Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two

Night #5: Tournaments, Tricks, and Trouble
Part Two
From: "Team Voodoo"
Date: Aug 11, 2000

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Voodoo/Minke room}

[Voodoo sits in his author chair, watching Minkes VR battle on a open Vid-window. He folds his arms and watches the young anthro grow into a powerful being. In the short time she has spent learning this new art of battle, she has become quicker and has learn some very powerful attacks. But she still lacks disaplin on useing them.]

Voodoo: No.. your staying open to long, remember the more of you exposed the more there is to hit. [Voodoo says into the microphone that is postioned infront of his mouth.]

[Voodoo watchs as Minke delivers a powerful energy blast, leavling an entire virtual mountian. But still missed her computer foe.]

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Hybrid Section, Jenny/Jeff quaters.}

Jeff: No...

Jenny: No what?

Jeff: You are not going anywhere, so you can put that uniform right back were it is hanging.

Jenny: Since when can't I wear my uniform?

Jeff: I case you havn't noticed. You have been shot, and the second you put on that uniform, you will go back out and get shot again. I would rather you stay in something baggy, that way you wont open the wound.

[Jeff still hasn't look up from his datapad, how the hell he saw through the wall into the walk-in closet and saw her remove one of her uniforms was beyond her.]

Jenny: Fine.. maybe you rahter I just walk around in my underwear?

Jeff: Since you don't wear any when you have you uniform on, it would make very interesting dinner converstaion if someone saw you.

Jenny: At times Jeff Freeman, you amaze me, at others, you simply bug me.

Jeff: I love you to.

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Bios Quaters}

Bios: E.V.A. whats new?

E.V.A.: Specify.

Bios: What have I missed since I was out?

E.V.A.: All recent activites have been logged, select date.

Bios: At times, you don't act all that smart.

E.V.A.: Funny, I was about to say the same.

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Voodoo/Minkes quaters.}

[Minkes battle is on the verge of being over, to bad Minke is the one that is about to lose. Voodoo had risen the difficulty level and Minke was having a hard time re adjusting to the battle. Voodoo didn't want t fustrate her, just give her a challange, this was training after all, and she had to be strong.]

[Minke channles energy for yet another devestating attack, but the virus enemy is quicker and blast Minke first, but something is wrong, Minke feels pain. Intense pain, she lets out a high pitched scream in her Web speak. A purplish energy emits from her, The shockwave that spreds knocks Voodoo clear out of his and into the wall. Sparks fall from the wall. E.V.A.'s display pannels burts. The Wave moves through the Green Room, panels blow out, things are knocked over, the windows shatter. the glass hits the forcefield around the room. Then remaining E.V.A. display flicker and then blackout, the shelds around the Green Room flahs, flickering to stay on, but the power dies, and the shelds fall, raining glass falls, but what is not catched in the rafters hits the ring and the mats around it, the growd below is saved from the raining death.]

[The red emergency lights flick on, Voodoo's room remains in shambles, his chair has been shatterd, the wood split beyond repair. Voodoo shakes his head, his eyes open to see his less the grand room. Sparks fall from the roof, the only thing that remainds intact is Minke futon, and luckly Minke herself.]

Voodoo: Minke?....Minke?

[Voodoo pushes himself up, and braces himself on the wall. He looks through the dim light and walks slowly through the room, not that he is hurt, but the fact the light is so dim he can't see where he is. After a moment or two moving blindly through the room, he reachs Minke and kneels on her futon, removing the fried VR units from her temples his hods her head in his hands.]

Voodoo: Minke.. you alive?

[Noble words have never been said. After a slight shake her eyes open and she looks at him, A million throughts go through her head, but she settles in a feeling.]


Voodoo: You are alright..but we need to work on your mind when you are in VR space.

[Seein that his friend is alright for the most part, he removed the com device from his belt.]

Voodoo: Voodoo to anyone, you guys online?

Jeff: Me and Jenny are alright, although the current postion would not be a photoshop moment, we are alright.. who hit us with the nuke?

Voodoo: It wasn't a nuke.

Jeff: Felt like we were hit from inside...

Voodoo: Don't worry about it..Jeff you and Jenny make sure that everone is alright, Me and Minke will check on Dax, I want you guys to arm yourself after you check on the others. It seems E.V.A.'s down and so is out defences. I can't get a vid-window so we don't have basic systems. We need to get power back online and off life support.

Jeff: Copy that Voodoo, Me and Jenny are on it. Jeff out.

[Minke looks up and Voodoo, and he looks down at her. There is a moment of uneasy silence between the two, but Voodoo as normal, get right to busniess.]

Voodoo: We need to check on Dax and the rest, can you walk?

Minke: I don't feel damaged.

Voodoo: Good enough for me.

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Main Room, 20 minutes later.}

[The remains of the team stand or sit on thier damaged funiture. All accounted for, side from Dax and E.V.A.]

Voodoo: Alright, here the grim guys and gals, E.V.A. is down, and right now we are on life support. The seals around the door are locked, and the transporter down. Dax is fine since all available power is deverted to the Med-bay. Right now we arm ourselves till we get main power back. Jeff and Jenny, The vault is sealed off so use stuff out of you personal collection and start watch. Crix, Ki'eva I need you guys to work on E.V.A. see what we can do about getting her back. Mistya, Scar and Kaka we need to get this placed cleaned up. Me, Minke and Bios will help. Lets start now people, Jay has just seen our open wound, he and Java could exploit it any any given time. Since its hard for us to see, check in's our in place, see anyone you can't ID, call Bulldog, reply is chasity. Alright, dismissed.

[The team splits off to do what they have been assigned, Ki'ace returns to watching over Dax. Minke pulls Voodoo aside.]

Minke: * Why didn't you tell them?*

Voodoo: They didn't need to know. I rather them think that it was the reactor then you. You are family and friend Minke, but that still doesn't mean you won't be feared. Don't worry about it my friend, everyone makes a mistakes.

Minke:* This isn't one that should be brushed off.*

Voodoo: Don't worry 'bout it hun, no one was hurt, and thats the important thing. Now lets get to work, lets start with the couch.

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Aug 12, 2000

Java: What the FAQ?!

[Erinys and See hurry over to the sound of the explosion. The Ring is littered with wreckage, but that's not what Java's looking at. It's a monitor with a hacking program up.]

Erinys: Man, Voodoo's place got blasted...

See: Jav?

Java: See, look at the log and tell me what you read.

[He scrolls up a screen and reads silently, whilst Java finally looks at the physical damage.]

Erinys: Good thing the match wasn't happening.

Java: It's going on in a minute, probably get slowed down. By they way, it'e even odds, how much do I place?

See: A whole lot...[He turns.] Apparently, it wasn't just that. Read that line, Er?

Erinys: "Denied" is the only word I understand.

See: Java's been pinging E.V.A., and she repeatedly denies the ping. Simple. Read the last line.

Erinys: ..."Cannot find server?"

See: E.V.A isn't even responding...

Java: [hopeful] Which means?

See: [smirks] She's down.

[Java *WOOHOO*s and claps her hands.] Pray that she stays down...[Another noise from the plethora of screens.] See? It's time for you to go...

[He looks up, grins darkly again, then saunters out. Erinys blinks and falls onto the couch. And Java laughs.]

Java: Everything is working according to plan...

From: "Jay Winger"
Date: Aug 12, 2000

{Place - Training Room}

[Tomasi is lifting a heavy barbell on his shoulders, Nails spotting, when the explosion hits. A weight machine falls over, pinning Tomasi beneath it. Nails stumbles into the wall.]

Tomasi: Nails, don't stand there gapin', get your furry ASCII over here and get this f'n thing off me!

[Nails runs over to help.]

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[Chaos abound here as well. Jay is busy doing a quick check of all his dBases, then the Arena's. DaVinci is helping furiously. Zilch is trying to comfort Blank & Zip, who are terrified, thinking this is another nanobomb attack like Dr. van der Waals did to the Resonate.

[Justice hardly seems concerned, but he has managed to put his empty beer bottle down to clean up the shattered bottles left by the explosion. The rest of the crew helps out, as does Burke.

[Lean, however, is merely watching.]

DaVinci: Lean, get up and help.

Lean: Why should I?

Jay: [turns] 'Cuz I said so.

Lean: [sighs] All right. I'll do the Good Samaritan thing again.

[He gets up to aid in fixing things. As he does so, a vidwindow opens in front of Jay. The Other Owners appear on it.]

Other Owner #1: Winger, what the hell happened?

Jay: Excuse me a minute -- Quinn, go tell Bruno and his men to go do crowd control! The audience is going to be nervous. [turns back to the Other Owners] Sorry. We have a bit of a crisis.

Other Owner #3: I'll say! What happened?

Jay: Near as I've been able to figure out in the last few minutes, there was some explosion at Voodoo's place.

Other Owner #2: What? What has he been doing?

Jay: I wouldn't know, since I have no sources of information within Voodoo's Greenroom. My assumption is Murphy's Law struck some of his high technology.

Other Owner #1: So is everything all right?

Jay: Oh, sure. Nothing I can't fix. Don't worry yourselves. We've got everything covered.

[Thus assured, the Other Owners break contact. Jay turns to DaVinci.]

Jay: Go up to Vood's place and find out what the hell happened, and make sure it doesn't happen again! We could lose a lot of money on this!

[DaVinci nods, and Jay taps a control on his Washu-chanesque keyboard, opening a portal into the hall outside Voodoo's Greenroom. DaVinci looks at the door, finds something resembling a doorbell and presses the button.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 12, 2000

[DaVinci looks around his surrounds, He knows that he is high above the ring but the hall way that is connected to the stadium hides the true sense of the green room behind the large steel doors. He taps the pad again, no answer. He is about to give up when the door slowly hiss open.]

???: Bulldog...

DaVinci: Huh?

[DaVinci jumps put of the way and into the corner as he sees two red dots appear in the redness beyond the door. He knows that they belong to, and thankfully he ducked away as a steam of automatic laser fire sweeps by.]

DaVinci: FAQ....

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Main Room.}

Minke:* Whats that sound?*

Voodoo: Laser fire.. shit Jeff and Jenny..

[Voodoo darts off, his friend close behind, running through the destoryed room, he taps his guantlets, the green energy swarms over him and fades from sight, thankfuly his guantlets were destoryed in the blast. He stops before rounding the corner to the main entrence, but stops and pulls Minke agianst the wall with him.]

Voodoo: Stay here..

Minke: *I am your bodyguard I go were you go.*

Voodoo: Minke...

[She stares at him, sending her message across without any words. Voodoo nods with a slight sigh and he looks around the corner.]

Voodoo: Jeff! Jenny! Stop fireing.... Find out who it is for crying out loud.

[The couple stop there fireing, and slowly move forward, weapons raised. Voodoo and Minke follow close behind. DaVinci unfolds his arms from around his head as he feels a precence next to him, he looks up and right into the eyes of Jenny, and her gun.]

Jenny: It's the Hacker God, Voodoo....

[Jenny takes a step back and Voodoo steps forward, offering a hand to the hacker, DaVinci doesn't take it but stands himself up]

DaVinci: What are you nuts! I come here to help and you open fire on me!

Voodoo: Sercurity reasons.

DaVinci: Uh.. for love.. Damn it Voodoo!

[DaVinci is pissed off, and he pulls his hand back to punch Voodoo, but before his fist makes contact, his arm stops, DaVinci's hidden eyes follow up the arm of his blocker, expecting to see one of the Hybrids or Voodoo himself holding his hand back. But his jaw drops as he followed the arm to it source. A black clad uniform with both a Team Voodoo Logo and a Yarga symbol, but more of a shock, is that CReaTuRe is standing there, clad in such a uniform.]

DaVinci: My....gawd....

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Aug 13, 2000

{Place - Voodoo's Greenroom}

[DaVinci looks at Minke with surprise, then he chuckles briefly.]

DaVinci: Well, I guess that tells us where you went.

[He looks at his arm, then up at Minke again.]

DaVinci: You can let me go now. I'll keep my Wolfish tendencies under control, okay?

[He looks at Voodoo.]

DaVinci: Winger sent me to make sure everything was okay. That explosion through the whole Stadium out of whack.

[He glances at Minke again, sees she's not letting go, and then blinks, remembering something. He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a small gun, which he drops on the floor and nudges away with his boot.]

DaVinci: Let me go now? I'm starting to lose feeling in my fingers.

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 13, 2000

[Minke puts DaVinci back on his feet] *Yes, I go where I'm most welcome...* [She goes to stand beside Voodoo again, taking up the gun in her tail-claw, handing this to Jeff]

[Jeff takes the small pistol, and without second thought, he disarms the weapon and places the weapon in his empty holdster. Jenny relaxes and lowers her weapon, and looks to Voodoo.]

Voodoo: In other words my hacker comrade, Jay is protecting his investments... Business to the end as always.

DaVinci: Something like that, yes.

Voodoo: You can tell your 'big shot author' that we had a small reactor problem.

DaVinci: " small reactor problem "?

Voodoo: Yes, This room..

DaVinci: Room?

Voodoo: Ok, sector. This entire sector is not part of the main MDM power grid, not that it could support it anyways. We use a matter/anti-matter reactor to power the system's. We have a slight phase verience in the lower enjector system which fused the reaction chamber thus creating a large power such of null energy. The explosion was caused from the breching of the chamber of null energy and thus...boom.

DaVinci: [teardrop] Uh..

Voodoo: My green room went boom.

DaVinci: Oh.. then why havn't you called Jay?

Voodoo: Can't, E.V.A. was damaged in the blast..she is less then feeling well at the moment..

DaVinci: Who is E.V.A.?

Voodoo: Our computer system.. complete Bio-nural curcity and processor.. She is alive.

DaVinci: Sounds nice..

Voodoo: It is.. which is why I want to borrow your services for a small amount of time.

DaVinci: What is it you want?

Voodoo: I want you to help us restore E.V.A., A price my be set for such a long as it is in reason of course..

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Aug 13, 2000

{Place - Outside Voodoo's Greenroom}

[DaVinci mulls over Voodoo's proposal to help restore EVA, then glances at him.]

DaVinci: Sure, I could help out in that regard. Should take me an hour or two.

Voodoo: This isn't the Teracomputer you're trying to hack.

DaVinci: So? You forget you're talking to the Renaissance Hacker. If I can find a way to neutralize Great Codex Netwide's anonymity, I can fix EVA. No sweat. Just let me clear it with Winger.

[He reaches into his jacket again. Jeff, Jenny, and Minke all tense almost imperceptibly. Noticing it, DaVinci slowly takes out a comm (done in the style of Morpheus' cell phone in The Matrix) and flicks it open, then presses a button.]

DaVinci: ...Jay? It's DaVinci. ...Yeah, I'm okay. They only pointed their guns and CReaTuRe at me-- I'll explain later, Big Shot. ...Listen, their main computer is down, and they're asking for my help fixing it. That a problem? ...Simmer down, Big Shot, they're not going to kill me. Voodoo may have all that high technology and shit, but that can't compare with Puck Wild, okay? ...Right. I'll be back in a few. I'll tell them to hold off on the Triple Threat thing until I get back.

[He hangs up and puts the phone away.]

DaVinci: Okay, he's okay with it. I'd be lying if he said he was fine with it, but he'll let me help you out. [raises an index finger] But, you try to screw with me, I'll put a Digibomb so far inside EVA, you'll blow your faces off first time you use her.

From: "Team Voodoo"
Date: Aug 14, 2000

Voodoo: Fine DaVinci, I don't have any reason to have anything bad happen to you. I have nothing agianst you, I..unlike your Author, don't attack and capture innocent people for no reason.

[Voodoo motions for DaVinci to follow, and he does, but not without being closed in by Minke and the couple. Even in the dimly lit room, DaVinci does notice the size of the main area. It in itself is the size of the entire Winger green room, he knows that if Winger ever saw the inside of this place, that he would have to out do Voodoo. Jenny and Jeff split off from the group to return to thier dutys. But Minke stays close to Voodoo, although she could keep a scan on DaVinci's mind to know if he was planning to attack, she rather not break her own personal rules.]

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Jeff and Jenny's section.}

[Jenny removes her pistol from the belt just as the main lights come back on. She looks up and seems to smile just a little at the fact that DaVinci has managed, with help from Team Voodoo, to restore power to the green room in a little under an hour. Jeff and Jenny's rounds had be cut short, due to both the fact that they had watched the match below, and the fact that there was no real need to have the roaming the outer section of the green room. Jenny placed her weapon on the dresser, and turned to see Jeff slowly peeling off his Duster, the large red spot on his shirt turn her from his wife, into his paraniod companion.]

Jenny: Jeff! When did that happen!?

[Jeff mearly nodded down towards where they had landed when the explosion had hit. The sea blue eyes of his wife looked down at the shards of glass on the ground. He hadn't had his duster on for if he had, this wouldn't had been a problem.]

Jenny: Why didn't tell me when this happened?

Jeff: After digging into you after your little accedent, you really think I was going to admit I had been hurt?

[This was the side she hated about her husband. He never like to show that he was weak, even if it ment that his head was blown off, he would still never show pain. This also caused her to be torn between her many roles. She was torn between the careing women that would help her husband heal, and also that small part of ther wanted to chew him out for being so stupid.]

Jenny: Lay down Jeff, we need to get you cleaned up.

[Jenny turned and open the top draw on her dresser, removing the medkit from among the other supplys they had stored in there, she turned back to her companion. He was still trying to remove his shirt with as little pain as possible. She tossed the kit on the bed and pushed him onto his stomach and stadled his back.]

Jenny: You are such a baby at times...

Jeff: You get a entire window in your back and see how you feel.

[Yanking the shirt apart, Jenny made sure to run her pinky over his wound, sending a shiver of pain through his spin.]

Jenny: I went through more then one window in my life time buster. I swear for a man who has gone through so many battles he sure doesn't seem to like the results that not everyone comes out in perfect condition.

Jeff: Since when does the Hippocratic Oath state that the doctor can berate the person they are healing?

Jenny: It doesn't..But I'm not a doctor [Jeff yelps in a bit of pain as Jenny digs out a large shard of glass from his lower back.].. and I don't plan to be.[Jenny pauses and the twizers lock on a piece of glass, she yanks hard and Jeff can't help buck in pain, trying to hold back from yelling.] there.. no more glass.

Jeff: No.. no more back also.

Jenny: Hush... Be thankful I wasn't Ki'ace.

Jeff: Ki'ace would be nice enough to use something to dull the pain.

Jenny: But I always was told pain equals pleasure...[ she giggles as she moves her hand slowly down his back with the medical laser, sealing the cuts as she goes.].. or am I wrong on that one?

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: E.V.A. Core Vault.}

DaVinci: Well..

Ki'eva: Gotta admit Crix...that was pretty cool.

Crix: I admit.. he's quick...I didn't even know that you knew that old format.

DaVinci: I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't know DOS. Although to think all the sub-systems of E.V.A. rely on such a old peice of computer code.

Crix: Just remember the deal.. you keep hush hush about E.V.A.'s workings..and Voodoo will pay your price.

DaVinci: Do you think that Voodoo would let me roam around E.V.A. without any protection? I do believe that he has made sure that she is well protected from any hacker.

Ki'eva: Can we please return to getting all the sub-systems back online?

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Voodoo's Room.}

[Minke stands infront of the bookshelf, returning the books back to thier proper place, she reads the titles over just to see what Voodoo likes to read, but most of the stuff means little to her, some of titles stick out such as "The Art of War", "The Tale of two Citys", "The works of Edger Allen Poe", "Weapons of World War I and II". But it's the last one that strikes her somewhat the hardest, it is a simple black hardcover book, on the ground in gold leaf reads "Frankenstein". She had heard some of Sai's other character call her a real life Frankenstein, but she never knew what the ment. She placed her talon like hand on it, she closes her eyes and and then they open with a shock as the book falls from her hand.]

[Voodoo, who was busy trying to slavage the rest of his book collection and datapads, looks up from his work to see that Minke has a moarnful look on her Anthtoic face. Minke falls back into her chair, her head lowerd and her wings folding over her.]

Voodoo: Minke? Whats wrong?

[But Voodoo heards not the voice in his head. This concerns him, Minke always talks to him, now she is locked away, he can't feel her mental presence. He stands, pushing his cape back, and walks to the large person sitting in her chair. He kneels so he can look at her lowerd face. He sends a mental message, no reply, he sends it again and she looks at him.]

Minke: *Am I a monster?*

[Even through the Vincent type mask Voodoo wears, she can see his face respond. He slowly shakes his head as she places a hand on hers]

Voodoo: Not at all...what in the 'verse gave you that idea?

[Minke motions the crown of her head towards the book she dropped, and Voodoo moves to get it, he seats himself next to Minke and reads the title of the book.]

Voodoo: So I see. You read this?

Minke: *Scanned it over.. The creature in there is not completly different from me. He was hated and hunted, what makes me different from the person?*

Voodoo: Other then the fact that you don't have bolts sticking out of the side of your neck?

[Voodoo's cheap attempt at comedy didn't help, and Minke just slides down in her chair. Voodoo tosses the book aside as he places his hands on her arm.]

Voodoo: Minke.. In the time we have known each other we have always seen each other as people. Everyone in the MDM knows you as Minke, or in some cases Creature. But the fact is that you are you, not if you were born in a chamber or by parents. The fact remains Minke.. you aren't a monster. I have to see a monster that would give it's own life for another person,let alone leave the person that created them for another.

[Minke turns her head and looks at Voodoo, it's strange how the two seem to not notice and difference in each other. On the mental plane sure they can change the forms of the body, but here they are stuck in the forms they have been given by the authors. Voodoo stands, her eyes and head follows, she watchs him closely, awaiting for him to say something. But Voodoo's reponce isn't in words, he slides the cloth cover infront of his face down and does something that sends all of her emotion out of wack. He kisses her on the forehead.]

Voodoo: Don't worry Minke.. No one see's you as a monster.. me the most.

[Voodoo knows that Minke will want to think over things as she normally does, he lets her, more then able himself to finish the sorting of books and datapads. He starts sorting them in piles, trying to get the most done before his match with Java.]

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Aug 14, 2000

{Place - Voodoo's Greenroom, EVA's core}

[DaVinci had to admit that EVA was an impressive piece of 'ware. To be sure, he could write something as good (if not better) if he had half a mind, but the last time he wrote something semi-sentient it went viral on him. Fixing EVA wasn't a problem, and he'd be damned if he'd use any of EVA's weaknesses (which he had located) against Voodoo's Team.]

DaVinci: ~~Jay can go frag himself if he asks me too. I'm an honorable person.~~

[DaVinci got up from his seat and nodded to Crix.]

DaVinci: Well, I've done my part. Any messages you want me to relay to the Big Shot when I go?

From: "Crix Lockheart"
Date: Aug 15, 2000

[Crix leans forward in his chair, tapping on his keyboard as E.V.A.'s control panal comes back online, he starts re-working some of her systems.]

Crix: All I can tell you is that don't expect my father to be in the match tonight. I don't think Voodoo will allow his out of the room just yet. But then again, the way Voodoo is of late who knows?

DaVinci: That's a good point...So what should I tell Jay?

Crix: Other then to go FAQ himself? I would tell him that you did your job and to expect Voodoo to contact him soon.

DaVinci: Will do.. hope you can get E.V.A. back online now.

Crix: Already there..

E.V.A.: I have such a headache.....what happen?

Ki'eva: Green Room went boom, to say the least.

E.V.A.: Crix.. Ki'eva.. I can't see!

Crix: We are still getting your sensors up.. there..anything now?

E.V.A.: I can only sense objects....who else is there with you?

Crix: DaVinci.

E.V.A.: You let that hacker into my core! No wounder I feel so good...even with the headache.

DaVinci: I aim to please..

Crix: This is just sick.. E.V.A. can you scan anything else?

E.V.A.: No.. I can only scan that there are three living beings in the room.. I have no other sensing equipment online.

Crix: It's a start.. what about you holoform? Can you project?

E.V.A.: One moment Crix.

[The holopad infront of E.V.A.'s core com lights up, there is the sound of energy being re-sent into the pad and it flashs, a static image slowly appears. E.V.A. stands with her hands behind her back, in her Team Voodoo uniform, her face and most of her skin is static, her imaging files were still not online.]

E.V.A.: I still don't see much of anything...

Ki'eva: Hang tight E.V.A. we will get you running smoothly again.

DaVinci: If I am not needed here..

Crix: Your service is not needed anymore, I will save my pride over you from surfacing.. I think you can leave now, but you might want to talk to Voodoo about your payment.

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Aug 15, 2000

{Place - Voodoo's Greenroom, EVA's core room}

[Sensing that his job is done with EVA for now, DaVinci bids Crix, Ki'eva, and EVA goodbye and heads out into the main part of the greenroom. Looking around, he spots the door to what he deduces (correctly) is Voodoo's private office.

[Quietly, and trying to be unobtrustive, DaVinci knocks.]

DaVinci: Voodoo? I finished restoring EVA. Crix sent me to talk about my payment. And what's this I hear about Freeman not being able to fight?

From: "Team Voodoo"
Date: Aug 16, 2000

[The large oaken doors that lead to Voodoo's room open inward, the darkness of the inside contrast with the brightly lit outside. DaVinci glances into the darkness onto to find Voodoo standing infront of him a moment later.]

Voodoo: So you have completed your task? E.V.A. status?

[There is no reply from the AI that is Team Voodoo's main line of defence, as well as anything else one might imagine.]

DaVinci: Her sensors are still down and she can only see in one room at a time. It's not the greatest job but i did get her back online.

Voodoo: Which I am glad you did.. and your payment?

{Place: Voodoo's Green Room: Medical Bay.}

Ki'ace: I swear, thats the last time I rely on that reactor of ours. Lucky for Dax that the medical bay has its own power back up.

Bios: That still doesn't help the fact that my body was almost boiled alive!

Ki'ace: I warned you about that thing...

Bios: How was I to know that the thing would malfuntion if the room decided to expliode, besides, what would you have me do? Go around sucking people dry for energy?

Ki'ace: Didn't stop you with Jeff for 18 years...

[A sharp crack rings out in the med-bay. Ki'ace rans her hand lightly over her mark that now rest on her lower jaw. Bios lays back down on the table, her eyes returning to the screen next to her.]

Bios: Never speak of things you don't understand Ki'ace...

Ki'ace: I understand all to well Bios... To well as a matter of fact.[Ki'ace taps on the control panal, setting a new powerlevel for Bios.] 15 minutes and you should feel fine.

[The young Zed, taps again on the panel, a glass tube sliding over Bios, and the power begins flowing into her body. Ki'ace turns and looks up at the tank where Dax floats quitly. She rubs her hand over her mark where Bios had slapped her. Under normal reasons she would have ripped the viruses heart out right through her rub cage. But it wouldn't have solved anything, just would have made more problems she figured.]

[A sharp hiss brings the Zed back into the reality that she now resides in. Ki'ace watchs as the greenish fluide is drained out of the tank, and Dax's body slowly falling with it. The fluid gone, the glass slides open. Ki'ace rushes up, holding her secret loves child in her arms, Dax slowly stires to life, but she panics at once. Dax reaches up and rips the mask off her face, Ki'ace tries to calm her but will little hope of succeding.]

[With the mask off Dax can breath through her nose, but the long tube down her neck makes it hard for her. Her hands grip around the tube and she bends over, pulling the long black tube out of her throat. She takes her first non-recycled air breath in over four hours. She gags, and soon she dry heaves. She looks up as Ki'ace comes running back to her side, through a blanket around her, and a bottle water in the other hand, she opens it and hands it to her. Dax drinks heavly and soon, she returns to a clam state.]

Ki'ace: How you feeling hun?

Dax: Been better..

Ki'ace: Want me to get your mom?

[Dax shakes her head, she takes another long drink of water.] No.. Clothes would be nice..

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Aug 16, 2000

{Place - Voodoo's Greenroom, Voodoo's Office}

[DaVinci shrugs.]

DaVinci: Myself, I don't usually take payment for hacking jobs, but seeing as how I'm in an unusual situation, some small monetary or technological compensation might be in order.

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Hacking Parlor}

[Naught, idly watching data go by on his compscreen, sits up and taps a few keys. He turns to Cowboy, smacks his arm, and points. Cowboy leans forward to look.]

Cowboy: What the--?

Naught: EVA's back online!

Cowboy: With the data we got coming on her status, it should've taken Crix weeks to fix!

Naught: Unless--

Cowboy: Unless they got somebody with enough skillz to do it sooner.

[They share a look.]

Both: DaVinci.

Cowboy: Think we should tell the Big Shot?

Naught: More'n likely Jay already knows.

Cowboy: So we just keep it to ourselves, then.

Naught: Yup.

From: "Voodoo & Dax Lockheart"
Date: Aug 17, 2000

[Voodoo crosses his arms, he closes his eyes for a moment then they re-open, as if he is thinking very hard to himself for a moment. He nods in agreement.]

Voodoo: I can spare some of my technology. Nothing that would give Jay much a of boost mind you..but something for you to play around with. One moment...

[Voodoo decends into the blackness of his private room, DaVinci hears a russle as things are moved about. Voodoo returns a moment later with a hand sized object, a 3D doudecahedrin( I know that is not splet right.) he hands it over to DaVinci who takes it with a stand look on his face]

Voodoo: I don't give away secrets very easy my friend, solve the puzzle and you will get whats inside. Fail in your attempt..well..try.

[DaVinci taps on the jagged pannles on the 48 sided figure and it and a few others turn blue, he taps another one, some more pannles turn blue, he taps again the color is green and the object shifts into a 52 sided figure, the colors fade from it, leaving it all silver]

DaVinci: Hmmm..

Voodoo: That should keep you busy for a few nights. But the reward inside is well worth the mental fustration.. little tip.. take small steps. Good Day DaVinci.

[Voodoo takes a step back into his room and the doors slide shut and a thud escapes from inside as the lock is restored to its place. DaVinci turns and walks towards the way he came in. He plays with the object, trying to figure it out. A hiss of a door, and he looks up to see Dax in baggy sweatclothes stepping out of the Medical Bay]

Dax: What the FAQ? DaVinci!

[The Hybrid leaps at him, knocking him to the ground, she stradles his neck with her legs and sits on his chest. Her hand is drawn back and her fingers ready to deliever a blow to his pressure points.]

DaVinci: WAIT!!! Voodoo hired me to fix E.V.A.! I was just about to leave!

Dax: Really... E.V.A. conferm!

DaVinci: She can't hear you or see you.. Voodoo only hired me to get her sub-systems back onlione faster.. your brother and the Zed are repairing her right now.

Dax: Well.. I guess it must be true.. since I don't see my parents aiming thier guns at your head right now. Alright..I'll get up..and you will get up and leave.. got it?

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Aug 17, 2000

{Place - Voodoo's Greenroom}

[DaVinci picks himself up from where Dax had tackled him and straightens his jacket and sunglasses. Nodding goodbye to the second-generation Hybrid, DaVinci takes his little puzzle with him as he walks out the door and out of the Greenroom entirely.

[There, he flicks out his comm.]

DaVinci: Big Shot? Yeah, it's D. Open a portal back.

[Moments later, one does so, and he steps through.]

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}

[As DaVinci emerges from the portal, everyone swarms around him, checking for injuries and demanding questions. Jay steps in, fixes everyone but DaVinci with The Look(tm) and takes the Renaissance Hacker aside.]

Jay: So?

DaVinci: So I helped them jump-start EVA. Crix and Ki'eva can handle the rest. Nothing much else to say. Voodoo does have a great deal of high technology, I'll give him that.

Jay: I see...

DaVinci: Oh, and it appears Mr. Freeman is injured. He won't be able to battle toNight.

Jay: What?!

DaVinci: Hey! Hey! I'm just the messenger! Don't get mad at me. Here's the way I see it -- we'll just postpone the match for Night 6. No reason to get all bent out of shape.

Jay: [grumbling] All right. But I don't like it.

DaVinci: Hey, if you get mad at anyone, it should be Voodoo for letting his Greenroom blow up in the first place.

Jay: Fine. You tell the others, I'll inform the Other Owners.

DaVinci: Will do.

[Leaving Jay's office, DaVinci goes over to the card table. Justice looks up.]

Justice: What?

DaVinci: Your match has been postponed to Night 6.

Justice: [getting up angrily] What?!

DaVinci: Blame Freeman if you blame anyone. He's the idiot who got injured. Just take it easy toNight and you can take him out next Night.

[Semi-placated, the Most Dangerous Renegade sits back down. DaVinci steps off a little ways and calls up the Training Room.]

{Place - Training Room}

[Tomasi looks up angrily as DaVinci appears on a vidwindow.]

Tomasi: [Hatemil] (What do you want, you @#$%ing prick!)

DaVinci: Watch the language, Tom. Big Shot told me to tell you that your match with Justice and Freeman has been postponed to Night 6, since Freeman got injured.

Tomasi: That goddamn half-breed got himself hurt? Why should that pose a problem? Easier match for me!

DaVinci: 'Cuz Voodoo refuses to let an injured character fight. So you'll have to postpone your little plotting with your running buddy there.

Nails: Hey!

Tomasi: Fine. Beat it.

DaVinci: Fine. Don't insult me again, Tomasi, or I'll get Jay to go Puck Wild on your ASCII and not Voodoo's.

[Vid closes, and Tomasi growls angrily.]

From: "Minke"
Date: Aug 17, 2000

[Minke felt greatly confused from Voodoo's latest display of affection before. Everything beyond her mental control is telling her to walk over and place her head in his lap lying beside him, merely for comfort and to thank him with her presence, maybe even nuzzle against him to display half of what she currently feels. But no, that would be far too bold for her. She gently touches her forehead, still feeling the tingle the light sensation had left there, inwardly sighing]

[Voodoo finishes things up with DaVinci and lets the door to his quarters slide shut. He sits back down upon his bed before the large pile of disorganization. Huffing once, he begins work on getting things back into their proper places]

[Minke was studying what had just happened between supposed enemies of "war" and is now content, finished with her ponderings] *True... The human has a good heart...* [She also is glad to sense Dax's presence awake and well once more, as well as EVA's, though she does not interfere with either. She is afraid of approaching the now-conscious Bios, and assisting the injured Jeff. For some reason those two make her uneasy]

[Walking to the edge of Voodoo's bed where he is sitting, she crouches down and picks up a book, glancing at him uncertainly] *May I help with this section?*

[Voodoo studies her momentarily then nods] Go right ahead. This pile here goes in that book shelf there, and these files go in that cabinet there. Alphabetical if you don't mind... [He goes back to organizing his own pile of odds and ends]

[Minke concentrates, and slowly, all the books and files (and some random objects as well) levitate themselves and go to where they are instructed. In under half a minute, the entire stack is neatly organized upon righted shelves. Then concentration is focused upon some broken shelving and a glass bulb, which leaves an extra couple shelves for the appropriate books, and a bulb back in its lamp, functioning properly. Finished, Minke looks back at Voodoo after not finding anything else broken, almost certain there is something she's overlooked] *Is there anything else you'd like me to assist you with?*

From: "Minke"
Date: Aug 20, 2000

<A couple things have happened behind the guidelines, and Voodoo broke a border. I hope this doesn't cause too much confusion... PS: Nothing happened between these two; they're just lying down and sharing an unpleasant memory of hers, so you can stop your assumptions right there.>

[Minke blushes fiercely and shyes away from Voodoo, getting up off of the bed. She knows her usual reaction would be to vanish, but perhaps denying her usual reaction is the key to getting through the problem... She begins testing herself]

Voodoo: Minke-

Minke *I...I did not want you to see that, wasn't meant for you... I would never have done that or asked that of you... My envisionments are mine and no one else's... Call it a breach of trust on your part, whatever you wish to, but I have -never- invaded another mind in my entire life against their will, and I expect for them to respect my privacy as well...*

Voodoo: Minke, please, I just-

[She raises a clawed hand, which mentally cuts his words off before they can even reach his throat. Voodoo stares at her, dumb, but she turns her head just enough to show him a displeased look, with a touch of fear that he doesn't think she knows he can detect]

[Minke concentrates hard on focusing her energies. She's never felt this way before, like she has to get out quickly and blow something up. She doesn't understand it, but knows she should heed it, possibly for everyone's good, including hers] *Don't give me exscuses, Voodoo...* [She turns her back to him, hiding the severe blush and the shame she's feeling from the memories and thoughts he's stolen from her] *I will need some time. It's for all our sakes... My role is to protect you, so I need about an hour or so alone in order to do so... I' just outside the arena if you have need of me... Just send a thought and I'll come...*

[Voodoo suddenly feels his voicebox make a low, involuntary humming sound, taking this as a signal that he can speak and send her messages once more]

[But he's too late. In the moments it took for Minke to send him his mental and vocal voice again, she has already taken that opportunity to leave...and closed off the mind link from him completely] 

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 21, 2000

Voodoo: Smart move Voodoo...

???: What what do you expect.. you did invade her mind you know...

Voodoo: Gawd.. not you again.

???: Oh.. I'm here to stay...

[Voodoo turns to and looks back towards the voice. A shadowy figure stands with it's arm crossed, Voodoo sighs and leans back on his bed.]

Voodoo: If I knew I was going to be stuck you.. I would have researched my project better

[The figure slowly comes to light, and it appears to be none other then Voodoo. Or atleast a close copy. His hair is longer and spiked, his eyes are red and not green and his form looks slightly stronger then the other]

???: Well.. every has their demons.. to bad yours came to form when you began this little crusade.

Voodoo: If you came to gloat, go ahead, it will give me more of a reason to kill you.

??? I'm you.. So don't bother trying.

Voodoo: What do you want?

???: I wan't to help you get your little girlfriend, bodyguard or whatever back.

Voodoo: You only want her back because when she is around our link is muted.

???: Of course, you have to much pain built up in you for me to keep taking.. Even I need a break.

Voodoo: So where is your " brother" ?

???: I think he was left behind.

[Voodoo sits up and stares at himself, or his more demon looking self anyway]

Voodoo: What do you mean left behind!

???: First off, you knew you still knew you couldn't do something like that without having side effects . Thats why you went off course. Getting in there only made it harder to for us to come back. Basically my carbon friend, both of us didn't come back when you broke the link.

Voodoo: You mean he is floating around in her mind!

???: She is going to kick you ass when she finds him there.

{Meanwhile, In Minke's mind}

???: Guys! Where are you! Come on this isn't funny!

[Another version of Voodoo sits on a mental rock, he sighs and kicks the ground that isn't there. The area around him changes, and Minke stands infront of his, arms crossed and avery displeased look on her face]

Minke: How did you get into my head!

[The booming on her voice makes this Voodoo, who looks weaker. His eyes are blue and his hair is short, he jumps behind the rock and hides]

???: I was left behind..

Minke: What do you mean left behind?

???: When Voodoo enterd your mind to test his new powers.. things didn't go well..he couldn't control where he was going..and ended up in your person
memorys.. We are sorry, no one ment to go there.. Sure he wanted to know..but he never ment to invade past your surface thoughts...even that was wrong.

Minke: You are very apologetic....

???: I'm Voodoo's emotional side..I came to form when he began his project. I was left behind when the link was broke.

Minke: You seem very weak to be a copy of Voodoo.

Emotion: Voodoo never used me before he met you. When you came around, something changed in his mind. And I came to form, when he started his project, I became real. I normally only appear in his dreams, along with my "Brother", but it's only when you are around.

Minke: What is this project you keep mentioning?

Emotion: If I knew that.. I would tell you. Voodoo doesn't seek to harm you..He cares for you to much. I've seen his fantasy..and you have enterd them on more then occastion. But never like that of yours.

Minke: Still doesn't make it right for him to invade my mind.

Emotion: The talk to him.. He will be more then willing to make amends.

{Voodoo's room}

Voodoo: You think he can change her mind.

???: Don't know.. Emotion is a guy I really don't like being around.

Voodoo: Of corse not.. being my darker side and all.

Dark: Be hopeful that he is back before your match with Winger or Java. Because if he comes back afterwards, I don't want the pain of having the guilt in me.

Voodoo: You want Minke back so you don't have to feel anything.

Dark: Like you don't want her back. Almost as if you love her or something.

Voodoo: Something like that yes.

From: "Minke"
Date: Aug 22, 2000

[After her understandably paranoid act of blocking out the rest of her mind to Emotion, providing the desolate area in her mind for him to wade through, Minke has confronted the invading presence and quickly grown to like him]

[Minke changes to the Voodoo-she-knows' preffered female form in the white dress to help Emotion be a bit less afraid and sits beside him as the rock floats through this space. As many times before, the human female form does not move her lips, but she speaks through the link to the Voodoo-esque person]

Minke *So you're trapped here... In my mind...*

Emotion: Like I said, it was not intentional.

[Minke nods] *'re his emotional side?*

[Emotion frowns and sort of shrinks in size a little] Hey, I may be part of him, but if you're thinking-

Minke *Of what? Stirring emotions up?* [She smiles warmly at him]

Emotion: You're acting very confidant all of a sudden...

Minke *Guess why... Of the both of us, you're the weaker one. -Someone- has to have confidance in any group for stability, and truly, it's not as though I'm causing you trouble... I just feel more confidant to return a...sort of favor of Voodoo's if you don't mind...* [She leans over, tilting her head upwards]

[Emotion shyes away at the surprise attack but is not fast enough] Don't!

[Minke kisses Emotion's forehead and grins at him] *There, that wasn't so horrible.*

[Emotion grows even more nervous] Now you've done it... Minke, you know...this isn't just another dream.

[Minke nods] *It's just something I had to do for him. I rarely feel right expressing anything to him... Will you...give that memory to him for me when you get back? It's the most I can do for an apoligy. I've done so much damage as it is, and from what you say, I hurt his feelings...*

[Emotion sighs, rubbing his forehead] I'm sure he's not mad at you. But alright, I'll do that. If you don't I go back soon? I'm really out of my element around here. [looks about himself at the vast space, occasional electrical impulses flashing overhead in the dark purple sky like lightning]

[Nodding, Minke rises to her feet, index finger rubbing her lips] *Strange things you humanoids do to express emotion...* [She looks down at his sitting figure] *I'm going to go blow something up in the real world to relieve a little tension first. Then I'll head back to Voodoo, and we'll try to sort this mess out...*

Emotion: Thank you. I'll stay here while I wait. I's safer here. And there's less chance of me getting into any trouble with your memories here.

Minke *It wouldn't matter anyhow, as I've locked you out... No offense... I won't be too long, but don't worry, you're safe here. Just be patient... I have to relieve this stress first before I go back again and dare to face him...*

Emotion: I understand, Minke. I'll just wait here for you to come back... [watches her vanish]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 24, 2000

[Voodoo's remians dimly lit. Voodoo stands at his large, shatted glass window as with his hands behind his back. Watching the arena below for anything that might be of interest. There is a slight yell from deep within him as he spins around and kicks the small table holding a stack of books and datapads. They fly into the air, and stop, they float in the air as if stuck in ice, then with blazing speed return to the table as it itself stands back up. The piles remain as neat and tidy as if nothing had been touch.]

Voodoo: Stay out of my mind Dark!

Dark: I'm part of your mind remember.. Can't very well leave.

Voodoo: Then stay way from my muscel control! If you are trying to piss me off it is working!

[Dark's eyes flash red, and he grins, falling back into Voodoo's chair.]

Dark: Your showing you darker side.. I havn't seen that in years.. Tell me.. when Minke comes back...what are you going to do for punishment?

[Voodoo takes a deep breath beofre his eyes flash green and a book flys towards Dark, smashing into the Darker half, it exploids into a million tiny red particals, then much like the books and pads before, fly back together and restore the demonic side.]

Dark: Someone's getting testy!

Voodoo: I can't wait for her to return..just to see you shut up for once!

Dark: Oh you know you like me.. You even wish you could have had me on that night Java left her little scar.

[Voodoo is taken back. His demons seem to know everything about him, as well as they should. But Dark always knew how to push the wrong buttons. Voodoo looks towards the large stand up mirror that stands near Minke's futon. He removes his mask and the weight of the cape pulls the mask down and it hangs from his shoulders. Voodoo looks at the burn mark still present on his cheek and chin. Although somewhat faded due to his project, he still retains the mark that the energy left.]

Dark: Oh.. and the one on your back.. you really think that one will fade?

[Voodoo's eyes flash green before turning red as he raises his hands towards his evil half and a bolt of green energy flys towards him, the explodes yet again, but this time the chair shatters, with not chance of being repaired. the boom from the blast rings through the green room. ]

[A few moments later Jeff and Jenny come running in followed by Kaka.]

Jenny: What happen? Voodoo is everything alright....where is Minke?

[Voodoo turns back towards his creations as he slides the Vincent type mask back into place. He looks over his characters, and notices right away that they are underdress, least Jenny anyway, wearing only a large Green striped T-shirt. Jeff stands with only a muscel T on and his pants. But he ignores the fact that Jeff is still bleeding on his side and the reason for his dress is explained.]

Voodoo: No..everything is alright.. Minke needed some time along.. For now.. It is a night of light and darkness...with just maybe a hint of magenta.

From: "Minke"
Date: Aug 25, 2000

[Sai blinks as she watches Minke flying around the arena's system. Zaria is standing beside her as she squints, watching Minke's every move with an analytical edge] Is it just me, Zaria, or does my little baby seem a bit...proud?

Zaria: It could be interpreted as happiness... From my keen eyesight, she physically looks a bit healthier too-

Sai: Knock it off! You saying I'm not doing a good job?

Zaria: The very fact that you said that in present-tense is enough to amuse me. [sees Sai's glare] I say that the answer is in the question.

[Sai sighs heavily and continues watching Minke from her hiding place near one of the arena's many exits] Maybe a little time away was good for her. But soon she's going to see that bone I've got to pick with her for running off.

Zaria: Come on, Sai. Let's get back to your greenroom and continue surveilance from there. We're less likely to be found out, and I don't like all this sneaking in the first place-


[The two turn around quickly to see a nearby abandoned building explode into bright violet electricity, the remains of the building completely vaporized. After the minor shake caused by the obviously controlled bombing, Sai and Zaria watch Minke fly off from the remaining gap where the building once was and vanish]


[Minke materializes in Voodoo's private room and turns to see him sitting in his chair looking weary] *Voodoo? Is something wrong...? There's a disturbance in your aura...and I think I have something of yours...or someone...*

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 25, 2000

[The room is all but empty, the characters have left and only the Author and Anthro remian. Voodoo looks up, his eyes open, a flash of crimson energy flashes before the more demonic green energy covers it and both fade from sight.]

Voodoo: He talked to you didn't he..

Minke: *Yes*

Voodoo: Whatever he said..must have been right in order for you to come back. Although I did feel your energy ripple through the air a few moments ago.

[Minke shifts in her stance there is so much she wants to say. She wants to yell at him, but also just talk to him. She is torn between her emotions, and her mind]

Voodoo: Before you say anything Minke. What I did was wrong, but I didn't mean to go there. I only wanted to test it, but I didn't mean to go that far.

Minke:* I know Voodoo..he told me everything. But that still hurt Voodoo.*

Voodoo: I know Minke...I know. But trust me.. no more mind walks without permission. But anything I can do to make up for that.. please tell me and I'll do it.

Minke: * First, you can take your friend back*

[Voodoo nods and stands, he walks over to Minke and places a hand on her temple]

Voodoo: I won't look at anything..just need him to return to me.

[Minke nods and lets his places the hand on her head. She feels a rush of energy, and in her mind watchs as Emotion is taken from his resting place and return to the inside of his mind.]

Voodoo: Anything else I can do to make it up?

From: "Minke"
Date: Aug 25, 2000

[Minke tilts her head and looks down at Voodoo. Honestly she feels very foolish for nearly letting such a petty emotion as anger get the better of her, but she refrains from mentioning this, not thinking it important]

[She places her clawed palm gently upon Voodoo's face] *You're forgiven already... I just wanted to hear an apoligy. Truthfully, I had to relieve some anger...but I didn't stay that upset with you for too long... It just took some time alone and some thought...*

[Voodoo goes to sit down at his desk, and Minke follows closely behind to seat herself down in her modified chair] Are you sure there's nothing else, Minke?

Minke *Actually...there is one thing...*

Voodoo: And what would that be?

[Minke gets a look with the smallest -hint- of annoyance in it] *Never experiment using me as your subject -ever- again.*

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Aug 28, 2000

Voodoo: Promise, never again, unless you want to be.

Minke: *Not likely*

[Voodoo nods and taps the screen that sits on his desk. Two wireframe images come up and slowly "skins" cover them and a when completed, Zaria and Sai appear on the screen.]

Voodoo: E.V.A. sent out a thermal pulse to test her "eyes", this came back. They are hanging out around the boarder of the Arena. In the area where you decided to vent your steam.

Minke: *What are we going to do?*

Voodoo: The choice is yours here, I would like you to bring them here, they are looking for you and Sai is your Author, she should gets answers, or Zaria atleast.

[Minke lowers her head as she thinks, her body shifting in the chair. Voodoo reads her body language carefully]

Voodoo: You don't have to Minke, but answer should be given to recent actions. You have grown much since you first came here. You have your own free will, and your own mind to react on them. If you wish to not talk to them then that is fine. But I do think it's time to talk.

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