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Wrestling Information

Once again, for those MDM fans who like what they read but have no idea what it means, this page describes wrestling terms and titles and organizations for the unfortunately ignorant.

Wrestling Terms

Babyface - or "face" for short, the good guy of a wrestling storyline -- the person the audience is supposed to root for (although some babyfaces have been reviled by the audience).

Cage match - a match in which two wrestlers battle it out inside the ring, which has had a top-less steel cage placed around it.  In order to win, the victor must escape the cage and touch the floor outside with both feet

Commissioner - one of the big men in wrestling -- the commissioner of a league books matches and makes the storylines.  This position has been abused once or twice, but often the commissioner is someone the fans love.  Among the commissioners the WWF has had include Sgt. Slaughter, Shawn "HBK" Michaels, and Mick Foley.

Count out - a method of ending a match, in which one contestant is outside the ring for longer than a ten-count administered by the referee; titles cannot change hands on a count out

Dark match - a match done at a televised event, but not televised itself

DQ - a disqualification, in which the disqualified contestant loses the match (note - titles cannot change hands on a DQ), can be done through a variety of methods:

Hardcore match - a match in which the rules are thrown out the window; pins may be made anywhere (not necessarily in the ring), and weapons may be used

Handicap match - a match in which one wrestler must face two or more opponents at once

Heel - the opposite of a babyface, the bad guy of a wrestling storyline -- the person the audience is supposed to hate (and they usually do)

Hell in a Cell match - a WWF specialty match in which a 20-foot chain link cage is placed around the ring and surrounding floor; hardcore rules apply

House show - a nontelevised event

Iron Man match - a WWF specialty match in which two wrestlers go head-to-head for 60 minutes, the winner being the one who scores the most pinfalls and/or submissions during that time

I Quit match - a match in which one contestant must force the other to say "I quit."

Job - to lose a match

Ladder match - a type of title match in which the victor must set up a ladder in the ring and climb to the top to touch the coveted belt

Last Man Standing match - a match in which to win, one contestant must beat the other enough that they cannot answer a ten-count from the referee.

Lumberjack match - a match in which two or more other wrestlers patrol outside the ring, preventing anybody inside the ring from being counted out (and usually interfering by pulling contestants out of the ring and pummeling them before throwing them back inside)

Rope break - a rule forcing one contestant to release another from a hold or pin if the second contestant is touching a rope

Royal Rumble - a WWF specialty match, an hour-long match in which two wrestlers start in the ring, but every 2 minutes another wrestler enters the ring, with thirty being the total.  To eliminate a wrestler from the match, they must be thrown over the top rope and both feet must touch the floor

Submission match - a match in which the victor must force his opponent to either give in and quit the match or force the other wrestler unconscious

Table match - a match in which the victor must drive his opponent through a wooden table in order to win

Tag Team match - a match in which two teams of two or three wrestlers compete, with one member being in the ring at a time; other members may enter the ring by tagging their hand

Title match - any match in which a championship is at stake

WWF Title Belts

Heavyweight Championship - The highest of the high, this belt is just "the championship."  This goes to the top wrestler, and has been held by the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, Mick "Mankind" Foley, the Undertaker, Kane, and even the Big Show.  This is the gold that everyone goes for, and gives a person immediate fame and respect. (Current holder - Stone Cold)

Intercontinental Championship - The next down on the rung, the IC title is for those who want to practice their skills before going for the top.  Wrestlers who hold the IC title are either skilled technical wrestlers or have good endurance, because IC matches can be punishing.  People such as Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Chyna, Rikishi, Val Venis, and Kurt Angle have all held this title at one point or another.  (Current holder - Test)

European Championship - The third of the three big singles titles, the Euro title may not have the prestige of the Heavyweight title or the attention of the IC title, but it's important nonetheless.  The Euro championship has propelled many superstars, such as Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, Kurt Angle, and Eddie Guerrero.  (Current holder - Christian)

Light Heavyweight Championship - No, it may not be as noteworthy as the top title, but it's there for those stars who don't have the size to take on the likes of the Champion.  Indeed, you have to be quick for this one, because the competition is fast and furious.  People such as Christian, Essa Rios, Scotty Too Hotty, and Dean Malenko have all been title holders. (Current holder - X-Pac)

Hardcore Championship - If you have this belt around your waist, hire a bodyguard.  Ever since Crash Holly decided to defend it 24/7, the title has been on the line wherever and whenever, as long as the competition brings a ref.  Anything goes in a hardcore match -- steel chairs, two-by-fours, ladders, trash cans, street signs.  You gotta be tough and fast to be a Hardcore Champion.  People such as the Big Bossman, Steve Blackman, Al Snow, and especially Cactus Jack have held this title. Recently, title-holder Steve Blackman lost the title to Shane McMahon due to intervention on Shane's behalf by Test, Albert, Christian, and Edge, before regaining the title at a pay-per-view event.  (Current holder - Rob Van Dam)

Tag Team Championship - For the best duo around, you have the tag team title.  A team which holds this has good chemistry and sharp moves.  If the team doesn't hold out, then it will never keep hold of this one.  Teams such as Too Cool, the Hardy Boyz, the New Age Outlaws, the Dudley Boyz, Undertaker/Kane, and the Rock 'n' Sock Connection have all been title holders. (Current holders - Booker T & Test)

Women's Championship - This title rarely sees ring time, probably due to the low number of female wrestlers.  But the title has gone for months without defenses, probably because the current title holder, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, cheats unabashedly when in the ring.  Recently, however, due to shrewd manipulating by WWF Commissioner Mick Foley, SMH lost her title to Lita in a match referee'd by The Rock.  Later, Lita lost it to Right to Censor member Ivory in a four-way match. After Chyna took the title from Ivory, the title was largely dormant as Chyna's contract was not renewed, so it was declared vacant. (Current holder - Chyna)

The Big Three Leagues

World Wrestling Federation (WWF) - the top organization in the world of "sports entertainment," the WWF is the one all the young wrestlers want to belong to.  Owned by Vince McMahon, the WWF defined most of the trademarks of professional wrestling, from the music video entrances to the well-drawn plot angles.  They have several major pay-per-view events each year, the majors being Royal Rumble, King of the Ring, Summerslam, Survivor Series, and Wrestlemania.  Without a doubt, the WWF is #1, the king of wrestling, moreso now that WWF has purchased WCW from Ted Turner.

World Championship Wrestling (WCW) - Ted Turner's baby, the WCW is seen by many fans as inferior to the WWF, and is hated by some for the WCW's theft of much of the WWF's talent (including Hulk Hogan) during the mid-90s.  WCW often has feuds with it's mini-organization, the New World Order (nWo), but it's flash and intensity didn't compare to the WWF. When WCW's cost became too much, it was sold to the WWF, prompting the so-called "invasion" storyline, wherein an "Alliance" of WCW and ECW stars joined forces to run roughshod over the WWF.

Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) - More low-key (in terms of expense and flash), the ECW has a small cadre of rabid fans and is known for its violent and hardcore matches.  ECW has made stars of many current big names, including Mick "Cactus Jack" Foley, Tazz, and the Dudley Boyz.  Matches can include the use of foreign objects (taken straight from the audience), barbed-wire rings, and flaming tables. ECW declared bankruptcy a few months ago, so what will become of it is unknown.