Green Rooms
Team Winger

Team Winger is one of the oldest factions of Metaverse Deathmatch!, participating in the first match-up, the Most Evil Viral Overlord title match between Team member Lean Il Lupe and ReBoot cast member Megabyte.  Since then, the faction has grown by leaps and bounds, comprising two fic series.  In addition, the Author of the faction, Jay Winger, holds a controlling share of Deathmatch! and never lets anyone forget it!  Following the original stadium's destruction after the infamous Daemon-WeB ViRuS match, Jay furnished the funds for the new one, and knows much of the new Stadium's inner workings.  Having the largest number of characters at his disposal, Jay can match wits with anyone.

Entrance: "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000
"We got two words for ya...PUCK IT!!"
Jay Winger
Puck W!ld
Series: n/a -- Author
Titles: Metaverse Author
Entrance Music: "Here Comes the Money" (as Jay Winger)
"Sad but True" by Metallica (as Puck W!ld)
Quote: "I am abso-tively, posi-lutely, 100%, full-on, bucko nuts!"
Signature Moves: (as Puck W!ld) Viral Punch, Hiratsuki Gotatsu, force line, death ball
He calls himself "the Big Shot," "the Extreme," and sometimes, "Puck W!ld."  Known for holding grudges and having a short temper at times, Winger is not someone to cross.  For a long time, it appeared that Winger was a cross between an Author and a virus, but more recently, it became clear that the Author, Jay Winger, and the virus, Puck W!ld, are two separate personalities.  Puck appears to have his own agenda.
The Renaissance Hacker
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Mindfields" by Prodigy
Quote: "They don't call me the Renaissance Hacker for nothing."
Signature Moves: none
As the Renaissance Hacker, David Gabbiani is smart in several areas -- avoiding capture, fooling one's enemies, but especially hacking.  Indeed, he has been called a "god" by one hacker.  He's also the second-in-command of the team, taking charge for Jay when he's not available.  He's a very moral person, and is always concerned for his teammates.
Nathan Justice
The Most Dangerous Renegade
Series: Chronicles of Justice
Titles: MDM Netwide Champion (current)
Entrance Music: "Damage Inc." by Metallica
Quote: "I'm damn dangerous, and I say make this match hardcore!"
Signature Moves: Grizzly Death Drop, steel chair elbow
A skilled mercenary, he never smiles and can take a lot of punishment while fighting before he quits.  He has a shaded past, and a short temper at times.  He likes to drink, likes to kick ass, and likes the occasional game of poker.
Dirk Manning
The Toughest Mechanic
Series: Chronicles of Justice
Titles: (none)
Entrance Music: "Tattoo"
Quote: "Oh, you didn't know? You better call somebody!"
Signature Moves: Grizzly Death Drop, Southern Lightning fistdrop
A short, stocky man, the mechanic to Nathan Justice, he hefts a heavy wrench and a devilish sense of humor.  He wears tattoos and a leather glove on his right hand.  Dirk may appear harmless, but he's tougher to put down than a Texas cockroach.
Sil al'Nasen
The Best Sword-Fighter
Series: Chronicles of Justice
Titles: none
Entrance: "High Flier"
Quote: "I have nothing against you, nothing personal -- it's just business."
Signature Moves: Grizzly Death Drop
A red-furred F'Val pilot for Nathan Justice, she totes around a wicked sword and electrical disc.  Followed faithfully by her Irish wolfhound Sentry, she is not one to be underestimated.  In her series, she's sweet on Cen il'Ensar, but Cen does not participate in Deathmatch!
Status: Injured
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance: "Dragula" by Rob Zombie
Quote: "Carrie was an amateur."
Signature Moves: Mandible Claw, Psy Attack
A mentally-unstable Class Seventeen virus, she packs wickedly long claws and sharp teeth.  Check out those color-changing eyes and that wild hair!  She is mentally linked to her hacker-creator, Sarah Archer.
Lean Il Lupe
The Wolf
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Of Wolf and Man" by Metallica
Quote: "Finally, the Wolf has come back to Deathmatch!"
Signature Moves: Lightning Howl, Knock-Down Blow
A Class Eight virus with an insatiable ambition, he is suave and smooth outside the ring, but lives up to his monkier in the ring!  Depending on his mood, he can be found in either studded leather, a business suit, or armor.  Despite being a villain figure in the series, Il Lupe is highly popular with the fans -- much like his rival, Megabyte.
Niente Aught
The Hoverbike Speed Demon
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Legacy" by the Gone Jackals
Quote: "Time to kick it up to full throttle!"
Signature Moves: Full Throttle Lariat
Miss All-Go, No-Quit, Big-Bike Niente Aught is all-around ASCII-kicker. Niente is always at the top of her game, as she shows with her high-octane, through-the-crowd entrance on her bike.  She's not afraid to mix it up with anyone -- virus, Hybrid, sprite, human, or Anthro.
Nil Aught
The Aught Twin
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Song 2" by Blur
Quote: "Whoo-hoo!!"
Signature Moves: Hip-Hop Drop, Swanton Bomb
A red-goggled sprite, he is a consumate prankster, either by buzzing people on his hoverboard or by setting up a joke.  He is a high-flier and a risk-taker.  He and his twin brother can thrill the crowds with their tricks, then get their groove on with a dance number after their match.
Void Aught
The Aught Twin
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Song 2" by Blur
Quote: "This is gonna be large!"
Signature Moves: The Worm, Twist of Fate
Another hoverboard prankster, he is Nil's partner-in-crime, being his brother.  He can fly as high as the best and take the risks the rest won't.  When he gets that look on his face, you know one of the most ridiculous (though crowd-favorite) moves is coming up -- the Worm!
The Laughing Hacker
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Khatran Bomb"
Quote: "Stay sparky, frosty!"
Signature Moves: Zap, Cat Flip
This Khatran hacker resembles her namesake, and, despite her very healthy sense of humor, can turn into a ferocious competitor in the blink of an eye.  Just don't get her wet, or you'll very soon regret it.  Don't underestimate her.
Tomasi Exley
Rogue Badass
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance: "Unhinged"
Quote: "Come get some!"
Signature Moves: Codex Press, Exley Bomb 
A former terrorist, Tomasi is a badass through and through.  With a scowl that could curdle milk and muscles that could shame Schwarzenegger, he's as fiery as his hair.  After being snubbed one too many times by his Author, Tomasi and his fellow vile villains went off on their own.
Arn il'Crais -- Nails
Rogue Apocalypser
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance: "Apocalypse"
Quote: "You want some of this?"
Signature Moves: Throat Jab, Apoca-cutter
A former Apocalypser, Arn il'Crais, better known as Nails, is as tough as his nickname.  Using his sharpened right-hand claws like tools, he can take his opponents down with ruthless efficiency.  He and Tomasi are thoroughly reviled by team, rivals, and fans alike -- and take out their frustrations on their opponents using tables.
The Tin Star Hacker
Series: Chronicles of Justice
Titles: none
Entrance: "Cowboy" by Kid Rock (filk verison)
Quote: "Time to unleash some of that Southern Lightning!"
Signature Moves: Southern Lightning fistdrop, Bronco Buster
A young hacker, Calvin West can often be seen hanging around with the Grizzly Crew, clad in slacks, chaps, boots, and Stetson hat, but he's as quick as lightning, so watch out.
Zilch Aught
Big Guy
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: All-Time Resonate Track Hoverbike Champion
Entrance Music: "Rollin'" by Limp Bizkit
Quote: "Kick into high gear, it's overdrive time!"
Signature Moves: Full Throttle Lariat, bikerbomb
The eldest of the Aught Siblings, Zilch is big, tough, and quick.  Don't let his grinning demeanor and jocular personality fool you.
Nada Aught
Surf of the Flip Side Felons
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "It Just Feels Right"
Quote: "Don't blink."
Signature Moves: Wassup headbutt, Pedigree
Nada is the middle child, but is wise beyond her years -- she's level-headed and not a brute force fighter like her older siblings.  She may not come out swinging, but she can reverse your pinfall into a defeat in no time flat.
Naught Aught
Aztral of the Flip Side Felons
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Wreck"
Quote:  "See you on the Flip Side!"
Signature Moves: Sharpshooter, Wassup headbutt
The other half of the Felons, he's as flaky as Nada is collected.  Goofy and grinning, Naught hacks for the sheer thrill of it, and this reflects in the ring.  He is very protective of his siblings, however, and can get downright nasty in defending them.
Quinn Rentack
Brutally Honest Writer
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "The Mighty Quinn" by Manfred Mann
Quote: "You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn!"
Signature Moves: Bionic Stomp, legbuster
A brutally honest writer, Quinn may be a paraplegic, but with his bionic brace on his legs, he can still fight with the best of 'em!  He's often seen teaming up with Niente.
Thomas Burke
Guardian Lieutenant
Series: Chronicles of Justice
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "This is a Test"
Quote: "Oh, bloody hell."
Signature Moves: Figure-4 Leglock
A Guardian lieutenant, Burke is a Project Metaverse Special Liaison, not to mention a former counter-terrorist as part of the 19th Squadron -- the Hellbats, so he's a seasoned fighter, not one to be underestimated.
The Vector Virus
Series: Chronicles of Justice
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Vector Virus"
Quote: "Users.  Never had the sense to quit while you were behind."
Signature Moves: Chokeslam, virusbomb
This Class Twelve virus once controlled half of System Vector in a titanosteel fist.  No, really, in a literal titanosteel fist.  Considering that he is very, very big, you don't want to piss him off.
Rogue Crimson Claw
Series: Chronicles of Justice
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Crimson Claw"
Quote: "Death to them all!"
Signature Moves: Zap
A leader of the terrorist organization called the Crimson Claw, Renei has the strength of a lion, the temperment of a caged tiger, and the speed of a cheetah.
The True Force Leader
Series: The Resonate Series
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Ministry"
Quote: "Cry 'Havoc' and let slip the dogs of war!"
Signature Moves: Laz-eye
A racist, religiously fanatical bastard, Klaus Lans runs TruPharm Incorporated in his civilian life, and leads a holy war against the sprites and Anthros as Lazarus, the leader of the True Force.  He wears a cybernetic plate in place of his right eye as a symbol of his crusade.
The Hacker Anarch
Series: Chronicles of Justice
Titles: none
Entrance: "Ya Ha Haa" from Killer Instinct
Quote: "Wahahaha!  Let's see some action now!"
Signature Moves: none
Chaotis is a masked hacker with anarchy on his mind, as his name and self-styled monkier show.  When he's not plotting disorder, he's fantasizing about women.

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