> The V.E.C.

Written by Voodoo

      The Viral Elimnation Collective, or V.E.C., was established slightly after the Guardians were created. Many sprites believeing the that the Guardians could not be everywhere at one time, they took over being the main virus-removers of the 'Net (In our time and world, this is Macafee or Nortan Virus Scan, and so forth).
      V.E.C. cadets are not selected like normal Guardian cadets. These cadets are basicly children of established V.E.C. members. The cadets are very rarely brought in from other sources, and then, they must be up to near-perfect fighting and mental condition.
      Long before the Metaverse, around 2015 (our time), the V.E.C. was pubicly known as the badest group in the Net. Takeing on more and more Virus threats, it was soon becoming disbanded. Leaders of the Collective were upset that most of the Collective was more clones than real sprite, thus broke the first rule: they cared not for the safty of "fakes" and sent waves at the virals. It wasn't long after this -at a battle with a class 18- that they found something and became very secretive.
      Many belived that since the V.E.C. never showed themselves again, that the virus they had fought had wiped them all out.

Or so it was thought....