> Time Units

Written by CyberCat

This is one of the most debated and least understood topics in the Metaverse. It is a proven fact that Net time was once highly accellerated in relation to Earth time. A second in cyberspace, for example, was approximately the length of a day on Earth. I say "approximately" because there is no exact scale which compares Net time to Earth time. The exact speeds varied depending on variables such as the individual clockspeed of a system and the work being processed.

Obviously, this time difference became a very serious problem when humans and sprites began travelling back and forth between Earth and the Net. Fortunately for all concerned, shortly after this discrepancy was discovered, a way was found to slow down Net time to the point where it was in sync with Earth time. From that point on, Net time and Earth time were one and the same, although some sprites still use the old time terminology as slang.