> F'Val (plural F'Vali)

[written by CyberCat]

The F'Vali are the Klingons of cyberspace--fearless warriors, with a strong sense of honor and duty. Physically, they resemble foxes, with the exception that they have a large "mane" of long orange-brown hair on their heads. Their eyes are grey, green, or blue--never brown or black.

The F'Vali are divided up into over 100 different clans, or "families" as they call them, although they aren't always blood relations. Each family consists of one hundred to two hundred people. Each family has its own honor code, and to break that code means disgrace, exile from the family, or even execution. At any given time, a family will be at war with several other families, allied with a dozen more, and indifferent to the rest. These feuds and alliances can change at a moment's notice; many a promising F'Vali friendship has been broken up because the inter-family relationships shifted.

Aside from their bravery in battle, the F'Vali are also known for their skill in metalworking. Their homeworld, Val, contains rich deposits of gemstones and precious metals, which they use to make exquisitely decorated weapons and armor. These are prized throughout the Metaverse for their beauty and durability, but are exremely difficult for a non-F'Val to get.

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