Metaverse Deathmatch!
Phase Two

Night #6: Things Fall Apart
Part One

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 8, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[Lean Il Lupe has spent the night here, sleeping on the couch. As he awakes, he finds Tri still curled up against him, her head resting on his chest. Smiling a bit, he gently dislodges her and lays her down on the sofa. He gets up, shifts briefly to energy mode and then back to normal. He sighs and stretches, then takes a look around the room.

[Justice has pulled the communal table over toward the wall, close enough that he can tilt his chair bac and prop it against the wall as he props his feet up on the table. His hands are folded on his lap as he snoozes a bit. The large collection of empty beer bottles that he and Dirk had acquired the Night before is gone, but a few more have accumulated on the table.

[DaVinci, now, is slumped over at the desk, computer screens still open in front of him. Lean walks around the desk and checks the screens. All show various schematics and dBase information. He nudges him awake.]

DaVinci: [groggy] Eh, what?

Lean: Top of the morning to you, D.

DaVinci: Eh? [blinks] Oh, god, I fell asleep, didn't I? [rubs eyes]

Lean: Yes, you did, but it seems you managed to get your workload done...

DaVinci: [checks information] Yeah...the Stadium's been refurbished and the Metatron's been rebuilt. [sighs] The Other Owners want me to start Night 6...despite the fact that we may in fact be short a team now.

[Lean hmms. He looks up.]

Lean: Do you want me to go check on them, then? The rest of our team won't be here for a while longer, and Maker knows they won't react well to Justice.

DaVinci: Why's that?

Lean: Well, there is that little matter of what he called Freeman...

DaVinci: Oh. Yes...while I'm sure Mr. Freeman may have forgiven him--

Lean: Not likely.

DaVinci: --I highly doubt the rest of his family has.

Lean: Incredibly likely.

DaVinci: Well...we don't have time right now. I'm going to need you to go coordinate things with Bruno on making sure there's not still any debris left from the match or the construction. Justice'll join you later.

Lean: Why me, and why now?

DaVinci: Because Nat's gonna need more time to sleep off all that booze. Get going.

[Lean nods, then glances at Tri. He looks at DaVinci again, who nods and waves him off. Lean leaves. DaVinci rubs his eyes and gets up, stretching and groaning a bit as joints pop. He walks to Jay's Office and looks inside.

[And still at his side, still keeping her faithful vigil, is Java.]

From "Tri/Java/D"
Date: Dec 8, 2000

DaVinci: Have you been awake all night?

[Java doesn't react for a moment, then raises her head slightly, and nods. Her eyes never leave Jay.]

[DaVinvi hears a slight ruffle, and he sees Tri sitting up and slowly pad to the door as well. She looks at him a moment, blushing slightly and shruging in a manner of explanation for herself, then adresses her twin:] Jav?

Java: Yes?

Tri: All night?

[She nods again. Tri slips in and lays a hand on her shouder.] You need sleep.

[Java sakes her head, looking up at the virus.] I said I'd watch him-

Tri: Jav, I'll watch. [pause] Just sleep 'til two, and you can come back. Alright?

[Reluctantly, Java nods. Tri helps her up and brings her to the still-warm couch. Nearly the moment she hits it, the sprite falls into a fast, much-deserved sleep.]

Tri: Bekitih, tib'enih. [She smiles as well, then walks over to DaVinci, who had returned to his seat.] Is there anything I can do besides sitting in there that you need?

Bekitih -- figurativly translates to "Good night"
Tib'enih -- Little One, Java's first "name"

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 8, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[DaVinci looks up at Tri, then shakes his head.]

DaVinci: No, it's all right, Tri. You can go back to your Greenroom or whatever, or hang out here if you like. It's still a few hours until the Night starts up, and I've got to coordinate things and check Jay's notes on what he wanted to happen toNight.

[Tri shrugs, kneeling next to Java.] I'm protective of her. [She opens her own laptop quietly and accesses her team's dBase.]

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}

[Currently unobserved, Jay continues to lie on the bed, inert. The montioring devices quietly beep and record data. Unseen by anyone and only minutely detected by the instruments, his body flickers a bit between human and virus. His breathing deepens in that moment, then returns to normal. As far as anyone knows, nothing happened.]

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 9, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[DaVinci still sits at the desk. He's running systems checks on the Metatron and other broadcasting equipment to make sure they all work properly. Tri is working on her own computer while Java sleeps quietly.

[A vidwindow opens next to DaVinci.]

Lean: [on vid] D.

DaVinci: [looks up] Lean.

Lean: [on vid] Bruno, the DMSF, and I have finished our sweep of the Arena. No debris or what all left from the match. We can open the doors now.

[DaVinci sighs and nods, gesturing for Lean to cut the transmission. Lean does so.]

DaVinci: Great. We're set to go, and we may be down one team. Just dandy.

[He slumps and puts his head in his hands. Glumly, he calls up the list of matches that Jay had planned for Night 6.]

From: "The Magenta team"
Date: Dec 10, 2000

{Place: Java's Green room}
[Unlike Tri or Java, Fury Squad had taken leave after the match, abet fairly worried about their Authoress. Now they return, via one of Tri's portal, Erinys first.]

Erinys: I thought Tri would be back here protecting the place...

Pyra: Musta stayed in Jay's room.

[Erinys blinks at Py's short grin, then turns to See, already at the monitors.] Well?

See: One nano, Er...Well, the damage seems to be undone, the Owners say the Night's going to be started. [short pause] And yeah, Snakie and Magenta are at his GR.

Erinys: Can you call her laptop?

See: Oh, the question isn't "can", it's "will". [To Erinys' annoyed sigh:] Yeah,yeah, there's your vid, have fun.

[He runs the call to Tri's comp, toning the request noise down a few. In a few moments she appears on the vid.]

Tri: [quietly] Hello?

Erinys: Hey. You two been there all night?

Tri: of us slept, the other watched Jay all night. I got her to sleep on the couch, she's right next to me. What's up?

[See leans back in the chair so he can be seen.] Are they really opening the Night?

Tri: According to D, yeah. Buisness, of course.

Erinys: Alright. Come back soon, alright? [off Tri's nod] See you later. [He closed the link.]

Pyra: Bastard Owners.

See: I agree with ya.

{Place: Jay's Green Room.}
[Tri mutters her own epithet against the three Owners, when she looks up and sees Java peering at her.] Hey.

[Java says nothing, but gets up and goes back to Jay's Office, closing the door behind her. Tri watches her leave, then stands, minimizes her laptop, and goes back to her own Green Room.]

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 10, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[DaVinci sits at the desk with his head in his hands. He doesn't appear to be taking the Other Owners' decision to move forward with Night 6 very well.

[Justice comes in the door, Lean following. Coming in behind them are the Aughts, the rest of the Team Winger hackers, Dirk, Sil, and Lt. Burke. DaVinci looks up.]

DaVinci: Everyone's here?

Justice: Yeah, and we got these.

[He holds up a box and opens it, then removes a black armband. He puts it around his arm, then hands out more to the others. Justice looks back at DaVinci.]

Justice: Sort of a way to remember him, since those damn Owners won't let us do a proper tribute.

[DaVinci nods numbly. He takes one, himself, and puts it around his arm, then stands, closing his computer's vidwindows. He looks at the group.]

DaVinci: [sighs] Okay, Nat, Lean, Naught, Nad`, Cha`, and Burke, you're coming out with me. Pass out armbands to Bruno's men as well, and tell them they're coming with us.

[Justice nods, then leaves to go do so as DaVinci clips his faux-icon to his jacket and runs his hands through his hair.]

DaVinci: Well, here we go...

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 10, 2000

{Place - The Arena}
[The audience murmurs to itself, wondering what's going to happen now. Voodoo is dead, and Jay Winger is in a coma. What more could happen? Who's in charge now?

[Then the Metatron lights up green. The audience hushes, waiting for the music. Which will it be? "When Worlds Collide?" "Enter Sandman?" "Not That Kind of Girl?" "When I Grow Up?" Who is coming out? Someone from Team Winger? Team Voodoo? Sai? Java? Who is it?

[Prodigy's "Mindfields" begins to play. When DaVinci's face appears on the screen, the fans start to cheer. This is the first time they've seen him out here. The Renaissance Hacker himself walks out, followed by Nathan Justice, Naught & Nada, Chaotis, Lean Il Lupe, and Lt. Burke. Behind them walk Bruno and his men. DaVinci enters the ring with his comrades. Naught & Nada stand next to each other as Chaotis mills about. Justice, Lean, and Burke take up guarding positions as Bruno's team surrounds the ring. DaVinci takes a microphone and holds up a hand.]

DaVinci: I'd just like to say that... I'm sorry... to Jeff Freeman and his family and friends. [The fans fall silent.] I know... not what you'd expect to hear from one of Jay's most loyal people, but... it wasn't Jay's intention to kill Voodoo last Night. [He shakes his head.] You have to understand... Jay wasn't Jay when he did that... he was his viral self... Puck W!ld.

[At the mention of PW, the fans start to cheer again. DaVinci tries to quiet them, but the fans start to chant 'Puck W!ld!' Finally, Lean grabs the mike from DaVinci.]


[In surprise, the fans do.]

Lean: You all think this is some sort of JOKE?! You think this is FUNNY?! A man is DEAD! While it's no secret that the Wolf disliked Voodoo and his pet Bitch -- he would NEVER have chosen THIS sort of end for him! [The fans are quiet.] Now you all just know your roles, SHUT your mouths, and let DaVinci finish!!

[He thrusts the mike back to DaVinci, who is fairly surprised by Lean's display.]

DaVinci: [blinks] Thank you, Lean... [pause] Now... as callous as this sounds, despite what has happened... the show must go on. [He raises his finger.] However, since the fate of Jeff, Jenny, and the others remains unclear, I will not book them in any matches until I am certain that they are up to it.

[He nods at the confused audience.]

DaVinci: That's right. During Jay's incapacity, I have been empowered by him and the Other Owners of Deathmatch! to make the matches. [frowns] If it were up to me, I wouldn't have any show toNight, but I was overruled... So, in our first match-up toNight, the Guardians, 452 and Prime, Bob and Turbo will go up against [points] Naught and Nada, the Flip Side Felons.

[The fans hesitantly start to cheer again. Naught and Nada nod happily and slap a high five.]

DaVinci: Also -- a new member of our team will see action toNight against Hexadecimal...and her name is Hyena.

[Again, the cheers are slight, since Hyena is still fairly new.]

DaVinci: Which brings us to... Chaotis.

[The fans immediately start to boo. DaVinci turns to the red-and-black Hacker Anarch.]

DaVinci: Now, Cha, I know that Jay promised you a match toNight, and that's just what you'll get... but in the interest of surprises... it will be against a mystery opponent.

[Chaotis tilts his head and scratches it through his mask, but he shrugs and has no problems with it.]

DaVinci: Don't worry, Cha, I promise you that it'll be something that you'll like.

[As everyone in the ring looks pleased with this so far, Justice turns to DaVinci and asks for the mike. The hacker hands it over.]

Justice: Yeah, D, that's all well and good... but what about MY match toNight? [cheers from fans] The Big Shot promised me a shot at the Toughest Bad Ass title last Night, but Freeman was unable to participate. Do you mean to tell me I have to let it go past me again? Is that what you're saying, little man?! [He holds out his title belt.] Do I need to remind you that I'm the Most Dangerous Renegade in the Metaverse? I don't take denials very well, D, so if you have any brains, you'll make that match toNight!!

[DaVinci has backed up as Justice advances on him during this, but then he takes the microphone back and slowly removes his sunglasses, looking back at the mercenary.]

DaVinci: Justice, control yourself. Am I hearing you right? You're concerned over whether you'll have a match toNight? [long pause] Yes, I'm telling you that until I hear otherwise from someone from Voodoo's team, Jeff Freeman is still unable to participate and there will be no Triple Threat Match for the Toughest Bad Ass title. Now, you just swallow your pride and back up, or you pull it out and step up, and I'll knock your ass back in line right now.

[The fans gasp. DaVinci is staring down Justice, who shoulders his belt, and draws his pistol. Outside the ring, Bruno's men tense. Justice taps the barrel of his pistol on DaVinci's nose, then puts it away. He speaks into the microphone.]

Justice: You just watch yourself, little man.

[He exits the ring, shoves himself through Bruno's men and storms back to the Greenroom.]

DaVinci: [after a moment's pause] I apologize about all that. Well... I've said my piece. Naught, Nada, Cha... Lean, Burke... you all go on back to the Greenroom. I'll stay here.

[Hesitantly, the others do so, and Bruno looks at DaVinci puzzledly.]

DaVinci: Bruno... send off your men. You can stay, but no one else.

[Still puzzled, Bruno does so, and then climbs in the ring. DaVinci looks up, toward the roof and in the direction of Voodoo's Greenroom.]

DaVinci: All right, now, if anyone from Team Voodoo is still alive and wants to take out their anger and frustration on me, here I am. If you want to say something, come on down and say it. I won't stop you.

From: "???"
Date: Dec 10, 2000

[DaVinci stands his ground inside the ring, tapping his foot as he waits. His eyes are fixed to the large Green Room above him hoping, or wishing, for a sign from whats left of Team Voodoo.]

[There is a silent rumble felt below his feet, then it soon becomes stronger as if the ring is falling off it's new flooring, but it fades. DaVinci looks puzzled, even more when a soft laughter fills the arena and soon becomes louder and it drowns out the music which is soon cut as the entire arena is trying to find the sorce of the laughter.]

???: My, my... that is truly touching. I don't think there was anyone within this system or any others in the entire Metaverse that would believe that Team Winger members had any remorce for a Voodoo team member, let alone the Author himself. But...

[DaVinci feels his arm being held, tightly. The arm band that was once present is being tugged till it rips apart and into a hundred peices. The small parts of cloth fall to the ground. DaVinci is franticly looking around, trying to find the one person he knows that could do something like that. But she is no where to be found.]

[The laughter picks up, and the spot light that shins on DaVinci is somewhat dimmed, as if a filter has been put over it. He looks up towards it, and where it is, is next to Voodoo's Green Room. He see's a dark outline of a large being, it's figure looks very CReaTure like, but the large wings are not featherd. The light shatters, the glass falls gently to the ground. Even in this system, that is not normal.]

[DaVinci shakes his head, trying to regain his ground. But a large *thud* followed by a force the knocks him to the ground. DaVinci quickly picks up his falled glasses and places them over his eyes. He turns his attention to the area of the force, and his jaw slowly drops.]

[A large figure kneels within the ring. Wraped within grey wings. DaVinci stands but the wings open with such force that he is knocked down again. DaVinci watches as the figure stands, it's form being reviled as it does. It's dark grey skin covers it form, till it reaches the tatterd remains of black pants, which lead the a shirt that has been ripped at the sems it's long sleves gone. But the person who it is becomes appearnt to everyone as eyes settle on the black mask that covers the lower face. The eyes open on the demonic gargoyleish face, it's eyes overflowing with green energy.]

[It's balled up fist open, reveling talon hands. DaVinci trys to dart away, but the tail grabs him in his attempt to stand and run, and he is pulled up the the cloth face.]

DaVinci: ...Voodoo....

[He shudders, as the tail tightens but does not crush his chest and throat.]

Voodoo?: DaVinci... [The voice seems more aged and almost stone like]... How's Wingers favorite hacker hmm? Speaking of which.. ya glad to see me? I noticed how sad you where..thought i'd show up and make ya feel nice and warm again.....

From: "Tri/Furies"
Date: Dec 11, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}
[Tri is gone again, waiting for DaVinci to finish his booking so she can do her own announce ment. The feeling of the room had spontaneousy turned from sadness to blatant defiance, namely "Y'lnow what, Owners? Screw you, we aren't participating toNight." It was a risky thing to announce, both to the fans and to the Owners. Being the second smallest team (Smallest if ya count Sai's otherchars) it was a calculated risk.]

See: They're at least showing something.

Pyra: There shoulda been a full boycott by the teams.

Erinys: Py, that would do nothing except throw us out of the stadium.

Pyra: Them and what army?

See: DMSF, Py, if you haven't noticed.

[Pyra hisses. Erinys shushes her, trying to hear the monitor (D/Justice)]

Erinys: [quietly] It's true. They're the Owners guards now, not Jay's. Let's just watch.

{Place: MDM Arena}
[Tri is floating next to the widescreen, hiding in it's shadow, watching the "booking" play out. When D tell everyone to leave, then offers the mike to one of Voodoo'd chars, Tri tenses slightly, not about to let him be pummeled.]

[When Voodoo does appear, however, she is so shocked as to lose her telekinesis and drop nearly to the floor, pulling back up just in time. She hides behind the wide-screen and watches in disbelief.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Dec 11, 2000

[Voodoo's tail grip upon DaVinci loosens and the character falls to the ground, and bounces back up in the are from the reaction of the springs in the mat.]

Voodoo: I know that Winger had no true motive to destory me as much as that virus. So tell Jay that his other half failed. I'm sure that will give both of them more then enough to talk about... Don't be a stranger now DaVinci..

[Voodoo folds the wings around him like a cloak, he looks up at his green room and his form starts to faze out and soon fades from sight.]

[Voodoo appears within the confines of his green room, in the mass of both teams characters, his postion is nearest to Sai, and upon his presence, she strains her neck to look up at him. Although tall before, her issue with her hight comes back to her as she looks up to the Author, who is almost as tall as Scar.]

[The room is silent, there is a pauses as all try to settle in their minds just what has happen.]

Sai: Uh...Voo..doo?

[Voodoo looks down at Sai, which is hard not to do in this case] Voodoo: Yes Sai?

Sai: Care to explain?

Voodoo: Simply put..

Sai: I don't remember reading about humans shareing a genetic strain with gargoyles.

Voodoo: I am not a gargoyle.

Zaria: Looks would prove that you are.

Voodoo: Zaria, you should know looks are not everything. I am more closly related in genetic statis with both the Drecks and Minke there.

[here is a perplexing stare among all.]

Voodoo: My project, was to incorporate genetic properties of all my creations. A hybrid of an Author. But that train missed a station as when Minke's genes came into the picture and changed me from being I was to be, into a being more closly related to her.


Mistya: Those DNA charts I found. You weren't going to create a character like Minke. You were going to become one.

Voodoo: I didn't account for Sai's more domanite traits in the code to take over. So I got mixture of Minke, the drecks, and the hybrids. Turning me into this.

Sai: Why?

Voodoo: My reasons are my own.

[Sai slaps him on the chest, which seems to cause little effect on him.]

Sai: You jerk! You had all of us worried. The entire MDM was shaken and in deep remorce at the thought of your death. And you just appear, like some Alpha in the cosmo of power! You have any idea what we have been through.

Voodoo: I figure you were pretty deep into the ik'tal

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 12, 2000

{Place - The Arena}
[As DaVinci stares at the creature Voodoo has become, something deep within him quivers in fear. Part of it is the instinctive fear that characters have of Authors -- though it is greatly diminished when the Author in question is their own. But something about Voodoo brings DaVinci's fear to the front, to a level he hasn't felt in Jay's presence ever -- not even in the presence of Jay as Puck W!ld.

[Then, as mysteriously as he appeared, Voodoo disappears, dropping DaVinci on the mat. As soon as Voodoo has vanished, the DMSF run back in, aiming their weapons upward as Bruno and Lean check on the hacker. DaVinci waves them off as he gets back up.]

DaVinci: I'm-- [cough] --fine.

Lean: What the hell was that?

DaVinci: [rubbing chest where he was grabbed] That...was Voodoo.

[Everyone stares at him. DaVinci grimaces a bit as he rotates his shoulder and grabs a microphone. He pauses for a moment, then looks up at the fans, at a camera.]

DaVinci: Well, I guess we've heard from Voodoo's team. [pause] I've spoken my piece. Anyone who wishes to book any of their own matches, go right ahead and do so.

[He tosses away the mic and heads out of the ring, flanked by Lean and Bruno as he walks back to the Greenroom.]

From: "Tri"
Date: Dec 12, 2000

[Tri walks into the GR, dropping on the couch next to Pyra, a very confused and very worried look on her face. Py nudges her.] Hey.

Tri: This is just weird.

Pyra: No kidding. [points] Those two are just jabbering betwixt themselves.[She grins and taps Tri's nose, making her smeeze.] Whoops. But he's alive, look at it that way. His team isn't gonna die.

Tri: If there's another Author match I'm going to have Meme hypnotise them into acting like slugs.

Pyra: [blink] Oh. Meme Sphinx?

Tri: Yeah, Aarys...Oh, thanks Py, reminded me.

[Pyra looks up at her.]'re ya gonna raise her if Java's off in mourning?

[Tri turns back, mentaly smacking herself.]'s a long and complicated story. Can I tell it to ya later toNight?

Pyra: ...Sure.

[Tri dissapears into Java's room. Pyra sighs, muttering to herself.] Wonder what's gonna happen next.

From: "Minke"
Date: Dec 13, 2000

[Sai looks up at Minke then at the creature who sort of looks like Voodoo then back at Minke again, and taps Zaria on the shoulder, motioning towards her greenroom section as she walks away. Zaria follows, but not before giving everyone but Voodoo and Minke a look of "let them be alone, they need to talk"]

[Minke looks at everyone leaving and fidgets uneasily in the presence of the new creature calling himself Voodoo. She knows it's him, but something about him being a copy fill-in, not to mention his actions in the arena, have her feeling uneasy.]

Voodoo: Well? What do you think? [He spreads out his wings to let her give him a onceover.]

[Minke squints at him] *I- I don't know...Voodoo...*

[Voodoo goes over to a large, cushioned chair and sits back in it, looking very casual] Just speak your mind, Minke. [He furrows his brow just slightly at the cloth added to the left shoulder of her uniform from his former being's outfit, noticing how she's fiddling with it.]

[Again, that feeling of uneasyness. Minke looks everywhere in the room but at Voodoo, but finally her eyes must fall on him, and when they do they're filled with uncertainty. But she must be honest.] *I feel as though...I no longer know who you are...

Voodoo: Whatever do you mean? I'm the same as I've always been.

Minke *No, you've changed, and your physical appearance isn't all that's different. Who are you, Voodoo?*

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Dec 14, 2000

Voodoo: The same thing I was when I enterd the MDM all those many nights ago. A person who is placed here to guide and control the team of Voodoo.

Minke: *Thats not what I mean...*

Voodoo: I know. But the only way I have changed is with you around. Before.. I was a war lord, bent on total destruction of all that dare to fight me. You changed that and reminded me of what humanity I have left.

Minke: *It seems that you have abandon you humanity.*

Voodoo: Not as such no. The form of a human being is so fragile. Easily crushed and pushed aside for an enemy to take on another. The project I had started was for me to be able to live through an attack of a being like Jay. The form on the other hand was an...side affect that my caculation didn't...foreshadow.

[Minke is silent, least anything she has to say. But Voodoo's powers now almost scare her, she can feel his overwhelming presence in the back of her mind. It almost hurts, but even with his powers..he is weak compaired to her.]

Minke: *This is just to much to take...*

Voodoo: You shouldn't worry.. I know your thoughts, as you know mine. If anything.. the new form and new view on life should be very rewarding for you.

Minke: *You made me think you where dead!*

[Voodoo's talon hands grip his head as her voice rings out through it. He grunts in pain, but does his best not to shield himself from her voice. Voodoo opens his closed eyes and looks at her. He stands and walks to her, even at his full hight he is still far shorter then her ('bout 3 feet).]

Voodoo: Look into my eyes Minke, look into my mind. See anything you want, touch anything you want, take anything you want. If this is what you need to gain your trust back in me then please do so. I will not lose anything between us because of a simple secret.

From: "Minke"
Dec 15, 2000

[Minke sighs. She blinks and looks around the room again, fiddling with the cloth on her uniform once more, not quite sure what to do. Knowing she could search through this creature's mind, she'd probably come across the copied memories of the old Voodoo, but she's prided herself on her respect of others' privacy in the past. Minke doesn't want to seem like she doesn't trust the new Voodoo. Privately, she thinks *He's not the old Voodoo. He's a I was to be a copy of WeB ViRuS. An...'improvement'.* For a moment, she damns the old Voodoo for meddling with code, even if it was his own.]

Minke *No. I won't do that, it's a breach of trust all in itself...This is such a change though... You changed yourself because you considered yourself mentally weak? Weak in general?*

Voodoo: I-

Minke *You were a strong individual as-was, Voodoo... You believed so strongly in things, things I can't yet grasp fully, like love and friendship, and making things work when times became difficult... You changed because you thought that would make you weak?*

Voodoo: I'm somewhat the same on the inside. I still have the same goals. I still care about my characters just as much. I can only hope that this new form will better help me to carry out those goals, Minke. That it will better protect them.

[Minke still disagrees with Voodoo's decision to make such a dramatic change to his own genetic coding, even his oulook on things. But she takes a step back and tries to see things as she once had before times when her emotions had learned to get the better of her.]

Minke *I'm sorry, Voodoo... It was your decision to change, and I should respect your choice... I hope this works out well for you...*

[Minke walks to Voodoo's room's doorway and turns to face him] *As you no longer need a bodyguard it seems, I'm going to be moving back into the other room. I should pay more attention to protecting Sai now I suppose...*

[She looks into the room as the door slides open behind her, and a thought occurs to her] *Sai is small... She's physically what you'd call a weakling too. But...she has a good heart deep down. No one needs physical strength or size when one has that to begin with...*

Voodoo: I did this to prevent my characters from going through what they could have if I'd actually-

Minke *I'm no longer questioning your decision, Voodoo. I'm just concerned about her I suppose. She's easily influenced by others' decisions. I hope that she does not attempt a Voodoo maneuver too. I would miss her...*

[Minke goes through the doorway to let it close behind her and begins *vap*ing things to Sai's greenroom section, what little she'd had in here. Done with that, she teleports herself out to go check up once more on a certain mourning Polymorph.]

From: "Voodoo"
Date: Dec 15, 2000

[Voodoo is less then pleased at Minke's reaction to the current state. Maybe he should have researched this project a little more before jumping head first into it. But there is nothing he can do, he will have to wait till she is ready to talk before anything can be truly settle. He looks around the room, and then out the window. He has not matches set right now and the arena seems to be peacful watching the previews for future fics and replays of old matches.]

[He needs some time to think, and since his old favorite chair will no longer support him, he decides to test out his wings.]

Voodoo: E.V.A. site to site transport. Transoport me on top of the stadium.

E.V.A.: Transport confermed.

[Voodoo fades from the room and appears on the roof the MDM. The night air pushes his thick long black hair infront of his face. His three talon toes dig into the roof to keep his steady, he is surprised to note that his body reacts almost like it is another being, keeping only the mind alive so it can stay alive. He takes a deep breath as he looks out into the MDM system to the small city where the MDM house it's crew and it's systems business. The wind picks up and he opens his wings. He is pushed foward off the roof, falling a bit before the current catches him letting his glide softly over the landscape below.]

[This is truly a different feeling then flying like he did before, he can feel his wings twitch and extent to control the amount of wind going under him, his tail moving like a rudder. His weight being surported by his wings it is totaly new and almost alien. He glides quietly over the city, not surprising there isn't much going on right now, since the arena is full there won't be much to happen to after the night is finished.]

Voodoo: *Why did she leave? She can't think I am just a copy like herself. I am Voodoo. Have I changed that much?*

[He banks and glides closer, flying over the roof tops.]

Voodoo: *Or is she just scared? afraid now that I am to much like her. I know her thoughts, I lived in her dreams as she sleeped. I couldn't help it when I was in the chamber, she was strong source of mental energy, I was pulled into her mind.*

[He banks around and turns to glide back over the arena.]

Voodoo: *Should I tell her I was there? No.. she would hate me even more to know that I was there. It's bad enough my own characters do not care for my change, but I did not ask to become this, I just wanted the mental power..the ability to crush steel. I should have remained the same, for her atleast. No... that would be stupid!. I am Voodoo! The Black Clad Author!. Oh this is truly sad..look at youself Voodoo. Your a seven foot tall gargoyle!*

[He has yet again glided past the city, and heads back towards the MDM]

Voodoo: *Ok, you can stop trying to make yourself feel better. She doesn't hate you.. or does she? Ask her, flying around here all night isn't going to solve anything! Now get you grey butt back there, try to talk to her. And stop talking to yourself, you are going to go insane! Alright.. now just re-enter your Green Room, send her a message you would like to talk, go on with the Night..simple as that.

[Voodoo quickly approaches the arena, but he doesn't ask for E.V.A. to bring him in, he does it himself this time. Knowing now that he doesn't need to rely completely on the technolgy that made him this way. He transports himself into the Medical Bay of the green room. Ki'ace and Ki'eva are surprised by this sudden appearence, but soon relax.]

Ki'eva: Something we can do for you Voodoo.

Voodoo: Yes.. run a full scan on me. I want to know everything about this new form, and why I just happen to become it.

Ki'ace: No problem..

[The Zeds take up scanners and begin scanning Voodoo, as they do he sends out a message that only Minke can here.]

Voodoo: *Minke..please.. talk to me.*

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 13, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[DaVinci returns with Lean, and the DMSF take up guard positions outside the room. Everyone clusters around him as he waves them off and heads for the desk.]

DaVinci: Fine, fine, I'm cool, I'm fine.

Nada: D, you sure you're all right?

DaVinci: Physically, I'm fine. Mentally, I'm pissed off at the Owners for doing this. They had no way of knowing that Voodoo would somehow survive. What's more, our Author is still in a coma, and they don't care!

[DaVinci scowls and punches the wall. Everyone gasps at this, and even more so as he pulls his hand back to show that his knuckles are bleeding. He glances at them, frowns a bit, then grabs a first aid kit and pulls out a bandage.

[Everyone watches as he wraps his hand and secures it, then turns to Naught and Nada. He sighs.]

DaVinci: Well, time to go do as der Fuhrers want us to do. Naught, Nad', better get out there.

[A few sighs from them, then nods as they leave. DaVinci glowers behind his sunglasses, which glint with green light.]

DaVinci: Goddamn Owners.

From: "Naught & Nada"
Date: Dec 13, 2000

[The Metatron lights up with an image of Bob's Guardian icon in the golden starburst pattern after his merging with Glitch. "On the Edge" plays and Bob (clad as always in MDM in his attire from AW's "Matrix" poster) runs out from the audience and slides into the ring. Getting up, he grins at the audience before removing his sunglasses and coat. He turns and points to the Metatron entrance as "Turbonium" plays.]

Metatron: (female vox) T-t-t-t-t-t-turbonium.

[Turbo's icon appears, orbited by green atoms as shots from "The Episode with No Name" play along with the music. Turbo, also clad from AW's poster, runs out and joins his tag-team partner.]

Ring Announcer: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Mainframe, the Web's Interface, Guardian 452 -- BOB! And his tag team partner, from the Supercomputer, the Prime Guardian -- TURBO!

[The audience cheers politely. The Metatron darkens, then lights up with a shot of Naught & Nada, arms folded and grinning at the screen. Naught leans forward so his face fills most of the screen.]

Metatron: (Naught) See you on the Flip Side!
[The audience cheers as music (Triple H's nonlyrical theme) plays over shots from the Resonate fics of Naught and Nada fighting Lean, the Exleys, Elogin, and True Forcers. The Flip Side Felons emerge from the Metatron entrance, both clad in their hacking attire. Naught is stomping around and grinning not unlike Mick Foley (except Naught has his front teeth) while Nada smiles at the audience and waves.]

Ring Announcer: And their opponents, from the Resonate System, Aztral and Surf -- the FLIP SIDE FELONS!

[Naught rolls into the ring as Nada climbs in and ascends the post. She smiles, points at her eye and winks. Naught sits against the post and rocks against it, twitching like Mankind, as Nada stands and poses. Cameras flash. Naught gets up, pumps his arm, and whoops as Nada hops down. She and Naught confer for a few moments, then tap fists. Nada climbs out of the ring as Bob stands to face Naught.

[The fight bell rings and Naught and Bob circle each other before locking up. Bob grabs Naught in a headlock and delivers a few punches to the temple, but Naught braces himself and shoves Bob into the ropes. As Bob springs back, Naught tries a clothesline, but Bob ducks and springs off the other ropes. This time Naught jumps up in a standing dropkick and knocks Bob down. Naught grabs Bob's foot and lifts his leg, then does an elbow drop on Bob's knee. He repeats it a few times, then turns Bob over to go for a Sharpshooter.

[Turbo, however, runs in and clotheslines Naught from behind. He immediately backs away as Nada enters to retaliate, but the ref cuts her off and holds her back. With the ref distracted, Turbo grabs Naught's arms and holds him, exposing his ribs for a harsh kick from Bob. Naught doubles over as Turbo releases him. Turbo slaps his hands together as Bob climbs out of the ring. Hearing the slap, the ref assumes Turbo tagged in and manages to convince Nada to stay out. Turbo sets up Naught in the neutral corner and starts delivering bodyblows. He rears back for a hard haymaker, but Naught retains enough of his senses to duck and reverse the position.

[With Turbo now cornered, Naught stuns him with a punch to the nose, then grabs the second ropes on either side of the Prime Guardian and delivers several hard shoulder slams to Turbo's midsection. Turbo starts to slump, but Naught pulls him from the corner and DDTs him. He stands and does a knee drop on Turbo's head, which prompts Bob to try and enter to help out his partner, but the ref cuts him off.

[During this distraction, Naught turns Turbo around and stands over his head, spreading Turbo's legs open. He grins at Nada, who has ascended the post. She grins back, and Naught sticks out his tongue and yells:]

Naught: Wasssssssaaaap!!

[Nada jumps out in a flying headbutt to Turbo's exposed nether region. Nada stands and slaps her hands just as Turbo had, and Naught leaves the ring. Turning back, the ref sees Nada hooking Turbo with the Necksnapper. The ref starts asking Turbo if he'll submit, but the Prime Guardian keeps shaking his head and refusing. Getting to his feet with difficulty, he elbows Nada in the gut, then snapmares her over his shoulder. Pulling her up by her braids (Nada screaming in pain), Turbo pulls her over to his corner, where he tags in Bob. Bob grabs Nada up for a powerbomb, and Turbo helps slam her down. Bob covers Nada, and the ref runs over to administer the count.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! --

[But Nada puts her foot up on the rope, and the ref forces Bob up. As Bob argues with the ref, Nada, still on the mat, grabs Turbo's foot and yanks. Turbo topples off the ring apron and collides hard with the ground. Then Nada jumps up on the post as Bob turns back to her. She nails him with a missile dropkick, which causes Bob to run smack into the ref, who falls down. Nada signals Naught, who positions himself at Bob's head as Nada grabs Bob's feet. Together, they lift him in the air, then slam him into the mat one, two, three times! Bob looks almost like a jump rope being abused in this manner, and he goes out cold. Nada covers Bob as the ref groggily comes to.]

Ref: 1! ... 2! --

[But Turbo is back in the ring with a steel chair. He smashes Nada in the back with it, making the ref stand up and call for the bell, which rings. Nada flips over, grimacing in pain from the blow to her back. Turbo raises the chair a bit for a second blow, but Naught does a missile dropkick from the top rope into the chair, making it smack into Turbo's face. The Prime Guardian falls over. Naught pursues Turbo in a frenzy, stomping at him until Turbo rolls out of the ring, pulling Bob out and heading back out of the Arena as Naught shouts nasty things at them.]

Ring Announcer: And the winners of this match as the result of a disqualification -- the FLIP SIDE FELONS!

[With Bob & Turbo gone, Naught turns to his sister and checks on her. She nods and indicates that she's all right, but even so, Naught helps the EMTs put Nada on a stretcher.]

From: "Java Trinomial"
Date: Dec 14, 2000

{Place: Jay's Green Room, Jay's Office}
[Java is at her seat still, a new candle out. Not having left since Tri's intervention, she knows nothing of what has happened with the Black-Clad Author. She does show a faint sign of tiredness, yawning occasionally, but otherwise shows no change. Neither, unfortunatly, does Jay.]

I wish I could switch places with you, so you'd be fine and I'd be the one lying here... or that I could take some of your pain on.

Why? Dear User, Hamana Oosi...Why is the MDM crashing down on our heads now? Why does the wheel turn so quickly like this?

Oh, I know it's chaos. But...Why can't you let ME do the chaos and leave the framework of the MDM intact? Destroy the frame work, you make everything chaos...but if there's no order to draw on, how's there gonna be change? How'm I gonna create more chaos?

And why did you have to let him be hurt?

[She looks at him, a hand reaching out to brush his face. No change. Her eyes fill with tears, but she manages to wipe them away, letting go of him.]

Jay-chan...I'm sorry....I should have stopped you, I should have fought better... [She sighs.] At least you're in oblivion, though....

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 14, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[Nada is helped into the room by Naught, who is fussing over her. Everyone else comes to check on her as well.]

Nada: Guys, really, I'm fine...

Naught: That null-spore hit you with a steel chair! I oughta--

DaVinci: Calm down, Naught. [to Nada] You okay, Nad'?

Nada: I'm fine. Just a little sore. No problem. At least he didn't hit me in the head.

Naught: Yeah. [to DaVinci] D, I want Turbo next Night.

DaVinci: [pause] Okay. If we even have a Night 7.

[Naught nods and helps Nada to sit on a couch, much to her annoyance at his fussing. DaVinci growls and storms over to his desk and slaps the comm. The Other Owners appear on the screen.]

Owner #1: Yes, Mr. Gabbiani?

DaVinci: [pissed] I hope you're proud of yourselves. Thanks to your greed, not only is our Author still in a coma, but now one of our friends is injured.

Owner #2: Regrettable, true, but she's going to be all right, yes?

DaVinci: Yes, but--

Owner #2: Then there's nothing to worry about.

DaVinci: NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT? Last Night, an Author was nearly killed, another was put in a coma, and now toNight, I've been attacked, the Authoress is so deep in mourning that she won't move, and now one of my best friends is hurt!

Owner #3: Don't take that tone with us, fictive. We own this business, and you just work for us.

DaVinci: As soon as Jay wakes up, I'm going to tell him you said that. Bastards.

[With that parting shot, DaVinci switches off the comm. The other people in the room look very pissed as well at the Owners' display. DaVinci looks at everyone, then sighs and goes into Jay's Office.]

{Place - Jay's Greenroom, Jay's Office}
[DaVinci walks in to see Java still at Jay's bedside.]

DaVinci: Hey. [Java scarcely stirs] You've been missing some of the Night.


DaVinci: I guess that means you don't know that Voodoo's alive.

From: "Java/DaVinci"
Date: Dec 14, 2000

[Java blinks once, slowly, and raises her head slightly.]

DaVinci: [quietly] Did you hear me, Java?

Java: Yes. [She bends her head back down.] No.

[DaVinci blinks.] "No?"

Java: I don't believe you. I saw it.

DaVinci: [sighs] I saw it too, Java. [pause] But I was also standing right in front of him when he nearly crushed my chest.

[Java slowly shakes her head.] No. No. Leave.

DaVinci: [sighs] Java, would I lie to you?

Java: No. But no still.

DaVinci: [sighs again] Okay. If you need anything, we're right outside. [starts to go, but stops] Java, don't you need to...I dunno, eat, or anything?

Java: [returns to watching Jay] I...I should be fine...I think.

DaVinci: [nods wearily] All right. Should I send for any of your team or anything?

Java: They'll be alright, Tri-san can watch them...

DaVinci: Okay. [starts to go] I'm outside. [pause] Want me to set up a vid for you to watch things on?

[The Authoress shakes her head.] ...David?

DaVinci: [stops] Yes?

Java: Thank you. A lot.

DaVinci: [nods, then smiles a bit] All part of the service. [heads out]

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 18, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[DaVinci exits from Jay's Office and sits at his desk wearily. Niente has managed to convince Naught to leave Nada alone for now. (Read: she has him in a headlock) Quinn is banging away at his keyboard in frustration, trying to grind a couple paragraphs into his novel past his writer's block.

[Sil and Hyena are at the table, and the latter is laughing at some joke. Justice is practicing on a heavybag in the corner, which is being held steady by Dirk. Lean is lounging on a couch.

[All action stops as a winged form materializes in the middle of the green room. Seeing a dark Team Voodoo uniform, DaVinci intially thinks it's Voodoo himself, and tenses, but soon it's clear it's not him after all...

['s Minke. Just as unexpected.]

DaVinci: CReaTuRe? What are you doing here?

From: "Sai"
Date: Dec 25, 2000

[Without a word, Minke calmly walks towards Java's area]

DaVinci: Hey!

[Minke walks through the door and sees Java sitting over by the unconscious Jay] *Are you feeling alright, Java?*

[Java was somewhat in a sleepless trance, but she focuses her eyes to look at Jay's sleeping form in front of her]

Java:'s you, Seraph... Is he awake yet?

[DaVinci comes running in, but Java waves him off, and after a little hesitation and staring up at the CReaTuRe, he turns and leaves. The door shuts behind him, and the two are alone, two save for Jay]

Minke *I think he still has a journey to make before that...*

[Java's expression grows pained] Then no, I'm not.

[Minke quietly walks over and unfolds a wing behind and around Java]

Minke *Mr. Winger will be alright... It's only a matter of time...*

[Java lifts up a hand weakly to cover Jay's own, her thumb rubbing it softly]

Java: How can you be so sure?

Minke *He will be... Jay Winger is strong, not just physically. He can and will overcome this...* [A hand goes up and on Java's shoulder] *I promise you... He does live for challenges... He will enjoy having overcome this one obstacle when he wakes. Until he does, you have to be strong for him. He wouldn't want you to sit by him like this, he would wish that you do what you can, and that is take care of what is yours...*

[Java slightly looks up at her, eyes moist from tears] Fury Squad and the others...

Minke *The way for you to really help him is be strong for him, and that involves leaving this room and letting him fight this battle... You can't help him in here. Be strong and carry on... Else your misery will consume you if you don't preoccupy your mind.* [She studies Java's expressions a moment and comes to no conclusion on that] *What do you say?*
[Sai types something else out and calls Zaria over. Zaria asks for her seat, and Sai watches as the virus types out some commands and corrects a couple of Sai's missteps. She leans back and grins, folding her arms]

Zaria: Heh?

[Sai studies the screen a moment] I'll admit, that is impressive. And it could be done whenever we enter the greenroom?

Zaria: Aaanytime. And I even set up a neat little detect command, so whenever an unwanted guest enters the room, they'll just walk into our old greenroom, empty and abandoned.

Sai: That's excellent! I really like that. [She grins fangedly and giggles] Perfect. I just know Minke'll love it too.

Zaria: You know how she is with green things.

Sai: And waterfalls. Oh, hot springs! I can't wait! [She claps her hands together and sighs, falling back into her own console's chair. After a moment of silence and thought, she blinks and looks over to Zaria, who is studying the commands she's written in] What do you think of Voodoo now?

[Zaria shrugs] I guess he'll be a good leader to his team. You okay with his using Minke's copyrighted coding though?

Sai: I'm a bit miffed, yeah. But he didn't write a character under the format, and quite frankly he's more Gargoyle than CReaTuRe.

Zaria: That's true.

Sai: I'm just worried how Minke'd take it. I mean, there's a part of her in him, and well...I think she was interested, much as I hate to say it.

Zaria: This puts them closer together.

Sai: Even worse... You see, there's no way Voodoo could have gotten that code from anywhere else; she's the only one like her. Even if the same combo of creatures had been used, her code self-altered during the first developing stages. Her DNA is in all senses unique. And quite frankly, Voodoo is known to take short-cuts. It makes them a smidgeon related.

[Zaria just squints at Sai and goes back to reading her coding, trying to ignore the comment and the problems implied by it]

From: "Garg-Voodoo"
Date: Dec 25, 2000

[Voodoo sat un easy on the table. Not so much from being in the medical bay but as much as it was to keep the thoughts of the Zeds out of his head. He did wish Minke was here, if not for the comfort factor that her presence brings but also to help him keep his mind atune to things that require more importance, like staying alive.]

Ki'eva: Well.. You alive and you are Voodoo. Other then that.. well..

Voodoo: I'm a jumbled mess of genetic matter.

[Ki'eva eyes open wide(even wider then normal) and she look to her sister then back to Voodoo. Voodoo taped his index talon on his head as a note as to how he know what she was thinking.]

Voodoo: Sorry... Anyways. Ki'ace anything else?

[Ki'ace taped on the interface and a holo-porjection of the new Voodoo appeared and data spewed forth from the image was the eldest Zed talked.]

Ki'ace: 36% Hybrid, 14% Dreckard followed with close to 40% of whatever the hell this strain is, which I believe is the result of the mizing of the DNA followed with only 8% human and a 12% following of what I can know as only Minke's code. Like she said.. you far from human.

Voodoo: But I still am. I didn't planned to account for the fact that I would be a creature...simply the mental and speed adjustments is what I needed.

Ki'ace: It seems you over shot that one.

Voodoo: Too true. This is going to be a strange time...

Ki'eva: You miss her don't you?

[Voodoo just flashes the younger zed a glance as he hops of the table, a loud "thud" is heard and felt before he moves closer to the holo.]

Ki'eva: It doesn't take a Zed to know you miss Minke Voodoo. I'm not sure why as of yet seeing how she wasn't your creation and even more wasn't yours to control.

[Voodoo is slightly angerd by her comment and seeks to give a few back.]

Voodoo: Minke may not be my Character Ki'eva but know very well she was my friend and those are hard things to come by. She did not in her time here remain on a leash in fact she grew up. She learned to be her own character even though I still sense the longing of a closer realtionship with Sai. She was free to leave anytime she wished.. although my best laid plans failed to keep her around in the times I need her most.

Ki'ace: Closer realtionship with Sai Voodoo? Or you?

[Voodoo walks to the door, his wings folded around him tightly as he broods.]

Voodoo: Both...

[The door hisses open and he collides with Kaka, the younger white scaled Dreckard, the object she was holding falls to the ground along with her.]

Kaka: Ah... [She looks up and quickly gather the object she once held again and stands.] The other Drecks thought you might be more comfortable in more Dreckard stlye clothes then the human shards you still wear. [She quickly handed over the folded uniform and took a step back.]

Voodoo: Thank you Kaka..I assume that E.V.A. made it.

Kaka: I designed it... [as softly as a dreck could speak]

Voodoo: I do hope there is some cloth here my dear...

[Kaka grined at the note of her style of cothing, which more often then not was nothing at all, but she retain the thinly cut tunic.]

Kaka: It should be suited to your taste.

Voodoo: That you my child I shall wear it with pride.

[Kaka smiled, a toothy smile, but a smile none the less as Voodoo made his way to his chambers and after thinking a moment as to how he was going to sleep in that small bed (which was king size to him as human seemed more like a sleeping bag to him now) he removed the tatterd clothes and slide on the more komono style black uniform which reflected heavly on the one worn by Minke. With his greater hearing he heard the soft thud of heavly cloth hitting the floor. He looked down and picked it up useing his mind and grabed it with his hand. Unfolding it he say a new mask, only made of velvet and he grined as he pulled the elastic version of his off and slid the new one over his face.]

[He turned to the full length mirror that he had hardly ever used and gace himself a once over, folding his wings on his back so he could see the stlyized "TV" on the left breast and on the long "skirt" as he called it since that what was it look like on Minke. And turned back around, but who was he going to show it off to, since the only one tha might care was gone. Oh well he thought, they will meet again, he walked to his window and looked down on the stadium and watched the people below, he wounderd how his Hybrids were doing.]

[Deep withing the stadium, the lightly arm Hybrids of Jeff and Jenny, followed by Dax since Zaria was off "playing with Sai" as she said, made their way towards the old green room, and just around the corner from Bruno and his men.]

From: "Tri"
Date: Dec 16, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}
[And for once, things seem peaceful. No Javish Random Acts of Insanity, no Ramna and Akane, no sudden changes, Just two on the couch, one at the computers, and one in Java's Room. Good for a change.]

Tri: [other room] Damnit!

[See turns to look at the door, then gets up and moves carefully towards it--

[--when it slams open and Tri runs out, almost colliding.] Where's my mother?

[That taks a few moments to absorb.]

Pyra: You mean Aarys?

Erinys: Haven't seen her...

See: Who's your mother?

[Tri sighs, goes and opens a search program. See turns again to look at Tri.] Er...Snakie?

Tri: Don't call me that but what is it?

See: Correct me if I'm wrong, but....if you're a thriteen... is your mother really going to cause all hell? I mean she's...

[She looks at him, then to Erinys and Pyra:] Okay, who forgot to give him the memo?

Pyra: See...[runs up ans whispers in his ear.]

See:...[Suddenly looks worried.] Oh dear.

Erinys: I think another seventeen, especially one like her, is not going to be helpful to the whole situation.

Tri: Did I mention she's an encryption virus?

See: Meep.

Erinys: Where do you think she is?

{Place: The System, high in the air.}
[Aarys floats in her human/sprite from over the stadium, not noticing or being noticed by Voodoo, just watching the system in darkness. ] How I loved doing this, sitting above a system, waiting to attack. Of course they always had the riddle figured out before I crashed the place. [sigh] Maybe there is a little Chaos code mixed into me. Oh well...
[She sits in mid-air, smiling at her daughter's attempts to find her, and watches.]

From: "Java"
Date: Dec 26, 2000

Java: But..Seraph, I'm not strong...I-What if he wakes up? I need to be here then, for him. [She turns her head away quickly, droping a tearon her knees.] What if?

Minke *He has much longer to go, Java. You shouldn't worry too much. And he has his own people to see to him then.*

Java: But...[She suddenly looks back.] Could *you* watch him?

Minke *Jay? You mean-*

Java: Just, y'know, do a really light mental watch thingie, like Rissie used to do, and if he's waking up, we come back? Z'okay? I promise he won't mind.

[Minke is about to respond when she is interupted by a taking-no-chances biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny anime eyes look.] *Java...Will you come out?*

[The 'ress grins, the first time for hours.] Hai.

Minke: *Then I will.*

Java: Okee.

[She stands up, then turns one last time to the cot. Brushing her scarf-ends up, she bends down and gently kisses Jay's cheek, murmuring something. Then she turns and suddenly half-pounces Minke (sort of a flying hug).]

Java: Hey, Seraphie...Can we go somewhere? Like Sai or something? Please?

From: "The Comatose Author"
Date: Dec 26, 2000

{Place: Jay's Greenroom - Jay's Office}

[After Java en-pounce-ifies Minke, her back is to Jay. As she does this, she doesn't see his form sort of ripple. A sort of wave washes from head to toe. As the wave travels, his appearance shifts from ordinary human to the silvery skin of Puck W!ld for an instant before the wave passes. Then Jay looks normal again.

[And should Minke be monitoring Jay's mind at the moment, she would hear a resonant viral voice speak:]

Puck W!ld: ~~da'Blornik ba'Disa... I'll rearrange your code when I get out of here... Jay won't be able to save you, little na'Polih..~~

[And then the mental voice would fade away, replaced by the quietness of Jay's comatose mind.]

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[Everyone shivers a little bit, and Lean looks up from where he's seated on the couch.]

Lean: Anybody else just feel that?

DaVinci: Yeah. That was odd.

Naught: I'm gettin' some bad juju off this... or maybe that's because of the lack of blood my head is gettin' right now...

Niente: All right, all right, I'll let you go.

[Niente releases her headlock on Naught, and he staggers away, collapsing in a chair next to Nada. Justice, meanwhile, stops his workout on the heavybag and turns to look at the door to Jay's office. He, too, has a bad feeling about this.]

From: "Java"
Date: Dec 28, 2000

{Place: Java's Green Room}
Erinys: Is it just me, or has Tri not come out for a while?

See: It's not you.

Pyra: Don't worry, Tri's a big girl, don't you know. [She jabs See, smirking.]

See: Alright, I'm worried about the Snakie. I mean...

[The door opens, Java again blathering to Minke about the ta'Oosi language and the slight relation between it and the more widespread se'Macik. She actually seems to be making sense, too.]

Java: [pausing] Tri-san?

[Erinys points to the door. Java nods, and nudges Seraph to a seat before she taps on the door.] Hello?

Tri: [speaking to someone] Promise you won't.


Tri: Savei'tiv she mai.

[Another pause, then the door opens in front of Java. The virus blinks.] Jav? Who brought- oh, hello Minke. Thanks, if you hauled her out of there. Java, Aarys should be arriving soon, alright?

Java: Kee. Hey! [turns back] Minke, you and Rissie could talk! She's a class seventeen, pretty nice though-

Tri: -if you call Lwaxana nice-

Java: And yah. Tri-san, entertain our guest, neh? I'll look at what you did.

[Tri shrugs and smiles to Minke, offering her a seat, or at least a couch cushion. Java enters her room and closes the door, not before hearing a bit of commotion (Aarys' entrance) then slips over to the bed and looks at Tri's latest writing, which made Aarys' appearance into the MDM allowable.] Nice, Tri-san. Least you didna make it gorey or anything, like the Drecks...[wince] Great, remind yourself, Java. How is it that the team that caused me the most trouble is the one I'm miserable about. D had to be lying. Human don't resurrect themselves. Maybe if I believed in Jesus or whatnot, but...Baiet! [She stomps her foot, then sits on the bed.] And now, Voodoo, what I wouldn't give to see you. Damn you, why did you have to die?

savei'tiv she mai : Swear (it) to me.

From: "Garg-Voodoo"
Date: Dec 28, 2000

[Java had no sooner thought those words when she felt her body shake and a flash appear before her eyes. She thought that maybe yet another blast had rippled though the MDM but to her amazment, she found herself standing not on hard ground but soft carpet.]

[The polymophic head of her's looked around and she could feel the darkness around her consume her with fear. There was little light on the room, she thought it was a room since the light was coming from a window.]

["Window" she thought, there were few windows in the MDM and even less that had a little light as that shinning though, she walk carefuly through the darkness and stepping over something she could not identify since it was to dark and she could only feel it's hard metal edging she looked out the window and took a quick step back.]

Java: Too high...very very high....

???: Eighty-three point six feet above the stadium floor. [The voice was cold and seemingly aged as she turned towards it, but with all it's pearks it reminded her of Voodoo.]

Java: Who are you?! [She demanded before sudden fear slid in and took control as she noticed a talon like toe tap on the floor. The figure was clad in the darkness of room and she could only know that it wasn't the Drecks or even Minke.]

???: I am the one you called for...

[Java as normal is slightly perplexed and the voice goes on.]

???: you hated me so, but yet you thought I had died. True you yourself had most likely wished it, I havn't and I am still here.

Java: You can't be Voodoo... No one could survive a blast like that..the system scanner couldn't detect you!

???: I have seen the creation of technolgy that makes keytools look like play things, I have seen the creation of human hybrids as well as controled genetic coding to the letter... you think I couldn't hide mtself from outdated scanners?

Java: Prove it.

[The lights switch on and the room is cast with light,driving out the darkness and showing the large figure infront of her, Java's mouth drops as she see's what is infront of her.]

From: "Java Bean"
Date: Dec 29, 2000

[Many, many blinks.]

[Java can barely form words, just trying to mentally comprehend that Voodoo is...standing in front of her. This is getting strange.]

Java: You...have wings.

[Voodoo merely folds his arms in front of him, watching her as well. She inches to the side, then to the other, then very, very cautionsly moves foreward. She looks up, then taps his arm quickly and pulls back again.] Okay, you're a physical being, since I doubt you could be a hologram especialy since there's no little whacha on your arm. [She swallows, then smiles just slightly.] Voodoo-san...What do you mean I wanted you dead? I never actually wanted you to die! Not like anything like that!

[She winces and steps back, but turns right around when she sees the window, paling ever-so-slightly, hand clasping her icon protectively.] Thin glass... Welcome back, then. So..this was your own back-up plan then. [Pause.] What am I s'posed to say? This, that, the MDM was threatening to get boring, I'm still getting called Winger's lapdog, what? Mindread me then, since ya had to have. Or was that just a lucky guess? Hmm?

From: "Garg-Voodoo"
Date: Dec 29, 2000

[Voodoo stands and refolds his wings so they are folded behind his back. He takes a few steps closer when there is a flash and a blur as E.V.A. appears on her holo-platform. This gains Java's attention as she looks at the one truly unseen members of Team Voodoo. E.V.A. is a sight to behold, her form is clad in the black unform of Team Voodoo, but it a tight short skirt(other then Ki'eva she is the onlt team member that wears one) and her hair is pulled back in a tight pony tail as her arms are placed behind her back.]

E.V.A.: Voodoo my scanners have picked up a polymorphic reading and I..

[She is cut off when he points to Java in front of him and E.V.A. nods and fades from sight]

Voodoo: I don't need to read you thoughts Java for I have seen most of them... And what I saw was not truly as disturbing as I thought.

Java: You have been going through my mind!

Voodoo: It's hard not to.. Since the only person that stops me from doing that isn't here.

Java: Seraph...

Voodoo: Yes her.. she has a strange metal field around her that blocks psionic perjections... she is sort of a sheild that I have grown to love.

Java: You like her because she keeps you powers in check! [was her only reply since she had no clue to what everything else ment.]

Voodoo: No..thats not the reason but it is a sort of bonus. Which is also why I brought you here Java.

[Voodoo offers her a seat and since the only place for her to sit is the bed, and he takes a seat back in his new replacated chair.]

Voodoo: I know you have some reason to join this team and I will give it to you on one term.

[Java quickly looks at where she is siting and stands]

Voodoo: Not that Java... I want you to get Minke to talk to me. I need to ask her something since she no longer will respond to my calls. Get her to talk to me.. and I will see if I can't get you a section of this

From: "DaVinci"
Date: Dec 29, 2000

{Place - Jay's Greenroom}
[DaVinci -- the nominal leader of Team Winger during the Author's incapacity -- sits at the desk in the main room, massaging the bridge of his nose, his sunglasses pushed up on his head. Quinn skims over in his bionic brace, drops a bottle of aspirin in his hand, and skims off. DaVinci pops open the bottle and knocks back two pills. He grabs a glass of water and swallows a mouthful with the pills, then sighs.

[He puts the cap back on the bottle, sets it aside, and replaces his sunglasses.]

DaVinci: [weary] So let's see what's next...

[He presses a button, reads the information on his computer screen, then looks up.]

DaVinci: Hyena.

[Over at the card table, the Khatran looks up.]

Hyena: Yo.

DaVinci: Your match is up.

Hyena: Keen! [turns to Sil] I'll be back later -- I'll tell you the one about the Khatran and the Canid who walk into a bar.

[She hops out of her chair and slaps Justice on the arm as she passes.]

Justice: [stops his practicing] Hy.

Hyena: Nat. I gotta match up.

Justice: Right. Good luck. Holler at me later.

Hyena: I'll come find you.

[She heads on out to the ring.

[Meanwhile, DaVinci rises and heads on into Jay's Office, standing in the doorway as he looks at the still comatose Author. DaVinci sighs again.]

DaVinci: I dunno how you did it, Jay. I thought all you did was book the matches. I didn't realize you had to curb the greed of the other Owners, manage all the minute-to-minute operations of MDM...jeezus.

[DaVinci stops for a moment as he removes his sunglasses to clean them off. While his attention is thus distracted, he doesn't see yet another sort of 'ripple' in Jay's appearance -- a brief shift to Puck's form -- before he looks back up.]

DaVinci: I don't know if you know this, Jay, but those Owners are narrow-minded bigots. I cussed them out earlier for their callousness, and they called me a fictive. We all hate that term. I was this close to borrowing some of Lean's powers to go give them a warning.

[Another pause.]

DaVinci: I hope you wake up soon, Jay. I can't keep doing this job.

[He leaves, closing the door on the dimly lit room. As he closes the door, the life-support monitors quietly beep, then start to beep more rapidly. Jay's form shifts to Puck's, and then Puck sits upright, an evil smile on his face.]

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