> Gloob (plural Gloobs)

[written by D^Knight]

Origin World: Lledean (Gamma III)

Characteristics: Gloobs are blobs, that more or less ooze around the place. They are translucent, and come in various sizes and colours. Since they reproduce solely by division, there are no males and females of the species. Gloobs have never managed to organize a cohesive government, let alone a civilization. Even so, Gloobs are very intelligent, and often play pranks on people by shaping themselves into various household objects.

Gloobs have another special ability, and that is to hold something indefinitely inside themselves. Thus, some Gloobs in official positions have a holographic nametag of sorts in them, which keeps upright no matter which position the Gloob is in.

Being blobs of protoplasmic matter, Gloobs need not consume anything to survive. Lacking a digestive system, Gloobs cannot eat or drink anything. A person engulfed in a Gloob will merely feel extremely uncomfortable, but will not come to any harm.

Gloob names start with "Ll", like "Llenic". They do not have surnames. An untagged Gloob is often known as "Llufanian", which simpy means "untagged".

Additional notes: