> Gamma Class Colony Worlds

Less favorable conditions than the Alpha or Beta class worlds; human cities can be built here, but it may be difficult to get the necessary resources.

Gamma I - Val

creator: CyberCat

Anthro Species: F'Val
Human settlements: N/A
Description: Mostly hot, dry, and rocky, although there are some areas with fertile soil.
Points of Interest: Val is literally riddled with caves of various sizes. Some of these caves serve as homes for the F'Vali families; others are mines where gemstones and precious metals can be found. However, most of these mines are controled by the F'Vali, and attempts by humans to take them over has driven a wedge between the humans and some of the F'Vali families.
Flora: Vegetation is sparse--mainly low brush and grasses with few trees.
Fauna: There are two kinds of dragonlike lizards native to Val. One of them is about the size of a squirrel, and mainly eats insects, although it'll munch on anything it can get a hold of. It has become a popular house pet, although the F'Vali dissapprove of this. The other is HUGE--20 feet long or so--and preys on large animals. Fortunately, these are very rare.