by Voodoo
editor: WeB_ViRuS

This is dedicated to all the Metaverse Authors, who like most people, just need to vent from time to time. Based upon Silver Tiger's "Monologue".

      Ah, Mr. Freeman. That is your name now, no? Well...I see that you have awoken. Please don't look at me like that, it was bound to happen some time, you coming back to me. You always have, or don't you remember? Well that seems to be of little importance now, seeing that soon you'll remember little of the recent events. Although bravo on the attack, Mr. Freeman. I would not give your race credit for anything less, although in the testing mission you have a ninety percent success rate, but I guess after fifty years we all start to go down hill.

      My plans you ask, Jeff? Well that's simple... I have always been fond of my first creation. You, my genetic mess that we call a hybrid, are to rejoin my services. Oh now such talk is not approved of for a man of your stature! There. You felt that, didn't you? Yes... What? Tainted? I mealy slapped you Jeff, I didn't infect you. Rather be dead? Oh Jeff, We can have so much fun! Think about it. With a little reprogramming you will be as good as new. Oh- one moment Jeff.

      Hmm, It seems that you decided not to tell me that someone messed with your mind! You neural plug is less than online. You didn't plan to survive the attack, did you, Jeff? This just confirms what we saw with the rest of your kind. Rather die a slow death than live a life with your...medicine? I always knew you were something more than the others. So dedicated in whatever you may have been assigned to. Yes...you remember that month, don't you, Jeff. Your...personal services to me, although you didn't know it was me, you did it anyway. Huh? Oh please Jeff...you are too much at times.

      Yes well... I shall have the team get the implant ready. If I can't reprogram you I will do the next best thing. What is it, you ask? Well, Jeff...you will know soon enough.

      Ow! Treacherous dog! How dare you bite me!? I show compassion, and you bite me! I should kill you for that!

      No...that's what you want: to die...and escape me, escape the fact that you know in just a few hours you will be mine again. Now stop that right now, Jeff! If you hit your head any harder you are going to knock yourself out! You can't escape me Jeff, why not just embrace the fact that I am now you mistress and boss again, it will be ever so much like the old times.

      Alight that's it! We are going to definately make sure to get you some proper training in speaking! You should not address me as that! Well...I do agree with that. I am the Queen Bitch of the Metaverse. It's a family trait. Huh? Yes she was related to me. I'm not dumb, Jeff. You think that a person who worked for the Earth government couldn't look up those files? Even before Operation Proxy, the Pathetic 21st century Earth government was keeping track of human hackers. I know that the hacker that created Daemon -one of the few viruses to take over the Super Computer- was also my creator's relative. Yes, that's right, Daemon and I are in some respects mother and daughter.

      Talk about family heritage, huh?

      Grown silent, have we, Jeff? I wanted to talk before you are changed yet again. What are you thinking? About your lost hybrids, the fact that nothing is left but you. Or would it be that slut, number 00215. Struck a nerve have I? Yes, I knew about you and her. What is her name...Jean? Jane? Jenny- Yes, that's it: Jenny. My informants on your ship told me all about you two. I wish I could have killed her. I'd do it right here I could! But I'd play with her first, just to frustrate you more. Maybe have her in something...kinky, get your hopes up and all. Then...run my blades through her throat and stomach, letting her die slowly, I would even let you hold her ever colder growing body, let her die in your arms. Yes, a perfect way to end your defiance. To know now I am the only women in your life that gives a damn about you. Yes, perfect if I do say so myself.

      Well, I've had my fun. How bout a kiss good bye, Jeff? Too bad, I'd do it anyway. And watch your tone of voice.

      There, wasn't so bad, was it? Now I know why she liked you, Jeff. Good bye, Jeff Freeman. In a few hours...you will be mine again. And never forget that.

The end.