Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two

Night #5: Tournaments, Tricks, and Trouble
Part Four
From: "Jay Winger & Puck W!ld"
Date: Sept 2, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[The Author lies on a couch, eyes closed, glasses removed and set aside as he gets some rest in preparation for his match later against Voodoo. He still wears the elbow pads and fingerless gloves he'd put on earlier, and is apparently asleep.]

{Place - Unknown; Nearest Approximation - Jay's Mind}

[Jay stands in the mist-filled nothingness again, opposite his dark half, Puck W!ld. The virus-side stands with arms folded and a sneer on his face.]

Jay: For the last time, Puck, I don't want you to get out of control when you and I fight Voodoo.

Puck: Face it, ya simp, you can't control me. [He goes on before Jay can interrupt.] Oh, sure, ya can tap into my powers at will, but if ya let me take control for even a second, I'll lock in and ye'll never get me out.

Jay: And I'll point out that no matter how powerful you are, you'll have to sleep eventually, and that's when I'll take control back. So just hear me out.

Puck: [sighs] All right, go on.

Jay: I don't want to completely alienate every Author in Deathmatch!. True, I have this buddy-buddy thing with Java, and that's 'cuz I genuinely like her--

Puck: She's a polymorph, ya simp! Ya shouldna be consortin' with her!

[Jay's eyes go wide, and he immediately hauls off and floors Puck W!ld with a haymaker. The virus-half looks up with anger, wiping viral blood off his lip.]

Puck: What the puck'd ya do that for?

Jay: You make one more racist comment and I don't care how much of your powers you use against me, I'll erase you from my mind. Got it?

Puck: [sneers]

Jay: Anyway, as I was saying before you interrupted me, I have Java on my good side, and I want to do the same with Voodoo and Sai. This whole business is supposed to be us -- that's the Metaverse -- against them -- that's Mainframe. It's just we've been bogged down in this Rivalry, and I don't want it to continue any more than necessary.

Puck: Why not? Good for business ain't it?

Jay: This whole Rivalry could tear the Metaverse apart, and I don't want that to happen.

Puck: Hmph.

Jay: Now, please just keep yourself under control when you and I face Voodoo. If you give him a concussion, that's fine, because that's easily fixed. Just don't put him in a coma this time.

Puck: [smiles] Don't worry, I won't.

Jay: I'm warning you.

Puck: Consider me warned.

[At that, Puck disappears into the mists, and Jay sighs as he pulls out of this area of his mind back into awareness. He purses his lips, concerned about his virus-side's uncontrollability.]

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: Sept 4, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[DaVinci looks at Cowboy, Hyena, and the other hackers. Only Chaotis and Archer weren't participating in this little project that Jay had given them, and that was simply because no one trusted them with it. Hyena nodded to DaVinci.]

Hyena: Yeah, it's finished. Got it all done.

Jay: [entering from his office] Good. I'll take care of the rest.

[They all watch as he opens his Washu-chanesque computer and taps a few controls. He takes out the small leather sack again and opens it briefly. He looks inside, nods once, then puts the sack away in his pocket. He closes the keyboard and nods to the hackers.]

Jay: You all can go home. DaVinci, you stay here. Resonate, you're free to go home. Chronicles, you can stay or go. Your choice.

[At that, Sil leaves to the motor pool to go back to the Grizzly along with Cowboy. The Aughts and Quinn all leave through a conveniently-opened portal back home. Jay opens a vidwindow to the Training Room. Tomasi appears on the screen.]

Tomasi: [foul mood] What do you want?!

Jay: Go home, Tomasi. I have no need for you for the rest of toNight.

Tomasi: Fine. Smell ya later.

[He shouts at Nails in Hatemil and the two leave through another portal.]

Puck W!ld: [in Jay's mind] Now that Exley is a man after my own heart! ...If I had a heart that is.

[Jay says nothing to this. Justice, Dirk, Lean, and DaVinci all look at him as he adjusts his glasses and looks at them.]

Jay: Stay here. I'll be back in a few.

[He walks out the door, not bothering to contact Bruno or his men to escort him. He heads with purpose toward a certain other Greenroom.]

{Place - Java's Greenroom}

[There's a knock on the door. See and Pyra speak in unison.]

See: Pyra, get the door.

Pyra: See, get the door.

[Erinys looks at this, shakes his head briefly, then answers the door himself. Standing outside is Jay.]

Jay: Hello, Mr. Naigerek. Is Java here?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Sept 4, 2000

{Place: Java's personal room, her bed to be exact.}

[And the Authoress is thinking to herself.]

[Really. Not to a split personality, to herself.]

[I show.]

I should be worried.

I can't rememeber *why*, but I should be worried.

Is it the Voodoo match? Maybe. I dunno.

Well, seeing that he can't *really* kill me, I shouldn't worry. I mean, he *could*, but Jay-chan could save me.

'Course, he could hurt me. Pain isn't good.

Then again, I'm lucky with scars. Never get them.

Note: Must invite Jay-chan to dinner sometime. Supposing I can find a place.

Why am I trusting him, anyway? I don't trust anyone I didn't create.

Well, Tri's an exception.

Maybe I shouldn't. He's part viral, I think.

Well, he *could* be fullblood, and have a human mimic.

Nah. Code woulda sounded an alarm.

And anyway, virii don't like unaligned polymorphs. They see us as traitors. Some were.

Not as if I could explain that I'm unaligned 'cause of my instability. Tried. Nearly got toasted.

But I *like* him!


[She blushes.]

[Knock on the door.]

[Java peers, then closes her eyes again.] Come in, but if you're not my twinsie, I'll be annoyed.

From: "Jay & Java"
Date: Sept 4, 2000

{Place - Java's Greenroom, Java's Quarters}

[Jay walks into the room.]

Jay: Well, I'm not your twinsie, but if that annoys you, then I'll just go--

Java: [opens her eyes, then jumps up, quickly turning purple] You heard- I mean, you're really not s'posed...How did you get in here?

Jay: Erinys let me in.

Java: Oh. [blinks, then sighs, shaking her head] He's such the good guy...Something happen?

Jay: My hackers finished that little project we were talking about earlier.

Java: Oh. So...Now what? [She looks up to a clock.] I have ten minutes.

Jay: [reaches into his pocket and takes out the sack, then removes a glowing golden ball] Take this, and the patch will be uploaded into your code.

Java: [stares at it a moment, then carefully picks it up, and it dissapears into her hand, leaving a faint glow.] Ooh-kee...

Jay: Now, if the unthinkable should happen during your match, your team will be sustained long enough for my team to reinitialize you.

Java: Ah. Kee. [pause] No one's going to mess with my code, riiight?

Jay: Nope. I'm having DaVinci, Nada, Cowboy, and Hyena work on it. Naught's too hyperactive for it, and I don't trust Archer or Chaotis with it.

Java: [worried] But...they won't do a thing to my code, right?

Jay: Nothing aside from using it to reinitialize your polymorphic sprite body.

Java: No, y'see, I...[She stops, trying to find the words.] There are certain...flaws in my code, some of which may seem so fundamental that I would not be able to survive. And if someone tried to fix them...[She shudders] Bad thing. So...tell them that, z'okay?

Jay: DaVinci's in charge of it, and he knows better than to fix anything like that. Especially since this is a person -- he'd sooner killer himself than do that to you.

Java: [blush] Alright...Oh, wait! [She steps over to a dresser and searches through it, then pull a tiny box out and hands it to Jay.] Tri mentioned something about Naught, and I figured he might like this. It's not really powerful. [She supresses a giggle.]

Jay: [takes it] I'll be sure to give it to him. [eyes it warily]

Java: And don't you open it! It's a surprise!

[Jay raises an eyebrow]

Java: [She blushes, then edges closer.] Would I really do something to hurt you?

Jay: True enough. It's not like you have an evil, sadistic virus hiding inside you. [puts the gift in the sack for safe keeping]

[She blinks at this last comment, not understanding any reference.]

Jay: [sweatdrops] Forget I said that. Just rest assured that I trust you.

Java: To be a crazy polymorph chika.

Puck: [in mind] Grrah! Polymorphic traitor!

Jay: [in mind] Shut up, Puck [aloud] That goes without saying.

Java: [giggles] And to not hurt you, of course.

Jay: Of course. [in mind] Don't you dare say anything, Puck.

Puck: [in mind] What, like how much I want to blow her to pixels?

Jay: [in mind] I'm going to kill you one of these days, Puck.

Puck: [in mind] Yeah, but not today.

Java: So...[She looks at the clock, then brushes her scarf off and opens the door.] Anything else before I enter the pit of despair?

Jay: Not that I can think of. Don't worry, Java, you're going to do fine. It's just better to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Go out there and make the Metaverse proud!

Java: Kay...[She looks down, smiling, then looks up.] Thanks. Really thanks.

Jay: No problem, Java. It's harder to bring back non-sprites, so I've already made Puck promise not to kill Voodoo...[realizes what he said and shuts up abruptly]

Java: Huh? Who?

Jay: Nobody...

Java: [stares at him, then shrugs] Okay. [She opens the door for her room.] Hope for the best.

Jay: I will. [does his now-you-see-me-now-you-don't exit]

Java: [blinks, thinks to herself] Remind me to figure him out onea these days.

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[Jay rematerializes here, and drives a fist through his desk in frustration. One of his eyes is viral, while the other remains human. He goes to his mental plane.]

{Place - Nowhere; Nearest Approximation - Jay's Mind}

[Puck W!ld stands across from Jay.]

Jay: I've told you a million times, Puck, no racist remarks!!

Puck: So puckin' sue me. She's a User-damn traitor, nonaligned polymorph... She deserves to die.

Jay: And she's not going to, Puck. That new patch makes it so we can't permanently kill her. And DaVinci's put the C-Link in such a classified location that not even you can destroy it.

Puck: Famous last words.

Jay: I'm serious, Puck. Under no circumstances are you to even attempt to harm Java, or I'll exorcise you so I can have the pleasure of driving a spike through your skull.

Puck: If ya do exorcise me, the only thing that's going to go through my skull is the sheer pleasure of getting to kill ya. Operation Proxy won't work on me, ya simp, 'cuz yer not a hacker, and ya didn't write me.

Jay: Doesn't matter. I'll still kill you.

[At that, Jay releases a mental attack of his own that knocks Puck across the field. As his virus-side roars with fury, Jay pulls back to reality, leaving the virus-side to vent his frustration on a mental plane where he can do no damage.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Sept 11, 2000

[The lights in the MDM shut off.]

PA: Hey now...all you sinners...put you lights on...

[The demonic green lights flash on and beam onto the Metatron]

PA: Hey now...all you lovers...put your lights on...

[Another set of green lights flash on, leading a row towards the ring]

PA: Hey now..all you killers...puts your lights on...put your lights on!

[There is an explosion as Voodoo appears on the ramp of the Metatron, the crowd goes nuts over the black clad author and many jump from thier seats and push on the metal barrier that holds them back as Voodoo pushes his cape open, his arms flying out, he holds them open as he secends the ramp. Screams from all over the stadium, it's hard to sort out the Winger,Voodoo,Java, Sai, and Mainframe fans from the yellings of thousands.]

Johnny: Ladys and Germs.. The Black Clad Author himelf, the creator of both The Creaturs of Myth and the Hybrid Saga... you know you love this mystery man... VOODOO!!!!

[As the fans cheer, one can here "Last resort" playing in the backround. Mills Lane enters the rang and hands Voodoo a microphone and backs up quickly towards the center.]

Voodoo: Hello to the many fans that are present tonight..and to all those sitting at home wearing thier MDM T-shirts.It's been some time since I stepped into this ring, and as you remember last time.. We did not disapoint now did we? I don't tend to tonight. Java...who will appears any moment and try to take the spot light.. and then Winger later on. A battle of titians no less. Many things have happens in recent nights.. and I can tell you this.. Night 6...will be a real evolution revolution. Now Where is my play mate?

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: Sept 12, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[The remaining characters from Team Winger (since most have gone home) immediately drop whatever they're doing and cluster around the monitor as Voodoo enters through the Metatron.]

Dirk: Gotta hand it to Vood, he knows how to make an entrance.

Lean: Just wait. That crazy polymorph's going in next. That should be entertaining.

DaVinci: That it should.

Justice: Quiet, I'm trying to watch it.

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[The Author watches from his desk on his own monitor, fingers steepled as he silently wishes that Java remains okay, and also that she kicks the snot out of Voodoo. If one were to look closely, they'd see that one of his eyes was viral. Puck W!ld is watching as well.]

Puck: [in mind] So, ya simp, still rootin' for the traitorous polymorph?

Jay: [aloud, quietly] I swear to God, Puck, you drop one more racist remark, I'm gonna exorcise you.

Puck: [in mind] Idle threats.

[In response, Jay closes his eyes and concentrates somewhat. On some mental plane, Puck screams in pain. After a tencount, Jay stops the attack.]

Jay: [aloud, softly] I mean it, Puck. No more.

Puck: [in mind] [muttering dark oaths in viral dialect]

Jay: That's better.

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Sept 12, 2000

[The green lights fade, leaving only the white spotlight on the arena. Small whispers begin from the crowd.]

P.A.: [voice only] Da da da da...da da da daa...

[Magenta mists over the ramp.]

[Slowly, the music turns up into "When I Grow Up" by Garbage (and no, it's NOT the Toy's R Us song.) Cheers.]

Java: [v/o] People of the Metaverse...

[She appears, walking out of the mists with a mike, smiling calmly, and stands at ringside.]

Java: People of the Metaverse...Sprites, Humans, Anthros, and no doubt a few Virii as well...

[She climbs up and into the ring, regaining a smirk, and walks close to the Author.]

Java: "Playmate", Voodoo? I didn't know you cared...But you set this match up. And I accepted. [She walks away.] And last time I checked you were a man of your word. So here's my end of the bargain. [She pulls a strip from her pocket, at closer look her Interdimensional Pocket where her mallet is kept, and throws it to a guard.] There. Fair and square, isn't it?

From: "Tri Cyanopia"
Date: Sept 16, 2000

{Place: Voodoo's Green Rooms(?), Vault area.}

[Due to E.V.A's partial outage, no one has entered here for a while, and nothing stirs. The whole thing is practically a hall with weapons lockers on either side.]

[On the end, something moves, and slowly, like she was being poured into existance, Tri appears, with a smal sachel on her side. She places this down and opens it, retrieving a half dozen objects, then begins moving rapidly between lockers, placing the small, mettalic boxes on each one. Each has a light on one side, and when she places them on the lockers they turn yellow in activation. As she finishes, she surveys her handiwork, back at her bag.]

Tri: I swear, if this doesn't make Java happy, I'll keep *her* on the ceiling for a few days.

[She fishes two final objects out of the bag, one thin book, and one "control" pad. Moving close to one of the lockers, she opens the book to the second page, to the linking picture.]

From: "Voodoo & Java"
Date: Sept 15, 2000

[Fight bell rings. Java circles carefully, watching for Voodoo's first move. Voodoo's eyes narrow on her, he turns to keep an eye on her, but he seems less then fearful. Java finally attacks, a roundhouse kick at the Author's head. Her leg aches as she returns it to the mat, her attack incomplete, and she see's Voodoo armed raised to deflect the shot.]

Voodoo: Again...and harder next time...

[Java blinks, then forgets any ideas of moves and slams her fist hard as she can at Voodoo. Her actions are quick and contact with the older author is made, he buckles forward her fist slams into his stomach. His eyes seem to crackle with power, and her returned gaze contains a strange, almost viral fire. Voodoo's swift uppercut knocks the 'ress back, and she staggers slightly. Once more she attacks like this, throwing herself at the Author scratching and kicking, completely oblivious. Voodoo has regained his ground and his left arm darts out, its hand gripping the writers neck. She digs her nails into his uncoverd hand, but the blood that trickles down seems of little concern to him as he lifts her into the air. She hisses, kicking and managing to land a few blows on the torso. Voodoo is slightly annoyed at Java's attacks and he slams her down onto the mat, her body bouncing up from the recoil. She lays catching her breath from the blow, then scrambles up.]

Java: [annoyed] That hurt...

Voodoo: Such a well thought out reaction Java.. trust me.. it gets worse if you don't back down now.

[Voodoo's eyes flash green as he walks closer to Java.]

Voodoo: Now.. what is your answer?

Java: My answer? Well, I'll put it this way...[She feints to the right, then dashes to the left and jumps onto the turnbuckle, crouched, turning to face Voodoo.] An old sprite once told me to play to my advantages...[She stands up, wickedly smiling.] And I'm going to- [She shifts.] -do that.

[In place of the sprite-form, there appears now a tall angelic woman, with gray wings, long yellow hair and a blue dress with a purple bodice. She watches Voodoo.]

Selenia: What do you think?

Voodoo: What do I think? I'm wondering if you are gonna cast a Mana vault.

[Java, or Selenia for want of a better form simply gives him a look of utter disdain before she she folds her arms.] Are you done with your jokes?

[Voodoo grins under his cloth mask as his Plasma blades unleah from the gauntlets, humming close to thier master.] Do you think I'm joking now?

Selenia: I doubt it...[She flies up, pulling her own sword out, and hoversin front of Voodoo, in a guard position.] After you, my "Crovax"...

[Voodoo shrugs and slashs into the air at Selenia. She doesn't understand why he would slash at such a distence, but the orange wave that flys at her makes her dodge out of the way. The wave slashes through one of the metal beams on the other side of the stadium, near the nosebleed seats.]

Selenia: We agreed! No projectiles!

Voodoo: No, we agreed no guns.

Selenia: [glaring] Oh? [She slashes down, blocked by one of the blades.] So now I'm to be a bleurry Jedi in addition to an Angel? [She takes another pass, near Voodoo's head. Voodoo raises his weapons to block, getting knocked back a little by the blow. She glides up and turns around for another dive.]

Voodoo: Nah.. they don't make robes that small...

[Selenia refuses to answer this and glides down, turning sideways at the last moment around the Author, blade out, and lightly slashed his side.]

Selenia: Now, what is *your* answer?

[Voodoo glances down at his side, the blood being soaked into the black cloth, he looks up at the winged attacker.]

Voodoo: Not at answer, but more of a question.

Selenia: What?

Voodoo: Will you scream when I run my blades through your heart?

Selenia: [smirking] You just try.

Voodoo: I aim to please. [Voodoo slashes, the beam missing Selenia, she dives down, her blade slamming onto Voodoo's left plasma blade. She recoils from the blow and Voodoo strikes, but only stabs one of the feathers.]

Selenia: Now, let me show you how Volrath showed me...[She kicks him through an opening in his guard, forcefully enough to slam him into the turnbuckle. By the time he gets his bearings, she is floating in front of him, sword leveled at his own heart.] Nice, eh?

Voodoo: Oh, Just mistake.

Selenia: [The angelic warrior stares at him] What's that?

[Voodoo's blade slames down on hers, he pushs her away, as she readys her guard, his blade knocks her guard up and outward] Your not advanceing hard enough!.

[Then ducks back as her blade comes down onto his, his sparking on hers, matter and atoms are being pushed to their limits as each struggles for control. Voodoo's eyes flash red in anger and head smacks into hers, knocking the polymophic sprite back. Her plasma blade knocks on hers, sending it across the mat.]

[Without her sword, Selenia beats her wings barely in front of Voodoo, shocked. Voodoo's feet slide back to brace himself from the gust of wing. As her wings pushs foward, Voodoo jab's at the muscle, cutting deep into the wing. She falters, a Javish yelp escaping, and falls to her feet, searching for a blade on her belt to parry with.]

Voodoo: End this now Java...I really don't want to kill you... [Voodoo's plasma blade flashes as he pulls his arm back, his weapon ready to strike.]

Selenia: And you think I'll let you do that, knave?

[She backsteps, then shifts to Java and jumps at Voodoo with her own dagger, slashing wildly. Her leap is high, and her dagger merely nicks the Author on the forehead as his left arm reachs out and grabs her by the throat. He spins and slams her onto the mat, his knee on her stomach holding her to the mat, his free hand on her throat keeping her from moving, and the tip of his weapon is placed only a few inches from her neck.]

Voodoo: I thought that was fast, was that fast?

[Java stops, barely breathing for a moment, only staring at the plasma knife, then looks up, taunting:] So? Now what happens, Voodoo?

Voodoo: Now? Payback... for my back... for my lost match to Winger.. for all your all ends now Java... [His raises his blade, his arm ready to be given the command to slam down and end this battle, and Java's life. Instinctivey she closes her eyes, waiting for the blow.]

[Suddenly, he looks up sharply, up to his green room. His eyes narrow.]

Voodoo: As you wish... [Java opens one eye slightly, then stares, wide-eyed, at Voodoo's stop. The Author continues:] Of all the times to call in your favor...Yes...Alright...this time...

[Voodoo looks down at her, his eyes clearly seen to be the deepest of green, much like a character of his.]

Voodoo: It seems that an angel has smiled upon you Java... Do you yield?

[Java stares at Voodoo, blinking in utter confusion and disbelief (I'm not dead...Why?)]

Java: Whatever...

[Voodoo narrows his eyes on her, the reddish blade fading from sight with a crackle of energy. Java stares at Voodoo still, but now feeling that he is about to let her go due to this Angel. Voodoo leans his head down, whispering into her ear.]

Voodoo: Remember the Night you hit me with your energy ball?

Java: Of course...What of it?

Voodoo: Scream for me, Java.

[Java's eyes open wide as she hears a charging sound, then she feels violent pain, as energy ripples through her body from Voodoo's hand on her throat. The energy surges wildly in her code, magnified by her instabilities, and she cries out at first, voice quickly changing to a shrill scream. She writhes under Voodoo's touch, doubting this was better than her last alternative. In a sick and twisted way, her scream is a pleasure to the Author, to know that the pain he is inflicting will always remain part of her, when death would just be over in seconds. As the energy subsides, he whispers into her ear yet again.]

Voodoo: Thanks for not dissapointing me.

[He stands, pulling the young 'ress up by the thoat. He thinks over his actions, but he again looks up to the room, and he looks back to Java. His face changes, not that demon that will haunt her dreams now, but a human. He slides his arm under her legs and kneels down, setting her onto the mat. Carefully he releases his hold on her and stands, looking down at the young woman. She shivers, cold from the heat of the energy, then looks at him. Weakly, she laughs.]

Java: You have no idea, Voodoo...

[She closes her eyes, finally overcome, and faints.]

Voodoo: A laugh to the bitter end....respectable.

[A Med team rushes out to tend to the 'ress. Voodoo takes a few steps back and looks up to his room again and nods. He doesn't stick around to hear who is the winner, as it's clear that both of them have shown that neither of them is weak and neither of them will give up, even if they have to destory all they have created. Voodoo's body fades from sight in a glow of blue and grey. As he dissapears, Fury Squad speeds out, Pyra swatting away the meds, and they take Java to her room themselves, to recover from whatever injuries she's gained.]

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: Sept 16, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[During the entirety of the match, DaVinci, Lean, Justice, and Dirk are on the edge of their seat. When Java makes her shift to Selenia, Lean nods appreciatively.]

Lean: Never underestimate the power of shifting forms.

DaVinci: She's playing off her strengths. That's good.

Dirk: I'd like to see her stick that sword straight up Voodoo's--

Justice: Shut up, I'm trying to watch it.

[Then, after Voodoo reverses Selenia's charge into a pin position, knife at Java's throat, they all suck in their breath, waiting for the next move. When Voodoo releases Java, then shocks her, they are dumbstruck, unsure whether to be relieved that Java wasn't killed or outraged at what he did.]

Dirk: You think Jay saw that?

[In response, the door to Jay's room bursts open and he charges out the door of the Greenroom, rushing towards Java's Greenroom.]

Justice: I'll take that as a yes.

{Place - Outside Java's Greenroom}

[Fury Squad had carried their limp and unconscious 'ress back to their room, ignoring the clamoring EMTs who insisted on checking the crazy chika. Suddenly, Jay muscles through them and stands before the EMTs. While not viral, his eyes look...darker than usual.]

Jay: Get out.

Doctor: But we need to see Ms. Trinom--

[When Jay speaks next, his voice wavers between normal and viral.]

Jay: [roaring] GET OUT!!

[With the frightening aspect of that, the EMTs flee. Jay turns to the doorway and knocks desperately.]

Jay: Erinys? Pyra? See? Let me in, it's Jay! I want to see Java!

From: "Fury Squad & Jay"
Date: Sept 16, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}


[In the room, Erinys takes Java fully, bringing her into her room, and Py locks the door. See tags over to her.]

See: What...I mean, what do you-

Pyra: [shaking her head] I don't know. Okay?

[See nods, walking with her vaguely away from the door. Erinys enters as well, clustering with them.]

See: So now what?

Erinys: From what I saw, and her condition now? Physically, she's unconsious, few bruises, scrapes. Mentally...I have *no* idea. She could be fine, she could be furious, depressed...[shrugs worriedly] I don't know.

[The groups silently ponders this.]

Pyra: She'll be alive, right?

Erinys: Right.

[Suddenly, the three hear a yell outside. See moves protectively in front of the rest. Then they hear Jay. The sprite turns back, looking to Erinys, confused.]

Erinys: Guys, he'd never hurt her. [He goes over, peeks out to make sure (abet hearing his frantic pleas), then hurriedly open the door. Jay rushes in, nods briefly at each member of Fury he sees as he makes a beeline for Java's room. Erinys follows him, then closes the door.]

See: You're sure?

Erinys: Yes. Sure. [looks around] Where's Tri?

From: "Jay, Puck, & Java"
Date: Sept 16, 2000

[Jay sits beside Java's bed, then looks at her intently. He places his hand on her forehead, closing his eyes and concentrating as he checks her injuries and mental activity briefly. He pulls his hand back slowly and opens his eyes to look at her. Her injuries aren't fatal, but they are painful.]

Jay: [quietly] Java, I swear to God that I'm gonna hurt Voodoo for this...

[He looks down at her. He smooths out her scarf, then stands, fists clenching. His eyes flicker between normal and viral. He mutters to himself, voice shifting between Puck's (italicized) and his.]

Jay/Puck: Finally coming to your senses, ya simp? I'm going to broil him alive...real slow... Great! Gettin' in touch with yer viral side! I knew ya had it in ya! I'm not letting you get loose, Puck.

[Jay/Puck throws back his head and laughs.]

Jay/Puck: Oh, that's rich! Jay, you were just admittin' how much ya wanna hurt Vood. I can help ya with that. I don't want to be responsible for the devastation it'll cause. So do what ya have to, then, but let me help ya get back at Vood.

[Jay/Puck raises his head and nods. The viral nature of his eyes fades and his voice returns to normal as Jay opens a vidwindow to Bruno.]

Bruno: What do you want, Boss?

Jay: Bruno, I'm going to need you to evacuate the spectators from the Arena.

Bruno: [blinks] Sir?

Jay: You heard me. The match between me and Voodoo is going to get violent, and I don't want anybody getting hurt.

Bruno: All right, sir, but I'll have to clear this with the Other Owners...

Jay: There's no need for that. Just do it.

Bruno: Sir, that's against regulations...

Jay: I wrote the regulations! Do it!

[Bruno gulps and nods. Jay closes the vid and sits down beside Java's bed again. She makes a murmur, eyes fluttering.]

Jay: [sits upright] Java...?

Java: [confused, eyes open halfway] Jay-chan?

Jay: [smiles] Hey. You did good.

Java: [eyes open fully, then look at him.] I lost.

Jay: Doesn't matter. You showed him you can dish it out. He won't underestimate you from now on.

Java: You...[She sighs, trying to pull herself up. She looks hurt.] I nearly died...yeah, I know the C-link...[She shakes her head, scarf threatening to fall off.]

Jay: [reaches and secures her scarf for her] Don't worry about it. You'll be okay. Nothing fatal.

Java: Oh.[She closes her eyes a moment, then pulls herself up, steadying herself slowly.] You're not angry?

Jay: [shakes his head] No. You did everything you could. I'll take it from here.

Java: Kay. [She looks down on herself, then giggles quietly.] Us-*cough* Am I a mess...

Jay: It'll heal.

Java: [nods] I know...[sweetly] Help me get up?

[Jay gets up and offers a hand.]

Java: Thanks...[takes it, slowly getting up] Just hurting.

Jay: [nods] Understandable, considering.

Java: Yes.

Jay: Think you can manage?

Java: Sure - I'm sorry, puting you through such trouble, I really am a magnet...

Jay: I've long since gotten used to it.

Java: Okay. [She reluctantly lets go of his hand.] Were you planning on poofing or using the door here?

Jay: I'll probably use the door. I've got stuff to take care of before my match.

Java: Alright...I'm going to stay in here a while, so tell them I'm not dead, yeah?

Jay: Sure. [smiles, then pulls her over and kisses her on her scarf] Stay sparky, frosty. I'll be back later.

Java: [looks at him wide eyed] Kay... [smiles]

[Jay smiles, then turns to leave.]

Java: Bai Bai, Jay-chan.

Jay: Bai, JavJav. [exits]

[Out in the main room, Jay looks at Erinys.]

Jay: She's okay.

[With that, he walks out the door and goes back to his Greenroom.]

From: "Sai"
Date: Sept 17, 2000

[Sai is in her section of the greenroom now, banging on a dimensional doorway where Minke had fled to after the match. Just before the match, the two came out of their telepathic link feeling much for the better about one another, and everyone had sat around the widescreen outside waiting to see who'd be the victor. But as it progressed Sai knows that at least herself and her two creations were shocked, nearly mortified at the goings on. Minke had for once in her life looked infuriated, and Sai had made a point of secretly informing others present to back away]

Sai: *bang* *bang* Now I know ye're in there, Minke! You open up and talk to me! What's your problem?

[Zaria walks up beside Sai] Vari was just down there and says that Java's okay. She's hurt really bad, but she'll be fine it seems.

[Sai nods] Good. As much as she irks me, I couldn't lay a finger on that 'ress. Crazy little nut... *bang* *BANG!* Open this door right now, Minke!

[The dimensional door vanishing, Minke appears behind the two looking less than happy]

Sai: Well?

Minke *Java's hurting terribly right now... How could he do that to her?*

Sai: Minke...even if Voodoo isn't one o' my favorite people, he needed to get revenge. She just jumped into his fight and took him down. That wasn't fair. It's payback time.

Minke *He would have killed her if I'd not intervened...killed an author, Sai, killed a person...*

Sai: You what?? You did it again! You keep poking your snout into things that aren't-

Minke * aren't hearing me... He would have killed Java. Are you saying he should have?*

[Sai inwardly jumps] No... I wouldn't want that. I said so. I just...I dunno. But you're angry about the pain he gave her. They're even now.

Zaria: Look at it this way, Minke, and I know you'll like this one. He actually listened to you. He took her life into consideration, and she's not dead.

[Minke sighs and sits down on the floor] *He actually -enjoyed- giving her such pain... It was horrible. It hurt so bad, I had to concentrate to keep from screaming myself...*

Sai: You felt it?

Zaria: Minke, he lost it, okay? People lose it. He just needed a little reminder of where he was.

[Minke finally gives into logic and stands to head to the door] *Java's wounds will heal... Yes, I know. But you it will just go in circles once more... She'll be intent on getting revenge, not to mention what Jay Winger must be thinking right now...*

Sai: He hates Voodoo. So what else is new?

Minke *It adds fuel to a fire that's already burned down the entire forest... Never mind... I suppose I will just have to get used to all this.* [leaves the room]

Zaria: Is it just me, or is the MDM's most powerful creature having ideas of "war is senseless"?

Sai: Urg. She's more mixed up than me. Let's just go get something to eat. She'll talk to us about it when she's ready...

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Sept 17, 2000

[The cool darkness of his private chambers is the only peace Voodoo has recived since the match. The owners had taken the liberty to Window him and chew him a new one. If it weren't for his ability to talk his way out of just about damn near everything, he would still be on the window.]

[Voodoo doesn't completly regret what he did, it was better of then killing her. The fact that such an act was done and not thought out does scare him. Voodoo is logic in whatever form it takes, That wasn't logical, it was choas. And Voodoo knows of only one person who would do that, and the being got what they wanted out of it, now he had to make sure everything would no go south before the completion of the project.]

[He feels the slight mental nudge of the being he feels the closest to. Yet he still has figured this one out, he most likly never will. He is not ready to face Minke's never ending qustions, he feels that it will only lead to what he has planned, and she will try to talk him out of it. But there is no turning back now, it has begun and the first set of results have been made clear already. She has seen one of his demons, his powers in this world are starting to come forth, a Dark saw before. His hand, his right handed, coverd in a black leather glove rest motionless on his bed. It stirs without question as it moves to his left hand, where the glove is pulled off to see not just skin, but the result of his first project.]

[The talon like fingers flex as they are released from thier leather prison, the deadly talons none, not even Minke, has seen. He knows that this trend will go on, but the energy levels to complete it can not be reached yet, the core is barely above life support, the medical reactor couldn't give him the power levels needed to complete the project. There was only one thing that would give him the powers to make himself complete, but would he survive? Voodoo sighs and lays his hand down.]

Voodoo: I hope you do not dissapoint Mr. Winger...

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Sept 18, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}

[The "she" in question is sitting on her bed again. A rainbow of candles crowds every ledge as she watches a vidwindow of the spectator being brought out of the Arena, into the farther parking lots, and large windows being set up. Thorough.]

And so it is.

I've been beaten, nearly killed. Shocked unconsious. In pain - [she raises a hand, wincing] - probably for a while, or until I decide to ask Tri for help. But she said she'd stay in Inspiration after, she may not even know what happened. So.

I wonder if Voodoo's found out. It probably didn't affect him much, but it's been done.

[She lays her hand on her leg.]

So this must be what Lestat felt like after the Gobi. Pretty damn bad.

[She closes the vidwindow and opens another, to see Voodoo's floating Green room.]

And I don't hate him.

Why don't I? I don't understand. Maybe it's just a phase, usual chaotic tribble, and tomorrow, I'll wake up and want to kill him again. But not now.

I'm afraid of him, much more than before, but not angry.

Jay's furious. He's going to try to turn Voodoo into mincemeat. I don't blame him...

He does care for me.


kietei'maih tiv, Jay.


So now what?

[Java looks at the vid, changes it to a mirror-like view, and looks at herself. Bruises on her neck, little cuts, rips and tears here and there clothing-wise. Nothing showing her aching.]

Java: I never get scars...[shakes her head, stopping quickly] Ow. Well. [She taps her icon, changing clothes, a white shirt now, and untorn jeans. Her scarf she quickly adjusts just so.] For some reason, I don't want to stay here...I want to see someone. Not a character, an Author. Even, I count him as a person now. Hm.

[She closes the vidwindow yet again, and opens just a window outdoors, to the outside of the Arena. Simply sitting there now, without an agenda. Just so.]

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: Sept 18, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[The Big Shot Author is here, brooding at his desk, eyes closed, fingers steepled. His hair already looks a bit more disheveled -- one of Puck W!ld's aspects -- but his skin still looks human.]

Just think of how sweet it'll be t' put yer fist thru his puckin' face!

I don't want to permanently injure him.

So don't! It dinna matter, ya simp! Ya want me t' get back at Vood for what he did t' yer sweetheart? Just lemme do my thing.

Your thing implies serious and critical wounding. That is bad for business.

Why's everything always gotta be about business with ya?! It's personal now!

It's never been personal.

See, that's yer problem - ya keep deludin' yerself int' believin' the trash yer sayin'. Everything is personal. Life is personal.

If I let you do as you wish, you will kill him.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

Jeezus, I have my own goddamn Tyler Durden.

I'll take that as a compliment. Look, with the technology Vood has, ya dinna stand a chance in a tradin'-punches fight. That's why ya need my viral powers.

I didn't need to let you loose for that last time.

True dat, but last time Vood didna know what we were capable of. He does now, and if ya think he hasna made allowances for that, yer even stupider than I thought.

Just leave me alone, Puck. I'll make my decision when I'm good and ready.

Fine. Ya know where to find me.

[Jay opens his eyes and looks at the vidwindow that opens before him. The Other Owners glower at him.]

Other Owner #1: What's this I hear of you evacuating the Arena?

Jay: It's necessary.

Other Owner #2: It's bad for business! These people paid to see this match!

Jay: Then they paid to die. If the Arena isn't evacuated before my match with Voodoo, I'm not responsible for what happens to any innocent bystanders who get caught in the crossfire.

Other Owner #3: You make it sound like a war's going to take place.

Jay: Isn't it?

Other Owner #1: Look, Mr. Winger, we've been quite patient with your increased irrationality of late, but we have to draw the line--

[Jay stands and disappears.]

{Place - Other Owner's Skybox}

[Jay reappears before the first Other Owner and grabs him by his lapels.]

Jay: [voice quivering between normal and viral] Look, you flaming bureaucrat, when Voodoo and I enter that ring, the match is not going to be one of these little dance-around-the-ring-and-trade-punches little soirees like you're used to. It's going to be a flat-out, full-blown war. We may not be using guns or artillery, but we're going to be doing things that will be quite similar. And if anybody gets caught in the crossfire, then they're going to die.

Other Owner #1: B-b-b-b-but the fans--

Jay: They can watch the match from jumbo vidwindows outside. Now, either you give Bruno your full support and let him do his job, or I will simply buy you out and have you replaced.

[Beat. The Other Owners stare at him in shock, and hastily, the first Other Owner nods. Jay releases him, making him stumble back in his chair. The Author places two fingers on the man's forehead, then pushes back, making him topple over backwards. Jay glares a moment longer, then disappears again.]

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[Jay reappears and sits back down at his desk. He closes his eyes and steeples his fingers again.]

I've been meaning to do that for a long time.

There now. Don't ya feel better?

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Sept 22, 2000

{Place: MDM Transmission Center AKA TV Control Room}

Producer: What the FAQ? Whats this?

Tech Manager: Dunno sir. The screens are filled with static, we can't seem to get a clear transmission from any of the camras.

Producer: Any idea what could be causeing it?

Tech Manager: Nothing in the Stadium aside from the reactors can do this, and they are all shielded.

{Place: Outskirts of the MDM system.}

[Silence, a soft breeze, then a explostion. The small rocky cliff lies broken and shattered into thousands of pieces. Floating high above the weakage, Voodoo's cape catches the wind and it presses on his body. His face remains calm under the mask. There is a stir in the bolders, and figure burts out and with blazing speed advances towards Voodoo. His attack is faulted as the fist his held in Voodoos hand.]

[Voodoo stares into Jay's face, or at least something that looks like Jay. There is a glint of metal beneath the skin and the eye seems more robotic then viral. With a grunt Voodoo slams the Android Winger into the ground, the robot hits the ground hunderds of feet below him with such force that it's crater is more then 50ft deep. Voodoo raises his hand, green particals are pulled together, a ball of energy is formed. With the force of a major leage ball player, then green energy ball it thrown down at the robot. It hits, the confermation is the large blast that expands the crater.]

[As the light fades from sight, the android slowly stands, clearly trying to stay online, it trys to from a shot from it's hand, but a beam easily blows apart the machine. It lays defeted. Voodoo looks towards one of the large metal containers that is only a few hundred feet from the destoryed rebot. The box rocks and soon bust open and one can see a large robotic Dreckard looking machine. It waste no time advance towards Voodoo, and Voodoo simply grins under his mask, as he sends a beam towards the oncomeing foe.]

From: "Puck W!ld"
Date: Sept 24, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[As Jay physically and mentally prepares himself for his match with Voodoo, he inadvertently dozes off. Within his mind, Puck W!ld sees his chance and seizes control of the body. Jay's skin turns a dark metallic silver and his eyes turn red-on-black viral. He seems to bulk up a bit more in terms of muscles as well. Rising from Jay's couch, Puck looks around then his eyes narrow as he senses something.]

Puck: What's this? Energy my system?

[The viral half gestures and calls up a...well, it's physically identical to Jay's Washu-chan keyboard, but it possesses the dark blue/silver viral motif that is Puck's trademark. This serves to make it look more sinister. He touches a control and a vidwindow opens.

[It shows a green three-dimensional wire-frame map of the System. A blue/silver targeting circle encloses the map, then starts to shrink down, zeroing in on a particular area. Puck's trademark scowl deepens.]

Puck: Well, well...someone's made the error of doing his trainin' in my private sector of the System... I'll have to fix that.

[Puck dispels both the keyboard and the vidwindow and lowers his hands to his sides. In a blink, he disapparates.]

{Place - The System, not too far from Voodoo's training ground}

[Puck reapparates about a klick away from Voodoo's position. He squints a bit, then gestures at the ground beneath him. A large chunk of rock pulls free from the ground, and with Puck on top of it, rises in the air to give the viral-half a better view of the field.

[Puck witnesses Voodoo firing his beams at androids and the like, his scowl turning into an amused smirk. He crouches on the rock and rubs his hands together a bit as he watches.]

Puck: Interestin' talents this 'Voodoo' has. I'll have t' find a way to make them mine sooner or later.

From: "SaiLemur"
Date: Sept 25, 2000

[In her section of the room, sitting upon the futon, Minke watches through a projection as Puck watches Voodoo. She's ready to jump him if anything happens, though she merely senses he's observing]

[A beep is heard, and Minke sends a message for it to open. When it does, Sai comes walking in]

Sai: Just wanted to see how you were doing.

Minke *Where is Zaria?*

Sai: Off talking to Dax about EVA or something near enough to that... You know, you look sort of preoccupied...

Minke *Come see what I'm looking at...*

[Sai walks over, taking off her red cap to let her wide, fuzzy ears stretch out, and sits down upon the futon. As her position shifts, the projection comes into view, whereas from any other angle it would appear that Minke was hit with a light coming from a nonexistant source]

Sai: Quite a few tricks I don't know you're capable of yet.

Minke *I assure you after my and Lean's match the more substantially violent ones will become apparent.*

[Sai stares but turns her eyes back to the projection of outside the floating globe] Who's that? It sort of looks like...Jay?

Minke *Something is overpowering him. It certainly isn't the Mr. Winger we know of...*

Sai: Spying for Voodoo, Minkers?

[Minke blinks at the oddly cute nickname] *I -am- his bodyguard. And though he's taking care of himself rather well, it never can hurt to have an extra set of eyes...*

Sai: Heh. Half the time he doesn't even know you've helped him.

Minke *He might sense my presence if I so please it... I should talk to him about his fight with Java...*

Sai: Thought just popped into your head, huh?

Minke *I shouldn't hold back from him the fact that I'm not in favor of his actions, though he does feel as though justice has been done...*

[Sai smiles] Good then. You go talk with Voods. Er...going to go see if some of Javaness' wounds are healable too?

Minke *You know me well enough to know the answer to that...*

[Sai hops off the bed and departs, placing her hat back over her ears]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Sept 26, 2000

[The android lays in a heap on the ground. Voodoo tosses the ripped off arm aside, he sighs] One or a thousand, killing these machines will not give me much a chance of beating Winger.

[He lets his boots rest of the soil below, the first time he has touched the ground in over an hour. He takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out. He can still feel the parts of Java's code running through his hand. His shock to her brought thier minds together for a moment, although it remains a jumbled mess, which he figures her mind is anyhow, he can't help but see a very vivid images. He sees weapons, a stachle, some kinda of book, the rest move by to fast for him to understand.]

[He looks up, he feels a power near him, or is it far? He can't tell, his senses are to messed up to locate anything, but he has the feeling that someone or thing is watching him and is trying to hide thier power, which they are doing quite well he figures.]

[His mind once again settles on Java, he looks down at the rebot that lays in pices, the Anthroic skull that is shown brings his through crashing back down on Minke. She will have more then one or two words to say on the matter, if she didn't he would feel offended. He kicks the skull and folds his arms.]

I had a right to shock the little sprite, FAQing thing didn't think twice before doing so to me! [A wall to hide behide and he knows it.] Minke knows that it was justice served, then again, there is Sai. And she has taken a more supportive role around the polymorph.

[He kicks the dirt before opening him mind up, trying to zero in on Minke] * Minke...*

Minke: *Yes Voodoo?*

Voodoo: *Can you transport me back? I really need to talk to you.*

From: "Minke"
Date: Sept 28, 2000

[Minke does as Voodoo says and teleports him back inside the greenroom. He's now within his personal quarters, but Minke is nowhere to be seen. There's a beep at the door, and when he goes over and pushes the 'open' button, sensing Minke is on the other side, what is beyond the door reveals itself...]

[The room behind him seems to almost evaporate, as a landscape engulfs him. Voodoo is suddenly back beside the lake he and Minke had talked beside before, only now it is dark here. The land instead of soft grass is now gravel, the trees are barren, the leaves having fallen off, and the lake looks dark. There's even a realistically chilly breeze in the air, and the sky is dark with looming cloud cover]

Voodoo: Minke?

[Minke appears beside Voodoo, making him inwardly jump...which basically means he litterally jumped]

Minke *Sorry to startle you, Voodoo...* Minke looks out across the water. *We have a bit of talking to do...*

From: "Puck W!ld"
Date: Sept 28, 2000

{Place - MDM System, Near where Voodoo has been training}

[Puck crouches on the floating rock as he watches Voodoo finish his training session. The virus-half tilts his head as he senses psionic activity from the Blackclad Author, but he does nothing, not desiring to attract attention to himself. Already he's felt Voodoo's abilities trying to locate him, but so far Puck has been able to hide himself.

[When Voodoo is transported away, Puck stands and folds his arms.]

Puck: Hmph. Interesting little tricks ya have up yer sleeve, Vood. But not nearly as good as mine.

[With that said, Puck abruptly disapparates, and the rock he'd been floating on drops to the ground with a crash, where it shatters.]

From: "The Hybrids & Voodoo"
Date: Sept 28, 2000

[Jenny looked up from her pad as she saw Sai simply walk out, here the door slide shut behind her, she looked over to Jeff, who was laid out on the couch half asleep. Jenny looks back down at her pad.]

Jenny: Sai-chika just walked out.

Jeff: Yep.

Jenny: From Voodoo's room.

Jeff: Yep.

Jenny: Where Minke is.

Jeff: As far as I know.

Jenny: And this doesn't bother you?

Jeff: No.

Jenny: Because I'm bothering you more.

Jeff: Something like that.

Jenny: Communication, such a vital part of a relationship.

Jeff: Thats why we are so perfect.

Jenny: Yep.

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Dax's Room}

Zaria: Ok. So E.V.A.'s main sensor girn is made up in the same way as a biological eye works, instead of the systems in place in the 'Verse today?

Dax: Thats the plain text version of yes.

Zaria: Amazing, simply amazing.

[Zaria slides herself into her elbows, how Dax could stand sleeping in this bed was beyond her, although herself only had a small amount of time being on one. She and Dax had been going over Dax's systems trying to find a short cut into her repair. Dax pushed herself back into her chair, she had her arms resting on her desk, her eyes glued to her laptop.]

Zaria: Dax, can I tell ya something.

Dax: Yeah, I guess.

Zaria: What would you say if I reports some time ago about a genetics lab being hired to produce a geneticly enhanced human?

Dax: I'd say is was something from one of Bios's companies.

Zaria: What if it was dated was 2515? Thats more then 60 years after your parents were created.

[Dax turned and stared at Zaria]

{Place: The mind world}

[Voodoo looks around the place, nice touch he says to himself.]

Voodoo: Indeed we do Minke.

Minke: *Justice served?*

Voodoo: Twisted justice yes. Although I believe I know the answer, what is your point of view on the matter?

From: "Minke"
Date: Sept 30, 2000

[The wind picks up, causing little ripples upon the lake, and Minke's wing feathers to ruffle. A single gold feather comes loose and is picked up by the breeze, carried over the lake]

Minke *My view on the matter... I am glad for you in that you feel justice has been done, but war never solves anything. Your retorting attack on Java has only given Jay more reason to let...himself go on you in the ring... I do fear for you, Voodoo...*

Voodoo: You shouldn't worry, Minke... I think I'm well prepared for Jay. I've got all the details worked out for this. Every possible outcome has been predicted and a backup plan's been prepared.

[Sighing, Minke looks up at the cloudied sky. Strange that Voodoo would think her the one to do this to the paradise. After is a place pulled from his own mind... She looks back to him now, expression that of distress]

Minke *I'm not just your bodyguard, Voodoo... I'm...a friend as well, and I do worry about you... I suppose the possibility of you dying was thought out and planned for as well...?*

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Oct 1, 2000

Voodoo: Death? Is that what you are worried about? My death?

[Voodoo folds his arms as his cape is cought by the wind. His eyes close and he can sense Minke's eyes on him. He thinks over the words, none of them can sound right and to tell her that he isn't scared of death would be a flat out lie. Since dieing means the death of his creations and that would hurt more then the pain caused by Jay]

Voodoo: Death has little meaning to me. But it does have meaning to my creations and those mean more to me than...

Minke: *More then what?*

Voodoo: Well.. more then my life. They are some of the most interesting characters I know. Everyone in the 'Verse is. But all I am Minke, is a person who is not unlike you.

[When he notices her less then quick reponse he explains]

Voodoo: A person created to watch over the characters here and fight when needs be.

Minke: *Thats not the question I asked you.*

Voodoo: Yes, death has been brought into state of mind and since there is a good chance that I could die, then we can only hope that it doesn't happen.

Minke: *And that makes everything fine?*

Voodoo: No, but it's all one can do.

[Voodoo turns and starts to walk away. When he feels not Minke's form near him he stops and looks back. Watching her look at him with her eyes in sarrow, or shame. He not which.]

Voodoo: Minke, does my death scare you?

From: "Minke"
Date: Oct 8, 2000

[Minke raises her eyebrows at the question]

Minke *Your death itself would not frighten me; you say you've already taken care of matters. Your characters will be safe. It's more the fact that I'd- that none of us would see you again... Even if your characters -can- survive without you, they still need their creator there. They still need a leader because they are still only characters... Even I eventually have gone back to my creator...*


[Sai squints at Minke, who is sitting on her futon in Voodoo's room, Voodoo lying on his own bed a few feet away. Both appear comatose, but Sai snarls. Zaria, who was looking at a datafile, looks across the room at Sai and furrows her brow]

Zaria: Sai?

Sai: She's at it again. Minke's pulling her crap...

Zaria: Oh let her. You're lucky the others even let us in here to see what the heck was going on.

Sai: But she never even tells me what-

Zaria: She tells you enough. What, you want her to let you in on every dark, deep secret she's got? Quite frankly, I don't think you'd be able to grasp her mentality in things. You'd just make up your own basic interpretation and scrue it all up.

Sai: Shaddup... I just would like ta know what the heck is the deal with these two. 'Specially her. I mean, she clings all over him like a vine.

Zaria: I'm sure that if we're meant to know what's going on, or if there's even anything substantial going on, she'll tell you and I.

[Sai gives Zaria a clueless look] "Anything substantial"?

[Zaria just shakes her head and looks back at the file she was reading. After a moment she closes it and places it back upon the desk where she'd found it]

Zaria: I guess this makes me a hypocrite.

Sai: Huh? Why? What's that you were reading?

[Zaria starts and quickly looks over at Sai, realizing she'd said that out loud] Oh...nothing... Come on. [heads for the door] We shouldn't stay here. They're fine, that's what's important, and that's all we came in here to find out.

Sai: But you had a question for Voodoo.

[Zaria blinks and looks to the door] It's been answered...

[Huffing, Sai walks quickly across the room and out the door] Fine then!


[Crix and Jenny are outside at their workstations when Sai comes out, looking miffed, and stomps into her room with the words "Seems -everybody's- got a secret to hide!" heard just as the door shuts. Zaria soon is following after with haste. Both look at one another]

Jenny: What was -that- all about?

Crix: Beats me. But I guess that means Vood's doing fine.

[Jenny turns back to her computer console] Never thought anything was wrong with him.

From: "Jay & Puck"
Date: Oct 1, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[Puck W!ld reapparates and telekinetically summons a chair over to him, which he seats himself in. He blinks a few times, then grunts, his appearance flickering between himself and Jay's form.]

{Place - Nowhere; Nearest Approximation - Jay's Mindscape}

[Puck's form appears in the misty void, glaring about. He spots Jay's form standing a distance away, arms crossed.]

Puck: Oh, what do ya want?

Jay: Funtime's over, Puck. I want the body back.

Puck: It's my body too.

Jay: I was here first!

Puck: Ya dinna know that for sure. For all ya know, I was here first.

Jay: Except I have definite memories of my childhood.

Puck: So do I of mine.

Jay: Viruses don't have childhoods!

Puck: Again, ya dinna know that for sure. Not everythin' is known about our kind.

Jay: Enough is enough, Puck. You've had your fun, now give me my body back.

Puck: Our body.

Jay: MY body.

Puck: Look, ya simp, yer only around as long as it suits me. Once ya've outlived yer usefulness, ye'll gradually become more and more like...Puck W!ld.

[Jay grits his teeth and makes a frustrated swing of his arm, making the mists around him disappear as his form glows a bit.]

Jay: God! This is insane! Why can't I get rid of you?!

Puck: Mebbe `cuz ya need me?

Jay: I don't need you!

Puck: Oh?

Jay: I've absorbed enough knowledge from you that I don't need you to finish my fics anymore.

Puck: That's yer opinion. [pauses] All right, ya simp, ya can have the body back. But when the time comes, ye'll have t' lemme use th' body again. You know it, and I know it.

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[The flickering over the body stops and stops on Jay's form. He sits up and adjusts his clothing. He stands and sighs. This is getting more and more serious.]

From: "Fury Squad & Tri"
Date: Sept 28, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}

[See fiddles with the computers, having stolen Java's normal seat to access then. Erinys and Pyra are on the couch, the human holding on to the Khatran comfortingly. Since Jay said that their Author would be fine, they decided not to check on her, trusting his judgement.]

[See opens the latest scan results (from Tri's scanners, not the systems) and does a double take.] Oh dear.

Erinys: [sighs] What now, See?

See: How 'bout there's somebody lookin' like Voodoo and scanning like Voodoo but acting like a high level Virus?

Pyra: What?

[He turns.] That's what this says. And it's some of the best hardware in the net, so don't try to tell me it's faulty. If it says Voodoo's flying and blasting stuff, he's flying and blasting stuff.

Pyra: Where?

See: Get up and I'll show you.

[She sighs, annoyed, and pulls herself up and over to the sprite, who shiofts a Vidwindow for her.]

Pyra: Those dots right there?

See: Yeah. The first is Voodoo, the other is a robot he's been fighting. Weird way to get in shape for the fight.

Pyra: What's that dot?

See: Huh? [He looks to where she's pointing.] Is that a dot? [He looks down at the readings proper.]

Pyra: Sure looks like one.

[He stares at the Vid, then at the readings, then winces.] There's trace energy that suggests someone's there, but the scans don't pick the person up... Meaning a virus.

Pyra: No one we know?

See: [wincing yet again] Nope. Not from what I can-

[He cuts himself off as a portal opens. Erinys and Pyra raise their keytools, but when Tri steps out, they lower them.]

Tri: Where is she?

[Erinys point top the door.] She should be fine.

Tri: That's not what I'm worried about. Voodoo touched her mind, he may have found out...[She hurries to the door, leaving the Guardians confused.]

See: ...Found out what?

Erinys: Good question.

From: "Java & Tri"
Date: Sept 29, 2000

{Place: Java's Personal Room}

[The 'ress is lying on her bed, eyes closed, trying to sleep. One candle is lit now, a black one. Tri quietly enters and sits next to her on the bed.]

Java: I thought you were staying in Inspiration, Tri-san.

Tri: I sorta found out. How badly did he hurt you?

Java: See for yourself.

Tri: Not that good.

[Java sighs and rubs her temple, eyes still closed.] Code damages, and I had a weird dream, just a little one.

Tri: Huh...May I?

Java: Thought you'd never ask. User it *hurts*...

[Tri nods, slight smile on her lips, and places a hand on the sprite. Her energy flows into Java, helping the code reconstruct itself and dulling the pain. Java pulls herself up after Tri lets go, wincing only slightly.] Thanks, pika.

Tri: I'm not a pokemon, Jav.

Java: So? It's a pet name.

Tri: [sighs] Dream?

Java: Yeah...just a little bit of one, 'bout the hero's...Why?

[The virus frowns, thinking.] Java, when Voodoo shocked you -- [Java shudders] -- sorry, but somehow he linked to your mind a bit. It's not unheard of --

Java: I read Mindfields, Tri, I know.

Tri: -- but when stuff like that happens, one of the people need to have some kind of psychic ability. You don't, and you can't use mine, ergo Voodoo must.

Java: So? S'not unheard of either.

Tri: ...I'll skip that point. But when he did it, he didn't just go into your mind, he brushed mine.

Java: ...I thought there was an unbreakable barrier between Author Twins.

Tri: I thought so too. But he got past, and if he puts the pieces together of how he got my mind, especially seeing as how we're not linked...

Java: That's bad, I take it...

Tri: Two targets.

Java: Eep.

Tri: Yeah...

Java: You see the Arena's being evacuated? [reopens the Vid] Kawaii, neh?

Tri: ...

Java: So I changed the subject. Deal.

Tri: ...Stay out of trouble for now, I'm going to kick See off the computers.

Java: [grin] Ya do that. I'l be good.

[Tri nods, gets up and exits, closing the door after Java hears a loud *smack and See's yelp.]

Java:...I didn't say I'd stay out of trouble, though.

[She stands and reopens the Vid, changing the view to the Ring.] They had better open the roof, a phoenix's eyesight is better than a Wotsits anytime.

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