> Golem (plural Golems)

[written by Jay Winger]

Origin World: Cragis (Omega II)

Characteristics: The Golems resemble large rock monsters. They are easily over eight feet tall. Their skin is usually a dull brown in color, though other mineral colors (gray, black, white, etc.) have been observed. Their eyes always glow red, and their teeth resemble white stalactites and stalagmites. Their blood is literally hot lava, harmless to the Golems when contained within their bodies, but deadly to them when spilled.

Very little is known about the Golem species, since they are far removed from Metaverse society. They speak broken Standard, but normally speak only in Hatemil. The elder Golems serve as the communal leaders, and all Golems are utterly loyal to them. During the tyrannical rule of the virus Lean Il Lupe, the elders all obeyed him, so thus all Golems obeyed him as well.

It is unclear how the Golems are named, but it has been noted that male Golems (thus far the only kind seen) have names ending in -i. By corollary, female Golem names end in -a. The names tend to reflect the particular Golem's personality or interests. (i.e., a Golem with an interest in light would be called Deki, and a Golem with a very calm demeanor would be called Celesi.)

Additional notes: