> Krixan (plural Krixanni)

[written by Syd] Colony world- Delta II (Nandanna)

The Krixanni are a reclusive race, which live in caves in the sides of the mountains of Nandanna. Physically they resemble birds of prey, perhaps eagles or hawks. Krixan females are larger, on average, than males. (If you weren't aware, this is also true for many Earth raptors.) This has resulted in the Krixanni being a female-chauvinistic race.

Krixan "towns" are more like large family homes. Many different families may settle in each town, but the communities are so close all residents treat each other like relatives. Each community is governed by a lady and lord, the position of which is passed along by birthright to the oldest daughter and her husband. If the lady and lord have no daughters when they die or are otherwise unable to continue governing, the right is passed to the oldest son and his wife. If they have no children at all, the community will elect a new lady, whose husband will be lord. Krixanni are born live, unlike eagles or hawks, and will only have one child at a time.

Krixanni do not integrate well into society at large. When the humans first contacted them, they resisted and only very few left to join the humans. The humans never colonized Nandanna either, as it is mountainous and very cold, although, much to the Krixanni's protest, they did establish a few ski resorts on some of the smaller mountains.

Krixan names are always two syllables long, no more, no less. Female names end with -a. Male names can end with anything, but the second letter is always a. They have no surnames, but are known by their mothers' names. Example: Tabor, son of Mina.