Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two
Night #3: The Rivalry Explodes

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 7, 2000

Johnny: Welcome, wrestling fans, to another exciting episode of "Metaverse Deathmatch!"  Hello, everyone, I'm Johnny Gomez.

Nick: And I'm Nick Diamond.  And have we seen some exciting matches!

Johnny: It all started two nights ago with Jay Winger's new take on Deathmatch!  The Metaverse started racking up victories until one of his characters betrayed his tag-team partner.

[Clip of Chaotis-Cowboy/Mouse-AndrAIA fight, with Chaotis leaving Cowboy in the lurch.]

Nick: Last night, Jay Winger booked the matches of the event, and then punished Chaotis by hanging him from the rafters in a straitjacket.

Johnny: But then the up-and-coming Author Voodoo showed up, releasing the Hacker Anarch and requesting that his characters get in on the action.

[Clip of Jay agreeing to Bios' match with the Most Evil Viral Overlord and the Triple Threat Match.]

Nick: The action was intense as the Class Twelve virus Ünres battled the Most Evil Viral Overlord, Megabyte, for the title.  Just as the Vector Virus had the match won, someone else entered the ring!

Johnny: The supervirus Daemon returned triumphantly, defeating both Ünres and the Infector for the title.  Unfortunately, Daemon immediately lost her title to Voodoo's champion, Bios.

[Clip of Bios' metamorphosis and consumption of Daemon.]

Nick: After this match, Jay's team went on an astounding winning streak.  Nathan Justice defeated Matrix for the title of Most Dangerous Renegade --

[Clip of Justice, Dirk, and Cowboy delivering the GDD to Matrix.]

Nick: -- Dirk Manning claimed the title of Toughest Mechanic after withstanding a match with the Codemaster Lens --

[Clip of Dirk unleashing the Southern Lightning on Lens, then clocking Pierson with his wrench.]

Nick: -- Elogin defeated Hexadecimal for the title of Most Insane Virus --

[Clip of Elogin grabbing Hex in the Mandible Claw.]

Nick: -- and Sil al'Nasen pinned Mouse for the title of Best Sword Fighter.

[Clip of Sil knocking Mouse off the post.]

Johnny: Voodoo's characters also saw some action that night, as Jeff Freeman battled Nathan Justice to a standstill, but refused to pin or kill the Most Dangerous Renegade.  The new title of Toughest Bad Ass was left open.

[Clip of Jeff catching the crossbow bolt in front of Justice's face, then throwing him to the mat.]

Johnny: And just before the main event, the lovely Dax Lockheart soundly trashed AndrAIa in a non-title fight.

[Clip of Dax grabbing AndrAIa by the chin -- "Let's hear the snap!" -- then pinning her.]

Nick: And then came the biggest event we've seen yet on "Metaverse Deathmatch!"  A Triple Threat Match between Mainframer Dot Matrix, Hybrid Dax Lockheart, and Resonate Niente Aught.

Johnny: The winner walked off with the title of Toughest Bigger Sister.  The match started with the Metaversians double-teaming Dot and knocking her out of the ring, and then Dax and Niente went medieval on each other.  Dax hit Niente with some powerful blows, just as Niente showed her sheer raw power.

Nick: Despite her size advantage, Niente was soon brought down by Dax, but just before she could pin the biker for the win, someone new stormed out to the ring.

[Clip of Lean Il Lupe's return.]

Johnny: The virus Lean Il Lupe, presumed deleted, came out to the cheers of the capacity crowd and attacked Dax, hitting her with his Knock-Down Blow and the *REAL* Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment.

[Clip of Lean knocking Dax down, then zapping her.]

Nick: But then Dot came back into the ring, subdued Lean with a low-blow and then knocked him out of the ring.  Dot locked Niente in the Tazzmission, then knocked down Dax and pinned Niente for the win!

Johnny: The victory shocked both Authors, who soon had words with each other.

[Clip of the confrontation between Voodoo and Jay, then clips of the fight between Lean, Java, Niente and the Hybrids and Bios.  Lean and Java escape through the portal before Niente manages to escape the Hybrids long enough to get to her bike and escape through the Metatron.]

Johnny: With the intense Rivalry between Voodoo and Winger, and with Java helping Jay, there's no telling what tonight's event has in store.

Nick: Hold on, Johnny, it looks like something's happening!

[In the arena, the Metatron lights up and plays "When Worlds Collide."  Jay Winger comes out, clad in a blue-and-black shirt, jeans, and his Gold Author Belt.  He is accompanied by Justice and Niente.  Niente holds the ropes apart for Jay, who steps into the ring.  He takes up the mike and looks around at the audience, at least half of which is chanting "@$$HOLE!"]

Jay: [ignoring chants] I don't like the outcome of last night's main event, but I don't suppose I can complain about it.  After all, I brought in another competitor, and some would call that cheating.


Jay: However, I said it last night and I'll say it again: I did not cheat last night.  [Boos.]  I told Voodoo that nobody in my Green Room would interfere with the Triple Threat Match.  Lean was still getting through Customs at the Gateway when I made that promise.  Lean did not arrive at the arena until moments before the match.  So, by that, Lean's interference IN NO WAY violated the stipulation of the match!


Jay: But, I suppose I deserved what happened.  At least now Mainframe can claim at least one title!  Doesn't mean I have to LIKE IT, but c'est la vie, c'est la guerre.

[Jay paces around the ring as he says the next part.]

Jay: But it's time we saw some more victories for the Metaverse!  The Team of Winger is going to emerge victorious!

[Cheers at that.]

Jay: Tonight, in this very ring, you will see two tag team matches!  In one, you will see Tomasi Exley and Arn il'Crais take on Bob and Matrix!


Jay: In the other, Nil and Void Aught will take down Backup and Little Enzo!

[More cheers.]

Jay: Furthermore, Megabyte, the [snicker] former Most Evil Viral Overlord, will have a match tonight.  I'd like to introduce his opponent.  If you want him to come out...gimme a HOWL YEAH!

[The audience screams "Howl Yeah!" and the Metatron lights up.]

Metatron: [a la the Big Show's entrance] We-ell...well it's IL LUPE!!  Well it's the Big Bad Wolf tonight... Well it's IL LUPE!!

[Lean appears in the archway, pumping his arms down in the DX hand chop, pyros going off in time with it.  The Wolf throws back his head and rips out a howl, then climbs into the ring.  Jay hands him the mike.  Lean glowers around at the audience, then raises the mike to his lips.]

Lean: Finally...the Wolf has come BACK to Deathmatch!

[Cheers.  Jay takes the mike back.]

Jay: Last time Lean was on Deathmatch!, he lost the Viral Overlord title to Megabyte.  Unfortunately, Megs no longer holds the title, but Lean's still gonna kick his ASCII to the next level of recursion!

[Jay drops the mike and raises his arms in the DX salute.  Lean, Justice, and Niente do the same.]

Jay: We got two words for ya!

All: PUCK IT!!

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 7, 2000

[The stadium lights go off, and the Metatron screen fades to black, soon two green demonic eyes flash open on the screen, green lights flash on and point to the Metatron, green laser shoot around. The beat from " 10 and 20 10" plays as the lights flash back on, standing on the Metatron, is Voodoo, his face paint on, but his upper body, aside from his arms and head, are covered with bandages from Java's ball blast. Standing next to him is Jeff and Dax, with Bios standing behind Voodoo]

Voodoo: You bent the rules Jay! you didn't break them but you bent them! I almost respect that.Brings almost a tear to my eye...Lucky for me, such moments past quickly.

[There a few boo's from the people in the stadium, but the cheer's over shadow them, probably because Dax is there]

Voodoo: Now Jay, I've agreed to put my team up against yours and so far, every time they fight against one another, mine wins.

[The crowd cheer's as they hope to have another Voodoo Vs. Jay match]

Voodoo: So here's the deal my verbally challenged friend... You...and on one...No one aside from you and me in the ring, or in the near it.  That means all ..and I mean all of out characters stay out of the stadium.  This includes Java's and Sai's too. You and me, one on one.. the winner, gets...well... lets see...If i win, you lose all your belts and wins.. If I lose.. well...What do you want?

[Voodoo crosses his arms and waits for Jay's reply]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 7, 2000

[After Voodoo makes his proposal, Jay blinks, smirking, then turns to snicker with his cohorts.  Afterward, Jay turns back to the bandaged Author.]

Jay: Well, Voodoo, let's modify that a bit.  I agree with the one-on-one, no interference clause.  I guarantee that this time there will be no sudden guesting by my side.  You just guarantee the same.  NOT ONE of your characters, past, present, or future, can set foot in the arena during our match.

[He strides toward the ropes to smirk at Voodoo.]

Jay: The belts up for grabs?  I hesitate to say it, but sure.  The only belts, however, that will not change hands, are these.  [He pats the Gold Author Belt.]  This is mine, just as yours is.  [Pause]  By the way, where is yours?  I gave it to you.

[He waves it aside.]

Jay: But that's beside the point.  You win, the Renegade, Insane Virus, Mechanic, and Sword Fighter belts go up for grabs to anyone who can cut it.  I win, the Viral Overlord title goes up for grabs again, and your precious Hybrids have to stop taking that medication of theirs.  [He leers] We'll see Jeff Freeman lasts against Justice then!

[Justice doesn't smile, but it's obvious he likes that idea.]

Jay: So, Voodoo, what d'ya say?!  Think you can hack it against me?  Because when I get down to fightin', I am abso-tively, posi-lutely, one-hundred percent, full-on, BUCKO NUTS!  I am PUCK WILD!

[Jay's appearance shimmers, and there is again the glimpse of dark metallic skin and virus eyes, and then it's gone, and he stands there in his black shirt with blue markings, Belt, boots, and glasses.]

Jay: [leering] You can't measure up to me, Vood.  Write your will, boyo, 'cuz the Wing-Man's gunnin' for ya!

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 7, 2000

[Voodoo thinks for a moment when Jeff grabs his shoulder and turns the author towards him]

Jeff: Voodoo you cant.. we all know what happens if me and Jenny go with O.R.S.

Dax: Dad's right Voodoo, not to say you cant win, but it's to risky...

Bios: I agree..

[Voodoo turns the  proposal over in his mind.Here Jay may have the upper hand here. And Voodoo knows it.]

Voodoo: One week Jay, when I'm fully healed, we go at it... If I win you lose you're wins. If you win..The hybrids... will not be getting any more O.R.S.

[Jeff lowers his head, shaking it slightly.]

Voodoo: But if anything goes even slightly wrong Jay. You can bet your life.. that I will make sure they will be scraping you off the walls for the next week.

[The eyes in the Metatron Screen flash, and the lights turn off, only to turn back on a moment later. The stadium is minus 4 fighters]

Johnny: Whoa! What a proposal, Voodoo fighting Jay one on one! Can you believe the Chaos that will be going on in here!

Nick: I can imagine Johnny, If Voodoo is anything like her creation's, then man..It will be a war zone.

Johnny: But it seems unfair Nick. Why would Voodoo agree to such a match? From what people have seen in the Fic's, The Hybrids Jenny and Jeff are dependent on O.R.S.

Nick: True Johnny, But we have only seen a few of the stories, Who knows what happens to the two after "The Calling".

Johnny: True Nick. But even if Voodoo loses, he still has two Hybrids that don't need the stuff to servive.

Nick: But that still two team mates short. Unless of course what we hear is true Johnny.

Johnny: That being Nick?

Nick: Well...lets just see what happens before we give any information away.

[Voodoo's Green Room.]

Jenny: Are you insane! You are going to break the rules you know!

[Voodoo sits in his chair, a grin on his face]

Voodoo: No I'm not. I agreed that I would make sure you two never got a dose of O.R.S. Again. I plan to do just as I agreed. So, Pack up the cases of O.R.S. just in case i loose. I have a week to train.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 8, 2000

((Note: The moves that Nil & Void do are directly taken from the moves of WWF's Too Cool: Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty.  Too Cool is known for their flashy dance moves in the ring, and I borrowed the idea for this fight.))

[Jay laughs as Team Voodoo leaves, and then does the DX hand chop a couple of times.  He grins at his team, then raises the mike.]

Jay: It's gonna be a hot time in Deathmatch! tonight!

[He climbs out of the ring, followed by his peeps, and returns to his green room.


[To music from "Icons," the young sprites Backup and 'Little' Enzo Matrix come out from the Metatron.  Images from "Icons" and "Game Over" play on the screen as both youngsters enter the ring.  The audience cheers politely.]

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall.  First, representing "ReBoot," from the Unnamed System -- BACKUP! [Cheers] And from Mainframe, the most hyperactive sprite ever compiled -- ENZO MATRIX!  [More cheers]

[Backup and Enzo wave to the audience, and then the lights dim.  Searchlights sweep the arena, while two spots light up on Nil and Void Aught, who stand with their arms crossed over their chest and eyes closed, on the rafters.  "Song 2" by Blur plays, and when the lyrics scream "Whoo-hoo!" the twins drop off the rafters.  In midair, they pull out their hoverboards and jump on them, air-surfing over the audience, dancing on their boards to the music.]

Announcer: And representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, the prankster twins from the Resonate System -- NIL AND VOID AUGHT!

[Cheers, some for the impressive entrance.  Grinning wildly, the twins climb off their boards and stash them aside.  Nil pulls his red goggles up on his forehead as he stands across from Backup.  Mills Lane steps forward.]

Mills Lane: All right, now, kids, you're in my playground now, so you play by my rules.  One, I want a good clean fight.  Two, no hoverboards.  Three, no unnecessary childishness.  Now let's get it on!

[Fight bell rings.  Backup swings at Nil, who sidesteps the attack and chop-smacks him on the back of the head.  Backup staggers, and Nil does a flashy dance move before grabbing Backup by the head and banging his face into his knee.  Backup falls, and Nil swings and drops his elbow in Backup's spine.

[Nil tags Void in, who picks Backup off the mat.  The twins catapult Backup across the ring into the ropes.  On the backspring, Backup runs smack into the twins' double clothesline.  As the metallic sprite lies stunned, Nil and Void swing their arms, smack their elbows, then do a double elbow drop on Backup.  Nil climbs out to his corner, leaving Void to handle Backup.

[Void pulls Backup to his feet and starts to catapult him into the corner.  Backup recovers, catches himself, and pulls Void into the corner instead.  Backup flicks out Matrix's old yo-yo and hits Void in the face with it.  Void scowls and lashes out with a foot.  Backup catches it, and Void tries to turn this into a spin kick.  Backup, however, drops Void in mid-kick, making the prankster miss his mark and fall on his face.

[Backup goes over and tags Enzo in.  As Void gets to his feet, Enzo flies over and tackles him.  Void flies back into the post, where he groans from the impact.  Enzo spins his cap, then leaps and hits Void in the stomach again.  Void staggers, slumping down, then recovers enough to throw Enzo off of him as the mischevous sprite goes for another tackle.  Enzo hits the mat so hard on his back from Void's throw that he rolls over his head and lands on his face.  Void swings his arms and legs in some manner of dance move, then jumps at Enzo.  He catches Enzo's head as he flies by, then reverses direction in mid-air, spinning around Enzo's head and coming back down.  Enzo does a face-plant.

[Void stands from the move, a wild look on his face, a wide grin.  As the crowd cheers, he gets up on one leg, then hops in a circle around the ring, waving his arms.  He hops four times, then flops over into the W-O-R-M!  He wriggles toward Enzo, then gets up, planting his feet.  The crowd loves it, then grunts with him as he swings his arms once -- HUH! -- twice -- HUH! -- thrice -- HUH! -- then pumps his arms and drops an elbow on Enzo.

[Void gets up, going over to tag Nil.  Enzo, however, is quite resilient (must be all those energy shakes keeping his stamina up or something), and scrambles over to make the tag to Backup.  Both fighters enter the ring and start swinging.  Backup's metal fists make more of an impact, driving Nil back, and then he throws him into the ropes.  As Nil springs back, Backup jumps and plants his feet in the twin's face.  Nil goes down, his goggles falling off.  Backup grabs Nil's foot and pulls him toward the center of the ring, then moves the leg to the side to jab his knee into Nil's crotch.  Nil grunts and spasms, and then Backup prepares to do it again.  This time, however, Nil springs off the mat into the spin kick that Void attempted earlier.  Backup goes down.  Nil goes over to tag Void in, then retrieves his goggles.

[Void dashes over to Backup, grabs his head in both hands, then brings it down into his knee.  Backup flops over, and Void does a dance move before dropping his knee into the back of Backup's head.  He pulls the stunned sprite over toward his corner, turning him over, then tags Nil.  Nil climbs up on the post, then pulls his goggles down over his eyes.  He points at Backup, then leaps into the Hip Hop Drop.  He lands ASCII-first on Backup's head.

[Nil goes for the cover, but Enzo rushes in and tackles Nil.  Enzo starts punching Nil in the face, but Void comes to the rescue, hurling Enzo off of his twin brother.  The twins move to the center of the ring, the two opponents unsteadily getting to their feet behind them.  Nil and Void again make a fancy dance move, then reach back, grab their opponents by the head and throw them forward, slamming them into each other.

[With both Backup and Enzo down, Nil and Void simultaneously cover them.  The ref runs over.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

Announcer: Here are your winners...THE AUGHT TWINS!

[The fight bell rings, and the twins stand, triumphant.  Nil peels his goggles off and puts them on his forehead as Backup and Enzo roll out of the ring to return to Mainframe's green room to recover.  Nil and Void each produce a pair of sunglasses, then put them on.  They stand, heads down and wrists crossed, as the lights dim.  Then, the lights flash and dance music plays, and the victorius Aught Twins start dancing to the delight of the crowd!

[In Jay's Green Room:

[Tomasi and Nails prepare for their match.  Jay is there to give a pep talk.]

Jay: You remember what I told you?

Nails: Yeah, yeah.  Erase their ASCIIs.

Tomasi: As brutally as possible.

Jay: Right.  If we can have some bloodier matches, maybe Voodoo will start taking us seriously.

Nails: Kinda hard to do that when the victorious team starts dancing in the middle of the ring.

[All three of them look at the monitor, where they see Nil & Void dancing like Too Cool.]

Jay: Let 'em have their fun.  It's their MDM gimmick.

Nails: And what's ours?

Jay: Being yourselves -- total @$$holes.

Tomasi: [after a moment] I think I get what he's talking about.

Nails: What?

Tomasi: I'll explain later.

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 10, 2000

((The following post contains a reference to Al's Waiter's ReBoot fan art, which I saw on Julia_Cat's page.  The pic in question is a "Matrix" movie poster, featuring Matrix as Neo, Bob as Morpheus, AndrAIa as Trinity, and Turbo as Cypher.  I really like the pic, so I decided to include a reference to it.  It's blatant, and, as Mo would put it, a shameless plug. --JW))

[The "ReBoot" theme plays, the Metatron showing clips of Bob fighting as the famous Guardian 452 emerges alongside Big Enzo Matrix. Rather than run through the Metatron, however, both enter through the audience, like Edge and Christian (WWF). Both are clad in clothing identical to the clothing on Al's Waiter's "ReBoot Matrix" 'movie' poster.  Matrix's sunglasses have an (\/) on the right lens.]

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, representing Mainframe, first, Guardian 452, the Web Guardian -- BOB!


Announcer: And his partner, the renegade Guardian and master of the Games, the resident bad @$$ of Mainframe -- BIG ENZO MATRIX!

[A mixed reaction as Matrix does the Big Show roar and arm raise. Then both of them climb on opposite posts and raise their arms to the crowd. They peel off the sunglasses and dusters and set them aside. The lights darken, and the Metatron whistles as if a bomb is being dropped. A bright flash, pyros, and the Metatron shows a mushroom cloud. To a heavy metal song, two tough forms emerge in the smoke from the pyros -- Tomasi and Nails.]

Announcer: And their opponents, representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, from Great Codex, hired goon TOMASI EXLEY and Apocalypse terrorist ARN "NAILS" IL'CRAIS!

[Boos as the 'heels' come out. Tomasi wears camo pants and a tight-fitting black t-shirt. Nails wears dark pants and a camo jacket. The claws on his right hand have been sharpened. Tomasi and Nails climb up on the ring apron and glower across the ring at their opponents. Mills Lane steps forward.]

Mills Lane: All right, you've all heard me say in the past that I want a good clean fight. [nods from the fighters] Well, after seeing those two dance, that's out the window. I wanna see some brutality! Let's get it on!

[Fight bell rings, and Tomasi swings a powerful uppercut that knocks Bob back. Tomasi follows up with a left hook, then a roundhouse kick to the sternum. Bob falls back against the ropes, springing back into Tomasi's grip. The fiery-haired sprite roars as he pivots, throwing Bob to the mat. Tomasi scowls as he descents and puts his left hand to Bob's throat and right hand to the back of Bob's head, pushing forward. This is a submission move that Tomasi calls the Codex Press. Bob chokes, scrambling to grab the rope to make Tomasi release the press. The ref starts to count.

[Then Matrix runs in and backhands Tomasi in the forehead, knocking him back. Matrix and Bob quickly tag hands, and Guardian 452 moves to escape from Nails, who runs in to stop Matrix. The renegade unloads punch after punch into Tomasi's face, and then Tomasi tags Nails. Nails grabs Matrix, spins him around and wallops him with a left hook. Tomasi spins him back, left hooks him too. Nails stops Matrix as he spins back, then uppercuts him back into Tomasi's waiting grip. Tomasi roars as he lifts Matrix up and then throws him down in a face-plant to Nails' knee.

[Tomasi climbs out of the ring as Nails flips Matrix onto his back, then hooks his arms under Matrix's. Matrix climbs to his feet, his arms bent back painfully as Nails applies pressure to Matrix's spine. Matrix kicks, trying to dislodge Nails, but the F'Val has locked in and isn't going anywhere. Nails jerks his arms upward, making Matrix jump a bit as the pressure becomes worse. Matrix spins himself around, so he faces the unoccupied corner then runs forward. Just before he reaches the corner, he whips Nails around and crushes him against the post. Nails is forced to release the hold. Matrix steps away, arms sore, then snarls and moves forward to attack.

[Nails looks up and is caught by a powerful uppercut. Matrix wallops him twice more, then steps back and puts his boot to Nails' jaw, pushing Nails' head back painfully. The ref comes over to stop him, and so Matrix responds by kicking Nails in the stomach and using the momentum to throw Nails over his hip. Nails, however, recovers and lands on his feet. After an initial stumble, the terrorist gets his balance, reaching back to grab Matrix by the chin. He bends forward, pulling, and slams Matrix into the mat.

[Nails goes over to tag in Tomasi, who charges in and meets Matrix head on. The force of Tomasi's charge shoves Matrix back into the ropes. As Matrix springs back, Tomasi grabs him by the legs and snaps him back into a spinebuster. Matrix lies stunned. Tomasi turns to shout something at Nails, who hops off the ring apron and fishes around under the ring for something. Tomasi bends to put the Codex Press on Matrix. The ref starts counting, but Matrix gets his boot on the rope as Bob runs in to spear Tomasi. Bob and Tomasi start trading punches, Bob doing pretty decently until he catapults Tomasi into the ropes. On the backspring, Bob clotheslines Tomasi, but Exley's size is too much for Bob to knock down. The clothesline stuns Tomasi for an instant, spinning Bob around. Tomasi snaps Bob in a spinebuster too, then goes over to Nails.

[Nails has pulled a table out from under the table. Nails slides it in to Tomasi, who folds the legs out and stands it up. Nails slides in another one, and Tomasi sets this one up as well. Bob and Matrix start to get to their feet, and the Metaversers quickly attack them, then roll them atop the tables. They back up as Bob and Matrix climb to their feet again, on top of the tables, and then Nails and Tomasi move. Tomasi kicks Matrix in the stomach, making him double over, then runs from the side and jumps. He locks Matrix's head between his knees, then brings Matrix down and through the table. CRACK! Nails, meanwhile, rabbit punches Bob in the kidneys, doubling him over, then smacks Bob on the back of the head while simultaneously sweeping his legs backward. Bob flips over, landing painfully on his back, and then Nails jumps jabs his clawed hand down in a vicious chop. Bob is smashed down and through the table. CRACK!

[The Mainframers are out, and Tomasi pulls Matrix free of the wreckage long enough to push his shoulders to the mat.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings, and Tomasi and Nails raise their arms victoriously. The audience doesn't look happy, booing, but the two 'heels' could care less.]

Announcer: Here are your winners -- TOMASI EXLEY and ARN "NAILS" IL'CRAIS!

[Tomasi and Nails climb out of the ring and strut back through the Metatron to Jay's Green Room, where they laugh crudely and mock their defeated enemies. Lean is there, his leather jacket hanging on a peg near the door. He wears a simple gray shirt as he plays cards with Justice and Dirk.]

Lean: Nice work, Tom.

Tomasi: Thanks, boss.

Lean: Shame about Roll.

Tomasi: Yeah.

Lean: Care for a hand?

Tomasi: Sure.

[Justice deals Tomasi in, who grabs a bottle of "generic 'cohol" as Justice calls it, and starts playing. Jay is busy wailing on aheavybag with bare knuckles, hardly feeling the bruises and bleeding knuckles. His eyes gleam with a trace of that insane 'puck wild' side he'd mentioned earlier, and a bit of that virus glow. Naught tries to hold the bag still for Jay, and isn't doing a very good job as Jay's blows shove him back harder and harder.

[Finally, Jay steps back, cocks back his fist, channels his power and then jabs forward. The chain holding up the heavybag snaps and the force of the blow drives Naught and bag back into the wall. Naught weakly gets to his feet. He checks the clock, then nods shakily.]

Naught: Time to move onto the speed bag.

[Jay grins again, having hardly worked up a sweat and goes over to start whipping punches at the speed bag. Some of his characters watch him train while others await the upcoming match. Lean gets up and puts on his leather jacket. He checks his 'wolf-ear' hair, nods, then starts out.]

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 10, 2000

[The recent winning of Jay's team has not gone over well with Voodoo.  Although out of the bandages, the marks are still clear on his back, as he punches the punching bag so hard that it takes both the strength of Scar, to keep it from flying across the room.]

Jeff: So you think Voodoo will win?

Jenny: There's as good a chance as any, besides, with all of our moves in his ability, he will have an edge I think.

Jeff: Well it doesn't matter anyways, He still has an edge.

Jenny: That being?

[Jeff points to the large metal create that he is sitting in, kicking it with his boot]

Jeff: 200 vials of O.R.S.

Jenny: He can't take that stuff, it would kill him.

Jeff: Didn't stop Bios from trying to market the stuff.

[Jeff get hit with a medicain ball and hits the ground with a loud 'thud']

Voodoo: Stop giving away Plot's! for all we know Jay's got the place bugged.

Jeff [out of wind]: Sorry boss...

Voodoo:  But even without the O.R.S.

[Back kicks the Punching bag, knocking Scar to the ground]

Voodoo: I'll win, or I'll lose and still get Jay in the end...

[Voodoo looks to Jeff as he gets up]

Voodoo: IS THAT CLEAR!!!

Jeff: Yes...Sir...

Voodoo: Very good.. Now Scar, get up.. and hold the bag

[ Voodoo returns to testing out combos on the bag]

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 11, 2000

[The Metatron turns infection-blue and plays the "Talent Night" guitar duel as it flashes evil images of Megabyte along with a neon-green 'unhappy' face. Megabyte stomps out, snarling at the audience, which gives him a mixed reaction. After all, he may be evil, but he's cool! Megabyte flicks out his claws and slashes them down. Pyros go off.]

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, representing Sector G-Prime of Mainframe, the Infector -- MEGABYTE!

[Audience reacts as Megabyte climbs the steel stairs and steps through the ropes. He now does something similar to Kane (WWF), raising his arms to the sides, looking skyward, then bringing his arms down and snapping his face down as well. Pyros go off at the corners of the ring.

[The Metatron darkens, then lights up.]

Metatron: We-ell...well it's IL LUPE!

[Pyros explode as Lean Il Lupe charges out to the steel stage. The fans love his entrance and new ferocity. He paces back and forth here, screaming at the fans as the Metatron continues.]

Metatron: Well it's the Big Bad Wolf tonight...well it's IL LUPE!

Announcer: And his opponent, representing Team Winger of the Metaverse, from the Negacrag of Cragis -- LEAN IL LUPE!

[Lean steps to the center of the stage, hefting a mike. He is very The Rock-like here.]

Lean: Megabyte. [The audience cheers, and he pauses long enough for them to quiet. Paces.] Megabyte, the last time we tangled in that ring, you humiliated the Wolf and stole from him what was rightfully his. [He stops and looks up at MB.] The Most Evil Viral Overlord title. [Resumes pacing.] Now, you no longer hold that title -- you lost it to Daemon, who since lost it to Bios. Well, the Wolf says this -- tonight, he's gonna start on the road to get that title back. You are the first in the way!

[Audience cheers, and Lean stops and pauses, closing his eyes and basking in the crowd's cheers. He opens his eyes and licks his lips, his sharpened
teeth glistening.]

Lean: You beat the Wolf last time by calling out your cronies with that ... little doohickey of yours on your arm. [He gestures at it. MB looks down at his wrist-remote.] Well, the Wolf's gonna take that doohickey ... [pause, cheers, then makes appropriate gestures] ... shine it up real nice ... [pause, more cheers as the crowd anticipates it] ... turn that som'bitch sideways and stick it STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY-ASCII!

[Lean throws down the mike and charges into the ring, sliding under the ropes and facing the Infector. Mills Lane steps between them, preventing the fight from starting just yet.]

Mills Lane: All right, you two, you both know the score. I wanna see some bone-breaking moves. Now let's get it on!

[The fight bell rings and MB and Lean start trading punches. Megabyte flicks out his claws and slashes, but Lean blocks and slams him with his right hand. MB steps back and Lean continues to whale on him with his right hand. He stops, steps back, raises his right hand up, then bringing it down hard in a fisthammer, the Knock-Down Blow. MB hits the mat and Lean descends, continuing to piston his arm into MB's face.

[MB manages to throw off Lean with a kick, then gets up. Lean recovers and charges, but MB kicks him in the gut, halting the charge. He grabs Lean's head in what looks like a DDT, but then twists Lean's head up and brings him down in a neck-twisting drop. Lean grunts as he hits the mat, sitting up and rolling to his feet as MB jumps up on the first rope, then springing back into a dropkick. Lean jerks out of the way, so MB hits the mat.

[MB lies stunned, and Lean grabs his feet and turns around. He backs up, holding MB's feet under his arms, bending MB's back painfully in Chris Jericho's (WWF) submission move, the Walls of Jericho. MB writhes, waving his arms, trying to get to the ropes. Lean just throws back his head and laughs, howling. Finally, MB grabs the rope, and Mills Lane makes Lean release him. Lean does so, stepping back and crouching in wait, planting his hands on his knees.

[MB gets to his feet and gives a left hook that catches Lean by surprise. He spins around and MB shoves him back into the corner. MB punches Lean in the throat, then holds his fist there. He extends his claws on either side of Lean's neck and raises his other fist. The claws extend there and he prepares to deliver a brutal blow.

[Lean grabs MB's wrist, then his throat. With a howl, Lean unleashes the RMEMISE. MB spasms, screaming, then drops his hands, his claws retracting. He stumbles back, and Lean hoists himself onto the post. He stands on top, howls, then leaps. He locks his knees around MB's head, then drops backward and throws MB into the mat.

[MB struggles to get to his feet, as does Lean, who is admittedly getting a bit winded. The Wolf, however recovers first, and lifts Megabyte over his head. Lean pauses, holding up MB with one hand, grinning at the audience, but then MB recovers. He grips Lean's arm, then spins around Lean's body and uses his momentum to flip Lean into the mat. MB goes for the pin, but Lean kicks out after two.

[MB stands, ready to drop an elbow, but Lean lashes out with a claw and nails MB in the kneecap. MB had been injured there before by Ünres, in the same situation, and he falls to the mat in pain. Lean picks MB up and holds him straight up, upside-down, over his head. They hang there a moment, and then Lean brings MB down in a vicious X-Factor. MB lies stunned and Lean takes the moment to pin him.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings and Lean stands up, victorious. He howls.]

Announcer: Here is your winner -- LEAN IL LUPE!

[Lean pumps his arms down in the DX hand chop, pyros going off in an X pattern behind him, then looks back at MB. He glances back at the audience, then back at Megabyte. A sick little smile creeps across his face. He goes over to MB, holding him down with one hand by the neck, then grips MB's injured knee with his claws. He squeezes, laughing as MB screams in pain. Lean does the RMEMISE again, and MB bellows in agony. Lean stands, then kicks MB in the knee several times, brutally. MB manages to roll out of the ring, but Lean runs to the post, climbs, and pounces on MB from the top. MB hits the floor hard, and Lean grabs a steel chair. He uses it to bash MB several times in the knee.

[Suddenly, Tomasi and Nails appear in the Metatron. They run down to help Lean, pulling MB into the ring. Nails pulls a table out from under the ring and sets it up. Tomasi pulls part of the steel stairs into the ring while Lean sets MB up on the table. Tomasi and Lean stand on the ring apron, holding the steel stairs up in the air. Nails quickly sandwiches MB's knee between the seat and back of the steel chair. Nails steps back, grinning cruelly as Tomasi and Lean raise the steel stairs. They slam them down into the steel chair, cracking the table in the process. CRACK! MB writhes in sheer pain. Nails laughs, raising his clawed hand in the air and spinning about on one foot (a la D-Von Dudley (WWF)), then chopping his hand down as he faces MB.  Tomasi and Lean turn and slap a high-five.

[Lean's theme plays as he, Tomasi, and Nails strut out of the arena, through the Metatron. Lean takes up the rear, laughing and talking trash back at MB, who is now being tended to by EMTs. As the Metaversers leave, Jay Winger suddenly appears in the Metatron, grinning evilly, holding a mike. He raises it.]

Jay: That, Voodoo, was a taste of things to come! Remember that you are dealing with someone who is abso-tively, posi-lutely, 100 percent, full-on, bucko nuts! I am PUCK WILD!

[He screams with laughter, and again his appearance flickers to the virus form again before it is restored. Jay tosses down the mike and disappears through the Metatron again, returning to his Green Room.]

Johnny: My God, Nick! Did you see the look on Jay Winger's face?

Nick: I did indeed, Johnny. Jay needs to stay out of the sun. That dark skin can be a sign of skin cancer.

Johnny: No, Nick. Jay Winger is indeed as crazy as he claims. There seems to be a hint to mysterious powers in the Big Shot Author.

Nick: Let's not forget about his team, Johnny. Twice tonight, Tomasi Exley and his partner Nails have put somebody through a table. They did it first with Bob and Matrix, and now they've done it again with Megabyte.

Johnny: I'll say, Nick. Lean went for Megabyte's knee, which was still weak from the powerful punch that Ünres gave him last night.

[Clip of Viral Overlord Match between MB and Ünres, showing Ünres pounding him in the knee with his metal hand.]

Johnny: Lean's blow there left Megabyte without a leg to stand on! And after the match ended, he continued to deliver punishment to Megabyte's shattered knee, first with a powerful shock, then with his boot, and finally with a steel chair.

Nick: But then that team of T & A came out to help Lean!

Johnny: T & A?

Nick: Tomasi and Arn.

Johnny: It's "Nails," Nick, not Arn.

Nick: But then the acronym doesn't work!

Johnny: Never mind, Nick. But, yes, Tomasi and Nails returned to the ring, setting Megabyte up on a table, sandwiching his injured knee in a steel chair, then slamming him with the steel stairs.

Nick: That blow was brutal, Johnny. I don't see how Megabyte will ever walk right again.

Johnny: I've just received word from the doctors that Megabyte's knee was shattered in three places and will require major reconstructive surgery. That move was calculated!

Nick: And I know just who thought it up, Johnny: Jay Winger.

Johnny: The man really is completely insane.

Nick: May God have mercy on us all.

Johnny: Still to come -- the Authors go one-on-one, Jay Winger versus Voodoo. If Jay loses, his team loses all of their title belts. If Voodoo loses, the Hybrids must stop taking their medication, O.R.S.

Nick: This match may very well determine the future of "Metaverse Deathmatch!"

Johnny: So until then, good fight, good night!

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 10, 2000

[The Stadium is in an uproar after their last match, and the lights begin to flash on and off, the Metatron Screen is spit, showing an Image of Voodoo on the left, in a fighting stance.]

Metatron Screen: Voodoo...

[And Image of Jay in a fighting stance appears on the right, and a Metaverse symbol smashes into the center and opens up to show "VS"]

Metatron Screen: Versus Jay Winger..

[The crowd goes wild as they see the match of the week beginning to break loose.]

Johnny: Hello Lady's and Gentlemen, Tonight we have the one and only place where were you will see two author duke it out, not on paper, but in the ring!

Nick: That's right Johnny, Tonight, we have the newcomer Voodoo, This guy is right out of nowhere! I take that back, he has been seen on the Web in a few places, but he has started to take the Metaverse by storm, and along with it the MDM, his hybrids are a tough lot to beat, as seen before...

[Scene where Jeff catches the arrow a few inches away from Justice, and Dax beating the Hell out of AndrAIa and Niente.]

Johnny: That's true in most cases Nick, But when Voodoo asked for this match he said that the winner could get anything they wanted, Voodoo wants to take away Jay's wins, and Jay wants all of the O.R.S.

[Nick holds a vial of the blue liquid up to the camera to show the people at home.]

Nick: If Jay wins, he get 200 vials of this stuff, although I don't know what he wants with it.

Johnny: I think he's hoping that it will keep Jeff and Jenny out of the matches.

Nick: But we all..

Johnny: Hush Nick.. Most people, if not all, don't know about *that*!

Nick: Sorry Johnny..

[The Stadium goes dark, and the demonic green eyes appear in the Metatron yet once again,and again the music changes to more of a techno-punk beat, as Green fire is shot up from the ramp edges to the Ring, they eyes flash and the stadium lights flash on. Voodoo stands in the ring, along with Scar and Mistya. The Two Dreckards are holding a large metal case.]

[Voodoo's Bandages are gone, but he no longer wears the thin t-shirt and blue jean's. But for this match wears basic Guardian Armor, a la Bob's, but this kind is black. His face is painted to that of a Skull, and his hair is has been cut, but what is left is up in spikes. He grins as he raises the mike]

Voodoo: Hello my people... Now I ask of you... Are you ready?

[The stadium seems to be a hush, as if thinking about what they are to be ready for.]

Voodoo: Are you ready...TO RUMBLE!!!!

[The Stadium goes into a roar.]

Scar: That is dated...

Mistya: And very cliche

Voodoo: I know, but it works...

[Voodoo returns to the mike]

Voodoo:  I ask are you ready, to see the fall of a King... and the rise of an Empire! To see the old pushed out, to be made way for the new? I ask you.. who do you want to win? A man who has to use weapons against his opponent   that weapon being a woman with a electric ball? Or a man, who is willing to teach them a lesson, Like Jeff Freeman did not but a few matches ago?

[There are Boo's and cheer's coming from the crowd, it seems that Voodoo has not won over the faithful fans of Jay, but it does not seem to effect him any, he looks to the Dreckards and the place the case on the ring floor, and open it up, titling it up to let the camera man look into it. As the light flicks on, the blue of the vials glow brighter.]

Voodoo: 200 Cases of O.R.S. to Jay if he wins....

[The Case is closed and the Dreckards climb out of the ring and up the ramp back to green room, but not before placing the case at the top of the ramp on the platform. Voodoo turns to the platform, and waves his hand, the demonic eyes flash, and the image of Voodoo and Jay appear back on the screen]

Voodoo:Come out, Come out, Come out where ever you are Jay...

From: "Jay Winger" <>
Date: Apr 11, 2000

[The Metatron flares, and shows a countdown timer, counting from 00:10, with the word "Y2Jay" over it.  The counter counts down to 00:00, and when it hits zero, all the lights in the arena go out.  The ominous music of "Killer Instinct's" prematch screen plays, and the Metatron shows images of Jay with a rather demonic look on his face.  Jay appears on the rafters over the ring.  He is wearing the black tee-shirt with blue trim and blue cargo pants.  Steel-soled boots cover his feet.  He has removed his glasses, and now it's clear that his hidden virus powers (previously only glimpsed at) are here, for his eyes are reversed in color, much like a virus'.]

Jay: I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I am...abso-tively...

[Jay disappears and reappears standing on the Announcers' Booth.]

Jay: ...posi-lutely...

[Jay reappears standing on the ringside commentators' table.]

Jay: hundred percent...

[Now atop the Metatron]

Jay: ...full-on...

[On the ramp, opposite Voodoo.  Jay's face starts to gleam with some of that insanity.]

Jay: ...bucko nuts!

[Jay disappears one last time and reappears in the ring.  He laughs insanely, then raises his arms into the air.]


[Pyros go off at the corners of the ring, then off the rafters above, and the pyros go off in a 'chain reaction' down the rafters to the Metatron, around the Metatron, and finally on the stage around Voodoo.  Jay drops his arms and steps back.  He snaps his fingers.  His four title holders (Justice, Dirk, Sil, and Elogin) appear with their title belts.  They place them atop the ORS crate, glare once at Voodoo, then leave.]

Jay: There ya go, Vood.  The four title belts.  I win, I take them and the crate back with me.  You win, you take your crate back and the belts are returned to the officials to be put up for competition again!

[Jay beckons Voodoo to 'come get some.']

Jay: Now, let's do this.

From: "Java Trinomial" <>
Date: Apr 11, 2000

[Java's room]

[The vidwindow is up, and the group is watching, waiting for the action.  Java seems particularly worried.]

Java: Should we be doing anything?
Tri: Who knows?  Those two are just up there.
Pyra: Hey, look on he bright side.  If Jay wins, then Voodoo is toast...
See: ...but if Voodoo wins, all those titles are open, and the rivalry keeps up.
Erinys: That would mean that one of ours could win a match like that.
See: [thinks] Hacker...

[Pyra whacks See.]

Tri: But Voodoo holds the Viral Overlord belt, so our li'l secret weapon is screwed there.
Java: Man, if only we could use fic from the Hero's...But who are we rooting for?

[They look at each other.]

Java: Well?
Erinys: Hey, we're allied with Jay, so we *should* be on his side.
See: Forty credits says someone cheats.
Pyra: Shut *up*, See.  I say Jay also.
See: Voodoo, since that helps us in the long run.
Java: Tri?

[She sits, thinking.]

Tri: Who do you think will cheat first?
See: The one that needs to catch up.
Tri: I'll bet eighty that Jay cheats first.
See: Then, I'll up it to eighty.  Deal.

[Java teardrops.]

Java: I repeat myself: Why did I ever do this-
Erinys: Shh!  It's starting!

From: "Voodoo" <>
Date: Apr 11, 2000

[Voodoo grins as the stadium lights flicker on and off, the music from KI begins "I'm in the mood, for the killer grove". As the lights flash off, as the green pyro flames shoot off, up the ramp towards Jay, the ones on top let lose a giant green fireball, as the lights flash back on. Voodoo now standing face to face with Jay]

Voodoo: You ready to die clown?

[Voodoo jabs his foot into Jay's stomach, grabs him by the arm, and roll's back, launching the author into the air, making him land hard on the mat of the ring. Voodoo stands, punching his fist into his hand]

Voodoo: Viral or not..I'll still kick you're ASCII..

[As Jay gets up, the lights flash off, and the green pyro shoot off,down the ramp, each one getting bigger and brighter till it reaches the end where the ones on the post of the ring shoot off.The lights turn back on, and Voodoo stands back in the ring, his arm's crossed. Mill's Lane climbs in and stands between the two]

Mill Lane: Alright, I want a good bloody fight. But here are the rules. No Character from past, present, or future will *ever* be in this stadium at anytime. If any character, from Any, and I do mean Any, author sets one foot, paw, or talon into this arena, or is part of any attempt to cheat, that Author will be the loser. Also, no other author will be allowed into the arena, or be a part of any attempt to cheat. Other then that, no weapons, no complete destruction of my ring. Alright??? Ok, LET'S GET IT ON!!!!

[The crowd goes wild, and Mill's Lane slips out of the ring, and the bell rings, telling the fights to go at it]

From: Jay Winger & Voodoo
Date: Apr 12, 2000

[The fight bell rings.  Voodoo launches forward and hits Jay with powerful left-right hooks, then uppercuts him back into the ropes.  Jay reels, springing off the ropes and shoves Voodoo back.  Unfazed, the other Author launches a spinning heel kick, which Jay ducks.  Voodoo attacks again, swinging punches, but Jay blocks each and then kicks Voodoo back into the corner.

[Jay charges and hits Voodoo with a powerful clothesline, rocking Voodoo back against the post painfully.  Laughing insanely, Jay kicks Voodoo hard in the chest, then uppercuts him off the mat for a moment, then presses his boot against Voodoo's throat.  Voodoo writhes until Mills Lane steps forward and makes Jay back off.  Voodoo staggers for a moment, then tries to attack.

[Jay avoids Voodoo's swing, then goes for a spinebuster.  Voodoo manages to shake free of the grip before he can be felled.  Jay stalks after him, and Voodoo retreats, looking for a way to attack.  Jay chases him toward one of the corners, but Voodoo springs back off the post with his feet and tackles Jay in an Asai Moonsault.

[Jay gets up from the blow, a bit stunned, but his eyes flare virally and he grabs Voodoo in a double-handed choke.  With a scream, Jay throws Voodoo to the mat, picks him up and stands him up.  With powerful swings, Jay unleashes devastating punches, then, as Voodoo wobbles from the force of the blows, he cocks back his fist and powers up like he did earlier with Naught.   Jay punches forward, connecting.  Energy flashes and Voodoo is lifted off his feet and thrown out of the ring, landing beside the commentator's table.

[Jay comes over and looks down at his opponent.  Voodoo struggles to get to his feet.  The armor he was wearing has been blown off by the blast, exposing tender red flesh on his back.  This is left over from Java's attack the previous night.  Grinning evilly, Jay climbs the post and unleashes a flying elbow drop that knocks Voodoo flat on his face.

[Jay gets up, screaming and waving his arms at the crowd for a moment, then kicks and digs his heel into Voodoo's back.  The other Author writhes in agony, but Jay revels in it.  He gets a steel chair and raises it, bringing it down hard on Voodoo's back.  The smack of the chair echoes through the arena, over the sound of the screaming audience.

[Jay laughs, climbing up on the ring apron, and then back on the post.  He prepares the chair to do the Steel Chair Elbow Drop (last seen used by Justice against Matrix) on the weakened Author.  Voodoo, against all odds, climbs to his feet and grabs the ropes.  He yanks them down, causing Jay to lose his footing.  Jay slips and falls on his crotch.  The crazed Author drops the chair, wincing and groaning.  Voodoo picks up the steel chair and clocks Jay in the face with it.  Jay falls off the post and off the ring, landing hard on the concrete floor.

[Voodoo turns and raises the steel chair with one hand, triumphantly, to the audience.  He turns back to clobber Jay again, but the other Author recovers and swings in a low-blow, hitting Voodoo where the sun don't shine.  Voodoo drops the chair, grabbing his injured region.  Jay retrieves the steel chair and smacks Voodoo in the face with it.

[Jay grins evilly at the audience.  He tosses aside the now badly dented steel chair and pulls Voodoo to his feet.  He clocks Voodoo with a hard right hook, then hurls him into the steel chairs.  Voodoo collides back-first, arching his back in pain and grimacing.  Jay comes over and picks Voodoo up, rolling him back into the ring.  The crazed Author follows, intent on doing more damage.

[Voodoo gasps for breath as he pushes himself up onto his elbows. His head slowly turns towards the insane author. He struggles to push himself to his feet, as his Hybrids struggle to break through the group of MDM guards by the Metatron.  Voodoo stands a little wobbly on his own two legs. The armor is starting to slide off, he brushes the trail of blood away from his lips as the fellow author jumps into the ring. Taking a stance, Voodoo stares at him, his eyes are more clearly seen through what is left of the face paint. Voodoo, now in a desperate attempt to keep himself up, grins.]

Voodoo: You may win the match, but... I will... win...the WAR!!!

[Voodoo uses all of his energy to attack Jay. Jay is knocked back by the quick yet powerful kicks of the newcomer author. Jay's face aches from the blows of Voodoo's fist, and his stomach is about ready to give up its earlier meal. On the edge of delivering a fatal blow, Voodoo collapse onto Jay, knocking him to the ground, where Jay's shoulders hit the mat, but only his left side is pinned. His right side stays in the air. Voodoo is now no longer awake and lays on top of Jay. Sensing the win is now in his hand, Jay pushes the author onto his back, and pins the man.]

Jeff: NO!!!

[The bell Rings as Mills Lane taps the mat a 3rd time and Jay stands, the victor, to add insult to injury, Jay kicks the now offline Voodoo and shouts:]

Jay: "Fall of a king," my ASCII, Vood. Who is laying off line, and most likely dying? Not me... No... It's you!

[Jay throws his arms down, doing the DX hand-chop, kicking Voodoo one last time before he leaves. As he walks up the ramp, standing in front the of the crate that holds his prize, he reclaims the belts as Tomasi and Nails step out and take up sides next to the crate, picking it up, then leave. Jay glares at Jeff as he is being held back with the rest of his family by the MDM guards.]

Jay: Oh, Mr. Freeman, how I pity you. Soon you will no longer be as you are, you will be an old man, and I will stay the same...

[Jay laughs his evil laugh as he enters the Metatron.]

[Voodoo's green room]

Jenny: How is he, Ki'ace?

Ki'ace: Not good. Jay did a number on him. We are talking long downtime...

Dax: What do you mean long downtime? How long? I mean, he's tough right?  He can handle this? Can't he?

Ki'ace: He's not too good, Dax, To put it simply, he was going at 256k, now, he's a 1.

[The group, consisting of Jeff, Jenny, Dax, Crix, Bios, Scar, Mistya, Ki'ace and Ki'eva are all gathered around his Med bed. Voodoo's face paint is almost all off, but still keeps enough on to hide his true ID.]

Jeff: Crix, open a Vid-window

[A Vid-window opens to Jay's room, and Jay sits with his feet up on the crate, while a few of his characters look at the O.R.S.]

Jay: Well, Mr. Freeman, I wasn't expecting to see you so soon, OH! tell Vood his crate makes a good foot rest.

[Jay grins as Jeff folds his arms]

Jeff: Although I should let Voodoo tell you this, that's not going to happen for a while.

[Jay leans forward to here what Jeff has to say. Jeff turns his back to the screen and brushes his hair to the side, showing the scar from his old neural implant.]

Jeff: You should have thought about your prize more carefully. You see, Mr. Winger.. After "The Calling" Me and Jenny have some changes done. We are no longer dependent on that stuff.

[Jay seems to be in disbelief.]

Jay: You lie..

Jeff: No I Don't, you really don't think we would stay on the poison do you? It hurt like a bitch, but we are free from that hell, Have fun with your O.R.S., since we have no use for it. Bye...

[The screen is slammed shut and Jay is pissed, kicking over the crate, but not hard enough to make the contents spill out. It seems to be that Voodoo got the last laugh. Back in Voodoo's green room, Jeff looks down at his creator, laying asleep, and in a venerable state.]

From:  Zaria
Date: Apr 12, 2000

Zaria suddenly appears before Tri as she's walking down the hall to her own personal quarters.  "Wait up!" she calls, now seeing the sprite slow to a stop, not bothering to look back.

Tri makes a slightly irritated face before Zaria can see, and she now turns to face the girl.  "Java says no talk before the match." Arms akimbo, she gives Zaria the look of a superior to his soldier.

"Look, we don't have to fight. I can-"

"Beat me in a match? Is that what you think?"

"That's not what I was going to say! We can settle all this nonesense in a non-violent, mature manner." A serious expression on her face, Zaria stares at Tri.

The woman seems uncertain, but she finally gives in to options and alternatives. "What did you have in mind?" She sees Zaria put out a fisted hand, and she raises an eyebrow at the girl. "You have *got* to be kidding me..."

"Hey, it's better than blowing up the stadium. Besides, the boys have taken over the place for their badass, puck-wild crap." She grins at Tri then. "Best out of ten?"

Sighing heavily, Tri nods and begins the benign match. "Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!"

From: Tri Cyanopia
Date: Apr 12, 2000

[Tri suddenly stops, and looks at Zaria in a strange grin.]

Tri: Y'know, I have an even *better* idea...

[She whispers something in Zaria's ear.]

Tri: Huh?
Zaria: [doubtful] You think it would work?
Tri: With Java like this?  *She's* the friggin' crazy one.  And intruigue is always interesting.
Zaria: So...
Tri: The best thing is that the guys look like complete dipsticks.
Zaria: Now that sounds good.
Tri: Deal?
Zaria: I'll speak to Voodoo about my end.  Yeah?
Tri: Yeah. Fair.

From: "Sai Kennedy" <>
Date: Apr 12, 2000

Sai is searching for her now independant character in the hallway, al the while hearing announcers' muffled voices and insane cheers from the crowds coming from her left in the stadium. She suddenly stops, seeing Zaria walking with much haste to a door on her right, carrying a big crate of banana peels on one shoulder.

"Zaria," calls Sai, walking over to where the girl is now frozen, seeming almost afraid she was caught here, "what are you doing with that big thing o' peels?"

"Er...well, I have to speak to Voodoo now, bye!" but she's brabbed at the wrist by Sai, banana peels tipping as the crate falls. Zaria just barely manages to levitate it before disaster.

More than a little upset, she looks back up at Sai, who just stands there with a very suspicious look in her eyes. "Fess up..."

"Mmm..." Zaria looks a little frustrated by this interuption. "I'm going to cause some havok, okay?"

"Not on my watch! mean the match? Jay and Voodoo are not to be disturbed during this. You heard what they both said: no interuptions. Besides, what does that have to do with banana peels?"

"To...make them look like complete goofs? Tri said I should lure Voodoo in, and-"

"*Tri* said that?? Zaria, you know better than this. Heck *I* know better than this, and I'm not even half your age... I smell something's up. I suggest you don't do as she says."

"Oh come on, Sai. What harm can a little mischief do? It's all in good, rotten fun! Besides..." and here she leaned up to whisper in Sai's ear, "it's time *somebody* gave those two boys a wake-up call."

Jumping back, Sai leers at her creation. "Fine then. I'm no longer responsible for your actions. You're a free character now. Do as you pleae." As Zaria begins to walk off, Sai calls, "And when they're hanging you, don't expect me to play heroine!"

When the girl and her crate of banana peels are finally gone, Sai sighs deeply, feeling a slow creeping emotion of regret for her final decision. "Two characters...and neither of them are under my control." She hears the WeB ViRuS portal in beside her and place a hand upon her shouder.

"Perhaps it is time you considered making someone a bit more meek. You have a thing for making powerful characters."

Sai stares up at her then grins widely and rushes off to attempt something...

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