Green Rooms
Team Sai

The smallest of the factions, Sai's team is not to be dismissed.  Although she has only two or three characters (provided one of them isn't rebelling), Sai is a major contender in Deathmatch!  Sai is known for her habit of doing things completely against convention, and sometimes appears even more unbalanced than some of the more insane members of MDM.  Sai also has the habit of not using the furnished facilities in the Stadium, instead preferring the comforts of Yarom City in her own Omega colony world.  Her characters are perhaps even more powerful than Voodoo's, making her indeed a force to be reckoned with.
Sai Kennedy
Series: n/a -- Author
Titles: Metaverse Mistress & Authoress
Entrance Music: none
Quote: "Here's to lemurs!"
Signature Moves: none
The Metaverse Mistress, Sai runs the RPM webpage, giving her immediate status.  Apparently half-lemur, Sai does not go along with the MDM convention, instead falling back on her own methods to win over the fans.  She has a temper that has led to a few feuds within her own team, but she is fiercely loyal to her characters, desiring their support more than any title belt.  Even so, when her characters rebel, Sai has been known to get very vocal about it (indeed, it is believed that she once re-wrote character because of this).
Series: "The Start of It All"
Titles: none
Entrance Music: none
Quote: "Are you saying that we viruses don't know how to follow rules?  Is that what you're saying??"
Signature Moves: (as Earia) Warp Distortion, Zap
Zaria, a virus who is trying to become a sprite, lives to examine the intricacies of sprite life, but can never truly fit in due to her viral heritage.  Her viral class remains unclear (anywhere from Eighteen to Twenty-Two), but she prefers not to rely on her powers at all, unless in battle -- in which case she reverts to her original identity, the virus Earia.  When her Authoress goes berserk, Zaria is there to either calm her down or chew her out for it.
Series: none
Titles: none
Awards: Most Deserving Victory (over Lazarus)
Entrance: "Not That Kind of Girl" by Vitamin C
Quote: *Some things are best left untold.*
Signature Moves: Air Assault, tail smash
The exact origins of CRe are unclear.  All that is known is that she is the apparent replacement for the now-missing WeB ViRuS.  An amalgamation of multiple Anthro species (including the mysterious Yarga and Web Creatures), CRe has been described as being almost angelic in appearance, standing head-and-shoulders over most with her golden wings.  Possessing no mouth, CRe communicates through telepathy, and her personality has come across as mostly pacifistic, desiring to help rather than harm people.  To most, since her actual name is unpronouncable by those who can't speak Web-talk, she is known as 'Minke.'  Although she is nominally a member of Team Voodoo now, her origins were with Sai, so she is listed here.

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