A ReBoot: Project Metaverse fic

by Jay Winger

Foreword: The characters and locations of ReBoot are the property of Mainframe Entertainment. The universe of ReBoot Project Metaverse is not mine. I merely dabble in it. Some terminology (notably 'the Industry' [i.e. the entertainment industry]) is borrowed from Neal Stephenson. I borrow many names from the works of Stephen King. These are also referenced without permission and not to make a profit.

Throughout the course of this story, my characters make several not-so-nice remarks about "Christian" characters.  I mean no disrespect to the religion-- just to over-zealous racists who use religion as their shield.

The characters of David "DaVinci" Gabbiani, Lean Il Lupe, Quinn Rentack, Tomasi Exley, the Aughts (Zilch, Niente, "Aztral" Naught, Nada "Surf," Nil and Void, and Blank and Zip), Klaus "Lazarus" Lans, Julius Cato, Sarah "Sagittaria" Archer, Elogin, Arn "Nails" il'Crais, Hal Kitz, Michael Dugan, Todd Bunsen and Nate Carter are my creations and my property.

The characters created by Quinn Rentack for Game Over are also my property. The locations of the Resonate System, Colony World Cragis (Omega II), and the Great Codex System (as seen here) are my creations and my property as well. None may be used without my permission.

The character of Martin O'Brien was the original concept of D^Knight.

Timeline: This story is set two days after "Mindfields," or in early May 2499.


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