> Beta Class Colony Worlds

These are not so luxurious as the Alpha class worlds, but they still have good soil and a comfortable climate. The majority of the colony worlds fall into this category.

Beta VII - Letesa

creator: CyberCat

Anthro Race: Khatran
Human Settlements: New Vancouver
Description: Rough, mountainous terrain without much level ground. The climate is generally cool and dry, with heavy snows in winter.
Flora: Most of Letesa is covered by huge coniferous forests. Within these forests are a variety of different kinds of low-lying plants that thrive in damp, shady conditions--ferns, shrubs, etc. The Khatrans use each of these plant species in some way, as food or medicine or otherwise.
Fauna: Mostly small animals--birds, rodents, etc. The Khatrans themselves are the only large predators on Letesa.

Beta XII - Salan

creator: D^Knight

Anthro Species: Salani
Human Settlements: None
Description: Relatively flat, yet rocky terrain. Vegetation is mostly dry grasses, with a scattering of low trees. The climate is warm and dry (around 32 degrees Celsius, max 37 degrees, min 26 degrees).
Points of Interest: The sprawling home city of Salan, covering an area of around 254 km square. At the very center of the city is the ruins of the original Central Dome. Many newer Central Domes have sprung up around the city, at random locations. The city is designed almost with a modular apporach: One neighbourhood is much like another, with an Archive, a Central Dome, and a Training Academy. There are rumours of a massive underground system of tunnels, but these rumours are impossible to prove or disprove.
Fauna: Mostly small furry mammals (think priarie dog), which eat seeds. There is also a species of very large snake (specimens have been known to grow to over 100 metres) that is considered a delicacy of sorts. Killing one is a sign of bravery.
Notes: Salani outposts are present at regular intervals around the entire colony world. The Salani refuse to reveal the purpose of these outposts, which are sometimes no more than sentry houses.

BetaVIII - Kar'Tal

creator: Voodoo

Anthro Race: Zed
Human Settlements: None
Description: Mostly sunny and warm all year around, this system has two mountains which form a valley that holds the Zed village in the middle. The village extends almost all the way to the beach, where the ocean naturally surrounds the land. One forest and open plains provide places for farming and hunting for the Zeds.
Points of Interest: The Great Tent. If you can get in, this is where The Zed population takes in affairs of the village, everything from a new tent to politics and so forth. It's basically the Zed version of a Principal Office.
Fauna: Large antelope-type creatures called "Tekkas" (pronounced teekaa's), and a cross between a fox and a tiger called "CaTel", the CaTel sharing the same hunting grounds as the Zed population.
Flora: None Listed
Notes: Although normal Zed Villages have no modern defenses, this village is not the normal village, hidden beneath the earth are several EMP cannons and Weapons cache. Nothing to advanced, but these Zeds are outcast.