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This is the Guide of Villains to assist you in your writing and/or reading in the Metaverse. Every universe has got its villains, and we have a wealthy share.There isn't much available at the moment, but in the future, this will perhaps become a helpful spot to better understand referances made in the stories.


ARCHER, SARAH Aka "Sagittaria," "the Hate Crasher," and multiple corruptions of Stephen King villain names
Sex: Female
Info:British by birth, but accent is only prominent when she is in her Sarah Archer personality. Suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, Sagittaria being her more twisted side. A very accomplished hacker. Once crashed a million servers in a single day. Currently works for TruPharm Incorporated and the True Force. Wrote and merged with a Class-17 Virus called Elogin.

CHAOTIS Self-styled "the lord of anarchy"
Sex: Male
Appearance: Wears a black-and-red silk mask done up in a harlequinn pattern. Uses a synthesizer to disguise his voice.
Info: Nothing else is known. An evil hacker dedicated to anarchy. Wrote a Class-12 Virus called Ünres.

Info: Anti-human terrorist group, largely comprised of Khatrans and F'Vali. Uses violence to spread its message. Unlike the Apocalypse, the Crimson Claw is dedicated to eradicating humans instead of merely excluding them from the Metaverse. Tightly compartmented, meaning destroying one cell does not affect the group at large.

LUPE, LEAN IL Aka "The Wolf"
Sex: Male
Appearance: Light gray skin, glowing blue-green eyes, silvery hair.
Alternate identities: Andrew Ginole, Sgt. Nichols
Info: Class Eight (sprite mimic, energy controlling, shapeshifting) Former 'chameleon' protocol in a hacker's computer. Controls Omega-Cragis (colony world Omega II)