Separation Anxiety

A ReBoot: Project Metaverse fic

by Jay Winger

Foreword: The characters and locations of ReBoot are the property of Mainframe Entertainment. Some terminology (notably 'the Industry' [i.e. the entertainment industry]) is borrowed from Neal Stephenson. I borrow many names from the works of Stephen King. These are also referenced without permission and not to make a profit.
The characters of David Gabbiani/DaVinci, Quinn Rentack, Rollo, Tomasi, the Aughts (Zilch, Niente, Naught/Aztral, Nada/Surf, Nil, Void, Blank, and Zip), Lazarus, Cato, Sarah Archer, Sagittaria, and Elogin are my creations and my property. The locations of the Resonate System, System Omega-Cragis, and the Great Codex System (as seen here) are my creations and my property as well. None may be used without my permission.

Timeline: This story is set immediately after "Arlington Road Syndrome."

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