Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two 
Night #4: Intrigue, Plots to Bring Disaster

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 12, 2000

[As Voodoo lays in the Med-Bed, a little more then dead, Jeff paces around the room, arms folded behind his back]

Jenny: If you walk any harder hunny you are going to wear out the floor.

Dax: Yeah relax dad, Voodoo will be up and running in less then a week.

[Jeff stops and faces his family]

Jeff: And till then we are to sit on the side lines? I dont think so.

Jenny:That's you're problem, you dont think..

[Jeff narrows his eyes on Jenny and she grins]

Jenny: Two words... Silent Killers...

Jeff: That was only for a short time...

Jenny: Still happened..

Mistya: Will you two please!

[The two hybrids look to the Female Dreckard.  As she crosses her arms, Scar took up a place at her side]

Mistya: In case none of you have noticed, the world isn't going to stop just because Voodoo is out, we still have matches to win.

Jeff: Mistya's got a point, But still.. What we going to do?

Crix: I'll start a list.

[The Metatron screen scrambles, and goes blank. The crowd turns it attention towards it. And the theme beat from "Gargoyles" fills the stadium, as the Screen fills with quick shots of Dragon like wings and talon hands.]

P.A.: We are the Fallen race... We are the children of a grand people.. we are...DRECKARD'S

[The pryo's shoot off on the post's of the ring, as a figures falls from the rafters, and hits the mat hard, the springs from underneath push the figure up as another figure hits the mat next to it. They slowly stand, unfolding there wings the look out onto the people, who cheer at the new Anthro's]

Mistya: Silence! We are here, because Voodoo is.....temporally ... busy... So we are here to announce the matches we have come up with.

[Scar's eyes seems to be darting from one person to another, as if checking to make sure everything is as it seems. Mistya removes the slip of paper from her front pocket and clears her throat]

Mistya: The follow matches have been presented for consideration....  The Anthro match, The Anthro match is open to all, Full blooded Anthro's, no robots or fakes. Two Anthro are to be selected from any author wishing to fight. Voodoo has chosen us. And Paso to credits say's Jay picks his Golems

[There are moans of agreement through out the stadium]

Mistya: Another match is set forth, The Metaverse's baddest couple. So far these people are set for the match.  Jeff Freeman and Jenny Lockheart VS Dot Matrix and Guardian 452, also known as Bob.  Since there are few couples in the Metaverse, any male/female team may fight. If any one wishes to have two of there team mates fight, then the match will be set up as this.. Jeff and Jenny versus Dot and Bob, Someone and someone else VS (\/)atrix and AndrAIa.  The winner of the match will face the other winner, If no other author choses to send in fighters, Jeff and Jenny will fight both team's, if Jeff and Jenny loose, then the other teams will fight one another.  Also on the "Might happen" Matches is a 4 ways rumble, this would consist of.. Lean, Bios, Elogin, and possibly Zaria.  That is all we have come up with.. Thank you...

[The Stadium lights flash off and a second later return back on, the ring now empty]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 13, 2000

[The Metatron darkens, then flickers with green static.  Whispers come over the speakers.]

Metatron: [PM5K, whispering] Now this is what it's like when worlds this is what it's this is what it's like when worlds this is what it's like WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE!!

[The music flares to life as the Metatron lights up with clips of Jay Winger coaching his team (even him shouting at Daemon) and then fresh new clips of Jay pummeling Voodoo.  As the music approaches a crescendo, the RPM logo flashes on the screen, then pyros go off.  The Author stands in a dark green Metaverse shirt and black pants.  He has replaced his glasses and has his Author Belt around his waist.  He laughs and raises his arms in the air.  Half the audience cheers, and the other half (evidently Voodoo's supporters) boo and chant "@$$hole!"  Jay just grins as he makes his way to the ring, his four title holders following (Justice, Dirk, Sil, & Elogin).  The group enters the ring.]

Jay: Well, land sakes!  Lookee here!  Vood's peeps managed to book some matches before me!  [He leers, then scowls.]  That's not a good thing for you, Vood!

[He starts pacing, and he is far from 'puck-wild,' he's in supreme @$$hole-mode now.]

Jay: That's bad for you because *I* am the king of the Deathmatch!  I proved that last night when I kicked your sorry ASCII from here to the Web and back again!  You don't have the right to send your *flunkies* to book matches!

[He stops.  Most of the audience is booing him now.  But he raises a hand to quiet them, then smirks.]

Jay: But never let it be said that I'm a bad sport.  I accept those challenges.  My entrants into the Deathmatch! Couple Tournament are Niente Aught and Quinn Rentack!  They will take on Matrix and AndrAIa, then go on to rip the Hybrids apart!

[Jay's supporters start to cheer again.]

Jay: I'll get to the rest of those proposals in a minute.  I wanna book some other matches first.  Tonight, in this ring, you will see Tomasi & Nails will take on...Powerlock and the Web Rider, Boss!

[Mixed reaction to that, since nobody likes Tomasi and Nails much, but the match promises to be brutal.]

Jay: Also!  You will see that hoverbike champion Zilch Aught go head-to-head with...Gigabyte!

[Cheers.  Everybody likes Zilch.  He's a fun guy.]

Jay: Golems are more than ready to waste the Drecks.  If nobody else is willing to put their Anthros up to the match, then I'm entering Deki and Celesi into the match.

[Jay continues to pace.]

Jay: As for the four-virus match -- Elogin and the Wolf are both primed and set to blow Bios and Zaria out of the water...but especially Miss Queen Bitch.

[Elogin grins a sharp-toothed grin and flicks her claws, energy flaring for a moment.]

Jay: Just face it, Vood.  You can throw Hybrids, Drecks, viruses, sprites, hell, you can throw a Web Spore at me, because it doesn't *MATTER* what you throw at me!  I am the Big Shot Author around here, and that's the way it's gonna stay!

[He throws the microphone away, scowling, then all five of them do the DX hand chop, complete with the pyros in the X pattern.  Jay climbs up on one of the posts as he finishes, raising his hand in the air.]

Jay: [screaming] WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!!

Team Winger: [screaming] PUCK IT!!

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 13, 2000

[The lights dim for a few moments, and a spotlight flares up to the ceiling.  A flaming phoenix flies down, screeching, before alighting near Jay and shifting to Java.  She, as usual, is being a psycopath.]

Java: [to the Dreckards]I must agree with Jay here...Your author is *pitiful*. I, too, have additions to declare.

[She whistles, and Erinys, Pyra, and Tri enter the arena, and head to her side.]

Java: I am entering my Pyra in this Anthro match, as it would be poetic justice for me. And, since Tri has asked [muttering] practically begged, damn you..[regular voice] to be included, she will join Lean and Elogin for the decimation of Voodoo's and Sai's virii.

[Tri moves over next to Elogin, a mysterious smile on her face.]

Java: An furthermore, Erinys will be fighting Ray Tracer for an as-yet-to-be-named title.  Is there anything I have forgotten, my dears?

[They shake their heads.]

Java: Well, I think I've made my statement.  Anything else you boys want to say? [She leans back against a pole, giggling.]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 13, 2000

[Jay and Team Winger look at Java and Team Trinomial (sorry, it just sort of fits) and grin.  Jay raises a hand in the air and snaps his fingers.  Naught appears, bearing a Gold Author Belt.  The hacker steps into the ring and hands it over to Jay, who has the microphone replaced in his hand by Justice.]

Jay: Java, nice of you to join us!  I never got to properly thank you for frying Vood like an egg two nights ago.  I think you've earned this -- your Author Belt.  Signifies you are almost as much of a Big Shot as I am!

[He hands the Belt over to Java, then grins.]

Jay: But, no offense, Java, but Pyra can't exactly handle the Drecks by herself.  So, to even the odds, Sil al'Nasen, the Best Sword Fighter, will be her partner!

[A few cheers at that, but it's obvious the audience wanted to hear the Golems were fighting the Dreckards.]

Jay: Other than that, it's good to see you're getting involved!

Elogin: [to Tri] What was with that look you gave me?

[The three members of the Grizzly groan and shake their heads.  They'd rather not bother with this.  Sil looks Pyra over and shrugs, as if to say, 'She looks like she can cut it.']

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 13, 2000

Java: [to Pyra] Z'okay? [She nods.]  Methink's we've got ourselves a deal here!

[The team minus Tri walks off.  Tri looks around, then whispers something in Elogin's ear.]

Tri: Hm?

Elogin: [thinks, then grins also.]

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 13, 2000

[Sitting before her computer at work, Sai begins to feel a lazy ache in her head, fingers aching. Her eyes have small, dark bags under each, and her facial muscles are completely relaxed (a Ben Stein impression if ever you did see one). As she stares at the screen, her digits begins to type of their own accord]

* Sai, and WeB ViRuS suddenly appear by the fighting ring, Sai being set down by WeB ViRuS, both standing before the group of authors and characters. Sai prepares to make a statement for the upcoming battle between Zaria and Tri.

* Shanzie flies in and *pounces* Java before she even knows what's happening. "Squiggle-dear! And greetings too!"

WeB: What the-

Shanzie: Heya, WeB, how've you been? This place is so weird! Doesn't look like Earth ta me...

WeB: Well, it's not.

* Sai looks over. "What are YOU doing here?? Get off of Java!"

Shanzie: I'm *being* here! *overly cute grin* Oh...sorry, Java! That yer name? You mean like the coffee? Heehee!

Sai: Mercy upon us all...

WeB: You little nit-wit! You're in the wrong fic universe!

* Zaria flashes into the ring, everyone jumping back at the sudden appearance. "Hey, I brought banana peels!"

Sai: Okay, what the hell is going on here??

* WeB pats her on the back in a patronizing way, as usual. "You took too much NyQuil, dear. Remember last night?"

Sai: Urg...last time I ever use that stuff to tune out my late-night-living hubby. *stares around* You mean that's doing all *this*??

WeB: I'm afraid so. Your mind is a bit fragged-up, dear.

* Corel comes running in, giggling. "Hey, a furre! YAY!" pounces and hugs Shanzie.

WeB: That's all I need. One more Anthro character to replace me. *glares at Shanzie* Get out of my Metaverse!

Sai: This isn't *your* Metaverse! It's everyone's! *looks at Corel hugging Shanzie, Java and the others looking scared, somewhat annoyed, and the Drecks just looking pissed over the intervention* I really need mental assistance.

* ViRuS21 comes soaring in, cape flowing behind her. "You rrrang??"

Sai: AH!

Zaria: I...don't believe we've met before. Are to the Metaverse?

ViRuS21: HELLS no! I know it all over! Sai's just always DENIED me the CHANCE to be in any FIC WHATSOEVER!!!!

Zaria: *uncovering her ears* Are...are you always so loud?

ViRuS21: MOST of the time.

WeB: Oh hell, the last person here we needed. Madame WeB Chat herself.

ViRuS21: Shut up, WeB. I was in fic before you were even thought of!

WeB: Oh what a lying rat!

ViRuS21: What an arrogant bitch.

Sai: Every one just SHUT UP!

* All stare at Sai now, as her eyes are glowing a curious red, much like WeB's do.

Sai: Look, V21, you go back into my cerebral cortex. NOW! *sees the virus disappear* Zaria, get rid of all these FAQing banana peels before I shove 'em down your throat! *the girl and the peels vanish*'s nice to see you again, but this place is way too violent for you. Go, dear. *sees the girl mope but trot off to find WeB again* As for you, Shanzie, I suggest you go back to your own ficverse. *doesn't see Shanzie move*

Shanzie: But the Drecks are pretty! *grins wistfully at Scar* 'Specially him. ;)

Sai: I am not in the mood.

* Shanzie goes up to Scar and tugs on his T-shirt, winking, full of mischief. "How'd you like to soar the skies with *me*, big fella?" The Dreck blushes as Mistya growls beside him, and Shanzie laughs. "Oops! I made a booboo!" avoids -barely- a hard swat from Mistya. "You know, you two-"

Sai: Get out!!

* Shanzie looks at Sai and pouts. "I never get to have any fun in the other dimentions." She soon vanishes.

Sai: Aaaanyway, like I was going to was I going to say?

* Zaria reappears. "Yessir, we have no bananaaaaas, we have no bananaaaas todaaaaaay!"

* Sai blinks. "Everyone is so out of character..."

Zaria: Of course we are! You drank the liquid crack with the big fragging Q on the bottle. Capital 'N', lowercase 'Y', Big Fraggin' 'Q'!" runs over to Tri. "Hey, things get interesting from here on in, don't they?"

Tri: I suppose. Are you feeling alrigt? *raises an eyebrow*

Zaria: Never better! Sai drank the NyQuil, doncha know!?

* Tri just blinks and shrugs. "I...guess she did, didn't she?"

Zaria: Hey, let's go off and discuss matters, huh?

*Tri looks at everyone, then back at Zaria in a 'shut up' sort of way. "What *are* you talking about? We're competitors; we don't 'discuss matters'. My author said it's not good."

Zaira: Okay, I'll go prepare the banana peels! *disappears*

* Sai is mildly confused over what just went on, and what the hell banana peels have to do with anything, but she just shakes her head, and disappears herself, reappearing in her apartment near the Deathmatch Building. "No more writing for me 'til this damned NyQuil wares off..." drifts off to sleep...only to be reawakened by Neric's spell-casting. "Neric! What in blazes are *you* doing here! This isn't Zeta 6 Universe!"

Neric: Oh but this room has the best frequency for-

Sai: OUT! *watches him walk out with a big frown on his face.* Damned Dimention Z6 sorcerers...

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 13, 2000

Java: O.O
Jay: O.O
Dreckards: O.O

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 13, 2000

Jay: [facefaults, sweatdrops]
Justice: [raises eyebrow]
Dirk: [facefaults]
Sil: [sweatdrops]
Elogin: [blinks]

Elogin: That was easily more random than me.
Jay: Let's not go *THAT* far.
Elogin: ...
Jay: ...Okay, maybe you're right.

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 13, 2000

[The Dreckards sit in the green room, wondering how they got themselves into another battle, although they swore off fighting. Leave it to Jeff to get them involved someway.]

Scar: Explained to me one more time how Jeff got us into this...

Mistya: Beats the hell out of me.. I mean after what happen to Kaka, we ..

[Mistya's mouth is suddenly being held closed by Jenny]

Jenny: SHH!!!!! Dont say anything.. we cant tell if we are being bugged for Spoilers...

[Jenny release the Dreck's mouth and backs away, Mistya is just about to speak when a loud knock at the door. At once Jeff and Dax ready there gun's and Jenny takes up a fighting stance. After what happen to Voodoo, who knows what could happen to them. Scar stands and walks to the door, peeking through the peek hole, his mouth drops open, not believing what he sees]

Mistya: What is it Scar?

Scar: It's Kaka!

Mistya: What!

[Scar opens the door, only to tackled by the younger white Dreckard. He shakes his head and looks at her shocked]

Kaka: What's going on Brother?

[The room is quiet, everyone knew what happen to Kaka, or at least they were told by Voodoo]

Scar: But..How...?

Kaka: Ever heard the term " So it is written, so it is done?"

[The group nods]

Kaka: So far it hasn't been written...So it ain't done...

[The hybrids look at Voodoo, still not awake, and they grin before looking back to Scar and Mistya]

Jeff: Guess you dont have to break you're rule now do ya?

Mistya: Not till Voodoo their wakes up...This mean's..

Scar: Three times the carnage.

[Dax closes and locks the door before turning back to the Dreckard that is being helped up by Mistya]

Dax: How much carnage we looking at here?

Crix: I'll show you..

Dax: How?

Crix: I hack Voodoo's Dbase

All: WHAT!

[Crix seems to be less then ashamed]

Crix: I needed to know how long we had on things, and it seems to me I found Scar and Mistya's Fic.

[He types in a few command's and the fic appears like a movie on the large screen. A battle, showing Scar and Mistya taking on a small group of U.M.M.S forces, Needless to say, it made even Jeff's Stomach turn]

Jenny: For the love of..

Jeff: Now in all my years...

Dax: I didn't know a leg could shatter like that, or even a rib cage could be pulled out through *that* part of the body.

Scar: Live and Learn little and learn...

[The video is stopped and everyone turns back to the three most powerful members of the team]

Mistya: The battle never ends..

Scar: But Voodoo will have his come back

Kaka: And we will be holding the belts.. but we might have to shine the blood off..

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 14, 2000

[The Metatron flares with a split screen, one side showing a snarling Megabyte, and the other a snarling Hexadecimal. Lightning flashes on the screen, and the two halves smash together. Gigabyte's face flashes before the screen and the lights go out.]

Metatron: [Gigabyte] I am become Gigabyte, destroyer of systems.

[Ominous music plays as the Class Five slowly strides out toward the ring. He climbs into the ring and looks around coolly, the claw on his arm twitching with anticipation.]

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Representing Mainframe, the merged form of Megabyte and Hexadecimal, the Class Five Destroyer Virus -- GIGABYTE!

[Gigabyte folds his arms as the Metatron flares up and plays "Leave You Far Behind" while the sound of a gunning engine is heard. The spotlights sweep the arena, then finally lock onto an entrance one tier up. Zilch Aught comes roaring out on his hoverbike, zooming into the air and dropping toward the ring. He bounces off the mat, then streaks up the steel ramp and halts under the Metatron. He flicks off the engine and sweeps around and off the bike. He swings off his longcoat and throws it on the seat. His green goggles stay on his face.]

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, from the Resonate System, the all-time Resonate Track Hoverbike Champion -- ZILCH AUGHT!

[Zilch pumps his arms to the sides, juicing up the crowd as he goes to the ring and climbs in. Mills Lane steps up.]

Mills Lane: All right now, no Infecting, no energy draining, no use of a hoverbike. Those are the rules, now let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings. Gigabyte looms forward, ready to ensnare Zilch, but the biker sidesteps and goes for a knee shot with a big boot. Gigabyte stumbles slightly, but he's not weak there like Megabyte was. He counters with a right hook that knocks Zilch back into the ropes. GB goes for a clothesline, but Zilch grabs the ropes as he hits them and prevents his back-spring.  Zilch turns and kicks back into GB's face, making the virus stumble away.

[Zilch faces his opponent and unloads a fearsome punch into GB's face-mask. The virus bellows in pain as the sprite's knuckles hit his eyes. Zilch grunts -- "Hoo-ah!" -- then hits with a strong gut shot. GB doubles over. With a laugh, Zilch turns and flips Gigabyte around and slams him into the mat using his fist. GB bounces and Zilch kicks him in the head, then drops a knee into his stomach.

[The virus right-hooks Zilch again, this time catching him with his claw. With his head pinned between GB's claws, Zilch flails his arms, but can't get free. GB jabs several times into Zilch's face with his free hand, then flicks Zilch into the air with his claw.  The virus leaps into the air after him and smashes him into the mat with his hand. Zilch hits the mat with enough force to spring back up. GB grinds his heel into Zilch's stomach.

[The biker grunts against the attack, then grips GB's foot. He shoves upward, bending GB's leg, then spreads his own legs and scissor-kicks. The audience grunts, feeling that one themselves -- "Uwwahh!" -- as GB stumbles away with a pained expression on his face-mask. Zilch gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes. As GB turns to him, Zilch hits him with a fierce stiff arm, the Full Throttle Clothesline. GB falls.

[Zilch grins at the audience, swinging his arms up, juicing them up, then goes to the post. He climbs to the top and spreads his arms wide. With a small jump, Zilch launches a flying head butt from the top rope. He connects and GB twitches from the impact. Zilch lies for a moment, a bit hurt from that attack himself, then gets up and covers GB for the pin.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ...

[But Gigabyte kicks out and throws Zilch off of him. The biker looks surprised as the virus sits up (a la Kane (WWF)) and turns toward him. Zilch gets up and is immediately knocked back down by a powerful right hand from Gigabyte. Gigabyte raises Zilch to his feet and prepares to hit him with a chokeslam. Zilch, however, recovers and smacks GB's hand away. He swings his arm up, looking almost like he's going to snare GB in the Rock Bottom, but he continues and spins GB around into a headlock. Zilch takes his other hand and punches GB in the chin, releasing the headlock and continuing the punch into a vicious uppercut. As GB teeters on his tiptoes, Zilch takes his right hand and unloads a hook that floors GB. Zilch covers him again.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings and Zilch stands, triumphant. He celebrates as if he's won a hoverbike race, standing on the ropes in the corner and raising his arms to the crowd. He gets down and goes back up the ramp to his hoverbike. He puts his longcoat back on and turns his bike around, then roars up over the audience and back out the way he came in, the crowd screaming.

[Back in the Green Room, Zilch arrives, having parked his bike in the motor pool. He slaps high-fives with Quinn, DaVinci, and his siblings, then with Dirk and Cowboy. The triumphant biker plops himself in one of the sofas and grabs a Sodee Pop. Jay is still looking over the monitors.

[Over at the card table, Tomasi and Nails have gotten up to get ready for their fight. Lean's still there, playing with Justice, Chaotis, and Thomas Burke. The Hacker Anarch still wears his mask. Burke looks at him.]

Burke: I say he should take the mask off before we play. It gives him an unfair advantage.

Justice: Shut up, Burke. I have a better poker face than he does. Besides, we could be bugged. Don't want to spoiler anything, right, Cha? [pronounced 'kay']

Chaotis: Right!

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 14, 2000

[The stadium is dark, and all the fans are waiting, when one lone spotlight flares onto Java standing on a platform.  She wears her new Author belt with pride, and the same magenta scarf is tied into dogears falling on the sides of her face.  She nods to the audience before starting.]

Java: Hello fans, whether friend or foe.  I know that many of you may be rather *ahem* angry at me for my attack on the author Voodoo-[some people, obviously Voodoo fans, boo]-ah, yes, I see.  And I must say, it is regrettable for him to be in such a position.

[She looks around, acting completely sober.]

Java: And, to tell you all the truth...[stage whisper] and this goes no further, everyone...HE FRAGGIN' DESERVED IT!

[Psycopathy returns, and all the Jay/Java fans cheer.]

Java: The other authors are setting up some rivalry fights at the moment.  However, for your approval, I would like to introduce this match of Metaverse vs. Reboot.

[The lights lighten to a dim in the audience, and spotlights on the ring.]

Java: On this side, the leader of Fury Squad, and rather congenial guy...Erinys Naigerek!

["Radio-free Europe" by REM plays as Erinys walks out in uniform.  He hands his keytool to Java and pulls himself into the ring.]

Java: Ah, me.  Thanks, Er.  And now, on the other side, from where-ever he *is* from, the surfr Ray Tracer!

[Ray enters on his board, smiling and waving, and it is obvious many of the females in the audience are begining to favor this combatant.  He places his surfboard next to the ring and walks up.  Java sits down and Mills walks over.]

Mills Lane: Now, I've seen a lot of bloodshed in this ring, but I want a good clean fight this time.  First fall.  Now let's get it on!

[Bell rings.  Ray and Erinys slowly circle, watching each other for an opening.  Erinys jumps in with a right hook, but Ray ducks and kicks Erinys in the stomach. He falls back, winded, and Ray follows up with a hit to the collarbone, but Erinys sidesteps and circles Ray in two steps befor he can turn.]

[Erinys takes to the offence, pulling his arm around Ray for a choke hold.  Ray gags, then bends over swiftly.  Erinys falls in a roll over Ray and pulls himself upp quickly.  Ray tries a sucker punch as Erinys tiurns, but Er blocks it and throws three or four hits that Ray can't block, leaving him dazed and punchy.]

[Finally Erinys disengages and holds back for a few moments before droping into a trip-kick.  The surfr falls, and Erinys moves quickly to kneel on the side of him, one knee in the armpit and one hand holding Ray's arm down as Mills administers the count.]

Mills: The winner, Erinys Naigerek!

[Cheering.  Java whoops and acts ecstatic.  Erinys stands up and pulls Ray up.  They shake hands, then Erinys comes down from the ring and escorts Java back to the rooms triumphantly.]

[Hallway outside Jays room.  Tri knocks on the door and is admitted.]

Tri: I heard there was a card game going on here, can I join?  [Looks at the players questioningly.]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 14, 2000

[When the door to Jay's Green Room is knocked upon, everyone in the room looks up sharply.  Justice and Dirk slowly reach for their weapons as Lazarus scans the door with his cybereye.  He nods, scowls once (Tri is a quasi-benign virus, and he dislikes viruses), then opens the door.  Tri walks in.]

Tri: I heard there was a card game going on here, can I join?  [Looks at the players questioningly.]

[Lean, Justice, Chaotis, and Burke talk amongst themselves briefly, then they turn to her.]

Lean: By all means.  Have a seat.  [He shuffles the cards expertly.]  The game is 5-Card Draw.  No wilds.  We play for keeps.

[Justice and Chaotis appear to have the most chips at the moment.  Jay glances over briefly, then goes back to watching his monitors, which allow him to see pretty much anywhere in the Stadium.  Tomasi and Nails adjust their camo outfits (blue camo, not green) and start out to the ring.

[The Metatron plays the "Web Riders on the Storm" music, showing clips of the Web Riders flying through the Storm on their steeds. The swirling Maelstroms of the Web flash on screen as well as the leader of the Web Riders, Boss, emerges.]

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall. First, representing "ReBoot," from the Web Storm, the leader of the Web Riders -- BOSS!

[Boss climbs into the ring and looks out at the audience with his eyes. The Metatron darkens, then plays "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before" while showing clips of Powerlock fighting the Spectrals, then shooting Robert Cursor. To some negative reaction, the virus emerges. Powerlock's sunglasses gleam in the glow from his stogie.]

Ring Announcer: And his tag team partner, from the Spectral System, the virus-in-hiding -- POWERLOCK!

[Powerlock climbs into the ring and is immediately accosted by Mills Lane, who makes him put his guns away.]

Mills Lane: No guns in my ring, boyo! And no smoking either!

Powerlock: [blows smoke in his face, then stomps off to his corner, still puffing on the stogie]

[The Metatron darkens again, and then it whistles as if a bomb is being dropped. There is the sound of a massive explosion, and then pyros go off in coordination with a bright nuclear flash from the screen. Tomasi and Nails emerge from the Metatron while it flashes the words USERS OUT and other really nasty things.]

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, from the Great Codex System, the Terrorizers -- TOMASI EXLEY and NAILS!

[Tomasi flexes his muscles a few times before he charges to the ring. Nails flashes his claw, then follows. Nails waits at the side of the ring while Tomasi and Powerlock stare each other down.]

Mills Lane: All right now, you all know the rules -- obey my commands at all times, no illegal weapons, and absolutely no touching of one another's buttocks! [Tomasi and Powerlock look at him strangely.] Now let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings. Powerlock attacks first, throwing Tomasi back against the ropes, then ducking under Tomasi's retaliatory punch and low-kicking him repeatedly in the side of the knee. Tomasi staggers as Powerlock stands back up, wincing at his leg, then is grabbed by the virus-sprite and hurled cross-wise into the corner. Powerlock charges after him, but Tomasi rams the heel of his hand forward and catches Powerlock in the face, shoving his stogie down his throat.

[Powerlock stumbles away, choking, and Tomasi uses the opportunity to grab him in a German suplex that stuns the gunman.  Tomasi gets up and pulls Powerlock toward the center of the ring. He tags in Nails, then squats and puts on the Codex Press.  Nails goes around to Powerlock's legs and puts him in the Figure Four Leg Lock. The referee starts to count while Powerlock flails his arms in a vain attempt to get to one of the ropes.

[The problem is solved when Boss runs in and spears Tomasi, releasing Powerlock from the Codex Press, then double heel-kicks Nails in the back of the head. Powerlock belatedly tags Boss and retreats out of the ring while Nails faces the Web Rider. Boss grabs at him, but Nails twists free and jabs his claw into Boss' throat. Boss staggers back and Nails jumps up and delivers a powerful kick to Boss' forehead that drives him back into the corner. Nails follows and props himself up on the first rope to start pummeling Boss in the face.

[Boss manages to fall to his butt, then slide out from underneath Nails. Boss runs to the opposite corner while Nails climbs up to the top of the post to launch an aerial attack. Powerlock, however, grabs the ropes and shakes them, causing Nails to fall down on his crotch. The crowd groans with that, but then cheers, seeing one of the heels losing. Boss sees the condition of his foe and charges and knocks Nails out of the ring. Powerlock jumps off the apron to pursue. Boss watches, not seeing Tomasi walk up behind him until he slams Boss' head into the post.

[Tomasi grabs Boss and raises him above his head with both arms. He roars, then spins Boss around and brings him down hard on his knee, delivering a paralyzing blow to the spine. Outside the ring, Powerlock chases Nails around. The ref is preoccupied with Tomasi and Boss and doesn't see Nails, who jumps behind the ringside commentator's table. When Powerlock gets close, Nails raises the fight bell and clobbers Powerlock over the head with it. CLANG!

[In the ring, Tomasi has put the Codex Press on Boss, but the Web Rider manages to grab the rope and force Tomasi to back off. Boss gets back up and backhands Tomasi, preventing an attack. Boss runs behind him, then charges forward, grabbing Tomasi's head as he passes and shoves it down into the mat. Boss gets back up and goes for an Asai Moonsault. Nails, however, has come back to ringside and pulls Tomasi out of the way. Boss hits the mat and winces, in pain from the miss.
Tomasi gets back up and flips Boss over for the pin. The ref starts the count, but Powerlock has gotten back up and pulls the ref out of the ring.  Nails sees him and runs around toward him. Powerlock accosts the ref, and doesn't see Nails until it's too late.

[Nails runs diagonally at the partition between ringside and the audience and jumps up on it and shoves off into a flying claw attack. His claw hits Powerlock in the throat and drives the bigger sprite to the floor. The ref gets back in the ring and administers the count to a still-waiting Tomasi.]

Referee: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings. Tomasi stands, starts to flex, then stops. He turns and shouts at Nails, who was doing his D-Von Dudley victory dance over Powerlock. Nails nods and pulls a table out from under the ring. He sets it up beside one of the corners, then gets into the ring to help Tomasi pick Boss up. Tomasi climbs the post and takes Boss, raising him straight up and upside down over his head. Then Tomasi jumps slightly and spikes Boss down head-first as if he were a football in what he calls the Great Slam. Boss smashes through the table. CRACK! Nails laughs and does his victory dance again, spinning about on one foot with his claw in the air, then chopping down with his claw when he faces Boss.]

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners -- TOMASI EXLEY and NAILS!

[The audience doesn't like it, but they start to cheer when Powerlock gets back up and starts to climb into the ring. Nails pulls him in, then right hooks him, spinning him around to face Tomasi, who right hooks him again. Powerlock is spun to face Nails, who spins to face Tomasi, who waits with another right hook. This time he makes a complete 360, and Tomasi sidesteps enough to grab Powerlock's head and slam it down into Nails' waiting knee. Nails picks him back up and thrusts him at Tomasi, who hoists him up and brings him down in another Great Slam into the mat.

[Tomasi and Nails get out of the ring and start back to the Green Room, triumphant, if not popular.]

[Jay's Green Room]

[Jay stands, facing Renei and Sil.]

Jay: You both understand what's at stake tonight? [They nod.] We're not going to have another Chaotis snafu are we?

Renei: No.

Sil: No.

Jay: Good. Because I don't want the two of you fighting like Cowboy and Chaotis did three nights ago. We can't afford this loss.

Both: Yes, sir!

Jay: Good. Nada, get Java on the comm.

[Nada keys in a command on her computer and a comm screen opens. Jay faces it, seeing Java.]

Jay: Java! Hi. Listen, since Vood's got another Dreck up his sleeve, we need another Anthro for the match. Since I'm holding the Golems back for a better opportunity, I want to enter Renei into the match with Pyra and Sil. S'okay?

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 14, 2000

[When the door to Jay's Green Room is knocked upon, everyone in the room looks up sharply.  Justice and Dirk slowly reach for their weapons as Lazarus scans the door with his cybereye.  He nods, scowls once (Tri is a quasi-benign virus, and he dislikes viruses), then opens the door.  Tri walks in.]

Tri: I heard there was a card game going on here, can I join?  [Looks at the players questioningly.]

[Lean, Justice, Chaotis, and Burke talk amongst themselves briefly, then they turn to her.]

Lean: By all means.  Have a seat.  [He shuffles the cards expertly.]  The game is 5-Card Draw.  No wilds.  We play for keeps.

Tri: I figured as much.


Jay: Nada, get Java on the comm.

[Nada keys in a command on her computer and a comm screen opens. Jay faces it, seeing Java.]

Jay: Java! Hi. Listen, since Vood's got another Dreck up his sleeve, we need another Anthro for the match. Since I'm holding the Golems back for a better opportunity, I want to enter Renei into the match with Pyra and Sil. S'okay?

Java: Hmm?  Wha-oh.  Sorry, just a bit confused.  Sure, if we don't have another Chaotis thing going on with Renei, since Py's a guardian-HEY!  What are you doing, Tri?!

[Tri looks up.  She seems to be doing a fairly good job at keeping her own in the game.]

Tri: What does it look like, 'ress? [puts two cards down] I'm staying here until the big virus fight.

Java: Alright.  [to Jay] Yeah, it's fine.  Just make sure nothing happens.  I guess that won't be *that* hard.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 14, 2000

Jay: Oh, trust me, nothing will happen before the match.  My team knows better than to get started fighting amongst themselves, because they know I'll kick their ASCII for it.  As for Tri, we'll take care of her, don't worry.

Burke: [from card table] Ah, $#!T!

Jay: ...and from the sound of things, I think she'll find things profitable here.

Burke: [from card table] That's my paycheck!

Tri: [from card table] It's mine now!

Jay: As for Py, she'll be fine with Sil and Renei.  Sure, Renei's sort of on the other end of the criminal spectrum with regards to a Guardian, but Sil's there to keep him in line.  Besides, I doubt the Drecks'll be as nice as Mouse and AndrAIa were to Chaotis.  If Renei tries to screw anything up, he'll have *seven* Anthros to worry about.

[Naught, sitting against the wall, does some quick arithmetic.]

Naught: Hey...

Jay: Vood's Drecks, Sil, Py, and then the Golems.

[Off in the corner, the two massive rock-creatures pound their knuckles into their palms ominously.]

Jay: S'okay?

[Meanwhile, Quinn and Niente check their stuff for their upcoming fight.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 15, 2000

[Crix turns turns in his chair, and gains the attention of his fellow creations]

Crix: Hey guys, you gott'a see this..

[Dax plops down in the chair next to him, Jeff stands behind his son, and Scar and Mistya to the sides]

Dax: What'ca got bro?

Crix: Well, since we havn't seen much of Jay, or heard from him, I decided to hack his Dbase.. the way, Cowboy is better then i thought, and DaVinci is a god!

Jeff: Please Crix, just tell us what you got....

Crix: Sorry. Well anyway,from what I got before I was slammed, was that Renei is set up as backup in the Anthro match, Seems they found about about Kaka.

Scar: Damn, this means we lose one advantage

Mistya: We aren't out of the race yet my mate, we still got a good chance to win.

Ki'ace: Odd of winning are well above 70 in your favor.

Dax: Put me down for a hundred on that would you Ki'ace?

Jeff: Enough, now..How long till Voodoo's ready to be up and about?

[the Zed Shrugs and turns to her sister, Ki'eva shakes her head]

Ki'eva: All the technology in the Metaverse isn't going to make he wake up any faster.

[The room is silent for a moment, before Jeff speaks up]

Jeff: Alright, After the match Jay has set up to fight Matrix and AndrAIa, Me and Jenny will fight Bob and Dot. After we Beat them...

Jenny: We going with the no kill creed on this one Jeff.

Jeff: I would like to save all fatle moves for Jay's team, Mostly Jay himself. We pin or knock them out, end of file.

Scar: What about me and Mistya?

Jeff: You will have Kaka as back up only, I dont trust Jay as far as I can throw him, and believe you me, i can chuck the guy to an Omega Class system.

Mistya: So we play by the rules?

Jeff:Yes, but since I dont Fight like a Dreckard...

Jenny: Not to say you dont kill like one...

Jeff: *Since* i dont know fight like a Dreckard, you are free to do with the Anthro's as you wish. Feel free to do as much as you wish to them....

Jenny: You think they have enough Cleaner?

[Jeff sighs and looks to Voodoo, before an odd expression comes over his face]

Jeff: Hey Wait a moment..Has Anyone seen Bios?

Kaka: I did, but see left, saying something about settleing the score with Java? What  does she have against coffee anyways?

Dax: Someone better call an ambulance...

Crix: More like a hearse....

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 15, 2000

[The Metatron screen blacks out and the demonic green eyes flash open, and laser flash in the ring, and soon a shadowy figure stands there, cover with a black robe, the hood over it's body]

???: I..Come here to tell the one known as Java, that she should just forfeit the match, For the Dreckards will not lose, See....for yourself

[The Demonic eyes of the Metatron fade away, and a still image of the Dreckards Mistya and Scar appear, The words "Those with Weak stomachs,bad hearts, or pregnant women, who not watch this."]

[The Image starts, and Scat stands in the middle of a ring of U.M.M.S.  service men and women. They aim there weapons at him, he narrows his eyes, a low roar escapes from deep within him, He moves like lighting as two soldier's fire, the shots miss and they hit one another, their chest blow apart, opening is up like a tin can, blood splatters on many of the others, A solider wipes the dark red blood off his eyes, as he looks up, a claw slashes down his face, only to be slammed through his chest,and the powerful arm of the Dreck toss the being aside. Two soldiers fire blindly at him, missing by a mile, Scar spines around quickly, his tail cracking the head
open of the woman, and his talon foot kicking the other hard against a tree. Using his hearing to here the powering up a gun, he jumps to avoid the blast, which speeds under hit, hitting the man slowly standing up after being kicked into the tree, The man is now nothing more then a torso]

[The Dreckard comes down onto the woman who fired, crushing her beneath his weight. Scar now looks at his bloody arms, when he hears a shaking of a gun, he turns his head to see a young sprite teenager, she can't be more then 16, he narrows his eyes on her, and lets out a blood curtailing roar, and she runs faster then a bank robber from the police.]

???: And That was just Scar, I assure you, Mistya..well, she does like to take things apart. So I warn you Java, don't be so willing to have you're Anthro's fight, because, they do splatter nicely.

[The eyes on the Metatron close, and the lights come back on, leaving the ring ready to be use for the next fight]

[Meanwhile, Java walks down the hall to her green room, when suddenly she is is slammed against the wall, her mouth is covered by a hand, she opens to her to see Bios holding her against the wall.]

Bios: Hello Java my dear...

[Java tries to break free, But the Virus has her pinned]

Bios: Don't struggle Deere, I wont be long, Now...

[She unleashes her blades and places the tips lightly on Java's face]

Bios: We need to talk......

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

[Jay's green room.  The five at the card table are the only people really doing anything at the moment.]

Tri: [puts down some cards] Two.

[Lean deals, and the rest study their cards silently.  Well, everyone except Burke, who's lost all of his money.  Of course, a vid-window just has to pop up over the table with a slightly frantic See on it.]

Tri: Do you mind, damn it?

See: Shut up. Have you seen Java?

Tri: [annoyed] No, I haven't.  She isn't here, she's probably off doodling in a corner somewhere or spying.

See: She's not in the stadium.  I already hacked that far.

Jay: [turns to the table]  What?  She's not in the building?

Tri: Well, she can't get out...The sensors are screwy.

See: Oh, yeah...I guess you might say that.

[He taps his keyboard.]

See: If you discounted the fact that Bios is also missing.

Room: WHAT?!

Jay: [turning to Nada] Nad', get to it.

Nada: [hacking away on her computer] On it.  I run a diagnostic on the stadium sensors.  Maybe some of our equipment got damaged.

Jay: [looking back at his monitors] Might explain why I can't seem to locate many of the other people.  Vood's peeps are all in his Green Room -- except for Bios, of course.

Tri: It still could be a coincidence.  You just don't trust her not to get in trouble.

See: Then you can stay there.  Pyra and Erinys are out looking for her. [closes the window]

[At the card table, Lean, Justice, and Chaotis have listened to all this with nary a care.  Justice examines his cards.  He tosses one out, face down.]

Justice: One.

[Lean flips him one.  Chaotis puts down three, gets three, and goes back to studying his cards.  Lean takes one card and replaces it in his hand.  He looks up.]

Lean: Let's open the betting at...25 credits. [He slides out a small stack of chips.]

Justice: [antes in, then slides forward two stacks] Raise you 25.

Tri: [looks at them] What the hell.  [antes in also, then raises by ten]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

[Crix is as busy as he can be, his keyboard is making so much noise that the Dax has to turn up the T.V. to block it out. Jeff and Jenny look over his shoulder to see what he is doing]

Crix: Alright, so far I got most of the sensors down in the stadium, No one will be able to find Bios, But they know for a fact she ain't here. Jay is another matter, his dbase is part of the MDM dbase, so I cant hack into his room servalence,all i know is, there are more people in there then normal.

Jenny: A possible alliance with another author? another attack?

Jeff: I don't think so,Jay's nut's, But he not stupid,We are still a big threat to him, and the Dreckards are up next, so he knows if that match is even somewhat interfere with, they will hunt their ass down.

Jenny: Very True...What about Ki'ace and Ki'eva, I mean they are Zeds..

Ki'ace: Can't, The Stadium uses a EMP and Magnetic fields to block out all Telepathic communications and reading, we can't even read each others minds and we are in the same room.

Jeff: Then we do it the old fashion way. Scar and Mistya will take the south and North hall's, Ki'ace and Kaka will take the west and east. Report back before the Anthro match.

Mistya: Just wondering, who died and make you Command.Com?

Jeff: Voodoo ain't dead yet, and I'd like to keep it that way, now go!

[The Anthro's leave the room, leaving only hybrids and one Zed.]

Jenny: Think they will kind her?

Jeff: I know they find her, I just hope they don't find the Java in a million pieces.

Jenny: That's if she's in a good mood too..

Jeff: True...

[Meanwhile, Bios is busy with Java]

Bios: You know Java...can I call you Java?

[She mummers something and Bios slams the blades into the Wall, Missing Java's throat by centimeters]

Bios: Now Now,No need for such talk... Well anyway Java.. I just wanted to say, that under normal reason I would respect what you did to Voodoo..

[Java looks surprised that the Virus likes what she did]

Bios: Like i said, normally i would be respectful, but you attacked Voodoo, and for that, I'm going to have to kill you alright?

[She yanks the blades out and raises them over her head, she stops as she hears Heavy foot steps coming down the hall]

Bios: Damn, Alright Java listen close, Very close, You stop fighting against Voodoo, and I'll let you live, even fight in the MDM, you do anything to Voodoo again, and i don't care what kinda of Hell you have but by the hacker that made me I'll send you there got it!

[She waits for Java's Reponses]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

[The other card players consider their cards as Quinn and Niente get up.]

Quinn: Well, if you'll excuse us, Big Shot Bossman, we've got a match to win.

Jay: [turns] Hmm?  Oh, yes.  Go right ahead.  But if you see Bios anywhere, doing something she shouldn't be doing, don't hesitate to call in security.

[The two nod and start out, leaving the Green Room.  Naught, Cowboy, Nil, and Void sit somewhat boredly despite the excitement.

[The Metatron plays "On the Edge," flashing the (\/) symbol and AndrAIa's Game sprite icon over images of the two of them fighting in Games and outside of Games. AndrAIa and Matrix run in through the audience and slide into the ring under the ropes.]

Ring Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, representing Mainframe, the survivors of the Games -- ENZO MATRIX and ANDRAIA!

[The audience cheers, apparently more for her than for him. Matrix is still clad in his "Neo" jacket and sunglasses. As he climbs into the ring, he again does his Big Show "Yaaaagh!" arm raise/roar and then removes the sunglasses and jacket. He hands Gun over to AndrAIa, who sets it and her trident aside.

[The Metatron darkens, then starts playing "Full Throttle." Spotlights sweep the arena, looking for Niente, who can be heard gunning her bike's engine. Then, the lights find her opposite the Metatron, in the audience. She roars up a makeshift isle, up a ramp, and over the ring. She bikes up the steel ramp, and then parks. She switches off the engine, then pumps her arms back and downward. Pyros shoot off. Niente sweeps off her bike and removes her jacket and goggles. She turns and gestures toward the Metatron as her bike is carted off quickly.

[The Metatron starts to play "The Mighty Quinn" (actual song!), and the audience claps with the rhythm as the writer emerges, wearing his bionic brace on his legs. He and Niente stand beside each other, then raise their arms in the DX symbol.]

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, from the Resonate, QUINN RENTACK and NIENTE AUGHT!

[Cheers for Quinn, who's a likeable guy, and for Niente, the hoverbike speed demon. She may not be as pleasant to look at as AndrAIa (Niente's biker look tends to do that), but she's still popular. Quinn and Niente climb into the ring and stand across from Matrix and AndrAIa. Matrix doesn't look impressed by Quinn, probably writing him off because of the brace. Mills Lane steps up.]

Mills Lane: All right now, let's not kill each other. This is part of a tournament, remember. Whichever team wins faces the winner of the other match, either Jeff and Jenny or Bob and Dot. So let's keep this a good clean fight! Now let's get it on!

[Quinn and Matrix are left in the ring. Matrix pounds Quinn with a hard left-hook, but the writer merely staggers back a bit, his bionic brace keeping him upright. He takes a right-hook, then ducks under Matrix's grasp. He squats, then springs up in a bionic leap that drives his knee into Matrix's chin. The big guy stumbles back and Quinn shows that despite the apparent unwieldiness of his brace, he can still dish out punishment with the best of them! Much as Gigabyte did to Tomasi earlier, Quinn ducks low and unloads kick after kick to the side of Matrix's leg, weakening Matrix's stance. (This move mirrors that of King in Tekken 3.)

[As Matrix staggers, holding his leg, Quinn stands and does a spinning heel kick that floors Matrix. To keep the team fresh, Quinn tags in Niente, who goes over and picks Matrix up off the mat. She grabs him by the collar, then the belt and lifts him up in the air. She brings him down hard on her knee, crotch-first. The audience grunts with that one -- "Uhwahh!" -- as Matrix falls on the mat. Niente moves to go for a hard elbow drop, Matrix quickly crawls to the corner and tags in AndrAIa, who spears Niente before she can attack. AndrAIa flicks out her claws and jabs at the biker.

[Niente jerks her head aside, and, just as with Dax, AndrAIa's claws get stuck. Niente rolls to the side and stomps on AndrAIa's hand, breaking the claws off. Niente kicks her again in the kidneys, then swings into an elbow drop. The Game sprite manages to get to her feet to hit Niente with a hard gut shot. Niente staggers back toward her corner. She tags in Quinn, who flips his feet over the ropes and connects with AndrAIa's face as she charges. She staggers back, and Quinn cocks back on one leg and drives his other one forward into AndrAIa's face, knocking her back on her ASCII.

[AndrAIa is quick to recover and rolls forward to hit Quinn with her other claws. She stabs his bionic brace in one of the knees. She pulls back, and sparks fly out of the damaged brace. Quinn shuffles back, trying to get away, but AndrAIa backhands him into the ropes. She clotheslines him, knocking him down, and now Quinn struggles to get his bionic brace to help him to his feet. AndrAIa descends to jab him with her claws again.

[Quinn manages to get one of his brace's legs to work. He kicks AndrAIa in the butt, making her miss her mark. Quinn flips over and tags in Niente, who
tackles AndrAIa. The Game sprite throws off Niente and tags in Matrix, who unloads a punch into Niente's face. Niente staggers back, but then recovers. She ducks under Matrix's swing and goes for his still-tender nether region with a low-blow. As he staggers, Niente springs off the ropes into the Full Throttle Clothesline, which knocks Matrix flat. She pulls Matrix over toward the corner, then drops an elbow to keep him down. She tags Quinn, who is already halfway up the post. He gets to the top and stands at attention, legs locked together.

[Quinn raises his arms to the side, then, with a muscle-twitch, activates small jump jets in his brace's feet. He lifts into the air, moving forward a foot or two, then drops right over Matrix. He lands on the big guy's chest, knocking the wind out of him. Quinn then plants his feet on either side of Matrix's head and sits down on his chest, folding his arms.

[AndrAIa runs in to prevent the pin, but Niente hits her with a Full Throttle Clothesline too, allowing the referee to count the pin.]

Referee: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings, and Quinn stands, pulling the spines out of the brace from AndrAIa's claw. He and Niente stand next to each other and raise their fists in triumph. They face Matrix and AndrAIa, then shock both by offering their hands. Matrix and AndrAIa look at them.]

Quinn: Hey, we're not total dipswitchs like Tomasi and Nails.

Niente: They're one end of the spectrum. We're the other.

AndrAIa: 'Cept when it comes to fighting Hybrids.

Niente: Ah, that's the catch, ain't it?

[Matrix and AndrAIa shake the hands of Quinn and Niente, then the two teams trudge off toward the Metatron. Quinn flicks his brace into hoverchair mode as Niente climbs back on her hoverbike. AndrAIa pauses.]

AndrAIa: That's a NICE bike.

Matrix: [rolling eyes] What is it with you and bikes?

[Niente just grins as she puts her goggles and jacket back on. Quinn seats himself behind Niente as the two roar off through the upper-level entrance on the hoverbike. Matrix and AndrAIa leave.]

[Back in the Green Room.]

[Cowboy and Naught sit a few feet apart, leaning against the wall, looking bored. Cowboy has his Stetson pulled down over his face. Naught speaks up.]

Naught: I'm thinking of a number between one and ten. [He rolls his head to face Cowboy.] Guess what it is.

Cowboy: [raising his hat] Seven?

Naught: [rolling his head away] Nope.

[Nil and Void snicker.]

Nil: How's that for an intelligent conversation?

Void: And to think we inherited the same genes as him.

[The twins shudder. Naught shakes a fist at them. Cowboy gets up and whistles at Justice at the card table. The mercenary picks up a bottle of generic 'cohol and tosses it to the hacker, who twists off the cap and starts to drink some of it as he goes over to Jay at the monitors.]

Cowboy: Anything of interest happening?

Jay: No. Still trying to spot the problem in the surveillance monitors before Bios does something bad.

Cowboy: Very bad?

Jay: [rolls his eyes] None of that now, Cal, okay?

[He shrugs.]

Cowboy: Any other reason why you're watching the monitors like a hawk?

Jay: Well, yes.  I'm trying to figure out what Jeff and Jenny's strategy is, so Quinn and Niente'll be ready for them.

[Cowboy nods, drinking some of his ale.]

Cowboy: You got a backup plan?

Jay: Of course. [He turns to grin at him. His glasses glint, almost reflecting some of that evil puck-wildness of his.] I didn'tbecome the Extreme, the Big Shot by not having a backup plan.

[Cowboy blinks, then grins and goes back to watch the card game. Lean scans his cards, then looks up at the others. Lean arches an eyebrow, then speaks.]

Lean: I'll see your 10 credits -- [he pushes out a small stack of chips] -- and raise you a twenty. [He pushes out a larger stack.]

[Justice and Chaotis push out their chips, neither one giving an inch.]

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

Bios: Damn, Alright Java listen close, Very close, You stop fighting against Voodoo, and I'll let you live, even fight in the MDM, you do anything to Voodoo again, and i don't care what kinda of Hell you have but by the hacker that made me I'll send you there got it!

[Java nods, half freaked out and half completely pissed off.]

Bios: Better.  See you around.  [She walks off as Erinys and Pyra come around the corner.]

Erinys: Java?  You look like you saw Norton's ghost, you okay?

[Java looks at the two, then looks down the hall, and swears in Hatemil.]

Java: I'm going to *kill* that bitch...We're going to see Jay.  *Now*.

[Pyra and Erinys nod, not completely understanding why Java is angry, or what exactly is going on.]

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

* WeB ViRuS and the other two are staring at all this around a corner in the hall.

WeB: My my. Isn't *this* beginning to get interesting... *looks down at Zaria* That the one you'll be fighting with against Tri and the other virus?

Zaria: Yes. I think Bios has me giong for Tri's throat, and she'll handle the rest.

WeB: Hmph. Violence.

Zaria: Hey, *you're* the one who blew up the other stadium.

WeB: How do you know that? You weren't even born yet.

Zaria: It's according to what Sai told me.

Sai: Both of you shush! I want to listen...

Zaria: I hear more people coming!

WeB: Then we'd best make tracks. *grabs the two and portals out to their own ready room*

*Zaria stares around in disgust, brushing away a cobweb. "Well, this place looks used. Mhm. Yeah..."

* WeB leers at Bios' actions. "I could take down that self-absorbed virus." growls at the spontaneous fool.

Sai: Care to put your money where your mouth is for once?

* WeB snaps at her with her fangs, but Sai doesn't jump back. "Oh standing up for ourselves now, are we?"

Sai: As a matter of fact, yes. And quite frankly, I think you'd do well in one of these matches.

WeB: Of course I would. But I'm not going to get involved. *suddenly gets grabbed by a wing and is yanked down to Sai's height.

Sai: Yes. You. Are.

* WeB is agape. "They wouldn't have it. I'd kill someone!"

Sai: Oh is *that* all? Restrain yourself then.

WeB: I don't let up for weaker beings! *gets yanked down again* Would you stop with the-

Sai: Then maybe it's time I re-wrote your character. *has an evil glint in her eyes*

* WeB actually looks frightened. "I' independant charac-"

Sai: Bull...shit. You're *my* character! And what I say goes.

* Zaria is just stareing at all this. "You wouldn't do it, would you, Sai?"

Sai: It's necessary. *glares at WeB* She's too powerful. *lets the half-virus go and walks over to her organizer, beginning to type out words on the holo-board*

* WeB ViRuS comes over and looks very upset at what's being rewritten. "Damn you..." is all that excapes her, as her shape begins to change.

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

[Bios quickly slips into the green room of Voodoo, and right into Jenny and Jeff's angry faces]

Jeff: Now, you got about 3 parsecs to tell us why you were gone.

[Bios grins and walks to Crix's compuer, pushing the young Hybrid out of the way, she starts typing and soon a image of the Stadium's blue prints appear on the bigger one of the normal montiors. A blue dot is seen moving, and a voice comes over the speakers]

Erinys: Java?  You look like you saw Norton's ghost, you okay?

Java: I'm going to *kill* that bitch...We're going to see Jay.  *Now*.

[The "Queen Bitch of the Metaverse" looks back to the Hybrids and grins, placing a hand on her hips, she blows the nails on the other hand]

Jeff: A bug.

Bios: A real nasty one to, it's going to hurt like a Bitch if they try to pull it out.

Jenny: Doesn't this Violate a rule?

Jeff: None that I know of, But that's not the point, she left, when she wasn't to, she also now has most of our people out looking for her, thus leaving us with few people in here, so Voodoo will be more likely to not survive and attack if one so happens!

Jenny: Relax, Jeff, your anger will make you lose the match! Now come on, get focused on whats at hand.


Jenny: Voodoo's going to be out a little while longer, face it, now we got go kick some ASCII, so grab your stuff, and lets move!

[Jenny and Jeff soon leave and head to the Metatron]

Bios: Well, thats what i get for being helpful!

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

[There is a knock -- more of a pound, really -- on the door to Jay's Green Room.  Lazarus scans it again with his cybereye, scowls again at who's waiting outside (keeping in mind Laz's views on non-humans), and lets them in.]

Lazarus: Well, well, more synthetic demons.

[DaVinci, who is twirling a stylus in his hands nearby, steps over and socks Laz in the jaw.]

DaVinci: We've told you, Lazarus, no bashing here.  The Big Shot doesn't like it.

[At the mention of his 'title,' Jay turns from the monitors.  He sees Java, Erinys, and Pyra, then looks back at his monitors.  One shows the hallway outside, but it shows an empty corridor.  Jay's eyes widen, then narrow dangerously.]

Jay: Hackers, get your ASCIIs over here now!

[Chaotis glances up at the card table, then mutters a curse and puts down his cards.  He pockets his remaining chips and saunters over.  Tri looks up, then does the same.  Cowboy, DaVinci, Nada, Naught, and Chaotis cluster around Jay.]

Jay: We've been duped.  [He points at the monitors.]  Somebody's @#$%ing with the surveillance system.  Hack in and shut the b@st@rd down.

[The five hackers obediently pull up chairs and take out their computers and start hacking.]

Jay: If Archer weren't elsewhere, I'd get her in on this too.

Zilch: Where *is* Archer, hey?

Jay: Need to know basis, Zilch.  And you most definitely do not need to know.

[Jay now seems to remember he has guests.  He turns to Java and her cohorts.]

Jay: Ah, our friendly Maine psycopath.  How's tricks, Java?

[Elsewhere in the stadium, Quinn and Niente are returning from the motor pool, where she's parked her hoverbike.  They blink as they hear a faint sound.  ((Zaria, WeB, and Sai portaling out.)) Quinn scratches his head.]

Quinn: Is just me, or was that a portal closing?

Niente: Don't think it was you.  But let's just get going.  Bios is around here somewhere, and frankly, I don't think we stand much of a chance alone.

[The two nod and continue on toward the Green Room.]

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

[Sai knocks on Jays door, and it opens. She goes to enter- only to be growled at by two of the Aughts: Zilch and Niente]

Zilch: Can this wait, eh?

Niente: We're a bit overcrowded as it is.

Jay: [turns to see who's here to bother him now] And where've *you* been all this time?

Sai: Off snooping. Found out something quite interesting too.

Jay: Which is? [steeples his fingers and leans back in his chair watching the hackers doing their fine work out of the corner of his eye]

Sai: [changes the subject] I've been meaning to test out a little...toy I've been cooking up for a match recently. Think one of your little friends is up to par? [eyes Lazarus and sneers hatefully at him] I think *he'd* be good for a fight... What do you say, Jay? After this little tiff between our dear viruses, what do you say?

[Sai senses something suddenly and looks more than annoyed]

Sai: Would you all...just excuse me for a moment? [dashes out]

[Meanwhile, within Voodoo's mind]

[A beautiful human girl in a long, white dress with flowing black hair stands before Voodoo, grinning peacefully]

Voodoo: Whoa, this is some dream. Who are you?

[She just grins more sweetly and begins speaking]

~~~~: It's time you woke up, Voodoo.

Voodoo: [looks annoyed] Hey, you're my dream girl, you're not supposed ta tell me I'm sleeping!

~~~~: [looks slightly distressed] It's time you woke up.

Voodoo: I-

~~~~: They need you. And your dear Bios is causing more than enough problems.

Voodoo: [stares] You're not a dream, are you?

~~~~: Bright boy. This is merely illusiary. I thought it would be...easier on your eyes...?

Voodoo: Yeah. Tell me about it. So, what exactly is happening out there?

[She looks up into the blackness, near a light that is probably consciousness, fear evident in her eyes]

~~~~: I'm sorry, I can't stay.

Voodoo: Wait!

[Back at Sai's revamped green room, two people are present, One looks to be watching a monitor very closely, and the other is testing out her virus skills for the umpteenth time, preparing for the upcoming match]

[Sai comes running in, looking very angry]

[Zaria and another both look over at her]

[Sai glares at the one sitting beside Zaria at the monitor. She looks to Zaria]

Sai: Has she moved since I left!?

Zaria: [blinks] No, Sai, she's been here the whole time.

Sai: [rushes over and looks into the other's eyes with fury] If I find out you've been causing any trouble... [knowing that's enough to cause her creation to obey, she storms out to go finish speaking with Winger]

Zaira: Well...*that* was weird.

[Her nameless friend just nods in agreement, not having the ability to speak. She turns back to the monitor, staring at her mirrored image, tears beginning to form in her eyes]

Zaria: Hey, would you quit watching that damn screen so much? You'll get your turn soon! [she smiles and pats the female on the back, hearing a depressed purr escape her] Sheesh, and I thought *I* was impatient when it came to having fun.

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

[Java looks to Jay, smiling angrily.]

Java: Oh, nothing, other than I was just *this* close [holds up her hand] to being, how did Mike put it?  "Sliced, diced, and Julienne Fried,"  by the *lovely* Bios.

Jay: [worried] So she did get to you.  Are you okay?

Java: Oh, perfectly fine, other than being two seconds to death. [sighs, and sits down close to Jay]  She threatened me.  If one of my characters attacks or fights Voodoo's char's, she swore, "by the hacker that created me," she said, to kill me.  Peachy, neh?  [hysterical] I'm going to *die* soon, isn't that *fabulous*!

Erinys: Isn't that...against the rules?

[Java giggles insanely]

Java: Is that *stopping* anyone, ya dip?  *Now* what am I supposed to do?  I'm too scared to freakin' *leave* now. [looks up] Tri, get off of that for a nano and call See up, tell him he was right, and wait for instructions. [back to Jay] So? What do I do?!

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 16, 2000

[Sai looks over at Java and grins at a thought]

Sai: The perfect test... [to Java] How's about I have my watch over you? She's very obedient.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 17, 2000

[Jay's Green Room. The place is getting a little crowded now.  Lean, Justice, and Burke are still seated at the card table, now merely playing Egyptian Ratscrew and drinking generic 'cohol whilst they wait for the poker game to resume.  The two Golems, Deki and Celesi, guard the door.

[DaVinci, the Flip Side Felons, Cowboy, and Chaotis are all seated near Jay's bank of surveillance monitors, trying to stop the hacker who's screwed with the system -- Crix, though they don't know that.  Tri is there too, but Java is trying to convince her to stop hacking and contact See.  Lazarus merely scowls at the sprites and Anthros in the room.

[Nil and Void are seated, leaning against the wall, somewhat boredly.  Zilch is sprawled on a couch with Blank and Zip in his lap.  He grins as he rustles their hair.  Niente sits in a chair.  Quinn sits with his brace in hoverchair mode.  Dirk is off in the motor pool, probably cursing like a drunken sailor at the "@#$%ing" engine on the Grizzly.  Sil is busy honing her sword while Renei practices punches and kicks on the heavybag.  Tomasi and Nails are sparring.  No one knows where Archer, Elogin, and Ünres are.

[Jay is standing in front of the surveillance monitors talking to Java and Sai.  Erinys stands nearby.]

Jay: Okay, okay, let's recap here...[to Java] You were just accosted by Bios, who threatened to kill you if your team fights Vood's team again.

Java: [nodding] Right.

Jay: [to Sai] You want one of your people to fight Lazarus.

Sai: Right.

Jay: You also are offering Java one of your people to watch over her.

Sai: Right.

Jay: [running over this in his mind] Right, so let's see here...

[He considers, then looks up again.]

Jay: Java, you don't have to worry about Bios for a while.  You can wait in here while the rest of the matches take place.  Bios, no matter how tough she is, isn't tough enough to take on every single one of my characters on their home turf.  Besides, she's one Class-15 virus.  I have a Class-8, Class-12, and a Class-17, all itching to take the Queen Bitch down a few pegs.

[He paces a bit.]

Jay: The next fight between one of your characters and one of Voodoo's is the Anthro Fight.  [He stops.]  Which reminds me -- the Drecks' little preview didn't go unnoticed.  I'd like to replace Sil and Renei with the Golems now.  While I'm confident in Sil and Renei's ability, I think the Golems are a better match for the Drecks.

[He resumes pacing.]

Jay: Sai, as for your little proposal, Lazarus has been wanting to hurt a non-human for a while now.  Since he can't hurt any of mine for fear of getting his @$$ erased, he wants to hurt someone else's.  I guess yours fit in that category.

[He stops, runs over all that in his mind again, then nods.]

Jay: Yeah, that's everything.

[He sits down in his very comfortable swivel chair (complete with a joystick to turn it (a la Dr. Evil)) and steeples his fingers, smiling.]

Jay: Questions?  Comments?

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 17, 2000

[Content with what's passed here, Sai shakes her head 'no' and departs, staring up once at each Golem, never having seen them this close before]

Sai: Damn...those Drecks are going to get mangled...

[When the door shuts, she is escorted to her green room by her new pet and grins]

Sai: You're quite the obedient one, aren't you?

~~~~ *I just don't like the fact that Elogin and the others are missing. Just look what Bios almost did to Java. If that happened to -you-, we'd all vanish. The death of an author is never a single-death matter.*

Sai: I realize that, but 'almost' is the key word here. *thinks*

~~~~ *Has everything been set?*

Sai: Yes. You will be fighting Lazarus...after the virus match.

~~~~ *If there's to -be- one.*

Sai: Don't worry.

~~~~ *I don't...*

Sai: The viruses will turn up eventually.

~~~~ *I'm surprised that Zaria hasn't joined in on whatever those viruses are up to. Wish I could find out...*

Sai: Ah...but you're not a virus anymore. [sees a look] Oh get over yourself!

~~~~ *I'm sorry.*

Sai: What I did was necessary you know. It was for your good as well as everyone else's. [walks on to the green room]

[Her creation follows, looking a tad forlorned, as well as a bit concerned over not knowing what the most suspicious beings of the Metaverse are up to at this time]

From: "Al's Waiter" <>
Date: Apr 17, 2000

[AW is followed by six game sprites walk down the hall. They stop at a door. AW looks at a piece of paper in his hand and then looks at the door.]

Lara Entrix: Are you sure this is it? You sure we're not lost?

AW: (not sounding sure) Yeah, I'm sure this is it.

Duke Racer: That's what you said the last five times.

AW: Guys, I'm positive this is it!

[AW opens the door and finds it's a broom closet.]

AW: Umm....

Myst PC: (putting her head in her hands) I want to go back to Uphoria. Never mind this stupid matches, I just want to go home for an energy shake.

AW: Ok, our green room *has* to be around here...somewhere. We'll find it.

Quake Conquor: (whispering to Riven about AW) I say we put *him* in the ring and bolt.

[Riven just grins.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 17, 2000

[As Jeff and Jenny reached the door to leave, Crix yelled out a "Damn". Which caused the parents to turn back to there child]

Jenny: What wrong Crix?

Crix: Oh you know, Cowboy most likely.

Jeff: Jay's found us huh? Damn, well, Log off..

Crix: Can't.

Jenny: Well

Jeff: Crix, get my computer, run the old HH-23 and see if that will slow them down, Me and Jenny have to get to the fight.

[Jeff looks to the Zed Ki'eva]

Ki'eva: What?

Jeff: Get off you Butt and Block for Crix.

[Ki'eva, a little bothered by Jeff's tone of Voice, slowly gets up and walks to her computer]

Ki'ace: Uh...guys...

Jeff: What now?

Ki'ace: Something's wrong with Voodoo...

Jenny: Whatt'a you mean Ki'ace?

Ki'ace:Look for yourself.

[The eldest Hybrids look at Voodoo, his hands are balled up into a fist, his eyes are in a faster R.E.M state., his teeth are clench together]

Jenny: Looks like he's fighting..

Jeff: Which is what we are going to do right now!

[Pulls Jenny away from Voodoo and out the door.]

[The Pyros on the Metatron go off and Dot's theme plays]

Johnny: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Herself, Hailing from Mainframe.. Ms. DOT MATRIX!!!!!

[The crowd cheer's and soon Bob steps out and joins Dot]

Nick: And the most well known Reboot guardian, guardian 452 himself...BOB!!!!

[His theme, "On the Edge" plays as the pyro's shoot off, They walk down the ramp to the ring, and climb in]

[The stadium lights flicker, and the pryo's shoot off, green flames flare up along the ramp. "Orchids levels" song plays as Jenny steps out of the Metatron, pushing her hair behind her shoulders and pulls her pistol from her side, grinning she seems to raises it blindly and fire's, the blue laser bolt hits a small target on the other side of the stadium, Which sends the green pyro's on posts of the Ring, and Jeff descends down from the rafters, a la Sting, and lands in the ring, as his theme song plays. He is soon joined by Jenny]

Mills Lane: Alright I want a good bloody fight, But no weapons...

[Jenny and Dot hand over there pistols, and Jeff his]

Mills Lanes: No Glitch powers, no interference from other people, we fight to first pin, or death...Alright..LETS GET IT ON!!!

[No sooner then those words are uttered then two fist are slammed into Dot and Bob's faces, knocking the two back.  Jeff grabs hold off Bob and punches
him in the chest, following with a knee to the abs, he knocks the wind out of the Guardian, wrapping the sprites hair around his hand he pulls the edge of the ring, and slams his head into the pole, not once, but five times, before Mills Lane breaks it up]

[While Jeff is busy with Bob, Jenny is having her fun with Dot, but she fines that the sprite is almost a even match. Dot is moving faster then Jenny had thought, and is countering her every move.  Jenny flips back, her feet connecting with Dot's face, knocking the sprite into the ropes. Jenny backflips and land on the post. Dot shakes her head, only to open her eyes to shut them a moment later, as Jenny foot connects with her face, Knocking the sprite out of the ring.]

[She looks to Jeff, and Bob who is inches away from being pinned.]

Jenny: Hey!

Jeff: Not now Jenny...I'm busy!

Jenny: I thought you said we were going to...

Dot: Oh no you're not!!!!

[Jenny is knocked forward by Dot's powerful kick to the back. Jenny stumbles onto Jeff, and the two now lay on the mat. Bob quickly stands up and teamingup with Dot, Climb the posts and Jump off into a flying elbow dropped.The Hybrids roll onto there backs and catch the Sprites before the connect. To bad catching them means landing on there raised feet, With the two sprites out of wind, the hybrids launch the Sprites into the air, Bob flies in the crowd, while Dot lands against the ropes. Jenny and Jeff flip into their legs and stand ready for a fight. Dot, now enraged, rushes towards Jenny and spins into a roundhouse which the Hybrid Jenny catches. She slowly twist, the leg is slowly being brought to the Breaking point, Dot scream in pain.]

[Jeff sees the chance to win and, without second thoughts, slams his arm down on the knee joint of Dot's leg, Snapping it into three piece's. Dot yells in ear piecing pain and falls to the Floor, where Jenny pins her.]

Mills Lane: 1....2.....3!!!!

[The crowd Cheer, and Jeff and Jenny stand, there hands in the air, the winner of the match. Bob, pissed more then ever, Slides into the ring behind the hybrids, But the hybrids hear him and both back kick him to the head, knocking the guardian out cold. As the Med team slides into the ring, the two Hybrids walk back the Metatron, hand in hand.]

[Voodoo's Green Room]

Crix: Done, All of Jay's Hackers are fine by themselves, Hopefully they will think that each other is hacking the system.

Ki'eva: Lets hope...

[Jeff and Jenny enter the room, and Bios, Dax and Ki'ace looks away from the large monitor, and clap]

Dax: That was Brutal! Dot's gonna be in a cast for a month!

Bios: Nice Jeff, I knew I created you Well...

Jeff: *Voodoo* created me!  Don't take credit for...Hey...wait a sec..Where is he!

[Jeff had looked to the med bed only to see Voodoo wasn't laying there anymore]

???: Right here....

[The Large command chair turns away from the screen, and the figure stands. Jeff and Jenny's mouth are in awe, not only is Voodoo alive, but he has changed. Gone is the face paint that once covers his face, But a mask, seeming to be made from a real skull covers his face. The once old Black Guardian Armor is gone also. Replaced with a more form fitting black kevlar/leather armor, with metal plat's at the joints and on the shoulders]

Jeff: Voodoo?

[Voodoo's eyes flash green]

Voodoo: Yes, I'm back, and Jay's going pay!

Jenny: Voodoo are you alright?

Voodoo: In a word...Prime... lets just say...I say an Angel that guided the way...

Dax: Looking Good ain't he? don't say I'm not creative with a costume alright? I also filled him on what's going down, and he's say's he will make sure the Drecks will win.

Voodoo: I know they will, But you two have to beat Quinn and Niente, take the match and win the title.. But first..We have some new people that I want to check on, so Scar, Mistya, Dax and Jenny, I want you to Met up with Al...See if you can find out what side he's taking...I have some...meetings to attend..

[He sits back down in his chair, and returns his attention to the Screens, The two Hybrids and the two Dreckards leave the room, in search for Al]

Voodoo: Crix, Get Sai on the com...I have some questions for her...

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 17, 2000

[In Sai's green room]

Zaria: Why do they call these things green rooms anyhow? *Ours* isn't green. [stares round at the dark room, the only light coming from the observation monitor]

Sai: Will you be quite for one moment! I'm trying to prep up my little baby! the screen or something. If anyone comes up on it, tell me immediately and put them on black 'til I get dearest out of view.

[Zaria frowns and does as she's told, staring back at the monitor again.]

Zaria: What a match...Voodoo's pair certainly do make a good team.

Sai: [ignores her] Now, dear, this character has some advantages that we might not know about. I know he'll play clean and keep his boys out of the match, but you never know as far as Metaversian weaponry, and Jay knows how to write those well. Remember that being ready for *anything* is the sure way to win.

[The newcomer just sighs inwardly, already having known this from her past life]

~~~~: *I'd feel quite a bit stronger in spirit if you gave me a name.*

Sai: What difference does a name make?

[Zaria looks over at Sai and sneers. She is not in favor of how her creator has been behaving lately]

~~~~ *Leaving a sense of individuality? It'd put me more at peace with your decision you know...*

Sai: You don't have to be at peace with my decision. I couldn't care less what you think about what I chose, you deal with it.

[Zaria stands and turns to glare at her]

Zaria: Sai, please... She's of different mind now. She's more delicate. You've broken her already. Enough's enough!

[Sai is about to attack Zaria with more words when they all are alerted to a beeping on the screen.]

[Zaria sits back down and blinks at who's calling]

Zaria: It's Voodoo's team.

[Sai's "new pet" hides in the shadows as she's instructed to, and Sai walks over to the monitor]

Sai: Send 'em through. Maybe they want some bandage donations for their author. [grins]

[She is agape at who is on the other end]

Sai: Voodoo?? I thought you- Heeeey, nice look there. [gets ribbed by Zaria] A'em. Anyhow, how's digs? What's the word, Voodoo?

[In the shadows, the newcomer can just barely see around the two, grinning at what she sees]

~~~~: *Good to have you back.*

[On his end, Voodoo has Crix move aside and make room for him to sit]

[Zaria practically rips the monitor away from it's holding place in surprise at his sudden rejuvenation]

Zaria: I thought you were downed! Sheesh the way that girl did you in dirty-

Sai: Quiet! [looks back at Voodoo] By the way...did you know that Bios has been influencing the outcome of Java's matches against you? Put that lady in a restraining collar for land's sakes!

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 17, 2000

[Voodoo sits quiet  for a moments, if one could see behind his mask, it would show a face deep in thought. He knows she's hiding something, she is too nice]

Voodoo: Nice to see you too Zaria.. I see even in my time away, you still like to be blunt...

[Voodoo turns his attenion back to Sai]

Voodoo: Glad to see you too Sai, and yes, I know of Bios little...'talk' with Java, and believe me, she will be taken care of, Send a message to Java saying that im sorry. Now Sai, I want you to tell me the truth....

[Sai shrugs her shoulders]

Sai: Alright...shoot...

[Since the lower jaw of the skull is gone, one can see Voodoo's grin]

Voodoo: What are you hiding? And please Sai..Dont lie to a man that has just met Death.. and believe you me.. He's not a good house guest...Now Tell Voodoo.. What are you hidding?

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 17, 2000

[Sai jumps only slightly, and no one but Voodoo catches it, but that's just enough]

Voodoo: Come on. Tell your old pal Voodoo what's in the box.

[Sai thinks for a moment and instructs Zaria to black her com. for a moment]

Sai: I'll be right back, Voodoo.

[In the shadows, someone is cringing]

Sai: I KNEW you were scruing around behind my back! What have you been up to??

~~~~ *I only wanted to help. Characters without an author-*

Sai: Are vulnerable. You were helping the enemy!

Zaria: Sai, I'm fighting *with* Bios in the next match!

Sai: And you really believe that Queen Bitch is going to bother with the rules of humans and sprites?

[Zaria gives her the nastiest glare]

Zaria: Are you saying that we viruses don't know how to follow rules? Is that what you're saying??

Sai: I-

Zaria: And you have your "little baby" going up against Lazarus!? You should have her go up against *you*! Prejudiced bi-

Sai: Don't go so far! I can rewrite you too!

Zaria: How can you talk like this!? I'm your Zaria, you're new character! You can't just rewrite people left and right! Maybe you have no author standards, but it's inhumane. As for...

[While the two argue, Sai's unnamed goes over to the monitor, not bothering to turn on the visual area, only permitting sound to pass through.]

Sai: Fine, I'll give her a FAQing name then! But I still own her!

[Then realizing she can't speak anyway, the creature tries to make contact specifically with Voodoo]

[In Voodoo's green room, everyone stares, as Voodoo's eyes slam shut, and his head falls foreword, nearly banging into the monitor if not for Crix catching him.]

Jeff: Damnit, here we go again.

[Through blackness, Voodoo sees the same girl in the white dress walking towards him. She looks uncertain about being here, but she is here nonetheless]

Voodoo: [grins at his success] This is getting too weird.

~~~~ *I can't stay for long, wanted to speak with me?*

Voodoo: So you're Sai's little secret huh?

~~~~ *For the time being...yes. Why do you seek me?*

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

Voodoo: Many a reason... You do know that Hacking a computer is aginst the law, and so far, I don't see how getting inside my head isn't. There are
things in here that could change this battle me and Jay have going, And so far I'd like to keep that in here.

[Voodoo notices, that somehow, he can somewhat walk, so he paces around the woman]

Voodoo: I'll make this simple... one, who are you.. I think that's a standard question,..two...what do you want from me.... and three... Why did you bother to wake me?

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

[The girl looks away, an expression of hurt on her face. When she speaks her voice is calm and

~~~~ *I suppose I shouldn't be upset...after all, I -am- invading your mind... But I assure you that I mean no harm... Besides, the law wouldn't effect me I'm afraid. That would go to my author.*

Voodoo: Then tell *her* to be prepared to contact her lawyer.

~~~~ *But you don't understand. I'm not here on her orders, I came because I thought you'd summoned me... The reason I woke you before was simple: characters are weaker without their authors. Regardless of how physically strong you've made your people, they still need Moses there to part the Red Sea for them.*

Voodoo: Say what?

~~~~ *Excuse me... My creator's thoughts sometimes merge with mine, the main reason I can't stay for long; I don't want her to know I was here. I meant...they need your support as their maker.*

Voodoo: Huh. You've got a bad habbit of answering questions out of order, don't you?

~~~~ *-You're- order?*

[Voodoo is silent a moment, studying her expressions and tone carefully]

Voodoo: Who are you? I deserve that much.

~~~~ *I wish it -were- a standard question.* [She looks away again for a brief moment, thinking within her own mind what should be said.] *I am who I was, but I am no longer what I should have remained.*

Voodoo: Care to play that back to me one more time? Another bad habbit: you answer all my questions with confusing dribble!

~~~~ *I'm not trying to. I'm sorry... I suppose I can't say who I am just yet. It's not what my creator would want... I keep my secrets, you keep yours.*

Voodoo: Oh do I? You're already here. I should have you *and* your creator banned from the stadium for this intrusion alone!

~~~~ *You don't understand. I'm not here to pry. I couldn't contact you through the com. I...wasn't exactly blessed with the physiological gift of speech...*

[Voodoo slits his gaze at her now, more than a little suspicious]

Voodoo: And you'd go through all that trouble and getting past the EMPs just to chit chat?

~~~~ [She smiles then] *Yes.* sees his disbelieving expression *It doesn't matter, Voodoo. Your plans are already known now that I've been here.* The girl frowns for once. *But I don't wish to use this against you; my creator will know nothing, that much I can promise. This...isn't my battle or hers, though now she seems full out to get involved in it.* senses something *I have to go again. I wish we could have spoken for longer...and with trust within *both* of us.*

Voodoo: But you never answered my last-

~~~~ *I want -nothing- from you.* [As she fades into darkness, she smiles sweetly again, her voice being heard faintly, distant.] *Time to wake up, Voodoo...*

[Voodoo wakes up suddenly to see Crix shaking him over and over]

Crix: Hey, Vood', time to wake up! C'mon, Voodoo! [slaps him]

Voodoo: Ow! [shoves him away] I'm up!!

Crix: Damnit... [makes an apologetic face] Um, sorry?

Voodoo: [rubs his face] Yeah. Sure.

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

[Voodoo stands and looks around, taking in her normal surroundings]

Kaka: Voodoo...what is wrong with you? You aren't acting..normal..

[The young Dreckard is not sure what to say, having not met her creator before, and she believes he is more stressed then he is letting on, and does not want to anger him]

Voodoo: I'd like to know myself... All I know right now Kaka, is that there is a new character, one that is.. not complet, why in all the Metaverse she talks to me in beyond my grasp at the moment, I will find out who, or what, she is, if it is a she.

Jeff: I think Voodoo's loseing it..

[Voodoo is throws his arm out at Jeff, the air distorts from the energy cast from Voodoo hands, The air ribbles from the concussion blast admit from the device in his hand.  Jeff is slammed into the wall, and soon lands on the floor. Voodoo is slient, as are the few remaining characters in his room, Voodoo slowly looks to Bios and Crix, who run over to help Jeff]

Voodoo: Kaka...

[Kaka looks away from Jeff and to her Creator]

Kaka: Um..Yes Voodoo?

[With a last moment of thought, he replys soflty to the young Dreck]

Voodoo: When Dax get's back, tell her her device works, but is a hair trigger, im am going to fix it.

[Voodoo walks slowly acrosssed the room, to his private chamber and as he enters his room, the door shuts behind him. He sits in a chair, similar to the one in the main room, and pulls the cover off the device and begins to work on it.]

[Meanwhile, Crix is checking on his father]

Crix: You alright dad?

Jeff: What in the hell hit me?

Bios: A Concussion blast, admitted at high power by useing condenced Magnetic coils and ion based paritcals.

Jeff: Oh...what the FAQ does that mean.

Crix: Means if he hadn't controled himseld better, the blast would have slagged you.

Jeff: Great, Thats just great...

[Meanwhile, Voodoo slides the cover back over his wist and opens a Vid-window to Jay]

[In Jay's room a Vid-window opens infront of him, with a image of a glowing green demonic hand grasping a Metaverse Icon, it changes to a live feed of Justice's Cards]

???: Jay, dont play games that you can't win, The dead never stay dead, and the living are always loseing, speaking of loseing, He better fold, because..

[The image changes to a feed of Chaotis]

???: Because a full house beats alaways beats a pair of aces...

[There is a slient cuss from Justice in the backround]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

[Jay's Green Room.  Java, Pyra, Tri, and Erinys are still there.  Jay's attention is divided between his hackers and Java.]

DaVinci: [sees something on his screen] Hold up.

Naught: What is it?

DaVinci: [taps a key, then nods] I thought so.  Someone turned our connections back on each other.  We're blocking our own access now.

Cowboy: Goddamn Crix.

Chaotis: Why don't you just Digibomb him, like you did to--

[Jay smacks Chaotis upside the head.]

Jay: Hush!  No spoilers!  Just shut him down.

[DaVinci nods, then grins at the Flip Side Felons.  Cowboy and Chaotis see it and log out to watch.]

Naught: [giggling to himself] Wee-hee-hee!  See you --

Nada: [tapping controls] -- on the Flip Side!

[They both send an offensive ping designed to lock up Crix's computer.  Meanwhile, Jay's surveillance monitors reboot and start to work again.  Jay looks over at the hackers.  Cowboy tilts up his hat and grins.]

Cowboy: I bypassed the hacked circuits.  We're on the secondary now.

Sil: [from her vantage point on one of the couches] I didn't know there were any secondary circuits.

Jay: [winking] Exactly.  Neither does Voodoo.  I had them secretly built in when the Stadium was rebuilt.

Justice: Rebuilt?

Jay: Yeah, after Daemon thrashed WeB, remember?

[They all do, and involuntarily shudder -- partly because of that fight, and partly because of what recently happened to Daemon.]

Jay: Anyway, let's see what there is to see now.

[He seats himself back in his Dr. Evil-esque rotating chair and faces his monitors.  He spots Team Mo.]

Jay: Well!  Isn't this interesting.  Another Author has entered the Arena!  [He picks up a comm.]  Yes, Archer?  Listen, get Elogin and go say hello to AW's team.  They're around, looking for their Green Room.  Be a dear and help 'em out would you?  [pause]  No, you're not allowed to hurt them.  Try to be civilized for once in your life.  [pause]  Good.  When you're done, go check on Dirk.  I think he's in the Garage, messing with the Grizzly again.

[He hangs up.  He turns back to the monitors in time to watch Jeff and Jenny beat Dot and Bob.  Quinn and Niente grimace slightly at the outcome.]

Quinn: Well, guess we know who we're fighting now.

Niente: I've been wanting a shot at one of them.

Quinn: Well, you get two of them.

Niente: Relax.  Your brace can take punishment like that.

Quinn: That's not what I'm worried about.

Jay: Both of you relax.  Those two half-breeds should know that if they do anything semi-permanent like that to you, they'll have to deal with me.  [He lowers his glasses and his eyes flash viral for a moment.]  And it won't matter how tough or nasty they are, I'll make Bios look like a pussycat.

[Nada clears her throat quietly.]

Jay: Yes, Nad'?

Nada: I think you should see this.  I found this code embedded in the Stadium comm system.

[She points it out.]

Jay: [scanning it] Hmm...something's going on between Vood and Sai.  And something's trying to override the Anti-Psionic field.

[He frowns.]

Jay: [mumbles some lyrics from "Pippin"] o/~ Intrigue, plots to bring disaster... o/~

Tomasi: What's that, Big Shot?

Jay: Nothing, Tom.  Just musing aloud.  Sai's talking to Voodoo.  That could be either good or bad.

[He swivels his chair back to Java, then smirks.]

Jay: Let's hope -- for Sai's sake -- that it's good.

From: "Al's Waiter" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

[Lara Entrix, who is now holding the paper, is leading the group and AW is bringing up the rear.]

Myst: Lara, are *you* sure you know where we're going?

Lara: No, but at least I'll admitt it.

[AW glares at Lara.]

[Lara stops at a door. It's Jay's Green Room.]

Lara: (blushing) Oh sorry. Wrong room. [Lara quickly shuts the door.]

Genesis: This is not going very well.

AW: Well, at least we're in the right wing of the arena, right?

[Everyone turns to face AW.]

AW: Well we are!

[Tag to whoever]

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

Jay: Sai's talking to Voodoo.  That could be either good or bad.

[He swivels his chair back to Java, then smirks.]

Jay: Let's hope -- for Sai's sake -- that it's good.

Java: I don't trust Sai right now.  She's an unknown in the equation.

[Over to the side, out of Java's hearing, her characters are arguing.]

Erinys:  We don't know if Voodoo's still out or not.  If he isn't, then you're little "plan" is insane.

Pyra: C'mon.  That was way too much.  He's in it *deep*.

Tri: Bios may have gonme awol for that little "meeting".

Pyra:  He stil deserves it.

Erinys: Pyra, you're insane.  That's his *Green* room. We don't have the power to attack it!

Pyra: Not attack it, trash it.  There's a difference.

Tri: Hey, how would we get past the Dreck's?

Pyra: Fire alarm.  See can hack it.

Erinys: This is *bull*.  We can't do this.

Tri:  It *is* a good idea, though.  Maybe later?

Erinys: When?  You're in the Viral match.

Pyra: And I'm in the Anthro match.

Tri: See's probably honing his graveyard humor jokes.

Pyra: [annoyed] Oh, like *you* are going to come out unscarred?

Tri: I didn't say that.  But let's just keep this idea under for a few nano's, eh?

Pyra: Okay, fine.

Tri: I think the boy's [nods to the card table] are getting bored.  Don't pull anything, kay?  [returns]

Erinys: I want to know the odds for the match.

Pyra: Mine or hers?

Erinys: Both.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

[The Halls.  AW and Team Mo are still wandering around trying to find their Green Room.  Their accidental intrusion on Team Winger's Room went unnoticed.  Nobody cared much.  As the group continues on, two forms approach them.]

Archer: Well!  This is who Jay told me to come meet.

Elogin: Such interesting people!

[Archer (clad in her Sagittaria clothing) extends her hand to AW.]

Archer: I'm Sarah Archer.  This is Elogin.  We're both on Jay's team.  Welcome to the Arena!  Anything I can help you with? [through her link with Elogin] ~I can't believe I'm doing this.~

Elogin: ~Neither can I.  At least I'll get to knock Bios down a notch or two, just so the day isn't a total loss.~

Archer: ~And how.~

[Back in the Green Room, Jay talks to Java.  Chaotis and Tri return to the card game, and Burke sighs as he has to sit around doing nothing.]

Jay: I can understand your reluctance to trust Sai.  Frankly, she's been acting a bit irrational as of late.  While I admire that in a person [this coming from someone who touts himself as '100% full-on bucko nuts'], I dislike it sometimes because it makes one unpredictable.

[He drums his fingers on his chair.]

Jay: Meanwhile, Vood's team is busy preparing for something, and I have no idea what, since the primary comm system is down, my surveillance methods are down to standard levels.  [He indicates the monitors.]  I can't tell what's going on inside his Green Room.

[He half-swivels toward Tomasi and Nails.]

Jay: Boys? [The Terrorizers turn to face him.] I think it's time we increased your role in things.

Tomasi: [with a grin] Whaddaya have in mind, Big Shot?

Nails: Does it involve inflicting a great deal of pain on some Users?

Jay: Most definitely.  [He extracts a datapad from a slot on his chair and hands it to them.]  That has the details.  Go talk to Dirk and get him to help out.

Tomasi: Sure thing.

[The Terrorizers muscle their way out of the Green Room and trudge toward the Garage.  Jay smirks.]

Jay: Bios isn't the only one who can influence the outcome of a match.

From: "Al's Waiter" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

[AW takes Archer's hand.]

AW: Pleased to meet you Sarah. I'm Al's Waiter - AW for short and this is my team. [indicates them with a wave of his hand]

[Genesis steps forward. Smiles and shakes Elogin's hand.]

Genesis: We appear to be lost. We are having difficulty finding our green room. Could you aide us in finding it?

Elogin: Certainly. It's this way.

[All follow Elogin and Archer.]

Duke: (to Quake) I hope we have a playstation in the room. I really want to play Countdown to Chaos!
Quake: I bet I could get further than you.
Duke: Doubt it.

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

[As the group walks down the hall, a few voices are heard as the Group rounds the Conner, and Elogin smacks right into Scar. She stumbles back, while the larger Dreckard stands his ground. Soon the two ID each other and go from peaceful into a fighting stance]

Scar: *What* are you doing he virus! Shouldn't you be hiding behind your creator!

Elogin: Look who's talking you 7 foot walking Lizard!

[Dax pulls her pistol and aims at the Virus]

Dax: Watch what you say Viral, I've killed 8 Virus in my life, I wouldn't mind going for 9

[Misyta, being one of sound mind (when not pissed), yanks pistol out of Dax's hand, and pushes Scar back]

Misyta: Please you two! Settle it later, in the ring alright! There is a no fighting treaty, we all signed it, and if I may remind you, we can't fight or kill outside the ring!

Sarah: She is right, wouldn't want to break that would you? I'm sure that, even in his state, Voodoo would be very displeased....

[Scar lets a growl deep inside express his emotion at the fact that the virus and the human have a point]

Mistya: We are looking for Al's team...

[Mistya tilts her head, and sees the sprite known as Lara]

Mistya: Looks like you saved us the trouble...

[Dax pushes her way past the members of Jay team and offers her hand]

Dax: Dax Lockheart, member of Voodoo's team.. and you are?

From: "Al's Waiter" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

[Lara takes Dax's hand and shakes it.]

Lara: Lara Entrix of the system of Uphoria. Glad to meet you Dax. We're just trying to find our green room and get settled in.

Myst: Elogin and Archer were helping us find it since AW was just getting us lost. [looks at AW]

AW: Hey! I got us to the arena, didn't I?

[All six game sprites shake their heads.]

Genesis: (addressing Elogin, Archer, Dax and Mistya) Why is there such friction between your teams since we are going to be fighting against the Mainframers? Is there a conflict between your authors or something like that? I don't understand.

[Duke and Quake are still arguing about Countdown to Chaos.]
Duke: Could not!
Quake: Could too!

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

Dax: Fianlly, a person with manners..

[There a attempt to hide a giggle from Jenny as she thinks about Dax's remark. Dax ignores her mother and returns her attention to the new team]

Dax: To be very blunt, Voodoo and Jay are like to positivly charged ions, they clash on everything. There's some what of a War going on here, Although Voodoo and Jay, even Java, are on the Metaverse Team, They fight with each other over who will win the titles, so far, It's been an uphill battle for Team Voodoo...

Archer: Yeah, and It's going to be a losing battle!

Jenny: Hush..

Dax: Anyways.. Ever since Jay got Java to join his side, there has been battle after battle to prove who's the best, And so far, My farther and Mother, have dealt the most powerful blows to Jay. Voodoo even went so far as to Challange Jay one on one, and in the end, his almost died....

[There is a slient moment, and no one speaks, then Jenny picks up]

Jenny: I dont mean to be rude, but after we find your room, who will you side with? I mean, you could be your own team, but the battles would kill you, all of you... Ever since Java teamed up with Jay, his numbers have grown, at last count there were... how many are there Mistya?

Mistya: 24 on Jay side.. and 4 java, giving them a grand total of 28 known characters to use at any time.. With Voodoo, it's only 10, so the odds are more then un-balanced.

Dax: But Jay fears us! And we all know it, he hates the fact that a hybrids, or "Half Breed" to put it in Jutice terms, has beaten members of his team, and he knows for a fact, that if we had the chance we could win in a heart beat! That's only reason he teamed up with Java!

Jenny: Control yourself daughter. A good first impression is more crucial then the openning move in a chess game.

Dax: Thank you *Phong*!.

[Jenny shrugs and sighs, then looks to AW and the Team]

Jenny: So, who do you side with?

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 19, 2000

[Archer and Elogin have listened to all this with detached interest.  Then Archer laughs as Jenny tries to force AW to choose sides.  Elogin steps forward and grabs Dax -- who pulled a gun on her, remember -- by the jaw with her clawed hand and turns her head to face her.  Despite the 2nd-generation Hybrid's strength, she can't break Elogin's grip.  Elogin's eyes change colors wildly.]

Elogin: Listen, little girl, don't ever pull a gun on me again.  The worst you've had to face is a Class-15.  [She leans forward, grinning a sharp-toothed smile.]  I'm a Class-17.  Know your betters, little girl, before someone lops that pretty little head off.

[Archer laughs.]

Archer: Sure, Lockheart [said to Jenny], go ahead and kiss up to him.  We don't *need* him.  As you've just said, we outnumber you.  And it doesn't matter what virus, Anthro, or Hybrid you've got working for you.  We're still gonna kick your ASCII downtown.

[Elogin grins again, then nicks Dax's cheek as a warning.  She shoves her back into Mistya, then steps back to Archer, generating a portal and leaving.]

[In the Garage, the Terrorizers Tomasi and Nails have found Dirk working on the Grizzly.  They try to keep their anti-User tendencies under control while talking to him.]

Dirk: [looking at the datapad with the job on it] Yeah, I can do that.  Lemme get my tools.

Nails: Yeah, yeah, just get going so we can get back to sparrin'.

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 19, 2000

[Having finally sent her companion back to Sai's green room, Zaria looks around the corner with great interest at Elogin, grinning fangedly]

Zaria: Class 17? Now *there* is something sweet to know.

[She continues to listen in, as the virus makes more attempts to scare off the other team]

[Zaria turns away from the scene and creeps off to Sai's green room]

Zaria: Sure, Elogin, think you're tough stuff. But there's one crucial factor in this equation you've forgotten.

***: And what factor might that be?

[Zaria spins to stare suddenly at her being discovered and grins at who it is in a friendly way]

Zaria: Me, Dax.

[Dax walks over, flanked by Mistya and Scar, AW's characters following blindly]

Dax: Oh really? I thought you were taking out Tri...

Zaria: [shakes her head] I was assigned against Tri and not told what else to do. After I take her out, what else will I do for the rest of the match? Elogin should prove to be a good target...and an easy kill...[thinks a moment] so to speak.

Mistya: And I thought *you* had too much pride, Scar. [winks at him joshingly]

Zaria: Quite. But with good reason. [examines her nails ala Megabyte] My creator just finished rewriting my character with some minor touch-ups which will prove crucial in my virus match. One of those was confidence.

Dax: *Your* match, huh? So...does that mean there will be a new hanging for the rafters in the virus match?

Zaria: [smiles evilly] That of course is yet to be seen.

Mistya: [frowns at something] I think you should confer with Voodoo over who you'll be fighting and who Bios will be fighting.

Zaria: It's just the two of us out there...unless there's something I overlooked. [looks over at AW's team, staring at all of them curiously, scanning them but finding nothing] Mo, you wouldn't happen to have any viruses on Team AW anywhere, would you?

From: "Al's Waiter" <>
Date: Apr 19, 2000

[AW looks at Zaria and frowns.]

AW: Sorry no. Only game sprites on this team so far...though I could call up Kevin and Lee. They are Guardians-in-training after all. And Geoff and Shashi; Security Guardians. Though, I'll see what I can do in the future.

Myst: (looking at AW) "Mo"? What's with "Mo"?

AW: It's a long story.

Genesis: (To Jenny (and co)) As for taking sides, we will have to discuss it. It is very disconcerting. We sprites are from a peaceful system and this ... fighting is extremely new to us.

Riven: I think I can speak for us when I say that our team would like to get to our green room if it not too much trouble. You can delete yourselves after that. (smiles)

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 19, 2000

[Zaria sighs slightly in minor dismay, but only minor. She grins back at the confused group]

Zaria: I know where your green room is, and lemme tell you, you're in the wrong wing. [grins widely] I'm sure Sai wouldn't mind my helping a neutral party. [begins walking seeing AW's group follow, along with the Voodoo group]

[Eventually, after a staircase, an elevator trip, and a walk across an indoor parking lot, the group arrives at AW's green room]

Zaria: Well, here we are.  I'll be going now, but just remember, you sprites, it may be fighting [glances over at Genesis and Lara in particular] but it's just like a Game. Only without your being trapped within of course.

Al's Waiter: Hey, thanks for the help. [pauses] And Zaria?

Zaria: Yes? [sees a look] Drop the Mo business?

AW:'s not too much trouble. [he grins]

[Zaria also grins and walks off]

Zaria: I'll be sure to inform Sai and the others.

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 19, 2000

Mistya: Killing one self is the last thing a Voodoo member would ever do, *We* will not force you to chose sides, it's not our way.

[Mistya takes from her pocket a small slip of paper and hands it to Mo]

Mistya: That's Voodoo's Private Com link IP, If you wish to talk to him, you will get him there..

[Jenny mumbles something about him being himself, but quickly returns her attention back to the new Team]

Jenny: We won't force you to chose sides.. But most of the characters around here, have been made to fight, well, aside from Dreckards, they were kinda of forced into it. But let us know, as for your room, Take the next hall, then take a left, it's the fourth door on the right.

Dax: How do you know that?

Jenny: I'm a woman, i know *everything*.

Dax: Yeah, so am I and Mistya, and we don't know everything.

Jenny: I have years of experince you don't.

Dax: That's just a polite way to say your older..

[Dax is given the look of death by Jenny, and the hybrid backs down, and begins walking back to her room]

Dax: Oh yeah, Class 17 doesn't frighten a girl, who has stood before Omega and won..

[Dax keeps walking, and soon the Dreckards and Jenny leave]

From: "Al's Waiter" <>
Date: Apr 19, 2000

AW: Thank you very much.

[AW's team watches the other two teams leave. Six sprites and one binome sits down on the various couches.]

Riven: Boy, this is intense!

AW: (sighs) What have I gotten you guys into? I shouldn't have asked you to come. I think we're in over our heads.

Genesis: (puts her hand on AW's shoulder) No. It is good that you asked us here. We need to get out and learn about the other beings in the Metaverse. Besides, we might learn several things from these... characters.

AW: Yeah, I guess. Well, since we've found our green room...

Myst: No thanks to your directions.

AW: Ha ha. Very funny. Lara didn't fare any better than I did.

Lara: (not looking up from polishing her 45' gun) Yes, but I didn't pretend that I knew where I was going.

AW: Alright. Let's get settled.

[AW stands up, turns his icon and transforms into a tall blue male sprite with long orange hair tied back into a ponytail, a white muscle shirt, green pants and tall black boots. Everyone looks at him in shock.]

Quake: (stunned) I didn't know you could do that!

AW: I couldn't. Not up until recently. (looks at the piece of paper that Mistya hand given to him with Voodoo's Private Com Link IP.) Hmmm... I guess I'll hold onto this, even though I won't act on it right away.

Genesis: Good choice.

Riven: Was it Zaria who said something about the fighting being like in Games? But not being trapped in them?

Genesis: I think she was thinking of the ancient game cubes that sprites used to play games. They could not get out of them until they won and the game was over.

Lara: (looking up from polishing) Boy, that's extreme! What would happen if they lost?

Genesis: Complete nullification.


Myst: I'm glad we just have the game arena. Controlled environment and safety measures. Win or loose, you exit the holo-gamedeck whole. In one piece.

AW: I better get on the phone and call up Lee, Kevin, Shashi and Geoff. We'll need all the help we can get!

All: Agreed!

Myst: So what happens now?

AW: My guess is that we wait.

Myst: Good. I want to get caught up on my reading.

Duke: (looking at the tv) ALRIGHT! Playstation! (gets out his bag and pulls out "Countdown to Chaos") Shot gun!

Quake: I'm next!

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 18, 2000

[Sai stares into her monitor, off-lining Voodoo's connection after some thought. Her creation and Zaria have gone out of the room to sneak about, this probably being Zaria's idea of fun. But the newcomer could use Zaria's company after being punished so severely for having disobeyed Sai yet *again*, so it's not entirely discouraged. She briefly wonders over her actions towards her newest creation.]

[Sighing and shaking her head, the decision finally made, Sai rises from her seat, shutting off all monitors, and walks out of her room to go see Voodoo]

[At Voodoo's green room]
[Voodoo looks up suddenly at the new intrusion- and frowns at who he sees]

Voodoo: Put me on hold, will you? Black screen me, huh?

Sai: Just listen, Voodoo. I need to speak with you about something...[looks around his green room] but in private. I know it's something you'll like.

[All Voodoo's characters present are stareing at the pair now, but Voodoo sends them out of the room for a moment much to their surprise and displeasure]

Voodoo: [looks irritated] Well, there have been enough games played, but it's time to end all this nonesense. Regardless of how busy I am...keep talking...

[Outside, Kaka is the first to speak]

Kaka: I don't think I have to mention that I don't like the way this is going.

Crix: Count me in on that thought. They're *both* starting to worry me. Sai's coming around way too often for my liking, that being once, and Voodoo's actually paying attention to her.

Jeff: Not a good thing?

All: Definately.

Kaka: But maybe he'll turn down her offer.

Jeff: Sure, whatever *that* may be.

[All stand in thought, now completely lost in whatever the hell is going on]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 19, 2000

[Jay looks over as Nada, Naught, and DaVinci send another offensive ping over the computers, toward Voodoo's team's hacks.  He turns back.]

Jay: All right, that's it.  Zilch?

Zilch: Yeah, hey?

Jay: Activate the anti-snoop protocols.  I'm sick of Crix trying to spy on us.

Zilch: How d'ya know he's spyin' on us, Big Shot?

Jay: Because that's what I'd do.  Just do it.

Zilch: Sure thing, hey?

[The biker goes over to a switch on the wall.  Zilch presses a few buttons, and then some real high-tech EMP and Magnetic fields go up.  Any bugs or spy cameras in the room are shut down, foiling any attempt to see into the room.]

Jay: That's better.  [He flips open his private comm.]  Terrorizers, come in.

Tomasi: [comm] Yeah, Big Shot?

Jay: How's it going?

Tomasi: [comm] We're in place.  Dirk's getting things set up.  We'll be ready to move in a few.

Jay: Wait for the moment.

Tomasi: [comm] Yeah, yeah.

Jay: Archer and Elogin are there to help out.  Once you pull it off, they'll portal you back.

Tomasi: [comm] Gotcha.

Jay: Big Shot out.  [He flips the comm shut and leans back.]  The tables will soon turn, my half-breed friends...

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 19, 2000

[The Statiud goes quite as music, very serene, plays]

Voice: It's the way you move.... To the Killer groove..

[The beat picks up, and the lights flicker on and off as the Song plays, the stadium is in an uproar as Jenny back flips down the ramp and lands in the ring, Showing off some her moves she punchs the mat and the Pyros shoot up along the ramp and Jeff appears from the smoke. He shows of some of his more, "Matrix"-Type punchs and kicks and Runs down the ramp, a few feet from the end blue pyros shoot off and he front flips into the ring and lands next to his love. The two kiss and wave to the people in the Stadium. The lights turn off and the Green Demonic eyes appear in the Metatron Screen, the Music is replaced with that of a "darkness tone" and the Eyes flash, a skull appears around them, it lets out a Banshee Scream and explodes, the Lights flash on to see the new Voodoo standing in the middle of the ring, his armor reflecting the light of the stadium, the people wait to see if it's really him]

Voodoo: (grinning) The rumors of my Demise were greatly over played...People.. Voodoo has returned!

[The crowd goes wild at the return of Voodoo, his section seems to have grown a few people and the flashes of cameras shine off his new armor]

Voodoo: People, Tonight is the night to make what once was only a plan, become a reailty, tonight not only will my Hybrids, Shatter Jay's team, But also My Dreckards will rip apeart the flesh of Jay's Anthro's..oh wait..That's right.. Jay is so scared that he had to change his anthro line up to his golems. My..I thought i knew the man that almost killed me better, I thought that he wouldn't think his team so weak as to change the match at the last moment. Oh well... I will win these battles for the Metaverse..And for...Nevermind..

[He turns towards the Metatron, and waves his hand, images of his winning battles play, and the words "No Pity, No Mercy, No Regret" flash out, He looks back to the people.]

Voodoo: Always remember.. No pity, No Mercy, No REGRET!!!!

[The crowd repeats the words over and over, and Voodoo smiles and looks back to ramp, waiting for Jay to come out]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 20, 2000

[The lights darken as the opening chords to "Full Throttle" are played.  The audience starts to cheer as they anticipate Niente's arrival.  When the percussion kicks in, Niente flies overhead, wailing like a Valkryie, landing her hoverbike under the Metatron.  She does her down-and-back arm pump/pyro burst, then removes her goggles and jacket.  Her hoverbike is moved aside as she turns to the side.  "The Mighty Quinn" plays as he rises up out of the platform in front of the Metatron's screen.  He looks almost like a military grunt with his short haircut and stern expression, but the bionic brace on his legs sort of ruins the effect.

[The two stand and do the DX hand chop together, pyros going off in the X pattern, and then they charge to the ring, vaulting over the ropes.  They stand opposite Voodoo and the Hybrids, then sneer and turn to the Metatron.]

Metatron: Danger...danger...danger...

["The Extreme" starts to play, and the audience starts to chant "Big Shot!  Big Shot!"  Clips of Team Winger's victories play, including some of the brutal shots of Tomasi & Nails & Lean pounding on people with steel chairs.  It finishes with several clips of Jay beating the absolute crap out of Voodoo, and then the Metaverse Deathmatch logo appears.  Pyros go off all around the arena, and then...a pause.  The audience looks around, looking for Jay.

[He appears without warning behind Voodoo.  It's mind-blowing.  One moment he was nowhere to be seen, the next -- boom.  Smirking smugly, he steps past
Voodoo into view of the other Author, then turns to face him.  Jay is in the same outfit he wore when he defeated Voodoo, and his Author Belt gleams.  He's not in 'puck-wild' mode, but rather in 'Triple H/@$$hole' mode.]

Jay: So...the vegetable didn't take root after all.  I'll have to fix that.  [He peers at Jeff through half-lidded eyes, then reaches into a pocket.  He produces a vial of ORS.]  You say you don't need this, Freeman?  [He palms the vial.  It vanishes.]  We'll see.

[He steps back and now stands between his two fighters.]

Jay: I'm about to show you people that you don't need to be some weird amalgamation of human and whatever the hell you are to kick someone's ASCII.   [He steps forward and scowls at Voodoo.]  As for the Golems, I think the Drecks deserve a better fight than two Khatra and a F'Val.  So they can tear an army to pieces.  The Golems are about ten times tougher to beat -- and they're ready to have a lizard feast.

[He steps back, leering, then lashes out and wallops Voodoo with a hard right hook.  Voodoo's skull mask cracks slightly.  Jay's hand isn't even bruised.]

Jay: I am *NOT* weak.  You should remember that, you who got the skin smacked off your back by the Big Shot.

[He turns and walks out of the Arena, leaving the Author behind, letting his characters stay to start kicking some tail.]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 21, 2000

[The two couples from the Metaverse are both in the ring.  Quinn and Jenny are both on the ring apron, waiting to be tagged in.  Niente and Jeff stare at each other through barely contained hatred.  Mills Lane steps in.]

Mills Lane: All right, I've been informed by the Powers That Be that no one's allowed to die in this match or we lose our sponsorship.  So, no killing, no mortal wounding.  Let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings.  Jeff lashes out with a punch, rocking Niente back, but she comes right back with her own.  The two start trading punches, until Jeff suddenly ducks Niente's swing.  He steps around behind her and suplexes her toward one of the empty corners.

[Niente lies stunned for a moment, giving Jeff a chance to go for an elbow drop.  Niente, however, sits up and slams her forearm into Jeff's knee.  The Hybrid topples, and Niente quickly gets up.  She grabs him by the collar, then the belt and hoists him in the air.  She drops to one knee and brings Jeff's crotch down hard the other knee.  Jeff winces -- no man can withstand a blow like that, not even a Hybrid -- and stumbles.  Niente backs up, springs off the ropes, and flies into Jeff with her Full Throttle Clothesline.

[Jeff hits the mat.  Niente prepares for a drop kick, but Jenny runs into the ring and spears Niente, making the sprite's head connect with the post.  Niente lies stunned as Jeff and Jenny both get up and start kicking her repeatedly in the face and chest.  Quinn gets into the ring and goes to the opposite corner.  He taps his brace, then charges.  He jumps and plants his feet into the Hybrids' backs, sending Jeff over the rope.  Jenny nearly falls on top of Niente.  Quinn rolls to his feet and pulls Jenny off of Niente and starts to do body blows.  Niente climbs out of the ring and pounces on Jeff.

[Jenny recovers and socks Quinn hard in the head.  He staggers back, but his brace keeps him upright.  He stops her charge with a kick to the stomach.  She staggers back, and Quinn then does his legbuster move, crouching low and doing four consecutive kicks to Jenny's leg with his braced foot.  She staggers, but then she drives both fists into the sides of Quinn's head.  He wails in pain and staggers back.  Jenny grabs his arm and manages to hurl him into the ropes.  As he springs back, Jenny grabs his brace and snaps Quinn down in the spinebuster.  Quinn lies stunned.

[Outside the ring, Niente and Jeff have been trading blows again.  Jeff kicks Niente back into the commentators' table, then jumps on the ring apron to go for a jumping attack.  Niente grabs him out of mid-air and powerbombs him into the concrete floor.  As she stands bent over, she hooks her arms together around his legs and starts to pick Jeff back up, grunting in exertion.  She stands up, then powerbombs Jeff again!  She releases him and turns to shout triumphantly at the crowd.  But as she turns to continue her attack, Jenny comes out with a flying double-kick to Niente that smashes her through the commentators' table.

[Jenny gets Jeff to his feet and the two Hybrids climb into the ring, where Quinn tries to defend himself.  Jeff slides between his legs and grabs him by the knees while Jenny springs off the ropes and does another double-kick to Quinn's face.  Quinn falls over, and Jeff rolls up into a pin.]

Referee: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings.  Jeff and Jenny stand, triumphant.  The crowd is in an uproar, cheering the new champs over their win.]

Crowd: No pity, No mercy, No regret!

[They repeart the phrase over and over again as Jenny and Jeff stand hand in hand with there arms in the air, Quinn slowly regains his energy, and trys to move out of the ring, But Jenny catchs him out of the conner of her eye and places her left foot over his groin]

Jenny: Move again, and your legs aren't the only thing that won't work anymore.

[Quinn plays it safe and lays back down on the mat.  Mills Lane enters the ring with the belts, just as the lights flash on and off, and Voodoo's strange eerier Music plays through the stadium, and out walk Voodoo, with Scar and Mistya by his side, Kaka behind them, and Ki'ace standing next to Kaka with her trident ready, The group walks down the ramp and the characters take up places around the ring, Voodoo climbs in and takes the belts from Mills Lane and Hands them to his creations. Raising the mike to his hand, he watches as Scar picks up Niente from the table and holds her arms behind her back tightly so she can't run.]

Voodoo: My my my.. another match down, and another belt for me...Well.. let's see now where do we stand? I have 2 belts, an ever more powerful Anthro collection, and I've beaten your characters..Now..what next? Now I could have Scar there Snap the lovely Biker with a flick of his wrist, but I won't do that. But remember Jay, I have two things you don't. One, I only kill to prove a point...

[Scar brings Niente to the bottom of the Ramp, and Jenny pulls Quinn up and throws him over her shoulder, climbing out of the ring, she lets the writer fall to the ground next to Niente]

Voodoo: And two, I will always have someone in the backround, always ready to strike..Remember that, when you try something foolish alright?

[He grins and tosses the mike to Mills Lane, he walks to his creation, and raises Jeff's arm into the air, Jenny returns to Voodoo side and He raises her arms in the air, the stadium repeats the "No mercy" Chant. And Voodoo along with his characters slowly leave the stadium, and return to their Green Room.]

[As the characters eat a victory dinner, Voodoo decides he rather be along for a moment and hides in his room, opening a Vid-window he calls Sai, and waits for her to answer.]
-=Jay Winger, Voodoo=-

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 21, 2000

[in Sai's green room]
[Zaria calls Sai over to a different monitor than the one Sai was just watching, observing the match. The third present, as always, goes into her corner and hides]

Sai: What is it now, Zaria? Death threats to you from Lean? [she grins]

Zaria: Not half so lucky. It's Voodoo.

[Sai frowns but sits beside Zaria in her own chair and opens the connection]

Sai: Voodoo! Hi there! How's digs? [she winks at him] Very nice victory there, dear. Killer moves from Niente.

[Zaria just leaves the screen-watching to roll her eyes behind Sai's ass-kissing back]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 21, 2000

Voodoo: Not to be rude Sai, but my butt is for sitting, not kissing so please stop. No Sai, since I trust these com lines as much as a snake trust a mongoose i will make this short, simple and to the point.

[He leans back in the chair, and thinks over his question that he is about to ask]

Voodoo: You have something or someone in there with you and I don't mean Zaria, And since I haven't seen or heard anything about WeB in over a well,
it's safe to say that you are doing alot of things to your team. So lets cut through all the BLS and go right to the truth. I will be down in hall 4 section E, you know next to the kitchen, where they store the creates of banana's? See you there in half an hour. Oh yes, if you want, you can bring Zaria if you want, but i want to see the creation you got hidding in the backround.

[The feed quits out, leaving Voodoo's team symble behind]

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 21, 2000

[Sai is left staring at a screen with nothing more but Voodoo's emblem, and she slams her fist into the com's board]

Sai: DAMNIT! That little son of a bitch!

Zaria: So he knows. So what? They're going to find out about her sooner or later.

Sai: I don't care! Ass-kissing huh? He can kiss *my* ass! [kicks her chair away, hearing it smash against the wall and shatter another monitor]

[Zaria is wide-eyed at how violent Sai is behaving]

Zaria: Now, Sai, calm down. You should just go and-

Sai: First him then *everyone* will know! She's my surprise, damnit. He's been sneaking about! Either that or-

[Both Sai and Zaria suddenly turn to the third person in the room. She sort of cringes away, but Sai runs over and grabs her by the toga, pulling her down to her level]

Sai: What...have you been up to?

~~~~ *I haven't done anything since he woke up...I swear it...*

Sai: Even when I don't bless you with a mouth you *still* manage to talk too much, you oversized freak!

[Zaria hurries over and shoves Sai away slightly]

Zaria: Stop yelling at her! You're scaring her, Sai!

Sai: *I'm* scaring *her*!? HER??? She's towering and- LOOK at her! [shakes her head] That's what I get for messing around with... [growls in an almost human way]

Zaria: Just go speak with him. She's focusing on Lazarus anyway, right?

Sai: [sighs surrenderingly] Damnit...I hate this. I really, really do. [turns and glares fire at her creation] And all because of *you* I have to go drag my ascii down to section E and explain myself away! practically over *nothing* that has to do with this push-over!

~~~~ *You shouldn't underestimate hi-*

Sai: Shut up! [goes over to the door of her green room to leave] You stay here! Zaria, you're with me. We'll play along with our dear Mr. Winger for now.

[Zaria walks quickly behind her, hearing the door shut behind them]

Zaria: How do you think he knows?

Sai: I'm hoping that he merely took a wild stab at something. I know for a fact that she invaded his mind.

Zaria:  [winces] Not even *I* invade the privacy of a mind but for mere level one conversation.

Sai: Zaria...she had a full out dream sequence with him while he was out. Who knows what she said to him.

Zaria: Don't be too concerned. Just do an Area 51 maneuver and say that it was a hallucenation.  Not even *you* know what went on. Could have been a dream. [she grins at Sai, inwardly hopeing her creator calms herself down] And who knows...maybe it *was all a hallucenation.

Sai: [walks on, thinking thoughts to herself] Maybe... I just don't want her known until the...[grins] great unveiling?

[Zaria smiles to herself, not having seen Sai smile so unplottingly pleasant in a long time]

Zaria: I understand.

Sai: No you don't. You're just another creation.

[Zaria stops walking for a moment, seeing Sai walk on, knowing she meant what she said and feeling it hurt. She jogs after the semi-human to try and keep up]

Zaria: This should be interesting nonetheless.

Sai: [grins] Yes, let's just play along and try to have fun with this littl bout of chaos.

Zaria: the sound of that

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 21, 2000

[Jay's Green Room.  The Big Shot is not pleased.  In fact, he's down right homicidal.]

Jay: [flat, low, filled with threat] No more Mr. Nice Author.

DaVinci: I don't like the sound of that.

[Jay turns his head the barest of a millimeter to look at him.  DaVinci shuts up.  So does everyone else.  Quinn and Niente stumble into the room, see the look on Jay's face, and grimace.]

Quinn: If anybody needs us, we'll be kicking ourselves in the asses in the lav for losing that match.

Jay: Exactly what I would have said to do.

[The two leave, and Jay flips out his comm.]

Tomasi: [comm] Yeah?

Jay: Commence the operation.

Tomasi: [comm] Gotcha.

[The comm is flicked off.  Jay folds his hands and purses his lips.]

Jay: Now...we wait.

[In another part of the Stadium -- under Voodoo's Green Room, as it happens -- Tomasi and Nails look at Dirk, Archer, and Elogin.  Tomasi nods.  Dirk raises a remote and flicks a switch.

[Above, the floor under Crix suddenly gives away, and the young hacker plunges through, right into Nails' claws.  Nails judo-chops him in the neck and Tomasi flings him over his shoulder.  Just as quickly, Elogin generates a tear directly in the hole, then a portal farther down their tunnel.  Tomasi, with Crix on his shoulder, dives through, followed by Nails and Dirk.  Archer smacks a poster up on the wall, then dives through after Elogin.  The portal closes.

[The poster has a picture of Team Voodoo, with the words 'NO PITY, NO MERCY, NO REGRETS....NO CHANCE IN HELL' emblazoned over their faces.  A note,
scrawled in red at the bottom, reads:]

Note: Never piss me off, Vood.  We'll talk after you finish your business with Sai.

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 21, 2000

[Scar had ran all the way back to the Green Room from Sector E, Jenny had called Voodoo, and Scar had been sent to the room, Voodoo was expecting Jay
to attack him, not his room. Scar quickly enterd the code to get into Voodoo's room, only to see that Jeff was despretly trying to hold Jenny back.]

Jeff: Jenny! Calm down! Walking in there and blasting them all to hell won't help!

Jenny: No! but it will make me feel a whole lot better!

[Jenny was armed for combat, more so then in the past. She had gotten in the Weapons locker and had loaded up with the most powerful weapons she could find. Jeff was now holding his wife back with all his might.]

Jeff: Bios! A little help here!

Bios: Very well...

[With a wave of her hand, Jenny was pulled back onto the couch and held there by the viral powers]

Jenny: Let me GO!!!!!

[Jenny tried to break free, but with no avail, soon she stopped, and did something that Jeff had only seen once before, Jenny was crying]

Jeff: Guys.. a moment please?

[Everyone nodded, But Bios stayed as the rest of the group went outside and waited]

Jeff: Bios....

Bios: As you wish...

[Bios hoped off the table she was sitting on and left the room, the force that held Jenny left with her. As the door slide shut, Jenny laid her head on Jeff's shoulder, and kept crying]

Jenny: I lost him once Jeff, I know since Voodoo has completed the Story, that he is still alive, But I dont want to lose my son again Jeff.

[Jeff Freeman, Human Hybrid, one of the toughest men in the Metaverse, Held his wife, Jenny Lockheart, Human Hybrid, and one of the toughest women in the Metaverse in his arms. Thus not only showing compasion, even if they were killers, but also showing, that if people who had known nothing more about the hybrids other then the fact that they were born to kill that these hybrids atleast, had one thing over the other. Love.]

Jeff: Dont worry, Jay won't kill him, I dont know what he will do.

Jenny: O...O..O.R.S?

Jeff: I dont think so, If has done his homework he will know that Crix's body, although a hybrid, has not been adapted to O.R.S. and it will kill him.

Jenny: Then...Us?

Jeff: After all these year's? We'd die to...

Jenny: But..

Jeff: "Crusader" Is finished love, so we will die...if he forces it into us. Then he will break the rule about killing other peoples characters, his titles will be stripped, and he will be kicked out. Jay is not so stupid.

Jenny: Then?

Jeff: God only knows....

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 22, 2000

[Jay's Green Room.  Ünres is there, returning from God knows where, and he holds Crix a vice-like grip.  Tomasi and Nails are also there, and both hold rather large rifles, pointed directly at him.  The threat is there -- if Crix so much as looks at them the wrong way they'll vaporize him.

[Jay himself sits behind a desk in his swivel-chair, fingers steepled.  DaVinci stands behind him, but doesn't look happy with this course of events.  Jay smirks.]

Jay: Crix Lockheart, in the flesh...or rather, in the grip of Ünres.  [He holds up a small computer.]  I took the liberty of relieving you of your belongings.  Most of them are Metaverse property.

[He rises and paces over to the crate of ORS in the corner.  Jay removes the vial he'd taken out earlier and dangles it in his fingers.]

Jay: You're probably afraid I'm going to use this stuff on you.  No, I have other plans for it.  [He palms the vial and it disappears.]  You're insurance, Mr. Lockheart.  Insurance that your fellow teammates do not try to influence events the way Bios did to Java.

[He stands before Crix, well out of punch/kick range and behind Tomasi and Nails, who are just begging Crix to make one wrong move.]

Jay: Not to worry.  I'm not going to kill you.  That would be very counterproductive, not to mention illegal.  I may have a controlling share in Deathmatch! and dictatorship over the Deathmatch Security Force, but there are certain things that even I can't get away with.

[He smiles, and that looks rather creepy, given his attitude.]

Jay: You'll be delivered back to your comrades alive.  The condition you are in when such happens is up to your colleagues.

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 23, 2000

Zaria: [pats her friend on the shoulder, wondering why she doesn't respond] okay? [shakes her head] What in the known 'Net is going on here lately?

[Suddenly the creature's eyes pop open and take on a look of seriousness (what else is new?)]

~~~~ *Sai...come to your green room. We have matters to discuss.*

[Eventually, Sai comes walking into her green room, arms just full of drawings and photographs, some falling to the floor]

Zaria: [catches one in mid-fall and peers at it curiously] Bellydancing ladies?

Sai: Hey, I'm not just an author of Metaverse, ya know.

Zaria: Bellydancing?

Sai:'s a site I'm designing. [another picture falls from her arms] Anyway, where's my leetle friend?

[Zaria points, and Sai goes walking over]

Sai: So, you called?

~~~~ *Yes, I have something to accomplish with Voodoo.*
Jeff: You did what!? Are you insane!?

Voodoo: Coming from the man that charges into a room with guns a blazin' you aren't one to judge.

[Jeff now loses his anger, and falls back to a new relaxed tone as he thinks over his creator's words]

Jeff: Somethings can not be helped....

Voodoo: I'll keep that in mind...

Jenny: So how are we going to get my son back?

Voodoo: As I said, Sai's new creation will send a massive EMP pulse through Jay's system, not enough to damage it forever, but long enough to keep us from being detected and to make sure all his security is down. This will happen just as the Drecks take to the ring. Two portals will open. One in Jay's main room, the other in Crix's cell. Team one will exit the portal and use *Non-Violent* force to knock out and keep Jay's characters at bay. So that means stun staffs and concussion rifles. Team two will enter Crix's cell and knock out any guards, we believe it might be Tomasi and Nail's. Crix will be portaled back here, and team one will be told to return. As soon as they return, I will activate the field and no one will be able to track the portal. Sai's creation should also have some way to help us in that.

Jenny: And what does Sai want in return?

Voodoo: As of now.. nothing that I know of, so I say we keep an eye on her. Jay knows better than to directly attack us; we have more fighting ability and firepower. But Sai now lacks WeB, so as of now, she is in our protection.

Dax: What about the creation? What's her angle on helping us?

Voodoo: I don't know, but she is an allie, and if you noticed, we are lacking that. So we take what we can get. we are hurting Jay on two fronts, the match and his home turf.

[Voodoo notices that Jeff is still deep in thought]

Voodoo: I don't want blood spilled if possible, and I know how you operate, so keep it clean.

[After a moment of silence]

Jeff: No problem.
[Sai looks less than thrilled with her pet's assisting Voodoo, but she helps none the less, placing a large, dark, metal helmet over the female's head]

Zaria: [stripping and attaching many wires] This armor looks awfully familiar, Sai...

Sai: Well, I'm not too creative as far as armor goes, and this stuff just looked so great!

Zaria: But...what is it from? It just looks so-

~~~~ *Ever seen Pokemon the First Movie?*

[Zaria just rolls her eyes and groans at Sai]

Sai: Well the armor -does- look great! The only difference is it won't supress her abilities. Besides, just because it came from Pokemon, doesn't mean-

~~~~ *Never mind. Speed is a necessity here. We must act fast.*

[Sai growls but restrains her comments, trying to behave more humane nowadays ever since her confrontation with Voodoo]

Sai: There, how's that?

[Moving the helmet around, Sai's creation nods once and walks over to the monitor her master had broken a few days ago, shoving the fallen chair asside, placing a hand upon the screen. It immediately replaces all its broken pieces to the monitor and turns on, nothing but static showing]

~~~~ *Let it begin.*

[Her body goes somewhat limp as her being enters to within the computer system and begins corrupting the EMP frequencies]
[Voodoo's team stand all present and accounted for. Team one, consisting of Dax and Jeff, stand with weapons ready, they are covered with basic black guardian armor from head to toe, over there faces a ski mask with a targeting visor. Not needed but it helps the look. Team two is just Jenny,she is covered like the rest of her family. She checks her stun rifle and hopes it has enough power to knock out the two larger members of Jay's team.]

Voodoo: Ready?

Jenny: Locked and loaded..

Jeff: Ready to roll.

Dax: Bring on the noise..

[Voodoo nods and taps his Vid-window, but no image comes over it]

Voodoo: Sai, they are ready, open the portals.
[The air distorts inside Jay's room.the ground shakes as the screens explode from some unknown force.The computers spark as the wave is sent through the air.Jay is hit by the force the hardest and is knock off his chair and into the wall.The people at the table are forced to the ground as a portal booms open inside Jay's room, It stays open as two figures step out. Justice and Sil recover quicker and leap at the unknown people. the larger figure moves quicker and the Anthro and the human are knocked to the floor by the blast from the gun. Although not dead, they lay knocked out.]

[Lean and Elogin rush from opposite sides. The smaller figure ducks Leans attack and jabs its finger into his throat, the virus grabs it and falls to his knees, the smaller figure follows with a powerful kick to the head, knocking the virus to the floor. Elogin, for some reason not using her powers, rushes at the larger figure. He counters with a blow to the stomach, followed with a uppercut to the head, and then a powerful kick knocking her into Dirk, and the rest of the people at the card table. The smaller figure removes a small handle from her side and unfolds it. Two larger prongs separate and a blue electric beam flashes from the prongs as she shocks Lean, to show the others in the room the power from the staff. They stay away. The larger figure removes a a chrome weapon from his back and pulls the hammer back on a 20th century .357 maximum python. He picks the Author/Viral up by the neck and pins him against the wall, holding the weapon to his head.]

???: Hello Jay, Pay back's a Bitch ain't it?
[Tomasi and Nails hear something outside, they open the cell door and Tomasi is knocked back by a blast of blue energy, slamming into the wall he lays offline, the Anthro charges outside and looks around. He sees no one, but then here's a noise from above, he looks up and sees a black boot comes down in his face, knocking him to the ground where he lays in pain. The figure drops from the ceiling and enters the room. Crix looks up at the figure and feel's that death is append him.He closes his eyes, but after a moment, feel's himself being picked up and slung over a shoulder.He sees a flashes of light through his close eyelids.

[The larger figure still has Jay pinned against the wall. It seems to be toying around the idea of pulling the trigger and ending the person's life. The portal flashes, as if a signal.]

???: Come on, we got to go....

[The smaller figure shouts at him as she slowly backs into the portal, but does not enter it. The larger figure places the pistol back in his belt and removes a butterfly knife, opening it with a flick of his wrist he places the blade against Jay's face and flicks it a few times leaving small cuts in his face in the shape of a " V " and closes the blades and retreats into the portal with the smaller being. It slams shut. And Jay is left with a scar, destroyed equipment, and damaged characters.]
[In Sai's green room, a rumbling is felt, and Zaria and her creator look 'round wildly in fear, nearly stumbling]

[Zaria grasps her head in pain and falls foreword] Ah! What in the Web is that??

Sai: I dunno...but whatever it is, I have a feeling we're not experiencing the worst of it. [suddenly feels it stop and rushes over to Zaria] You alright?

Zaria: [claws beginning to tear at her skull] No! [eyes begin to water] Damnit, how long is this going to take??

Sai: Just hang on. Until they get out of there, the EMP pulses are gonna be freaking out. [stares over at her creation] What the hell is she doing to those frequencies?

[Eventually, Zaria blinks and stands, looking over at her friend]

Zaria: She okay?

Sai: Don't worry about her. I buffed her up specifically to handle powers of psyche. I'm more worried about you...

Zaria: You are?

Sai: Of course! I guess you feel okay now, huh?

Zaria: Mhm. Head still aches a bit, but yeah, I'm fine. I guess that means the mission's over?

Sai: [nods towards her pet] I think -she'd- be the one to tell us. [goes over to her]

Zaria: She's not up yet?

Sai: [inwardly beginning to panic] Don't worry about it. She prolly just ran into a...firewall or something. Yeah...

Zaria: But she had no problem getting -in-, right? So why on the way -back- would she...

[Sai grabs her creation by the shoulders and shakes her]

Sai: Damnit, wake up! [grabs the helmet to tear it off]

Zaria: [jumps her] DON'T DO IT!!!

Sai: [falls backwards onto the floor] Why the hell are you stopping me!? She could be in trou-

Zaria: You take the helmet off, you break the link. You break the link, and you kill your precious creature.

Sai: [curses and stands] Damn... I hate this.

Zaria: You've said that before-

Sai: And I meant it before! I told her not to get involved and just look what happens! [turns away quickly, not wanting Zaria to see her wiping away tears]

Zaria: There's really nothing to worry about yet, so relax...she's probably just found something of interest and wants to go inspect.

Sai: Never even got to fight in her match...

Zaria: She'll be okay...I think...

[Both stare at Sai's creation's person, hoping for her sake that she'll make a hasty retreat]

Webmaster's Note: due to uncontrollable circumstances, some posts are missing here.  To summarize what happens between the attack on Jay's Green Room and the Anthro Match -- Crix is brought to Voodoo's Green Room, where he remains unconscious.  Jay heals his cut and in a towering rage activates a protocol he had built into the Stadium when he rebuilt it.  Voodoo and his Team are then locked inside their own Green Room by titanosteel panels and EMPs.  This forces Voodoo to once again rely on ~~~~ for help.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 6, 2000

[The titanosteel panel blocking the main door to Voodoo's Green Room slides open.  A swarm of DMSF men stand ready with concussion rifles, which they aim.  One man, who wears a helmet with a green visor, steps forward.]

Green Visor: Dreckards.  Your Match is up.

[Slowly, and not without some suspicion, Scar, Mistya, and Kaka go toward them.  A vidwindow opens, with Jay looking out.]

Jay: Don't worry.  I won't try anything.  This is just to make sure that you big lizards don't try to go on a rampage before you get to the ring.

[The vid closes and Green Visor backs up to allow the Dreckards through the door.  The DMSF surround the three as they start toward the ring area.]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 6, 2000

~~~~ *My creator has specifically instructed me to talk to you and nothing more...*

Voodoo: You said you would have come whether or not she gave you permission. Can't you do things on your own?

~~~~ *Well...I-*

Voodoo: Just think it over.

[~~~~ sits in thought for a moment, mumbling all the while, as is the habbit of free-flowing thought] *I could...but just doesn' does sound rather nice...* Finally she looks up. *I am uncertain of things, Voodoo. I trust you, but something has been bothering me about Crix's breakout...* She considers her words for another moment and finally is willing to accept the consequences. *You never informed me of Java's being present during the raid. I am not aware of -everything- and you know this. The fact that you witheld such vital infromation which would have altered my personal plans on how to carry this out disturbs me. Perhaps I am judging too quickly, but the plan was to rescue Crix. Instead you have angered Winger's people and injured one of Java's.* For once she is actually displaying a look of well as one of hurt. *Explain yourself...*

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 6, 2000

Voodoo: Crix is my Information officer, he had the only computer that could stay inside Jay's system's for any length of time. But because of other projects, he had not given me any information updates on the people in Jay's room.

~~~~~: * Then why not use Ki'ace or Ki'eva?*

Voodoo: They have not the skill to enter Jay's systems...

[Voodoo thinks over his words, and then speaks]

Voodoo: Although I had considered that lethal force would be used, the fact is that I didn't want anyone killed, because simply I did not know what was in there. Although that does not account for the fact that one or more of Java's team was harmed, it was not my will to have anyone hurt. Basically put my dear, I sent in a team into a unknown situation, and the fact that no one was killed is a plus if i say so. For we all know how most of the Hybrids operate do we not?

[Voodoo is silent for a moment, for a moment he thinks he overstated his point. And knowing the creature to be a very emotional being, he quickly follows up]

Voodoo: I didn't want people hurt, but since people were, it's my fault for not doing more Intel gathering...

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 6, 2000

[~~~~ sits in silence. Finally she speaks] *Very well...I will assist you... Sai will not like this, but I'll inform her -after-wards. Otherwise she just may go extreme on me again and restrict my powers, maybe even eradicate them.* She looks at him hard for an instant, studying him. *If there are any more instances where you must make a move on an opposing team outside of the ring, you make sure that there are no extraneous variables that could lead to the harm of outside parties, or those parties themselves. Regardless of what is thought, two wrongs do not make a right. You already know this, but it needs to be voiced... Should you do so, I'm afraid
that I will no longer be able to assist you.*

Voodoo: I thought you said that you trusted me.

~~~~ *I do, with my life. But your work on your -adversaries- is dangerously sloppy. -That- I do not trust. I will not have people harmed due to inconsistencies in plans.* Seeing Voodoo's slightly irritated expression and sensing it as well, she moves to assure him. *I will help you, Voodoo, and I trust you as well...but I need you to assure me that the blunder with Crix's rescue will not happen again...* She holds out her form's hand to complete the humanish gesture. *Do we have an agreement?*

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 6, 2000

[Voodoo takes her hand in his, a flash of lightning tells them both a deal has been made.]

~~~:* I'll take that as yes...*

Voodoo: I swear, no more mistakes. Talk it over with Sai, I await your reply.

[Voodoo's mental projection fades from sight, and he awake from his state and looks around. the Dreckards are gone and the rest out standing around waiting for an answer]

Voodoo: Jeff and Jenny, start packing everything we haven't already transferred to the new site. Ki'eva, I want you to delete and format all the systems here, aside from the main server and client.  When I tell you to I want you to send a massive offensive ping through the servers, mark it with an old HA-22 program, that way it will keep the others busy trying to get rid of it. Ki'ace, I need you to get Crix ready for transport. Dax, I need you to slag all files outside of the systems, all written records and so forth. I want it to look like we were never here.

[All the characters move off to do there job's. Voodoo turns in his chair and begins a few downloads from his computer into his wrist computer, he awaits the portal to freedom]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 6, 2000

[~~~~ comes walking out of Sai's bedroom finally and looks at the two, Zaria sitting in front of the television, actually just looking out the window at Yora's distant edge, the sea visible just beyond that barely, Sai in the kitchen still, just beginning to flip another pancake. She gives the creature a look of sheer knowing, but nothing is said]

[To ~~~~'s surprise, Sai's voice is very calm and soft when she speaks] I suppose you'll want some too? *holding out the pan of cooking batter*

[~~~~ nods and comes foreword, feeling some emotion or other creeping through her. She tries not to let it get the best of her, but she finally realizes that she is hurting, mostly from her creator's actions all through her new existence. She always was so...cold towards ~~~~, though it had in fact been said that Sai is concerned for her "pet's" well-being] *Sai...? Can I ask you something?*

[Sai stops placing the newest cake upon a plate with some others to stare at ~~~~] Why doncha just go right in and take-

~~~~ *Probing your mind requires no strength on your part, no effort... I need to hear you say this to me, whatever the answer might be...*

[Zaria continues watching the distant energy sea, but examines the two's conversation; Sai and ~~~~ were never known yet to have discussions like this]

Sai: Well...okay... *she stands still, letting ~~~~ come foreword to look at her with that expression she always wears, the reason Sai usually avoids looking at her at all; she bears a look of constant depression*

[~~~~ suddenly hugs Sai tightly around the waist like a hurt child] *Do you love me?*

[Sai is totally thrown off balance from the surprise question and looks to Zaria, mouthing out the word "help". But if Zaria can hear her through her mind, she does not show it, still staring out the window, seeming to pay no attention to her character protige's dramatics]

Sai: Of -course- I do. *petting her creation's head like a puppy*

~~~~ *Then do you lock me away? Why do you not let me be around anyone else? You never even like it when I'm talking to Voodoo... And you never even -smile- at me!*

[Sai winces, as ~~~~'s thoughts punctuated with an exclamation are sharp and painful on her receiving brain. She also avoids that last truth] So you're lonely? Then I'll write you a-

~~~~ *No... That's not completely it. You...never agree with anything I like... I'm like a prisoner...*

[Zaria finally comes over] That'll all change, ~~~~. After your match, it'll all be better. You'll see. Then you can hang out with me around town or go to the MDM and talk to Voodoo all you want. *sees Sai's glare and tries to make up for it* Well, maybe not MDM, but you can certainly go anywhere you like. You're not tied to a fic like I am. Anything's possible with ya!

Sai: That's right.

~~~~ *But...I -like- MDM for all its insanity. And I like helping Voodoo, even if it is risky...Didn't you say we only live once, Zaria?*

[Zaria jumps at suddenly being focused on in all this] Erm...

~~~~ *Well, I want to live that way, take a few risks, have an adventure... Otherwise...what will it have all been for?*

[Sai sighs heavily, thinking something over] You wish to be respected...

~~~~ *I wish to be taken seriously...and to be loved...*

Sai: I said you -are-! Why do you think I'm always so nuts about you taking risks?

~~~~ *Because you're afraid of losing your crowning achievement...*

[Sai says nothing, and ~~~~ gets up and backs away from her]

Sai: I'll listen when you have something to say, but of course I won't agree with everything. So...tell me what Voodoo said to you? New plan or something? *she gets no response* It's something having to do with a "jail break" isn't it?

~~~~ *We should get to the MDM now... Our green room will need some repairs you know.* She goes over to their door leading out to the hallway.

[Sai and Zaria side glance each other at the sudden change of subject, and Sai's suspicions rise up again. Why go to their green room? What was the point?]

Sai: Okay. C'mon, Zaria, let's get back and make repairs. I want our green room tip top for the upcoming matches for you two.

[Sai gives Zaria a telepathic message that the virus guards for privacy] *I know this sounds nutty, but let's just find out what she's up to. I've already got a notion that she's about to get into more problems with Voodoo and his team, but I need to know for sure.* She sees Zaria nod, and the two walk toward the door.
[After exiting the system's portal, Sai and Zaria, with a tall, cloaked figure beside them, walk into a limo aka Megabyte and head for the MDM's arena. Soon they arrive, and the cloaked figure waves a gloved hand, the three of them suddenly finding themselves in the hallway near Sai's green room. They walk towards it]

Zaria: Woohoo! Great to be back! I left an MP3 file here too.

Sai: This isn't just a joyride visit, Zaria. Our room needs repairs, due to -someone's- clumsy portal play.

[If they could see it, ~~~~'s blush would be a shockingly bright shade of red] *I said I was sorry...*

Sai: *sigh* Yes... Let's go in and get things started, hm? [She and Zaria stop in front of the door to see ~~~~ still standing where they'd all teleported in at]

~~~~ *I...need to take care of something first...*

Zaria: Like Voodoo? He count as a something? *gets ribbed by Sai*

~~~~ *No...he's inaccessible, in his holding cell...*

Sai: You could call it that. Sure thing, ~~~, we'll get started on this place.

~~~~ *No problem...?

[Sai grins at her, trying to do so warmly but succeeding only slightly] Sure. No problem.

[With that, ~~~~ is gone in a flash, leaving the two to enter the room. Zaria sees something on the floor near a far corner and goes to pick it up. It's a banana peel]

Zaria: Wow... I remember that. I'm going to miss this place, Sai. [tosses the peel into a garbage can] Lots of fun memories, lots of frightening ones too.

Sai: Certainly is an archive of moments in this place, huh?

Zaria: Yes... What do you suppose she went off to do, anyhow?

Sai: Cause trouble for you and me, no doubt.

Zaria: Voodoo? [sees Sai nod] Then why did you let her!?

Sai: I've always held her back, and I always gave WeB ViRuS way too much freedom. This is risky, but I'm cutting her some slack. She was afraid to tell me, choosing to keep her secret, and though that's a bad start between us, I'll discuss it with her later. When she finds out that I let her go, I think she'll trust me a bit more as her creator.

Zaria: She should trust you already.

Sai: No... What I did to WeB ViRuS was a great breach of trust between any creator and his or her character. This wound will take time to heal...

Zaria: Damnit, Sai! You're starting to sound like -her-!

[The two laugh for a moment, and Zaria finally gets to fixing an apparently broken monitor. Sai is opening a panel when she sees ~~~~'s helmet used in Crix's rescue. Thinking things over, she wishes her pet...her friend...good luck]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 6, 2000

[A beeping from the computer Ki'eva is working on alerts Voodoo and he walks over and looks over her shoulder]

Ki'eva: Check this out, we might not need the creature after all... the PTD is online, with a little re-working we can all leave now.

Voodoo: I'd hate to have her go through any trouble just to find out we left already.

Ki'eva: I know, but how long do we have till Jay decides to do something else to us. Or you?

[Voodoo stands straight up and thinks a moment. He knows time is against him, he looks over to the rest of the team, aside from Bios who is still missing. They are ready to go]

Voodoo: Ki'eva, transport the team to the new site. You along with them, I will finish the deleting of our systems here.

Jeff: You are staying behind?

Voodoo: To met up with the Creature, I will be along shortly....

[Ki'eva activates the program and runs to met with the rest of the team, after a moment, a blue/Grey energy wraps around them and they are gone. Voodoo takes a seat at the computer and begins working on the last part of the formatting]

[The team appears in the new room, high above the Metaverse stadium, they stand in the dark of the room, having just come out of the shock of being transported]

Jeff: E.V.A. lights on..

[The over head lights flicker on and the room is lit. The new green room is huge, almost the size of a small house, the place was defiantly designed for every one of Voodoo creations. The main room were they stood looked a lot like a living room. Comfy black couches and chairs line the walls. Built-in Computer Interfaces (ala Star Trek) line the walls in Cretan sections. At the far wall is the main interface, Vid-windows and monitors are all over the place. On the left side of the main interface are 4 doors. Each marked with a name aside from the last one, with the names of the Hybrids, the right 2 doors are marked with the Dreck names -- one for Scar and Mistya, the other for Kaka, the last two are for Ki'ace and Ki'eva. To the left of the group is a large oak door that leads to Voodoo's personal quarters, to the right, the personal room for Sai's team. In the middle of the room, before the main Computer Interface are two large, lush chairs. One made from dark wood with Human
skulls carved into the end of the arm rests where controls to the computer are attached. the other chair, more a commander chair from a Battle Carrier. Although it has been made larger and more comfortable, and there are controls on it to.]

Jenny: Home sweet home...

Jeff: Ki'ace, would you please take Crix to the Med wing?

[She nods and helps Crix to the door behind them, next to the large windows that look onto the MDM ring. She enters the Med wing and watches over Crix. Jeff asks Dax if she will help her mother with their stuff and she nods, heading off to her parents' room to help her mom. Ki'eva and Jeff sit at the Computer and a activate all the programs, making sure they are online and ready to keep Jay and his team out.]

Jeff: E.V.A., status on System?

E.V.A.: System is at 100% and ready.

Jeff: E.V.A., activate all defensive systems

E.V.A.: Cannot comply

Ki'eva: Why not?

E.V.A.: Level red clearance required.

Jeff: Damn, well not to worry, we are safe till Voodoo gets here and brings to system fully online.

Ki'eva: So what so we do?

Jeff: Wait..

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 7, 2000

[In Sai's green room, her creation reappears before her and next to Zaria who is examining a screen to make sure it is functioning properly. She removes her cloak and hangs it upon the wall]

Sai: Well, what've you been up to?

Zaria: Yes, what indeed...

~~~~ *Just getting promises complete...*

Sai: I see. ~~~~, can I speak to you in the other room for a moment?

~~~~ * room area -has- no other room...*

Sai:, there -is- the storage area. It's a bit small, but... [Sai walks over and opens the door, beckoning to ~~~~ who walks over and in past her, just barely able to fit in comfortably. She shuts the door.]

~~~~ *Sai, before you get angry, I just-*

Sai: Don't...look, I -knew- where you were going. You were helping Voodoo again.

~~~~ *You knew...and yet you let me go?*

Sai: You did what you thought was right. Look, your helping him is going to get us all into big trouble. I know you're trying to do the right thing for him, but this has to stop.

~~~~ *Yes, it's over now. I just wanted to do one last favor, and he merely wanted to move to another location, nothing big or dangerous... He's offered to let all of us stay in his new place in return too. It could be fun, Sai. All the Drecks and the other Hybrids...*

[Sai sighs heavily and tries hard to restrain herself] He's a target, ~~~~. Targets are dangerous to be around. Look, you'll have your match, and Zaria will have hers, no troubles! Then we can all leave and-

~~~~ *But I wish to stay!* She sees Sai wince at the exclemation. *Sorry...I'm just getting to like the idea...*

Sai: I need time to think this over, dear. There's an alternative I've been thinking over since you left a few minutes ago.

~~~~ *Voodoo says that we have four days, starting tomorrow. After that, the defences will identify us as potential threats...*

Sai: Okay. Just give me some time to think. I'm going back to the apartment for a bit. I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully by then I'll have decided upon all this. *[he walks over to the door]

~~~~ *Sai?*

[Sai turns to look at her] Yeah?

~~~~ *I really do want to stay...*

[Sai grins weakly and opens the door, walking out] I know...

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 7, 2000

Jeff: You're kidding me right?

Voodoo: No.

Jeff: But...

Voodoo: Coming from the man that gives his life for his family you should know what a promise means Jeff.

Jeff: True...

Jenny: What's the matter Jeff? It's just Sai and her team, it's not like we are inviting Lean to stay with us or anything.

Jeff: Doesn't matter, I just think it's a mistake, If Jay..

Voodoo: If the next words out of you mouth is Jay finding out, then I really don't care. Jay can do all his wants for all I care. We are safe, and we have more then a few ways to keep my "Big Shot Author" away from us. Besides, the room is already built for them.

Dax: He's got you there dad, Besides, it think it will be a learning experience for all of us.

Jeff: How do you figure that?

Dax: We got one former Virus that wants to be more sprite-like and learn more about the world around her..

Jeff: Uh huh...

Dax: Then you got one former most powerful being in all the net who shall we say.. been reformatted into a caring creature that is just trying to learn and get along with everyone...

Jeff: Go on...

Dax: Well.....then you got Sai...Who has more personalities then Hexadecimal.

Jeff: And the point being with all this.

Jenny: Who better then us to help these people out?

Jeff: Sai herself..

Dax: You have never met her have you?

Jeff: Not as such no...

Dax: Then how do you judge what is right and wrong? besides, because of them we got Crix back.

Jenny: Point, match, score..

Jeff: You don't help.

[Jenny grins and playfully punches him in the shoulder]

Jenny: Oh grow up will ya' It cant hurt us any.

Jeff: I don't think I can get any older.

[Jenny sighs and rolls her eyes]

Jenny: Men..

Dax: Ditto...

[As the trio talks, Voodoo turns his attention to the Zed woman in front of him.]

Voodoo: How's Crix doing Ki'ace?

Ki'ace: As good as can be, he should be up and hacking again in a few days or so.

Voodoo: Good, I'm sure he will like E.V.A.

Ki'ace: What does E.V.A. stand for?

E.V.A.: Electronic Voice Activation System.

Ki'ace: Shouldn't that be E.V.A.S.?

Voodoo: Don't question her, you wont win.

Ki'ace: Why not?

E.V.A.: Because I am equipped with a biological neural net processor, I think and calculate over 1500 times faster then you.

Ki'ace: Cocky little thing ain't she?

Voodoo: Well, if you want to get technical, she is as real as we are.

E.V.A: Thank you Voodoo.

[Ki'ace shrugs and heads off to her room to finish unpacking before tending to Crix.]

Voodoo: E.V.A. be a dear and send a message to Sai giving her the Access Codes to the room, make sure to code it so she can find it easy and to make sure Jay if some how he finds it won't understand it.

E.V.A.: At once...... Sending transmission now...

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 8, 2000

[Zaria is fooling with the new type of interface experience, giggling like a nut. Dax stands beside her]

Dax: You like?

[Zaria feels her head nod through the blur of images and text] I -love-. [holds out her hand and laughs] This is -great-!

[Dax grins] Just remember to pay attention to those little warnings that come up on the side every few minutes or so. You'll get a headache if you-

Zaria: Yes, I know... Oh, speaking of which, there it is. 'Slowly...remove your hand from the palm the same time closing your eyes'.... Damn, even the -warnings- look incredible in this thing!

[~~~~ is staring around at all the people. She is not quite sure how to act, never having been around anyone else but Zaria and Sai -occasionally Voodoo and Sai's other unaccepting characters- otherwise just communicating mentally. She connects with EVA and hopes that the artificial intelligence will be able to identify ~~~~ as a name. Being as EVA can't interpret that particular sound -something similar to whalesong but with a single unidentifyable sound in it- ~~~~ looks to Sai and mentally prods her for identity, the author quickly spitting something out so she can get back to her mocca late. Satisfied, her creation grins] *Call me...Minke.* senses it is confirmed. *Thank you EVA*

E.V.A: My pleasure.

[Sai is playing around with her swivel chair, partially relaxing in the soft cushioning and partially swinging her legs around so the chair spins crazily, making her dizzy] This is so neat. Company, mocca late, and -swivel chairs-!! [spins again]

[In the background, ~~~~ walks into the trio's private quarters for some solitude. Ironically, she feels the need to be alone]

Zaria: Hey...can this interface do gaming? [hears a pause] I mean the innocent kind!

[Sai looks over at her and grins. She really should stop letting Zaria inspect her PlayStation. She should also ask for details over EVA, as it just may have a few details that she could use to improve upon Sisdee's programming]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 9, 2000

Dax: Gaming? If you mean refit our tactical simulation engine with one of gaming... Yeah, you could.. But the sim we use are to..real..

Zaria: What do you mean?

[Voodoo turns in his chair and looks at the virus]

Voodoo: You can die.

[Zaria looks at Dax, as if asking if he is kidding]

Dax: The simulator uses a neural fix right to your brain...

[Dax points to her head]

Dax: It so real that you really can't tell the difference from reality, and so, a simulator bullet or laser, could kill you as easy as a real one. You brain thinks it real and thus will react based on the information it knows. So if the bullet goes into your heart, then you heart would stop right?

[Zaria nods]

Dax: So your brain knows that, and your heart stops. So you can die.

Zaria: Why in the net would you have such a device?

Dax: Hybrids have too much energy, thanks to our genetic makeup, so we must expel it someway, and the easiest is through physical activity, and if you noticed, we ain't really in Scifera and can't go to a park and play. Besides, the tactical side of it keeps our skills to date.

[Zaria is quite for a moment, as she thinks]

Dax: Yes, you can play video games on it.

E.V.A.: I am more then an 'It' Dax.

[Dax rolls her eyes, and notices that her mother and father are gone. Strange, then figures that Jeff was still not used to having the others around, and her mother having picked that up from his mood, took them to the weapons storage room to finish their work. God, or the creature, only knows what they are doing. Dax snaps back to her reality when she hears Zaria asking more questions]

Voodoo: You can do more then just spin in the chair Sai.

Sai: I know, but it's fun, don't you ever have fun Vood?

[A muffled laugh is heard and the two look to Ki'ace and Ki'eva as they try to hide their laughing]

Ki'ace: Uh.. I think..* he he * that I.. will check on Crix, come along Ki'eva.

Sai: Well?

Voodoo: I have things to do... I'll see you around.

[Voodoo stands from his chair, and as he does the control shut off. He walks to his room, the doors slide open, then slam shut. Sai is surprised by the action, and so is Zaria]

Sai: Maybe this wasn't the greatest idea...

Dax: Relax Sai, Voodoo's...not one to do things in a practical way, not since he lost a whole team.

Sai: Please explain Dax.

Dax: Well, I don't know all the details. But it seems this isn't his first Deathmatch fight. He had another one, and well, because he cared more about having fun in it, he lacked any reason to use tactics. He team was slaughtered. So he keeps himself pretty uptight.  So when you don't see him in that chair or the ring, Pasos to credits says he's in his room.

Sai: Huh, Interesting.

Dax: Don't worry Sai, give it about a week, you will get used to it.

Sai: Or get a cat scan when I go nuts from being shut out.

Dax: Well it is our policy to get one about every 6 months.

Sai: Really?

Dax: Yeah, can never tell what Bios is up to, or was up to, or could be...
Damn it!

Zaria: What's wrong?

Dax: If it is not written it can not be done, Voodoo has yet to post anything written with Bios's plans, but we all know what's going to happen, so it's hard to justify anything that isn't public.

Sai: Oh.......

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: May 6, 2000


Erinys: Just answer one question, Java.

Java: Hai, Er?

Erinys: How the *hell* did you do that?!

[Java, Erinys and Pyra are walking back to their Green Rooms, while Tri is floating carefully behind them, conserving her non-viral energy.]

Java: Wake up Tri, you mean?

Erinys: Yeah.  You knelt down and there was that reddish blur and Tri glowed and >poof<!  She was unconsious!

Java: Er, it's simple.  I did a half-shift into a more energy-sufficient form, opened Tri's mind and accessed her subconsious, waking her up.

[Erinys blinks]

Pyra: Translation-she shifted to Hexadecimal and zapped her awake.

Java:[slightly miffed] It's pretty hard to do, you know...

Tri: I know.  *I* appreciate it.

Java: Thanks. [Stops at her door and opens it.]  C'mon in. See, we're back!

See: [out of sight] Good.  I was getting bored. [walks in]  Before anything happens, there's a message for you on the table, Java.  [He looks at Tri with disdain.]  Did Miss Snake pick a fight with someone higher up on the food chain?

Pyra: [growling]The blast from Voodoo's "rescue" knocked her out.

[Tri levitates into a chair and sighs.]

Tri:  Look, I got a fair amount of money.  That's great with me.

[Java looks ather message, then begins giggling.]

Erinys: What?

Java: [keeps reading it]  Oh my.  How much of a fool am I, of course Voodoo had help.  See, can Jay hear us?  Did he bug our rooms electronically?

See: Not unless he's gotten through the firewall already Tri and I put up.  And *that* I doubt.

Java: Good.  I want a *few* secrets.  [She places the paper on the table face down.]  Sai, what a mess you've gotten yourself into.  And you'll pay for it. [sighs, then looks at Pyra and Tri.]  Look, you two come in here.  I'll talk to you about what's going on.

[They both enter Java's room.]

-Five minutes later-

[Pyra and Tri leave Java's room]

Erinys:  Isn't Java going to watch the match?

Pyra: Uh, no.  She's staying in there-says she's got a headache.  She'll watch it by vid.  You two coming?

From: "Al's Waiter" <>
Date: May 7, 2000

[AW is on the phone talking to someone. Myst is curled up in a beanbag chair reading a mystery novel. Riven is sitting, bent over a laptop - typing furiously. Quake is playing "Countdown to Choas" while Duke watches and awaits for his turn. Genesis is writing something on a data pad. Lara is testing out the database computer getting nothing but static.]

Lara: Um... AW?

AW: (waves at Lara, motioning not to bother him that that moment) That's right, Shashi. We need you guys here. *I* need you guys here. ... I think I got us into something I wasn't totally expecting. ... Yeah. Listen, do you think you could pass the word onto Geoff, Kevin and Lee? ... Thanks a lot, Shashi...

Lara: (insisting) AW.

AW: (covering the receiver, irritated) What?

Lara: It's the computer. Something is wrong.

AW: (sighs) Fine. I'll be with you in a nano. (continues on with the phone conversation.) Alright? Good. Talk to you soon.

[AW hangs up the receiver and looks at the red sprite that he created.]

AW: Alright, what's your problem? I was talking to Shashi and getting more people here, because we need *them*! Aw, man. I'm getting a headache.

[Lara walks up to the computer monitor and pushes a number of buttons.]

AW: (shrugs) So? Nothing happens.

Lara: Exactly my point. It does't work. We have no contact with any other of the rooms because we are so far away from the other green rooms and now since the computer doesn't work, we have no idea what in the Net is going on. And by the looks of this -- mess -- something *big* is going down or has alrighty happened.

Myst: (looking up from her book) What do you have in mind, Lara?

Lara: (looking out the window) I have no idea, but I'm going to find out.

Genesis: I am coming with you.

AW: Alright guys. Just be careful.

Lara: (picking up her '44s) Don't worry. We'll be fine.

Genesis: We will be careful, AW.

[AW watches the two girls exit the room.]

AW: (under his breath) I hope so. I certainly hope so.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 13, 2000

[The Dreckards stand across from Pyra and the Golems. The referee looks back and forth between the two groups and decides to get out of the ring while he still can. He raises his hand, then brings it down quickly.]

Referee: Let's get it on!

[The ref runs as Scar leaps forward in a powerful tackle, slamming Deki backwards. Celesi moves to bash Scar aside, but Mistya leaps on him, slashing with her claws. Pyra prepares to jump on the female Dreckard, but Kaka swings her tail in and knocks Pyra down. Pyra lies stunned, but manages to roll away as Kaka leaps up and swoops for an aerial attack.

[Deki, meanwhile, has recovered from Scar's attack enough to swing his arms in and grab Scar in a crushing bear hug. Scar bellows in pain, then drives his thumb-claws into Deki's eyes. Deki lets loose a roar of pain and releases Scar. Celesi drives a rock-hard fist into Mistya's face, driving her back for a bit.

[Kaka, meanwhile, is being eluded by Pyra, who is running around trying to avoid the flying Dreckard. Kaka makes another dive, but Pyra ducks behind the steel post, making Kaka pull up to make another pass. As she does so, Pyra leaps out and latches onto Kaka's tail. She digs her claws in and scratches as she falls off, landing nimbly on her feet and running for cover as Kaka growls at her injured tail.

[Scar and Mistya regroup to reconsider their strategy against the Golems. The Dreckards' brute force is neatly equalized and countered by the Golems' brute force, so simply attacking won't do any good. Plus, they have to be careful of the Golems' lava-blood, so attacks that would draw blood can't be used.

[Deki stands with his hands over his eyes, then slowly removes them. Scar was fortunate that all he managed to do was bruise Deki's eyes and not actually gouge them. Celesi grunts a question at him in Hatemil. Deki grunts back. The two Golems look at the Dreckards and then bellow and charge.

[Scar and Mistya leap to the side and spring off the steel posts into the air. Deki and Celesi look up and keep an eye on the both of them. Outside the ring, Kaka has landed in front of Pyra and is closing in, ready to do some not-nice-looking moves. Pyra dances back as Kaka lunges, then darts around her, leaping up and delivering a kick to Kaka's kidneys (or direct equivalent). Kaka grunts -- more in annoyance than pain -- and spins to grab at Pyra, who again eludes her grip.

[Scar and Mistya make a twin dive, slamming into the Golems and slamming them into each other. Deki and Celesi bellow, stunned, then recover. As Scar and Mistya swoop away, Deki and Celesi grab their tails tightly. They both swing them around and slam them into each other, stunning the Dreckards and making them fall in a tangle outside the ring.

[Kaka again corners Pyra, wings spread wide to prevent the Khatran from escaping again. Her tail swings behind her, making a dash between her legs not an option. Pyra considers her options again. Kaka lunges, and Pyra ducks. The nimble Khatran jumps up and grabs Kaka around the neck, swinging around to land behind her, gripping her from behind, between the wings.

[Frustrated, Kaka swings around, her tail knocking over people in the audience as she does so, trying to dislodge Pyra, who isn't going anywhere. Scar and Mistya are trying to get up from their tangle, but the floor THUDS as Celesi ventures out to make the attack. Scar sees him coming and grabs the Golem around the ankle and pulls. With a bellow of surprise, Celesi falls over.

[Kaka reaches back with her arms to try and grab Pyra, but she ducks down. Kaka now reaches for the hands around her neck. With a cry of alarm, Pyra feels her hands being gripped in a vise-like grasp. Kaka starts to squeeze. With a snarl, Pyra pokes her claws into Kaka's palms, then zaps her. Kaka cries out in pain, releasing her grip. Pyra slides free, down Kaka's back. But as she lands, Kaka's thrashing tail slams her into the side of the ring.

[By now, Scar and Mistya have gotten back up and are standing over Celesi. The Golem starts to get up, but Scar drives his foot into the Golem's face, preventing him from getting back up. Deki roars at them and starts to climb out of the ring. Mistya sees him and leaps into the air, descending with a kick that throttles Deki against the ropes and stuns him. Deki rolls face-down.

[Kaka has recovered by this point and turns to Pyra, who is starting to get up from her tumble. The young female Dreckard goes over and rolls her into the ring. Kaka springs off the ring to get air and swoops in toward Pyra. The Khatran rolls aside, but Kaka thumps her with her tail, knocking her down again. Mistya starts to try and turn the heavy Deki over, but Kaka flips Pyra onto her back with a talon and places her foot on Pyra's chest. The ref sees this and slides into the ring to count.]

Referee: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings, ending the match. Kaka removes her foot and smiles at Mistya. The audience cheers -- except for the Jay and Java fans, who boo -- as the Ring Announcer steps forward.]

Ring Announcer: Here are your winners -- THE DRECKARDS, Scar, Mistya, and Kaka!

[Scar joins Mistya and Kaka in the ring and the three Dreckards roar in triumph. Celesi wakes Deki up and the two Golems solemnly trudge back toward Jay's Green Room. A somewhat weak Pyra sits up, shaking her head.

[At the top of the ramp, Lean Il Lupe emerges sans leather jacket, and scowls at the Golems.]

Lean Il Lupe: This is the thanks I get for coming back? You two are the sorriest excuse for fighters I've ever seen! I'll have to get bigger, tougher Golems to handle this place!

[Deki and Celesi hang their heads in shame and plod out as Lean follows, still berating.

[Pyra finally hauls herself up, looksing depressed but also slightly relieved. She waves to Erinys and See, then walks to duck out of the ring. Right as she's about to, she bigins to glow faintly reddish. Startled, she looks at herself a la Bob-when she disspears.]

Erinys: ...Tri can do that?

See: [surprised] I hope so. Maybe we should go back.

-=end match=-

Collaboration by: Jay Winger, Voodoo, and Java Trinomial

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Somewhere in or out of the arena]

Pyra: [poofs into existance] -appen? [She blinks, and looks around the dark room.] Who's here? Where in the Net am I-

[Pyra would be continuing were it not for the large blunt object that somehow knocked her out.]

-Java's Green Room-

[Erinys and See finally enter the room.]

Erinys: Tri? Pyra? Where are you two?

[Tri entrers the room from Java's room and rushed over. More than a little strangly acting.]

Erinys: Oh, there you are. Where's-

Tri: [no-nonsense attitude] Shut up, Er. [He blinks.] See, start hacking the arena sensors. Find the energy signature of that transport. Erinys, get pepper and follow me.

See: [disbelief] Excuse me? Who the hell died and made you!

[Tri stops, and faster than he can move, twirls around and, extending her claws, puts them in a centimeter of See's face. He freezes.]

Tri: [really angry] Java might die. [She pulls away.] Now. Erinys?

[The two enter Java's personal room. Java is laying down on the bed, sleeping.]

Tri: Er, Java pulled off a cheat there in the arena. Go over to that side of the bed. [he nudges Java as she continues.] She knew Pyra would get her ASCII kicked if she went into the arena.

Erinys: So...what did she do?

[Java blinks, then sits up as fast as she can.]

Java: What? What in the-[ she breaks off and starts gabing in Hatemil]?

Tri: Hey?

[Java looks up.]

Java: Tri? What's going on? Where's Java?

Erinys: What?! [He looks at the both of them like they're insane.]

Tri: Pepper? [He hands it to her, and she spills some into her hand.] Before you do anything, sniff in.

["Java" sniffs the pepper, coughs, and sneezes. At the sneeze, her form shifts, and Pyra is left sitting on the bed.]

Tri: Java shifted herself to Pyra so she wouldn't be hurt. And she shifted Pyra to herself so you wouldn't suspect anything.

[Pyra and Erinys just look at each other for a few nano's]

See: Tri! Help?

[The three go back into the other room.]

See: [not looking up] Oh, is Pyra in deep shit. This is a Class Fifteen viral sig, which means Bios is behind this...[He looks up.] Oh...shit! You're kidding me.

Pyra: Nope.

See: Java's dead.

Tri: And that means we're all dead. [Silence for a few moments] Now what?

Erinys: [slowly] I was really doubting Java's decision to ally with Jay...but I think right now would be the time to call for help.

Tri: Agreed. [She opens a vidwindow.]

From: "Jay WInger" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Jay's Green Room]
[DaVinci taps the Big Shot Author on the shoulder.]

Jay: What is it? I'm busy.

DaVinci: Our scanners picked up a flux of viral energy. Class-15 signature.

Jay: [turns in his chair] Bios.

DaVinci: Exactly. And if you noticed, Pyra disappeared after her match. That was a viral transport.

[Jay clenches his fist.]

Jay: Find out where she is. [turns to a vid-window. The DMSF man with the green visor looks up] Bruno? I have a job for you.

[Lean and Elogin stand, waiting for the okay to go to the Arena for the match.]

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[A Vid-window opens in Jay's Green Room, with Tri in the main view.]

Jay: Ah, Tri, is this about Pyra?

Tri: Well, you could say that. See, Java pulled off a rather remarkable trick in there - I was surprised you'd never thought of it, actually, you have the resources - but they switched places. Pyra is fine. [She moves the vid to show him.] Java's the one in trouble.

[Slightly more urgently] Bios has a blood vendetta against Java, and if she dies, we have no co-author to take over. She dies, we die. And I have...information that would be useful to you that would be lost if that happened. So?

[She sits back, looking a hell of a lot move composed than she is.]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Jay considers this]

Jay: I knew that bitch was up to something.

Tri: Who?

Jay: Bios. She wasn't turning up on the Stadium's sensors. But her energy discharge when she spirited away Pyra -- or Java, rather -- did register. We're sending the DMSF to her location now. Keep her in a place where we can contain her until the Virus Match begins.

[Jay checks another vid-window where Bruno (aka the guy in the Green Visor'd helmet) and his forces close in on the place where Bios is holding Java.]

Jay: We'll talk her down...and if that doesn't work, we'll blast her down...and if that doesn't work, then we'll just kill her.

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

Tri: Whoa, whoa, Jay. You send people there like that, don't you think that'll just make Bios kill her off faster? I mean, we obviously know that Bios can pull a bit more that we were expecting. Can't you pull something off without a confrontation like that? [worried-her blase cover is cracking] I'd do it, but [opens her hands] I can't pull off those tricks.

[She smiles a bit.] Um, nothing personal, also, but you did realize that there's no one in Voodoo's green rooms, right? Open a window if you don't believe me.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Jay turns to Tri.]

Jay: I know all about Voodoo's little change of address. If he thinks it will keep him safe from me, he's not entirely correct. I have other methods to get at him.

[He glances at Bruno and his men on the other vid-window.]

Jay: As for Bios, if she's as smart as Voodoo claims she is, she won't kill Java, no matter what I pull. And besides, Bruno knows better than to use fatal methods to subdue a virus when an Author is concerned.

[On the vid-window, Bruno checks his concussion rifle. It's modified somehow.]

Jay: And if Bios tries to kill Java, I guaran-damn-tee she'll be vaporized for it. I'll cover for you until we can find a way to handle your existence, Tri. No worries.

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Sai's creation is sneeking about the arena, having sensed some very negative energy nearby. Sniffing, she recognizes the scent of Java...and Bios, now not knowing quite what to expect due to the second person's presence. She knows that Bios has either nabbed or is tracking Java down. She follows as quitely as possible, levitating slightly off the ground as best she can without the arena's scanners picking up on her breaking through the EMPs, wanting to handle this without being found out]

[As the scent gets younger and stronger, the scent of blood is picked up, filling the creature with a sense of dread. Suddenly she comes upon the two near a loading dock, Bios holding an unconscious Java in a very dangerous choke]

[Bios spots her in an instant, spinning around with the author still in one claw, obviously already having made some marks, three slashes evident on the right side of the girl's face] What in the Web are -you- supposed to be??

~~~~ *Put her down!*

[Bios winces from the knock to her mind but remains otherwise unphased. Placing the girl down, the virus growls deeply at the huge creature a few feet away. Bios holds her right hand's claws closer to Java's throat, still holding her with her left set] Go back to whatever hell it is you came from! I'm busy!

[Before ~~~~ can react, she hears soft footsteps slowly approaching. Bios doesn't seem to hear...] *It would be wisest to obey your creator's wishes. Were he here he'd have you sent back to his new green room...* She hears a scream errupt from the author who regains consciousness, suddenly realizing she is thrown into a life/death situation, and the creature backs away slightly. *I said let her go! You kill her...and I'll...kill you...*

Bios: Ha! Not from what -I've- heard! You couldn't harm a gadfly! And doesn't that break Metaversian rules for characters? You can't-

~~~~ *I coudln't care less! By endangering her, you're endangering the lives of many others. You -will- be harmed if you do not stand down from this foolishness...* She does not see Bios move, and Java is pinned in place by sharp claws, too scared to move.

[In the background...footsteps slowly grow louder]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[~~~~ and Bios are so busy arguing they don't turn to look at Bruno and his elite squad of DMSF men, who fan out into the room and aim their modified concussion rifles at them. Bruno aims his rifle.]

Bruno: All right, bitch, put the 'ress down, and we won't have to render you painfully unconscious.

Bios: [without looking at him] Go away.

Bruno: Not this time, bitch. You are committing a violation of Deathmatch! regulations. Characters are forbidden from attacking Authors except in sanctioned DM! matches. Since this is not a sanctioned match, I am ordering you to stand down before we take hostile action.

~~~~ *Please leave.*

Bruno:, miss, but I have been ordered by Mr. Winger to have Bios return to her Green Room before heading to the arena for the Virus Match. I would suggest you return to yours as well, miss.

[The rest of the DMSF have not moved, but their rifles are still pointed their way.]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Seeing that she can no longer disuade Bios before hostile action is taken, and from the fact that the sudden swarm of humans just...swarmed into this very room, Sai's pet slowly cringes and backs away, hoping for the best of things that Bios really doesn't get herself killed, regardless of wrongs. She promptly vanishes, as she hears a warning shot being fired]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Reappearing in her quarters, the creature jumps when she sees Sai sitting on the couch directly in front of her, examining a vid of something apparently. She looks up and growls, eyes glowing slightly]

Sai: And where have -you- been all this time?

~~~~ *Just...I was-*

Sai: Never mind. Come outside with me.

[~~~~ follows and sees Voodoo's characters all standing around]

Voodoo: Well when was the last time anyone here saw her?

Mistya: Come to think of it-

~~~~ *I know where she is...*

Sai: So -that's- what you were off sneaking for!

~~~~ *I had a bad feeling, Sai...*

Kaka: So say it already!

~~~~ *She went after Java...the author...*

[Voodoo slaps his forehead in front of them all, grumbling something or other far from audible]

Sai: How's that?

Voodoo: Never mind. I'll handle this.

~~~~ *Yet...that is what you said the last time... When will this stop, Voodoo?*

[Everyone's eyes are then on Bios' creator]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Bios mearly shakes her head, slamming the being known to her as Java into the wall, Java doesn't move, but curls up into the fetal postion from the pain. Bios turns around and faces the DMSG.]

Bios: I should tell you now, that not even Jeff could kill me.

[Bios's claws unbleash and she leaps at the guards, Bruno fires but misses the virus. Bios's claws slash through the two grunts behind the leader, blood splatters as she roundhouse kicks bruno back into the wall. Two guards from down the hall fire at her, Bios stumbles back, but she smiles]

Bios: Class 15, energy asorbing!

[Bios summons the energy from the blast and fires back, hitting one guard while the other ducks for cover. Bruno has stood back up, the powering of his weapon alerts her, and she back flips over him, getting him into a headlock she holds her bloodly blades agiasnt his neck]

Bios: Come on Lover, how 'bout a kiss?

[Bios sinks her fangs into his neck, letting his scream out in pain as she sucks some of his force from him, not enough to kill him, but to bring him to his knees. She kicks the weapon away as she wipes the blood away. She walks to Java who has pushed herself agiasnt the wall. Bios's claws on her right arm press lightly over Java's skin where her heart would be.]

Bios: Next time, I wont be so nice....

[Bios quickly slashs and cuts Java's clothes a bit, and then walks away, vanishing into the darkness.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

Voodoo: right now.....E.V.A. Actvaite editting file, subject...Bios.

E.V.A.: File Open.

Voodoo: Stats.

E.V.A.: Bios, Level 15 Virus, Created on Metaverse date 2.15.99 at 15:00 hours. 5'6 in viral form, containing 2 sets of retract...

Voodoo: I know all that E.V.A., Accsess her core com.

E.V.A.: Core Com activated.

Voodoo: E.V.A. Activated Core com file 01501.

E.V.A.: Warning, File activation will wipe Core com of subject Bios. Do you wish to contiune?.

Voodoo: Do it E.V.A., Voodoo Aplha Beta 1250.

E.V.A.: Processing........ Core Wiped................Core Files Uploading.............. New Core Installed........File Complete.

Voodoo: If you will excuse me, i will make sure her Fic files are intact.

[He begins to walk off when he is grabed by Sai, Voodoo wipes around and is about ready to remark, but she is quicker]

Sai: What did you do!

Voodoo: I just made the Queen Bitch of the Metaverse, Even worse....

[He pulls free, and as soon as his doors shut, there is a flash of light, and Bios stands before the people left in the room]

Bios: So whatt'a I miss?

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Sai walks over to check out Bios, everyone else in the room crouding around just the same]

Sai: She...-seems- the same...

Zaria: But she's not.

~~~~ * this what happened to me?*

[Sai jumps slightly at a memory and grows uncomfortable] Not...exactly...

Dax: He made her worse? Bios, are you...okay?

Bios: Of course. I'm fine.

Zaria: Something's up that I don't like. I'm definately sensing a change, but I do not like this; I can't sense exactly what it is.

[Jeff sneers at Bios] What exactly did Voodoo do to you?

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

Bios: I'm not sure, i dont feel any differnet.

Dax: Maybe he tone down her power for freewill?

Bios: I'm still the baddest bitch in all the Metaverse!

Zaria: He didn't do anything about her attidute.

[Bios sneers at the other virus]

Sai: I dont like this one bit. Voodoo told me that he would never change any of his characters.

Jenny: Maybe he didn't change her, maybe she is still the same?

Bios: Well i'm fine, now...were's my room?

Zaria: You sleep?

Jeff: She does more then that...

[Jeff gets knocked upside the head by Jenny, and it is followed by a sharp look]

Jenny: Whatch it buddy...

[Bios heads off to a door that has no marking on it, figureing it's her room. All the rest stay behind, aside from Sai, leaving her creature without and answer she barges into Voodoo's room]

Sai: You gonna tell me thats going on?

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Voodoo is attempting to get used to Sai's push-foreword manner, but such self-invites are making it quite difficult] So nice of you to invite yourself in.

Sai: Voodoo...Did you rewrite to speak? I mean, you told me you'd never do it, and altering a virus's code the way you made it sound, it would seem to me that rewriting her is just what you-

[Voodoo raises a hand and once again calls Sai over to a seat. She walks over, placing a hand upon the leather armrest. In a moment she sits]
Kaka: of us should go see if she's okay.

Ki'eva: That would be very unwise.

Jeff: Right, she's "Queen Bitch," remember? The one who bothered'd just wind up with a nasty scar to remember her by.

Scar: I believe Ki'ace and Kaka were reffering to the author Java.

Jeff: Oh.

Scar: Did you see Bios' claws?

Jenny: The girl was obviously injured.

Dax: So let's send Min- Hey, where'd she go?

Zaria: Probably jsut back to Sai's section again; she's a little reclusive. [sees everyone staring at her] What?

Jeff: Neutral territory.

Zaria: Um... [backs away slightly] But Sai and me helped with- and I'm a- and I- Awwww! [scratches at the air above her in
frustration, then begins tugging at her hair] I don't believe this...

Ki'eva: Go on.

[Zaria growls and mumbles something about being turned into Tri fodder, but nevertheless exits through the door, wanting to make her trip to Java's as slow as possible]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 16, 2000

Voodoo: I didn't do anything like that Sai, i thought you knew be better.

Sai: I dont know you at all Voodoo, thats what im trying to do, learn you!.

[After a moment of thought to himself, he decided to explain himself to...his...friend.]

Voodoo: Bios, as with all Metaverse Characters, or any character in genral, being it Metaverse or from something else has a personality they are given when they are created, we all know this because we give them that. Every Character, somewhere inside them, has a law they cant break themselves. That law is to be who they are all the time, unless for some reason the creator decides to change that....

[Sai is yet to completly comperhend what the hell Voodoo is talking about.]

Voodoo: Inside Bios, or any character for the manner, lays a "code" that will let them be who they are. Bios is to be "The Queen Bitch Of The Metaverse", so she will be that, by the ways she knows. But when she reachs a certein point, such as killing Java, she can't do it.

Sai: But she has killed before...

Voodoo: Many a time, but it was ment for her to kill those people, here, she can't do things she hasn't be created to do. It's kinda of her laws she can't break, She can't kill java because she was never created to.

Sai: So what did you do to her?

Voodoo: I removed that protocol, now, she is free to do what she wants, and thus because even more of a threat on the Viral match, she can kill who she wants, she has no Author control.

[Sai is shocked at Voodoo, but before she can say anything he replys]

Voodoo: WeB was the same way Sai and you know it, but you still had control over her, little control but enough. Bios is

Sai: But why?

Voodoo: To teach her a leason.

Sai: That she can kill and hurt people freely! Yourt a monster! she will kill everyone!

[Sai stands and begins to leave but Voodoo moves quicker and grabs ahold of her arm]

Voodoo: Bios will fight in the match, and she will feel more pain then she has before, because I wont control the damage she takes! Bios will learn that she can Die! And without me to make sure that she doesn't, she will learn quickly that she needs to follow the rules, and she will return on her hands and knee's, and beg.

[Sai looks deep through the eye holes in Voodoo's mask, but breaks away and laves the Author. Voodoo returns to his chair a
few moments later, and opens a Vid-window]

[In the Stadium, as well as every green room a Vid-window opens, But there are 4 in the main stadium]

Voodoo: Greatings my people, welcome to the Metaverse Death Match!

[There are cheers from Voodoo,Jay, and Java's fans as they listen to the message]

Voodoo: As you can see, Not even Mr.Big shot Author can control me. But i have not come here to talk about Jay, well, not like the way i would want to. Ladies and Gentalman, not so long ago, Jay defeated me in a one on one match, this time, he wont servive! I challange Jay, after the virus match, to a one on one fight. If he wins, I give up all my infomation i took from him, and give him a complete Scmatic of my Weapons,Computer Systems, and Character Stats, and i will show my true face. But If i win, Jay must resign from the MDM, or, let me take what i wish........

[There is a silent hush over the stadium for a moment, then they all await for Voodoo to say something, but the windows just close.]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 17, 2000

[As Voodoo's challenge thunders over the arena, suddenly his vid-windows crack and become static-filled. Voodoo's mask is blurred, and then replaced by the fierce look of one pissed-off Jay.]

Jay: Do not attempt control of your vid-window. I control the horizontal. I control the vertical.

[He leers.]

Jay: Voodoo, you should know better than to challenge me. I proved last night that I can whup your ASCII from here to the Web without working up a sweat. I don't feel like wasting the energy blasting you back into a coma tonight.

[Some boos from the audience.]

Jay: I never said I wouldn't accept, however. The match will be tomorrow night's main event, Vood. Same stipulations as last time -- no outside interference. Just you and me. I win, you give up all the information you think you stole from me. You win, I wipe my dBase of all the information I stole from Crix, and I relinquish my dictatorship of the DM Security to the other owners.

[He folds his arms.]

Jay: Those are the stips, Vood. Take 'em or leave 'em.

[The vid-windows close.]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 16, 2000

[Everyone turns to stare as a very riled Sai comes storming out of Voodoo's room]

Dax: So what'd push-my-way-in have to gain from Voodoo?

Sai: That he's a rat bastard with stupid, deadly plans!

[All stare at her, as she's supposed to be on Voodoo's side in all this]

Scar: not understand. What did he do to Bios? That -is-what you went in there to ask, right?

Sai: It's not my place to say. [she stomps off to her room] If your author wishes to be honest with the lot of you, you shouldn't
even have to ask him! [the door slams, and ~~~~ and Zaria turn to look at her]

~~~~ *Troubled...*

Sai: Don't you even start with me.

Zaria: What's wrong, Sai?

Sai: You're not to say -anything- to anyone...

Zaria: We promise, right, Minke? [sees her nod] See? about his announcement around the arena? 'Cause that was pretty extreme.

[Sai sighs heavily] No, it isn't. Okay...he freed Bios of her character laws.

Zaria: What? You mean like me and WeB??

Sai: Nothing like that... Bios is able to kill those beyond her ficverse...including authors and others like them.

[Zaria can't even speak but finally regains her voice] We're all in serious danger here.

~~~~ *Perhaps if things go as he wishes-*

Zaria: -we'll all get killed. Be serious, girl, Bios with no limits is just stupid.

Sai: I'm not putting you both at risk. Moving here would have been fun, and I'm sure that you both like the concept, but-

~~~~ *I'd like to stay, Sai...*

Sai: We have to go, hon.

~~~~ *By myself then...*

Zaria: What?? We're a team!

Sai: And it's too dangerous. Bios is like a tiger loose on a farm. I'm not leaving you.

~~~~ *But we just moved here...*

Sai: If -and only if- all goes well, then we'll come back. But until then, I don't feel like being one of Bios' new wall hangings...or either of you. You're precious to me, and I can't afford losing you. We'll stay in Yarom 'til I'm sure it's all safe. I'm sure Voodoo will understand.

Zaria: But moving everything again... And Sisdee-

~~~~ *We should at least tell him that-*

Sai: You'll tell him nothing, and we're going right now. Don't worry, you two. We have more than enough ready for us in Yarom City. I've got plenty of room for you two, and you, Zaria, will return for your match, and only for your match. Though Bios can kill you, you're a much higher class level than her. I believe in your ability to take her down should she try anything, and I've got a bad feeling she will...

Zaria: Right. [looking confidant] I guess my siding with Bios dearest has just taken a nasty turn.

Sai: Quite. Just remember, she can die too now. So...try and withold your agressions, just a little against her in particular. [sees Zaria reluctantly nod; it seems as though everyone wants a piece of Bios these days]

~~~~ *Such a thing is unexpected from Voodoo. This goes beyond matches... We should warn the other two authors...*

[Sai nods in a determined way] Yes. That might get her killed, but what's one character to all those others? Author's are at stake here, and from that, every last one of our characters, Metaversian and not. [She walks closer to her pet, as does Zaria, and in an instant, the three are vanished]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 16, 2000

[Too bad the trio had vanished because they would see that Voodoo is not as wise as he thought he was.]

Voodoo: You think i didn't know what you had planed Bios! I should slag you right now!

[Bios lays on the floor of Voodoo's chambers, her body is smoking as if she had just been blasted by large amounts of energy]

Voodoo: I gave you freedom, and you were going to Slag everyone and everything, That i wanted you to! You were to teach Jay a leason, not to Plan to attack Sai!.

[Bios grows angered by her her creators words, whe had done what she did for him, and now, he was condeming her.]

E.V.A.: Voodoo, Sai and her team have left their room, tracking location.

[Voodoo looks down at Bios, as if ready to kill her now, but the virus unleahs her claws and stabs deep into Voodoo's stomach.  A flash of light envelopes the two. For Bios just broke the rules to break all rules, she attack her creator.]

[Energys swarm around the two, as they are force back and through Voodoo's large windows.And they Fall from the top of the Metaverse arena, hitting not the mat of the ring, but Bios landing on the ramp to the Metatron, and Voodoo landing hard on the cement surrounding the ring. The people in the stadium are shocked at the sight. Bios stands first, breathing heavly, she can not believe what she has done. She slowly walks around the ring, letting the warm feel of her creators blood drip down her large,long blade like claws. She turns the and looks at the ground, but see's not her "God".]

Voodoo: Over here Bitch!

[She wipes around only to find a foot in her face, knocking her back into the metal guard rails. the fans back away as Voodoo grabs Bios by the neck, She despretly trys to attack him, but grabs a hold of her claws. And with a quick powerful movment, bends her arm down, where he slowly pushs her claws into her stomach, and pushs upward. Bios is in shock, and she spits up her orange/red blood onto his mask.Untill her body falls limp and into stasus.]

[Bios awakes to find herself in shakles and in the middle of the greenroom. She can hardly move, standing infront of her is Voodoo, his mask removed and only a pair of shades covering his un-painted face.]

Voodoo: E.V.A. trasnport me and Bios to Sai's location, set time to bring us back one hour before the match.

E.V.A.: Request confermed,......trasnporting....

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: May 16, 2000

[Java looks around, breathing heavily, about as scared as bloody possible. Two of the guards head over.]

Guard: Miss, can you walk? We'l bring you to the Med room here-

Java: No.

[The DMSG's look at each other briefly.]

Java: [quietly] My green room. Bring a kit, fine, but my green room. [louder] Hear?

[The two look at each other, then nod. Another of the guards vidwindow Jay to report.]

[Green Room]

[A knock on the door. All four characters look up, and Tri gets up and runs over to it.]

Tri; Hello?

[The DMSG open the door, and bring Java in. She's limping, with cuts everywhere, but most have makeshift bandages on. Tri takes her by the arm and See closes the door.]

Erinys: [slowly] Java?

[She sits down, fairly quiet, looking at the floor. Pyra runs to get a med kit.]

Erinys: [slightly louder] Java?

[Java slowly looks up. The blood is running down her face, partialy clotted, and her clothes are ripped and sodden. She begins to breathe faster, almost hyperventalating.]

See: [scared] Jav-

[Java flips. With a scream, she swipes at Erinys, hitting him on the chest heavily. The rest of the characters back away.]

Java: That...*fucking*...bitch...

[She shifts to a large, Shivan dragon-esque form and roars, swiping her tail. Again she shifts, to a more viral form, and begins generating energy. Tri and the Squad, look at each other, then runs into the hallway, leaving Java raging in her room for a while.]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 16, 2000

[Jay's Green Room]

[Jay witnessed Bios' attack on Bruno and his squad of DMSGs. His eyes narrow slightly and his eyes flicker viral for a moment. He opens another vid-window.]

Jay: Doctor, send several EMTs to the loading dock. We've got some casualties.

[Jay folds his hands and peers at a security video shot from high above the Stadium, giving Jay a slight glimpse at Voodoo's new Green Room -- even if he can't see into it.]

Jay: Voodoo, you and I are going to have some words. Mine are going to have four letters, and yours are going to be 'Stop' 'Ow' 'Help' and 'Pain.'

[He turns in his chair and again witnesses Justice and Tomasi staring at each other with hatred. Justice turns away to go back to playing cards while Tomasi goes back to walloping the punching bag. Jay hmmms quietly, plotting things.

[Jay pulls a datapad over to himself and starts jotting down notes, then pulls out a comm. He dials something.]

Jay: Hello? Yes, hi, it's Winger. Listen, I was just going over some ideas for tomorrow night's fights....

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: May 16, 2000


Tri: This is your idea.

Erinys: And I'm not always in Java's good graces.

See: And anyway, you're one of her personalitys!

Tri: Am not! That was an older Tri.

Pyra: Which was the blueprint for you.

See: Face it-you're the only one here with any chance of not getting toasted in there.

[As if in unison, a fireball dents the door.]

Tri: You just want me in 'cause I can keep a shield up.

See: That too.

Erinys: Tri, please. You've got to stop her before she kills herself!

Tri: [sighs]You owe me, all of you.

Pyra: Of course. Now hurry!

[Tri opens the door cautionsly, and slips in. A young brown haired girl is powering up a fireball, face away from Tri.]

Tri: Uh...Java?

["Java" looks around angrily, see's Tri, then stops slowly.]

"Java":What is it?

Tri: Jav, *please* let us fix you up. The thing Bios wants is for you to hurt yourself.

["Java" sighs, then shifts back.] Only you right now. Let the rest in, you come into my room.

[Tri nods, then lets Erinys and company in and follows Java into her room with a kit.]

Tri: Jav, is there anything bad first? Broken bones, etc?

[Java shakes her head.] Just the cuts, mostly. And my ankle hurts. Why the hell did that happen?

Tri: Because Bios is a bitch? Because Voodoo's a jerk? Who knows?

Java: I know, I know. [She puts her face up so Tri can get to her cheek.] I saw someone.

Tri: Someone?

Java: It reminded me of an angel, for some reason. It was arguing with Bios, telling her to let me go.

Tri: Virus?

Java: I don't know. [She looks at her cheek in the mirror.] Is it going to leave a scar?

Tri: I don't know. I hope not.

Java: Eh. [A pause.] Tri, I hope you win the match. I'll be there. But I'll be happy if you just beat the shit out of Bios, honestly.

Tri: [smiling] I figured. [She puts away the kit.] You going to get dressed up or what? I'll put someyhing to hide the scratches.

Java: Yeah. Of course.

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 16, 2000

[Zaria is walking towards Java's green room, thinking it would have been nicer if the others had agreed to intercom talk with the Java team, considering that this close to a match, any other teams would be incredibly on-guard and/or hostile] Damned non-viruses... Don't get it, do they? Well...maybe this is more polite than a stupid monitor...but I still don't like-

[She whips around, thinking she'd heard something. Hearing nothing more, Zaria continues her walk and soon comes up to a door with a very fancy "Jv" engraved on the door. Grinning at it, she presses the communicator on the door] Uh...hello?

[Tri appears for a moment on a small window above the com, and she frowns] Well if it isn't the "friend" of the one who's threatening to turn me into bubbling null food.

Zaria: I just came to see if Java was okay. Look, I really don't think that Voodoo knew about Bios' little bout of stupidity. She's been missing for a little while anyway. He may fight dirty, but I seriously doubt he'd sick the "Madame Bitch" on Java...[tries to see around Tri in curiosity] Is...everything okay in there?

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: May 16, 2000

[A voice behind Tri answers the question.]

Okay? OKAY?! I just got sliced, diced, and Julienne fried by one of your allies, and you just had to come around and see if poor Java is OKAY?!?!

Tri: [turning around] Java, this is not the time...

Java: [really low voice] Move. Now.

[Tri does so, slightly frightened again.]

Java: Hello, Zaria. Maybe I should explain this to you. I have my own spies, and I know you've been helping Voodoo and you've just fraggin' MOVED IN with him. And I'll say that as much as Jay can be an asshole, he doesn't try to kill people. And neither do his characters. So here's my message to Voodoo: Get your characters on a better leash and don't think I'm not going to take this out of your hide. And for your Author, Zaria?

[She sits back and holds a hand to her face where Bios slashed her.] Don't expect miracles when you're on the wrong side of the fence.

[The comm closes, leaving Zaria in the hall with two messages and one pissed off polymorphic warning.]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 16, 2000

[Zaria teleports back to Voodoo's room, looking more than a little upset]

Dax: What happened?? Is she...

Zaria: She's messed up. That's what she is. Bios did a scratch number on her. And she thinks I'M SIDING WITH BIOS! What a total load of null shit this is turning out to be!

Dax: Could've been worse; Tri could've slagged ya.

Zaria: Oh, of course, right. [rolls her eyes] What'd Sai get us into? This stupid war between your author and Jay. And now it's coming over to -us-. Little psychopath says we're not safe?? The little-

[Ki'ace turns away from a whispered conversation with Jeff and Jenny and turns to look at Zaria, somewhat sympathetically] Remember that the girl nearly got killed.

Zaria: I don't believe this. Where's Minke or whatever?

Dax: She's...still in Sai's area.

[Zaria stomps off and through the doors]

Jenny: Quite a ball of fire. [thinks of something] I'm going to go check on Crix, Jeff.

Jeff: I'll join you...

[The two walk off]
Zaria: Sai was right, ~~~~, you always get us involved!

~~~~ *She seems to understand now that what's right must be done...*

[Zaria swings around and walks away from ~~~~, whirling back around to glare at her] We're on the fragging wrong team! Bios keeps attacking an author, an AUTHOR for User's sake! And Jeff went on a rampage with Winger's face!

~~~~ *The female will heal, and the male's wounds aren't even noticeable now but for a slight red mark. Have you forgotten what he did to the Crix boy?*

Zaria: Personally? I coudln't care less. I helped because you're my friend, and I wanted to help you...

~~~~ *I have already spoken with Voodoo over the matter-*

Zaria: And shit happened again!

~~~~ *But not of Voodoo's own accord...*

Zaria: Why in the Web do you keep defending him?? Java was right! A leash is needed.

~~~~ *And perhaps one has been used...Would you preffer Team Winger? it truly our decision...?*

[Zaria frowns and looks away] No, it -isn't- our decision. And I wouldn't choose -any- team. I'd stick with our own. The loco trio.

~~~~ *We -are- our own team. We have Sai and you, Zaria, and me, Jenny, Jeff, Dax, all of them. Even Bios...*

Zaria: Who likes to play dirty every step of the way.

~~~~ *Yes, things are getting in deep here, and it's danger incarnate, but it will be okay... Just remember that it's a fic too. In the end it's all just a fic...*

[Zaria gives ~~~~ a weirded-out look] Your concept of reality is very warped, hon. This isn't a fic; this is the real. [turns and leaves]

[~~~~ watches her go and shakes her head] *I know you weren't listening to a word I said... Fool...* She goes to sit upon her futon and meditate over events.

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 13, 2000

In the three's new quarters, ~~~~ is sitting in deep concentration, focusing her powers upon the ring. As was planned and promised, Sai's creation forms a barrier around the Dreckards in the ring and teleports them to Voodoo's new living quarters/green room, having them vanish before all the spectators.

In Voodoo's room, the two examine the screen, and they both grin. Sai is the first to speak for the vanished Dreackards, as though she were adressing the crowd. "Be seeing you!"

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 13, 2000

Voodoo: Nice choice of words Sai...

Sai: Thanks, I think.

Voodoo: Why then get settled in, you can ask your question.

[Meanwhile, the Drecks, re-newed from their fight, looks around the new place.]

Mistya: I have died and gone to the next world!

Scar: You really get off on...What the hell....what are you doing here!

[Zaria and Dax had just left the med-wing and now stood infront of the Drecks]

Zaria: I live here...

[If Dax hadn't stepped in, Scar might have slagged her right there.]

Dax: SCAR! Calm down, she is an ally, her whole team is! Sai is on our side now!

Scar: Where is he I want to talk to him!

Zaria: He's in his room, with Sai

[Mistya is busy with the new computer system, and Kaka has ran off leaving on Scar]

Scar: Wait a moment, someone is inside his room?

Dax: People change..

Scar: Voodoo doesn't.

Dax: Every one does, you should know...

[A deep, yet light hearted chuckle and then a light one is heard. Dax and Scar look to see Zaria teaching Mistya the new
computer interface]

Scar: Hmmmm

Dax: Don't worry about Zaria..

Scar: I'm not, I'm worried about Mistya

Dax: Why?

Scar: She's got a new toy!

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[in Voodoo/Sai's green room]

[Zaria is practicing her swiping on a large, metal pipe to one side of the large rec room, the two Drecks, Scar and Mistya, off discussing their proud victory, Dax off tapping something into a computer, staring intently at the monitor. Looking down at it, Zaria sees many deep gashes in the pipe, but this isn't quite the effect she was looking for. The others in the room stop what they're doing to finally glance over at what's going on]

Dax: Nice hits, Zaria, but if you're going up against Elogin, you better have something else up your sleeve, like a couple muscles. [She grins jokingly at Zaria]

[Zaria was about to take another swipe but now looks over at Dax] Oh, I do.

[Dax appears intrigued] Care to give?

[The Dreckards turn back to their discussion, Mistya tapping something out on her keyboard]

[Zaria thinks a moment then grins back at Dax] Sure, hon. [For a moment, Zaria's form appears to glow a soft violet, and when the glow is gone, Dax's mouth is somewhat agape, more in the form of a surprised smile]

[Zaria has a somewhat Hexish exterior, only her armour is silverish and there are two thick, short horns protruding from the sides of her head. She is wearing a very serious expression upon her roundish face -which is covered by a helmet much resembling above-shoulders hair-, and is much shorter than her sprite format, being almost down to three feet. Eyes glowing bright purple, she turns to Dax and smiles widely, short, sharp fangs being beared] Better explained through visuals. How do you find it?

[Dax's eyebrows raise] That is interesting. [Then her brow furrows, and she speaks to Zaria through their mind link] *But is it enough against Elogin and Tri? Don't mean to be rude...but you do look a bit...erm, frail?*

[Smiling even more widely, Earia opens transmission and links to Jay's and Java's seperate green. In a moment, Tri comes to join in the conversation on Java's end, the author looking a little bit worse for wear]

Winger: I was unaware that there was another virus in the arena.

Earia: The name is Earia, and I will be taking Zaria's place. You might say we're...close friends.

Java: You don't say.

[From Java's window, Cyanopia squints at the small malicious-looking virus] I'd hate to sound rude or anything, but aren't you a bit primitive? I mean, such an old format, metal skinneds, is easily defeated.

Winger: A good point made. Maybe you'd best go speak to that author of yours and get her to change her mind about entering you into the match.

[Earia frowns and looks back at the metal rod, raising her elongated fingers, claws extended out five inches. Bringing them down there is a bright flash, and when all present get their vision back, the rod is in a large puddle upon the floor, bubbling and burning a hole. She turns and grips the monitor in her claws, bringing her face closer] Expect the same to happen to you, dearies.

[The transmission to the two green rooms is closed, and with only slight difficulty, Earia changes back into sprite mode: Zaria] Aaah...that felt too good to get out. I've not had a good confrontation since-

Scar: It was unwise to confront them though. Counting your kits before they're hatched?

Zaria: I have a good chance. I'm stronger than them. And by virus standards, I'm higher up in the foodchain!

[The two Dreckards just look at her for another moment then turn away, talking amongst themselves]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 15, 2000

[Jay's Green Room]
[Tomasi re-enters from the cell area. He looks at Jay.]

Tomasi: Fixed the cell. Not even that bitch Bios could get out of there now.

Jay: Good. Now go somewhere and stay out of my way while I coordinate the Virus Match.

[Tomasi just grunts and goes over to the card table. Justice stops his game and looks up at the Terrorizer. The two hold each other's gaze, each one looking at the other with some measure of disgust and loathing, and then Tomasi turns away to go slug the punching bag.]

[Jay turns to Elogin and Lean.]

Jay: Well, we knew Sai would pull something with one of her characters. She did something to WeB earlier, and now she's done something to Zaria.

Elogin: I'm not too worried about this Earia character. [She flicks her claws, making a tear appear before she flashes it away.] I have my own tricks.

[She cackles, her eyes flickering many different colors.]

Lean: And if I can get my claws on her -- well...metal's a very good conductor. [He grins ferally.]

Jay: Don't brag to me. I wrote you. Save your boasting for the ring.

[He turns away, then glances sideways at Tomasi, who is taking out his aggression on the punching bag. He looks at Justice, who is looking at Tomasi with thinly veiled hatred, then hmmms.]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 16, 2000

[Voodoo and the bound Bios suddenly find themselves in a large chamber, the craggy walls covered in brightly-woven tapestries and flat engraved trophies of some sort. The huge area is brightly lit with a large glowing dome about one-hundred feet above them in the center of the dome-shaped chamber. Suddenly six short but surprisingly strong creatures with long, pointed crests -and speaking in some thick-accented Hatemil or other- form tears in their clawed hands. Voodoo's keen notes to detail see that the shorter ones are blue-eyed and one, the tallest, is yellow-eyed]

Voodoo: you know Sai? Sai? You know, brown hair, short? Wears a furry thing on the back of her pants all the time. [he gestures to represent her height and tail]

[The six seem to grin and quickly turn to one another, whispering, though Voodoo can't understand them anyway. One blue-eyed one moves toward Bios, who hisses in protest, but stops upon seeing that her feet are being unbound. The tallest (four feet high) moves its hand in a "come hither" way and dashes off, the other five shoving the human and his virus foreword until they join in the race]

[Eventually, through many cave-corridors, and just as Voodoo is about to lose his breath, all eight of them are in a gigantic chamber, even moreso than the last one. Loud strange sounds fill the air that are obviously these creatures' idea of fine music, and at a large, oval-shaped stone table in the very center, sits Sai -looking quite different from her usual form- and Zaria, ~~~~ standing beside Sai. The fifty other seats are all taken by yellow-eyed creatures the same as the one leading Voodoo's group of apparent watch guards. Voodoo stands behind Bios, shoving her down the steps and towards that table, he being shoved likewise by the small creatures at either side of him, though not so violently now. They seem to actually be having fun with all this]

[Sai looks up at Voodoo, but instead of being outraged by the intrusion, she smiles fangedly, and falls over, obviously drunk. In a moment she gets up and flings herself at Voodoo, holding a thick, brass goblet in her left hand. Holding it in his face, she laughs loudly, the creatures joining in. They too are obviously quite plastered]

Sai: Drink, Voodoo? Try the ik'tal! Get you swinging on the clouds! Well...*hiccup* if we had any down here.

[Voodoo is agape at her actions, as all the other creatures laugh at her words]

[Zaria comes rushing over and pryes her away from Voodoo] What're -you- doing here? And what'd you bring HER for?? [eyes blazing purple from the presence of Bios] And...what in the Web did you do ta her?

Voodoo: I've come to-

Zaria: Never mind! You'd better get out of here before I have Sai's Anthro friends here-

~~~~ *Zaria... Let him speak...*

[Zaria accidently drops Sai, as she's getting quite squirmy, and glares at ~~~~] You always have to side with him, don't you??

~~~~ *He came here for a reason... Now please...let him speak...*

[Zaria tugs Sai over to her chair and lets her fall into her drunken stupor, still giggling and chirping like a monkey] Fine. What does Mr. Freedom of the Characters have to say? [whatches him cautiously, as Sai is in no condition to defend herself]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 17, 2000

[Voodoo stares at Zaria for a moment, then speaks]

Voodoo: My how we have grown up since you enterd the "real World". No longer the semi-nieve virus are we.

Zaria: Least i'm not a cold hearted bastard.

Voodoo: And im the not the product of a cazy drunk author.

[Zaria is shocked by Voodoo's rude frankness and moves to slap him, but he catchs her hand in mid-way]

Voodoo: I didn't travel here to be attacked or to be insulted or disrepect you ether, I came to say that Bios here has been dealt with. And to say i am sorry for my actions.

Zaria(pulling her hand away): Easy to say from a man who hides behind a mask!

[Voodoo does not even think as he reaches behind his head and unclamps the locks and the back of the mask spilts open. He removes the skull and shows all present his true face. A slightly tan, narrow faced man. Small scars along his cheek and forhead, and green eyes that look deep into someone's soul.]

Voodoo: I want you guys back, I need you guys.

Zaria: For what! Fodder!? Why should we side with you again after what you did!

[Voodoo pulls Bios forward and taps the controls on his wist. Her bonds come off and her claws extend as if she is to attack. But she stands there, as if in same,she retracts them]

Voodoo: *Ahem*

Bios: Sorry.....

Voodoo: We can get Sai sober again with my technolgy. We should not be enermys, but Allies.

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 17, 2000

[Zaria glares at him] Well, -you- must be really desperate, bringing Bios to her leash and all for a public display like this.

[One of the Yarga comes too close to Bios to poke and prod and winds up getting swatted at, recieving a sharp look from Voodoo. Zaria does not appear convinced by him]

Zaria: Besides, it's not my place to say where we go and where we don't. [She looks back at Sai and gets a slightly embarassed look upon her face, as Sai's sucking down yet more ik'tal and giggling like an idiot. ~~~~ quickly reaches down and takes the goblet from her, getting a winy protest in responce] I suppose...I'm now in a place to speak for her... But I've got to think things over. That's what -she'd- do. Just...had a bit too much happy-juice.

Voodoo: Yes, I can see that.

[Zaria growls] And she's no drunk! The Yarga like to have parties involving drinks, and besides, ik'tal isn't even an alcoholic beverage.

Voodoo: Fine, fine. I spoke too fast. See it my way, Jay Winger has got the guns and Java on his side, and though I fear neither of them, my team could still use you three as an addition.

Zaria: Minke got you out of your problems already. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll come crawling when you -need- her for something-

~~~~ *I am not a lapdog, Zaria. I know how to think for myself, and whom I choose to side with is my business.*

Zaria: Not when it affects your author and co-characters. [sees ~~~~ look away and turns back to Voodoo] Fine. Sit. Sober Sai up, but don't expect her to be greatful.

[Voodoo walks around the table and takes Zaria's seat, Zaria now standing, a few feet away from Bios. He takes out a flat, oval-shaped device from his pocket, about fourteen inches long] Get her to stand up, or at least hold her up.

[He seems to be talking to ~~~~, so she picks up the squeeking Sai and holds her up by her shoulders, off the floor so that she can't scrunch too much and has to hang slack] *This will not harm her I hope.*

Zaria: Finally starting to get your doubts -too- hm?

[Voodoo frowns at Zaria, but she is standing behind him and so does not see. He presses a few buttons upon the device, adjusting the settings]

~~~~ *Increase that third marker by three, actually...*

[Looking surprised, Voodoo stares at her] -Three-?? It's...not human levels? That high a scan could-

~~~~ *Trust me. I know her metabolism well enough...*

[Making the adjustments, Voodoo does a scan over Sai then on the second run presses a switch]

[The Yarga in the room are all hiccupping and grinning goofyish as they watch, never having seen this kind of technology before; they've never known of a device that could get one -un-sloshed before]

Sai: Ur... Hey! Knock it off with that thing! I'm awake already! [is set down by ~~~~ and stumbles backwards slightly] Okay, gimme a nano...

[Zaria walks around Voodoo's chair and lead's Sai to hers] Sorry about making you sober, Sai, but Voodoo insisted on talking to you.

[Sai rubs her temple] That's a knock... Voodoo, you've got alotta nerve barging into my Omega system. I could have you written into a plot device. Like...[thinks out an idea in her head] a cell!

[Voodoo suddenly finds himself behind bars in a dungeon beneath the Yarom City palace. In a few moments, Sai and her duo come walking down. Sai is back into her normal hat, t-shirt, and jeans, face now wearing her conceiling makeup]

Voodoo: Looks like we -both- like to...hide our true identities.

Sai: Why I don't like to be taken by surprise. I like intruders even less that you, Voodoo. Now...what the hell do you want? [looks over at Bios in her condition and raises a black-fuzzed eyebrow]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 17, 2000

[Voodoo makes no attepmt to test the bar's, he knows they are real and he has to follow the rules of the Fic verse. But he knows the rules better them most and decides to act on what he knows.]

Voodoo: Hexadecimal....

Sai: What???

Voodoo: You are reminded of Hexadecimal, Although she is not my sister, i would not carry it to that extreme...

Sai: Not from what i read in your Dbase on "Extreme Measures"...

Voodoo: I never break rules Sai you know that.

[Too bad for Sai she hasn't noticed Voodoo tapping the controls on his guanlet, or she may have stopped him. But she has walked to Bios and takes a much closer look at the Class 15]

Sai: Maybe, But you did shatter the code you clam to be in all characters... Even if they are outdated virals.

[Bios holds back her will to run her claws through Sai's fleash. To slowly take her life away. But she can't, even if Voodoo had told her to.]

Voodoo: Simply bent the rules...

[Sai looks at him sharply]

Sai: Playing it like Megabyte with your words aren't you?

Voodoo: No, Megabyte never did this...

[Voodoo raises his hand at that bars and a shockwave addmits from it. shattering the bars, and knocking Bios and Sai onto there backs. Voodoo steps out of the cage, and Soon the Anthros charge at him, but ~~~~~ stops them.]

Voodoo: That was to show you that i am more then able to play by any rules set forth, and to show that i can win.. But...

[Walks over to Sai, and looks at her with his Un-coverd face and takes her hand and yanks her up in one quick movement]

Voodoo:I want and need you three, you know your powers Sai and dont denie it, you know that ~~~~ and Zaria could do as much or even more Damage then Bios and the Hybrids can do or have done in the MDM and the Metaverse.

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 17, 2000

[Sai sneers at Voodoo] My charcters are not mere weapons. True, we're in the MDM!, but these two are more than just toys to play with to me.

Voodoo: I never said they were. I merely need this partnership to continue.

[Frowning, Sai walks away from Voodoo, going up the steps towards the main chamber of the castle] You always think you can win? Very well, play all ya want... But such overconfidance does not gain my trust. You two! Come on... We're going ta our home. [looks back at Voodoo] And Voodoo? Here's a little something for ya...

[Sai nods to ~~~~, who lifts a claw in the air, it gaining an almost tear-like light. She fires, and when Voodoo and Bios open their eyes they are back in their seperate quarters of Voodoo's green room. They have been dismissed simply, and either one is feeling quite insulted]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 18, 2000

[The Arena is filled with the chanting and cheering and clapping of the fans. ("Voo-Doo Voo-Doo" "Big Shot Big Shot" etc.) They await the start of the match. The Metatron flashes, then lights up with a countdown timer, with the legend Y2JAY over it. It starts to count down from ten. The fans start cheering.

[When the Y2JAY timer hits zero, the lights in the Arena go out -- even in the Green Rooms (including Voodoo's, somehow). Then the lights start to come up slowly as "The Extreme" plays. As the lights come up in the ring, they see Jay Winger standing there, shadowed. It's not quite possible to tell whether he's in standard or Puck Wild mode.

[Then, as the lights come up on him, his skin is shown to be dark silver and his eyes are red-on-black viral. He looks up and now the audience can see he holds a large sledgehammer in his hand. It's Puck Wild Jay.]

Jay: Voodoo, you made a grave error in challenging me. Last night I merely put you in a coma, but tomorrow night, I will send you over the brink and into the next world!

[He raises the sledgehammer in the air, then brings it down. Bright pyros go off, obscuring the ring. When the light fades, Puck Wild Jay is gone, replaced by Jay, now in more of his Vince McMahon/Triple H mode.]

Jay: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to the Big Event of the night. In a few minutes, in this very ring, you will see five viruses walk in and go up against each other in a free-for-all. Lllllllet's get ready to RUMBLE!!

[The audience screams.]

Jay: To my fellow Authors, I propose we watch the outcome of this match. You'll get to see some decent fighting -- from my Team anyway -- before my viruses whup yours' butts!

[He gestures at several front row seats.]

Jay: A seat for the Author and the character of their choice -- but no interfering in the match.

[The Metatron starts to flash multiple colors.]

Metatron: (Elogin's voice) Carrie was an amateur.

[Rob Zombie's "Dragula" starts to play and Elogin emerges, wearing her Most Insane Virus Belt.]

Jay: Representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, from the Great Codex System, the Class-17 virus and Most Insane Virus ... ELOGIN!

[She cackles and detonates two tears in her hands, setting off pyros, then enters the ring. Jay smirks at her and slaps a high-five. The Metatron darkens again.]

Metatron: We-ell...well it's IL LUPE!!

[Images of howling wolves, Lean fighting, and the words 'OH HOWL YEAH' and 'THE WOLF' appear. The audience screams.]

Metatron: Well it's the Big Bad Wolf tonight...well it's IL LUPE!

[Lean emerges, carrying a microphone. He stops, and leans back, shouting into the mic.]

Lean: Finally, the Wolf has come BACK to Deathmatch!

[The audience shouts the words along with him. Lean does a single DX chop, then enters the ring, tossing the mic away. He looks at Elogin for a moment, then slaps a high-five with Jay.]

Jay: And from the Negacrag of Cragis, the Class-8 virus, the Wolf -- LEAN IL LUPE!!

[He passes the mic to the Ring Announcer as he sits in his seat, and Justice appears from the audience to sit beside him.]

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: May 18, 2000

[As if in sync with Jay's last words, the lights slowly tone down, then flash a swirling fushia/magenta light on the arena. The lights highlight the entrance, and the Authoress comes out.]

Java: [teasingly] You sure about that last, Jay?

[She walks out onto the ramp, smiling at her fans {they may be few, but they're there} cheering at her. Her headress-scarf is shimmery magenta, and her dress is a flowing ankle-lenght to match, with a low back and a slit on the right up to mid-thigh. Bios's lacerations are masked over, but the three on her face are uncovered, almost like a badge of pride. Erinys walks behind her, trying to look fairly at ease.]

[Java steps down to where Jay is seated and picks up themike, turning to the arena. The crowd hushes slightly.]

Java: Now, I don't know how many of you know this, but one of the entrants in this match broke the rules. She broke a very important rule and went psycho on me. [She touches her face coldly.] And, for the record, that is an offence where I could demand that Bios be removed from this match. And she would be. [The crowd quiets.] But, I don't believe I'll do that. Instead, I'll let my dear friend do the reckoning.

[The lights turn from fushia to turquoise and flash. Two pyro's go off on the ramp and "Body Rock" by Moby begind playing as Tri walks out]

Java: From the mysterious system of Inspiration, class thirteen quasi, may I present... Tri Cyanopia!

[Tri comes down, holding three of the energy mables in her hands and a pouch on the side. Halfway down she throws them onto the sides, causing a huge flame of energy. The crowd loves it!]

Java: I accept Jay's proposal on watching, and believe me, Erinys isn't an idiot. I'm just here to see Miss Bios get her ASCII handed to hwer, and that's what's going to happen!

[She grins and placing the mike up for graps, sits down next to Jay, with Erinys next to her.]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: May 18, 2000

[The crowd dies down to a widespread murmur then, and just as things begin to quiet down, a bolt of violet electricity strikes the ring and defeats the laws of physics by bouncing off, spidering out towards every member of the croud. They are speachless, and somewhat devisioned. All stare at the smoldering ring when their eyes can see again, and when two large, black wings clear it from the side of the ring, they see a lone female figure standing int the center. From all the insanity of DeathMatch! they just go absolutely crazy over the entrance and whoever is in the ring]

[The short figure is wearing a blunt, serious expression, has silver, metalic skin, a short headpiece that could be called hair, and constant-glowing purple eyes. She also has two rows of sharp teeth and the obvious virus fangs, and stands at about three feet tall. The virus femme then grins visciously at the growd and emits a violet tear skyward, which upon hitting the ceiling erupts the entire thing into harsh, fushia light. The crowd screams in response, an incredibly loud cheer]

[The female Dragonish creature -one Keilla Dejeem and not of the Metaverse- at the side of the ring is 6'3" and stands to Sai's left. She has black fur, a muzzle much like that of a snake, two silvery horns coming out of her head, long, membranous wings, and large, expressive eyes. She's wearing a tight, full-body jumpsuit with red flames going up one side, a black, open robe flowing over that. But she is not the main attraction here tonight, and she picks Sai up and tosses the girl]

[Sai does a double somersault in that time and lands perfectly on her feet. The crowd appears amused but selences itself to hear words. The author is wearing a very earthy, brown-leather dress slit up the side with green-cuffed sleevelets. It's obvious she's still the same person, but her lemur half very much dominates her coloration -white skin, black-ringed eyes, black snout, blue-gray hair, sharp teeth- and also gives her a very animalistic profile, top-ears, and a long lemur's tail that is swinging wildly, some gold coins attached near the end.]

Sai: Hello.

[They wait to hear more, something flashy and big-time like Jay, or something toss-back and threatening like Voodoo. She starts laughing, and everyone quickly becomes confused]

Sai: Are you all finished? [finally hears nothing more than her own heatbeat] Ah, that's nice. You know, the oldies are the goodies. A typical circus entrance by my favorite virus here was just what you all needed. Feel free to say hello to the one who's going to make Elogin KNOW what pain is!!

[The crowd cheers for the helluvit, mainly because this is something slightly different. Sai speaks above them in the mic]

Sai: All the way from system Yora, my Class Twenty-two virus...Earia!! [more cheers and sounds of awe at the freakishly high-level virus] Those here who are within the loop will know that after being supposedly "deleted" in 2501 by Guardian Moar in colony world Beta Zed as a Class Eighteen, Earia was taken up and resurrected to start a new life by an unknown being. Still, the old ways have been itching at her, and I think a little carnage is good for the evil at heart! [more cheers, some laughter can barely be made out] Let's see Winger's little prissy chew toy have HER for dinner! I think it's going ta be the other way around!!

[The crowd stands and cheers for something different, many standing from all past teams and matches to make their cheers better heard]

Sai: Go lemurs! Let's blow this popstand! [Silence is suddenly heard, and Sai tries to regain her cheerers. She raises her hand in a commanding way] MEGADETH!!

[More cheers erupt finally and she sighs in relief. Looking back and seeing Earia's you-fool expression, Sai just shrugs and tosses the mic away to go sit down beside Keilla, her half-Dragon furre. She awaits the final entrance, one from Voodoo...]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 18, 2000

[As normal, the lights of the stadium go out, and is replaced by a beam of green light which is shun stright down at middle of the ring. A figure is slowly lowerd, strange haunting type music plays and the figure slowly floats down till it's feet touch the ground. But it does not move. A comferting female comes over the PA, the Voice is E.V.A.]

E.V.A.: Bios, Class 15 viral. Created Unknown, Notable achivments in run time. Conquest of System Umagon,Tagent,And 4201. Leader of Multi-million companys on Both Earth and The Metaverse. Self Proclamed "Queen Bitch Of the Metaverse"

[With that she lets out her banshee scream and the bounds that hold her shatter as she breaks free, Sparks seem to comes from everywhere, and soon the lights flash on. Bios takes a readying stance.]

[A blured Blue/grey energy "cyclone" appears infront of Jay and Java, and as is forms a figure appears. Voodoo has decided to change his attire for this match. His armor is replaced with a more formal looking attire, All black form fitting suit, looking very simular to that worn by Vincent in FF7, and he wears no mask or face paint. But he is not alone long, He is joined by Jeff and Jenny, they wear their normal armor/outfits, but are armed. Jeff carrys a large assulat rifle, Jenny carrys a simular one but has a plasma gernade launcher on the bottem. Dax is close behind, carrying her sub-machien gun. They take up sides next to Voodoo as he looks at the others.]

Jay: You..

Voodoo: Am not breaking any rules, they are mearly here as a derturent, in case we have another "triple threat match night attack". So calm yourself Winger, i dont plan to pull anything.

[He sits in his seat, with Jenny and Jeff at his side, and Dax standing next to her mother]

Voodoo: Let the games begin.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: May 19, 2000

[Jay rises and looks straight at Voodoo.]

Jay: As it happens, you are violating a rule. I said each Author may bring one character to observe the battle. You will notice that everybody else has exactly one character. I am not planning to make any moves against you tonight. I'll let you check into the Beatdown Hotel tomorrow night.

[He folds his arms. He's not pleased to see Voodoo so blatantly violating the rules. His glasses glint, and that when a few squads of DMSF guards swarm in and surround the ring. Some aim at the Authors and their characters, while some keep their weapons trained on the viruses.

[One DMSF, in a green visor, comes up to him. It's Bruno.]

Jay: Bruno, if anyone makes any move to interfere in the match -- including myself or Justice here -- you are to shoot them. Understood?

Bruno: Sir! Yes, sir!

[Jay nods, then seats himself, glaring sideways at Voodoo for a moment before he sits back in his chair.

[In the ring, Mills Lane steps in and addresses the five viruses.]

Mills Lane: All right, I don't care how insane you may be [looks at Elogin], how vicious you are [at Lean], whether you're benign [at Tri], or not [at Earia]. In fact, I don't give a damn if you are the Queen Bitch [at Bios]! In this ring, I am the King, so you obey my rules!

[Mills Lane gives them all a look before continuing.]

Mills Lane: #1 -- If a virus gets counted out, they are disqualified, but the rest are still game. If you are DQed, you leave the Arena. #2 -- First virus to pin another or force them to submit wins the match. #3 -- I want this to be a good clean fight -- none of that messy stuff anymore. [He gives a look at Bios here.] Obey my commands at all times, and I won't have to evict your ASCIIs.

[He looks at them all again. Each virus looks at the others, ready to attack.]

Mills Lane: Now let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: May 30, 2000

Voodoo: As i said Jay, they are here as a deturent....

[The energy swarms around Jenny and Jeff and they fade from sight. leaving only Dax behind,who sits down next to hercreator.]

Voodoo: Shall we begin?

[Meanwhile, else where, Jeff and Jenny are beating feet down a hallway.]

Jeff: How far?

Jenny: Section C, Sector 31. We are about 1 room down.

[Jenny rounded the conner before Jeff, and saw what she needed to before pushing Jeff back agianst the wall.]

Jenny: Jay's goons..

Jeff: Mine putting that in simple text?

Jenny: MDSF...

Jeff: FAQ.... Hold on...

[Jeff ducks lower and quilty moves across the opening of the hall and onto the other side. He looks at his love, and holes up his hand, peering around the conner he pushs himself back, flat, on the wall. Opening and closeing his hand two times, telling her there are 10 guards.]

[Jenny nods and opens the chamber of her Guarnade launcher attachment and chambers a round. she smiles back to him and he covers his ears as she fires the guarnade down the hall, it bounces a few times and lands nexts to the guards.]

Grunt #1: What's this...

[Leaning down to take a closer look at the unknown object goes off, blinding the guards. There is a faint sound of heavy clothing moving through the room. And then it's followed by the sounds of gun-fire as the blind guards fire at what ever is attacking them.]

Jenny: Well, that's pretty non-leathal.

Jeff: Yeah, Not use to it... come on, lets strip the ammo clips and beat feet, who knows how long it is till E.V.A. has to bail out of Jay's network.

[The couple remove the clips and magazines from the MDSF and enter the room they were guarding. only to find out there is a large door behind the first one]

Jeff: Hmmmm... Jenny..if you would be so kind...

[Jenny grins and kisses him on the cheek, in thanks for allowing her to have her share of the fun. she removes her tools from her side pack and pulls off the cover to the palm reader and begins to work on the system]

[Jeff looks down at his Chronometer watch and looks back up]

Jeff: 30 sec love...

Jenny: Almost there...come nice for momma.....there!

[The lights on the reader flash green and the door slides away showing the two hybrids the inside of Jay's Sercurity network. Jenny rushs in to attach the remote node as Jedd sets to work planting a very easily found camra above the doorway, so as to fool the MDSF. Jenny rush out and makes sure to lock the larger door. It slams shut as she replaces the cover. The look at each other and leave hand in hand down the hall, back to there room.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Jun 3, 2000

[Jeff and Jenny returned to the Green room a short time later after thier mission. Walking into the cold Weapons room, the lock away there eqipment inside the lockers. Jeff decides that it's time he finished what Dax had started on earlier. And Jenny decides she needs a change of clothes]

[Jeff sits at the work bench and checking over Dax's newest weapon. The mathmatics of the weapon seem sound, they should, since all female Hybrids were programmed with heavy mathmatic skill's, which seemed to have been passed down to Crix and Dax.]

[Jenny walks into the Chamber, now wearing a more suddle outfit, of T-shirt and jeans]

Jenny: I will never understand where Voodoo got the idea for that suit..although it does make my Butt look good..

Jeff: Uh-huh..

[Jenny smakes him in the back of the head as she reachs the workbench, sitting next to her husband she stares at him]

Jenny: What's your major malfunction?

Jeff: Gee.. Don't know... If you stop smacking me in the head, maybe i could figure that one out!

[Jenny was taken, Jeff had never snapped at her like that, guess times were stressful on him latly. Jeff lays the staff like weapon the table and storms off. Leaving less then surprised Jenny behind]

[Jenny enters the Med-wing of the Green room, she walks to Crix's bed. only to find him not there.]

Jenny: E.V.A. locate Crix

E.V.A. Crix is not in the Green Room.

Jenny: E.V.A. i said locate Crix.

E.V.A.: And i said he's not in the Green Room.

[Jenny didn't know what was going on, then it made sense, Crix hacked E.V.A.]

Jenny: E.V.A. What was the last location of Crix?

E.V.A.: Weapons locker 0-1-2A

Jenny: FAQ.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Jun 16, 2000

[The involved Authors sit at ringside, flanked by their chosen characters: Jay with Justice, Java with Erinys, Sai with Shanzie, Voodoo with Dax. The DMSF, led by Bruno, surround the ring to prevent interference from anyone -- including the Authors. The five viruses stand in the center of the ring, facing each other: Earia, Elogin, Bios, Tri Cyanopia, and Lean Il Lupe. Mills Lane has established the rules -- if a virus is counted out or disqualified in any way, they are eliminated from the match and must leave. So with this in mind, he tells them -- ]

Mills Lane: Let's get it on!

[He vacates the ring to give the viruses some room. The fight bell rings. Tri, to everyone's surprise, drops her controlled personality and pounces Bios, who is not impressed. Lean gives a sharp-toothed grin and lunges in as well, double-teaming Bios. The Queen Bitch ignores the leather-clad virus and slashes at Tri, who ducks back, reaching for her turquoise energy balls.]

Tri: [viral voice] You're going down, Bios.

Bios: Oh, really?

[Bios throws an energy pulse atTri, who dodges as fast as she can. Meanwhile, Earia circles Elogin, who grins ferally and pounces. Earia is momentarily stunned, and Elogin steps back to gloat. Earia growls at Elogin and approaches quickly. The Class-17 swipes at her, but she dodges and rolls under Elogin's feet, jumping up behind her to deliver a powerful blast to her back just as she turns to hiss.

[Elogin falls backward but recovers quickly, grinning evilly at Earia, eyes' colors swirling wildly, spindly fingers extended to catch the small Class-22. She lunges, but Earia is just too quick and dodges yet again, but Elogin whirls around and knocks Earia in the face with an electrical zap that shocks her in place, causing her to scream shrilly, finally falling away and onto the mat. She does not move.

[Lean charges at Bios, who remains focused on a still-dodging Tri, but Bios kicks back and knocks him away. After a moment of examining the situation, and getting accidentally knocked forwards by the stumbling Wolf, Elogin approaches the fallen Earia, preparing to absorb her.

[Earia's eyes suddenly pop open, crackling with violet electricity, and a claw comes up suddenly, slicing through Elogin's stomach and electrifying her right back, also draining some of Elogin's energy in the process. She appears to merely be going easy on Elogin, biding her time.

[Swatting crazily and roaring in a viral way, Elogin manages a number of harsh slices and dices to Earia's chest and facial armor before she finally gets tossed by the little virus. Elogin collides with the post and tumbles over the ropes, falling, but she manages to stop in midair right in front of her Author, growling ferally back at Earia, still in the ring and somehow managing a cute smile in all this. Laughing insanely, she charges and disappears when Earia jumps away and into flight.

[Staring around searchingly, Earia's eyes do not fall upon Elogin, and she begins to heal her wounds. Just then, Elogin appears and knocks her sideways, slicing into her side as the two come crashing down upon the matt, knocking into Tri and Bios, who are struggling body-to-body, trying to push one down. The hit breaks them up.

[Bios punches Earia in the face, sending her reeling, and then goes for Elogin, but Tri jumps her, digging her with her claws. The distraction taken care of, Elogin approaches Earia, albeit far more carefully than last time; no more playing possum for Earia.

[Earia's body then disappears in a large plume of smoke, and Elogin takes her turn now to stare in mild bewilderment, the expression soon replaced with an evilly mischevious one. She glances about and prepares for Earia's strike.

[As expected, Earia attempts to blast her from behind, burning a huge hole in the stadium above some spectators instead, who are quickly evacuated. Elogin jumps and this time pins Earia to the mat on her back, the ref rushing into the ring for the count, making sure at the same time not to get mashed by the other three viruses in the process. Bios sees the pin attempt and goes to prevent it, but Lean kicks her in the kidneys (or the rough equivalent) and distracts her.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3--

[Earia electrocutes herself mildly, this being more than enough to force Elogin off her stomach, and she quickly jumps up, smacking the ref over the ropes, seeing him as a severe interference. She growls and dashes after Elogin, who is still reeling back, slamming into Bios and getting herself knocked out of the ring by the annoyed Queen Bitch.

[Finally bored of this back-and-forth game, Earia looks up at the raging crowd and hisses, displaying her two sets of fangs. Flying over the eddge, she picks up Elogin in her claws (the DMSF giving her plenty of room), not without a shock and a slash, delivering a few deep gouges with her strong grip in response, and throws Elogin back into the ring, laughing sadistically as all four viruses hit the mat on their backs or butts. She flies up and into the ring, but gets blasted by a very pissed and bitchy Bios.

[Elogin attempts to attack, but Earia makes her final decision and disappears, reappearing beside Elogin to slash her eyes out, Elogin roaring and falling to the mat, blinded. Shoving her to the mat on -her- back now, Earia delivers her payback and claws deep into Elogin's sides, making her scream out in pain. Concentrating, Earia delivers her Warp Distortion move through her claws, sending this deep into Elogin's core, causing her to become severely charred and disfigured with untold amounts of energy as the seconds pass. (Elsewhere in the Stadium, Archer screams as the pain is transferred over her merge-link with Elogin.) Jay surges to his feet, screaming an order at the referee. Earia finally is pulled away by the ref, and Elogin lies in a frazzled pile upon the mat. Elogin is eliminated.

[The EMTs move through the DMSF to ease the comatose Elogin out of the ring and off on a stretcher. As Elogin's charred carcas is carted off by the EMTs, a snarling Bios backhands Lean away. As he recovers, he sees Earia smirking after Elogin. With a sharp-toothed grin, the Wolf lunges up behind Earia and grabs her head from behind. He HOWLS and unleashes his zapping attack, the Lightning Howl (the REAL most electrifying move in sports entertainment). Earia screams in pain as the voltage overwhelms her brain. The sheer feedback from the attack hurts Lean too, whose 'wolf-ear' hair loses its coherence and becomes more of an Einstein 'do. Finally, Lean shoves Earia away to wince and hold his head. Earia's own form is somewhat charred from Lean's attack.

[Earia slumps against the ropes from the attack, and Lean quickly grabs her and tosses her over the side. She hits the mats outside hard and lies stunned long enough for the ref to count her out. Earia is eliminated. The Wolf leans against the ropes for a moment to recover, then sees Bios slash at Tri, cutting her arm and making her drop a few of her energy balls. Lean gets back up to help out.

[Tri nods her thanks to Lean as he distracts Bios finally, and she hurls a handful of energy balls at the Queen Bitch. With a wild burst of pyrotechnic display, Bios is knocked down, where Lean grabs her throat and does another Lightning Howl. When Bios lies still for a moment, Lean turns to Tri with a grin and slaps a high-five.

[Bios, however, gets up and grabs Lean by the hair, yanking him back to impale him on a blade. He screams in pain, and Bios snarls, swinging around to blast/throw him out of the ring. Lean goes flying up toward the ceiling, where he smacks into a rafter and hangs. She then turns to Tri, slashes again and deals a heavy blow, electrifying it as well. Tri is driven back, bleeding badly. Lean drops down to the ring, wincing as he applies a quick viral patch to his wound (healing himself, in other words), landing beside Tri.]

Lean: This isn't working.

Tri: No shit! Every attack we use just seems to piss her off more.

[Bios take this opportunity to throw another pulse of energy at the two, which barely misses them.]

Lean: ...Wait. Did you feel the flow of the energy she used on us?

[They dodge around Bios as she lunges.]

Tri: ...Yeah...Why?

Lean: It was our own energy.

Tri: [gets it] She's an energy absorber!

Lean: Bingo! So, therefore...

Tri: Gotcha!

[When Bios swings again, Lean delivers a hard kick to her head, stunning her into a hard punch from Tri. Stunned, Bios stumbles to face Lean, who delivers a right cross, knocking her around to Tri, who gives a left hook. Back to Lean, who uppercuts her. Tri does a jumping kick to the face. When Bios turns to face Lean again, he rears back and delivers his hard Knock-Down Blow. Bios hits the mat.

[Bios gets back to her feet, her eyes flickering colors wildly. She's pissed. She starts to scream, in much the same way she had when she battled Daemon. Sensing she's trying to metamorph into her 'evolved mode,' Lean and Tri attack again. Tri kicks her in the knees, knocking her down, and Lean slashes her across the face. Thus stunned and distracted, Bios stops her transformation. Lean moves around behind to go for a sleeper hold, but Bios gets up and slashes him in the stomach, laying open his previous wound. Lean stumbles back, but Tri jumps up on Bios from behind and locks in the sleeper hold. Lean gets up, his wound staved off (but still bleeding), and delivers a series of punches to Bios' face.

[The Queen Bitch throws Tri off and swings at Lean, who is to wary to get caught like that again. Tri gets up and delivers a hard double-fisted blow to Bios' spine. The Class-15 falls against the ropes, turning over to glare at the two remaining opponents. Tri and Lean link arms and charge together, clotheslining the Queen Bitch over the rope and out of the ring. Weak from the physical attacks, Bios tries to get up enough energy to transform, but she doesn't have enough time before the ref
counts her out and the DMSF force her to leave. Bios is eliminated.

[Lean and Tri pace around the ring, looking out at the crowd and at their Authors. Sai and Voodoo don't exactly look pleased that their viruses have lost, yet Sai is smirking as they cart Bios away. Jay is cheering the downfall of the Queen Bitch, while Java jumped up in her seat and hollered a short "WOO HOO!" before shruging to Bruno and sitting back down. But there still remain two viruses standing, so the match isn't over yet.

[The Wolf and Asp both notice this. Lean stands, his slash wounds still trickling blood, and Tri faces him, her own slash wound starting to scab over. Tri jumps at him, and they tumble over the ropes, grappling and swinging wildly, a cloud of energy surrounding them as they vie for dominance. The ref steps into the ring and starts counting. Before either realize what's happening, there's been a double count-out. The fight bell rings, and the match is declared over.]

Ring Announcer: The match has ended with a double count-out. Both Il Lupe and Cyanopia are eliminated. The match is a draw.

[Lean and Tri stop fighting, realizing their mistake now. Tri yells in disbelief at the ref, whie Lean growls. Bruno steps forward and nudges them up the ramp back through the Metatron. Jay stands, furious, but then he shrugs, smirking to himself. He turns to the others.]

Jay: Can't win 'em all, I suppose.

Java: [smiling psychopathically] Who says we lost? Bios got her ASCII beaten, I'm happy. [She gets up and, grinning, walks back to her green room, Erinys following.

[Jay grins, his glasses glinting. He and Justice get up and start back, but Jay stops and faces Sai.]

Jay: Lazarus will be out as soon as the crew is done cleaning up the blood.

Sai: If it's not too much to ask, Jay, my character would like to have the match tomorrow. Same Night, different...night. [narrows her gaze]

[Jay contemplates and waves the trivial throught off with a hand.]

Jay: Very well.

[He and the Most Dangerous Renegade leave as Lean waits for him to come up. Jay gives him a brief glare for not winning, but then he shrugs again and leads his two characters back to his luxurious Green Room.]


From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Jun 17, 2000

[Voodoo stands, and looks down at Sai. but he say's nothing, he face is calm, without any expression on it.He turns around and looks to the hundreds of people in the stadium. He grin's a little, he did he job, the Fact that Bios lost seems of little consern to him.

[Dax stands as Bruno walks down the ramp with four of his goons, all holding weapons at close range to Bios. Dax shifts her weight to her left leg as she readys her weapon. But Voodoo presses the weapon down as he looks away from the crowd. He
turns to Bruno.]

Bruno: Here's your Fame Queen Bitch... I should have her kicked out of my Stadium for what she did to my men.

Voodoo: I wasn't told this was your stadium.. Last I check, you still worked for Winger...but i guess lackys always need big dreams...

[Bruno pushs Bios forward by smack her in the back of the head with the butt of his gun. Bios stumbles Forwarn and snears as she unleahs her blades and goes for Bruno's throat, Not slashing it but pressing the blades slightly into the skin.]

Bios: Next time... I won't Kiss ya....

[Bios taps the marks on the side of his neck with the tip's of her blades. It seems of little concern to her that the Guards have thier weapons trained on her.]

Voodoo: Bios..

[Bios grunts and her blades return to her arms, as she turns away from Bruno. She walks slowly back to Voodoo as the blue/grey energy swarms over them, and they fade from sight.]

[Voodoo's/Sai's Green Room]

Voodoo: E.V.A. status on the mission.

[E.V.A. remains silent.]

Voodoo: E.V.A. Status?

[E.V.A. remains silent.]

Voodoo: What the FAQ is going on around here!

[Ki'ace and Jenny step out of elevator and walk into the green room]

Jenny: Voodoo, got a big problem.

Voodoo: Would this have anything to do with E.V.A.?

Ki'ace: Yeah.. Crix hacked the core pretty bad, wiped just about everything. Ki'eva and I are working as hard as we can to get her up and running.. But it's gonna be a while.

Jenny: Ki'eva and Ki'ace got most of the systems patched into a secondary control computer.. But we have to do everything my hand now. that means work all the controls.

Voodoo: Prime.. But what about Crix?

Jenny: Up and gone.. So is Jeff.

Voodoo: We don't need this right now...

Jenny: Ain't nothing we can do about it. But knowing Jeff as well as I do...he should be back for his match.

Voodoo: He better...

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Jun 18, 2000

[Jay's Green Room.]

[The Big Shot enters, almost like a conquering hero. Everyone likes that the Queen Bitch got knocked down a few pegs. So what if one of their team got eliminated first, and the other one screwed up and didn't win? Bios was taken down! Party time!

[Jay turns to Lean Il Lupe.]

Jay: Lean, you've started on the road to getting that title belt you covet so much. Just keep warming up on the other viruses and you'll be primed to take down Her Royal Bitchiness.

Lean: Thank you, sir.

[Jay turns to the rest of his team, Res Crew and Chronicles combined.]

Jay: All right, rest up. And make sure Lazarus is at least prepared to put up a fight tomorrow.

DaVinci: All due respect, sir, won't postponing the match screw up the system?

Jay: Oh, you're talking about the 'Night' thing, right? [off DaVinci's nod:] Don't worry. This thing won't be aired until after the matches are done.

[He sits back in his chair.]

Jay: Where's Lazzy-boy, anyway?

Quinn: I saw him setting up some sort of shrine, you know, to pray for victory?

Jay: [smirks] Well, Laz is gonna need all the help he can get. He doesn't stand a chance against Sai's person.

Nada: How would you know stuff like that?

Jay: [smiles] Oh, I have my methods. I designed the Stadium, after all. Sure, Sai may be in Voodoo's new place now, but she was in her own Green Room for a while. I saw her chosen one.

Sil: Really? What's she got?

Jay: Sorry, Author secret. I'm not going to spoil things for you guys.

[He shuts down his terminal, then looks to his hackers.]

Jay: You all got things set?

Cowboy: You know it, Big Shot. Security is locked down for the night. Six-level computer encryption, seven-layer doors over Bruno's weapons lockers. Not even Voodoo's peeps could get in.

Jay: Good.

[His eyes flicker viral and he opens a few portals.]

Jay: Portal out to home, people and get a good night's sleep. I've got some big ideas for the next Night, and you'll all play a factor.

[Nods all around. Quinn, DaVinci, and the Aughts portal out to the Resonate. The Terrorizers, Lazarus, Archer, Cato, and a comatose Elogin are portaled to Great Codex. Ünres portals out to Vector, while Justice's crew leave to the motor pool to take the Grizzly out. Cowboy portals to Mainframe, Lean to Cragis, and Chaotis is sent through a portal to his home base (location classified).

[Once everyone has left, Jay puts up the last line of defense for his Green Room and the high-security areas before walking out of the Room and taking the elevator up.]

[Skybox - Other Owners']

[Jay steps off the elevator.]

Jay: Gentlemen, I have a few ideas for the next Night. Care to hear them?

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Jun 18, 2000

Tri: But I didn't win.

Java: Doesn't matter.

Tri: But Lean and I both got disqualified.

Erinys: You beat Bios. That's enough.

Tri: But I didn't WIN.

Pyra: Fine, do you want US to eat the cake?

Tri: Nah. I'll share.


[See, Pyra and Erinys are out to the SC for sleep. Tri's at the computer screen, with Java next to her.]

Tri: Damn. Java, you're crazy.

Java: I know. But you need to at least know *how* to crack into these systems if my plans are going to work.

Tri: I don't even know what the plans are.

Java: I'll tell you. But if we can't get past the Arena's defences, how are we going to enter the Archive defences?

Tri: The Archive's def wasn't written by DaVinci, Sagg and the Flips.

Java: True. [thinks] Look, you wanna take a rest, go back to Inspiration and all? Maybe you can run one of the games and relax.

Tri: [grins] The good point of games you can't win.

Java: And the old Humans couldn't actually *enter* Myst.

Tri: Yeah. Okay, break time. [She stands up.] Tell me the plans later?

Java: Yeah. See ya around tomorrow.

[Tri pulls out a hematite marble from her pouch and throws it on the floor; it becomes a portal to Inspiration. She leaves.]

Java: Cool. Now, I have a card to purchase. [She grins and accesses the 'Net.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Jun 18, 2000

[Voodoo's green room is dark, but not as black as the stadium outside. The lights are set to low and the glow of the screen keeps the room bright enough to see the outline of stuff. The entire Green Room, including the entire Area Voodoo has clamed for himself and Sai stands in Yellow aleart.

[The Doors to Voodoo's room push open and a figure emurges from them. Voodoo is the only person that seems to be up at this hour. Still not changed from the nights attire, he seats himself at the main computer interface, and begins to work.

[After an hour Voodoo sighs and rubs his temples. E.V.A. was still down, and his scaners were hardly enough to track any of the others in the stadium, he could hardly tell who was in his Green Room. Crix and Jeff were still outside his area, outside the area nick named Sector 001, since it's place on the MDM Stadium map was right in the middle of the stadium.]

Voodoo: Where are you my creations...

[To bad all was not quite just outside Jay's part of the Stadium.

[The area was a war zone, well, more like a small battle zone. Wall's were knocked in, Trashcans spilled thier contents, pipes here dented. And Jeff Freeman stood in the center of all. He decided to take his rage out on the passing MDSF guards, all but the women. Who he had knocked out on the floor. The others , two men, lay with sevrel brused bones, but he had not killed them. After all, they threaten to shoot.]

Crix: Mom's gonna be pissed...

[Jeff turn his head back to see Crix standing in the hallway, a rifle slung over his shoulder.]

Jeff: What else is new? Where you going with the gun son?

Crix: Pay a sprite a vist.

Jeff: Wouldn't happen to be a very big sprite with the IQ of dry toast would it.

Crix: Could be..

Jeff: Didn't learn much from Bios did you son?

[Crix eyes narrowed, then he looked down to his left hand. The Cybernetic hand had seen better day's. The fake skin that once coverd it was peeling from it's having been shackled.]

Crix: Learned alot..But I guess i take after my father in some way's... You know.. Old enough to know better, just to damn young to care..

Jeff: Your gonna get killed...

Crix: It's gonna happen...Besides, Jay can't kill me here..

Jeff: What's to stop Tomasi?

Crix: Jay..

Jeff: Wouldn't put much faith in that...

[The sound of hard boots hitting the concret floor told the Hybrids that more then one, most likely heavly armed people were coming down the hall. they looked at one another for a moment, and slowly walked down the hall, and into the darkness.]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Jun 18, 2000

[Skybox - Other Owners']

[Jay has just finished his spiel to the Other Owners of MDM and is concluding his business.]

Jay: Then you're all in support of this idea?

Other Owner #1: Of course, but what guarantee do we have that the other Authors will like this?

Jay: What're you talking about? We're talking about gold here -- titles, prestige, bragging rights. The characters want that, and so the Authors will have to agree.

Other Owner #1: Fine.

Other Owner #2: What about Mr. Voodoo?

Jay: Not to worry. I plan to try to pacify the Rivalry next Night, so we can focus on our common foes.

Other Owner #2: You mean Mainframe.

Jay: Of course.

[Jay is interrupted by a beep. A vidwindow opens with Bruno on it.]

Jay: [to Other Owners] Excuse me. [to Bruno, pissed] I told you never to bother me when I'm in these meetings.

Bruno: Sorry, Big Shot, sir, but I think you oughta know that we've got a Code 2 outside your zone in the Stadium.

Jay: [raises an eyebrow] I see. Do you know who it is?

Bruno: I'll give you three guesses, but you're only gonna need one.

Jay: Freeman.

Bruno: You got it.

[Jay's eyes flicker viral. This is noticed by the Other Owners.]

Other Owner #3: Could you not do that again? It creeps me out.

Jay: [ignoring Other Owner #3] Bruno, get me on the broadcast system to my zone. I'm going to have a few words with Mr. Freeman. [turns to Other Owners] Sorry, gentlemen, but I have to handle this. Excuse me.

[Jay's Zone of the Stadium]

[Jay's voice comes over the P.A. speakers built along the walls in the Stadium, confined mostly to Jay's Zone so he can talk to the Hybrid.]

Jay: Mr. Freeman -- for you are the one who is vexing Bruno, I presume? -- I would ask you to please cease and desist your actions. If you are looking for me -- no doubt you wish to drive a sharp or otherwise painful implement through my skull -- I regret to inform you I am not in my Green Room. Indeed, you will find no one there, and the security system is engaged. Attempting to enter forcibly -- even subtlely -- or in any unauthorized way will be met with extreme prejudice.


Jay: Despite our obvious differences, Mr. Freeman, I have no desire to see a warrior of your caliber destroyed in such a wasteful manner. But as a warrior, Mr. Freeman, I hope you recognize some of the rules of warfare. I would point out that most everyone has returned to their respective systems for a rest. Sai and her team are in Yarom, some of Java's team in Inspiration. My team is in Resonate, G.C., Vector, and generally all over. There is no point in causing damage to the Stadium unnecessarily. Also, an honorable warrior would stand down for the night, as I have done.


Jay: I hope you're listening, Mr. Freeman. You have my assurances that nothing will be attempted against you, Voodoo, your wife, your son or daughter, or anyone else connected to Team Voodoo or its allies -- provided nothing is attempted against myself or my allies. I will keep the fighting where it belongs -- in the ring. If you accept my words, then simply return home -- your Green Room or Scifera, it matters not.

[Jay stops, awaiting a response from the Hybrid.]

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Jun 20, 2000

[Java blinks, then opens a window of one of the camera's to see Freeman's little...escapade.]

Java: [eyebrows raised] Whoa. He *really* wants someone's attention, that's for sure. Man, is he gonna get it.

[She finalizes her card's purchase and smiles to herself.]

Java: Yes, he's going to get Jay's attention with behavior like that. [shakes her head] It's definitly not the attention I'd like...

[She blushes slightly and waits for the little drama to play out.]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: Jun 23, 2000

Sai sat in her chair watching her pet and Zaria play a game of chess, and not surprisingly her pet was winning. It made her proud; she'd designed her for such intelligence. It would be an easy win.

Suddenly there came a knock at the door, and Sai walked over to see who could possibly be awake at this hour. The other two stared on, intrigued for the same reason. "Probably just the keepers in the apartment," she said. I'd asked for some drinks for us...well...two of us." Funny, Sai almost caught a grin on her pet's face. She opened the door.

On the floor in the stone-walled hallway was a simple white envelope. Curious. Sai picked it up and opened it, reading.

Dear "the Creature",
      In light of your upcoming match with Klaus Lans, we the undersigned would like to say this to you:

          Please win.
          Please win.
          PLEASE WIN.

Java Trinomial
See Piler

David "DaVinci" Gabbiani
Quinn Rentack
The Aughts (Zilch, Niente, "Aztral" Naught, Nada "Surf", Nil, Void, Blank, Zip)
Tomasi Exley
Lean Il Lupe, "the Wolf"
Arn "Nails" il'Crais
Julius Cato
Nathan Justice
Dirk Manning
Sil al'Nasen
(paw-print) [aka Sentry]
Calvin "Cowboy" West
Chaotis, the Hacker Anarch
Sarah "Sagittaria" Archer
Jay Winger

Jeff Freeman
Crix Lockheart
Dax Lockheart
Jenny Lockheart

Sai stared at it a moment more, then a small grin came to her lips. Perfect. It was just the thing to put her dear's hopes to a higher level. But as a last item, she would sign her name too, and the names of those whom she knew supported her creature.

Going back inside, Sai took the card over to a table and wrote out some names...

Seikosha 'n' the buds
Shanzie Keilla
Campion, Capt.

Finished, she grinned and placed it back into its anvelope. She was sure her pet and Zaria hadn't seen what she was carrying.

"What is it, Sai?" asked Zaria.

"Oh...someone sent something for sweetie-pie. I just thought I'd make sure; you can never tell what's safe with the Deathmatch! going insane lately." She held up the card for the two to see, walking over to ~~~~ to give it to her. "See for yourself."

~~~~ opened the envelope and read...and in a moment she got up and went over to her bed to lie down. The other two just stared after her with curiosity. She could feel them watching her. *It's alright... I just wish to think over this matter...* So they left her to it and went about different business. She was strange like that sometimes.

From: "Sai" <>
Date: Jun 23, 2000

[The one that everyone in the know has been calling Minke ever since EVA confirmed the identity is lying on her side upon her sizeable futon, watching the other two sleep from across the room. She grins, but this soon fades as she is thinking over the upcoming match between her and a human male named Lazarus. She knows she'll be unable to use her powers for the fight due to the wristband Sai gave her to wear; until the match is over, Sai said it would only be fair for the human, and the EMPs do little to put a damper on her abilities as it is]

[Rubbing her wrist anxtiously, she closes her eyes and tries to relax herself. It will all be up to her physical abilities, something she has never used before but in memories that feel long since past. On the other side of the room, she hears Sai stur]

[Sai sees her pet lying down, but she gets a vibe from her, and when the girl sits up, her creature does the same] You okay, dear?

~~~~ *I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you...*

Sai: You didn't... [She gets up and walks over, sitting down beside her creation, noticing her fiddling with that wrist band Sai gave to her to wear] Do you hate me for this?

~~~~ *No... At least I can still talk...*

Sai: It'll be okay tomorrow. You'll see. [something occurs to her] Why do you never call me by my name?

[~~~~ looks at her, a look of surprise upon her face] *You made it seem as though such things didn't matter to you...*

Sai: Have I...? I see. Well, whenever you feel it's right, use my name. Makes me a friend to you.

~~~~ *But you're my creator. You are my master...Sai...*

Sai: I can still be a friend. I'm starting to find that out again.

~~~~ *Sai? Is Minke my name...?*

[Sai raises an eyebrow and waves a hand at the nonexistant issue] No, I just called you that for EVA's ID files. Just go, I can never pronounce it quite right, but I was never good at Web speak anyhow. [grins but doesn't get one in responce] Can't you just go by that? The name Minke was a one-second thought-

~~~~ *Who am I...?*

[Sai feels a slight emotional pain over events that have passed some time ago. She looks at her creation, feeling very proud and smiles up at her] You are my creation and my friend, and tomorrow, when you go into the ring, there'll be nothing to worry about. Do you know why?

[Her creature shakes her head] *I'm afraid I do not...*

Sai: Because you are better than him. And in the Metaverse the common outcome is that the good guys win.

~~~~ *But it's not constant, is it?*

[Sai takes only an instant to think] You put yourself down too much... Maybe I have too. But that was a mistake. You are as strong as you think you are. And there is something else too, and that's that even if you don't win tomorrow, we'll all still be here for you. Win or lose you've still got your friends.

[Zaria looks over from where she's lying down and grins] That was an adorably cliche speach, Sai. [She tries to sit up, but just winds up falling back down again, wincing in pain, moving her hand to heal the newly noticed injury, one out of many] Hey, Minke, she may be spooning you [seeing Sai glaring at her], but at the same time she's right. You've always got your friends.

[Hearing this from Zaria, ~~~~ grins a little and lies down again] *Thank you. Both of you. I really needed to hear that...*

Sai: You get your rest now. Rest will help you for tomorrow; it's best that your mind be as accute as possible, psychic powers or no. [pulls a blanket over her, careful of the wings] Sweet dreams 'n' all that.

[Just before dozing off, the creature reaches over and picks up a small card that had been delivered to Sai's apartment a couple hours ago. It bears the names of many individuals, all of which wish for her to bring down Lazarus, many even from Jay and Java's teams. She briefly wonders over this, but just decides to take it with a semi-smile and places the card back next to her small light globe. Looking back over at the other two through the dim lighting, she sees they are already asleep. Lying upon her stomach, she places her head back down upon the pillow, and for the first time yet that she can recall, her physical being actually smiles]

From: "Jay WInger" <>
Date: Jun 23, 2000

[Place: Resonate System, Quinn's Apt.]
[The entire crew is there. Quinn is lying down on his couch while Zilch and DaVinci look over the damage to his bionic brace (incurred in part during the match against Jeff & Jenny with Niente). Blank and Zip are WiReD (by which I mean they are on a SuGaR HiGH) and running around the apartment. Nil and Void are playing music and dancing around, while Naught guzzles down Sodee Pop. Nada sits off to the side, noodling around on her computer. She looks up with a grin.]

Nada: The table's open, place your bets for Laz's fight tomorrow.

[All action stops as they look at normally-level-headed Nada in surprise. She blinks and spreads her hands.]

Nada: What? Occasionally I can be callous and strange.

Zilch: 10 to 1, for Sai's little pet.

Niente: 15 to 1, Sai's pet.

Quinn: 20 to 1.

[The betting continues. Blank and Zip join Nil and Void in dancing. The Twins stop long enough to slip some sunglasses on the kids' faces before dancing again. Nobody seems willing to bet for Lazarus.]

[Place: Great Codex System, Archer's Place]
[The mortally-wounded Elogin lies comatose on an examination bed, several tubes and wires hooked up to her to maintain her existence. Archer lies off to the side, resting a bit before she continues. The flip side of Operation Proxy -- a hacker dying because the virus is wounded. Her computer lies open to a gambling site, where bets are offered for Lazarus' match. Archer turns her eyes to it.]

Archer: Enter bet -- 8000 credits against Lazarus.

[The computer beeps obediently and places the bet.]

[Place: Great Codex System, Nails' electronics shop]
[The Terrorizers are plotting their next move in-fic as well as in-ring. Tomasi especially. Nails looks up.]

Nails: You think that overzealous racist recluse is gonna win?

Tomasi: What're ya kiddin' me? 'Course not. Knowing Sai, she's prob'ly got something nice 'n' poetic to whup his ass from here to the Web.

[Place: Mainframe, Plug'n'Play Port Inn]
[The Grizzly is docked nearby, and the crew is downing generic 'cohol with Cowboy.]

Justice: We all got our bets in, right?

Dirk: 'Course. Took care o' that 'fore we checked in.

Sil: It's almost not fair.

Dirk: 'Course. These are Authors we're talkin' about. When it comes to people they don't like in matches, they always stack the deck. Like whats-his-name from the old wrestling days, uh...

Cowboy: McMahon?

Dirk: Yeah! Big Shot's kinda like him, only a bit less heartless.

[They all give him a look.]

Dirk: [holds up fingers] A bit less.

[Place: Great Codex System, True Force HQ]
[Lazarus kneels in his penthouse apartment before a crucifix. It's quite obvious what he's praying for. But his face reflects supreme confidence and certainty of his victory.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Jun 24, 2000

[The hiss of of air being forced from somewhere inside off the walls anounces the door opening from the drecks section. And out into the darkness steps Mistya, his wings folded around her in a cloak like fashion. She scans the dark green room over with her eyes, seeing that the main E.V.A. station has been recently been used, and that only one scent dominates the air, one of power, one of respect, one that has been through alot. She follow's the scent through the dark room.

[Mistya stands before the large, cold metal doors of the Med-bay. They slide open as she walks forward into the very bright room. She covers her eyes a moment then, as they adjust, she looks again. Voodoo lays asleep in one of the chairs at the compute station. She knew that her fic creator had not spelt in day's, but of all the places to fall asleep.

[As she makes her way over to him, the sight of the screen infront of her catch her attention. Mostly data she didn't understand, but their were a few tid-bits that pulled her in. One, was the data on Bios. Mistya looked behind her to the large, alien looking, metal tank. Voodoo called it the "Bath of Life", a nick name for the Regeration Tank.

[As far as Mistya understood it, It used nanits and energy transference principals to heal at a imense rate. It could almost bring the dead back to life. She had read files on it before E.V.A. went down. It was a stripped down version of the one that Bios had used to keep Jeff alive for all those years.

[Mistya read over the data on Bios, she would be fully repaired in a day or so, but the other screen didn't seem to make much sense. DNA patterns, Genetic Eninering calculation, and why was their both Hybrid and Sai Creature charts open?]

Mistya: I don't this Voodoo...

[She spoke to her sleeping Creator, and she turn slowly away and walked out of the med bay, and went back to the reason she had gotten up, midnight snack.]

From: "Sai" <>
Date: Jun 24, 2000

[In the arena the next night, Lazarus is already present as Sai portals in at the top of the steps, the actual opponent nowhere in sight. She runs down and crawls into the ring, watching the large screens display various shots of lightning storms showering electricity through dark, grey clouds. People are cheering and shouting for Lazarus' blood, but he just leers at the few he can catch with his eyes and turns to focus on Sai]

[Sai glares at Lazarus] Today you can prepare to go -down-, you prejudiced piece o'- [She stops and looks behind her, though evidently no one else has heard anything] Your rigtousness is in question, Lazarus. I send to angel of judgement. CReaTuRe!

[Raising her hand, the song "Not That Kind of Girl" by VC begins to play, and white-spark explosions go off all around the ceiling. A gigantic, grey, golden-winged beast flyes through the explosions in impressive loops and decends to the ring, nearly knocking Lazarus over with the gust as she passes over him, landing with barely a sound to stand beside Sai]

Lazarus: [straightening his hair back into place] Quite a colorful synthetic demon you have there. And...[smirks] what an original name too.

[Sai ignores him] I give you the ultimate hybrid, Lazarus. She may be engineered...but she's still a person. [growls] You believe a creature such as she should be eliminated because of her origins?

[Lazarus sneers and slits his gaze] God would will it so for such an abomination.

[CReaTuRe looks to nearly charge him even before the match for that insult, her horned crest flaring out in her anger, but she restrains herself]

Sai: Your God "would will it so". [laughs and looks out at the crowd, then heavenward] Very well. In that case, let God witness His deciple's moment of glory!

[At those words, the MDM arena begins to rumble slightly, and moonlight begins seeping through an opening in the roof, as the entire thing begins to fold in upon itself, nothing but framework obstructing starlight in a moment. Floodlights at the sides of the roof still light the arena]

Sai: Now He has a clear view of your holy act! And...[pauses] if your work is indeed His bidding...then you shall win the match. [sees CReaTuRe's disturbed look, but waves it off] After all, the Lord is behind you, Lazarus. Right? He looks after His worthy followers.

[Sai walks out of the ring after glaring at Lazarus and giving her pet a confidant nod and a touch on the shoulder]

Mills Lane: Let's get it on!

[Lazarus makes the first move, firing a lazer beam from his cybernetic eye, but CReaTuRe barely dodges it and leaps out of her corner of the ring to one side. She suddenly turns to lunge at Lazarus, claws extended to slash.

[Lazarus does a tuck 'n' toll between her feet just as she reaches him and stands behind her, quickly focusing his eye-lazer and firing. Before she can turn, the beam hits her in the back, burning deep into her, leaving a smoking mark across her upper back, nearly slicing a wing.

[CReaTuRe jumps away and extends her wings now, flying up about thirty feet to prepare dive-bombing Lazarus in the skull. Folding her wings, she falls right for his astonished expression, but he jumps and dodges easily on ground level from her air-born, slow-maneuvering bulk. However, he doesn't land steadily enough, and as he's righting his footing, CReaTuRe's tail whips around and knocks him in the head, slicing him slightly with a sharp barb.

[Lazarus hits a corner and appears knocked out, as his Anthro opponent approaches. He suddenly turns his head, and his lazer focuses and fires, blasting out one of CReaTuRe's eyes. The human scrambles to his feet and actually, almost casually, walks over to her writhing form. When she finally looks up at him with her good eye, he sneers disgustedly at his opponent and raises his fist, punching CReaTuRe as hard as he can across her left cheek.

[Pain tollerance not one of her strong points, CReaTuRe falls to the matt, seeming barely conscious.

[Pulling out a small firearm from a compartment in his boot, Lazarus places it at point blank at CReaTuRe's temple.

[At the last moment, the Anthro's head lifts up, head-butting Lazarus clear out of the ring. He doesn't get up, and CReaTuRe is determined to drag him back into the ring before he's counted out. The crowd spurs her on, as she forcers herself out of the ring. CReaTuRe clomps over to Lazarus' fallen form and uses her tail to clamp onto the back of his shirt and lift him up, tossing him back into the ring, he falling with a loud *whump*, still not moving.

[More confidant now, CReaTuRe rushes up to the ring ala Tyranosaurus run, struggles over the side again, and walks over to Lazarus where the ref is beginning a count. She places her large digigrade foot upon his back as the ref completes a count to ten.

[As the crowd cheers, CReaTuRe searches for Sai among the crow but doesn't see her. Then she feels a tap at her shoulder and is nearly being hugged to death, a large pseudo-grin coming to her facial features.

Sai: You did it, CRe!

CReaTuRe *I can't believe it...*

Sai: You knocked Pregi-ass! [kicks the fallen form, and the ref swats her away] Here's to lemurs! Let's go celebrate!

CReaTuRe *Yarom?*

Sai: Wherever ya want! Sky's the limit.

[The two stand together and watch the crowd continue to cheer, this a very proud moment for both.

From: "Sai" <>
Date: Jun 26, 2000

[Sai walks into a room near the end of a long corridor made of granite and various other types of everything else in Yarom City. She's thinking over the droll atmosphere, still hiding something behind her back, when she sees CReaTuRe lying nearby on the bed in her room]

[The entire space is done up with Get Well Soon balloons, and posters of cute little kittens and puppies in casts, with trite expressions written off to the side of these, line the walls nearest CRe's bed]

[As soon as Sai comes walking over hastily, a pseudo-grin appears on the Anthro's muzzle where her mouth would supposedly be. Some type of whalesong is heard when CReaTuRe actually speaks]

CRe *Excessive of them all, but well meant... It is greatly appreciated...* [She turns from the decorations to smile again at Sai] *It is good to see you visit.*

Sai: It's good to see you too, dear. I just had to get a few things at home done. You feeling any better?

CRe *Oh much. The Yarga are so good with natural medicine. I never knew. They say it'll be possible for me to leave in a few hours...*

Sai: Yes, but I'd like for you to stay an extra day. I wanna be sure. But you do look better. [stares critically at CReaTuRe's eye]

CRe *Yes... And...I wonder what the Sai might be hiding behind her back...* [pointing, trying to see around Sai]

[Sai shuffles her hands around behind her and finally brings out something in a plain brown bag] Didn't have time to wrap it. I just...saw it and immediately grabbed it thinkin' of ya.

[The Anthro takes the light bag in her hands and carefully opens it, sensing something alive within. She carefully removes a beautiful flower from its paper container and marvels at its beauty] *A phoenix blossom... It's beautiful. did you find this? They're so rare...* [notices it withering from lack of water and puts a claw to it, seeing it momentarily perk up a bit]

[Sai gets a proud expression upon her face] I'm a writer, my pet. I've got my ways. [She grins and winks at the patient]

CRe *You certainly do...* [mentally requests for a nurse in the hall to find a vase for it] *But why that flower? I don't mean offence, but I've never asked for it before or anything...*

[Sai looks troubled for a moment and pulls down the bar on CReaTuRe's bed to sit beside her, touching her face gently where Lazarus hit it in the match before] It's...what I have to tell you...

CRe *You are...apprehensive.*

Sai: With good reason. I have a tale to tell. [pulls off her organizer from her belt, and it expands to full size] CReaTuRe, I haven't been completely honest with you, and it's over a very important subject. It's about who you are.

CRe *I-*

[Sai raises a hand] You asked me last night about who you are...and I sort of avoided the subject. [She places the organizer before CReaTuRe's right hand] Everything you need to know about yourself is right there. About you, about me...about WeB ViRuS.

[CReaTuRe squints at the organizer] *Some things are best left untold...*

Sai: Not this. Please... Well, I'll leave it up to you. [gets off the bed and goes to the door] Read or don't, either way might be good for you. I guess I've just been feeling...guilty. [walks out]

[CReaTuRe doesn't know what to think of this latest change in Sai's mood. She watches as a short little blue-eyed Yarga female comes in and places the large, flame-colored flower in a slender crystal vase]

[Her final decision made, CReaTuRe picks up the organizer, presses the screen a few times to open a file obviously meant for her, and she slowly begins to read Sai's personal Author Logs]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Jun 24, 2000

[Place: Jay's Green Room, Time: After the Laz-CRe match]

[Lazarus has left to Great Codex to brood about his loss and probably find some way to turn his defeat into a victory for the True Force...but no one in Team Winger takes that seriously.

[In fact, they're partying again! The younger Aughts (Twins, Blank & Zip) are dancing again, Naught is grooving off to the side, while Nada is making sure everyone's winnings go to the proper places. Quinn is writing a nice, good, scathing article celebrating Laz's loss and denouncing the True Force. DaVinci is more subdued, merely drinking a Sodee Pop as he hacks on his computer.

[As for the crew of the Grizzly, they are clustered around the card table again, with Cowboy and Burke, playing blackjack. No sign of Lean Il Lupe, Archer and Elogin, Renei, or Ünres and Chaotis. They are probably off in their respective systems/colony worlds.

[Jay himself is standing on his desk, spraying Gatorade from a Supersoaker, grinning madly.]

Jay: [raising a Sodee Pop] To Lazarus! May all his future matches go like that!

[Laughter and cheers. Zilch raises his Sodee Pop.]

Zilch: To the CReaTuRe! May all her future matches go like that!

[More cheers.]

Jay: [setting down Supersoaker and calming the mob] All right, now, let's talk Night 5...

Naught: Aw, c'mon, Big Shot! Let us celebrate!

Jay: I suggest you quiet down, Naught, since you factor into this.

[They all quiet down to listen to Jay's plans for Night #5 of MDM.]

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Jun 29, 2000

[The partying has already petered out at Java's green room after much mp3s and dancing. It's now around midnight, and the Guardians are at the Supercomputer.

[Tri is at her laptop, with her hacking programs up and running, and seems fairly busy. Java is on the couch in the relative center of the room, looking bored.]

Java: Well?

Tri: [typing] Patuence, Jav. Hacking takes time and we do have some of it. I'm getting there.

Java: Is it hard?

Tri: Look at it this way: it isn't the Teracomp, but it sure isn't your random enter-password jig. There I could probably try a brute-force.

Java: Eh. [pause] What do you think?

Tri: Oh the plan?

Java: Yeah.

Tri: It's certainly crazy, but you'd better tread carefully-Bios is still around and probably still pissed.

Java: Meaning anoying Jay too much is bad?

Tri: Something like that. Almost there.

[Java grins.] Can I use your trademark?

Tri: Symbol or color?

Java: Both.

Tri: Sure. You're the 'ress-Yes!

[Java jumps up.] You're in?

Tri: Well, no shit Sherlock! [smiling] One more nano-there.

[She stands up.] There's your link. Don't stay up all night. You need help?

Java: Nah. Take a nap.

[Java sits down, smiling. Tri shakes her head and lays down on the couch, sighing.]

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