> Zed (plural Zeds)

[written by CyberCat]

A reclusive cheetah-like race which lives a nomadic lifestyle on the savannahs of Delta V. The most notable thing about the Zed race is that they are very powerful telepaths, to the point where they can manipulate the thoughts and emotions of non-telepaths. (This obviously doesn't make people inclined to trust them very often, which has contributed to their lack of socialization with other races.) Amongst themselves they communicate solely by telepathy. They are capable of learning to speak, but their vocal chords are underdeveloped and they often have trouble expressing themselves verbally.

Because they have no spoken language, the Zeds also have no spoken name for their race or their homeworld. The name "Zed" came about because they were the last Anthro species to be discovered, so humans began referring to them by the last letter in the alphabet.

Personality-wise, Zeds are usually gentle, peace-loving people. Although they are physically fairly strong and agile, they will rarely use either their physical or mental strength as a weapon.