> Alpha Class Colony Worlds

The Alpha class worlds are the "ideal" environments: perfect climate, perfect soil, perfect natural resources for building and maintaining human cities. However, the native inhabitants of these worlds tend to have the most advanced civilizations of any Anthro races, so colonization has not always been easy.

Alpha II - Crasus

creator: D^Knight

Anthro Species: Ledrites
Human Settlements: None
Description: A more-or-less perfect world, the only signs of civilization are the bubble domes constructed by the Ledrites. The geography is mostly flat plains, with occasional forests and trees.
Flora: Mostly plants that are almost identical to Earth's.
Fauna: Strangely enough, the only forms of animal life are the Ledrites. There are no other animal species. No bees, birds, nothing.
Points of Interest: The bubble domes are made of a clear unbreakable plastic, which Earth scientists have yet to finish analyzing. Inside each dome, there are exactly ten houses, two parks, a central spire and an Education center. The parks are used for recreation, and the central spire is used for transport to other bubble domes. Of course, one can walk from a bubble dome to another, but such a journey, while pleasant, takes a very long time. The central spire functions as a sort of mini-modem connection. The Education center teaches young Ledrites the basics of arts and the sciences. There is also a Main Dome (the only named bubble dome), where all commercial and industrial activities take place.
Notes: The Ledrites have a central government of three Elders, but nobody even knows what functions these Elders perform.