Project Metaverse Poetry

      This is a very rare genre, but it does come around. This is the area where poetry for ReBoot: Project Metaverse is placed. In some cases poetry can help a reader better understand a character or situation better than mere events in a story. They get you within the minds of individuals, or even events (trust me on that last one).

Hopefully this area will expand somewhat in time.

"Here I Sit"
by Voodoo

This is a small poem set after Crusader. Dax reflects on her life. This poem is my first attempt on something that is only based on pure emotion, I would like some feed back.

Here I sit, alone and cold,
In my home system.
Here I sit, alone and free,
But why must I do what they ask of me?

My brother damaged, my mother hospitalize
And now a man has entered my life.
He is not my love, he is not my savior
It turns out, he's my father.

Here I sit, now and forever,
My faith to be tested, even under the most Extreme Measures.
I am not who I thought I was,
It turns out, I nothing like I am expected to be.

I am to be a teenager, even at 18,
I am to go on dates, and be wild and free.
But I am wild at heart, and my freedom is to be earned.
I must fight something, which knows me only by blood.

Here I sit, scared and cold,
My future is not guided or set in stone.
I am free to be who I want to be,
As I always have been.

But now I must fight, not run nor hide,
I will not be pushed, or pulled into anything,
I will stand next to my family, in front and behind.
I will not sit alone and cold.

Here I stand, with strength renew,
Here I stand, my heart is true.
My father, my mother, my brother,
All of them are my strength and weakness.

Here I stand, together and warm,
Together we stand no longer to be shunned.
Here we stand, we will always fight on,
Here I stand, looking at the new day's sun.

"My Knight"
by Voodoo

Yet another poem, as most can tell by the title, it's a Jeff/Jenny poem. This is from Jenny's POV (point of view). And is set sometime before " The Calling " . As with everything, it's open to flames and comments.

Sweet smell of leather is my scent.
And everyone knows that its me when they sniff the air.
But when they see me, they think little of it.
All but one.

And he is the one that I would die for.
He is that person that you will never forget.
But there is one thing that I would like for him to admit:
His love.

I know it's me, I can see it in his eyes.
I know it's me, because his eyes don't lie.
As demonic as they be, the truth is there,
And as always a few strains of hair.

He always picks me for the missions.
He says "Second in command must attend".
A lie I think, but one that I don't fight with.
Why would I? Any chance to be near him works with me.

Soft am I? Hardly, and he knows that.
He hides behind his " Logical thought",
But since when does that apply to knowing more about me?
None at all, and we both know that.

A "Hi, Jenny" is never heard,
It's always "Number 2, what's the status?"
Why he fears what others think I have yet to figure out.
So many of us are together, as a couple.

He is to me, a dark knight.
His suit of armor, a duster,
His sword a pistol,
And his eyes are his shield.

Demonic green, as powerful they be,
Hide the softer person underneath.
And only I have the weapon,
To shatter his shield.