> Locations Guide

Here are some locations within the Metaverse to aid you in your writings. Hopefully, this area will be expanded upon as time goes by.

Command.com: Al Mark
Chief of Police: Cal Hostan

Description: A large metropolis (a bit smaller than 25th Century Mainframe), the Resonate is home to mostly humans and sprites. Prior to colonization, the Resonate had been a major mecca for sound files. Virtually every .wav, .ra, .midi, and MP3 file in existence had gone through the Resonate at least once. The system even had natural harmonics that were a bit disconcerting to the visitor. If one stood in certain spots (which were called 'harmonics'), one could hear whispered conversations on the other side of a room. There were numerous concert halls and theatres. Since colonization, it remained the place for composers and performers. It had become, in essence, the Carnegie Hall and Broadway of the Metaverse.

- Central Sector: roughly the size of pre-colonization Mainframe, houses the Resonate Principal Office and all Government-owned property in the Resonate.
- Park Sector: just what it says - a large park sector with statues erected to past command.coms
- Downtown District: on the eastern part of the Resonate, home to the Halls (see below) and Entertainment Industry-owned buildings
- Sector D-Nine: a residential district, home to the Ray Building, a large apartment complex
- Industrial Sector: houses commercial complexes and factories
- Sector Avi: another residential district, a bit smaller than D-Nine

Places of Interest:
- Resonate Tracks: the big-time race track; everything is raced here: hovercars, hoverbikes, animals; the current hoverbike champions are Zilch and Niente Aught.
- Waveside Hall: a music hall modeled after the Sydney Opera House; place for classical symphonies and concerts.
- Middie Cruz Hall: a big-time show hall, which houses plays and other acts.
- The Sound Archives: a museum dedicated to the Resonate's history and music and sound; sound files can be purchased here in mini-recorders.
- MP3 Eatery: the best short-order dive in the Resonate
- Gargery Restaurant: an upper-class restaurant in the Downtown District

SCIFERA (pronounced Sci-Fear-Ra)
Command.com: ---
Chief of Police: ---

Description: This system is huge by some standers. Mostly an energy sea, the place where people live is a giant round disk made of up levels, like any Mainframe-esque city. It hovers over the sea, tapping into it for power to run it's hover converters to keep the city above the sea. On the top 25 levels, on the outertrack, there are ports for shipping (the main reason for the city). These ports are big enough to house Guardian-class Web Cruisers on the top 5 levels, to small transports on the last 5. Everything below the top 25 levels is up to who is there. The levels go down to level 75 which basically is where all the illegal stuff happens, which makes Scifera the most highly-recommended place to buy anything, from drugs to weapons.
      The inner tracks are the Main City, which holds all the huge buildings, some reaching up to 1000 feet into the air. The PO is the largest building in the system. Although one side of the outer tracks is for ports, the rest are for homes. System population is well above 2 million, consisting of a mixed population of humans, sprites, F'vali, Khatran, and a few Salani, although this number did drop in the year 2512 for some unknown reason....
      As far as flora and fauna go, aside from pets and a few small gardens, this place relies on outside sources for food.

Places of Interest:
-New Ventura: houses and small shops
- Krixten: the larger business part of the system