> Hatemil

NOTES: There are no pronouns in Hatemil; instead, a vowel suffix is tacked on to the end of a word to determine its conjugation. This applies to all verbs and some adjectives. People's names and nouns referring to people have an i or a suffix (except for "foreign" names). Aside from these suffixes, no words end in vowel sounds. (In the word list below, words that may have vowel suffixes are marked with an asterisk.)

The suffix 'r may be added onto a verb to mean "one who." For example, the word mek, meaning "to speak," would become mek'r, "one who speaks." However, in some circumstances, the 'r suffix may be added onto a noun, to mean "one who uses" or "one who is skilled with." This doesn't always lend itself to a literal translation into English.

Vowel Suffixes:

i - he (masculine)
a - she (feminine)
o - you
e - I

Common Words:
aht*(v.) to be
aht-nokh(n.) a mess, e.g. "Look at this mess!"
an*(v.) to come
celes*(adj.) pleasant, peaceful, calm
dek(n.) light
fen(adv.) later
fen'l(adv.) tomorrow
finre(adv.) now
isher(n.) danger
it(n.) attention (usually combined with other words)
it'kal*(v.) to mind one's own business
kal*(v.) to back/move away
kit*(n.) child
mek*(v.) to speak
naren(n.) quest or journey
nekhet(n.) computer (also a prefix meaning "computer-related")
nekhet'r*(n.) one who is proficient with computers; a hacker
neven(n.) escape
nokh*(adj.) dirty, messy
nor(n.) darkness
rakesh(n.) something frivolous or silly, not meant to be taken seriously
rakesh*(adj.) silly, juvenile
rakh(n.) death
rakh*(v.) to die
tesa(n.) mother
tesi(n.) father
zer(adv.) today
zer-fen(adv.) later on today
aht-seratLiterally means "it is what it is." Generally used as a saying meaning something like "Life is strange. Get used to it."
annode"come with me"
dekka-norThe balance of light and darkness in the cycles of nature. Also happens to be the name of the system where Miyaera lives.
it'ano"pay attention" or "excuse me"
terazengreetings, hello
valavan"thank you"
valaer"you're welcome"

* note: these are not direct translations.