eavesdrops.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Nov 15, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room, Personal Room}

Java: Going on? I dunno...s'just everything's getting confusing to me, and Voodoo...he's acting weird, and weird to me, and all. And he scares me, with all that's happened and all...

Minke: *That's understandable.*

Java: [frowns slightly] He let me off there...And it's the whole Rivalry, and my Jay-chan, my si'jusqua - [sees blank look] it's se'Macik, don't worry...I just can't see where all of this is going, and it frightens me a bit. Oh, I know all about Chaos 'n' all, but still...And Jay is being strange even.

Minke: *I've observed some differences...What have you seen?*

Java: Oh, before my match, he was okee and all, but he seemed just a bit off. And he said something about the match, not havin' Puck kill Voodoo or anything. First off, I'd like to know, is who's Puck? I've heard it before - no, Seraphiness, I'm not confusing it with Jay-chan's speeches and all - but I can't remember. And second off, what's going on with the match?! I mean...yeesh. It's all weird.

[Java stands and paces slightly looking around in the candle light. The colors of the lit candles themselves are varied, some paired with each other - many magenta, a few black, a turquoise next to a grey-blue, a purple with an orange, a deep blue with a silver, and a few other in the rainbow. She takes a white one and looks into the flame for a moment.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Nov 14, 2000

[Voodoo sits quitely in his chair, his thoughts focused on more then one man dare should think about. Life,Death there is nothing other then that. Some would say there is, but he knows the truth, and so does the being that he cares most for.]

[Outside the protective confines of his Green Room the MDSF has cleared out the Arena. As order by Winger, As the last guard exits the Arena floor large steel blast doors slide over the exits. The power in the Arena is dimmed to power saving levels. The Automated Cameras activate and move into position. And lastly the Arena is lit and ready for the combatents.]

[The ring is not free for long, a silver/blue cyclone appears and soon fades leaving Voodoo standing alone. He opens his eyes, green energy flows from them.]

Voodoo: Winger!

[There is no reply]


[A green "Flame" appears around Voodoo, his body radiates energy not seen by this Author. He is nether viral, nor Magical, he has asended to a plain that most mortals believe is "God Like", he is power. The sheilds around the Green Room activate, protecting it's occupents.]

[Voodoo's cape flaps hard in the wind knocked up by the power that emits from him. But he remained motionless, but his mind is not calm, knowing that the battle lines are drawn, and he knows of his fate. So he sends one last message to his bodyguard, with a message that will only be understood in time.]

Voodoo: *Victory through death*

[And now he awaits Jay arrival.]

From: "Jay & Puck"
Date: Nov 14, 2000

{Place - Java's Greenroom, Java's Personal Room}

[The hidden form in the corner looks up as it senses a build-up of energy, and then it 'hears' Voodoo. A feral smile comes to the face of the hidden form, and then it disapparates with a slight popping sound, which is heard by both Minke and Java.]

{Place - Arena}

[No bothering for an entrance theme this time. There's no one here to watch it. But energy seems to flow out of the air and collect into a form in front of Voodoo. It appears to be Jay...yup, it's him.]

Jay: So...finally ready to face your curtain call, Vood? I hope your ready...because...

[Suddenly, Jay doubles over for a moment, and his form glows, energy crackling around him. He seems to get slightly bigger, more muscular, as his skin turns a metallic gray. He looks up, red-on-black viral eyes staring back at Voodoo as he stands back up, grinning.]

Puck: ...I am.

From: "Minke"
Date: Nov 15, 2000

[Java places the candle back down, completing the circle once more and turning back to Minke] Will you be staying, Seraph?

Minke *Voodoo advised me to stay out of the arena during his match with Mr. Winger, so...*

Java: Why? Because it's going to get dangerous in there, right? You could get hurt.

[Minke looks uncomfortable] *Mainly because of what I'd do to Jay after he'd hurt Voodoo...if hurt is the word.*

[Java blinks at that hostile comment coming from mild Seraph] You mean Voodoo is going to throw the fight? He's going to lose?

Minke *No...he's going to a sense...*

Java: In a sense? You either lose or you don't-

[They both hear a popping sound as the unseen W!ld leaves the room and heads for the arena. Both seem unsettled by the uninvited unexplained sound]

Java: What do you suppose that was?

Minke *I believe that was the Puck W!ld that you were speaking of, paying us a secretive visit...*

Java: You just let him listen in?

Minke *Oh, I didn't know he was there until he left. Since it was an author I detected, and since Winger is above evesdropping, I'm assuming it was Puck...*

[Mumbling is heard from outside the door. Minke stands up, then receiving a message from Voodoo, and gets a pained expression in her eyes] *Voodoo is ready... The match will begin soon, Java, so let us head out into the other room to wait and watch. Don't worry about Voodoo, he perhaps just wanted to make amends before-*

[A crash is heard outside, as well as Pyra yelling]

[Java teardrops in embarrasment] Like I said, SuGaR HiGh. will be hanging around?

Minke *So long as I'm not needed elsewhere...*

[Java grabs her snuffer and begins putting out the candles]

Minke *I don't suppose you could teach me that language you were speaking?*

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Nov 16, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room, Main area}

Pyra: [wiggles her feet as she lies on the floor, chair having been pushed down] Let me GO! Pleeeeease??

Erinys: Py, look. Java told me not to 'til you fall asleep. You hear?

Pyra: Oh, c'mon. She'll be okay with it.

See: I won't.

Pyra: Go to hell, See. [to Erinys] Pleeeease?

See: Will you stop?! I'm tired, we're all tired, couldn't you just-

[He stops, because he notices Py's eyes have drooped down.] Py?

Pyra: [yawn]'re right...

[Her body relaxes suddenly, and her head falls back slowly, asleep.]

See: ...

Erinys: I guess she used up all her strength. Help me get her up and out, alright?

[See nods, and the two begin untying the Khatran. Java's door opens, Minke following the Authoress, who is walking backwards carefully, jabbering to the anthro.]

Java: the noun precedes the subject, in written they're connected by an apostrophe, so ei'maih polih -- ei is the conjugation of "to be", maih is me or I, and polih is poly, a polymorph. I'm a polymorph. And amorei'maih Jay [blushes slightly], that's another example.There's usually no articles unless they're needed -- She's asleep?

Erinys: Yeah...[notices Minke] Hi CRe. [He carefully picks her up, with a little help from See.] I'll put her on your bed, alright?

Java: Z'okee. See-pika, get the monitors up! It's starting!

[See does so, with a few glances at Minke in slight disbelief. Java turns.] D'you want a stool or something, or couldja sit on the couch with me?

Minke: *Will it hold me?*

Java: Oh, sure. It's a good couch, aren'cha?

[Minke looks at Java a moment questioningly, then sits on the low-backed sofa, her wings fallong over the back. Java squees quietly and sits next to her. She frowns a bit at Minke's gloom.] You going to be alright? You're thinking 'bout Voodoo?

Minke: *Yes.*

Java: You care about him. And Java cares about her Jay-chan, and about Seraph's Voodoo, so she hopes and prays to Oosi all will work out. Alright?

[She nudges her Angel, trying to give her a feeling of hope and optimism. Minke doesn't respond, as the Vid turns on and Erinys and See return, but her thoughts are less cheerful.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Nov 28, 2000

Jeff: This is less then a pleasent job.

Jenny: So we aren't slagg'in someone, get over it. I for one am having fun.

Jeff: We should be in there.

Jenny: Doing what?

Jeff: I don't know.. but something has to be better then this.

[The two Hybrids stood in the mass of thousands outside the protective confines of the Metaverse Deathmatch! Stadium. As having the stadium emptied they stood below the massive screens that had been erected outside for those to watch the match. But they were not drinking and cheering, they were doing something not accostume to their perticular traits. They were signing autographs.]

Teen Fan #1: Can you make it out to Samantha?

[Jeff simply nodded and quickly penned his name on the "Action" posed photo that the MDM had taken. She giggled and troted off. The guy behind her stepped forward.]

Jeff: Dax was never like that was she?

Jenny: Not as I remember no.

Jeff: Good... thank god for that one.

Jenny: God?

Jeff: You know what I mean..

MDM Fan 2: Whoa! They really do fight all the time..

[The two elder Hybrids beamed a look to the fan and he quickly took his photos and left. This gave the couple to look over a Dax, who had the biggest grouping of fans (mostly men), they could hardly see her.]

Dax: Please guys relax.. i'll get to all of ya.

[There wasn't any pounting, but almost a full on riot to get a pic of Dax, and to see her up close.]

Dax Fan 1: Dax?

[Dax turned her attention towards the young girl, couldn't have been more then 11.]

Dax: Hey.. what can I do for ya?

Fan: Sign my picture?

Dax: Sure..

[Dax took the picture and began to sign it.]

Mother of fan: I just want you to know that the action you set forth on young is not one that many mothers approve of Ms. Lockheart.

Dax: Yet, it doesn't stop them from making a hissy-fit about it and living through their child. [Dax hands the picture to the young girl] So ma'am, any more bitching? Or you going to let the people behind you come up.

[She left with a "humph" and Dax shook her head with a girn.]

Jenny: See, she a perfectly grown woman.

Jeff: Oh yeah, just love the social skills.

From: "Tri Cyanopia"
Date: Nov 30, 2000

{Place: Jay's Green Room}

[Tri goes back to sleep after the comm's ringing, not before momentarily considering slamming it into the opposite wall. Her thoughts in this state wander, and in her dreaming she unconsiously accesses her connection with the Writer, the being from which both she and Java derived their authoric power as Author Twins. Visually she stands in a pure white room.]


[Tri blinks in the dream, then smiles.] I know....I've asked Java to bring you here, but she's sorta been busy.

[Aarys apparates herself in front of Tri. Her features are middle-eastern, with viral-green eyes and a veritable mane of tawny hair flowing onto her white dress. She smirks.]

Tri: Don't start.

Aarys: *I'm not going to be a Lwaxana, Tri.*

Tri: You keep caling me Little One.

Aarys: *Tib'enih.*

Tri: And you're using telepathy and wearing that dress.

Aarys: *I....[sighs] I was going to comment on your taste, but you're commenting on mine instead.*

Tri: In more ways than one.

Aarys: *Please don't start on Draco.*

Tri: I've said it all before.

Aarys: *I know. I wanted this to be quick-you're about to wake up, I should tell you. I want to see the MDM tomorrow, alright?*

Tri: Gotcha, Meme.

[The dream dissapears instantly, and she awakens, eyes still closed, but hearing a bit of a commoton in the room.]

From: "Team Winger"
Date: Dec 4, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Justice, Dirk, and DaVinci are all gathered around the monitor, watching as Jay enters the ring in front of Voodoo. Lean stirs from his light slumber and is noticed by DaVinci.]

DaVinci: `Bout time you woke up. It's starting!

Lean: What?

[Lean nudges Tri beside him, rousting her from her slumber just as Tri finishes her mental conversation with Aarys. She blinks and sits up.]

Lean: Come on, the match is about to start.

[They get up and move to chairs in front of the monitor.]

Lean: I hope Jay goes easy on him.

From: "Jay & Voodoo"
Date: Dec 5, 2000

[The stadium is quiet as the two stand motionless. One, a man of unknown power. The other a man with powers beyond the unknown. The question -- who is which?]

Puck: This is what it comes down to...

Voodoo: No pity...No mercy...No regret...

[The words of the combatants are muddled and the two appear in a block state as their attacks met, one didn't even see them move. They stay this way, no words or any phyicals signs of struggle between the two. There is a silent agreement and the two jump back from the other.]

Voodoo: I am more human than human....

[A blast of energy streaks towards the viral author, which is easily avoided by Puck. He sails into the air, but Voodoo is less then impressed.]

Voodoo: Get down here!

[Voodoo strikes his arm out, the guantlets react as an energy chain forms and sails towards Puck with blazing speed. Puck avoids and pivots, trying to stay one step ahead of the stange weapon. He strikes the chain, sending it away only to fall victim to the second energy ball. This does not phase the Viral Author a bit.]

Puck: Cheap...

Voodoo: But effective.

[Voodooo attempts to form another blast but the more experienced author hits him first with a beam of his own, sending the black clad one a acrossed the ring into the ropes. Voodoo slowly stands, only to avoid a second blast which blows apart that section of the ring. As Puck looks at Voodoo he can see a hole in the thick black shirt Voodoo wears.]

Puck: Where's your high and mighty technolgy now, Voods?

Voodoo: Coming at you live and in person!

[Two chains fly from his arms towards Puck. He evades and dodges, but they catch up to him and wrap around his legs. Puck is pulled down hard into the mat. As the chains return he rebounds and sends a powerful ball of viral energy towards Voodoo, it hits. Voodoo stands tall, the greenish shield around him fades and Puck is surprised.]

Voodoo: Bios is an energy asorber, learn the code, develop the technolgy.

[Puck charges, energy forming in his fist. Voodoo takes a stance, the energy blades from Java's match appear and the block the downward attack of Puck. As the force of the blow subsides Voodoo attacks, the blade missing Puck's cheek by inches, but his waist isn't as lucky and the first mortal blow is struck. Puck stumbles back and checks his wound, it is slight but not without some pain.]

Voodoo: One, One.

[They return to a stance, which is again broken as the two engage in blow after blow of powerful physical combat.]

[Meanwhile, in Jay's Green Room]

Justice: Those two are going to kill one another.

Dirk: Thats what the plan was.. Money is on Jay this time.

DaVinci: Wouldn't do that, Dirk.

Dirk: How's come?

DaVinci: That ain't the same Voodoo that we saw on Night Two.

Dirk: Mine explaining, 'o great hacker god?

DaVinci: Every author that enters the MDM is subject to a blood test and their DNA is logged -- just in case they have any unusal strains that the medics need to know about. Although there is a few exeptions, Java would be one...

Lean: When isn't she? [Tri hisses lowly, warningly, but her eyes are still on the vid.]

DaVinci: To be blunt, Voodoo's body doesn't have the gentic code of an viral infection or manipulation.

Dirk: Point?

DaVinci: That either isn't Voodoo, or he has found a way for normal human to have powers of unknown identifcation. So don't go betting big.

[Back in the ring, Puck moves in a blur at Voodoo. The speed of the Viral Author surprises Voodoo, who blocks the incoming machine-gun punches with his forearms. Puck's mocking laughter rolls over him, and abruptly, Puck steps back and cocks back his left fist and extends his right hand forward (swordless Hiratsuki Gatotsu technique from "Rouroni Kenshin"). He holds this pose for a half second before charging in and pumping his fist forward. Voodoo has enough sense to know to get out of the way, but that's when Puck's knee comes around and nails him in the stomach. Voodoo grunts as air shoots out of his lungs. Puck capitalizes by grabbing Voodoo around the waist, hoisting him up and in the air (Puck lifting off the mat as he does so), then powerbombing him back on the mat.]

Puck: Hmph. Weakling.

[He kicks Voodoo, causing the Black Clad Author to roll across the ring. Voodoo slowly gets to his hands and knees, one arm clutching his stomach where he was hit.]

Puck: You shouldn't have told me what your tech does, Voods. So you can cancel out my energy attacks. That's fine. We'll fight with our bare hands. But, Voods... [leans down, taunting] you're nowhere near my league.

[Voodoo snarls and comes up from the mat with a jab to the wound on Puck's waist. Puck grunts, his eyes rolling back in his head a bit as he clutches at the wound. Persistent, Voodoo jabs several more times before Puck staggers back. The scene briefly mirrors the Megabyte/Matrix fight, where Matrix did the same to the trident wound on MB's stomach. Puck steps back from Voodoo as he gets to his feet, glancing at his wound and at some of his blood from the wound. He looks back up.]

Puck: Ouch.

Voodoo: All the strength in the world can't save you from a person who's thought out his strategy.

Puck: Well, then, strategize against this.

[Puck hovers off the mat again, eyes glowing. The Arena rumbles, and then seats explode along three converging lines that come in from the outer edge of the Arena. The lines appear to be converging on Voodoo. Voodoo looks around at this, then dashes forward and dives to the mat as the invisible force lines converge, causing a large explosion where he was just standing. Puck leers and dives at Voodoo with a massive jab toward his nose.

[Voodoo counters by bringing up both fists and slamming them together at Puck's wrist, stopping the punch. Puck grunts, then gives a shout of pain as Voodoo presses in, then shoots out his energy chains, which wrap around the wrist. With a smirk, Voodoo drops his fists and snaps them down to his sides, causing the chains to snap taut, nearly breaking Puck's wrist. He pivots and swings, and the stunned Puck is swung along with the chains, colliding against the ring post, then the mat as Voodoo swings him up and over.]

Puck: [curses in se'Macik]

Voodoo: I get that a lot.

[Voodoo walks in a circle around Puck, who gets to his feet. Puck grabs the chains with his hand, then assumes the Hiratsuki Gatotsu stance again, holding the chain with his right hand. Voodoo blinks, then jerks as Puck yanks with one hand while charging forward with his left to punch. The Black Clad Author quickly retrieves the chains and ducks and rolls under Puck's attack. Puck pivots and slides to a halt on his feet, fists glowing.]

Puck: Absorb this!

[He roars and starts pistoning his hands, firing bolt after bolt of viral energy toward Voodoo, who dodges what he can while his shields absorb the rest. Finally, he dodges to the side and fires his chains at Puck again. The Viral Author leaps in the air, flipping and descends toward Voodoo, who dodges away as Puck's fist smashes through the ring. But as Voodoo starts to turn back to face Puck again, the Viral Author shoots a force line at him, which explodes beneath Voodoo and knocks him in the air. Puck launches up, landing a kick to Voodoo's midsection that knocks him down into the stands, where seats explode out from his point of impact. Voodoo grunts as he gets back up.]

Voodoo: Cheap.

Puck: [smirking] But effective. [hovers in the air] Like that kick? I learned it at the Saotome School of Indiscriminate Grappling.

[Voodoo gets to his feet and slowly moves back toward the ring as Puck keeps his distance, the two sizing each other up for their next moves. Puck takes the offensive, and strikes quickly. Almost too fast, but Voodoo reacts faster then Puck thought, and is gone from sight. Puck looks around, the stadium is bare. Did Voodoo teleport away from the battle? No, he would have sensed the power flow. Voodoo was hiding, and masking his energy flow. The human was more clever then Puck thought.]

Puck: Come out coward!

[Puck fires blindly around the arena, attempting to do some kinda of damage to Voodoo if he hits him. But the seats take most of the blast. But then, a tingle on the back of his neck, followed by a big tug. He looks up, as ball of green energy smacks him hard, knocking him across the arena and into the Metatron screen. He yells as he bursts out of the screen, energy flowing freely, and his eyes narrow on Voodoo, least what he thinks is Voodoo.

[There is a distortion in the stands, like the stands are moving, but it soon slides away as Voodoo's form appears from the distortion.]

Voodoo: Thermoptic camo... gotta love it.

[Puck, now angered by Voodoo's cockiness, bolts towards Voodoo, and Voodoo towards him, their forms clash in the air, sparks of energy fly off as Voodoo's blades are unleashed from the gauntlets and slash at Puck, who falls back. The first strike lands not on Puck, but through a strut of the tower where Johnny and Nick once sat. Again and again the blades miss and the tower falls to the floor. The two dart away, but Puck is able to sneak off a quick blast which hits Voodoo, in all the places, in the gauntlet.

[It sputters and fizzles and the protective green sheild that once protected him falls away, and it is followed with a blast from Puck, knocking the Author out of the air and onto the mat. Voodoo wince in pain as his body refuses to move. His clothes torn and bunt, his upper body exposed, his right hand is burnt and it's leather covering gone. He moans as he pushes himself up to his knees. He scans the room over for Puck, pushing his long hair our his green eyes with his right hand, his right taloned hand.]

Voodoo: [breathing hard] Come on...we ain't done yet...

Puck: Oh...but you are Voods.

[Voodoo looks up to see Puck floating above him, a sharpen piece of the tower in his hand, readied like a spear. Before Voodoo can react, it is slammed down into his right thigh, pinning him to the mat in a scream of pain. He screams with the pain of ages, his hands grip the mat as he tries to pull himself away, but the bone only shatters more.

[Puck slowly floats himself higher into the air, a faint smile on his face.]

Puck: I wish I could have that sound to lull me to sleep at night. My, my, Voodoo, so strong, but yet all of his mighty technology could not prevent him from being pinned by a sharp peice of metal. My, how ironic. [chuckles] This is going to be great, to do the one thing Winger could never do, DESTORY VOODOO!

[Voodoo despetly tries to pull the metal from his leg, but between the pain, and the slick warm feeling of own blood he has no traction. Puck powers up, a large energy ball forming overhead. His laugh ringing out.]

Puck: This will be grand! To see you and your entire team shatterd with one blow! My, won't they be grieving, right before they fade from life. And that CReaTuRe... my, how will she react knowing she protected a weakling like you!

[Puck's attack is ready, he grins, then laugh as he sends all of his power down at Voodoo. Voodoo raises his talon hand, his arm outstreached, send a beam towards the ball. Its descent is slowed, but Voodoo is weak, his braces his arm with his left hand. Only when death is overhead does he notice the blinking light on his undamaged gauntlet. The ball inches closer, and his beam soon fades, death comes crashing down, and the arena is filled with light, and all is quiet as the blast rocks through the arena.

[As the blast subsides, Puck, now looking like Jay, lays in the large creator that was once the floor of the MDM stadium. The seats are but few standing, the blast doors pushed out. The lights flicker, the cameras gone. All that is left, is Jay Winger. All that's left besides him is the torn and tattered peice of cloth that was Voodoo's cape.

[The blast doors open and with the EMTs and, surprsingly, Minke. The medics tend to Jay, who is out cold, no viasble sights of life, but he lives indeed. Minke franticly knocks chairs and post out of the way looking for Voodoo.]

Minke: *Voodoo! Voodoo, answer me...*

[Her pleas seem to go unheard as she settles on her knees, infront of the torn cloth. She picks it up between her talon hands, her face deeply saddened. Sai and Zaria have been teleported down to her thanks to Ki'ace. The two remain silent as they watch their friend hold the cloth tight in her hands.

[Outside in the MDM parking lot: One of the screens comes on and shows the destruction inside. Johnny Gomez nods his head and turns towards the crowd and to the cameras.]

Johnny: Metaverse DeathMatch fans, it is my sad duty to report that the Author known to us as Voodoo... has been killed in his challange of the Author Jay Winger. It is believed that his body has been utterly destoryed and nothing remains. This is indeed a sad sight to behold. Although this is a DeathMatch, one can not but help feel saddened by this loss, and the soon loss of his creations. This is Johnny Gomez saying...Good fight...Good Night.

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Dec 5, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}

[After the noise, silence.]

[Eyes wide open. No blinks-no words-no sounds except for the breathing. Standing up after her new friend had left, gazing at the black monitor.]

[Nothing from her characters. They know better than to interrupt.]


[She finally moves, forward, an inch. Her voice is breaking.] Jay-chan.... Voodoo-san...

[This does make the chars start slightly, the "friend" suffix attached to his name?. But not enought to be noticed.]

[Her shock breaks. The Authoress cries out, falling down, weeping, words rushing out in ta'Oosi, whether curses or prayer no one can tell. Erinys comes forward, alone, picking her up and holding her a moment. Pyra follows, then See.]

Erinys: I'm sorry, Jav...

[He tries to wipe her eyes with his sleeve. Pyra holds Java from her back, nudging her shoulder, trying to comfort. See pulls away suddenly, walking to a bookcase. He comes back with a Book, offering it to Java wordlessly.]

Java: Is that the...

[See nods. She gently extricates herself from the two guardians and takes the Book into her hands. She smiles wanly, still crying, and slips into her room, blindly lighting a few candles. Placing the Book on the bed, Java picks a few small objects out of the bureau and sticks then in her pocket. Her small preparation finished, she picks her snufter up, but pauses.]

[Magenta and Black. Only those two colors.]

[She shakes her head, despair in her eyes, and touching a finger onto her cheek, extinguishes both candles. Then, she picks the Book up and links.]

{Place: Jay's Green Room}

[Perhaps the residents of the room were startled by the matter suddenly pouring itself into the room, but the second magenta can be seen, any fear of attack is quelled. When she fully apparates, her reddened eyes are on Lean and Tri.]

Java: Where's Jay?

From: "Team Winger"
Date: Dec 5, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[At the battle's climax, as Puck W!ld forms his death ball overhead and shouts his final taunt at the helpless Voodoo, all of Jay's characters, and Tri, as well, start in surprise.]

Dirk: ...Is it just me, or did he just refer to himself in the third person?

[Then the screen fills with white as the death ball connects, leaving a smoking crater, where an unconscious Jay lies on his back, no sign of Voodoo, save the cape.

[Silence descends. They don't even hear Johnny Gomez's end to the broadcast. Numb, DaVinci switches off the broadcast.]

Justice: [sums it all up--] Dear God Almighty.

Lean: [stunned] Wh-what just happened?

Dirk: Voodoo's gone.

[They're all too stunned to say anything. A few minutes later, EMTs enter carrying Jay's unconscious body. DaVinci and Justice both get up to go and check on him. Jay shows few outward signs of the injuries he sustained in the match, though the stab wound in his stomach bleeds. They carry him into his office, DaVinci following. While this is happening, speech:]

DaVinci: How is he?

EMT #1: He hasn't regained consciousness, and we're trying to stop the bleeding from that wound.

EMT #2: What the hell happened out there?

DaVinci: A war. I just hope we don't have another casualty. [to Justice] Nat, contact the techs and have them make sure to check on Voodoo's characters. Have them do whatever's necessary to make sure they're okay.

Justice: What about the damage to the Arena?

DaVinci: That's minor next to this catastrophe. We could lose an entire family and two series.

[Justice nods and goes to the main comm while DaVinci leaves with the EMTs and Jay's body into his office. A moment or so later, Java shows up, asking where Jay is.]

Lean: [next to Tri] He's in his office, being checked by EMTs and DaVinci...

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Dec 5, 2000

{Place: Jay's Green Room, Main Room.}

[Java nods, then slowly paces towards the door. Tri stops her, just for a moment, whispering in ta'Oosi so to be private. Java nods once, then hugs her Twin and enters the office. Tri goes back to Lean, shaking her head.]

Tri: DaVinci's dreaming.

Lean: [turns] What?

Tri: He won't be able to save those characters if Voodoo's dead There's nothing to hold them. He should know that.

Lean: That never stopped him before.

[Tri shrugs, moving next to him, watching the events.]

{Place: Jay's Green Room, Jay's office}

[Various medical equipment is being set up. The Authoress manages to enter unnoticed, clinging to the wall. One of the EMT's notices her and rushes over, obviously trying to throw her out.] Miss Trinomial, Mr. Winger is-

[He pauses then, as he notices a thin dagger suddenly drawn and pointed at him. The other techs and D see too. Java speaks waveringly, near a breakdown.] Do you still have a problem?

[Tech shakes his head. Java puts the weapon back, then looks to DaVinci and paces over.]

Java: Will he be alright? [looks down] I'll watch over him, when they finish...[looks back, crying again] Well? How is he?

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 5, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[DaVinci directs the EMTs to set up their equipment in various places as they secure bandages over Jay's wound, while various wires and the like are connected to him to monitor his condition. Java walks in, gets spotted, and is allowed to stay (after she pulls a knife on one of the EMTs, but that's beside the point). DaVinci looks at her.]

DaVinci: He'll be fine, Java. We're not sure what's wrong with him, though. It's not blood loss, because despite the seriousness of that stab, he wasn't bleeding all that much.

EMT #1: We're attributing that to Mr. Winger's unusual nature. He's always appeared to be a fast healer.

DaVinci: But we can't seem to get him to wake up. He's alive and not in danger of dying...but he won't wake up.

[DaVinci checks the EMTs' setup, nods, and they leave quietly. DaVinci sighs and looks at Java.]

DaVinci: I'm not sure what to make of what just happened...I'm convinced that wasn't Jay who was fighting Voodoo, but I don't know how else to explain it.

[He glances at his Author, then back at Java.]

DaVinci: With Jay out, I'm in charge of the Team until then, and I have discretionary privileges while he's incapacitated...guess that leaves me in charge of MDM...

[He starts out of the room, then stops and pats her gently on the shoulder.]

DaVinci: I trust you. You can stay here.

[He quietly leaves.]

From: "Team Voodoo"
Date: Dec 5, 2000

[There is nothing but silence in the Green Room of Team Voodoo. All but one are gatherd in the main room, scatterd about the area. Jenny and Jeff in the love seat, Jenny laid back her eyes closed and a mornful cry down her cheek. Jeff leaning foward, arms resting on his knees. Dax sits at her chair at the computer console, her to look less effected but she hurts within as with the others. Crix isn't present, in his room mornful they believe. The Dreckards are giving silent prayer of their own.]

[The Zeds give no verbal or telaphathic communication, nor does anyone hear from the member who must be hurting the most, she is locked away in her section of the room with Sai and Zaria. No one wishes the disturb her, there is no need, they know how she feels.]

[Bios slides off the arm of the couch and walks slowly into the middle of the room.]

Bios: It seems unreal doesn't it? I mean..

[She too for once is in lost of words. Who can say something that isn't already clear? Not her, no one. She slowly returns to the couch and sits next to Ki'ace. There is a knock on the door, and Jeff looks up at it. There is no motion from anyone, she he answers the door. The large metal door opens with a hiss, and to much his surprise, stands Stacy Cornbread]

Stacy: Um.. I was sent by the officals. They wanted to say they were sorry for your...

[She too is choked up, she has seen many deaths, but one of an Author is effecting the who stadium harder then the death of a fighter. She simply hands the flowers over to him and leaves. Jeff looks back to the team, they know it's only a matter of time till they fade from this world, and nothing can save them from that.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Dec 6, 2000

{Place: Jay's Green Room, Jay's Office}

[The room is quieter now, not even interrupted by beeping or any kind of mechanical sounds -- supposedly the EMT's had the kindness to shut the sound off. Java turns, hitting the light switch, temporarily blackening the room, but a small votive candle returns illumination. She places it on a table next to the bed.]

[A chair, too. She drags one over and sits next to him.]

"No one has words anymore, do they?"

[She looks over his wounds. No anger, only a great, despairing sadness.]

"I should tell you I'm returning the favor. You watched me 'til I woke. I do the same."

[Her voice breaks, and she touches his forehead, tears already reforming in her eyes.]

"Please wake up soon, Jay-chan. I can't do anything for Voodoo-san except pray and hope. You're still alive to the world. Please....please return to me."

[She wipes her eyes with her hand, then takes Jay's hand and begins her vigil.]

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 7, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[DaVinci sits at a desk, his computer open, as he coordinates things. Justice has sent Dirk home via the Grizzly, and Lean still hangs around with Tri.]

DaVinci: [to one vidwindow] Contact the PO of the System and see if you can get the structural plans for the Stadium. [to another] Get the techs to start repairing the Metatron, since we can't simply reload the hardware-code like with the rest of the Arena.

Justice: D, what're you doin?

DaVinci: [after closing the vids] Jay controls this System, since he had it created to house the MDM. The Stadium is the most important part of the System, and therefore there are copies of the Stadium's code stored in the PO, as well as in Jay's personal dBase. Since it's impossible for anyone BUT Jay to access that dBase, I have to go by the PO's copy.

Lean: Why can't you access Jay's?

DaVinci: It's coded so that only an Author can access it, but then he's also put a coding-lock on it for some bizarre reason -- I guess because his Metaverse coding is different from anyone else's, like DNA.

Justice: So once you get this copy from the PO, you just upload it and everything's fixed?

DaVinci: Well, not everything. The Metatron was constructed separately, and the code for that is locked in Jay's dBase, so we have to go by blueprints and rebuild it.

Lean: Wait -- so if we can put the Stadium back to normal before all the damage by using a stored backup copy of the code, and you can bring a deceased person back like me, why can't we do the same for ... Voodoo?

DaVinci: [sighs] `Cuz it's different for Authors. You can't just reload their code. You have to have permission from the Author in question and it's a great deal more complicated. We were able to set up a way to save Java, in case she were killed by Voodoo in their match, but we have absolutely no way to do the same for him since he doesn't trust Jay or us.

Justice: Hmm.

DaVinci: Now, please, save the questions. I have a lot of work to do.

From: "Minke"
Date: Dec 7, 2000

[Minke is lying on her futon, as she had been doing since she'd managed to lift herself up from the arena's now-crater grounds. Her claws are loosely hanging onto the cloth that apparently had been all that was left of Voodoo. The tears that had welled up once more an hour ago are now almost dry, but as with the passing days, the pain still remains. Never before has she felt such a sense of futility. Never had she known that one being could cause such intense painful emotions to stir up inside of her. She constantly makes wishes that she knows can not come true. Voodoo is gone, his life signs no longer being sensed by her, and there is nothing that can bring him back. In some way, she feels that she has failed him as a guardian, though the more logical side would have told her that it is not her fault in any way; he chose his fate. Still, that side is not the dominant mentality now, and slowly, her acheing, burning eyes begin to fill with tears again.]

[Sai and Zaria have not yet returned from Yarom after Minke had collapsed on the bed yesterday after the match, thinking she would need some time alone in this familiar place. They would not be entirely surprised by her still lying there if they were to come home right now.]

[Her feathers look a bit tattered, and the slight golden glow that came from her wings is now gone, giving her a far more faded and weary apprearance. If a stranger not knowing of the recent events were to come in and find her this way, they would perhaps at first mistake her for dead.]

[Minke's head slowly moves to one side to stare around the room blankly. She blinks a few times, but it takes a few minutes for her to fully interpret her surroundings in the darkness. Finally, her mind somewhat rejoins with the reality of where she is physically, and she rises into a sitting position with much difficulty, her depression making every move a difficult physical feat.]

Minke *Why did you do this, Voodoo? Why, if you knew? Why did you leave me? Why did you leave us...?*

[The silence that follows just makes the tears flow faster, and she bows her head, cupping it in her hands -the left one still grasping the cloth- and folding her wings over her for some sort of weak attempt at comfort.]

*~*: Do you believe in fate, Minke?

[Minke leaps off the bed and spins around, eyes darting in all directions to find the face belonging to an all-too-familiar voice, well-known life signs suddenly rushing back to her in a pleasant wave, and yet a painful wave, both one and the same.] *Please...where are you?*

[After a moment of silence, Minke grabs her head and shakes it slightly] *Can it be I'm losing my mind? Perhaps just an echo of things past. It couldn't be... He...he...died...*

*~*: Minke...

[Her eyes continue to search, but they find nothing]

*~*: Minke?

[Minke's whalesong echoes eerily off the walls of the living-space in frustration and depression] *Why don't you tell me where you are!? Please...*

*~*: Calm. Be patient.

Minke *Patient...* [Tears fall from her eyes heavily] *Patient? Please...please tell me where you are... Are you alright?*

*~*: Minke...

[Minke grasps her head and claws at her skull, unable to take this mental bombarding of mourning, frustration, depression, anger and even fear overthrowing her. She finally snaps and rushes from the room and into the main area, looking frantic, eyes streaming tears.]

Minke *I heard him! I heard Voodoo. He came into my mind, calling out to me. Voodoo's alive!*

From: "Team Voodoo"
Date: Dec 7, 2000

[Minke's outburst into the main living area of the Green Room comes to a shock to those that are left in there. Jenny hears Minke's thoughts as she sends them to all present, which at the time is Jenny and Mistya. Jenny quickly stands and grabs ahold of the Anthroic being before she can smash into anything.]

Jenny: Whoa Minke.. what are you talking about?

Minke: *I heard Voodoo...*

[Jenny looks strangely at her friend, and quickly tries to find out what just happened.]

Jenny: Minke..I know you took Voodoo's death as hard as all of us..maybe harder but..

Minke: *You aren't listening to me! I heard him, felt him!*

[This time there is a little mental feedback and Jenny lets go and fights off the on coming headache. Mistya is the one to ask the question]

Mistya: Are you sure you weren't just hearing things from the past? You are a very powerful telepath, you could just have remembered something.. memories are pretty powerful at times.

[Minke shakes her head and unfolds her wings, although her face is tired, there is life returning in it.]

Minke: *This is Voodoo I heard.. I know when it's him. And not a dream.*

Jenny: That she would.. but Minke.. you can't believe that Voodoo survived that blast. If he did, why would he not be there. Or have return to us by now?

Minke: *I don't now.. he said I had to be patient... he is real..alive...*

[Jenny clearly sees the tired expresstion on Minke's face and takes her gently by the shoulder and leads her back to the room from which she came. The Anthro start to get heavy on her shoulders and Jenny stops and gently lets Minke fall onto Voodoo's bed and not her's. Jenny doesn't think she can move the fast asleep anthro. Jenny leaves quitly, wanting to talk to E.V.A. about what might be happening to Minke and is possible Sai. But as she leaves she takes a look at the clock, the time she knows must be true. Because it is only a few hours before the new Night starts.]

[As the doors close, Minke can feel that nudge in the back of her head. And her dream changes to a wheat feild, there is nothing but wheat and blue skies.]

Minke: * I here...*

*~*: Be patient...

Minke: *Where are you?*

*~*: I am close..

Minke: *When will you be back?*

*~*: Soon...

Minke: *Why aren't you here now?*

*~*: Soon.. very soon my dear.. just wait..

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