Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two

Night #1: A New Attitude...

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 10, 2000

[Recap: Arn "Nails" il'Crais faced the virus/web creature merge of Hexadecimal-Web (Hex-Web). We'll cut to the next night of fighting, after Nails loses, where Jay meets with the characters from the Chronicles, a la Triple H and D-Generation X in the McMahon-Helmsley Era.]
[Jay wears a black-and-green shirt with the RPM logo, and a gold Championship-style belt over his shoulder, indicating him as a Big-Shot-Type-Person.]

Jay: All right, we haven't been doing so well. Lots of embarassing losses and technical victories that don't get us anywhere. We need to annihilate the ReBoot folks if the Metaverse is going to win.

[Nods and mumblings of understandings.]

Jay: Ünres? [the virus faces him] You'll be taking on Gigabyte. We need to beat him, since one of the other Authors chickened out on us.
Ünres: [grinning] No problem.
Jay: Renei? [the Claw Leader looks up] You'll be fighting Matrix. Think you can zap him into submission?
Renei: Of course I can.
Jay: [nods] Good. Grizzly? [Justice, Sil, and Dirk look up] You'll be fighting the Web Riders.
Dirk: [grinning] Ooh...
Jay: Furthermore, it'll be a Hardcore Match. Pins anywhere, weapons allowed.
Justice: [nods] We can handle it.

[Jay turns to the two hackers, Cowboy and Chaotis. The two glare at each other with simmering hatred.]

Jay: Which leaves you two. [They look up.] You'll be taking on Mouse [leer beneath Chaotis' mask] and AndrAIa. [Chaotis leers again.]
Cowboy: What? [stands up] Me and him? That's asking for trouble, man!
Jay: [soothes him] Easy, easy. With the skills you two have got, it doesn't matter if you can't get along outside the ring. It's inside the ring that counts!

[Nods and grumbles of agreement from the others. Cowboy sits down, brooding. Jay shoulders the belt, then turns to go.]

Jay: Right. I've got to go book the rest of the matches with the other Authors. Remember the plan!

[He leaves.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Mar 10, 2000

[Voodoo and his characters stand around back stage, listening in on Jay's riveting peep talk]

Voodoo: how come i got the feeling that aint noone but him and his guys gonna be fight'in?

[the others all look at one another before turning back to Voodoo]

Dax: you mind putting that in plain hyper text there boss man?

Voodoo: i said.. i got a feeling that Jay's guys are the only ones that are going to be fighting.

Bios: Well... why dont we fight?

Jeff: feel like getting you but kicked agian Bios?"

Bios: Excuse me! for one thing..

Voodoo: Enough you two.. or i will MiSt you!

[This quickly puts an end to the argument, but leave Crix to say something]

Crix: people know i be the last one to say this...but why aren't you makeing us fight? I mean.. just about all of us know that Jeff and Dax there would be more then a match for the old timers... and Bios would like to get her claws into Hex over prove who's the baddest bitch and all

Bios: Why..that was a sweet thing to say there Crix!

Voodoo: one little problem..

Jenny: Being?

Voodoo: Far be it from me to point this out.... But you all remember what happen a few month's ago...

[the group of Hybrids, Zeds, and a virus thought for a moment, all remembering what happen in " A Slip In Time"]

Ki'ace: Good point...hey..what the...

[Voodoo turns his head and see's a camra man wave his hand]

Voodoo: Hey! Get the hell out of here... you..

[the voice trails off as the camra is knocked to the ground and the screen fills with static]

Johnny: My Nick.. it looks like Voodoo is having a little trouble with not only his team, but with the camra man...

Nick: Seems to me that his team seems to want to fight..

Johnny: Why wont he send them in?

Nick: Must have something to do with something in there past..

Johnny: Could be Nick..but lets worried about it later.. it seems that are warrior are entering the battle field.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 12, 2000

[The Metatron (the MDM-version of the Titantron) flashes and shows Megabyte and Hexadecimal attack each other, a bolt of lightning flickers across the screen and reveals Gigabyte. Evil heavy metal music plays as hardcore footage shows. Gigabyte emerges and starts toward the ring.]

Johnny: Approaching the ring, from Mainframe and weighing in at 325 pounds, a Class-Five virus, GIGABYTE!

[Gigabyte climbs into the ring and glares out at the audience, as if assessing how much food he can get out of them. The lights go out in the arena, and the Metatron lights up red, with heavy industrial machinery clashing on the screen. Music with lots of percussion plays as Ünres emerges, with Jay walking beside him, still shouldering the Gold Belt.]

Johnny: And now, from System Vector, weighing in at 340 pounds, being accompanied by Author Jay Winger, a Class-Twelve virus, ÜNRES!

[Ünres laughs, pumping his metallic fist in the air and roars, leaping into the ring. The two virus stare each other down as Mills Lane steps forward.]

Mills Lane: All right, no draining each other of energy, no illegal weapons, pin to advance in rankings. I want a good clean fight. Let's get it on!

[Ünres starts by using his right hand, the metallic one, bashing Gigabyte in the face. The other virus staggers back before Ünres grabs Gigabyte's arm and hurls him across the ring into the ropes. Gigabyte turns around and bounces, then ducks under Ünres' arm. Gigabyte turns and grabs Ünres' arm, then his leg and does a Samoan Drop, slamming Ünres into the mat. Gigabyte stands, then stabs downward with his claw.

[Ünres jerks from the blow as Jay shouts at him to get up. Gigabyte stands and moves to the corner to climb. Ünres stands and grabs Gigabyte by the back of his armor, then suplexes him. Gigabyte gets up slowly as Ünres moves and grabs him by the head. He unleashes a DDT, leaving Gigabyte stunned. Ünres climbs the ropes and indicates he's going to leg drop Gigabyte.

[Gigabyte gets up and quickly shakes the ropes. Ünres slips and his crotch collides with the corner. As the Class-12 groans, Gigabyte sets him up, then starts kicking him repeatedly. Gigabyte then picks him up and hiptosses him before dropping an elbow. The Class-5 squats to put a submission hold on Ünres, before Mills Lane pulls him away. While the ref is distracted, Jay surreptitiously slides a steel chair in to Ünres.

[Gigabyte moves back toward Ünres while Jay distracts Mills Lane. Ünres stands and clobbers Gigabyte with the steel chair, dropping him. The Class-12 chucks the steel chair out of the ring, then picks Gigabyte up. He grabs the Class-5 by the throat with his metallic hand, then choke-slams him! He quickly covers Gigabyte and Mills Lane runs in.]

Mills Lane: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[Fight bell rings and Ünres stands up, victorious. Jay climbs into the ring and celebrates with Ünres.]

Mills Lane: And the winner is...Ünres!

[Cut to later, when Johnny and Nick D. discuss the match.]

Nick: What a match, Johnny! Jay Winger interfered!
Johnny: But our referee, Mills Lane, didn't see it. Ünres' use of the steel chair undoubtedly helped him win the match.
Nick: Well, now the Metaverse has another victory to celebrate, Johnny. Jay's plan seems to be working so far!
Johnny: Still to come: a match between Crimson Claw Leader, Renei, and the renegade Guardian Enzo Matrix. And then, a hardcore six-man tag team match between the crew of the SS Grizzly and the Web Riders.

[Switch to backstage, in the Chronicles' characters' green room. Jay addresses them as they celebrate Ünres' victory.]

Jay: All right, now, so far, so good. I can't always guarantee I can help out like I did back there. Mills Lane isn't a fool. Renei, you may have to do this one on your own.
Renei: I can take care of myself.
Jay: Good, because Matrix is tough. You're gonna need to watch yourself.

[A nod. Then they all go back to laughing at Gigabyte's loss.]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 13, 2000

[The Metatron plays a hardcore version of the ReBoot theme as images of Matrix flash across the screen. The (\/) emblem shows up repeatedly as Matrix emerges from backstage.]

Johnny: Making his way to the ring, originally from Mainframe, weighing in at 265 pounds, the renegade Guardian and master of the Games, Enzo Matrix!

[Cheers from the crowd as Matrix steps into the ring, looking around with his cybernetic eye. Mills Lane looks at him, assessing him. The Metatron's screen flares and the Crimson Claw emblem appears over images of Renei fighting. The Khatran emerges from backstage.]

Johnny: And his opponent, weighing in at 245 pounds, the leader of the Crimson Claw, Renei!

[Some boos from the audience as he climbs into the ring, glaring at Matrix. Mills Lane addresses them.]

Mills Lane: No weapons allowed. Matrix, give me your Gun. [He reluctantly does so.] I want a good clean fight. Now let's get it on!

[Bell rings, and Matrix wallops Renei across the face with his right hand. Renei rocks back before Matrix backs him into the corner, where Matrix clotheslines him. Renei falls to the mat as Matrix backs away and laughs with the crowd. Renei gets up, then delivers a low-blow to Matrix.

[Matrix grabs his nether regions while Renei pounds on his back, then piledrives him. Matrix lies on the mat, stunned, while Renei climbs the ropes. Renei leaps with a leg drop, but Matrix rolls aside, and Renei hits the mat hard. Matrix picks Renei up, then climbs the ropes before powerbombing Renei.

[Matrix covers Renei, but the Khatran kicks out after two. Matrix stands Renei up, ready to wallop him, but Renei attacks with a knee to the stomach, then a DDT. He then slaps Matrix in a submission hold, but the sprite manages to put his foot up on the rope, forcing Renei to release him. Matrix gets up, rubbing his neck, and is then Samoan Dropped by Renei. As he lays there, stunned, Renei climbs the ropes again, and does a Swanton bomb, slamming into Matrix's stomach.

[Renei covers Matrix, and Mills Lane rushes in for the count.]

Mills Lane: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[Bell rings and Renei stands up.]

Mills Lane: And the winner is...RENEI!

[Renei starts to celebrate, but Matrix gets up and grabs him by the throat. He chokeslams Renei, then drops an elbow before picking him up and pulling him outside the ring. He goes to the Spanish announcers' table and powerbombs Renei through it. Matrix retrieves Gun and storms out while the EMTs rush out to help Renei.]

Johnny: Still to come: a six-man hardcore tag-team match between Justice, Dirk, and Sil and the Web Riders, and then Cowboy and Chaotis vs. Mouse and AndrAIa.

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Mar 13, 2000

(Java is standing in the center of the room, while the contestant, See, is leaning against the wall in his G uniform cooly.)
Java: (talking on a cell phone) Yeah. Uh-huh. Bai. (switches it off) So, ya worried?
See: Why would I be?
Java: Erm...because you might be turned into goop?
See: (shakes his head) No, no. All the worst guys have fought. Megabyte, Gigabyte, you know. And Hex is schedualed later.
Java: Oh.
See: Odds are I'm going to be paired with some wuss like a binome. Or Al.
Java: Oh. Good reasons.
(Pyra comes in grinning evilly.)
Java: Py! You have news?
Pyra: Oh, only that little *darling* here (points to See) is about to get pounded. (Rubs her paws together)
See: (coldly sarcastic) Well, why don't you get some tenderizer and get your ascii out of my face?
Pyra: (still grinning and completely ignoring See) And y'know what? The bets are 35:1. Sweet, eh? I'll see you in the stands.(walks out cheerfully)
Java: Uh. Yeah. (looks over to See, who now looks faintly worried) What happened? Is it the bets?
See: (shakes his head)
Java: What is it?
See: (stares at the door Pyra just left from) She *never* does that. Not answering back when I insult her. Never.
Java: ...and that has you worried?
See: (nods)
Java: Weeeeell, it's time for the match. C'mon.

(See jumps into one side of the court. The other side is completely dark.)
Java: (hissing) You win this! Please!(sits down)
Announcer: In this corner, the cynical sonuva from the Supercomp, SEE PILER!
See: (waves slowly)
Announcer: And from this end, a forty pound wonder from Mainframe...
(See begins to look slightly better)
Voice: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!(walks out of the shadow)
See: Oh sh**. (begins running)


From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 13, 2000

[Backstage, Jay Winger and his coalition are watching on the monitors. Renei is there, his ribs being taped. Nathan Justice takes a swig from a bottle of beer.]

Justice: I give Piler two minutes before his opponent catches up with him.
Dirk: One minute!
Sil: One-and-a-half minutes.
Cowboy: You guys love to get your jollies out of this sort of thing, don't you?
Dirk: Hey, we spend most of our time on the Grizzly. We have to get our fun in somewhere.
Sil: We choose gambling!

[Jay shushes them.]

Jay: Don't drink too much, Nat. You've got a match to win after this.
Justice: Right-right. [swallows the last of his beer, then sets the bottle aside]
Sil: Say, Jay, why aren't you getting the Resonate peeps in on the act?
Jay: I'm saving them for later.

[And the attention goes back to the ring, where See Piler flees in terror from his opponent.]

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Mar 14, 2000


See: Running! Ack! (dodges a chair thrown by the Authoress)
See: (nodding, then looks over his shoulder)
(See stops, and Mike whacks into his legs and falls over backwards)
Java: (teardrop) Why did I ever start a Metaverse fic, why?
See: (turns around) Y'know, you're a *lot* bigger in the holopics...
Mike: Eh, heh...(starts to shy away)
See: Oh no you don't-Clik, re-
Mike: HEY! You can't do anything to me! I'm in the media! I have a contract! (pulls it out and hands it to See)
See:(looking it over, then frowns) This *is* a viable contract...hmmm...Ah, but my friend, (points to a place) it expired in 2020.
Mike: Huh? (pulls it back and looks)
See: (grin) Clik, remote control.
Mike: Wha- (his screen fades)
Java: (looks up) Well FINALLY!

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 14, 2000

[Backstage, Jay and the Chronicles team laughs at the quick defeat of Mike the TV. Jay, still clad in his black-and-green RPM shirt and shouldering his Gold Championship-style Belt, grins as he takes the remote from Java.]

Jay: Thanks. This'll make watching the fight all the more fun.

[Cowboy and Chaotis are setting a partially file-locked Mike up in the corner and setting up chairs. Jay sits back and thumbs the remote to watch the match.

[In the arena, the Metatron plays the heavy metal guitar from the "Web Riders on the Storm" episode, showing the nebulaic swirls of the Web with flashes of the Web Riders on it, and then the sprites emerge. One of them is Bob's pal, the leader of the Web Riders (Boss), one is the guy who got his helmet knocked off ("Disrespect is unwelcome") (Ugly), and the third wears a ridged helmet (Spine). They approach the ring, then climb in and modemspeak to each other.]

Johnny: Approaching the ring, hailing from the Storm of the Web, weighing in at a total of 930 pounds, the Web Riders!

[The Web Riders raise their arms to the crowd, getting a mixed reaction.]

Metatron: (Justice's voice) Let's do this.

[The music that plays for the Grizzly crew is similar to the music played for the Radicals of the WWF. A roaring grizzly bear is shown on the screen, interspersed with images of the crew fighting bad guys. Justice, Dirk, and Sil emerge.]

Johnny: And from the SS Grizzly, weighing in at a total of 955 pounds, Nathan Justice, Dirk Manning, and Sil al'Nasen!

[Justice peers at the audience coolly as Dirk pumps up the crowd. Sil swishes her tail. Justice climbs into the ring and stands opposite Boss. Ugly and Spine wait on the apron while Mills Lane steps forward.]

Mills Lane: Alright now, this is a hardcore match! But no guns. Anything else is game. Now let's get it on!

[Fight bell sounds and Justice launches out into a snapkick that sends Boss into the ropes. Justice clotheslines Boss as he bounces back, then tags Dirk's hand. Together, they stand Boss up and launch him against the ropes. Boss comes back, ducks under Justice and Dirk's double-clothesline, then dropkicks them in the back. They both stagger forward as Boss tags Ugly. Ugly headbutts Dirk as Justice rolls out of the ring.

[Ugly sweeps Dirk's legs out from under him, then catapults off the ropes into a splash and attempts to cover Dirk. Sil runs in and smashes Ugly with her disc. Ugly falls to the mat as Sil kicks Ugly in the kidneys before tossing him out of the ring. She's about to follow when Spine spears her. Dirk gets up and follows Ugly out of the ring.

[Back in the ring, Spine starts to set Sil up for a Swanton bomb, but Justice grabs the ropes, forcing Spine to fall on his crotch. Sil gets up and smashes Spine across the helmet with her disc, causing him to fall off the steel post and out of the ring. This leaves Justice and Boss again. Boss lunges at Justice, who sidesteps and delivers an elbow to the back of the head.

[Meanwhile, Dirk has picked up a steel chair and wallops Ugly with it. Ugly staggers, and Dirk produces a wrench from inside his uniform and hits Ugly in the ribs with it. Ugly falls, only to be saved by Spine as he leaps on Dirk from behind. Ugly recovers and kicks Dirk in the face.

[Sil climbs the post and leaps onto Ugly, putting him down for good, then hits Spine with her disc again. Spine staggers, releasing Dirk, who turns and kicks Spine in the nether regions.

[Boss, meanwhile, is having trouble with Justice, who has trapped the Web Rider in the corner, where he is mercilessly whaling on him with kicks. Finally Justice stands him up and hiptosses him into the center of the ring. There, he climbs to the top rope, stands and makes a grand gesture before leaping into a savage leg drop.

[Justice covers Boss as Dirk and Sil climb back into the ring. Mills Lane delivers the count.]

Mills Lane: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[Bell rings. Justice stands as Dirk and Sil come over to raise their hands in victory. Justice shakes his head and points at the fallen Boss. Dirk and Sil understand and stand the weak Web Rider up. Dirk stoops, grabs Boss' legs, flipping him into Justice's arms. They do the equivalent of the Dudley Death Drop, but as an added bonus, Sil slams her disc down into Boss' stomach. The Grizzly crew stands up to celebrate now.]

Mills Lane: And the winners are, Nathan Justice, Dirk Manning, and Sil al'Nasen!

[The crew leaves the ring, having earned another victory for the Metaverse, leaving the weakened Web Riders to stumble off on their own.

[Backstage, Jay watches with the rest of the Chronciles team. They laugh and celebrate, even ridiculing the humiliated Mike.]

Jay: All right, not bad. We couldn't have asked for a better match. Now, Cowboy, Chaotis, you've got to take down those two femmes, Mouse and AndrAIa. No in-fighting. Got it?
Cowboy: Yeah, yeah. [He still glares at Chaotis.]
Jay: I mean it. We've had a run of good luck so far. Don't spoil it now.
Chaotis: Don't worry about me. To compete against such fine, shapely lasses like them is enough for me!
Cowboy: [smacks him upside the head] Keep your mind on the fight, not on the girls.
Chaotis: But the girls *are* the fight.

[Jay sighs, then smacks both of them.]

Jay: Both of you cut it out. I doubt either will want to be friends with you after the butt-whupping you two are gonna give them.

[The two hackers nod grudgingly. Mike speaks up.]

Mike: Can I go now?
Jay: No. Where's his mute button?
Mike: [meekly] I'll be good.

From: "Johnny Gomez & Nick Diamond"
Date: Mar 14, 2000

Johnny: What a match, Nick!

Nick: You said it, Johnny. Nathan Justice and his crew absolutely demolished the Web Riders.

Johnny: And they followed up the pin with the GDD. The Grizzly Death Drop! One of the most feared moves in Deathmatch fighting.

Nick: You have to admit, Johnny, Jay Winger's plan to boost the Metaverse's morale has helped tremendously. Look at the victories! Ünres beats Gigabyte, See Piler beats Mike the TV, the Grizzly crew beat the Web Riders, and Renei beat Matrix!

Johnny: But Renei would up on the wrong end of Matrix's fist, Nick. If you'll remember, Matrix beat the crap out of Renei after the Khatran pinned him.

Nick: Well coming up is another match that should prove very interesting, Johnny. The two rival hackers, Calvin "Cowboy" West and the Hacker Anarch Chaotis, are teaming up to take on two of the empowered women of Mainframe -- Mouse and AndrAIa!

Johnny: The question, Nick, is whether Chaotis can keep his mind off his rivalry with Cowboy and off his hormones. The Hacker Anarch has made it clear he'd like to have his way with the two women.

Nick: Cowboy and Chaotis have been on opposite sides of many issues, Johnny. This latest disagreement over the treatment of their opponents tonight is just the latest.

Johnny: That's right, Nick. One has to remember that Calvin West is the product of southern gallantry. He believes men should be very polite toward the ladies. Chaotis' gutter-thoughts just don't sit well with him.

Nick: Jay Winger won't be happy if the two hackers start in-fighting during the match. It will ruin his run of good luck.

Johnny: Well, the match is still a ways off, Nick. It appears our next match is getting ready.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Mar 14, 2000

[The Metatron darkens, and then the 'Mouse chime' from "ReBoot" heralds her entrance. Mouse's logo and AndrAIa's game-sprite icon appear over footage from the show. The Toonami "ReBoot" theme (complete with the voices: "Megabyte, we can't hold them off--we can't hold them off--we can't hold them off--" etc.) plays as Mouse and AndrAIa step out. The audience cheers.]

Johnny: Now approaching the ring, from Mainframe, weighing in at a total of 345 pounds, Mouse and AndrAIa!

[Mouse and AndrAIa pose, the hacker taking out her katana and wakizashi to do some practice moves while AndrAIa twirls her trident around. Mills Lane watches impassively, waiting to tell them to get rid of their weapons.

[Backstage, Cowboy and Chaotis are arguing.]

Chaotis: Look, buddy, we're playin' the heels tonight. [Note: heel = bad guy] Thus we should play MY entrance music.
Cowboy: The hell you say! I'm more popular than you. I say it should be MY entrance music.
Chaotis: What?! Nuts to you. We got two faces out there. [Note: face = babyface = good guy] We're the heels. MY music.

[Jay approaches, having heard the argument.]

Jay: Both of you shut up. [He smacks them upside the heads.] One way to settle it. RPS.

[Cowboy and Chaotis roll their eyes and then do rock-paper-scissors. Cowboy comes up paper, and Chaotis comes up rock. Chaotis swears.]

[In the arena, the Metatron broadcasts Chaotis' psychotic laugh, and pryo bursts go off as he leaps out into the arena. The audience doesn't like him much and makes it clear. Chaotis tries to pump them up, but fails miserably. He stalks toward the ring, then stops as the Metatron plays Cowboy's entrance theme...the song filk version of "Cowboy." With another set of pyro bursts, Cowboy emerges, shouting at the audience. He raises his hands, then does an imitation of Cactus Jack.]

Cowboy: [with appropriate finger gestures] Bang-bang!

[The crowd loves it. Cowboy dances down the ramp, periodically going "Bang-bang!" again, then stops as he sees Chaotis looking at him. Cowboy grins crookedly, then climbs into the ring.]

Johnny: Now entering the ring, representing the Metaverse, weighing in at a total of 375 pounds, Calvin "Cowboy" West and Chaotis the Hacker Anarch!

[Mixed reaction. Cowboy goes into the ring, where Mills Lane frowns at him.]

Mills Lane: No weapons! [Mouse passes her swords to AndrAIa, who puts them and the trident aside out of the ring.] And West! Lose the hat and the coat! No sissy boy in my ring!

[Chaotis laughs at this. Cowboy shoots him a dirty look, then tosses aside his Stetson and longcoat. He assumes a battle stance opposite Mouse.]

Mills Lane: This match is for one fall. Now let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings. Cowboy screams a battle cry and launches a snap-kick at Mouse's head. But she expertly blocks and shoves Cowboy back into the ropes. He uses the spring to spear Mouse, tackling her and walloping her across the face. Mouse manages to double-slap Cowboy and kick him off. Cowboy stands stunned, and is then clotheslined by Mouse. He goes down. Mouse drags him over to her corner, where she tags AndrAIa. The game sprite climbs in and forearms Cowboy
with her fin. He rocks back, then doubles over as she kicks him in the stomach. She pulls him up and bodyslams him into the center of the ring.

[Cowboy gets up and tries to crawl to Chaotis for the tag, but he's not holding out his hand for the tag. Cowboy blinks at this, but then cries out as AndrAIa grabs him and puts him in the painful submission move called the Figure Four Leg Lock. Cowboy screams in pain, reaching out to Chaotis, but the Hacker Anarch steps back and away from the ropes, leaving Cowboy alone.

[Cowboy, at once furious and in pain, twists over, causing more pain in his legs, sits up and wallops AndrAIa in the face. Stunned, she stumbles back, releasing the leg lock. Cowboy twists his legs back and painfully stands with the ropes for assistance. He goes to the steel post, reaching out to Chaotis, who backs down the steel stairs, leaving Cowboy in the lurch. The hacker shouts at him, and is therefore caught completely by surprise when AndrAIa kicks him in the back of the knees. He
falls down painfully, and then his head is slammed foreward into the steel post. He falls over backwards, painfully folding his knees, causing him to turn onto his side. AndrAIa picks him up off his back, then slingshots him into the other corner, where Mouse grabs him in a headlock.

[Shift to backstage momentarily, where Jay and the Chronicles team watches this with fury.]

Dirk: I'm gonna kill him!
Jay: No you're not. Not if I get to him first. I'm gonna break every bone in his body and THEN I'm gonna kill him!

[In the arena, AndrAIa charges, but Cowboy shouts and kicks out with a steel-soled boot. AndrAIa catches it in the chin, then stumbles away. Cowboy punches back with his fists, hitting Mouse in the nose. The female hacker falls off the ring apron. Cowboy pulls himself upright with the ropes for assistance, then sees AndrAIa recover for another charge. Just as she's about to reach him, he swings over the ropes and onto the ring apron, leaving AndrAIa to charge into the steel post painfully.

[Cowboy starts to pull himself to the other corner, but Mouse comes up behind him, grabs his ankles, and yanks downward. His chin catches on the ropes, and he falls to his knees, gripping his jaw. AndrAIa steps out into the center of the ring, then runs and dropkicks Cowboy in the face. He goes flying off the ring apron and into the rebuilt Spanish announcers' table. It cracks and Cowboy slumps to the floor. Mouse comes over, pulls him to his feet, then swings around and hurls him into the steel stairs.

[Mouse picks him back up and passes him up to AndrAIa, who suplexes him into the ring. AndrAIa tags Mouse, who climbs into the ring and prepares to spring off the ropes while AndrAIa stands Cowboy up. Mouse does an Asai moonsault, knocking Cowboy flat and unconscious. Mouse covers him for the pin.]

Mills Lane: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The bell rings and Mouse and AndrAIa stand up triumphantly. Chaotis sneaks backstage. A quick shift backstage shows Jay and the Chronicles team getting up to go beat the snot out of Chaotis.]

Mills Lane: And the winners are Mouse and AndrAIa!

[Chaotis leers beneath his mask and disappears backstage while EMTs rush out to help Cowboy.

[Chaotis doesn't get far before he's accosted by Jay and the Chronicles team. Jay scowls, holding his Gold Belt on his shoulder.]

Jay: Just what exactly, did you think you were doing?
Chaotis: J-J-J-Jay! What...uh, how are you?
Jay: Don't try that, Chaotis. You screwed up my plan, and left Cowboy to get his ASCII whupped out there.
Justice: And what goes around...
Dirk: ...comes around!

[They all join in beating Chaotis to a pulp. Dirk uses a heavy wrench and Sil uses her disc while everyone else (including a bandaged Renei) kicks and punches him.]

-=fade out=-

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