> Delta Class Colony Worlds

This group contains the harshest environments--mainly, desert- and tundra-like regions where very little will grow. These worlds are mainly populated by native Anthro races; only a few scattered human settlements have been established there.

Delta V (unnamed)

[creator: CyberCat]

Anthro Species: Zed
Human settlements: N/A
Description: Flat, hot, dry, and sandy. Mostly desert with patches of grassland resembling the African savannah.
Flora: Basically just grasses, with occasionally small bushes and cacti--no trees.
Fauna: Mostly small noctournal animals which remain in underground burrows during the day. There are also herds of grazing gazelle-like creatures which the Zeds prey upon.

Delta VII - Centauria

creator: Verna

Anthro Species: Centaurians
Human settlements: Weaver Villages
Description: The Plains are dry and flat. A river bisects the East from the West; vegetation is sparse. To the North there are the DataStream Mountains, where the Energon Storms originate. There is always sun, sun, sun.
Flora: Occurs in the Valley Between Sisters, and around the Khartoum and its tributaries. Weaver villages that lie in the Khartoum Delta grow purple barely and yellow vitrothis root (a poor cousin to the Khatran vitrothis plant, which is much plumper and tastes better) for trade and sustenance.
Fauna: Centaurians and Humans (Weavers) are the only intelligent mammals present on Centauria. Blood flies, mosquitoes and fish exist. B'Ramyus, bison-sized sheep animals, travel in herds and are hunted for their meat and wool.
Points Of Interest: Centaurian Religion is very bizarre. Their spiritual leaders, called Reasoners, are blinded upon birth so that they may bear witness to what is called 'The Great Procession.' Reasoners are easily distinguishable from other Centaurians due to the unicorn-type horns that protrude from their foreheads, marking them 'for bigger things' from birth.