On The Lam

by Jay Winger

Foreword:  The characters and locations of ReBoot are property of Mainframe Entertainment.  The universe of ReBoot Project Metaverse is the original concept of CyberCat.  Inspiration is taken from Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon as well as other Miscellaneous Sources.

The characters of Nathan Justice, Dirk Manning, Sil al'Nasen, Sentry, DT-Three, Calvin "Cowboy" West, Lt. Thomas Burke, Jamie Mac, Hyena, Chaotis, Senator Albert Brosky, and Chrome are all my creations and therefore my property and may not be used without permission.  The same is true of other minor characters, though most are inspired by the aforementioned Miscellaneous Sources.  The Bit and Sil's disc are inspired by Tron.  The concepts of the Guardian Special Liaisons, the Guardian 19th Squadron (the Hellbats) and the people within it, and the SS Grizzly are mine as well.

The character of Prime Guardian Maximillian Jennings is used with the permission of D^Knight.

Timeline:  This story is set in October 2499, about six months after the close of the previous Chronicle of Justice, "The Tempest Affair."

Brief Note: Reading the previous Chronicles of Justice will be advantageous to your understanding of this fic, since references and hints have been dropped beforehand on revelations in this fic.  A few references to other Metaverse fics are also dropped.


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