Metaverse Deatmatch!
Photo Gallery

Here you'll find promotion pictures and other artwork of the Metaverse Deatmatch! stars.

Picture Title Artist
Big Shot
Jay Winger
The Big Shot Author, Jay Winger, showing off his Author Belt and mysterious powers.
Full Throttle Jay Winger The hoverbike racing champions, Zilch and Niente Aught.
Users Out Jay Winger The Terrorizers -- Tomasi Exley and Arn "Nails" il'Crais
Lean's New Look Jay Winger The infamous Wolf of Cragis shows off his fierce new look.
Puck It!! Jay Winger Nathan Justice, Jay Winger, and Niente Aught have got two words for ya!
Tri Cyanopia
Java Trinomial
The quasi-benign Class Thirteen virus.

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