Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two

Night #5: Tournaments, Tricks, and Trouble
Part One
From: "Jay Winger"
Date: June 25, 2000

{Place - Resonate System}

[Naught, Nada, DaVinci and the kids (Blank and Zip) climb into Naught's car. Nil & Void are `pooned to the back on their hoverboards. Zilch and Niente ride their hoverbikes, and Quinn sits behind Niente, his bionic brace magnetically clipped to the bike.]

Zilch: So, we got everyone, hey?

Nada: Yep!

Zilch: Everyone ready to go to the Stadium? Got all your gear'n stuff?

Naught: Yep!

Zilch: Right! Let's go then!

[They switch on their illicit portal-generator and portal out to the Stadium.]

{Place - Great Codex System}

[Hal Kitz walks into Lazarus' office, holding a cell phone.]

Kitz: Sir, it's the people at the Stadium. They wish to know if you'll be coming--

[Several objects are thrown at Kitz, who is forced to flee. Kitz closes the door behind him. He speaks into the phone.]

Kitz: Uhm, no, I don't think he'll be there. ...No, not Archer or Elogin either. They're still recovering from last Night.

{Place - The MDM Stadium, Motor Pool}

[The SS Grizzly touches down and the ramp extends. The crew steps out, all shouldering their title belts. Burke and Cowboy come out behind them. Sentry plods out before Sil, sniffs around, then growls.

[Tomasi and Nails step around the corner.]

Tomasi: [mocking] Well, well, well, if it isn't "the Most Dangerous Renegade."

Justice: [dryly] Well, well, well, if it isn't the Terrorizers. [He turns to his buddies.] Okay, who lifted the rock?

[Shrugs and shaking of heads from the others. Nails sneers.]

Nails: Oh, yeah, hahaha, ver-ry funny, User.

Dirk: [shouldering his wrench] What d'ya want, boyos? You're wastin' our time here.

Tomasi: Just droppin' by to say I've talked to the Big Shot about putting me in a match with this f'n null-spore [points at Justice].

Justice: [eyes narrow] Really?

Tomasi: Yeah.

[He strides up to Justice so the two stand toe-to-toe looking down each other's noses. Tomasi fingers Justice's title belt.]

Tomasi: Who knows? Maybe it'll be for this thing.

Justice: The only way you're gettin' this belt--

[Click. Tomasi glances down to see that Justice has put the barrel of his pistol to the big sprite's chin.]

Justice: --is by pryin' it from my cold, dead fingers.

Nails: [laughs]

Tomasi: [sneering] Famous last words, Renegade.

[Tomasi walks off, Nails following.]

{Place - The MDM Stadium, Other Owners' Skybox}

[Jay holds a sack, which he places a few things in. He turns to the Other Owners.]

Jay: Much obliged, gentlemen. This will most definitely keep things simmering.

Other Owner #1: Just make sure things don't get out of control. It was quite costly repairing the damage incurred by last Night's events.

Jay: Don't worry. Bruno's prepped to contain any excessive damages. I don't think it will be a problem.

[He hefts the sack.]

Jay: My thanks again, gentlemen.

[Jay starts off to his Green Room.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: June 28, 2000

[The green room is packed, all but Team Sai and Bios reside in the Green room. It seems Jeff and Crix have return from wherever they went. It seems strange to all the others that Jenny is sitting in a chair on the other side of the room, while Jeff sits in one of the E.V.A. chairs. No one decides to comment on this, the fact that to two seem to be fighting is nothing new to them, the fact they have not said one or two words in over an hour bugs them. Crix on the other hand, sits in Voodoo's chair, some would call this an act of defience, but since no one has seen Voodoo since the morning, There is little call for alerm. Mistya dnd Ki'eva talk quilty among themsevles for the nights work on E.V.A.]

Mistya: Her neural nets are still only a 15% operation...well, last night when i checked.

Ki'eva: The fact that she is part organic is not helping the matter, she wasn't designed to take such large damage to her nural net, it will take time to heal.

Mistya: True.. but i don't think we have the time.. i will agree that we have used more... primitive systems, but E.V.A. is a major tatical disadvantage as long as she is down.

Scar: How much a disadvantage?

[The two Anthros look up and notice that their talking has risen in Volume and most of the room heard them, and the rest have perked their ears when they heard the largest Anthro but into the converstaion.]

Mistya: Well.. E.V.A. was made to run the Green Room. All system are routed through her. Like weapons, Shelding, Life support, Sensors, Envoimental settings and so forth. The fact that her nural nets were damaged and not killed is what is keeping us alive.

Scar: Why not use some of the Medical equipment.

Ki'eva: Not sure if it will work. Most of the equipment was made for..well.. more advanced begins.

[Scar narrows his eyes on Ki'eva in thought.]

Crix: She means that most of it that is here is made for us, and Sai's team. The tank and most of the medical equipment is made for quick regerating beings, such as Hybrids and Virus, Voodoo didn't really take into account the fact that we would have the Zeds or you guys battle, therefore, normal medical equipment was not suppled.

Kaka: Someone has become a little more bolder.

Crix: Everyone changes.

Scar: Changing seems to be a trend around here as of late. Sai, Voodoo, Bios and now him. What is going on!

[The lights in the room flicker from their power down state and flash on,the metal shelding over the windows open. the screens around the room flicker on and begin their booting up system. It seems E.V.A. has come back online]

Voodoo: The New Morning Scar... One that proves to be most vital.

[Voodoo shuts the door to the stairwell that leads to E.V.A.'s core com. The door hisses and a loud 'thud' is heard, the door is now locked, and Voodoo slowly walks to his chair. He looks at Crix, and Crix back at him. No words are exchanged, but everyone can tell that their is a battle being fought. Crix stands from Voodoo's chair and walks to the couch and sits next to his sister. Voodoo takes his place in his chair, the computers that are attached to it come on. The Holo platform in the center of the room flickers on, and A image slowly appears. The body is female, but their is no detailed face, or hair, or hands, just static.]

Voodoo: Welcome back commander.

E.V.A.: Glad to be back Sir.. All systems are within decent operation, and are ready to be used.

Voodoo: I see that some of your files were lost.

E.V.A.: That is correct Sir, New imaging files will be ready within the hour.

Voodoo: Take your time E.V.A. we are in yellow alert so to say... no rush.. as a matter of fact.. i believe that Mistya and Ki'eva, along with Crix, are going to get you up to full operational status.

E.V.A.: Thank you sir..

[The image fades away and Voodoo turns his head to Crix]

Voodoo: You got 2 hours.. and you started 10 minutes ago.

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 2, 2000

{Java's Green Room, about midday}

[Outside, there is a small beeping, then the door opes to admit Fury Squad.]

See: I am *never* parking in the lot again! It took half an hour!

Pyra: No kidding. [She crouches, then jumps over the couch, aiming for the seat.]


[Pyra and Tri tumble to the floor.]

Tri: Ow... [She shakes her head and slowly gets up.]

Pyra: What the- What were you doing?

Tri: [cross] Sleeping. What do you think?

See: Being Pyra's landing cushion?

[The two shoot dirty looks at See.]

Erinys: Okay, cut it. We've got the chars, what about Java? Where is she?

[Tri walks over to her laptop, still running.] Probably sleeping. Is there anything weird about the Arena outside?

Pyra: Not that we saw. Why?

Tri: Hmm...What did she do? Timed? [She fiddles around.]

[See blinks, then peeks over Tri's shoulder.] What was Java doing?

Tri: Something good...Yeah, it is a timed thing. Er, when does Jay begin the Night?

Erinys: I think seven.

Tri: [smiling] Then all we have to do is wait for her to wake up, neh? The changes will appear about when she gets to announce her matches, either after Jay or Voodoo.

See: What changes?

[Tri grins.] You'll see, See.

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 2, 2000

{Location: Stadium - Arena}

[The crowd is gathered and starts murmurring as they wait for something to happen. The Metatron lights up and turns black, with a green line bisecting it horizontally. It turns out to be a visualization line, rippling in time to the beat and music of "When Worlds Collide." Jay Winger emerges, Author Belt around his waist and satchel over his shoulder. He is followed by Justice, Nada, Naught, Cowboy, Lean Il Lupe, Lt. Burke, and Tomasi. Lean is dressed very dapper - wearing a black and gray three-piece suit and sunglasses: his Andrew Ginole outfit.

[Jay takes up a microphone, setting down the satchel, looking at the crowd - half of which boos him on sight and half of which cheers him.]

Jay: [a la Road Dogg] Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, Metaverse Deathmatch! is proud to present the winningest group of tough-ass fighters in the world...TEAM WINGER!

[He spreads his arms and grins out. Tomasi and Justice stand on opposite sides of the ring, but look as though they want to have it out right there, right now.]

Jay: Now that's done with, time to get down to business. While I am upset about some losses yester-Night, we'll handle that in due time. We already know what our Main Event is tonight -- the big rematch between Yours Truly and His Falsely, or Voodoo as some of you call him.

[The mention of the other Author sends his half of the crowd cheering. Jay's mouth sets in a thin line, but he waits for the cheering to subside.]

Jay: [as the crowd quiets] Thank you. Anyway, we're going to have some title fights tonight! First, we'll get that Toughest Badass title settled! Now, last time we had that title on the line, Jeff Freeman walked out on Nathan Justice, refusing to pin him. It's only fair to settle who gets that title tonight.

[Jay reaches into the satchel and produces the Toughest Badass title belt. Justice nods imperceptibly, but then Tomasi turns to leer at him.]

Jay: Furthermore, Tomasi Exley has expressed a desire to fight with Justice -- so the Toughest Badass match will be a Triple Threat!

[Loud cheers for the Hybrid and for the Most Dangerous Renegade, but when Tomasi poses for the crowd, they immediately boo him.]

Jay: We've got a new title belt on the line, too! [pulls it out of the bag] The Light Heavyweight title! This is for the younger, more lean and quick members of teams. To determine who will wear this belt, we will have a Light Heavyweight tournament here tonight!

[Cheers for that.]

Jay: Representing Team Winger in this tournament will be -- [each poses as they are named] the Cowboy Calvin West, Guardian Lieutenant Thomas Burke, and the Flip Side Felons! [he gestures for the crowd to be quiet] This time I am certain that personal feelings will not interfere with the matches. They all understand that this is business, not personal.

[But he glances at Tomasi and Justice, who continue to glare at each other with barely-restrained hatred. Jay smirks, then goes on.]

Jay: Also, Bob will see tag-team action tonight. Now, his normal partner, Dot Matrix, is unfortunately injured and unable to fight with him, so I am pairing him up with someone he feels equally comfortable with.

[The crowd starts to whoop -- thinking it's Mouse -- but Jay motions for silence.]

Jay: DON'T get ahead of me. What I was going to say is that Bob SHOULD feel comfortable with his partner tonight -- considering he works for his partner. Bob will pair up with Prime Guardian Turbo tonight in action against the Aught Twins!

[Cheers for those juking-and-jiving dancing fighters. They like them. Jay smirks and then motions for silence once more.]

Jay: You will also see the Wolf in action tonight.

[Cheers for him. They like the virus' current garb a bit better than his leather-clad look. He merely smirks and grins a sharp-toothed grin.]

Jay: -- against Gigabyte!

[Now that's impressive. The crowd eats it up. Jay passes the two title belts he'd removed from the satchel to an official.]

Jay: So, you other Authors, if you want somebody in the Light Heavyweight Tournament, just let me know so I can fill the ranks with the appropriate number of Mainframers to make up the difference.

[He turns back to the satchel and looks up.]

Jay: And one more thing, Sai, I would like you and the CReaTuRe to come on out. I have a gift to give you.

[He reaches into the satchel and pulls out a plaque.]

Jay: A little reward for faring so well against Lazarus last night.

From: "Sai Kennedy"
Date: July 2, 2000

[The screen is alight with Winger and his characters standing in the ring of MDM arena. She raises an eyebrow and looks at Zaria, who nods in response]

Sai: Okay. I'll go along with it... *gets up* Have you seen CReaTuRe anywhere?

Zaria: Minke? No. She was speaking with the Queen about an hour ago, but *shrugs* after that-

[She's staring wide-eyed at the screen view linked to MDM's system, and Sai turns to see what's so surprising, eyes beginning to glow red as they take in the site. A harsh growl escapes her]

[CReaTuRe enters into the arena through the still-opened ceiling, alighting on a post of the ring. She gets down and stands in front of Jay Winger with a nervous, wary expression upon her face. The crowd falls silent]

[Zaria suddenly looks at Sai] Now, Sai...she's just a little upset after-

Sai: How -dare- she make a move without my consent! Helping Voodoo was one thing, but not even waiting for me to accept a gift in the ring! I- OOOO!! [She begins snarling and scratching at the walls, making little gashes with her claws]

Zaria: Personally I can't blame her, Sai. She's feeling betrayed. I know her better than you at this point, and I say let her.

Sai: What do YOU know!? Better than her own author knows her? Nonesense!

[She heads for the door, but Zaria catches her by the arm, grabbing her by the ear to silence her as she snarls. Sai falls silent after a moment]

Zaria: You should let her, and you should stay here. You're going to fly off the handle, and right now she's behaving very unpredictable. It's not safe to push her anymore, Sai. No matter how much control you think you've got over the situation, you don't. Your -out- of control...

[Sai is about to protest and possibly even slash Zaria for this latest mutiny from one of her characters, but she knows through her rage this is really the best thing. Still, she shoves Zaria away and goes back to the monitor to watch, eyes still aglow with rage]

[Slowly, as Sai watches, she begins to count to ten, as Zaria walks over and gives her a back massage to try and calm her]

Sai: When she gets back that Anthro of mine is in big trouble...

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 3, 2000

{Location - Great Codex System}

[Hal Kitz is watching the show from outside Lazarus' office at Grace Mannex's desk. They both can be seen scowling slightly as CRe appears before Jay.]

Hal & Grace: Anthro scum.

[There is a loud crash from inside Laz's office. They look at it, and then Hal shrugs.]

Hal: He must be watching it in there.

{Location - MDM Stadium - Arena}

[Jay smiles as CRe comes before him. Jay, microphone in one hand, spreads his other arm in a gesture of peace. The rest of his characters, with the exception of Naught and Nada, leave the ring to give the Author and Anthro-mix some room. Justice and Tomasi are kept separate by the others.]

Jay: So, you are the famous CReaTuRe everyone's talking about. [He smiles.] Pleased to meet you.

[He holds out the plaque.]

Jay: This is the 'Most Deserved Victory' award that I had specially made after your win over Lazarus last Night. From what I've been able to see, you've been pushed around by a semi-unbalanced Author--

[He glances up at a camera and grins.]

Jay: No offense, Sai. --pushed around by some other characters, and generally had a not-quite-so-peaceful existence in your short life. This, as well as the fact that you, a combination of some of the most powerful Anthro species around, defeated the Metaverse's most prominent racist bastard, boils down to the fact that you have truly earned this award.

[He lowers the mike and holds out the plaque for CRe.]

From: "CReaTuRe"
Date: July 4, 2000

[CreaTuRe, though no pseudo-grin appears on her face, has a very delighted look in her eyes, and she slowly accepts the plaque from the author, even bowing slightly as character-to-author respect and also in thanks.

[No words are spoken, but a high amount of gratitude can be sensed from her, by Winger at least. She backs away, not turning her back until she feels the ring's ropes brush her wing feathers. Then she gets back up upon the post and takes off from there out the way she came with barely a sound.]

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 4, 2000

[Jay smirks as CRe leaves with her plaque, and then turns to his characters, who get back in the ring and rally behind him as he faces the Metatron.]

Jay: I'm done with my share of the booking. Who's next? Voodoo? Java? Or will Mr. Waiter finally decide to grace us with his presence? [grins] I'm wai-ting!

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 5, 2000

[The lights flutter on and off a few times after Jay's ending, then dim slightly. One lone figure, in brown Ledrite robes, walks unannounced down the ramp holding a mike. At the end, it stops, then throws the mike into the air of the ring, where it floats.]

Java: [out of sight] My turn.

[The rafters glow faint magenta as the crowd looks up. Suddenly-the soundsystems blast, and start playing a wild techno tune. Java appears on a bar, and jumps down into the air. She wears two long, butterfly-style wings and she spirals around the arena as she comes down, smiling and laughing. Unlike Jay, Java seems to have fewer enemies among the fans; most cheer her, and only the devoted Voodites boo. When she alights on stages, her wings shatter into confetti, and she picks the mike from the air.]

Java: I always was the one for theatrics.

[She pulls a small tube from her side and shakes it into a ribbon-thrower as she begins.]

Java: I am very happy tonight. For three reasons. First off is Bios, who - finally - got the ASCII-whooping she deserved! [She nods to the robed Tri and then to Lean as she continues, trailing the ribbon around as she walks in the ring.] If it wasn't for these two, Team Voodoo wouldn't have been defeated. So I am grateful to you both. Thanks. [conversationally] Although, it is a shame we didn't get to see who was the better of the two...

[She looks down and giggles to herself.]

Java: And, second of all, is a matter that comes very close to my team's hearts. It involves a certain person who would rather kill most of my team than get within ten feet of them. [She looks up, watching the audience, making sure they know exactly who she's refering to.] Yes, his Holiness the Racist, Klaus Lans. Who ALSO got what he deserved!

[She stops for a minute as the crowd cheers. She looks up to the sky strangely, wishfully, then returns to the matter at hand.]

Java: Before I mention my third reason, I'll do my booking. You've got a lightweight's competition, Jay? Pyra'd be happy to enter that. And I believe that my dear See wants another bout with the Mainframers, y'know, to regain his pride. So, he's up against an opponent of my own choice. I'm honestly not the one for planning, though. You'll hear of my fights as the Night progresses. Now for the final reason for happiness.

[She stops and looks at Tri, who nods. Java smiles and continues.]

Java: In the spirit of Chaos, which seems to have been reigning in the Arena for quite some time, I've organized a few things. Call them whatever you like: practical jokes, publicity stunts, I prefer to call them tricks. I have three Tricks up my sleeve for this Night. And, to prove they'll be things to remember, [darkly] and also to allay the suspicions of all those who think I have no power in this Arena except through Mr. Winger, [normal] I have an introduction to my Tricks.

[She looks around, smirking, then raises one hand.]


[For a second all that is heard in the resonance of the snap, then suddenly the Arena stands are flooded with spiraling magenta and turquoise. And when it ends, everyone stands in shock.

[The Arena stands, floor, ceiling, ramps-basically everything except the Ring and the people inside have ben tie-dyed turquoise and magenta. (On the outside walls also) On one wall is a small Java signature, and on the other is a picture of a coiled snake. Tri pulls off her hood and get up to stand next to Java, who now has her shirt colored to match.]

Java: What do you think?

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 5, 2000

[Voodoo and team watch the pryo display from the only MDM room to have windows. Jeff seems little to no impressed at the site, Jenny finds the choice of Colors to her likeing. The younger Hybrid Dax seems to share her fathers interest in the matter. Crix is little aware of the fact. The Dreckards are not seen, having already taken their places for Voodoo's normal over played entrence. Jenny and Dax are loaded for protection. Although the weapons they carry are not as powerful as one used before. Ki'eva is at the computer with her sister, working on E.V.A.'s upgrade. That leaves only one team members left.]

Voodoo: I always thought Java to lack anything overblown, I guess Winger is rubbing off on her.

Dax: That isn't a pun for anything else is it Voodoo? Because if..

Voodoo: No Dax, I am not that far gone. Now.. Let us enter, and lets try not to slag everyone in a 30 foot radius.

Jenny: I know who know does that and it ain't us hun.

Jeff: Small arms..

Jenny: Yeah, and.

Voodoo: Don't start you two.. not now... E.V.A. three to send down. Count down, 30 seconds, Engage.

[The lights in the stadium, flicker on and off, then black out. The Metatron screen goes to static, and the green beams fill the air, one shines down on Java, giving her a Demonic green aura around her. A slow, mellow beat comes over the speakers, and E.V.A.'s voice seems to being singing over it]

E.V.A.: Wherever you are, wherever your from, I know what you are going through, don't be afraid, don't give into fear... this is all you need to hear......

[The beat picks up into a Techno beat, lights flash on in Multi-color and standing right next to Java, is Voodoo his arm crossed and his gaze looked on her frighten face. She didn't even sense him untill he stood there. Jenny and Dax stand next to one another, about a foot behind him. As the Author and the Auth'ress look at one another. One seeming to be regainer her ground, still not understanding full why Voodoo and his people like to sneak up on her.]

Java: You think that's funny! I should THWAP(tm) You for that!

[Tri seeming produces Java's Mallet, Java uses her anger and grabing the weapon from Tri swings it at Voodoo. Who doesn't seem to have moved, but when Java opens her eyes from the swing, she notices it has not conected with Voodoo, but Voodoo holds the mallet about a foot from his face. Tri and the other virals move forward but stop when they see the Hybrids weapons pointed right at their heads, they only stop when they notice that they are not armed with their normal energy weapons but with 21st century 45mm pistols.]

Java: What do you want so bad that you have to ruin my show!

[Voodoo leans in close to Java, so close that he has to lean down to be in her face]

Voodoo: You claim not to be weak, yet you let only you character's fight...

Java: That's because i know better then to attack Jay, I'm not basic.

Voodoo: I'm far from basic little lady....

[Java trys to bite Voodoo, but he reacts quicker and grabs her jaw with his free hand, holding her but not hurting her.Tri takes a step forward but only gets close enough to be in point blank range of Dax's gun.]

Dax: Make a move..please..

[Voodoo leans back and looks to the people in the statium]

Voodoo: I issue my challange.. along with Dax fighting in the lightweight fight, I issue this challange to Java herself. You will join the fight with me and Jay, The loser..will fight you.. Then, you fight the winner. Understood? I hope so..

[Voodoo lets go, Java stumbles back, but regains her mallet, swing it at Voodoo, she misses, and opens her eyes to see that him, and his team are gone. She curses under her breath, again, she fails to beat him to a pulp, but she just might have her chance.]

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 5, 2000

[During Java's little tirade, Jay has a smile on his face most of the time. But when she shows off her 'Tricks,' he sweatdrops, as does most of his team. Tomasi and Justice particularly seem ill at ease with the magenta theme. Lean shakes his head and looks at Tri witheringly.]

Lean: And you call yourself a virus. Couldn't you find something a bit more malevolent to do with your abilities?

Jay: [to Java, half-jokingly] You think you're sooo funny. [to Nada] Remind me to have the Other Owners reboot the Stadium before it gets stuck like this.

Nada: [as she gets out her laptop] Shades of "Painted Windows."

[When Voodoo appears, Jay's cheerful demeanor quickly sours. Behind his glasses, his eyes go red-on-black viral, and his fists clench. Energy starts to form around them. The other Author and Authoress have words, and then Voodoo puts out the new stip for the Author Match.]

Jay: Well, once I'm through with you, Java will have an easy time beating your sorry ASCII. I only feel sorry that she'll have to go up against the Extreme.

[He strides toward Voodoo, heedless of the Hybrids pointing weapons at him and stands nose-to-nose with him. Jay looks steadily at him.]

Jay: You're not that much of a badass. You only think you are.

Justice: Hell yeah.

Tomasi: Damn straight.

[The two Team Winger badasses then start glaring at each other. The other Team Winger characters shake their heads pityingly. Jay steps back from Voodoo, never taking his eyes off him, not even to give a look-that-could-kill to the Hybrids. He folds his arms.]

From: "Sai Kennedy"
Date: July 5, 2000

[Sai steeples her fingers and growls] If I were bigger I'd show them! [unsheathes her claws] Wish I could get in on the action... [slams her hand against the console] Where in the Web is CReaTuRe!!

Zaria: According to the note she left, Sai, she preffers to be called Min-

Sai: I don't care!! I want here here. Zaria, I don't care what you have to do or whom you need to ask. [turns to look at the monitor displaying the arena's Authors] I want that Anthro mix o' mine found, sooner than later. [looks back at Zaria] What in the name of spork are you waiting for?? GO!

[Zaria does a mocking salute and leaves] Jawohl!

[Sai turns to keep watching the huge monitor and unsheathes her claws again] I wish... Arg...

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 5, 2000

???: Since when does size matter to you mein grossen bitter..

[Sai spins around startled by the voice, his face angerd. Even more when she see's who is standing in her place, She wounders how the person got in.]

Sai: [eyes narrow] Voodoo...

[Voodoo grins. The strange portal, looking more like a wormhole closes behind him, his cape setteling over his form, the bottem part his face coverd by the cloth.]

Voodoo: I would have knocked.. but this does seem the best way to get in and out of this place.

Sai: I should have you thrown in Yarom's prison again for breaking into my place!

Voodoo: Oh relax Sai, thats your problem, you are to stressed out.

Sai: Since when are you the expert.

Voodoo: I've had a very complex life, I've learned alot in that time. Now I came here on two accounts. One, for are allience to be rejoined... And two, to ask if you wanted to join the battle. A four way author match would deffently be a match to see.

From: "Sai Kennedy"
Date: July 5, 2000

[Sai turns away from him] I know how much you love writing about blood and guts, dear, but I'm not going to follow through. And who said I was part of an alliance with you anyhow? My pet was the one stringing me along. Why don't you go find her? I'm sure she'd be happy to join you.

Voodoo: Find her? Doesn't Miss Whip-in-hand know where her own characters are?

[Sai growls and runs to slap him, but he grabs her wrist and pulls it behind her back]

Voodoo: If you don't calm down soon this could get out of-

[Sai bushes backwards into his stomach, pulling his gripping hand foreword and rolling him off her back, flipping him onto -his- back upon the floor. She pulls her hand away before he can clear his head from getting the wind knocked out of him by granite flooring] Hand, Voodoo?

[Voodoo gets up with barely a bit of trouble and smirks at her] I was -going- to say that.

Sai: Get out. Our alliance is finished, if you could ever have called it that. [goes over to the wide-screen monitor and stares at a replay of Java's pretty entrance] Theatrical indeed...Queen herself never saw a robe so vibrant. Illegal in these parts, such flamboyant dress...[turns back to Voodoo] Besides...without CReaTuRe here I'm finished. I'm...content just to stay in Yarom now...

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 6, 2000

[After Voodoo's little announcement, Java stands, holding her mallet, looking up to the ceiling as if she'd like to shift into a large Lord of the Pit and turn his Green room into deep-fryed demon nosh. Tri notices and hurries over, whispering hurriedly in her ear. During Jay's conversation with Voodoo, they exchange whispers, and at the finish Java looks slightly calmer, abet still annoyed, as she steps up and brings her mike up.]

Java: Jay, if you didn't *like* the little job I did...

[She stops, smiles sweetly and raises her arms. The paint vanishes without fanfare(on the inside at least).]

Java: All you had to do was ask!

[She laughs.]

Tri: [quietly] Unstable isn't the word for you.

Java: Pish. However. [She looks up again, and her demeanor changes to dark anger.] Voodoo, whether you or your characters can hear me, this is my message. [She paces ans she continues.] First off, you're doing a mighty half-ASCII'd job of only inviting me in the little 'party'. Here's my stip. I'll only come if Sai does. Regardless of her current condition with you, of course. In fact... [She pauses and grins wickedly.] We have a battle of the Authors-why not one of the Authoress'? That would be so much more fun than just me in.

Tri: [under her breath] That's the first half-sane thing you've said toNight.

Java: And now, if it's alright, I'm going to make sure Py and See aren't in a screaming match. Tri can do all the Authoric things. Bai Bai!

[She throws the mike to Tri and jumps on to the ramp, leaving. Tri shakes her head and moves next to Lean.]

Tri: [off-mike] And that's coming from the guy who hasn't taken over or crashed a single system in the 'Net?

Lean: And you've done something better?

Tri: Two words: System Debian.

[This quiets Lean for a few moments.]

From: "Sai Kennedy"
Date: July 6, 2000

[Sai's mouth is agape from Java's words, Voodoo having already been dismissed by the guards. She slams it shut, clenching her sharp teeth to resist screaming in anger and just walks past an archway and out onto her balcony. Far below, Voodoo is tossed out on his rear, and the "oof!" echoes up to Sai's wide, pointed lemurish ears. She grins and watches lazily as the Author picks himself up and dusts himself off, swishing her tail absentmindedly] Little good your intrusions to my dwellings do for you, Voodoo. Bastard was lucky he didn't catch me out of dress, or his "peeps" would've been out by one Author for a few good Nights. [growls]

[Sai rolls her eyes and thinks over Java's words, turning to walk back inside] I'll have to adress this personally...

[Walking over to her nightstand, grabbing a pen from her work table along the way, Sai turns over CReaTuRe's letter and writes a note to Zaria on the other side, telling her that she'd be back soon. Done with that, she puts it in a noticeable place and goes into an area of the apartment that is strictly hers. She begins putting her makeup on, rubbing flesh tones over her white skin and black nose, taking out some hair dye when that last undertaking is done. After a few minutes she's finally finished and back into more urban clothing, her ears covered with a hat, tail still descending out the back of her pants.]

[Sai examines herself in a mirror and after a pleased expression crosses her face, she nods and turns to leave, portaling through one of her many plot devices to where Java's greenroom is. Walking up to it, she presses the button and waits for someone to answer]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 6, 2000

[And in the Green room...]

"What do you take me for, Pyra, some idiot?!"

"I'm only telling the truth, See!"

"FIVE MINUTES after and they're already betting?!"

"Well, they aren't betting on if you're going to lose or anything."

"Oh. *sigh* Well, that's some relief."

"They're betting on how fast you'll be running."


[Of course, Pyra and See are screamng at each other. Erinys is on te couch, visibly teardropping, and Java is at Tri's laptop fiddling with Photoshop, being slightly protected by the half-dozen firewalls Tri erected.]

See: Java, who's my opponent? Please!

Java: Nope. No telling.

See: It's not Mike, though.

Java: Not Mike.

[See looks relieved.] That's good.

Java: The opponent hasn't even fought in a match.

See: Huh?

Pyra: [grinning] Damn, so Nullzila's out. Who else?

Erinys: [embarresed] Maybe it'll be Toque.

Java: I'm NOT telling! So quiet!

[And there is, for a few nanoseconds.]



Pyra: See, you get it.

See: Erinys, you get it.

Erinys: Pyra, you get it.

[Java looks at the three, smirks, and walks over to the door. She opens it.] Uhm...Hi? [She walks back, allowing Sai to enter.] Uhm...Tea? Biscuits? Anything?

From: "Sai Kennedy"
Date: July 6, 2000

Sai: Heh, you're being awfully hospitable. Zaria made you out to be a regular Shivan. Thanks, but no thanks. The way things are going around here, no offence, but I don't eat what other Authors offer.  [She walks a little further in and turns back to look up at Java] So...*crosses her arms* what's this I hear about you wanting my blood in the ring?

Java: Well-

Sai: I'll tell ya right now, I'm not going out there. I don't mean to overinflate your ego, Craze-thang, but you'd knock the stuffing out of me. I'm no fighter, and you know it.

Java: Sai-

Sai: What's the meaning of this sudden need for violence?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 7, 2000

Java: [blinking] You mean...You won't?

Sai: No way in-

[Java squees and, without warning, traps Sai in a bear hug.] This is perfect!

Sai: What?!

[Java looks in the hallway carefully, then pulls Sai into a corner.]

Java: [ecstatic]This is what I needed! Y'see, I could fight Voodoo, no prob, it's a fair match. And I can always get at him outside the Ring. But when he added the thing with Jay, I was screwed. If I did fight Jay, I'd be shish-kabob'd - and if I didn't, everyone would think I was a chicken.

Sai: So?

Java: Now that you won't fight, I don't have to fight either of the Authors because you're the stip I placed in! You saved my ASCII! Thanks!!

[Sai looks at Java in disbelief.]

Java: Are you sure about the tea? It's not poisoned, just Japanese Green...

From: "Sai Kennedy"
Date: July 7, 2000

[Sai is looking at Java weirdly now, but she sits down on a couch] I gues...tea would be...fine? [still staring as Java rushes off to bring back tea and biscuits] Thanks. [takes a cup of tea but avoids the biscuits] You know, Java, I'm not exactly all up for being used like this, and-

Java: You don't like the biscuits?

Sai: look good! It's're a Hex fan 'n' all, and...well... [gets up suddenly] I have to go. I think I hear CReaTuRe calling for me. [rushes to the door]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 7, 2000

[The worm hole type portal slides shut behind Voodoo as he stands on the Transporter pad. Ki'ace looks up from the controls. Not seeing Sai next to him, she knows he has failed.]

Ki'ace: I guess you will need the fully loaded guantlets?

[Voodoo simple nods to his first Anthro creation and steps off the pad, and walks to the door. Sliding open, Voodoo returns to his section of the green room]

[In the weapons bay. Dax is working on her new deivce, as requested by Voodoo, and Jenny sits at the workbench next to her daughter. Cleaning the old pistol seems to let her mind wonder.]

Jenny: Dax hun.. Answer me something would ya?

Dax: Huh? oh yeah.. shoot Mom.

Jenny: What do you think of this whole thing?

Dax: What'ca mean Mom?

[Dax still hasn't looked up from her work, the laser hums lightly as she attached the powercell to the device.]

Jenny: The MDM, what do you think about it?

Dax: Great workout.

Jenny: No hun.. I don't mean the battles.

Dax: Mind putting it in plain text then?

Jenny: Do you think it's right for us to be here?

Dax: Take a long hard look at out past Mom. We were breed for this stuff.

[This strikes the nereve that Dax shouldn't have touched. Jenny slides the bolt of the weapon back, and sets the pistol down on the table, beaming a look at her child]

Jenny: NO! You were not raised to kill Dax! I raised you better then that!

Dax: Oh really.. then explian why we spent two years hunting down and trying to kill Bios. Hell We tamperd with time, Exploded a system, we even assisnated a governer. And you do think I was raised not to Kill. You can't ignore what we have become.

Jenny: How long you been holding onto that one?

Dax: 'bout a month.

[Dax looks down her device and places the cover on. flicking on the power, she places it on the gauntlet, and reads the power out put that is attached to the device.]

Dax: Voodoo's fighting edge is ready.. I guess I should take it to him..

[Dax stands, picking up Voodoo's newest weapon and walks off to the door, her boots tapping on the metal floor echoing off the walls. She stops and looks back to her mother, who has return to her work.]

Dax: When the killings are done.. I become a Captian...

[Jenny looks back to ask what she means, but Dax is gone]

[Dax had knocked on Voodoo's door, but no answer. She walks in regardless and sees Voodoo is laying on his bed. His eyes closed. Sleeping was one thing Voodoo was never seen doing. Least not a regular basis. Dax decides it would be better to leave the weapon and go. She does so, placing the weapons next to him, and leaving quitly.]

[Voodoo stands in the middle. Middle isn't the word, since there is nothing around him to tell where middle would be. Nothing but White. Voodoo wave's his hand over his colorless surroundings,chaning it into a lake setting. But while he does this, he hopes that the message he is sending the to Creature is coming through]

Voodoo: CRe, I need to talk again.. please come.

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 6, 2000

{Location: Jay's Greenroom}

[Team Winger has returned to its Greenroom, while Jay goes over a few things in the Other Owners' Skybox with them and Bruno.]

[Justice and Tomasi are toe-to-toe, glaring at each other, while Dirk and Sil try to hold back the Most Dangerous Renegade, and while Nails tries to hold back his fellow Terrorizer. Lean helps Nails out.

[All action comes to a halt as the Big Shot Author returns. He sees the two badasses glaring at each other, and his eyes narrow. They immediately back off, but still glare at each other.]

Jay: Save it for the ring. Tomasi.

Tomasi: [not taking his eyes off Justice] What?

Jay: You and Nails go to the training room. Just get the hell out of here. I don't want to have to keep you two apart.

[Grumbling, the Terrorizers leave, but not before the sprite gives Justice a hard shove. The rest of the Grizzly crew has to hold him back.]

Jay: Justice, you and the crew play cards or something. Twins!

[Nil & Void look up.]

Jay: Get out there. Your match is first.

[When he hears that, Lean heads off to the training room to prep for his match against Gigabyte.

[Jay heads off to his office in the Greenroom, where he finds -- much to his dismay -- Chaotis waiting for him. Beneath his mask, the Hacker Anarch grins.]

Chaotis: Wing-man! Listen, I have a request to make...

Jay: [sighs] What is it, Cha?

Chaotis: I wanna see some action, man! I wanna score with one o' them Mainframe babes!

Jay: [as he seats himself] Got two words for ya, Cha --

Chaotis: Puck it?

Jay: Dream on. Besides, the Mainframe women are otherwise occupied toNight.

Chaotis: Well then, for the next Night, man!

Jay: ... I'll think about it. Now beat it.

Chaotis: Yes, sir, right away, sir.

[The Hacker Anarch leaves, and Jay sighs, shaking his head, as if to say, I'll have to do something about that one.]

From: "The Aught Twins"
Date: July 7, 2000

["On the Edge" plays and Bob (clad as he is on AW's ReBoot/Matrix poster) runs out through the audience, sliding into the ring. He grins and poses for the audience, then gestures to the Metatron. A spinning Guardian icon flashes, with green electrons orbiting it. A snippet of a Volkswagen commercial plays (of all things):]

Metatron: (female vox) T-t-t-t-t-t-turbonium.

[Shots of Turbo from "The Episode with No Name" and "Trust No One" play over music from the former episode, then the Prime Guardian himself emerges (also clad as he is on AW's ReBoot/Matrix poster). He waves to the audience as he joins Bob. They devest themselves of jackets and sunglasses.]

Ring Announcer: Representing ReBoot, from Mainframe, the Web's Interface, Guardian 452 -- BOB! And his tag team partner, from the Supercomputer, the legendary Prime Guardian -- TURBO!

[Cheers for both, and then the lights dim all over the arena. The opening percussion and guitar of Blur's "Song 2" plays for a while as spotlights sweep the crowds before zeroing in on Nil and Void Aught, standing on one of the rafters, facing opposite directions. They gesticulate like the Hardy Boyz of the WWF, then both go "Aaah!" and pose (again, a la the Hardys) and flip off just as the song goes "Whoo hoo!" In midflip, they flick out their hoverboards and swoop low over the audience. Now they start dancing like Too Cool before they come down to the ring.]

R. Announcer: And representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, from the Resonate System, Nil and Void -- the AUGHT TWINS!

[Nil and Void stash their boards to the side and slap each other a high-five. Nil pulls his goggles up on his forehead and faces Bob. Void and Turbo get outside the ropes and wait.]

Mills Lane: All right, let's keep the dancing to a minimum; it makes me nauseous. You know the rules, so let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings. Nil ducks under Bob's first swing, then springs over his sweep kick and drop-kicks Bob in the face. Bob falls, but recovers quickly and grapples with Nil, forcing him back into the corner, where he starts delivering the old one-two, left-right punches. Nil slumps low, and Bob backs off slightly to get better distance for a boot choke, but Nil kicks up and low-blows Bob, who doubles over and stumbles back. Nil uses his breathing room to climb up onto the second rope.

[Nil flips off the rope, rolls down Bob's back and lands on his feet, hooking his hands under Bob's arms and ducking, throwing Bob hard across the ring. As Bob lies stunned, Nil pulls him over to his corner, where Void has begun to climb to the second rope in preparation. The Twins tag as Nil lies Bob on his back and spreads his legs slightly. The Twins look out at the crowd, Hardy-gesture ("Aaah!"), then jump. Nil's legs land on Bob's exposed crotch as Void lands on Bob's sternum. Bob doubles over as Nil slips out of the ring. Void stomps a few times before the referee pulls him back. Bob uses the momentary breather to crawl quickly to Turbo to tag him in.

[Turbo charges in and hits Void with a hard right, then whips him into the ropes. Void springs back into a drop-kick which Turbo just barely ducks. Void lands on his arm, wincing and kicking his legs in pain. Turbo takes him by the hair and stands him up to backhand him into the corner. Void spins in mid-fall and hits his face on the post. Turbo closes, but Void jumps, springs off the post and backflips over Turbo. He shoves Turbo into the corner, then delivers a few kidney shots. When Turbo stumbles out of the corner, Void runs from the side and shoves Turbo down in a face-plant. Void stands up, a wild look on his face. He's feelin' it! Waving his arms, he hops in a circle. W! (hop) O! (hop) R! (hop) M! (hop) It's the Worm! Void drops on his belly and wiggles toward Turbo and stands on his feet, swinging his arms once (huh!), twice (huh!), three times (huh!) before pumping and dropping a forearm on Turbo's sternum.

[Void goes for the cover, but Bob runs in and drops his elbow on Void's head. Turbo rolls out of the ring, clutching his chest in pain while Bob and Void grapple. Turbo doesn't see Nil ascend the post and flip off toward him until Nil is almost upon him. Nil's body slams into Turbo's and knocks them both down. Nil gets back up and climbs to his corner. He waits as Void grabs Bob's arm and whips him into the corner. When Bob gets to the corner, Nil jumps and kicks Bob in the face, knocking him down. Void positions him, then tags Nil. Nil ascends the post again, then pulls his goggles back down over his eyes. He points at Bob. He's gonna fly! The Hip Hop Drop on Bob's face!

[Nil goes for a pin, but Turbo has recovered and pulls him out of the ring. He delivers a haymaker that floors Nil, and doesn't see Void get speed by springing off the far ropes. Void flips over the ropes and collides with Turbo, knocking him flat. Nil gets back up, shakily, and Bob gets back up and grabs him by the hair to pull him back into the ring. Bob hurls him into the corner, sets him up, then delivers a hard arm-chop to Nil's chest. The slap is loud. He does it again, then a third time before Void slides into the ring behind him. He kicks Bob in the gut, then grabs him in what appears to be a DDT.

[But then Void does a Hardy-gesture ("Aaah!") and unleashes a Twist of Fate to Bob. Nil has climbed to the top post, where he does his own Hardy-gesture ("Aaah!") and flies off in the Swanton Bomb and slams into Bob. He goes for the pin as Turbo climbs up on the apron to attempt to stop the pin.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings. Nil and Void stand, victorious, and get their sunglasses ready, but then they see Bob and Turbo start to leave, dejected at Mainframe's losing AGAIN. Nil and Void nod, then stop them. Grinning, the Twins get Bob and Turbo's sunglasses from their jackets and hold them up. The audience starts to cheer in anticipation, and Bob and Turbo, understanding the gist, smile and stay in the ring. Nil and Void hold the shades up, then slide them onto the Guardians' faces. They put on their own shades, then all four assume the pose -- heads bowed and hands folded. The dance music starts, and then all four fighters dance to the delight of the crowd!]

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 10, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[The Twins return from their match, still wearing sunglasses and grinning. The rest of the Res crew cheers and greets them -- except for Lean Il Lupe and the Terrorizers, who are off in the training room. And except for the Grizzly crew, who are busy playing cards with Chaotis and Burke.

[Cowboy, however, does grin as he sees the Twins.]

Cowboy: Nice dancin'.

Zilch: Nice thing ya did there for Bob 'n' Turbo, hey? Lettin'em in on the fun.

Nil: Hey, like Quinn and Niente said to them after that tag fight last Night --

Void: -- we're not total dipswitches like the Terrorizers.

[Jay grins from his desk, then opens a vid-window to the training room. Tomasi can be seen working over a punching bag in the background, while Nails sharpens his claws. Lean steps into the frame.]

Lean: Yes, Big Shot?

Jay: You set for your match with Gigabyte?

Lean: Naturally.

Jay: All right. Get out there.

[Lean nods, and the vid closes.]

{Place - Training Room}

[Tomasi mops sweat off his brow with a towel and comes over to Nails, who looks up.]

Tomasi: You sure you know what to do later?

Nails: Naturally. We covered all this before we came here, all right? Now you just focus on beating that User and that half-breed.

Tomasi: Ya don't need to tell me what to do.

[Tomasi goes back to pounding the bag.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 10, 2000

Pyra: You're kidding. You have a plan?!

[Java looks around.] Why are you looking at me?

Erinys: Jav, you with a plan is like...

See: Dot Matrix without one.

Java:*blink* Oh.

[Tri slips in.] Plan? Do tell.

Java: Alright. Pyra, you're against either Mouse or Andraia. I didn't give credit to your abilitys-use them. Got it? [She nods.] Erinys, you're back up for the Tricks. Do what I tell you. Tri, you're the main helper here. Help me out, please?

Tri: Don't worry.

Java: I'll be calling Voodoo out after See's match. I may fight him-

[The team begins arguing, but Java pulls out her mallet. Silence.]

Java: -but it'll be on *my* terms. Meaning no Jay match. As I said, I'm not an idiot.

See: What about *me*?

[Java looks at him.] You won't die. Okay?

See: ...Can't you give me more than that?

Java: Hmm...Look for the magenta. S'all.

[Fury disbands to their usual places. Tri walks up.]

Java: Something wrong?

Tri: One thing...Hell's been breaking loose for the Writer, hasn't it?

Java: How did you know?

Tri: She called me up. Is it true?

[Java looks away.] It's a definite possibility.

Tri: Cool.

Java: What?

[Tri pats Java on the back.] Z'okay, Jav. I'm just the char.

Java: You playing?

Tri: After Lean's match; it's soon, so he's off. And we've lost either Tomasi or Justice with them being dumbass'. So...First Trick?

Java: Yeah...How much are the big lights in the rafters?

Tri: Dunno...Thou?

Java: Hm. [Smiles] Ideas...

From: "Lean Il Lupe"
Date: July 10, 2000

[The Metatron flares with a split screen, one side showing a snarling Megabyte, and the other a snarling Hexadecimal. Lightning flashes on the screen, and the two halves smash together. Gigabyte's face flashes before the screen and the lights go out.]

Metatron: [Gigabyte] I am become Gigabyte, destroyer of systems.

[Gigabyte's theme plays ("Destroyer of Systems"). Slowly, the Class-5 Virus walks out, making grand gestures with his claw to the crowd, who is reacting to his presence -- some like him (hey, part of him's Megabyte) and some don't (because try as he might, GB's not as cool as MB). Gigabyte climbs up on the ring apron, then turns around to face the audience again. He raises his claw in the air, then jams it down into the ground. Pyros go off in two lines straight up to the stage, where the stage almost appears to explode with pyro bursts. GB turns back to the ring and climbs in by stepping over the top rope.]

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Representing Mainframe, the merged form of Megabyte and Hexadecimal, the Class Five Destroyer Virus -- GIGABYTE!

[GB paces over to one of the corners and leans back against it, laying his arms on the ropes, gazing out over the audience with his face-mask. The Metatron darkens, then lights up with a burst of lightning.]

Metatron: Well it's IL LUPE!!

[Il Lupe's theme, "Wolf," plays. The fans scream as the intro continues. Pyros go off around the stage, and when the light fades and smoke clears, standing there is Lean Il Lupe, but he's not in his leather look. Instead, he's back in his dignified armor from before his apparent deletion. His hands rest on the top of his cane. The audience is surprised.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, from the Negacrag of Cragis, the Class-8 Conqueror Virus -- LEAN IL LUPE!

[Lean regards the shocked audience, then smirks. He raises his hand, holding a microphone in his hand along with his cane.]

Lean Il Lupe: I know that you're probably wondering where the leather is. Well, to be perfectly frank, it's miserably hot in that stuff. So, for a change of pace, I'm going back to the classic look. After all, it's worked before.

[Gigabyte comes up from his position in the corner to stand at the ropes, looking at Lean silently. Lean smirks, and the crowd sees that though his appearance isn't the leather-clad ferocious side, his teeth are still sharp and fanged.]

Lean: Oh, yes, that's right...him. [He gestures at GB dismissively.] Gigabyte. The next in my little Tour de Virii. Well, Gigs, rest assured by the time I'm done with you, [sings] o/~ you'll have to find another place to dwell, and it's down at the end of Wannabe Drive, at the BEATDOWN HOTEL! o/~

[The audience cheers. Lean regards the crowd.]

Lean: If you think Gigs should pack his bags and check in...gimme a Howl Yeah!

[The audience roars "HOWL YEAH!" and Lean throws down his microphone and dissipates his cane back into energy, which he stores in himself. As he walks down to the ring, he styles his hair up in the wolf-ear style (from his leather-clad form) and flicks his fingers. His claws return as he stands opposite GB. Mills Lane steps in.]

Mills Lane: Okay, here's the low down: no showy energy shows, no draining of your opponent. Keep it clean, and I'll keep you alive. Let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings. Lean and Gigs circle each other. GB makes a feint with his claw, then lungs in with his hand to grapple. Lean blocks and drives the heel of his hand into GB's face-mask. The Class-5 staggers back, and Lean keeps on, smacking him with his right hand, then pausing, rearing back and bringing his fist down hard in the Knock-Down Blow. Lean stomps once on GB's knee -- the same knee that he injured on Megabyte -- but GB doesn't have MB's injuries, so he doesn't feel any more pain than normal.

[Lean steps back as GB gets up, then moves in. GB slashes with his claw, and Lean charges in, the claw cutting across his back, merely scratching his armor. Lean smirks, pivots and drives his elbow into GB's head. He pivots the other way, drives in his other elbow, then pivots and does the first elbow again. As GB reels back, Lean's foot fires back and kicks the Class-5 in the gut, then flicks his leg up, throwing GB into the air in the process.

[As GB falls, the Wolf charges in and drop kicks GB as he descends. GB sits up, woozy, and Lean shifts behind him and grabs his head in his claws. With a howl, Lean unleashes the Real Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment (the Lightning Howl). GB shudders as he is attacked, then surges to his feet, hurling Lean back with his arm. The Class-5 whirls to face him, his face-mask's eyes glowing fiercely. Lean made a mistake -- his Lightning Howl doesn't affect GB, because GB absorbs energy. He just gave GB his second wind.

[The Class-8 retreats as the larger Class-5 pursues him, then ducks under GB's grasp and swings up his fist in a low-blow. GB staggers, wincing, and Lean jumps straight up, locks his legs around GB's head, then swings down in a huracarana and slams GB into the mat. GB lies stunned, long enough for Lean to climb to the top rope and to prepare for a flying elbow drop. But as Lean climbs, GB gets up and grabs Lean out of the air with one hand. Lean's hand goes to the vice-like grip around his throat, and he kicks wildly as GB throws him down in a vicious chokeslam.

[GB raises his claw in the air and turns, showing the audience as his claw twitches with anticipation. GB turns back to Lean to bring the claw down, but Lean rolls away at the last second, leaving GB's claw to get stuck in the mat. Lean snap-kicks GB in the head, knocking the Class-5 down, then twists GB around, painfully hurting GB's shoulder. Lean kicks the claw free, but GB is too hurt to get back up.

[Just to be sure, Lean springs off the ropes in Chris Jericho's Lionsault (or should that be Wolfsault in this case?) and lands on GB for the pin. The ref runs in.]

Referee: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings. Lean stands, triumphant, and conjures up his cane, which he raises to the air, howling with victory. He leers back at GB, then swings his cane down once into GB's injured arm once for good measure. Then he strides off, the crowd chanting "LUPE! LUPE! LUPE!" (just like they do with The Rock, "ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!") GB lies in the ring, clutching his separated shoulder.]

From: "Sai Kennedy"
Date: July 10, 2000

{Yarom Apartment}

[Sai is smiling widely and clapping, occasionally doing some howling of her own] WOOOHOOOO! Kick Giggy BUTT! [She only stops when she feels watched, turning around to see Zaria standing at the door] What're you staring at? [Giggling, she straightens out her hair and stand up tall (well not tall, but we get the idea)]

Zaria: Aren't you concerned? Minke hasn't come back yet.

Sai: Her name's CReaTuRe!!

Zaria: Not according to her. You're just living with memories, and she's not your WeB ViRuS, so get over it!

[Sai's face goes greyishly pale, and she just stands there, appearing stunned by Zaria's harsh words. When she finally speaks, her voice is choked and barely a whisper] Get out of here, bitch.

Zaria: It's the truth is all! Truth hurts-

Sai: OUT! [runs at Zaria and shoves her through the door, shutting and locking it] And...and stay out...

[Suddenly feeling depression overcome her, Sai walks silently back over to her monitor and watches the fight for a fourth time. She sniffles once and giggles when Gigabyte goes down again. She laughs when Lean plays dirty and dislocates GB's arm] Stupid rolley-polley... No wonder he took you down: charisma. [types in some commands to replay the DVD one last time...]

From: "Lean Il Lupe"
Date: July 10, 2000

{Place - Training Room}

[Tomasi and Nails grin as Lean Il Lupe returns from his match with Gigabyte.]

Tomasi: There he is, the Conquering Virus Himself, man.

Nails: All hail the Wolf!

[They start the 'LUPE' chant again, during which Lean shifts his armor back to his Ginole attire and slips on a pair of sunglasses. Tomasi grins.]

Tomasi: Great work, boss.

Lean: Thank you, Tomasi. You're not doing too bad yourself. I never thanked you for helping me put Megabyte out of commission.

Tomasi: Ah, no sweat, boss. I just wish ya could do the same when I go up against those two bastards later tonight.

Lean: What do you mean?

Nails: The Big Shot's decreed that we're not supposed to interfere in the Triple Threat Match later tonight.

Tomasi: Wants the match to be fair for some odd reason.

Lean: Well, ours is not to reason why...

Nails: !! The hell?! I thought you were on our side, Wolf!

Lean: I am on your side, Arn --

Nails: Nails!

Lean: Whatever. I am on your side, but if I want to get my shot at Bios for the Overlord title, I have to stay on Winger's good side. I'm not going to do that by going against his orders.

[Tomasi snarls and throws a barbell across the room, putting a sizable hole in the wall. He walks up to Lean and sticks his finger in his face.]

Tomasi: I stuck my neck out for you loads of times. Hell, my brother got killed because of your orders to defend that User gimp! The least you could do is back me up!

Lean: [calmly] Get your finger out of my face.

[Tomasi responds by shoving Lean over a bench, making the virus tumble, his sunglasses toppling off and his cane skittering across the floor. Nails flexes his claws.]

Tomasi: I thought you were my comrade. Now I see you sold out. Get the hell out of here, "boss." I got some training to do. [turns away to lie under the barbell for bench pressing]

Nails: Yeah, you heard him. Beat it. [He sticks his claws under Lean's nose for emphasis.]

[Lean gets up, his cane reappearing in his hand and his sunglasses immediately correcting themselves. He adjusts his clothing, then points a finger at the bench where Tomasi is. A bolt of lightning shoots out and knocks the weights off and onto Tomasi's neck. The sprite chokes while Nails rushes to help him. Lean just scoffs and leaves.]

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Lean returns as Nada and Burke head out. He watches them leave, then goes up to Jay.]

Lean: Big Shot --

Jay: [shushes him] I know, Lean. I'll handle it, don't worry.

[Lean doesn't look convinced, but he doesn't press it. Jay appears to be busy playing something on PlayStation -- whether or not it is "Countdown to Chaos" is unknown. (Chances are he's playing some Squaresoft RPG.) Lean seats himself at the card table and gets dealed in.]

From: "Nada Aught & Lt. Thomas Burke"
Date: July 11, 2000

{Place - Neutral locker room}

[A separator has been put up, so that Nada and Burke don't accidentally expose themselves as they suit up. Burke changes out of his street clothing into his Guardian uniform. Nada is putting on her Flip Side Felon attire.]

Burke: You ready?

Nada: Natch. You?

Burke: Certainly.

Nada: Remember, no matter what happens out there --

Burke: -- It's nothing personal.

Nada: Exactly.

[Burke clips his belt on and adjusts his Guardian faux-icon. He nods, then glances at the partition. Nada steps out, just finishing her braids.]

Nada: All right. Now we just have to wait until See Piler's done with his match-up.

Burke: Right. I wonder who the bloody fool's got to face toNight.

[The two of them watch a monitor.]

From: "Minke"
Date: July 11, 2000

[Dax is watching Crix sitting in an office chair, watching what he's doing in the hopes that EVA will be in prime working condition again. As much as everything could appear perfect on the outside, running through things couldn't hurt]

[Crix is typing something out on his laptop, watching what comes up upon EVA's LAN's monitor. Ki'eva is beside him assisting, pointing out a couple mistakes and having a few pointed out by Dax as well. In a few minutes Crix and Ki'eva are into a heated discussion totally off subject over quantum mechanics]

EVA: What are you doing, Crix?

Dax: He's just working out a few last-minute bugs.

EVA: I do not have "bugs".

Crix: Trust me on this, EVA...

[Minke appears in the room suddenly]

Dax: Whoa!

Crix: The hell??

[Dax and the others whip around to stare]

Ki'eva: Minke?

Dax: CReaTuRe?

[Walking through a portal, and upon seeing Dax, Ki'eva and Crix, she walks over to Dax and leans down to her height]

Minke *Where is Voodoo...?*

[Dax points to Voodoo's room, not taking her eyes off of Minke] In there...

Minke *Okay...* [walks off to where Team Sai's room is]

[Dax and Ki'eva share glances and exchange expressions]

Ki'eva: What was *that* all about?

Ki'ace: Never mind that, I'd like to know where Sai and the rest of the team is...

[Scar comes walking over, or thundering over due to his size] What're you thinking?

Ki'ace: Not what you think I'm thinking.

Scar: About her being here mysteriously appearing out of nowhere without Sai -or- Zaria?

Ki'ace: nailed it.

[Scar stands proudly]

Crix: You guys mind? No offense, but this is tough stuff here without background music.

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 12, 2000

[The characters in the room are still a little stuned by the fact that Creature,known to them know as Minke, just up and walked in. No questions other then where Voodoo was.they wounderd for a bit how long it would be till Voodoo would explain this.]

[The large oak doors that lead to Voodoo's room opened, Dax, the only character to look away from the others converstaion and to her creator, noticed that he was wearing her newest weapon. Although Dax in her own right wasn't an inventor, she always got a kick out making stuff, her clothes, her jewlery(which is few and far between), and even small inventions. She didn't make any radical changes, not yet a least, to the the technolgy world. She used what she knew, and with E.V.A. by her side, she had all the information she could even need.]

[Voodoo adjusted the gauntlets. The perfect weapons in some respects. Light wight, and very normal, never really attacting the attention a gun or other weapon might. When Voodoo had asked for a new set, since the ones before were damaged in the battle with Winger, and the ones before these were only useable as a control interface, Voodoo didn't have any real weapony. Dax explained that she was working on a new set and that would servive the next battle, and have more uses then just a concusion blast and interface.]

Voodoo: Good wrok Dax..

Dax: They are untested Voodoo, You know the power levels Winger puts out first hand, i'm working on data you gave me.

Voodoo: I know Dax and I am really thankful for the new modle.

Dax: Just hope you don't blow out the buffers, you may have to take a hit or two for him before they kick in.

Voodoo: I trust you Dax, now, is our guest here?

Dax: In her room, least that who i think you are addressing.

[Voodoo nods and walks past the youngest of the all his characters and to Minke's room. He knocks on the door as he opens it. Looking at the floor as he steps in, not knowing what to expect.]

Voodoo: Hello? You in here?

From: "Minke"
Date: July 12, 2000

[Sitting on the floor in the dark, Minke opens her eyes and looks up from an object she was levitating, and it almost crashes to the floor. Her paw catches it just in time, and she gives Voodoo a look. It isn't angry or surprised, but it's just enough to somehow let Voodoo know he's interupted something]

[Minke rolls the crystal around in her paw] *Something you wished to speak to me about, Voodoo? Did I...arrive too soon...?* [She stands out of politeness, even bowing slightly, and awaits his answer]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 13, 2000

[Voodoo keeps his head down, as if not sure if he should look up or not. When here hears the crash he looks up with cation. Taking in the event that happen, he see he has enterd at a bad time]

Voodoo: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interupt. I just wanted to talk to you for a moment or so. But i can come back later.

[Voodoo turns around and begins to leave]

From: "Minke"
Date: July 14, 2000

[Minke comes foreward a step, perhaps with seemingly too much urgency] *Wait.* [She sees Voodoo turn around] *It's alright... You wish to speak with me [nodding her head, levitating the ball over to it's holding place on Sai's dresser] so speak...*

[Going over to sit down upon a large, round pillow on the floor, Minke motions for Voodoo to do the same and sit down on one next to hers] *Please...sit...*

[Voodoo walks over to near the cushion, but he does not sit down]

[Minke tilts her head at this but doesn't consider it relevant for more than that much time] *What was it you wished to speak with me about...?*

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 14, 2000

[Voodoo sits down out a respect and looks to his Anthroic friend. He looks at her hard for a moment, never really thinking about her apperance before, let alone the fact that she is anything other then a person he knows. He knows her mind, least the parts he has seen. He knows her powers, from again, what he has seen. Sai's proudest creation sits next to him, and Sai is no where is sight. He knows that Sai is going to go insane when she she finds this out, but he doesn't care.]

Minke:*So Voodoo, what is it I can do for you?*

[Voodoo shifts in the pillow, trying to find a way to not lean back and fall over]

Voodoo: To be honest.. I came here to ask if there was anything I can do for you.


Voodoo:You are pretty much a member of this team, and are en-tilted to everything and anything this team and or room offers.

Minke:*Such as?*

Voodoo: You know very well that all and any technolgy that is in this room is all Metaversian, and most of it seems somewhat from fic's writen.

Minke:*Such as your's*

Voodoo: Mostly yes... I just wanted you to know that you don't have to be shut away in here all the time. Everyone is equal here, as one can tell by the way Bios struts around the place. But E.V.A. is ready to serve any needs you my need. Infomation,specs,clothing, pretty much anything you can imagin. Kitchen is open to, but.. Well..

Minke:*I know Voodoo, don't be afraid to say it.*

Voodoo: Just trying not to call attention to the obvious. Just.. If you need anything, or just want to spreed you wings once in a while, do so. My home is your home now, you aren't a prisonor.

[Voodoo stands and slowly walks to the door]

From: "Minke"
Date: July 15, 2000

[She watches him walk out the door and sits there thinking a moment] *As a matter of fact, Voodoo...there is something I need...*

[She walks back over to the dresser that Sai had apparently cared nothing for and had simply left here, levitating her little ball of crystal again and making it glow a pleasant white. Once again her mind is overcome with trying to understand feelings she doesn't grasp and doesn't recall ever having felt before.]

[Finally she makes her decision]

Minke *There is indeed something I need... EVA?*

EVA: Yes, Minke?

Minke *Make me some cotton candy in the replicator please...?*

EVA: Of course. Not a problem.

Minke *Thank you, EVA... And...*

EVA: Something else?

[Minke sends an image to the AI] *See this?*

EVA: Very pretty. And very unlike you...

Minke *I suppose... So maybe I'm changing a little...*

EVA: Budding blossom. I suppose you'd like for me to replicate this too?

[Minke half-grins] *If plot devices allow...*

EVA: I'll see what can be done. Will that be all?

[Minke rolls the sphere of light around in her plam for a moment] *Yes...yes, that will be fine. Thank you...*

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 16, 2000

[Voodoo sits in his room, looking through the window onto the ring below. He pays little attention to the past few fights. His mind is not set on Dax's match, he knows she will win, even if she doesn't, it care's little to him. He knows that if she looses that she did her best and not even Winger can take that away from her.]

[Voodoo sits alone, thinking over the possible future. Minke is now living in his part of the MDM, if there is anything he should fear, its Sai when she finds this out. *If* she finds out. Sighing he knows what he did was right, in some extents of the word. Although not a telepath, he saw the hidden images of where Minke was when he contacted her, he knew that she might not be able to live outside of what she knows. And as far as Voodoo knows, It's the Arena type setting that she knows. He know, or maybe feels, that this is her place to be. Among people who are different and except beings like here. Here she has Hybrid,Zed and Dreckard, even a virus. All who can teach her in the ways of the world.]

[Voodoo stands and looks over to the E.V.A. interface, he walks to it, tapping on it, he looks through his files. He notices something that he should have seen long ago. She has no world. Nothing like that of everyone else, she has no fic to call her own. "Maybe it's the best" he thinks, to not have a story that holds you to one place and reason of thought. He has seen her break mold after mold here in the MDM. Maybe thats why he evenys her, the ability to change when she wants to.]

[He can't change and he knows it. He is only a person made for the MDM, his characteristics are locked in stone and he can not change them any more then he could stick his hand in lava and expect it not to burn.]

[ Voodoo looks at the interface panel. He could so easily tap on it and have a live video feed right into her room. but he doesn't, he does what he should do, he deletes the link and returns to his chair, and his eyes return to the ring below, watching the next set of matchs, and waiting for his turn in the ring.]

From: "See Piler"
Date: July 12, 2000

[The Metatron lights up diagonally, one side bright as day, the other completely dark. Remembering the last match like this, the fans begin cheering and catcalling.]

Announcer: This match is schedualed for one fall. For the Supercomputer, representing Team Trinomial, See Piler!

[See appears, looking fairly nonchalant but also slightly gray 'bout the gills. The crowd begins calling "Runner! Runner!" As he climbs into the ring, Pyra waves at him, grinning evilly.]

Announcer: And his opponent...

[The announcer falls silent. From the dark of the ring, two giant wings flare into existance, and the being steps into the light.]

?: Zaytan...

[See looks up at the Avatar towering over him, trying to say something. Instead, Zaytan pulls up his burning blade-hand and slamms it where See just was, except he had dodged. See looks at the demon, and mutters one thing.]

"I'm *so* going to get you , Java...ACK!"

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 12, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Everyone is watching the match on the vid-windows. Most of the Team appears to be pro-See. The only people who don't seem to care are Justice, Dirk, Sil, and Lean, who remain absorbed in their card game. When See emerges, some of the people in Jay's Greenroom start chanting "Runner!" too.]

DaVinci: I wonder who the poor sap has to fight toNight.

[Then Zaytan emerges. Silence descends on the Greenroom. Nada, still in the locker room, calmly opens her laptop. Burke speaks first.]

Burke: Change my bet to favor Zaytan.

Nada: Got it.

[And soon the others start vid-windowing her to change their own bets. Oh, how fickle they are.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 15, 2000

[See stands from falling to avoid a punch, watching Zaytan nervously as he gets up. The Avatar stares at him for a few seconds, then steps forward and swings his axe blade in a wide circle, trying to decapitate See. The guardian jumps back, and turns to hurry into the corner. As Zaytan approches, he clambers onto the post and turns to face him.

[When the game sprite tries to punch See down, he jumps up wildly over Zaytan, but unable to make it over him, he grabs his head and twists over onto his back like a Cretean bull-jump, hanging on around the Avatars throat (if he had one). Zaytan roars and tries to throw See off. Failing that, he flaps his wings backwards, burning See's shoulders and loosening his grip so when Zaytan jumps up, See loses his grasp and falls behind onto his back.

[Zaytan turns around and tries his energy-draining finish, but at the last second See jumps up in a backward roll, kicking the Avatar's head for momentum, and rolls straight out of the ring. Zaytan jumps into flight and hovers outside of the ring near See. Barely controling the part of his mind screaming, "RUN! RUN!", See backsteps, searching wildly for something to use against his opponent, when he dives to the left near an announcers box and picks up a bucket. Narrowly avoiding another decapitation attempt, he slides into the ring before Zaytan and yells a chalange to him.

{Place: Java's Green Room.}

Erinys: Is he insane?!

Java:[smiling mysteriously] He may be summat cowardly, but he knows what he's doing, Erinys. [She stands up and leaves the Green Room.]

Erinys: [blinks] You're kidding.

{Place: Arena}

[Zaytan turns to See, narrowing his eyes, then flies up and over the ring. He raises his blade, then flies down in a swoop, aiming for See. Right before he reaches him, See pulls the bucket up and throws water onto the Avatar. His wings, composed of fire, dissapear, and he falls onto his knees. Barely thinking, the guardian hefts the bucket onto Zaytan's head, knocking him down.

See: Oww...

[He nearly falls over Zaytan as the ref administers the count and he wins. The crowd collectivly stares in shock a second, then starts cheering and talking rapidly amongst themselves. Pyra, in the front of the crowd, vaults over the railing and pushes a few refs out of the way to pick the dazed See up.]

Pyra: You alright?

See: Yeah...Burnt...Please tell me you bet in my favor?

[Pyra laughs and picks him up. As she walks up the ramp with him, Java appears unannounced at the top and walks down to the ring, waiting for a second while Zaytan is retrieved, then climbs in with a mike-clip on her shirt (That thing is heavy!)]

Java: Hello everyone... [She trails off, watching the crowd quiet, then breaks into giggles.] Wait a nano: did you expect me to let one of my characters get killed or something?! I'm a psychopath, yes, but there's a reason there's a Friendly in front of it. Now, why did I come here? [She looks up a moment in thought, then nods, smile fading.] Oh yes... I wanted to speak so someone. Voodoo! [She stands, arms crossed, looking straight up.] Voodoo, [sweetly] if you're not busy...there's a matter we need to discuss. Come down, if you will...if you're not afraid of a little old polymorph. Come down with your almighty characters, your high-tech guns...or come alone and on an equal level. But come...I'm waiting.

From: "Nada Aught & Lt. Thomas Burke"
Date: July 15, 2000

{Place - Locker Room}

[Nada & Lt. Burke watch the match on the monitors. During the course of the match, Burke discreetly changes his bet to favor the Guardian. When See wins, Burke smiles.]

Burke: It's tactics like that which give the Guardians a good name. He could've been a Hellbat.

Nada: I thought the Hellbats were disbanded.

Burke: They were. [peers at Nada's laptop] So, how much I win?

Nada: [checks] Looks like you and DaVinci are the only ones who bet on See, so you split the winnings with him. While I myself don't gamble, I take 10% as the bookie.

Burke: Sounds fair.

Nada: Good. 'Cuz if you'd said otherwise, I would have taken all of your winnings.

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 15, 2000

[Java taps her foot on the mat of the ring, waiting with a smirk on her face, expexting something over blown, something.. So like Voodoo. To bad she was looking the wrong way.]

Voodoo:What is it Java?

[Java nearly jumps out of her skin as she hears Voodoo's voice right behind her. She turns and faces him, about to let in with a word or two, but stops when she see's he is less then dressed, for him atleast. Clad in only black jeans and a grey t-shirt, the only thing he seems to have tradmarked on are the silver guardian like gauntlets that he wears.]

Java: It's so you Voodoo..

Voodoo: Java.. What is it?.. if you called me down here just to talk fashion sense then i'm leaving right now. So what'ca want?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 15, 2000

[Java gives Voodoo a good once over, then smiles cunningly.] Well, understatement has it's charms, so I'll be simple. You set me up in matches against yourself and Jay, in order according to the Battle winner. Well, my single stipulation was that Sai would be in this plan, and she has since spoken to me and informed me that she isn't. So, no two matches.

[She looks across to Voodoo, appraising his mood.]

Java: However...

Voodoo: You've decided not to cowardly back out? Really...

[She glares.] In fact, I'll take up one of the offers. One Author match, between you and me. No Jay match; as I said, I'm not an idiot. So, what rules do you want? None of my characters will interfere, or that of my ally. [She turns and leans against the post.] Speak, my dear Author, speak...I'll listen quietly. Choose your rules.

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 15, 2000

{Jay's Greenroom}

[The entirety of Team Winger (with the exceptions of Elogin, Archer, Lazarus, Ünres, and some of the characters from future Chronicles fics) is watching the monitors, seeing Java and Voodoo have words. Nada & Burke watch from the locker room, waiting for the ring to clear for the start of the tournament.]

Zilch: Wonder if the Big Shot's gonna have anything to say about that, hey?

Naught: Probably. Right, Jay? [no answer] Jay?

[All heads turn to look at the Big Shot's desk, but he's not there.]

Nil: Hey!

Void: Check it!

[Heads turn back to the monitors, where they can see the Metatron start the Y2Jay timer. The Jay-Java side of the audience starts cheering. The "Big Shot" chants start. The timer hits zero, and then the lights go out. They come back up, but there's no sign of Jay at the stage, or in the rafters, where he's emerged previously. Java and Voodoo also look around, wondering where he is.]

Jay: [voice] Riddle me this, riddle me that...

[Java and Voodoo turn to see him leaning against the turnbuckle, examining his fingernails. Evidently, Voodoo isn't the only one who can do that first-you-can't-see-me-now-you-can trick. He looks up and smirks at the Author and 'ress.]

Jay: ...who's afraid of the big black rat?

[He gets up from his leaning position and strides toward the other two. His gold Author belt is around his waist, and when he tilts down his glasses, it's more plain that his eyes are viral.]

Jay: I don't begrudge you for not wishing to fight me, Java. I have no desire to harm a hair on your psychotic little head. [glances at Voodoo, then shrugs] I'm more than willing, however, to leave a few pieces for you to play with once I'm done with Black Jack Whatshisname here.

[He smirks then.]

Jay: Good luck with your little Tricks, Jav. If you need anything from me, [smile] don't hesitate to ask.

[He does an overdramatic bow, then (blink) he's gone, just as suddenly as he appeared.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 15, 2000

[Voodoo shrugs at Jay's exit. Seems that old dogs can learn new tricks. But far be it from him to judge, even more after recent events. He looks back to the youngest writer and folds his armsd. He thinks over her offer.]

Voodoo: Deal, But here are the rules my little coffee bean..

Java(rolling her eyes): Ugh, what are they?

Voodoo: You and me go at it before Winger and my match. I have a strong feeling that ours will be something new to the Metaverse. And I promise that none of my Characters from past,present, and or possible future will interfear with the match. No guns,knifes,plasma weapons, 2X4 and so forht will be used. And none of those little balls of yours ether Java. I still retain the last marks you gave me....

[Java can't help but smerk at that remark. Voodoo catchs this and sighs before thinking it all over again]

Voodoo: And Mr. Winger or Ms. Sai my not attend unless they are... watch over? Deal?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 16, 2000

[Java looks at Voodoo carefully, thinking his words over, before responding.]

Java: Well, as strange as this may sound, it seems physical weapons, gotcha-There's only one I do know how to use, and it's this...[she taps a small sheath unseen until then.] But one little thing, Voodoo.

Voodoo: And that is?

[She pulls out the dagger, looking at it's blade, then flings it into the rope right next to the Author, where it cuts through horizontally. He steps back in reflex.]

Java: [evenly] Don't call me Coffee, or any permutation thereof...or trust me, I'll find an even bigger loophole to exploit.

[She walks over to retrieve the weapon, sheaths it, then slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp, calling:] Those are the rules, then, no backing out. Bai Bai! [She walks out of sight, leaving Voodoo in the ring, hopefully not too arrogant about the match.]

From: "Nada Aught & Lt. Thomas Burke"
Date: July 15, 2000

Ring Announcer: The following match is part of the Light Heavyweight Tournament and is scheduled for one fall. The winner advances.

[The old entrance music of the WWF's Test, "This is a Test," plays, and the Guardian icon flashes on the Metatron screen. Pictures of Thomas Burke appear as well as the words "Come 'n' Get Some!" The man himself walks out, clad in his Guardian uniform. He hands his keytool over to an official as he climbs into the ring.]

R.Announcer: Representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, from Megalopolis, the Supercomputer, and Project Metaverse Administration: Guardian Lieutenant -- THOMAS BURKE!

[Cheers from the Winger side of the audience. Burke slicks his hair back as he looks around. Now the song "Popular" by Nada Surf plays, and then the hacker femme steps out. She's dressed in her Flip Side Felon attire, her hair pulled back in two long braids. The audience cheers -- especially the guys, because Nada's almost as good looking as Dax is.]

R.Announcer: And from the Resonate System, the Flip Side Felon "Surf" -- NADA AUGHT!

[More cheers as she climbs into the ring and stands across from Burke.]

Burke: Guess we have to do this.

Nada: Looks that way.

Burke: No hard feelings, regardless, agreed?

Nada: Naturally.

[Mills Lane steps forward.]

Mills Lane: I don't think I need to explain the rules to you two, but regardless, I want a good clean fight. Obey my commands at all times and I won't have to stomp your ASCIIs. Now let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings, and the two contestants start circling each other. Nada goes for an initial attack, but Burke blocks and shoves her away. Nada recovers and goes back to circling. Burke lunges now, and Nada turns his lunge into a hurl into the ropes. As he springs back, Nada jumps and spin-kicks him to the mat. Burke hits the mat, then immediately rolls away from Nada's attempted leg-drop. He comes around behind her to go for a submission hold, but she spins away.

[The two contestants rise and face each other, circling again. They've tested each other, and now they're ready to get down to it. Burke leaps into the attack again, shoving Nada back and then swinging his arm down to try and hook her legs in a sweep. She jumps over his attack and kicks him sharply in the forehead, snapping his head back and knocking him down. He rolls over and slides away as she goes for a stomp, then catches her in the back of the knee with one hand and trips her. He springs on her and starts to cross her legs into the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Nada twists free and leaps up in a spear that drives Burke to the mat again.

[Burke tries to get up, but Nada does a leg-drop on his neck and starts to pull his leg up for the pin. Burke, however, grabs one of Nada's braids and yanks. She cries out in pain and releases him, shying away enough for Burke to roll to his feet. He drops her braid -- playing fair -- and jump-kicks her in the face, snapping her back into the ropes. He lands flat, waiting for her to jump over him on her back-spring, then gets up and goes for a clothesline. Nada ducks under his swing. As he turns to her, she kicks him in the gut, grabs his head and DDTs him. Burke lies stunned for a moment, then goes to get up.

[Nada goes for a bicycle kick, but is only partly successful. She strikes Burke's back as he lunges out of the way, but he backhands her in the back of the head, stunning her long enough for a back-kick, knocking her down. Burke climbs to the second rope and pounces, but catches Nada in the side, only half hitting her. She spin-twists out of his attack and crouches in wait as he gets up. As soon as he stands upright -- WHAM! -- low-blow! Burke winces, bending over, allowing Nada to grab him around the waist for a German suplex, which she holds him in, his shoulders on the mat. Impossibly, Burke twists free, still wincing from the low-blow. Nada faces him and kicks him in the gut, then pins his head between her knees. She hooks his elbows and links her hands under his arms. She jumps in the air, and lands on her knees, dropping Burke face-first into the mat in the Pedigree! She flips him over and hooks one of his legs up as she holds him down. The ref runs in.]

Referee: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings, and Nada releases Burke's leg. She gets up, a bit winded, and raises her arm in the air as Burke slowly gets to his feet.]

R.Announcer: Here is your winner -- NADA AUGHT!

[Cheers for the lovely hacker, and she turns to Burke. She hugs him, then shakes his hand. He shrugs and shakes back. They climb out of the ring and go back to Jay's Green Room with their arms around each other's shoulders.]

From: "Calvin West & Naught Aught"
Date: July 16, 2000

[As Nada and Burke return to the Greenroom, the others cheer her and congratulate her. Burke just shrugs as people talk to him, then seats himself to play some cards. Naught, clad in his FSF attire, and Cowboy leave to head on out.]

{The Arena}

Ring Announcer: The following match is part of the Light Heavyweight Tournament and is scheduled for one fall.

[The Metatron darkens and shows the sound-wave line that we saw last with Jay's entrance. It's blue this time. And as the opening part of the song-filk "Cowboy" plays, the line ripples. When the guitar starts up, there are flashes of tin-stars and a man in a cowboy hat. As the song picks up, it plays images from Westerns and flashes the words 'Cowboy' and 'BANG BANG.' Calvin "Cowboy" West emerges, grinning. He stands on the stage and grins at the audience, then makes guns with his fingers and 'shoots.']

Cowboy: [a la Cactus Jack] Bang! Bang!

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from the Texas Metroplex, representing the Chronicles of Justice, the Tin Star Hacker -- the Cowboy Calvin West!

[The audience cheers, and Cowboy devests himself of his hat and coat as he does the DX hand chop. The Metatron darkens again and there is the sound of squealing tires, then a car crash. Pause. Guitar music starts up and clapping begins as "Wreck" [Mick "Mankind" Foley's entrance theme, WWF] plays. Images of Naught driving his hovercar play, as well as shots of Naught fighting Lean and Jander van der Waals. Then the sprite himself emerges in his Flip Side Felon attire. Cheers from the audience as Naught stomps around on the stage, acting a bit goofy, like Mankind would.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from the Resonate System, the Flip Side Felon "Aztral" -- NAUGHT AUGHT!

[Naught grins and goes to the ring. He and Cowboy size each other up as Mills Lane steps in.]

Mills Lane: All right, you know I wanna good clean fight! If you disobey me, I'll kick your ASCII downtown! Now let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings. Naught goes on the aggressive, shoving Cowboy back into the ropes, but Cowboy springs off them in a spinning heel kick, which floors Naught. Cowboy goes to stomp Naught's face, but the sprite rolls away and spins around to kick Cowboy in the back of the knees. The young human falls to the mat, where Naught grabs him in a submission hold -- the Crossface Chicken Wing. Cowboy starts to buck and writhe, trying to get Naught to let him go. Naught, however, just laughs and grins with glee. Finally, Cowboy grabs the rope with one hand, and the referee comes over to make Naught release him.

[Cowboy stands, rubbing his neck, and turning to Naught, who charges. To his credit, Cowboy recovers quickly, grabbing Naught and hurling him into the corner, where he collides with the post. He turns over, facing out, stunned. Cowboy grins, doing the DX hand chop, then charging in and going for the Bronco Buster. Naught, however, holds his arm out, hitting Cowboy in his exposed crotch. Cowboy stumbles away, hit right in 'the mommy-daddy button,' leaving him open to Naught's attack.

[Naught jumps up to the second rope, then leaps out to grab Cowboy in a Tornado DDT, which flattens Cowboy. Naught goes for the pin, but Cowboy is not out yet, and kicks out. Naught gets up and stomps at Cowboy's face, but the human grabs his boot and flips him over. Cowboy gets to his feet, fists up and waiting for Naught to rise. When he does so, Cowboy slugs him once, twice, three times, then uppercuts him, knocking Naught down. Cowboy rushes to the corner, climbs to the top, then leaps out in a flying elbow drop. Naught jerks as he is struck.

[Cowboy grabs Naught's leg up and pins him.]

Referee: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings. Cowboy stands up, whooping and pumping his arms. He grabs his gear, swinging into his coat and tugging his Stetson on. He does a single DX hand chop, then 'shoots' his fingers.]

Cowboy: Bang! Bang!

[Naught gets up, taps Cowboy on the shoulder. Cowboy turns to him, and Naught grabs him in a headlock, gives him a brief noogie, then releases him. Naught grins, wiggles his eyebrows, then offers his hand. Cowboy grins back and shakes it. They wave to the audience, then go back to Jay's Greenroom, arms around each other's shoulders, just like Nada and Burke.]

From: "Dax Lockheart"
Date: July 19, 2000

Mouse: Come on girl! Stop it right now ya hear?

[It seems the match has already started, and Dax is straddled on Mouse, desperately trying to jam Mouse wakizashi into the purple hackers throat.]

Dax: Then..It...wouldn't be called.. A death..match!

[For all of Dax's strenght, Mouse proves to be a tougher fighter then she thought. The steel blade is mere inches from Mouse throat, and as the two struggle for control the crowd goes wild. Mouse yells as the tip of the blade pressed on her skin, fangs showing she bites down hard onto the young hybrid's skin, forcing her to back off. Mouse kicks Dax off of her and rolls away. Dax looks down at her hand, watching it heal slowly. Only to duck down a moment later as Mouse's Katana blurs right over her head.

[Mouse readys into her attack stance, Dax readys her weapon, Mouse comes down on her with a powerful thrust, the metal's spark as Dax is knocked down onto the mat. Mouse thrust again, Dax defelcts the blow and the Katana sticks into the mat. Dax strikes as she pushs herself up, her smaller blade just bouncing off Mouses Armor, but on the recoils she nic's mouses arm. Hardly enough buy back for what Mouse did to her hand.]

Mouse: Come on Sugah, Don't you think this is all over play'ed?

Dax: Not for my family..

[Dax and Mouse strike at the same time, parryings each others strike, the lock themselves into a hold, blade on blade, nose to nose, the tension builds, breath becomes heavy as both try to figure out how strike one another. Metal scraps as the blades slide away from one another. Dax is able to dig into Mouse's theigh, but Mouse pulls her blade back in pain, and digs the metal into Dax left shoulder, causeing the Hybrid to drop like a brick.]

[Yanking the smaller blade from her upper leg, Mouse drops it in pain. The blood relecting off it like a ruby. Mills Lane enters the ring, having felt that Dax can no longer fight.]

Mills Lane: And the Winner, From Mainframe.....Mous..

[Lane's stops as he hear a ear peicing scream and looks to mouse. Her wakizashi is stabbed into her lower stomach, and at the end of it, Dax, her eyes burning with power as the hacker falls to her knees and then to the mat. Dax in pain herself, and without any energy left, falls onto Mouse, pinning her.]

Mill Lane: Um..Er... Lady's and Gentalment, the winner.. Dax Lockheart!

[As the winner is delcared, and Dax's name is moved on the Electronic board to fight in the next match, her body is swarmed over by a blueish/Grey energy. She fades from sight as the EMT rushs out to tend to mouse.]

[The Medical room of Voodoo's green room is in a rush. Jenny and Ki'ace are running around trying to get things set up for Dax. The door slides open and cradled in Jeff's arm is the young Hybrid.]

Jenny: Hurry Jeff.

Jeff: Calm down Jenny, she has taken worse.

Jenny: I know, but you can't help the mother in me.

[Jeff sets his daughter down the the operating table to be checked out by E.V.A. and Ki'ace, the few members of the team that know anything about healing. They are pretty much the doctors of the team.]

Ki'ace: E.V.A. Scan her please.

E.V.A.: Scan completed, torn shoulder muscels, shatted shoulder blade, torn ligiements, all major artiers missed.

Jenny: What do we do then?

E.V.A.: Three hours in the Medical Chamber should restore her.

[Ki'ace looked back to Jeff and nodded for her him to leave. He did so, knowing full well it would be proper]

Ki'ace: Alright, lets get her into some chamber clothes....

[The greenish liqude poured into the glass tube, and Dax flooded in the middle of it, wearing only a hospital gown. the mask over her face would give her air, and keep her out cold while the nanites and other chermicals in there healed her. Jenny placed her and on the glass, never liking the fact that her daughter was always needed to be healed after a fight. Fighting wasn't something she wanted to do anymore, and she would have to take it up with Voodoo at once]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: July 25, 2000

[Voodoo stands crossed arm infront of the tall cylinder chamber. The second youngest hybrid floats quitly inside the greenish fluid, her eyes closed tight, the only sign of life is the bubles comeing from the mask she wears. Still far from emerging a renew, but still not fully functional weapon of war. Voodoo thinks silently to himself, he is surprised that the "Angel of Mercy", a nickname he has given Creature, has not appeared to look over Dax.]

Ki'ace: Dax is healing well...

[Ki'ace voice is slient, but yet her words are not bold as normal, but a whisper. She as well as most of the others feel like a strong blow has been dealt to the team. The team is one body, now an arm has been damaged, as with a noraml body, the rest suffers until it is repaired.]

Voodoo: She is still damaged, but she is a trooper no?

Ki'ace: Very much so, much like her father.

[Ki'ace returns to the medical stantion next to Bios's tank. Having been in there over six hours, Bios is far from battle readyness, let alone to be walking around in any of her given forms, or the ungiven forms for that matter. The medical bay door hiss open and in walks Jenny, in her street gear not her battle uniform.]

Jenny: We need to talk Voodoo...

[Ki'ace having felt the tone of voice from her friends lover, taps on the controls a few times and leaves quitly. As the door slides closed, Jenny takes a few steps closer to Voodoo]

Voodoo: I know what you are going to say..

Jenny: Then you also know what we must do Voodoo.

Voodoo: And what would that solve Jenny? Running from one problem and all.

Jenny: We aren't running from a problem Voodoo, we are simply leaving a contest. One that we shouldn't be in.

Voodoo: Based on what? Genetic make-up? Or simply your mothers instinct to leave because your kin have been hurt?

Jenny: Both I suppose.

Voodoo: A mother still wanting to protect her full grown babies. My Jenny, that is touching isn't it?

Jenny: Whats the problem Voodoo? Every since that Sai thing you have been really in a nit. You havn't spoken to anyone, not even to Mistya and getting into a debate on Singularity Generators verses Matter/Anit matter converstion fields. And to top it off, the male harmonal balances around here has only risen in one person, not making it easy on anyone.

[Voodoo spins around, his black cape flying up, almost knocking over the beakers on the table next to him. His eyes flash the trademark demonic green as they narrow.]

Jenny: Struck a nerve?

Voodoo: Don't pust it Jenny, not now.

Jenny: Or?

Voodoo: You guys are in the matchs I set forth, for any reason you can not fight, then you are pulled, and so far Dax is the only one here aside from Bios who is not in fighting condition, let alone walking. So until she is out of the chamber, and ready to fight, she stays off her feet and is on leave, is that clear Mrs. Lockheart?

Jenny: As Drilimina glass sir.

[Voodoo walks out of the room, not even bothering to make eye contact with the hybrid. She figures he is off to his room yet again. Maybe paying a vist to Minke would help.]

[Jenny walks to the chamber, placing her hand on the glass, she runs it down as if the glass wasn't there and she was touching her childs cheek.]

Jenny: Don't worry hun, Voodoo will come around, he always does...

From: "Minke"
Date: July 26, 2000

[A sound is heard, but when she turns, Jenny's eyes catch nothing at the far end of the room. She sighs and leaves the med bay, leaving the area dark and empty]

[In the shadows near the back of this room, Minke watches her go, tilting her head in mild curiosity over comparisons between her and Dax. A very brief emotion of envy comes over her, but she dismisses it, leaving that for examination at a later time]

[Dax's tank is filled with a greenish rejuvinating liquid, the top of the criochamber letting a bright light bathe the tank, covering the entire medical bay in the same sickly green. Minke's snout wrinkles at the site but she walks foreword to Dax and stares at her through the glass]

[Placing a single index claw upon the glass, a bluish electricity is emitted from it, covering the entire chamber and momentarily lighting up the room with a new color. Pulling her hand back, the light disipating, Minke frowns and squints at Dax, almost appearing displeased. Sitting upon the floor Indian-style, she opens a very faint link with Dax, as that is all she can manage]

Minke *Why will you not let me in?*

[Dax's face is expressionless as she sends her message. She is still deep in unconsciousness]

Minke *But I wish to help you...*

[Dax's mind sends again]

Minke *Then tell me why you're afraid of me...* [No reply] *I did help your master when he was-* [She is cut off by Dax] *I aploligise... Your author...*

[An uncomfotable question is asked]

Minke *I'm here to help you heal, Dax, not to discuss problematic emotions.* [Dax makes a quick comment, and a sound Minke has never made before escapes her and startles her out of her links a moment. It is a very angry growl] *Yes, you hit a nerve... This isn't the sort of thing that's normal for me...*

[Dax holds nothing back and asks yet another question]

Minke *We- I'd not dare... A thing like me... Never mind, Dax, he's not the important thing right now...*

[Dax almost laughs in her mind when she asks the next question]

Minke *No, -you- are... You're the important thing I need to focus on now...*

[Dax shoots a strong message into Minke's mind, causing her to jump] ~~And if it was not for him, and I know it is, would you still be helping me?~~

[Minke almost gives up on trying to reach her] *You just need help... I don't even think he intentionally sent the message to me, but it doesn't matter... You should have help in this-* [She mentally sighs at the quick defencive statement] *I don't doubt your ability to do this yourself...but everyone needs help... Please don't block me, Dax...*

[Before any progress can be made, a sliding sound is heard, and Minke's eyes turn to see the door open. Jenny enters into the room and gasps at seeing Minke suddenly in here, though no one saw her come in here]

[The CReaTuRe quickly stumbles to her digigrade feet, and she leaps through the wall back to the safety of her room]

From: "Bios"
Date: July 27, 2000

[The fleeing of Minke startles the hybrid. but her concern makes her check on Dax first. The color of the tank slowly returns to it's normal greenish tint. But Dax's eyes seemed tightly closed as if she is fighting. Jenny tilts her head as she looks at her child.]

Jenny: What did she do?

[Minke sits on her bed. Visably shaken by being caught in such an act. There was no wrong in her help, but she stills feels she has upset both of them. Dax didn't ask for help, and didn't want to be forced into anything. But there were points that Dax had made, and Minke still reflected on.]

???: So close my dear.. so very close.

[Minke jumps from her place on her bed, she stands ready as she looks over the dimmly lit room. There is no one there, but yet she knows she heard a voice.]

???: My, jumpy aren't we?

[The voice echo's louder in her head, so loud that she places her head on her temples as she forces to lower the booming voice in her head. Then her world goes black.]

[Her darken eyes open to a new setting, not her room, but it seems some kinda of lab. The lab is in sambles, and seems to have been destroyed only recently. Minkes talon like toes crunch on the datapads that lie on the floor. She seems uneasy here, it reminds her of her birth, what she remembers anyways. She doesn't like the energy in the air, it's so..evil.]


[Minke spins around to see a flash of blue light streak by her. Time seems to have slown down as the laser fire streaks by her head and slams into a figure on the other side of the room, knocking it into a cryo chamber. Minke returns her head to the origin of the laser. And see Dax, slightly younger standing in the doorway of the lab.]

???: Oh, I love this part!

[Again, Minkes form turns to see none other then Bios sitting on one of the lab tables, her legs crossed and one hand on her chin.]

Minke: *Bios?*

Bios: Wait, I love watching this part.

[Bios nods her head over to the approaching Dax, her weapon lowerd as she attempted to check up on the being she has just shot. As she creeps to the tank, she steps on one of the fallen datapads, and slips, falling hard on her back. Bios laughter echos the room, and the setting changes to what seems to be one of Scifera's many parks.]

Bios: That never gets old no matter how many time I see it.

Minke: *We, are in someones memories?*

Bios: Dax's hun, thought you would figure that one out by now.

Minke: *But how? I couldn't get in.*

Bios: Even in her state, Dax still sense things in the real world. I'm guessing whatever is going on out there has let her mind settle,enough for me to ride the waves in. And your welcome my dear.

Minke:* For what?*

Bios: Bring you in here with me

Minke:*I would rather only be in her if she wished me to. This is invading.*

Bios: No, you never have done that before have you deary?

[Minke reminda silent, Bios has a point, and Minke can't help but see why so many people dislike the virus.]

Bios: Fine, we will leave. But remember, if she ever does let you inside her pretty little head. If you tear her open and pour her out,there are thing inside that scream and shout. And the pain still hates her. So it's best to let her sleep. But, if she wants help, then you know what to do.

[A bright flash of light, and Minke wakes up inside her room. She pushs herself up from the bed, and looks around, only to see Jenny sitting in Sai's chair, her legs crossed with her arms.]

Jenny: What were you doing to my daughter? The same thing you did to Voodoo?

From: "Minke"
Date: July 27, 2000

[Minke looks very disturbed that Jenny is just here when she wakes up] *This is an unexpected intrusion...*

Jenny: Speaking of intrusions... [Jenny stares hard at Minke]

Minke *No then. To answer your question, no... If I'd have been able to reach Dax it might have been somewhat like what I'd done for your author, but it wouldn't be the same...*

Jenny: You couldn't reach her? Is she-

Minke *Fine...she's fine... Your daughter is actually blocking me... She doesn't trust that I'll stay out of her most personal private memories...*

Jenny: That doesn't surprise me. I wouldn't trust you to go worming through -my- head either.

[Minke begins to whisper to herself] *We are...similar in a sense. I saw criochambers...but they were green instead of...*

Jenny: What'd you just say??

[Minke blinks and looks over at Jenny, getting up] *Nothing...*

[Jenny quickly stands and takes a couple steps back from Minke's towering form, a very wary look on her face]

Minke *You don't trust me either...* Jenny admits this with a nod. *It doesn't matter. I never asked anyone here for acceptance. But...I wish to help and can't... I wish it were like Voodoo's case -I sensed his consciousness soon after our first discussion- but it's not the same... She...hides...*

[Jenny backs up and turns to the door] Maybe she doesn't need your help. Maybe she can do this on her own. And maybe you shouldn't try and help everyone who comes along with the slightest problem. [She turns to Minke] Dax is strong. She...she can...handle this on her own...

[Minke is about to get psychoanalitical with Jenny, but mental weariness overcomes her, and she lets the hybrid depart]

[When Jenny leaves, Minke's mind immediately seeks out Dax, only to be heavily blocked once more. Feeling finally defeated in all senses for once, Minke sits down upon her futon and thinks of the only person who seems to bring any relief and comfort to her mind these days]

From: "Jeff Freeman & Jenny Lockheart"
Date: July 27, 2000

[Jenny has her head lowerd as she exits Minkes room, and smacks into something. She doesn't move, but places her hands on what she smacked into. Muscular, warm, and wearing kevalr. She looks up and right into the demonic green eyes of her husband.]

Jenny: Hello Jeff...

Jeff: Jenny, what's going on?

Jenny: Minke tried to help Dax, but I'm not sure I trust her Jeff, so much power in such a fragial being is not safe.

Jeff: And going in there and berating her is to help?

[Jenny gasp her breath, Jeff just hit the nail on the head, and Jenny feels worse then she did when she came out. Her head lowers, trying to hold back the shame. She feels a strong, but gentel grip on her shoulder, and she is being led back into the room.]

[Jeff doesn't bother knocking, he figures this is to importent to be turned down. Minke raises her head from her futon, and seeing who is it, lays her head back down. With a soft, and polite message to leave. But the two hybrids don't leave. Jeff locks the door and gently pushs Jenny back into the chair.]

Jeff: Minke, I think Jenny would like to say she was sorry.

[Minke reminds silent]

Jenny: Jeff's right Minke, I didn't mean what I said.. well.. no thats not right. I only ment to say that I am really overly concerned with Dax. Already I have had one child almost die, I don't need another one to do.

Minke:* I..would never..hurt her Jenny.*

Jenny: I know, but a mothers internal feelings..

[Jenny stops as she feels Jeffs hand on her again, she looks at hims shake his head softly. But Jenny removes her lovers hand and nods for him to leave. He does so reluctently and as the door closes, Jenny reseats herself next to Minke]

Jenny: I think we need to have a girl to girl talk hun, I think you need someone to talk to about things... I'm as good as anyone, maybe even betters.

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 28, 2000

{Java's Green Room}

[See has returned, slightly worse for wear with a few light burns on the shoulders, and Pyra has dissapeared to get ready. Java smiles at the laptop running Photoshop.]

Java: I love this, I really do...

Erinys: What's the plan now?

Java: Plan? What plan?

[Erinys teardrops.] The one you made-oh, forget about it. What are you doing now?

Java: First Trick, m'dear.

See: Should we be afraid or laughing?

[Java throws a pen at him.] It's really just some nice wanton destruction, actually...

Erinys: Will it hurt people?

Java: I don't think so...I've noticed a definite difference between our team and the others.

See: Oh, where should I start with that little gem? So many-

Java: Hush. I was saying that we don't kill people. Hurt, yes, severly or mortally, no. Strange, actually...

[Pyra walks in from changing-now in a white tank and shorts.] You noticed that?

Java: Yeah...Anyway, [types] that's a thou credits, slightly more for janitors. I figure someone'll notice the money change.

[The Squad look at her, then return to their own buisness. Pyra goes out.]

{Place: Arena}

[The Metatron darkens, the old Toonami ReBoot theme plays and AndrAIa steps out, striding confidentally down the ramp and climbing into the ring.

Announcer: From Team Mainfaime, the out-of-water game sprite, AndrAIa!

[Crowd cheering, and a few "Marry me!" signs are shown by those male teenagers in the Arena.]

[The Metatron relightens, and the screen shows static, and Pyra's voice speaks:] This's the real me.

[Cheering, and the Paranoid remix runs as the screen shows a small white/dusky orange/grey kitten, then morphs into Pyra as she is. She walks out onto the platform, and down the ramp, leaping around the ropes to enter her own corner.]

Announcer: And her opponent, from Team Trinomial, Khatran Guardian Pyra!

[Slightly less cheering here from the Voodoo fans, for obvious reasons. Mills Lane step between the two.]

Mills Lane: First off, no weapons in the ring. [AndrAIa pulls off her trident and hands it over.] I want a good clean fight from you two ladys, and I won't kick your ASCII's. Now lets get it on!

[Bell rings. Pyra moves immediatly, with a roundabout kick to AndrAIa's face. The game sprite catches her foot, and pulls it down, slamming Pyra into the ring face-down. As Pyra pulls herself up, AndrAIa loops her arm around her neck and slams her down again. AndrAIa gets up with the moaning Khatran at her feet, and allows her to rise.]

[Pyra looks up, hands on knees, at the game sprite, then leaps out, claws flashing, into AndrAIa. She knocks her over, gouging AndrAIa's arm, but the game sprite pushes her over. AndrAIa stands up and tries to apply an Elbow Drop to Pyra, but the Khatran turns, leaving AndrAIa's elbow more than a little sore.

[Recovering from her earlier mishaps, Pyra begins to use her speed to outmove AndrAIa. She does another roundabout kick, then follows up with a trip kick. She then steps back once and jumps up into an flip and falls into AndrAIa claws down (a Cat Flip). AndrAIa counters wtih her own nails, pricking Pyra when she tries to get up. The paralysis goes into effect almost immediatly, unfortunatley-Pyra collapses on AndrAIa and Lane, goes in for the count, the Game Sprite too out-of-breath to do much.

[The bell rings, and See appears from the crowd much like Pyra did for him, pulling her out carefully and slowly walking her up the ramp. AndrAIa gets out of the ring, but stops and turns around, like most of the audience.]

See: What in the 'net..?

[The four main lights on the ring are glowing brightly, almost unrealistically. They flash, then a great *crack* is heard and all four bvlow out, shashing into the ring and littering the place with broken glass. Java's laughter penetrates the Arena.

Java: [voice] Not every day you see that, huh? Trick numero Uno, everyone!

[The connection breaks.]

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 28, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[DaVinci facepalms as the lights explode. Naught nods appreciatively.]

Naught: I gotta figure out how she did that...

[Niente smacks him upside the head.]

Naught: Ow! [rubs head] That's Nada's job, big sis.

Niente: She ain't here.

Jay: Nice Trick, there. Not too expensive -- since we have replacements for those sort of things. Good thing nobody was hurt though.

DaVinci: Shall I inform Nad' and Cal that they're up?

Jay: Yes.

{Place - Nada's locker room}

[She is adjusting her braids, getting the complete Lara Croft look for them down. She checks her Flip Side Felon uniform, then nods as DaVinci appears in a vidwindow.]

DaVinci: You're up, Nad'.

Nada: Thanks, D.

{Place - Cowboy's locker room}

[He is standing in front of the mirror, hat tilted down over his face, facing slightly away from the mirror. He whips toward the mirror and 'shoots' his fingers, then nods. He stands up straight, then whips out his faux-icon (done up to look like a tin star). He puts it away, then adjusts his coat.]

Cowboy: [a la Dade in Hackers] You talkin' to me?

DaVinci: [thru vidwindow] Cal?

Cowboy: 'Sup, man?

DaVinci: You're up.

Cowboy: Coolness.

From: "Calvin West & Nada Aught"
Date: July 28, 2000

[The Metatron lights up and shows a blue visualization line.]

Metatron: [electronic vox] Cowboy... Cowboy.

[Cowboy's entrance music plays as the Tin Star spins on screen. He appears, fired up, 'shooting' his fingers.]

Cowboy: Bang bang!

Ring Announcer: The following is a Light Heavyweight semifinal match, and is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from the Metroplex, Calvin West -- THE COWBOY!

[He runs down to the ring and grins out at the cheering fans. He takes a microphone.]

Cowboy: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, Metaverse Deathmatch! is proud to present the Tin Star Hacker -- the Cowboy Calvin West! Everybody look out, 'cuz it's time to unleash some of that SOUTHERN LIGHTNING!!

[He tosses the microphone away and does a DX hand chop, then turns to the Metatron as "Popular" by Nada Surf starts to play. Nada emerges, still dressed in her Flip Side Felon attire. She poses for the fans, and the guys start snapping photos.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from the Resonate System, she is Surf of the Flip Side Felons -- NADA AUGHT!

[Nada runs down to the ring. She and Cowboy shake hands, then she steps back to limber up as he removes his hat and coat. They size each other up, then lock up. Cowboy goes on the offensive early, driving her back into the corner, where he does a few stomach shots. The ref pulls him away, and when Cowboy comes back in, Nada nails him in the gut and moves behind him to drop him to the mat in a Russian leg sweep. She gets up and flips him over, then squats over him to apply the Necksnapper.

[Cowboy writhes in pain, then starts crawling toward the ropes. Nada gets up slightly, still applying the hold and pulls him back. Then Cowboy jerks back and props a boot up on the ropes. Nada releases the hold, then backs up. As Cowboy staggers, Nada tackles him with a Spear. She gets up and smiles at the crowd, posing.

[Cowboy gets up and grabs her legs from behind, then bends her legs into the Texas Cloverleaf. Nada writhes in pain, much as Cowboy did, but she grabs a rope with her hand. Cowboy drops her, then tries a springboard dropkick off the second rope, but she moves out of the way. A scissor kick later, Cowboy is flat on his back, and Nada goes for a fast leg drop on his face. Cowboy blocks and rolls away.

[Nada stands and waits for his next attack, blocking, then dropping him to the mat in a spinebuster. She hooks his legs under her arms, then falls over backwards, catapulting him into the turnbuckle. His face collides. She comes up behind and flips him in a German suplex. She holds his shoulders to the mat.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! --

[But Cowboy manages to buck free, then shoulder tackles Nada. He gets behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. Suplex! He keeps his grip as Nada tries to shake him free. Another suplex! The grip is maintained, and Cowboy starts to lift for a third suplex, but Nada makes her body deadweight and drives an elbow into Cowboy's head. He staggers, releasing his hold, and gets another elbow for his trouble. He staggers back again, and receives a third elbow. Nada then sweeps her leg back and upwards, sending Cowboy into the air.

[When he lands, he gets up shakily and charges, but Nada pins his head between her legs and hooks his arms up, then drops him in a Pedigree! She turns him over and hooks up a leg.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[Nada stands and raises her arm as the victor. The fans cheer, and the guys start chanting "NADA! NADA!" (just as they do with the WWF's Lita). She helps Cowboy up, raises his arm and points to him. The fans cheer for him, and she then helps him back to the Greenroom.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: July 29, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}

[Erinys and Pyra watch the match, with Pyra all nice and non-drugged. See is mostly watching over Java's shoulder, impressed with the lights show.]

Java: Cool, isn't it? I hope everyone liked it...Did AndrAIA get out of the way?

Pyra: [from the couch] Yeah. Why?

Java: Oh, come on. There's only one team who's members I would like to hurt.

Pyra: [disgustedly] Voodoo's...

[The male Guardians share glaces.]

Erinys: Java, why do you hate him? It's not like he's-

[Java throws a baseball at Erinys, fairly painfully.] Ouch!

Java: [cooly] Because he insulted me, and frankly? Because I think Jay's side is a better side. And User don't ask me to explain myself! D'you think I'd do half the stuff I do if I could?

See: Uhm...No?

[She grins.] Riiiight. Now...[She opens a window and runs two searches.] Tri's at Jay's, and...Where do Mainframe's peeps stay if they have a match?

See: There. [Points] Why?

Java: Hmm...We have the tourney to finish, and right after is the Hardcore match...[She looks at the map once more, then opens a message window.] Y'think if I requested one of the 'framers they could get here soon?

See: Well, obviously it depends...What are you going to do?

[Java smiles, then whispers in See's ear.]

See: You're...kidding me.

Java: Nope.

See:...I'll get him for you!

Java: Yeah, I figured...When he's there. Kay?

See: Yeah...[grins evilly, then goes off to do hacking of his own.]

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: July 29, 2000

{Place - Weight Room}

[Tomasi sits on a bench, doing arm curls with a small (but heavy) barbell. Nails sits off to the side, sharpening his claw.]

Nails: all right, man?

Tomasi: No, I'm not all right! Wolf's turned on us, you idiot! He's more inclined to get that damn Overlord title than backing up his friends.

Nails: Okay, okay. Ease up. Don't get all bent out of shape. We'll teach 'em, don't worry about that.

Tomasi: Damn right.

[He throws the barbell away angrily.]

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[By now, Tri Cyanopia is there, and seated down with the cardplayers. Burke, however, immediately got up and decided to do something else than cards. His explanation: "I wanna keep my paycheck this time, thanks."

[Lean Il Lupe sits off to one side, relaxing beneath his map of his Tour de Virii. Basically, everyone is relaxing, and DaVinci sits near Jay's desk, where the Big Shot Author is inspecting his sledgehammer.]

DaVinci: What's that for, Jay?

Jay: What else? The match with Vood later toNight.

DaVinci: So what're you doing now?

Jay: Shining it up r-e-a-l nice, so I can--

Team Winger: [in unison] --turn that som'bitch sideways and stick it straight up his candy-@$$!

Jay: [grinning] Ah, I have trained them well.

DaVinci: Or perhaps you've watched too much WWF.

Jay: There's no such thing.

[A vidwindow opens with Nada on it. DaVinci turns to it.]

DaVinci: 'Sup, Nad'?

Nada: Nothing much. 'Sup, D?

DaVinci: Just hanging. You set to take on whoever?

Nada: Natch. Either Pyra or Dax would be a good opponent. It'd be interesting to see how long I'd last against a Hybrid, tho'.

DaVinci: No sweat, Nad'. When the time comes, you just go out there and give the Felons a good name. We won't hold it against you if you lose.

Naught: [off] I would!

[Niente smacks him.]

Naught: [off] Ow! My nose!

DaVinci: Just take it easy for a bit, and I'll call you when your match is up.

Nada: 'Kay. Holler at me.

DaVinci: I'll find you.

[The vid closes.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Aug 3, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}

[Java looks at the clock, then back at the map of the building.] Dax isn't there.

Erinys: Well, she *did* get a sword wound, bad at that. Even with a Hyb's healing and all of Voodoo's tech, I doubt she'd be up-and-running.

Java: [annoyed] He's *suppposed* to notify the others if he pulls out!

See: Would you, if Pyra or even *Tri* was hurt that badly? Wouldn't you be by their side, hauling all Hell from any ficverse you could, telling any author to screw themself if they got in the way?

[Java stops. See's right, but she's still annoyed-it's *Voodoo* for User's sake!]

Pyra: I'd like a short rest, still...

Java: [sighs] Guys, I'm viding Voodoo. [She frowns.] Annoying as it is, he may have a reason this time, but still...[She turns an open one so she's the only one in the range of view, then places a call.]

From: "Ki'ace"
Date: Aug 3, 2000

[The small vid-window pops open on a desk. Ki'ace noticed the mark on it, one of Java's. She seats herself at the desk and taps the window.]

Ki'ace: Yes?

Java [suprised by Ki'ace]: What the.. Who are you?

Ki'ace: My name is Ki'ace, what is it I can do for you madam Java?

Java: Madam? Uh, I mean.. I wanted to know why Dax isn's out there yet.

Ki'ace: Dax was damaged very badly in her shoulder blade. She is not yet ready to be put back in the ring.

Java: Yeah, really? I mean.. How come?

Ki'ace: Because I will not release her before he is fully healed, also, because he shoulder needs to be checked first hand before I even think of letting her go shopping.

Java: And um, who are you to make those orders?

Ki'ace: Her doctor.

Java: A Zed doctor, well, that is a first isn't it.

Ki'ace: Stranger things have happened in the Metaverse, and even stranger ones here in the Arena, now Madam Java, is there anything else I can do for you?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Aug 3, 2000

[Java seems slightly weirded out by this, and her surprise shows in her moodswitching between embarressment and ditzy.] Uhm...I mean, I'm not "Madam", really, just Java...[She blinks.] Look, I'm..sorry 'bout that and I'm not the one to want any *mortal* harm on you guys, but you're Vood's...I'm not Jay, really...But if Daxie is being pulled out, we sorta need to know, so we can have the final match. So? Is she out then?

From: "Ki'ace"
Date: Aug 3, 2000

Ki'ace: I have no reason to release Dax at this time, as tough as the young lady may be, I cannot let her fight at this time. I believe the parcel that Voodoo sent to you explained all this.

Java: Parcel? What parcel?

Ki'ace: It hasn't come yet?

Java: Don't think..

[A loud knock on the door almost scars Java out of her skin. Why must people be so loud around her? There is a scamper of feet as Erinys and See fight with each other to get to the door first. But See beats the Human to the door and opens it. After a moment of mumbles, Java is handed something, she looks back to the vid-window]

Ki'ace: Talk about timing.

Java: What is it?

Ki'ace: An apology I believe.

[Java taps the window, both sides are filed with a Screen Saver type "hold" message. Java's coloers run all over the screen in a type of 60's freaky looking sprial.]

[Java opens the small box and removes the card. Opening it, with all of her characters around, she reads it softly outloud.]


Dax is less then able to be in a match at this present time and date. Due to damage delt in a match earlier this this night, she is still in medical treatment. I am sorry for this bad turn of events. Please except my apology for these events, and for the way I have treated you in this time we have know each other. Only in recent times have I come to terms with things around me. Please take the following token as a sign of apology. I know this will not heal any wounds I may have inflicted upond you, physical or emotional.


[Java looks a little freaked and shocked at the note, but looks inside the boxs anyways. Removing a small piece of tissue paper, she unfolds it and out drops a small stylized "J" on a gold chain.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Aug 4, 2000

[Java looks at the card, then the chain, then at both. The reaction is slightly mixed; Erinys is in a "Well, that's pretty nice o' him..." disbelief, Pyra is shocked, and See is wide-eyed.]

[Java herself takes a step back from the three and lightly hits the vidwindow with her back, keeping the hold on but accidentaly re-initializing audio communications. She finally seems to decide on a emotion, a "OH MY USER HOW SWEEEEEEET!" expression coming to her face, when she suddenly looks hurt and in shock.] THIS ISN'T FAIR!

Erinys: What?

Java: No, no, NO! This messes EVERYTHING up!

Pyra: Uhm...Jav?

Java: [in her own little world here] This isn't supposed to HAPPEN! Voodoo's s'posed to be mean and bad - he's not s'posed to be NICE! And now my third Trick is RUINED! I can't be horrid to him if he's trying to be nice ta me! WHY did he have to have the turn-around NOW?!

[Various blinking. Erinys teardrops.]

See: Y'know, things do change...

Java: [looks at them all] Oh, I don't KNOW! [She looks at the present and card, then runs to her room crying, and slamms the door shut.]


Pyra: Er?

[Erinys stares at the door, then shrugs.] I'm not the person for this stuff...Look, I'll send a message to Jay, tell him the Dax thing, let him handle it. Pyra, get ready. [He closes the Ki'ace vid and opens another.]

{Place: Java's personal room}

{The Authoress lies on the bed belly down, face sideways on the pillow tear-marked. The chain is in her hands, held tightly. She is torn strangly, between her own wishes in the arena, her wish for chaos, and the rivalry...she can't be on good terms with both, and she prefers one... She sighs, and closes her eyes, not sleeping but quiesent.]

From: "Jay Winger & Erinys Naigerek"
Date: Aug 6, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Jay is still busy inspecting his sledgehammer when the vidwindow opens from Erinys. Jay looks up.]

Erinys: Hi...Look, Dax's been pulled from the tourney, so...

Jay: [blinks] I beg pardon?

Erinys: [sighs] Java called Voodoo's room, the Zed said Dax's been injured. So Py isn't fighting her.

Jay: I there an obvious replacement?

Erinys: [blinks, then looks slightly in-over-his-head] I don't know! I'm just a character. Java does that stuff.

Jay: Never mind. Just tell Pyra to be ready for match with someone. I'll contact Voodoo and get the story from him. If all else fails, we can go straight to the finals, and Py can face Nada.

Erinys: Uhm...yeah...[looks back at a door] Just one thing...

Jay: Yeah?

Erinys: Voodoo's acting...weird. He sent some sort of apology to Java, and..I dunno, something snapped and she's in her room. S'why I'm on this vid instead of her.

Jay: Hmm...Voodoo's attempting a reconcile?

Erinys: Yeah, and she's - well, none of us need to be Zed's to know she's out of it. He gave her a necklace, I think.

Jay: A gift? Hmm...Jav's just unstable enough to take a friendly gesture the wrong way. She say anything when she got it, or did she just pop and go off?

Erinys: Yeah, 'bout how it messes up the third trick, went in her room crying. We haven't checked on her or anything.

Jay: !! ... Do so. If she's upset enough, she could go postal, and I don't think we want that.

Erinys: [blinks] Last time someone intruded on her like this, she started shifting and using fireballs. Sorry, but we can't exactly have that done, we're only four.

Jay: Well, maybe you could just knock on the door, then. Just keep her compiling while I try to smooth things for the fans out there. I'll call you guys back up when I've got things fixed.

Erinys: Sure, I guess...[looks at Tri, then closes the vid]

[Jay sighs. He turns to DaVinci.]

Jay: D, keep everyone in line. I have to go have a chat with the Other Owners and Voodoo.

DaVinci: Sure thing, Big Shot.

[Jay leaves the Greenroom, flanked outside by Bruno's squad.]

{Place - Other Owners' Skybox}

Jay: that's the gist from what I was able to find out from Naigerek.

Other Owner #1: So some of the booked matches may have to be cancelled?

Jay: That's why I'm telling you. You people have as much stake in Deathmatch! as I do.

Other Owner #2: We appreciate your honesty.

Jay: Well, I'll call up Voodoo now and see what's what.

[That said, he summons up a holokeyboard like Washu-chan and taps a control, calling Voodoo's Greenroom.]

From: "Jenny Lockheart"
Date: Aug 6, 2000

[Jenny steps out of the doors that lead to the Hybids section of the green room, its evedent that her hair is still wet from a recent shower, combing it out she steps down into the main room of the Green Room.]

E.V.A.: A shower at this time a night.....

Jenny: Thats it E.V.A.! I warned you about spying on me and Jeff!

E.V.A.: I merly noted a rise in body tempature that was not normal for a Hybrid and.. Incomeing Transmission.

Jenny: From?

E.V.A.: Winger.

Jenny: Punch it through.

[The vid-window springs up infront of her, and the hold screen fades and Winger appears.]

Jay: Whats with the new logo?

Jenny: Beats me, didn't know about it till now. Just the person I wanted to me, I was on my way to meet you.

Jay: Then I am glad to have saved you a trip.

Jenny: I rather talk in person Mr. Winger. I will be at your Green Room in five minutes.

Jay: I was hoping to talk with Voodoo.

Jenny: I think that is the last person you would want to talk to.

Jay: Why's that?

Jenny: Because ever since Minke came here, Voodoo has been acting a little strange, even for him.

Jay: How so?

Jenny: He's careing.

Jay: Doesn't that break your motto?

Jenny: I will be at your green room in five minutes, I would advise not keeping me wating.

{Place, Outside Jays section}

[Jay and his goon squad walk around the coner into his section. Jenny is leaning on the wall next to the door to Jays room.]

Jenny: Four minites, twenty-two seconds.

Jay: I am to please.

Jenny: So I see, Now Mr.Winger..

[Jenny turns towards him, the glint of the gun in her thigh aleart the guards and they raise their weapons.]

Guard 1: Hands away from the weapon!

Jenny: My arms are crossed smart boy... Jay relax your guards, I'm only here to talk.

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: Aug 7, 2000

{Place - Jay's Zone of the Stadium}

[Jay gestures for the DMSF to leave. Bruno looks reluctant.]

Bruno: I dunno, Mr. Winger, sir, she's one-a them Hybrids...

Jay: [peers at him] Is that racism I detect in your voice, Bruno?

Bruno: [panicked] No, sir! Never!

Jay: Good, because I don't like racists. You may go. If Ms. Lockheart decides to get violent -- which I don't think she's going to do -- I am confident I could handle myself.

[Reluctantly, Bruno and the DMSF leave. Jay turns back to Jenny.]

Jay: I've heard about Voodoo's unusual behavior already. While I'm pleased that he's growing as a person, this poses some problems for Deathmatch!

Jenny: "Problems?"

Jay: Yes. You see, it is very difficult for certain people -- myself included -- to possibly attack and fight a nonantagonistic person in the ring. So, if you have the means, I would appreciate it if you could get Voodoo back to his old, aggressive, rebellious self for his matches later toNight. After that, he's free to be as nice as he wants.


Jay: Also, I understand that your daughter is unable to fight Pyra. If you have no one to replace her with, I will just push Pyra straight into the finals with Nada. Dax can battle the victor in a title defense later if she is so inclined.

[He waits for Jenny to reply.]

From: "Jenny Lockheart"
Date: Aug 8, 2000

[Jenny motions from Jay to open the door, the Author does so and waves for her not to enter first. Not that he isn't a gentalmen, but the fact that if Jenny just walked into the green room, she might be attacked. Jenny follows Jay, who leads her to his desk, where he offers her a seat. A few of the male members of the team noticed that that she is not wearing her tradmark uniform, but a torn blue jeans and a cut off t-shirt.]

Jenny: Thank you Mr.Winger. Now as for Voodoo, lets just say that people change.

Jay: You must see this from my point of view Mrs. Lockheart. People don't come here to see people getting along like buddy-buddy.They come here to see in every sense of the words, a.. controled war. And if Voodoo seems to want to end that war then he very well must have a good reason for posssible costing this busniess a lot of money.

[Jenny noticed rather quickly that Jay is simply doing busniess. Jenny smirks and crosses her legs, leaning back in the chair.]

Jenny: A war yes Mr.Winger.. But Voodoo doesn't plan to let anyone down. I know for a fact, that Voodoo's recent non-violent action steam from something..more personal. But Voodoo will complete his fights, you of anyone here knows how Voodoo keeps his words.

Jay: All to well Mrs. Lockheart.. But what caused this change?

Jenny: Who Mr.Winger... Who is the word.

Jay: And who is who?

Jenny: No one that need be named.

Jay: Hm, I see. And what of your daughter?

Jenny: Dax? Dax is how shall we say.. out of comission for the time being, but knowing her as well as I do, she will be looking to get into the ring as soon as possible. If it helps, I will arrange a match, I'm sure that someone here would like to fight my daughter. Maybe one of the MDM fans even.

Dirk: Most would love to roll around in the ring with her kid.

Sil: Shut up Dirk!

Jay: Hmmm.. A MDM fan contest.. 

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: Aug 8, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Justice is keeping a wary eye on Jenny. He is well aware that his match with her husband is up after Nada/Pyra, so he keeps one hand near his pistol as he drinks his beer and tosses out a winning hand onto the poker table. He pulls his winnings over and passes the cards to Tri to deal.

[Chaotis, who is still hanging around, is leering behind his mask at Jenny. Cowboy, newly returned from his defeat by Nada, smacks him upside the head.]

Chaotis: Ow!

Cowboy: You were staring.

Chaotis: Oh, it doesn't hurt to look.

[Cowboy sighs and judo-chops him in the neck. Chaotis drops like a sack of grain. Cowboy drags him to a couch and throws him on it.]

Cowboy: Think again.

[Meanwhile, Lean merely tilts down his sunglasses to watch Jenny as well. In fact, nearly everyone in the room has their eyes on Jenny, most watching for hostile actions.]

Jay: Well, if Dax isn't feeling up to fighting toNight, I won't hold it against her. Mouse is a fierce fighter, so I'll give Dax the right of the Night off. But to make up for it, we'll put her in a match next Night.

[He calls up his Washu-chan-esque holokeyboard and taps a few things in. He picks up a datapad and hands it to Jenny.]

Dax & AndrAIa & Mouse v. Chaotis -- Three-on-One

[He smiles.]

Jay: I think that should be very interesting, neh?

From: "Jenny Lockheart"
Date: Aug 9, 2000

Jenny: Should be, I will talk it over with Dax once she is able to fight again. Now Mr. Winger.. I should be off, If I know my Husband as well as I should, then he is probably watching us right now and is waiting for something to happen.

Jay: Very protective of you Mrs. Lockheart?

Jenny: Well, after all we have been through, he still doesn't like to see me harmed, one day he will see that I am a big girl, and I can take care of myself.

Jay: I don't think anyone here would think other wise.But you have to admit Mrs. Lockheart, you aren't one that most people would have an easy time being around.

Jenny: Oh Mr. Winger... If you didn't know I was a trained killer..

[Jenny pushes herself out of the chair and braces herself on his desk with her arms, leaning in close to Jay, there faces only about four inches apart.]

Jenny:.... would you still not be comfortable around little ol' me? Come on Mr.Winger.. Scifera still knows me as a home decorator...nothing very threating about that is there Mr.Winger?

[Jay is about to reply by his mouth is coverd by the datapad, Jenny leans back and stands herself up stright.]

Jenny: I will let you know Mr.Winger.. 'till then, good day.

[Jenny turns and walks out, looking over the guys as she does, she give a small wave with a "bye guys" and leaves without any trouble.]

Justice: That girl is trouble with a really big "T"

Dirk: Her "T" was to short.

Cowboy: Yet I didn't here anyone complaining...

From: "Minke"
Date: Aug 4, 2000

[Standing in the med bay again, Minke is before Bios' tank, watching her sleeping and thinking over things. Finally she makes her decision and taps the glass, watching as the blueish electricity erupts from her finger tips and engulfs the sleeping virus] *And out of all potential enemies, you are the one who would help me... This is one mind I am wanting to get into...* [She concentrates, and after a brief discussion, the creature withdraws from the virus's mind and watches for a moment, almost in fascination]

[As Bios begins to stur, Minke sends a messages/warning to Ki'ace and leaves through the wall again]

From: "Voodoo & Ki'ace"
Date: Aug 4, 2000

[ A sharp message is sent to Ki'ace as she enterd from the back room, she has to brace herself on the wall. The message has strong emotions behind it and has knocked the Zed for a loop. She shakes her head, and returns to her work station.]

[The stiring in the tank,gains her attention. She slowly stands and reads over the readings on the vid-windows. the liqued splashs out of the tank, as Bios basicly thursts herself up and into the cold air of the medical bay. Her arms reach into the air as she screams. Her hair flying all mover the place, till she, as her hair, settles down. Her long pure white hair falls over her body, giving her the only cover she has.]

Ki'ace: Nice show, now you get to clean up.

Bios: Where is she?

Ki'ace: Who?

Bios: Whatt'a you mean who, her!

Ki'ace: Dax?

[Bios looks around confused, after a moment of thinking to herself, she steps out of the tank, where she drys herself off.]

Bios: Nevermind, where are my clothes?

[Voodoo places the large box down on the coffee table infront of him. He folds his arms and nods to himself, feeling what some would call happiness. He lets out a goan as his raises his hand up to his temple. Something powerful rocks through his mind, to strong to be a Zed, or Bios, so full of emotion. He falls back onto his chair, and takes a deep breath, as many imagies and fantasy flood through his mind, but he is scared, because they are a mix of his, and someone elses.]

From: "Voodoo & Minke"
Date: Aug 5, 2000

[Voodoo exits his section of the green room, the large box under his arm. He scans the room over with his eyes, looking for anyone that might be there.]

Voodoo: E.V.A., locate all personal.

E.V.A.: Dax is in the medical bay along with both Bios and Ki'ace. Crix is in in his room. Jenny and Jeff are in there room, level 2 locks engaged. The Dreckards are not in the Green Room.

Voodoo: Level 2 locks? Don't want to know what they are doing for such locks.

[Voodoo walks quitly acrossed the room to Minke's room. Although the entire section was set aside for the Sai team, it seems that it is now Minke section. He knocks softly on the door. No repsonce. He knocks again, this time trying to send a message through his mind. The door unlocks,and Voodoo enters, to see Minke slowly sit up on her bed.]

Voodoo: How are you?

Minke: * As well as can be expected.*

Voodoo: I brought you something, a little welcome to the family gift.

Minke: * Gift? *

Voodoo: Yes..

[Voodoo walks slowly to the large person infront of him. He hands the large box over to her, she takes it carefully in her talon like hands. She looks up at him, and he nods for her to open it.]

[She carefully removes the ribbon, and opens the box, her eyes open wide (least thats what they seem to do) as she sees the gift.]

Minke: * For me?*

Voodoo: Yes, All the other Hybrids have some kinda of uniform, I though since you are kinda of like a family member now, why not let you have one. You are of course under no obligation to wear it.

[Minke slides her hands over the black leather-type fabric, which seems to be a trade mark of the hybrids. she lifts the first peice out. A skirt kinda of like hers, made out of the leather stuff, with gold trim and a large gold Yarga symbol on it, just like her cover cloth. The second peice reminds her of Dax's top, only there only a small triangle hole under the collar of the shirt, the thing is outline with the same gold trim. The right shoulder has the Team Voodoo symbol, the left side has hers.]

Minke: * Voodoo...*

Voodoo: Your welcome Minke.

[Minke looks up at him, so many thoughts going through her head, but her words seem to fail and she nods.] * Thank you , but, I am a little tierd.*

Voodoo: Ok, you welcome. Welcome to the group Minke.

[Voodoo leaves as quitly as he came in. The Creature looks down at her gift, more confused then before.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 6, 2000

[The night goes on, and the battles are getting closer. He knows that nothing he can do now will save him in the long run. Java will still want a peice of his hide along with Jay. Voodoo looks down at his guantlets, his only weapon in a battle with pure power. He takes a deep breath and looks out his window.]

Voodoo: E.V.A., Projections on Author Destruction.

E.V.A.: The death the author will efect all those that they control in this universe.

Voodoo: E.V.A. what would happen if I would die in the battle with Winger, full data.

E.V.A.: Characters would be destoryed within 15 hours after death. Apon death or near death, all characters and creations suffer a massive unknown energy to the body, known to some as the " Pain of the Author ", the bodys are normal knocked out for sevrel hours. I myself would be not be completly destoryed.

Voodoo: Why is that?

E.V.A.: I am directly wired to this Fic 'verse, Although my life would end, my core will still work.

Voodoo: What would happen to Minke if Sai were to die?

E.V.A.: Incifficent Data.

Voodoo: Best estimates on present data.

E.V.A.: She would still live in some part, although I would figure she would be very emotionaly destroyed.

[Voodoo sighs, he knows what he has to do, even if it's not a choice he must take lightly.]

Voodoo: E.V.A

E.V.A.: Yes Voodoo?

Voodoo: Make sure that Dax remains in medical care, but right now... Ready Project: Next Step.

E.V.A.: Is that wise Voodoo?

Voodoo: Jay is planning to slag me, I don't doubt for one second he plans on letting me leave the arena on my own two legs. So I think its time to begin the next step.

E.V.A.: As, you wish Voodoo.

From: "Fury Squad"
Date: Aug 7, 2000

[Erinys turns to See as the vid closes.]

See: Don't even try. I'm not going in there.

Erinys: Just knock on the door?

See: Nope.

Erinys: Please?

See: Look, you're the leader. It's your job.

[Pyra enters, got up in fight dress.]

Erinys: Pyra, would yo-

Pyra: No.

[Erinys looks at the two, then shakes his head.] Tri really should be here...

See: Well, she isn't. Our turn.

[Sighing, the leader of Fury Squad walks over to the door and knocks politely. No answer.]

Pyra: Go in, then.

[Erinys swallows, then does so.]

Erinys: [inside] Java? Look, I just-ACK!

[He runs out, slamming the door. A large *CRACK!* is heard and the scent of charred wood enters the room.]

Pyra: Uhm...

Erinys: She doesn't want to talk.

See: We figured.

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 7, 2000

[A loud knock sounds on Java's GR door. The characters inside look at one another, not expecting and visitors See slowly opens the door, and readys his keytool when he sees who it is. The others take up fighting stances as they see who stands at the door.]

Voodoo: A fine nice to met you to.

See: Why should we be happy to see you, 'cuz of you Java's locked up in her room ready to cook any of us who step in.

[Voodoo seems as to understand the question as if it is nothing new to him at all. He steps into the room.]

Voodoo: Which one is her's?

[The characters are reluctent, but they figure he got them into this mess, he should be the one to be cooked for it. So all of them finally point to Java's door. Voodoo nods and walks to it.]

Erinys: Um, how do you plan not to get fired?

Voodoo: With these...

[Voodoo taps his guantlets, letting the green energy swarm over him, he knocks on the door and slowly opens it.]

Voodoo: Java?

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Aug 8, 2000

{Place: Java's Personal Room}

[Voodoo, after hearing no answer, walks in and closes the door. Java's room (from what he can see in the darkness) is older-styled, crimson-gold wallpaper, one black candle on the table casting shadows everywhere, and a large four-poster bed. Java is sitting on the edge of it, staring at him expressionlessly.]

Voodoo: Java, I-

[She raises a hand, and he quiets, sensing something off. Java walks over to him, silently, stoping perhaps a meter in front of him.]

Java: ~/o Voodoo, voodoo... o/~

Voodoo: Java, are you alright?

[She looks him in the eye, then smiles.] Never better! Now, what brings you to intrude upon me? [without pausing for a responce] Oh yes! Because you thought you might have hurt me with your bauble and apology. Of coure not.

Voodoo: Well, that's good-

Java: In fact, I have a present for you! Take off that force field, it's fragile and I can't throw it or anything!

[Voodoo looks just slightly surprised, but does so, as Java sweeps over to the table and picks an egg-sized object up. Returning, it seems to be a small silver dodechahedrom, and she taps one or two of it's sides before handing it over.] Well?

Voodoo: It's...pretty. What does it do?

Java: [smile suddenly turning evil] Why don't you try it out? [She throws a hematite stone behind him and in the same motion violently shoves him back - into the portal from the command.]

{Place: Arena, in mid-air over the ring, fairly high up.}

[And Voodoo appears.]

[He begins falling (obviously) but after a second the silver 'gift' flashes and turns into a large plastic bubble, enveloping Voodoo. Think "The Tiff". He falls to the ring, only near the end noticing that the bubble is one of the Japanese "Hey Kitty" design. And the crowd stares at the author in a plastic anime kitten ballon.]

[Right before the portal closes, one small banner floats out, reading:] This doesn't count, y'all.

{PLace: Java's Green Room.]

[Fury squad watches this apparation in disbelief.]

Erinys: Wow.

Pyra: Neat! Java, you go!

Java: Thank you!

[They turn. She stands at the edge of her doorway, leaning, wickedly smirking.]

Java: The prodigial Maineiac has returned! [wild] Pyra, GET READY! You're fighting Nada in ten minutes or something, dammit! Erinys, take a break. See, check whether our guest is at the Mainframe lockers, then call Tri on her cell and tell her she'd BETTER be here right after the Hardcore match! Team Trinomial is gonna be going crazy toNight, and ye'all better start WORKING!

[Grinning, she plops in her Author chair, neatens her scarf and wonders whether on not to insult the Voodites right yet...]

From: "Sai Kennedy"
Date: Aug 8, 2000

[Sai is in her apartment in Yarom City alone, eating some noodles and thinking over things, or just swatting the noodles around with her fork. She really isn't hungry, just eating for the sake of knowing she should. Actually, she's far too worried to be hungry]

Sai: I spend so much time creating her. -So- much time... And she just...pop...up and leaves. Maybe I shouldn't have told her- No, I had to. Wouldn't have been right to keep such secrets. [pops a noodle in her mouth, munching absent-mindedly] The fact that I lied to CRe in the first place is what probably made her so mad. [drops her fork onto the plate] And where are you, CReaTuRe? Where are you when I need someone around? [eyes suddenly glow] And where the HELL is Zaria!?

[Right on cue, Zaria comes rushing through the door and upon seeing Sai over at the dinner table, she hurries over] Sai, I found Minke!

[Sai's eyes bug out, and she stands] My CReaTuRe? You found her, Z'? [hugs Zaria so tightly, her own eyes bug out] That's such great news! Is she with you??

[Zaria shakes her head] I didn't want to cause any disturbance, so I left the lot of them to themselves. But, Sai...I was at our old place at Voodoo's to get something I'd forgotten, and-

Sai: And they know where she is?? Great! I suppose they would, at least Voodoo. For some reason she always got along with hi-

Zaria: Sai!

[Sai jumps] What...?

Zaria: Minke is living with them now. She's with Team Voodoo still.

[Sai's teeth begin to grit] what...

Zaria: I don't know for how long she's been there, but I came into our private area and heard talking in the next room, the main room. One of them adressed Minke, though...I couldn't hear her thoughts.

Sai: She's blocked us both off ever since she left. Don't worry. I'll give her a talking to. That'll straighten this out. [turns away] Hiding away with Voodoo's people... And all this time I thought she might be hurt or something!

Zaria: You mean you actually were worried?

Sai: Of -course- I was worried! It's not pleasant to think that after all the work I put into making her that she'd just wind up destroying herself or being destroyed.

[She goes into her makeup room and soon comes out all done up humanoid and in a T-shirt and jeans, hat on head] Now, let's head out, just for an hour or so. [Shaking her head, Zaria forms a portal, and the two head for the system of MDM]


[Walking with Sai along the outside of the arena, Zaria looks up at Voodoo's green "room" high above. Hearing Sai come walking up beside her, she looks down just as Sai is readjusting the cap over her ears] So what now?

[Sai squints and tilts her head as she stares up at the green room. A sneer comes to her face, and her expression grows angry] Now? Now nothing. But soon, Zaria. I can be patient when I have to be.

Zaria: Well, are you going to continue spying and stalking, or are you actually going to face up to things.

[Sai growls] When the time is right. Soon. Besides, I still own space up there. Unless Voodoo changed things, and I don't think he would, considering the amount of time he's had lately, I have full access to my space. I'll bet she's sitting all huddled on her futon as we speak just wishing she'd never left.


[In the greenroom, Minke sits at a table with Scar, a look of uncertainty on her face about the current game, or maybe a sense of uncertainty, who can be sure? The uniform Voodoo had given her is being proudly worn, with a few modifications to suit her style]

[Scar puts up his arm to prepare for arm-wrestling Minke. She blinks a moment but follows his lead. In just a second Scar is on the floor beside the table and shaking his head; Minke tossed him]

Mistya: Hey, were you using your powers for that?

[Minke shakes her head]

Mistya: Impressive. Scar, you've just been floored by a seemingly weaker opponent.

Scar: Oh yeah? [puts up his arm] Best out of five!

[Minke pseudo-smiles cheerfully and puts up her arm. She seems to be having a riot with this test of strength she'd thought to be such a bore before now]


[Sai smiles at Zaria] I'm pretty sure that after my little...-discussion- with CReaTuRe, she'll be back in Yarom with you and I where she belongs. 'Til I decide upon what exactly to say, let's just go to the arena, maybe even our old green room, eh? I'm feeling nostalgic...

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 8, 2000

[Voodoo sits quitly at his desk, data pads lay all over, some stacked on others, a few vid-windows open with the screen's full of data. If anyone had walked in, they might get him confused with Dot.]

Voodoo (rubbing his temples): No one ever said it would be this hard....

[Voodoo returns his work, trying to ignore the loud thumps outside, not sure if he wants to know what is going on.]

E.V.A.: Alert! Virus energy signiture detected in sector 003.

Voodoo: Who is it E.V.A.?

E.V.A.: Unknown class.

Voodoo: Unknown class? E.V.A. disply readouts.

[The vid-window infront of his changes its data readout to that of the energy wave length. He watchs closely at it, leaning back in his chair he grins.]

Voodoo: Play back frame 22.1

[E.V.A. shows a still frame of the energy readout. And Voodoo grins, as he stands he closes the vid-window. He removes his glasses and sets them on the desk, leaving his work behind he heads out into the green room.]


Minke: * Again Scar?*

Scar: Uh.. No.. My male ego has been shatterd enough for today thank you...

Mistya: Come on Scar.. I'll run a scan over you and make sure nothing else is shatterd.

[Minkes pseudo-grin appears on he face again, she watchs the couples leave, and in walks Voodoo. She stands quickly and lowers her head slightly so she can look Voodoo in the face.]

Minke* Do.. you like it?*

Voodoo: Yes, I do. Its nice to see that you are branching out into fashion to. But this isn't a complet social call Minke.


Voodoo: Um..E.V.A. detected an energy signiture that I believe belongs to Zaria.. and wherever there is Zaria..

Minke:* Sai..*

Voodoo: Yes.. She will be looking for you Minke. Thats why I wanted to tell you that if you chose to leave.. I complelty understand. But I would like it if you would stay. But you are free to do as you wish, and you will always have family and friends here. But..don't worry about it you know. Who knows with Sai..she might have just came back to raid the fridge you know?

From: "Minke"
Date: Aug 8, 2000

[Minke nods at the possibility, though she knows that there -will- be a confrontation upcoming. Then she sees Voodoo going back to his room and calls him back]

Voodoo: Something else?

Minke *Yes, I already make my decision.*

Voodoo: And that is?

Minke *I wish to stay. I think...I need to deal with this, should she show up to cause trouble I mean...*

[Voodoo grins and nods] That's good to hear, Minke. [turns partway towards his room's door] Was there anything else you wanted to say?

Minke * a matter of fact, yes... I know that you have your team-family, and how all your characters protect and look out for each other and you, but...seeing as how I won't be fighting very much here...well, what I mean is that I'd like...a more -specific- role here...*

Voodoo: You can have a match if you want to, Minke. Just tell me and I'll inform Jay.

Minke *Yes...I know.*

Voodoo: Okay then. What role would you preffer?

Minke *Do you have a personal bodyguard...?*

[Voodoo jumps a little and gives Minke an odd look] I suppose they all are bodyguards to me in a sense.

[Minke looks away and sits back down, scraping a little groove into the steel table] *But...they're not always around you, and after what just happened with the authoress Java -and her run-in with Bios- I hope you understand my concern for an author...*

[Jeff, who is closely watching his wife in a monitor as she speaks with Winger, turns to raise an eyebrow at Minke. It supposedly goes unnoticed]

[Voodoo squints and half-grins] I suppose it's understandable. After all, the death of an author is a big concern for his characters and other creations- Um...Minke?

[Minke stares at him expectingly] *Yes, Voodoo...*

Voodoo: You're- um- The table, Minke...

[Minke stares at the gash in the table and her hand jumps away from it, she feeling embarassed. Grabbing a lock of hair from behind her crest, she fiddles with this instead] *Sorry. Um...that said...I wouldn't mind taking up a job like that. If the position is open of course...*

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 8, 2000

[Voodoo folds his arms and runs the information through his mind. A personal bodyguard, the fact that she would care enough to protect him is one thing, but to use the word "personal" means she has some kinda of under plot in mind. Voodoo looks at her, playing with her hair as she waits for an answer. He think over that some training might be a good idea.]

Voodoo: You do know the risks...

Minke: *Ones that...I am willing to make.*

Voodoo: Hmm... Jeff..What do you think?

Jeff: I think that if her shirt were any shorter, that Winger would think she is flirting with him.

Voodoo:Oh for the love... I ment with Minke Jeff, Minke.

Jeff: Well.. Knowing from past experience, being a personal bodyguard means spending 24/7 around that person. If she is willing for that, then let her. She isn't a child....

Voodoo: Good point Jeff.

Jeff: Thank you, I would normaly fill this job,but I personaly like sleeping in the same room with my wife.

Voodoo: Thank you Jeff you can stop right there. Matter of fact, you can move Minkes futon into my quaters.

Jeff: Why the hell do I gotta do it?

Voodoo: Becuase I didn't create you to be a voyeur. Now get up off your ASCII and do it.

[Jeff mumbles something that nether hear and closes turns off the screen. He stands and walk out still mumbling, when the two hear him shout.]

Jeff: Scar! Get off you ASCII I need the Dreckard body of yours!

Scar: Why?

Jeff: Because futons are a pain to move! So common!

[Voodoo rolls his eyes and sighs, he noticed that Minke is trying to hold back the earge to giggle.]

Voodoo: So Ms. Minke, what are your qualifications for the job?

Minke: * My what?*

Voodoo: What makes you think you can do this kinda of job?

Minke: **

[Voodoo shakes his head, and walks over to his friend, placing at arm around the small of her back, since she is taller then him it would be very hard to wrap an arm around her shoudlers, so he does the best he can. She feels a little strange that Voodoo has his arm around her, and as they walk, he ask his questions.]

Voodoo:... Ok,then.. can you take laser fire?

Minke: * I guess so.. its energy after all.*

Voodoo: Well thats half the job right there...Now...

[As the two walk off into Voodoo's section to talk over the arrangments, Ki'eva and Kaka watch the two men try and lug the heavy futon out of Minkes section.]

Ki'eva: How long do you think it will take for them to realize that if they open both doors it would make it easier for them to get it out?

Kaka: With those two.. god only knows.

From: "Minke"
Date: Aug 9, 2000

[Walking ahead of Voodoo, Minke walks into Voodoo's section, only to turn around and see Voodoo still outside the door. He's calling to Jeff and Scar but gets cut off by a crash and bang, shaking his head a moment later. Turning around, he walks into his room, the door automatically shutting]

[As is custom for her, pillow or no, Minke seats herself on the floor, tail flicking about in the air] *Something occurs to me, Voodoo...*

[Voodoo seats himself in an office chair before his desk and steeples his fingers, elbows rested upon the desk's matt] And what would that be?

Minke *Well you see, I haven't been in many battles, in fact only one... And even then my powers were totally restrained...*

[Voodoo motions for Minke to sit in the chair across from him, but when she walks over she can only give it an odd look and a few attempts at seating herself. Instead she simply pushes it aside and sits on the floor where the chair was]

Voodoo: Sorry, it's kind of automatic for me to offer a seat.

Minke *You apoligise too much...* [grins] *About my abilities, you've already seen what went on with my going up against Lazarus, but that's not normally the case of what would happen. If I'd had my powers, I could have simply put up a force field-*

Voodoo: I wasn't questioning your abilities, Minke. I just wanted to know what you know you're capable of.

Minke *And that's the problem... I've never really had a chance to explore them. I've done portals, and I found that I could float when my wings get too tired to carry me, which happens pretty fast...*

Voodoo: But you've never used your powers in combat.

[Minke nods] *I was thinking...if I might take up one match to train me. After all the rest of your team and you are through with -yours- of course. But I was written to be part of the MDM, so I suppose that it would be most fitting for my training to be a match...*

Voodoo: Out of all curiosity-

Minke *Lean Il'Lupe most likely... And if not, then Elogin...*

[Voodoo raises his eyebrows slightly] You think you can take on Elogin?

Minke *Possibly even take her down, but that's not what's necessary for the training... I don't know, I'm just thinking of options to test me.* [brow furrows at a thought, but Minke tosses this into the back of her mind and looks up at Voodoo again] *No matter, that's for another Night anyhow. For now...let us discuss the arrangements...*

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 9, 2000

[Voodoo leans back in his chair, his index fingers tap lightly on his chin as he thinks. He looks down at Minke, sitting on the floor, he decides that a few pillows and maybe even a custom chair are in order. The door slides open and in walks one Hybrid and one Dreckard.]

Voodoo: Overe there guys...

[Voodoo points with his pinky, and the two men nod in acknowladgment. Voodoo looks back down at Minke.]

Voodoo: Although personaly I would not want you to fight the Vira of the RPM in any case, such a fight could test your powers. I will talk to Winger to see what we can do. But first, some time in the VR training would be needed first. Safty on of course.

Minke: *The safty is not always on?*

Voodoo: Not for the Hybrids no. They are more suited to dieing, and thus the mearly know that is one possible outcome of the battle. You my dear, have yet the experience that they have. Mind you its not a bad thing, but you are..

[Voodoo catches himself, lately he hasn't like what has been happening, he is changing, becoming to emotional, a weakness that anyone could attack.]

Jeff: Hey Voodoo.....we got the futon in here, can we go now?

[Voodoo nods for them to leave, and the men leave, with Jeff saying something about they deserve a beer for thier hard work. The door slides shut and Voodoo stands, and so does Minke.]

Voodoo: First, we need to do something about you...we can't have you sitting on the floor all the time.. E.V.A.?

E.V.A.: Yes Voodoo?

Voodoo: I need you to replactate some chairs. One that can support Minke here. Allow modifications to include room for tail and wings.

E.V.A.: Design complet.

Voodoo: Disply.

[The holo projetor flips on and a 3D image appears showing the chair. A matalic looking curved peice of metal. The back is very narrow and low, allowing for her wings to stick out on the side, room for her tail is seen through the space between the arm rest and the back. The padding seems to be a ruby color.]

Voodoo: Looks good, make four of them please, and save the disign in the database please.

E.V.A.: At once Voodoo, anything else?

Voodoo: Large pillows, slightly larger then the seat of the chair. seven or eight should be good. Mix up the colors, don't need them all to be the same.

E.V.A.: Sure thing Voodoo, will there be anything else?

[Voodoo looks to Minke, as if asking her if there needs to be anything else.]

From: "Minke"
Date: Aug 12, 2000

Minke *That does seem to cover things well enough. You do so much to make my stay here comfortable. Thank you, Voodoo...*

Voodoo: No need to thank me, Minke. You're one of the family now. What's mine is yours and all that.

[Minke nods and bows slightly, going over to the futon to readjust it and meditate afterwards]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Aug 9, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}

[Java sits at her sea in front of her vidwindows, main access, her link to the system Photoshop (which is still miraculously up) and one or two monitors overlooking the Arena proper. Erinys is snoring, See is off, and Py is doing last-minute adjustments.]



Java: There's NO matches going on, NO intruigue, NO people beatin' the living hell out of each other! What did I JOIN the MDM for if it's going to be like this?!

See: Uhm...

[Mallet is displayed. See shies away.]

Pyra: [head down] Go surprise people. Do an appearing act.

[Java ponders this, then squees.] Yeah! Now, portals? [She stares at the marble-commands.] Nah, too predictable...[Her eyes flicker up to a small bookshelf, and she smiles widely, retrieves one of then, and sits down at her seat with a pen and bottle of ink, making small insertions in the alien script.]

{Place: Jay's Green Room}

[After Jenny's departure, everyone seems to have cooled off. Buisness is normal, Jay puts the final touches on his sledge, and Tri pulls a winning hand out of nowhere, killing Justice's winning streak. All is normal.]

[Something shimmers behind Jay's seat. He senses it, turns-

[And is greeted by a suddenly materialing Java, who squees and throws a small thread around Jay, trapping him more symbolically than literally.] Scared ya!

Jay: [after a very short blink] Java...So-

Java: Shush! Now...[She pulls a chair over and sits, still with the thread around Jay. She smiles sweetly.] There's just a mite of a problem. I'm bored.

Jay: And?

Java: No! Y'see, it's *really* not a good thing for me to be bored. See, when I get bored, I get sad. And when I get sad [droops head] I get depressed. And when I get depressed [droops head even lower] I get suicidal. And when I get suicidal...[rasies head with a manic grin] I get *homicidal*...Not at you, 'course! But it's just NOT GOOD! So? Where's Nada? Where's EVERYONE?! Something *happen* already! [She droops slightly, and pulls the thread away.] Sorry, I'm just *not* liking boredom, y'see. I *like* interesing times! So.

[She raises her head, waiting for a responce, if any, looking for all the world like a sheepish ditzpika.]

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: Aug 10, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Jay smirks at Java's little showmanship (or maybe show-sprite-ship?) and swivels his chair to face her.]

Jay: Ah, I see the Maineiac we all know and love is back. I realize you're a bit bored, so are most of us. But I just had to clear something up with Voodoo's team. Since Dax is unable to fight Pyra, Pyra wins by default and automatically faces Nada in the finals.

[Naught starts to open his mouth, but Niente raises a hand to wallop him. Naught shuts his mouth and sits in front of one of the monitors to watch the match.]

Jay: As for intrigue, there's always something waiting to explode around here. [He grins, glasses glinting.] If you smell what the Big Shot's cookin'?

[Lean Il Lupe glances up from his corner, but he says nothing about the Terrorizers' ire at him.]

Jay: So you just don't worry that scarfed little magenta head of yours. [He pats her on the scarf] Nada's almost set to go on out, so you just go tell Pyra to get ready, and not to blink, or she might miss something.

[Something else occurs to him.]

Jay: Oh! And keep yourself on top of your game for when ye face Vood. He may be on a nice streak right now, but knowing him, he'll have something up his sleeve for our matches later.

From: "Jeff Freeman & Jenny Lockheart"
Date: Aug 9, 2000

[Jenny walks down the halls of Jay's area of the stadium. Passing several of the DMSF on the way. They watch her carefully, they all know that the boss man hates racist, but the fact that a "Chamber born" human walks the halls of their section. But Jenny's walk down Jays section is more then just her returning back to her part of the MDM, she is taking in every bit of useful information that can be gatherd. The placement of guards, weapon caches, cameras and whatnot. Jenny reaches the edge of Jays section, quickly looking back to see that non of the DMSF have followed her, she ducks into a small alcove. She pulles the communicator off her belt and dials the green room.]

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room, Crix's room}

[Crix leans back in his chair, his eyes look tiredly at the data that is displayed on his screen. E.V.A. works, but she is still lacking her imaging files. A Vid-window pops open and it displaying information on the caller.]

Crix: What's up mum?

Jenny: Crix, transfer me over to your father.

Crix: Yeah no problem. You need the private line?

Jenny: That would help yes. And no dropping in this time.

Crix: Yeah, Yeah... patching you through.

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room, Kitchen.}

[Jeff takes a swig of his beer, not really a drinker as another one the RPM characters. But he is known to have a non-romantic drink now and then. The rining of the com, startles him and he escuses himself, and opens the device that looks like a phone]

Jeff: Yeah?

Jenny: Jeff, Hey hun I need you to grab my uniform and get down here.

Jeff: Well, where are you and why do you need you getup?

[Scar looks at him questionly and Jeff mearly shrugs.]

Jenny: I'm on the edge of Jays section, just a few clicks from the Metatron. I need you to get down her ASAP with my gear.

Jeff: And just what are planning to do that requires me to break Voodoo's policy about non-mission based use of equipment. You got permission to talk to Winger, I don't think he would like it very much if you were to slag him.

Jenny: I don't plan on slagging anyone Jeff, but I need to perform a little test.

Jeff: Does this test involve us breaking one of Voodoo's set forht rules.

Jenny: It bends them.

Jeff: And why should I do this? [Jeff is not just teasing her, he would have already left, but he wanted to know more.]

Jenny: You do it for me, and I'll do *it* for you.

Jeff: An added bonus.. Alright.. be down there in a few.. keep your clothes on.

[Pressing the power button, he folds up the com and tucks it away in his duster. He stands and runs off to his room to grab Jenny uniform. Leaving a more then confused Scar behind.]

{Place: Edge of Jays section; Team Voodoo designation 0230-A. Alcove.}

Jenny: Where are you Jeff Freeman?

Jeff: Right here love.

[Jenny spins around and ring into his husbands chest. She smacks his on the chest playfuly.]

Jenny: Jesus Jeff, you scared the hell out of me.

Jeff: Hybrids don't get scared, here's you uniform.

[Jenny takes the black leather type jumpsuit and looks around before she gives Jeff a strong look.]

Jeff: After all this time Jenny?

Jenny: Look out Jeff....[she moans]

Jeff: I just think your shy... [Jeff turns around and keeps his eyes trained down the hall, looking for any of Wingers men.]

Jenny: Hardly.. Did Voodoo see you leave?

Jeff: Don't think so.. He still in his room with Minke.

Jenny: Your kidding?

Jeff: Nope, had me drag her futon into his room to boot.

Jenny: Wha... Why did he do that?

Jeff: Because she is not his personal bodyguard, and a guard has to be close at all times.

Jenny: True..well.. let us get to work here..Zip me up?

[Jeff turns, and see's his wife with his back to him, the long zipper of her jumpsuit hanging open just above her lower back.]

Jeff: Explain to me why women always wear stuff the must be zipped up in the back?

Jenny: Well its the reason we have men.

Jeff: That explains it. [Jeff closes the velcro strap that hides the zipper.]

Jenny: Thank you love... Now.. to test my plan...

From: "Jeff Freeman & Jenny Lockheart"
Date: Aug 10, 2000

Jeff: So what are we doing down here?

Jenny: Testing a theory.

Jeff: I hate it when you say that..

[Jenny giggles a little and peeks her head around the corner. She counts quickly to herself and looks back to her huby.]

Jenny: Four of Jays goons about a click down this hall, two more just a few feet from them.

Jeff: Since when do we care about them?

Jenny: When I was walking back from Jays room, I paid careful attention to that around me. Jay has most of his DMSF located around his central area, but less and less spred around the edges. Does this remind you of anything?

Jeff: The time we were hired to kill that senator.. whats the point?

Jenny: Means simply my hybrid lover... That ever since we moved and Jay has seen out technolgy that he is expecting us to transport directly into his area, I figure if alerted, he could have the entire DMSF in her room in about three minutes.

Jeff: Again, this concerns us how?

Jenny: Never overlook an opportunity to learn more about your foe..something I believed you told me on more then one occasion.

Jeff: Yeah..well... I thought you didn't want to be a part of the MDM anymore?

Jenny: I don't, but it doesn't mean that I don't like a challange.. and even i'm getting board, I need something to do. And I don't believe you have that much stanima anymore.

Jeff: Sure know how to make a guy feel loved don't ya?

[Jenny looked back at her chosen love. Kissed him on the cheek and smiled.]

Jenny: Yep... Now here's the plan. I need you to head back to the Green Room and use that bug we planted in Jays network to get the blueprints of his duct system...

[From her sidepack, Jenny removes her ear peice. She places it in her right ear and taps the power and a small microphone slides down.]

Jenny:...I need to know at all times whats ten feet in front of me. Also give me a status on the norm. Got it love?

Jeff: Yeah, I got it, don't like it though. This is breaking the rules Jenny.

Jenny: Who ever said we live by the rules?

Jeff: Just be careful, I don't need you to be spending any time in the tank or a coffen.

[Jenny smiles and gives Jeff a passionate kiss, before he picks her up so she can reach the vent cover overhead. Pushing it up into the vent, she climbs in and looks down at her husband before replacing the cover. Jeff sighs and taps the small device attaced to his belt. The blue/grey energy swarms over him, he fades from sight.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Aug 10, 2000

[Java smiles, then nods, then blinks. She looks up, around, then suddenly shifts to a wotsit and rolls out of the room in a hurry.]

{Place: Duct System}

[And Jenny crawls. And trailing some twenty feet behind is a small wotsit, watching her every move, and carefully making itself unseen.]

From: "Jeff Freeman & Jenny Lockheart"
Date: Aug 10, 2000

[Jenny crawls through the dusty vent, holding back the earge to sneeze, the last thing she would need it to be detected. She makes sure to have her weight centerd, but moves with her arms and legs on the edges of the vent, as to make as little noise as possible.]

Jeff: Jenny, you hear me hun?

Jenny: Loud and clear hun.. where am I?

Jeff: From what I can make out.. you about three clicks south of Jays green room. Turn on your locator, I need a fix on you.

Jenny: I'll be detected.

Jeff: Not if you config it to a radom frequence routation.

Jenny: How do I do that?

[Jeff sighs and leans back in his chair, he walks Jenny through the steps and after about five minutes, get a signal he can read, he quickly runs the information onto the blue-print map.]

Jenny: You see me?

Jeff: Well, I see a blue dot, last time I noticed you weren't a blue dot.

Jenny: Ha ha Jeff.. Now where am I?

Jeff: Hold on a nano.

[Jenny sits in the somewhat dark vent system of Wingers section, she waits quitly for Jeff to tell her where she is. She shifts in her postion, but doing so kicks up dust, which she fights hard against to not sneeze. But a loud thump alerts her to the fact that she is not alone. Her head turns to see something move, she pulls her pistol from its holdster and turns on the flashlight, only to see something jet away.]

Jenny: Jeff I'm not alone.. I'm going after whatever it is.

Jeff: Think thats a smart move?

Jenny: If i'm am ID'ed then i'm gone.

[But before Jeff could tell her to hang still, she was off, crawling down the vent as fast as she could after whatever it was that was spying on her. She had thought she had lost it, but she she heard something slam into the metal of the vent, she pointed her weapon at it, the beam of light showing the particals of dust in the air. She was about to fire, but the pinging of metal and the flashes of light seemed to require more of her attention. Jenny pushed herself back and up onto the side of the vent. She felt a burning on her side, and on her thigh, but she couldn't see it. All the saw was the holes in the vent and the light shinning through.]

Jenny: Jeff...get me..out..[she said in pain.]

[Jenny reopened her eyes and she she was laying on the floor of the transporter pad, she heard the door hiss open and then foot steps, she looked up to see Jeff stareing down at her, a look of concern on his face. She watched him as he head turned and seem to have his attention on her legs. She sat up on her elbows as she saw that he was checking her wounds. Someone, more like a DMSF had shot through the vent, she had only been scratched though, but it still hurt. She had a large wound on her side and on the inside of her left leg.]

Jeff: What the hell did I tell you!

Jenny: Nothing big love..

Jeff: Thats not the point...[sigh] alright, lets get you into the med-bay and get you patched up.

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room- Med bay}

[Jenny sits on the exam table will the leg of her suit cut off and a small bandage covering her wound. The side of her uniform is also been cut open wider and another banage placed on her side. Ki'ace keeps trying to get information out of her as to why she had laser burns, but Jenny keeps changing the subject. The door hisses open and in walks Jeff, his wifes clean street clothes in his hand.]

Jeff: Ki'ace, I would like it if you could this between us and the walls. No need for Voodoo to know about this.

Ki'ace: I don't like lying to Voodoo..

Jenny: Please Ki'ace?

Ki'ace: lips and mind are sealed.

[Jenny stands from the table and heads off to the changing room to change into her clothes. Jeff and Ki'ace shaore a moment of silence, both know that Jenny's action could have just put the uneasy peace into the trash, but the wait for actions to surface.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Aug 10, 2000

{Place: Somewhere in the corridors, near Jenny's last known location}

[A small group of DMSF surround the vent, all holding up weapons, one having discharged and hit Jenny. Off to the side one is calling Bruno.]

DMSF#1: Come out! You're surrounded!

Voice: Then why don't you COME UP HERE and HELP?!

[Disbelief. One of the men peeks in, sees nothing, checks in the vent a few door back, to very cramped and very pissed Java. He opens the vent.]

DMSF#2: Miss Trinomial?...What are you-

Java: As it happens, I was following someone in the vents when you had to shoot and break my concentration! The concentration being spent not sneezing to be precise! G'way! [She jumps out, brushes a few dust particles off her scarf, then marches off.]

DMSF#3: [to Bruno, who just *saw* the whole thing] Well...

Bruno: I saw. [closes the vid]

{Place: Java's Green Room.}

[Java is at her desk again, writing in one of the books furiously. On her monitor is the blueprint to part of the arena. The rest of the team watches her, just slightly worried. Pyra has already left for the match.]

From: "Minke & Voodoo"
Date: Aug 10, 2000

[A vast desert bakes quitly in the sun, the soft unseen energy sweeps across the dry baked earth kicking up the particals that have no grip on the ground. The slience is shatterd as a purplish beam smashs into the ground, leaving a smoking hole in the earth in its place.]

Minke: Stand still!

[Minke floats in the hair, the wind kicking back her skirt between her legs. Her wings are completly unfolded as she channles energy for a another blast. Her form is this realm is the same, but it seems that she has no been gifted with a mouth. Her target, some unknown virus floats in the air just below her. Minke lets lose another powerful blast of purplish energy towards the virus. But the virus fly stright up and fires off two bolts of her own. Minke can't counter and is hit, the blast knock her out of the air, she comes crashing towards the ground, but before she can hit, a bright flash of white light appears, and her eyes open and she sees not the orange color of a desert earth, but the walnet finish of Vooodoo's roof.]

[Minke sits up in her futon, her face sadden as she removes the VR unit from her temples. She looks around, trying to regain her settings, but she sees Voodoo sitting in his Authors chair, reading not from a datapad, but from a real book.]

Minke: *I lost again. *

Voodoo: It's only you tenth try at it, you have come a long way since you began.

Minke: *I still lost, and you would have been attacked.*

Voodoo: Minke.. relax ok? We will try again later.. there isn't much a rush for you to take on your new role.

Minke: *As you wish.. I just wish I had more experience.*

Voodoo: There isn't a rush Minke.. I don't think that I am going to die tonight.

[Minke slides off her bed and returns the VR unit to its charging stand. She taps the power botton and cant help but feel the energy from the stand, she grins in her own way and decides to sit in her new chair, which is placed near Voodoo. After taking a moment to adjust to sitting in a chair, she looks back to her friend.]

Minke: *You have a match with Jay tonight, and Java.. two such powerful people won't take it easy on you.*

Voodoo: If they did I would be insulted.

Minke: *Voodoo... Why do you think Sai has not come here yet? If that was her and Zaria then they are here for me.*

Voodoo: I don't rightly know, but when they come... It should be the more then a interesting encounter.

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