Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two

Night #6: Things Fall Apart
Part Two

From: "Jay"
Date: Dec 29, 2000

{Place - The Arena - The Ring}
[The audience anxiously awaits the next match. They aren't disappointed when a field of Hexadecimal's masks appear on the Metatron screen. Hex's entrance theme, "Masks," plays, and then one of the masks floats toward the screen and the virus' voice is heard:]

Metatron: (Hexadecimal) Don't mess with Mother Chaos!!

[Images of her throwing energy around, blowing up Hack & Slash, blowing up the Tor and other images that show Hex's insanity, amongst other traits. She appears (a la the Cheshire Cat) mask-first in the rafters, then flies down, cackling, and detonates pyros with fireballs.]

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Lost Angles of Mainframe, widely considered to be a Class Four virus -- HEXADECIMAL!

[Hex cackles again, then touches down and looks at the Metatron. A cat yowls, and then a whip cracks. Music plays as the sounds continue over images of Hyena laughing and periodically snarling at things off-camera. "Khatran Bomb" plays, and then Hyena herself appears. She whips her tail around, peers around at the audience, then yowls in time with the music.]

Ring Announcer: And her opponent, from System Scifera, the Khatran hacker -- HYENA!

[Hyena jumps up on the ring apron, then jumps over the ropes, landing in a crouch as she grins semi-maliciously at Hex. She crab-walks around Hex and keeps her hands ready to grapple as she and Hex circle each other. The fight bell rings. Hex moves in and aims a kick at Hyena, but the Khatran leans far back out of the kick's path and lands a kick to the back of Hex's knee. Springing to her feet, Hyena pounces and goes for a knee drop on Hex's face, but the virus rolls away. Hyena grips her knee in pain and Hex sweeps in with the Crossface Chicken Wing. Kicking in pain, Hyena falls over, and the ref starts to ask her if she'll tap out.

[But Hyena, impossibly, gets back to her feet, but her struggles seem to be getting weaker. Her eyes are shut, and she stands teetering. The ref takes her wrist and lifts her hand in the air, then lets go. Her hand drops limply. The ref counts "1!" and does it again. Again it falls limply. "2!" If it happens once more, Hex wins by knock-out. He raises Hyena's wrist, then lets go. Hyena's hand falls halfway, and then she thrusts it back in the air. Hex screams and shakes her head in disbelief. Hyena staggers upright, then unloads an elbow to Hex's midsection with her free right arm. She does it again, then a third time. Hex staggers back, stunned, and Hyena jump-kicks her in the face.

[Hex charges and grapples with Hyena again, then goes to whip her into the corner. Hyena skids to a halt and reverses out into a Spear which takes Hex down. She sits astride Hex and unloads punches to her mask, but then Hex grabs her mask and unleashes the Mask Flare. Blinded, Hyena stumbles away, leaving Hex to Bitchslap her hard into the corner. Running in, Hex punches her a few times, but then Hyena shoves her out with a hard kick to the gut. As Hex recovers, Hyena ascends the ropes and then jumps out in a Cat Flip (which she picked up from watching Pyra). Hyena covers Hex.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! --

[But Hex throws her off. As Hyena moves in, Hex kicks her in the gut and then flips her up onto her shoulders. She hoists her for the Last Ride powerbomb -- and Hyena grabs the virus' arms and Zaps her. Stunned, Hex lets go, and Hyena reverses the fall into a hurracanrana. Hyena then pulls one leg up for the pin.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! ... 3!

[The fight bell rings, and Hyena stands, triumphant. She flips over the ropes and walk/stumbles back to the Greenroom, talking trash back at Hex.]

From: "The Evil Virus-Half"
Date: Dec 29, 2000

{Place - The Stadium - The Owners' Skybox}
[The three other Owners of MDM are looking down at the cheering crowds, who are delighted about the outcome of the previous match. The Owners all nod.]

Owner 1: Excellent. Gabbiani got things going again. I was getting bored.

Owner 2: Indeed. I'm almost insulted he didn't book matches for every member of every team. That would indeed be profitable.

Owner 3: At least that fictive Gabbiani has learned who the real masters of MDM are.

[A voice abruptly speaks from behind them.]

Puck W!ld: Oh, no, he hasn't yet.

[With gasps of shock, the Owners all whip around to see Puck himself standing in front of them, arms folded, a frown on his face. No... he's not standing in front of them... he's hovering in front of them, an inch or two off the floor. His red-on-black viral eyes narrow, the red glowing dangerously.]

Puck: You see, my friends, you aren't the real masters of MDM.

[He raises a hand, and Owner #1 is lifted into the air, up near the ceiling. The Owner gags and chokes, kicking his legs and clutching at his throat futilely. He wheezes for breath, then makes a squealing sound as his neck snaps. Puck opens his fist and moves his hand aside, and the Owner falls to the floor limply. The other two Owners stare in shock.]

Puck: I am.

[Puck swings his arm powerfully in a backhand, not even touching Owner #2, who goes flying back into the wall. The third Owner whimpers and runs for the exit, but Puck's voice thunders after him.]

Puck: No don't leave! The fun hasn't started yet!

[A pair of powerful hands clamp down on his shoulders and drag the screaming Owner back into the private Skybox with a strangled scream before the door hisses shut.]

From: "Garg-Voodoo/Hybrids"
Date: Jan 1, 2001

[Voodoo turns in his chair as he waits Java's reply to the question asked and taps a few times on the console trying to keep the disply out of her line of sight. He is about to tap the panel but stops and sends a message to Dax, although without Minke, there is no possible way to sheild the message from anyone with metal powers.]

Voodoo: *Dax..*

Dax: *Little busy here Vood.. can it wait till after I finish off the owners goons?*

Voodoo: *Not as such no...brace yourself.*

[Voodoo taps the interface, hitting the save button and leans back in the chair as he looks back to Java.]

[Down in the depths of the stadium near Wingers section, the Hybrids are busy with the local areas DMSF, most of which lay on the floor. Jeff has one pin on the wall and is punching him in the stomach, Jenny is fighting of two and seems to be winning and Dax has her legs wrapped around the leader, Bruno.]

Dax: Dunna worry..I'll only knock ya out..

Bruno: (who is trying with all his might to keep Dax's legs grom completly cutting of his air supply) Don't..think so...Ya ...fake...

[Dax tighens but her body strightens like a arrow, she feels num all over and her muscel tense, she glows bright white and is flung off Bruno and into a wall. She scream, thus alearting her parents, and everyone stops as they watch Dax. He body is pulled up and she stands the white energy stops and a green ring flows from her head down to her toes and fades from sight.]

[Dax remains standing, but all around are shocked at what happen. Gone is her normal clothing, replaced with a black G.S.F. uniform. But she far from Guardian black ops, as the patches from many different organizatons, many which no one can place, are clearly shown. Her hair is longer and is cut so is stops just at her chin. Dax is strapped for battle, it is clear that the pistol she wears strapped to her right leg is clearly her mothers(or one very closely resembiling it) and the pistol on her left is clearly from the 21st century, which is a berreta. Dax cracks her knuckles as her mind sets back to what it was doing before, beating the hell out of Bruno.]

[Bruno's mind returns to its former state as he reaches for his gun on the ground and fires at Dax, who looks somewhat older. But his aim off,just slightly and Dax returns fire with her plasma pistol, and it strikes Bruno in the chest knocking him back.]

[The fight is over and Dax checks on the DMSF leader, he is stunned, and will wake with a big headach, but alive. She stands as her parents join her.]

Jenny: Just...what happen?

Dax: Voodoo didn't say, but judging from the new memories I have, I say he write a fic that takes longer after yours.

Jeff: Or finished. Voodoo said his oringinal fics for the 'verse were just about Dax, if he had just finished one then he might have reworked it into the MDM.

Jenny: Great, as if he wasn't bad enough, now he's changed Dax.

Dax: Something to talk to him about, but we should get the to the old vault first, then head back.

From: "Java"
Date: Jan 2, 2001

[Java sits down when Voodoo turns, a small violet blush on her face, thinking to herself:] So I manage to talk Seraphie to come back to here, which is gonna be hard if she's annoyed, and then I'm proper allies? Life becomes interesting again?

Voodoo: Yes.

Java: Wha-[foreheadsmacks lightly] Now I have to act like Rissie's around, won't I? [doesn't wait for an answer] Okee. I'll try to pull Seraphie back. [small grin] You're sweet, you two...But three little things.

Voodoo: [turns] What are they?

Java: Uno: No getting thrown out windows, badbad. Right? Two: No Bios attacking me or anything. Three...Well, I'll keep it in reserve. All fair, all good, and just drop me off in corridor D so no one knows until they should. Z'okay? [Small grin] [ta'Oosi language, thought:] Can't hear me like this, though. Heh.

From: "Garg-Voodoo"
Date: Jan 2, 2001

[Voodoo takes on a moment to think to himself before he stands.]

Voodoo: Deal... [He gently waves his hand, only for effect, and she fades from sight, and arrives in her intended destination] .. A deal is a deal..till a better one comes along. But Java shall prove useful I believe, now If I can only get Sai to talk to me. Let see where she is...

[Voodoo closes his eyes, and almost as soonas they closes he can see the metal projection of everyone in the MDM, fans, crew, stagehands all he can see, but the owners, they seem to have vanished. He pays little attention to that since he cares little for them and the only thing he can not see is Sai, or any of her creations. He opens his eyes and taps the interface.]

Voodoo: E.V.A. where is Sai?

E.V.A.: Dunno.

Voodoo: What do you mean you don't know.. Everyone that enters this room is scanned and tagged how can you not find Sai?

E.V.A.: I can trace her energy Voodoo, but I can't locate her. They are shielding my scans.

Voodoo: Then mag pulse the stadium.

E.V.A. Mag-pulseing...... Sai is still not anywhere to be found.

Voodoo: Sai doesn't have the skill to hide from me with her technolgy.

E.V.A.: My I make a suggestion?

Voodoo: Please do.

E.V.A.: Zaria is very verasd in my systems, she knows me as well as anyone inculding you and Dax, it is possible she has changed Sai current equipment to block my scans.

Voodoo: That could be very true. Zaria is very cunning, I like that. Now since I have little to do, I'll play her game, but I'll play by my rules. E.V.A. access the MDM .Ini files..

E.V.A.: INI files are encypted.

Voodoo: Run Voodoo file 21 Alpha.

E.V.A.: File running, INI files gained.

Voodoo: Transfer them to my screen, let us see if she left a paper trail.

From: "Tri Cyanopia"
Date: Jan 4, 2001

{Place: MDM Stadium, corridor D (end of Java's section)}

Java: [to herself] Y'know...[fixes her scarf]...he could be a decent Q with that attitude. Now, over to Seraphie...

[She loks at herself, grins, and shapeshifts into a wotsit (Midi) and rolls away.]

{Place: Java's Green Room}
[Ser-*ahem* I mean, Minke is being regalled with some of the more humorous escapades of the Guardians in history, most being told by Pyra, Erinys and See chiming in occasionally.]

Pyra: -when the poor sap tries to actually stop him, he throws a lubricator all over the road, not having heard the Guardians were on foot-

Erinys: -and the runaway was the one on a board-

Pyra: -so you have the runaway gliding over the surface-

See: -and a very big tangle up.

Erinys: Literally.

Pyra: Not good, neh?

[Tri and Aarys are tanding, having an unusually serious conversation in whispered ta'Oosi, Aarys having taken the liberty to shield the room from most mental inquiries.] (The translation is in the source, if you want it.)

Tri: Naih, ei'hal naih- <-- No, he's not- -->

Aarys: Ki leuei'hal. <-- But he's fluent. -->

Tri: Heih, ki ei' naih m'kesh se'Ma- <-- Yes, but he's not of the clan se'Ma- -->

Aarys: -Misi?! <--What was that?! --> [She looks around slightly, then look back.] Naiva, naiva. <--Nothing, nothing. --> Is Liturgy coming?

Tri: Soon, Meme. Give him some time.

Aarys: Why don't you have him challenge for that, what's it called, Insane Virus belt?

Tri: Well, other than he'd get killed, and the current holder is not exactly in good condition, I would.

Aarys: I see. [Pause.] Are you alright?

Tri: It's been a long cycle for everyone, Meme. Hey, did you bring Empi-Oki?

[Aarys smiles and points to Minke, holding the purring (and noshing a carrot) cabbit.] So sweet, naih?

Tri: Heih.

From: "Sai"
Date: Jan 6, 2001

[Minke pets the Cabbit in her claws carefully as it sits in her lap, munching happily on its carrot. Moving a claw under Empi's large ear, Minke scritches it, listening to its pleasant purring sound and responding with light whalesong. Her mind, however, is elsewhere.]

[She is paying attention to the energy fluctuations constantly going around the MDM system, and she knows they can't possibly be from Voodoo, though they are Authoretic in origin. The energy fluctiations have seemed to be coming from Jay Winger. But he's been comatose the whole time. Minke shakes her head, unable to piece together a number of recent confusing vibrations running through the system.]

[Before, she had sensed the pain of lives lost, but she could not sense who they were, only that extreme fear and anger flowed through the pain. As all the characters and their Authors are still alive, she decides not to bring it up with any of the Authors. She thinks privately to herself.]

Minke *I shall wait and see... It may only cause more problems if I take it up with anyone.* [Sai comes to mind] *I should go and see how her project is going...*

[Putting the Cabbit down, Minke looks around and she squints at those present. She suddenly relizes that she'd not been paying as much attention as she apparently should have been, as she notices who's missing.]

Minke *Has anyone here seen Java?*
Sai: You almost done?

Zaria: You bet. Jay may have the keyboard, but I've got Washu's interdimensional know-how. Minke's gonna love this.

Sai: I should go back to Voodoo's and see if she came back yet.

Zaria: Don't worry. You know how she is. If she needs you, she'll send a message.

Sai: Yeah... But I want her to see your surprise. [grins and looks around her] Hey, mind if I try the door?

[Zaria taps in a few more commands on the new Sai GR's control board, and the outline of a door appears a little way's off through the foliage.] Go right ahead. [She smiles proudly.]

[Sai walks up to the blue-glowing outline, and a button appears on its right side. Pushing the button, the door slides open, and she walks out. Laughing happily, Sai stands outside of her old green room's entrance in System MDM.]

Sai: My gosh, it worked! This is so great.

[Running back inside, the door slides shut behind her, and the portal to the MDM system is once more closed.]

From: "Garg-Voodoo"
Date: Jan 6, 2001

[Voodoo stood within the massive holo-chamber, the photonic particals arragnging themselfs in a way to show the section of the stadium where Sai calls home. He taps his foot talons as he thinks, having replaced the annoying habit of tapping his finger on his chin, with a more annoying one of tapping talons.]

Voodoo: Stop...back up... zoom in.

[The computer known as E.V.A. does so, and he stands infront of Sai's door.]

Voodoo: Disply the infomation again.

[Numbers and words simple appear before him, as if being writen on a blackboard that isn't there.]

E.V.A.: Voodoo, I know this isn't the time but..

Voodoo: What is it E.V.A.?

E.V.A.: The Trio is online..they are leaving the tanks.As a matter of fact...they have seemed to escape the confines of the green room.

[Voodoo is anger is hard to place, is it from his ability to not find Sai, or that three very powerful characters have just left the place they should have remained. Ether case, Voodoo's sharp finger like talons slash at the holographic wall, it repaires itself as Voodoo regains his stance.]

Voodoo: Have Dax go after them...she now has the more experience. And while on the subject of prey...where are Jenny and Jeff?

E.V.A.: My scans show that even with the thermoptic camo they are useing, they are close to the last readings of Tomasi and the others.

Voodoo: Good. Least something is going right. Now confirm the data present.

E.V.A.: The scans show a 0.21 phase varience in the Metaverse around Sai's section. But there is no energy device near there to give this off.

Voodoo: Then mark it and lets move on.

[Place: MDM Stadium. Location: The Food Stands.]
???: Ya think even in this time they would have decent grub.

???: Like ya need it. You weigh more then a titan tank.

???: I am a Titan tank compaired to you..ya ain't got no real powers.

???: I got these!

???: Now now.. come on we really don't need to start a fight here. Think about it.. we are the most powerful Viri in the time.

???: But we ain't Viri.

???: Close enough.

???: Even more for me!

[Dax fires a shot from her spot behind a tashcan, and the trio spin around to ID her before attacking.]

???: It's the 'fricken hunter!

Dax: Nice to see ya to Lomax, see ya brought Jer'al and Casidy with ya. How's 'bout we make this easy and you all just come back to the room.

[Lomax, the smallest of the trio and who was clad in blue with blond hair shook her head.]

Lomax: Where's the fun in that.

[The tallest spoke next, this was Casidy and she wore a red jumpsuit with her name on the back, green hair hung down in her face.]

Casidy: We know what is going to happen if we go back. Voodoo will put us in cryo. We don't care for sleeping that long.

[Jer'al, the only man and he seemed to wear something close to a Guardian uniform.]

Jer'al: We rather do things our way thank ya very much.

[Dax return the pistol to her side and cracked her knuckles.] Dax: Doing things the hard way.. fine with me. [Dax charges, as she does Lomax jets her her arms, tendrails flying towards Dax. Dax's hands reach to oppsite sides of her torso as she slides on her weapons. The tendrails almost strike when Dax slides out her weapons. Lomax yells in pains as Dax lands from her charge jump and her cut tendrails return to her hands. The blood from them glinting off the titanosteel blades that are present on each of Dax's hands.]

Dax: Ya can thank Bios for the idea.

[She charges along with the trio, to engage in their never ending battle.]

From: "The Comatose (?) Author"
Date: Jan 6, 2001

{Place - Jay's Greenroom - Jay's Office}
[If someone had opened the door and stuck their head inside, they would have seen that Jay was not lying in his bed, comatose and apparently still feeling the effects of his match against Voodoo. Instead, they would have seen a slightly bigger man -- with the same basic build as Jay -- with silvery skin standing before a Washu-esque keyboard and screen. The board and screen are outlined in dark blue and silver, giving an eerie malevolence to them.

[Jay -- or rather, Puck -- taps a few keys on the board and looks at the information that scrolls on it, then taps another key. Within the screen, a video feed from the Rogues' Place shows up, showing the four bad guys tinkering with the new weapons they have received and generally testing out on them.

[Puck smiles, not minding one bit that the "Rogues" have decided to hole up in one of his sanctums, and switches the feed to show the waypoint junction. He smirks slightly at seeing the two Hybrids there, and decides to "play" with them later.

[He continues to switch the feed of the video, now watching the fight between Dax and the "Trio" near the concession stand. Again, he moves on.

[The feed gets scrambled as he tries to view Sai's Old Greenroom, causing him to frown slightly. But he shrugs, not considering her too much of a threat to be watched, and moves on.

[Now Puck is looking in on Java's Greenroom. Minke sits there, petting Empi-Oki. A sneer crosses his features.]

Puck: How touching.

[He opens a secondary window and scans the list of names there: Lean Il Lupe, Elogin, Ünres, Vice, Seize, Soovas, Ytter, Tybalt, Valie, Lyle, Beatrice, Arky. Puck taps the one that reads Arky and smiles as a power flows into him. He reaches out with a tendril of his power toward Java's Greenroom.]

{Place - Java's Greenroom}
[Everyone present can feel it, but only Minke can really feel its meaning. It is just an unpleasant sensation that something evil is near. The cabbit tilts its head slightly, then miaos with alarm as the carrot it has been gnawing on seems to shrivel away.

[Minke, with her uncanny abilities, can sense that the cause of this is the viral ability of Corruption. Corruptor virii, while few and far between, were widely feared due to their ability to render entire city blocks to dust by corrupting the buildings and causing them to crumble.

[What just happened to Empi-Oki's carrot was this on a much smaller scale. Minke reaches out with her powers to find the source of the Corruption, but a loud, angry, viral voice roars in her mind.]

Puck: Get out of this mental plane, bitch, before I turn the Corruption on YOU!

[And the force behind that mental "command" is such that it does shunt Minke off of the mental frequency that Puck's mind -- and therefore Winger's -- operates on.]

From: "Empi-oki and group"
Date: Jan 8, 2001

{Place: Corridor, Right outside the GR}
[Java-Midi stops straight in her tracks at the foot of the door, feeling the viral power in her whiskers - and as this is the MDM's relative viral expert, she recognizes what the power was. She rushes to shift and uses an override on the door locks and jumps in, looking about wildly.]

[Fury is relatively unharmed, but Py is looking at Minke, who seems shocked. Aarys is holding her head, her head aching with the psy blast Puck gave Minke to drive her away. Tri holds on to her mother, and notices the Authoress first.] Java? Are you all right?

Java: Is she alright?? [off her nod] Take care of her.

Tri: Yeah. Minke's what you should worry about, though.

[She blinks, then turns - but Minke is quite suddenly gone. Pyra looks around in surprise, and so does Java.]

Pyra: What happened?

Java: Tri? Rissie?

Aarys: All I can feel is my head, Tib'enih. [wince] Who was that?

Erinys: Well, other than you and Elogin, who's out, the only people with that kind of mental power would be Zaria and Voodoo. And that doesn't explain the carrot.

[Empi-oki decides to interject:] Miao?

Tri: I think she asked where her carrot is. See, if you don't mind...

Java: That was corruption. Badbad.

Aarys: But no virus here has corruption powers...

[The group seems to have drawn a collective zero. Java shakes her head frowning and ducks into her room. See returns with another carrot for Empi-oki, who begins noshing without care, and Pyra picks her up.]

Aarys: As soon as this goes away, I'm going to look around.

Tri: No, you aren't. I will if anyone will.

Aarys: I'll strike you dumb.

Tri: And I'll telek you to the wall.

Erinys: No one will look around. [He stands up to the virii's glares.] Let's just cool our jets here and hope lightning won't strike twice. Alright?

[Tri nods. Aarys rolls her eyes but mutters yes haughtily.]

{Place: Java's Personal Room}
[The Authoress is on a laptop, accessing a small dBase shared with Jay and herself.] I was right. Arky is a CR virus, but...he certainly isn't here, and if he was I'd know about it! Does Voodoo have a CR virus? [Pause.] But he would never hurt Seraphie knowingly. And why would it attack Empi's carrot?

[She stands up and closes the link, making sure to hide her access. As she paces, she fiddles with her icon.] I don't get this. Jay wouldn't try to warn me...would he? Did he change? Go back to being the bastard he was before? But why...I thought he had changed. Thought he was sweet...that he cared for me. Doesn't he? [darkly] Or has he decided I'm not powerful enough to be allied with him-Of course not! We're si'Jusquas! Oh...I don't know. Oosi.

[For a moment she stands, then she plops down on then bed and sighs, adjusting her scarf.] Voodoo, if you're listening, something's happened to Seraphie and I don't know what or why, but I have an idea and it isn't very good. You there?

From: "The Hybrids"
Date: Jan 2, 2001

[The elders help Dax up and watch in disbelievement as the chard flesh that is present on her stomach and arms quickly turn pale and fall off. Leaving white -renewed- skin below. The look at one another then back to Dax]

Dax: Don't ask, cuz I'm not to sure myself. But I can tell you this. That was a virus and it was a virus that wasn't Lean or the others.

Jenny: Then who?

Dax: Dunno. But..we should get the vault and then sort this all out.

[The Hybrids walk a few feet down the hall, when Dax feels a heavy object being placed on her shoulders, she looks back to see her father finish placing his duster around her.]

Dax: 'Was that for?

Jeff: You are missing more of you uniform on ya back side hun.

Dax: Gee thanks dad.Still looking out for me huh.

Jeff:Something like that yes.

[The converstation was light as they made their way to the old green room. Which the arrived to a short time later. It seems Jay had released the metal sheets as the batterd stylized "V" can been seen on the door. Jenny taps in the old code for the door and it unlocks, the lights flash on inside and the stripped down room is seen. There is little left but for the chairs and couches the MDM provided. Voodoo's old chair is there and whats left of the computer system. Jenny activated the system, only a DOS based menu appears and she does a quick run through. Jay had sent his hackers down, there were traces everywhere of them since they had not botherd to clean their tracks.]

Jenny: Jay sent his hackers to try and find stuff.

Dax: We cleared the system, nothing but a prompt.

Jenny: Can't blame him, i'd do the same.

[Jeff appears from an ajacent room.]

Jeff: They tried to get into the vault, there are scorch marks on the metal and the keypad was torn apart. They couldn't get in.

Jenny: Can you jump it to get power to it?

Jeff: I'll try.

[Jeff goes back to the door and his family follows. Soon they are able to restore power and the vault opens, although far smaller then the new one it still contans a impressive arenal.]

Dax: Like a kid in a candy store.

From: "The Terrorizers"
Date: Jan 2, 2001

{Place - Voodoo's Old Greenroom}
[Jeff and the "reformatted" Dax stand in front of the open vault and look at the arsenal within.]

Dax: Like a kid in a candy store.

????: My thoughts exactly.

[The voice isn't the same as the one who spoke (and attacked) earlier. On the contrary, it's more gravelly and has a quasi New York-ish accent. The accent of someone who grew up in the Great Codex.

[All the same, the sudden interruption causes the Hybrids to whip around, aiming weapons. Standing in the doorway is Tomasi Exley, with two handcannons aimed from the hips at father and daughter.

[Another form enters the room from a hole in the floor, grinning. It's Nails, who brandishes his sharpened claws and brushes his brown mane of hair out of his gold-furred face.]

Nails: Thanks fer openin the vault for us, Pops.

Tomasi: Haven't you half-breeds learned anything? You vacated this territory. Now we're squattin here. This is Terrorizer territory now, punk.

Nails: Yeah, beat it or I'll cut the girl a new smile.

[A voice speaks up from the hole in the floor.]

????: il'Crais? Exley? Where'd you get to?

[A Khatran pops his head out of the hole. Of all people -- it's Renei, the Crimson Claw leader. He spots Jeff and Dax and hisses.]

Renei: Users!

Tomasi: Half-Users. These're the Hybrids we keep tellin you about, Renei.

[Renei appears pensive.]

Renei: Perhaps we should leave them alone.

Tomasi: Now why the FAQ would I want to do that?

Renei: You forget how fast and strong they are. I shall wait in our alternate meeting place with bodybags.

[Renei ducks back into the hole as Nails and Tomasi continue to stare at the two Hybrids. Tomasi holds the handcannons steady while Nails crouches low and bounces back and forth, flicking his claws.]

Tomasi: Mexican standoff.

Nails: Codex standoff, rather.

From: "Hybrids"
Date: Jan 3, 2001

[Dax and Jeff lower their guns, ready for the stand off.]

Dax: Hey furball. Ya best know that call'in me a girl, is like calling me a kid... and I ain't no kid.

Nails: That what are ya's?

Dax: A bitch.

Tomasi: I believe it...

Dax: Family trait, I'll let my mom show ya.

[There is a pause for a moment as that sunk into the consideribly eviler group(only because they wanted to kill an entire race while the Hybrids only did it for pay) followed with a sharp crack to both heads. The two fall slightly forward as Jenny landed from her airal kick and rolled forward taking up a stance with her family.]

Jenny: You guys can't have all the fun now..

Jeff: Fine, you take care of them while I get this stuff out of here.

[Jeff darted inside the vault as Tomasi, clearly angerd by the drop from Jenny fires at the two Hybrids with little chance of hitting. A steak barely misses Dax as she ran up and kicked off the wall, her force projected at Nails. Jenny took a slide kick to Tomasi which failed as she slide under him and had to settle with a spine kick.]

[Nails blocked the airal assult from Dax but had a harder time blocking the energetic hybrid from landing blow after blow to his body. He came down with his sharpen right claws, Dax's backs off from the first slash but catchs the second with her hand, she grins as she slasms the claws into the wall stright on, breaking all but the last one as Nails screams in anger from his work being destoryed.]

Tomasi: No User bimbo is gonna get the drop on me!

Jenny: Maybe I should get Cato to give you a good talking to then.

[The two echanged blows, kicks, punches and dual fist attacks not getting far from each of them. And it was a good thing since a blow from Tomasi could hurt Jenny a lot.]

[Jeff sticks his head out of the vault] Jeff: Ladies, I hate to break up family time but I'm out of transport moduals so lets break feet.

[The two fall back, running into the vault as Jeff pulls the jumper cable from keypad the door slide shut just as the powerful blast from Tomasi's hand cannon hit it. The force of the blast keeps the door from shutting completely and Tomasi slides his hands in and trys to open it.]

Dax: A tactical retreat would be good, there is much fighting room.

[Jeff taps his temple, a microphone drops down from a small device that is place on it.]

Jeff: E.V.A. transport now!

E.V.A.: I only have you and 7 of the 8 racks.

Jeff: Ran out of mods, one didn't get us out of here!

[The entire room flash a bright blue/grey as the transporter did it's job as the door came crashing open and Tomasi stumbled in.]

Tomasi: Damn..

[Tomasi didn't bother to check on Nails right away, he walked to the remaining rack, he easily busted the pad lock that was on it and removed the high powers plasma rifle, he cradled it in his arms as if it was a new born child.]

Tomasi: NAILS! 'Get in here and help me find the ammo fo' this gun. We's got some new toy's.

From: "The Terrorizers"
Date: Jan 3, 2001

{Place - Voodoo's Old Greenroom - The Vault}
[Tomasi raises the plasma rifle and sights down the gun, aiming at the wall, then turns to the rack, scanning over the other weapons inside. Nails can be heard grunting as he extracts his hand from the wall, then cradling his broken fingers in his other hand. The F'Val stops as he sees Tomasi's new gun.]

Nails: Neh? What's this?

[Renei emerges from the hole in the floor outside and steps inside. Both his and Nails' eyes light up as they see the rack of weapons. Tomasi turns around, grinning.]

Tomasi: It's payday, boys.

Renei: What I would've given to have one of those during the Burke Mission...

Nails: What I'd give to use one of these against a certain one-eyed Crossie freakazoid.

[Tomasi finds a box of energy clips and rips it open. He slaps one into the appropriate slot on the rifle and cocks it, hearing it power up with a whine. He closes his eyes and smiles.]

Tomasi: Oh...I love that sound.

[Nails and Renei grab weapons and start scoping them out as heavy footsteps emanate from the hole outside.]

????: Where did you go?

Renei: Ünres! Join the party!

[The Class-12's head emerges from the hole, and then he sees the weapons. His red eyes gleam and he starts to lift out of the hole, but his bulk sticks and he halts.]

Ünres: [mutters under his breath] I'm stuck.

Tomasi: No prob, I'll get you out.

[He aims the rifle at the floor in front of Ünres, then fires before the virus has a chance to yelp in surprise. The floor explodes, making the hole bigger, and the virus falls back into the tunnel with a loud thud. There is a low growl as he surges out of the hole and lands with a boom in front of Tomasi, standing a good few centimeters over the sprite.]

Ünres: I think I'll remove that jaw from your head.

[Tomasi calmly puts the business end of the rifle under Ünres' serpent-like nose. The virus' eyes cross as he looks down the barrel.]

Tomasi: Say hello to my leettle friend!

[Nails and Renei laugh, and then Ünres laughs too, taking another weapon off the rack and examining it.]

Ünres: Oh, this is good technology. I could take it apart and make it better. Build some definite good toys from this.

Tomasi: That's why I like you tech-viruses. Always tinkering and honing the current technology.

[Renei grabs a gunny-sack from the wall and starts shoveling weapons and boxes of ammo inside. Nails grabs another and puts anything the Hybrids missed inside as Ünres and Tomasi shoulder their new toys. Tomasi takes one of his handcannons off the floor, then stuffs it into a holster on his belt. He shifts his rifle to the other shoulder as he picks up the other handcannon and holsters it on the other side. Nails and Renei heft the gunny-sacks and all four go over to the hole and jump down.]

Nails: To the Batcave!

Tomasi: That was really lame, Nails.

Nails: Sorry, couldn't resist.

From: "Voodoo and the others"
Date: Jan 4, 2001

[The Hybrids, minus Dax, are busy replacing whats left of the vault with the new weapons. The older model weapons placed and locked up carefuly with the new ones the couple sits down to start sorting through the ammo cases to check what they have. Thats when the feel an overwhelming presence over them, the two look up to see Voodoo, arms crossed and wings folded behind him, a narrowed eyes power look on his face.]

Jenny: Hey Voodoo.

Jeff: What's up?

Voodoo: Why do I only count 35 rifles and pistols and not 40?

Jeff: Ran into a little resistence, the motely fools decided to clam the former residence. With a damage transport mod we couldn't..

[Jeff is quickly picked up by his white t-shirt and slammed into the weapons locker behind him. Voodoo's eyes glows green, his deep growl escapes from deep within.]

Voodoo: You let them have 5 circa 2516 Plasma rifles! Those have more destructive power then any weapon they know off! And you let them have it! They could bring down the shields of this place if they modify them with mag charges! [Voodoo pasues as he narrows his eyes even more.] Get them And I want everything, the rifles, the pistols, the antimatter mines..everything that was in the locker.

[Voodoo drops Jeff and he lands hard on his tailbone, Voodoo stomps off, not so much as from anger but because his large mass echo's on the metal floor. Jenny watches him leave and even to where it looks likes he is heading for the Holo-chamber.]

[Jeff stands and rubs his lower back]

Jeff: Think he would be happy for what he got.

Jenny: You know as well as I that Voodoo has a thing for not letting any of his tech out.

Jeff: What about that cube thingy he gave DaVinci a while ago, he said that the data node inside was plans for a slip gate.

Jenny: Slip gate tech is around in their time, it just wasn't perfected.

Jeff: You know as well as I do that the government wouldn't allow it to every get out. Anyone that has it could enter the verse without useing the GateWays. Lots of lost money.

Jenny: I know I know..but the case remains.

Jeff: We get to go hunt down someone...I like that.

From: "Team Winger & the Terrorizers"
Date: Jan 4, 2001

{Place - Tunnels under the Stadium}
[Tomasi, Nails, Renei, and Ünres plod down the dark tunnels, the two Anthros carrying the gunny-sacks loaded with everything contained in that weapons locker. Tomasi carries his two handcannons (read: modified energy shotguns) and his new plasma rifle, while the virus merely has a rifle.]

Renei: Remind me again: why exactly did Winger build these things in here?

Tomasi: He built these back when that rivalry with Voodoo was hot. I had them built as a way to sneak up on him if necessary.

Nails: Yeah, and we used 'em to kidnap the Lockheart boy that one time, remember?

Renei: Oh, yeah. You'd think Voodoo would've put weapons down here or something, to keep guys like us away.

Tomasi: He moved out just after the whole thing. I don't think he had time.

[More walking.]

Tomasi: `Nei.

Renei: Yeah?

Tomasi: How much farther to the waypoint?

Renei: Just around this bend.

Nails: You said that two bends ago.

Renei: Yeah, but I'd forgotten how far we'd gone. Here it is.

[And sure enough, there's the "waypoint." It looks like some sort of small platform, large enough to hold the four of them. There's some kind of control panel built into the base, and a few panels glow green. It has an almost technorganic look to it.]

Ünres: One of these days, I'm going to take apart one of these things so I can use the technology.

[The four of them step onto the platform, and Tomasi presses the control panel with his foot. A green globe forms around them, then contracts. They disappear into it, and then the globe phases out through a wall and glides away.

[They rematerialize in a small room on another "waypoint" platform. They disembark, and look briefly at another waypoint platform a short distance away. It glows blue instead of green. Ünres looks at the wall and presses his mechanical right hand on a panel there, then steps onto the second platform. It glows green, and he disappears into a globe and vanishes. The other three follow in separate globes, after touching the panel.

[Now they rematerialize in a larger room, a great distance away from the Stadium, but still within the MDM System. Tomasi crosses to a workbench and starts disassembling the plasma rifle to get the operation down smooth as Ünres goes to another and starts to take his own apart, but with the design of reverse engineering it and learning the technology. Renei and Nails start to empty the gunny-sacks into their own weapons lockers.]

Tomasi: Nails, when you're done, activate the security system in the waypoint station.

Nails: Right, right.

[He goes over to the waypoint platform that empties into the room (it is glowing blue) and presses a few controls on a security panel nearby. At the waypoint "station" where they were a few moments ago, the platforms start to glow red as security is activated.]

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[Cowboy, who is hanging around the card table, looks up from the game of solitaire he's playing. He frowns and looks around.]

Cowboy: Hey, I haven't seen the Gruesome Twosome lately. Where are they?

Hyena: They should still be in the weight room. That's where they usually are.

Lean: No. I wanted to try and bury the hatchet earlier and dropped by, but they're not there.

DaVinci: I'll tell Bruno to look for them later. Right now, I've got to try and get in touch with certain people for the next match.

[Chaotis looks up from the chair he's been occupying mostly-quietly.]

Chaotis: You mean my match, right?

DaVinci: That's right.

Chaotis: You gonna tell me what it is?

DaVinci: Nope. That'd ruin the surprise. But I'll tell you this much -- it involves a female.

Chaotis: [grins beneath his mask] I like it already!

[DaVinci smirks. He turns to his comm and presses the button for the Owners' Skybox. He gets no answer.]

DaVinci: Goddamn racist bastards. Well, screw you too.

[He cancels the call and dials up Voodoo's Greenroom instead.]

From: "Garg-Voodoo/The Kill Couple"
Date: Jan 6, 2001

[Jenny and Jeff walk very slowly down the dimmly light shaft that Tomasi and the others were detected. Hanging over their right eyes were at the time, the best friends they had, their TEDs (Tatical Ehancment Displays). These little devices were feeding them the much needed data.]

Jenny: They went this way alright.. There is plasma leakage all over the place.

Jeff: The weapons might have been damage in raid.

Jenny: It's not enough to effect any of the operation of the gun...

Jeff: Too bad.

[The couple reach the strange platform a short time later, they run a complete scan with the TEDs before moving any closer.]

Jeff: Looks techno organic.

Jenny: Lucky for us... we have a team member of the same type. [Taps the comm system on her belt] E.V.A., ya hear me gal?

E.V.A.: Load and clear Jenny..did you find the weapons?

Jenny: Not as such.. but we found something techno organic, going send the specs through the TED, think you can hack it?

E.V.A.: I've recived your data. It's not the heavy duty per say, but where in the entire did they get techno organics?

Jenny: Not missing any relatives are you E.V.A.?

E.V.A.: None that are like this. Give me a minute and i'll have the feild down.

[And one minute later on the nose, the feild fell and E.V.A. cut comm contact. The couple nodded and pulled the hoods on their backs over each others heads and tap a switch on their belts.]

Computer Voice(x 2): Therm Optic Camo engaged.

[The couple took up sides on he platform, and hit the switch, fading of to where ever it leads.]
[Place: Voodoo's Green Room. Location: Living Room.]
E.V.A.: Incoming call. Team Winger.

[Scar looked up from the book he was reading. Yes, a honest to god book, with real paper. He looked around to see if anyone was going to get it. Seeing no one jump to get it, since the only people present where Kaka and Ki'eva, he got up and tapped the console.]

Scar: Yes?

From: "Team Winger (and Rogues Gallery)"
Date: Jan 6, 2001

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[DaVinci smirks tiredly at Scar as the Dreckard answers.]

DaVinci: Hey, Scar. I was calling to see if Dax is up for a match tonight. I think Jay cleared it with her last Night -- I think she should remember. Even if she isn't, that's okay, because we can make do without her. But I think she'd like to have a crack at her opponent.

Scar: Who's that?

[DaVinci tells him. Chaotis, who is otherwise occupied in another part of the Greenroom, doesn't hear a thing.]

DaVinci: if she is up for a match, then notify me. I'll send out the contestants.

{Place - The Rogues' Place, location unknown}
[Ünres looks up as the panel near the waypoint platform flashes and beeps. The other three look up as well.]

Tomasi: Someone's at the junction.

Nails: Well, they'll be hard-pressed to get through to here. Getting in requires direct tactile contact with the access panel in the junction, and it's keyed to only respond to those with the coding of someone from Team Winger.

Renei: I knew there were advantages to being one of his characters.

[All the same, they have a suspicion of who is coming through, so they start to stow the rifles and other gear away in a lockbox. Ünres places his mechanical hand on it when it is closed, and a viral lock emerges from the back of his fingers, snapping onto the box and sealing it.]

{Place - the "Waypoint Junction"}
[Jenny and Jeff materialize from the green globe on the waypoint platform. A short distance away is a second platform, but it is glowing red, as is a light on the access panel on the wall.]

Computerized Vox: Code scan identification required.

From: "Team Voodoo"
Date: Jan 7, 2001

Scar: I can't personaly speak for Dax..but knowing her as I do..

[Scar doesn't finish the sentence, because at the moment A load "thud" hit the floor behind Scar and he out DaVinci on hold as he turn to look]

[The Trio laid bound and gaged on the floor od the Green Room, the captor breaths heavy as she looks up at Scar before asking where Voodoo is.]

Scar: Still in the chamber.. just who are these people?

Dax: More like what are they.. These are the Trio as I call them. Government test in new nanite tech creates a strange side affect in Sprites. They are considerd virus like and killed off. These those are some of the few that remain.

Kaka: A real threat?

Dax: They ain't smart enough to be a real threat.

[There are moans and such from the tied up Trio, but all are considerd to be yelling that they are a threat.]

Dax: According to the fic, from what I was able to read. I spend a lot of time tracking and killing things like them, these three though more often or not get away.

Ki'eva: And you don't kill them?

Dax: Watch.

[Dax reaches behind her back and fits the "claw" over he hand and yanks it from the sheath with a "snikt". The blades glimmer in the light before she slams them deep into Casidys chest. The creature screams in pain, most of which is muffled, and Dax removes the blades. The deep holes quickly heal over and the being starts cursing at Dax through the gag.]

Dax: The nanites are very quick.

Scar: Then they can't die?

Dax: Cut off the head. But Voodoo is keeping them here for a reason, dunno why. But since putting them in cryo seems to be out of the question. We will throw them in the brig.

Ki'eva: We have a brig?

Dax: We got just about everything.

[Scar turned back to the screen.]

Scar: Count her in. [He closed the window.]

[Place: Team Voodoo's Green Room. Location: Level 3 Brig.]
Dax: All comfy in there ya guys?

Lomax: You do know this goes against our rights!

Dax: This Green Room ain't a Demoncracy. It's a Higharchy.

Jer'al: We didn't do anything to deserve this!

Dax: Ya 'all know I can't let you run around. Thats like giving Bios the right to slash up Java.

Casidy: So how come a Virus gets more freedom then us?

Dax: 'Cuz as of right now she been a good girl and you three have been bad. Now have a good time in there, I'll try to remember to get ya a patch cable so ya all get eat some time.

[As Dax walks away, Jer'al slashs at the force feild with nanite talons, as he bounces off, the nanites reapir the light damage and his talons revert to fingers.]

[Place: "WayPoint"]
Jenny: Well... that went well.

Jeff: So we can't go this way.. ain't no one on that team going to help us.

Jenny: True.. but this thing has to go somewhere in the System.

Jeff: We could scan the entire system.

Jenny: Ya..if we had the equipment in the Raider.

Jeff: We don't have the time to portal back to Scifera and get it. And who knows if they have equipment to detect it or not.

Jenny: So what do we do?

Jeff: I have no idea.

From: "The Rogues"
Date: Jan 7, 2001

{Place - Waypoint Junction}
[As Jeff and Jenny discuss ways they could possibly track Tomasi and the other rogue characters, they both feel a strange sensation -- the same they felt earlier when the unseen virus attacked Dax.

[As if on cue, the voice of that unseen virus speaks from the darkness in the junction.]

????: Well, if it isn't the Fightin Hybrids again. `Cept we seem to be short one. Whassa matter? I hurt her too bad?

[Jeff and Jenny aim their guns around them, but then they feel the air carry a charge around them. Their hair stands on end.]

????: Ah, ah, ah! No matter what the provocation, I never allow killin in the house... my house, anyway. And ye're near enough to my domain that this counts.

[Sparks dance in the air in front of their faces as a warning.]

????: Now, if ya know what's good for ya, ye'll get back to the false security of yer Greenroom. Stay out of my domain. Otherwise ye'll lose all yer toys.

From: "The Hybrids/Garg-Voodoo"
Date: Jan 8, 2001

[Jenny and Jeff stand firm, their faces set in the cold stareing glance of destruction.]

Jeff: We don't take kindly to being disrespected..

[Jeff fires into the darkness as Jenny pulls out one of her best toys, A format gernade. Twisting the top she chucks it into the darkness where they hear the voice, totaly unsure of anything is there.]

[The flash of the gernade completly formats the area where it hits as the Hybrids teleport out of the area and not to the Green Room, but to a area near the Metatron.]

Jenny: That is a Virus I know it.

Jeff: Think ya hit it?

Jenny: If it was even their...maybe.

Jeff: Looks like someone thinks this is their system.

Jenny: Maybe we should show them just what the Metaverse pact means.

Jeff: Thinking of taking a little detore into the stadium and slagging it?

Jenny: Love to honey but right now.. I say we find the weapons, lets portal back to Scifera and snag the Raider and book it back here.

Jeff: Agreed, Voodoo ain't going to be happy if we miss the match.

Jenny: We will be in system when he calls us..lets go.

[The Hybrids transport back to the GR and quickly grab access to the portal room in order to get back to Scifera.]

[Place: Voodoo's Green Room, Location: Holo-Chamber.]
[Voodoo is still searching for Sai's location. He can trance her only for a moment, then she fades. He rubs his temples in frustration when he feels the mental nudge of Java. But the nudge has huge amount of emotion behind it, and he quickly assimulates the data.]

Voodoo: E.V.A. Save and end program, and make sure that no one enters my chambers.

[He doesn't wait for her to reply, he fades from sight long before she can tell him anything. He appears within the confines of Java's room, his eyes quickly adjust to the light, he almost sees in the dark.]

Voodoo: Something happen.. Things aren't how they should be.. this I know from your feelings.. now what happen?

From: "The Hybrids"
Date: Jan 9, 2001

[Place: System MDM: Location: Outskirts.]
[What sounds like a small sonic boom fills the system, but one of train ear knows that it was a portal opening and snapping shut. One of train eye could see that a high speed vessle popped out of that portal and dropped its nacells for system flight.]

[Place: Unknown Vessle: Loction: Cockpit.]
Jenny: A silent entry would have been perferd dear, the entire system knows that there is a ship out here now.

Jeff: Let them worry about it. Besides, one doesn't stop dead in their tracks when going that fast without shattering something.

Jenny: Just scan the system.

[The Raider class vessle flew rather quickly through the system, but did it's best to keep itself from being seen. Then, the one thing that always seemed to happen. A red light started flashing a beeping.]

Jenny: Thats bad.. [She quicly tapped on her console to ID the problem.] FAQ, local cops are right behind us.

Jeff: I swear officer.. I didn't mean to run that red light..

Jenny: Ha ha..

Cop #1 [over comm]: Unknow vessle, set youself down and come out with hands up. You in violation of transport laws.

Jeff: Told ya.

Jenny: Yeah, how many armed vessles do you see going through check points.

[The ship learched forward with a strong jolt.]

Cop #1: Repeat, set down now of we will shoot you down.

[The Hybrids grined as Jeff tapped on his controls. As he did the nacells raise, letting of a high pitched hum as it power up and flashed. The vessel was gone.]

Cop #1: Where'd it go?

Cop #2: Dunno.. My scanners says it's right here.

Cop #1: Same here.. don't seem 'em though.

[Both of the CPU's dropped a bit from the sky as something his them. Both cops leaned forward and looked up at the vessle that was flying upside down as it's blast windows open. Jenny flipped them off as she took a holopicture, something she once saw in a old movie. The Raider flew off, far faster then the CPU's.]

Jenny: Man look at this.. I should be a holotocpher.

Jeff: Add it to your list, now come'on, I think I got a lock on the weapons.

Jenny: Where are they?

From: "Minke"
Date: Jan 10, 2001

[Minke appears in front of Sai's old greenroom's door, looking slightly distressed, this meaning something severe is happening somewhere. She waits patiently, remembering how Sai'd told her to come down to the "old room" a little while after she and Zaria would disappear. Something about a "surprise".]

Minke *Never mind that... I have to tell -someone- about this, it might as well be my own creator and Author... I wouldn't have known it before, but now-*

[Before her thoughts go any further, Sai appears through a dark doorway where the greenroom doorway would be and pulls Minke in by the arm, the door vanishing seconds later.]
[As they pass through the doorway, Minke catches the scent of moist earth and greenery that banishes all worries or concerns from her mind. The air is warm and slightly humid, to her a pleasant combination that only further relaxes the mind and body.]

[It is dark, but there's a cave-like ceiling overhead lit up by a light source unseen through the foliage, supposedly torch light.]

[Minke takes a step forward after looking down at her Author for permission and receiving a nod in response. To her right she sees a little pathway, so stepping over some bushes and blossoms, Minke walks out onto it and stares at the altar she sees up ahead. It's beautifully and intricately engraved. Sai walks out onto the path as well and stands beside Minke, looking on proudly.]

Sai: Ain't it great? I wrote it all up myself. It was...inspired by a picture I drew of you, Minke.

[Minke stares a moment at the pleasant scene, and a small pseudo-grin comes to her face.]

Minke *It's beautiful...*

Sai: Glad you finally could make it. Actually, I finished writing it all just in time to show you. The torches to either side of the room were sort of last-minute. I noticed the lighting from those two candles on the altar there was a bit miniscule.

[A moment later Zaria comes walking around the corner and smiles when she sees Minke with Sai. She walks up the path and stands looking up at her friend.]

Zaria: So you finally arrived, Minke. Glad so. Well, take a look.

[Zaria takes Minke by the hand, leading her to where the virus had just come from. That would be the greenroom area in this cave-like space, but somehow in this one section, though there are no walls to block the greenhouse area off from it, the air is cooler and crisper here. The whirring of the immense machines can be heard, as always not an unpleasant sound.]

Minke: ~*~~~~``~ {translates as Webspeak whalesong for confusion}

Zaria: I know, you felt the temperature change. I had a forcefield put up to keep out heat and humidity from this area. It keeps a constant sixty-five degrees with ten percent humidity.

Sai: Impressive, no?

Minke *Very... This is a wonderful place, and the machinery is excellent, Zaria.*

[Zaria grins and bows her head slightly.]

[While staring back at the altar in the very center of the room, Minke suddenly recalls that vile message stemming from somewhere within MDM.]

Minke *Sai, I have the most aweful feeling that something terrible has become of Mr. Winger...*

From: "Team Winger"
Date: Jan 10, 2001

{Place - Jay's Greenroom - Jay's Office}
[Puck is watching the Rogues tinker with the Voodoo-tech weapons on his monitor when a new vidwindow opens and flashes data at him. He looks at it, scowls, then disapparates. His "computer" vanishes.

[Moments later, DaVinci steps back into the room, eyes closed as he cleans his sunglasses.]

DaVinci: [sighing] Well, Big Shot, we're comin' up on Cha's match, and--

[He breaks off as he opens his eyes and finds that Jay is nowhere to be found.]

DaVinci: Holy $#!T! Jay!

{Place - Over the System, near the Raider}
[Puck apparates near the Hybrids' big ship and hovers in the air, a faint corona of energy crackling around him. He tilts his head to one side as he examines it, then floats along its length. The amount of energy he is putting out is equivalent to a nuclear reactor -- and has the same effect on scanning instruments.]

Puck: [to himself] Where do they get all these wonderful toys?

[He spots some manner of module that looks semi-important and decides to be funny by driving his fist into it. It leaves a sizable hole. He pulls his fist out, holding pieces of whatever was inside. He hovers down to the blast windows and taps on them. When Jeff and Jenny look up, he grins maliciously, holding up the wreckage.]

Puck: How d'ya like dem apples?!

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[DaVinci bursts out of the office in a panic. Everyone else looks up.]

Lean: What the matter, D? You look nervous.

DaVinci: Jay's gone!

[Now everyone stands, alarmed.]

Justice: Gone? What d'ya mean, gone?

DaVinci: I mean he's gone! As in not there, AWOL, MIA, elsewhere! He's missing!

Nada: Could he have gotten better and left?

DaVinci: No. The equipment monitoring him would've made mention of the fact if he had come to. He's just gone!

Lean: Well, he can't have gotten far. He is comatose, after all.

DaVinci: I'm more worried that someone took him.

Quinn: Someone?

Niente: Took him?

Justice: He's right. I'll give you three guesses as to who would want to kidnap him -- but you're only gonna need one.

Lean: Voodoo.

Justice: Exactly. Jay killed him -- or nearly did. I dunno about you, but when someone comes close to killing me, I take it real personal.

Dirk: Just ask Che il'Nasen.

DaVinci: Right. Justice, tell Bruno and his men to start looking for Jay, while I go inform the Owners. Much as we hate the bastards, they have a right to know.

[He heads out while Justice gets on the comm. Lean stands there for a moment, then dials up Java's Greenroom.]

Lean: [to the person who answers] Got some disturbing news. Jay's missing.

{Place - Owners' Skybox}
[DaVinci stands outside the thing, pressing the 'ring' button on the panel, but getting no response. He frowns, rings again, then knocks. Still getting no answer, DaVinci opens the panel and rewires it, overriding the lock and opening the door.]

DaVinci: [stepping into the darkness] Hello? I know you guys hate my guts or something, but I think there's something you should know. Jay's--

[He breaks off as he steps into their meeting room, finding all three Owners pinned to the walls with metal rebars, and all quite dead. One of the Owners, in particular, appears to be missing his right hand. All are missing their eyes and tongues. DaVinci gasps in shock and revulsion, backing out of the room and then turning to run.]

DaVinci: Jeezus Kuryst!

[As DaVinci runs back to his Greenroom, the presence of Puck over the system and the amount of energy he's putting out cannot be unnoticed by those with the ability. Java, Minke, and every virus in the system can sense his presence, even if unaware of it (like Lean and Ünres).]

From: "Garg-Voodoo"
Date: Jan 11, 2001

[Place: Inside the Raider cockpit]
[The universal sound of "bad" wings out inside the cockpit as the tone gew louder and the red lights flashed. The console lit up like a christmas tree as it spewd forth data.]

Jenny: Mother fucker.. what the hell it us?

Jeff: Dunno, but it took out the plasma manifolds on the side of ship. [A pause as he reads over the data] We're venting plasma out of the nacells, powers to the ship is dropping.

[Puck banging on the blast sheild and his witty pro quo is not helpful as the Raider decends rather quickly to the ground. Puck floats above it as it dives and only Jenny is able to fire a quick shot from the aft of the ship, doing little damage to Puck.]

[The ship hits of ground, hard. It bounces and lands again the port nacell snapping clean off venting coolent and plasma abound. Luck for the hybrids the safety come on and the reinforced Titanostell and Trilinum composit hull stays intact. As the ship slides to a stop.]

[Place: Java's Green Room. Location: Her room]
[Voodoo is hit hard by the psyonic force but not as much as Java. Although she does take a step closer to him he on the other hand seems angerd as his eyes glow crimson and his fist open to expose razor sharp talons. A low growl escapes from deep within his chest.]

Java: Voodoo..whats wrong?

Voodoo: It's him..

Java: Who? [says Java who has unoticed by Voodoo taken quite a firm hold on Voodoo's sleve.]

Voodoo: The being who is inside of Jay..p-- [A pause as he feels the pain of another, the pain is great and he quickly knows it come from Jenny. He can sense Puck's powers.] Stay here.. and warn the others.

Java: What do you- [His is gone before she can finish the setence.]

[Place: System MDM. Location: Pucks floating point.]
[Puck seems ammused as the fact that he has destroyed yet another thing of Voodoo's. The Raider lays torn and beaten but remains rather intact. He charges up a small ball of energy, but as he pulls back to throw it his is hit hard from the side, knocking him from his postion and letting his fall before regain his settings and looking to where the object has stopped.]

Puck: Well well...

[Voodoo floats in mid-air with Puck, about 30 ft away if that. Remind you he is floating as his wings are wrapped around him. His eyes flash crimson as his wings flap open and a aura of energy surrounds him.]

Voodoo: 'been looking forward to fighting ya again. Next to Sai, you are a hard one to find. Keeping you powers low and hidding within the EMP feilds of the Stadium. But you drew yourself out into the open and let you powers flow. Mistake.

Puck: Really?

Voodoo: Ya... Cuz I ain't so easy this time around.

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