> Rachallian (plural Rachallians)

[written by D^Knight]

Origin World: Freymarind (Gamma VI)

Rachallians are a small rodent-like race. Standing at an average of only a metre in height, Rachallians are generally quick and agile. They make excellent spies, and are often hired to perform extremely dangerous espionage jobs. Even so, Rachiallans are not just spies. Some of them hold prominent positions in society. However, since spying is their unofficial racial trade, most Rachallians are either spying for somebody or spying just for the sake of spying.

Rachallians are also quite trustworthy. A Rachallian would never betray his employer.... at least, for as long as funds last. Once a job is done, the Rachallian would still refuse to sell his or her information to the highest bidder. They call it racial pride.

Rachallians can live anywhere, but their traditional home is in Freymarind's Rachallia. Rachallia is an underground city, and it is just like an ordinary city... only underground.

Rachallian names usually begin with "Ri-" for males, and "Ra-" for females. They do not have surnames.