Green Rooms
Other Teams

There are some people involved in Deathmatch! who have yet to get involved in Phase Two to the same extent as others (or at all, in some cases) or indeed aren't combatants themselves.  This page is for them.


One of the most prolific writers in RPM, DK was one of the most involved authors of Phase One, his gift with comedy making it very entertaining.  Sadly, DK is currently suffering from a severe bout of writer's block and cannot participate in MDM while he finds the creativity to write for his fiction.

Alpha Group
Susan Gwyndel
Nick Connelly
Kathy Demarco
Peter Xandi
Crysta Xandi
Ril al'Tana
Nar il'Wathi
Sarah Descan
Prime Guardian Maximillian Jennings
Bounty Hunters
Jason Sterling
Stella Collins
Mae Rovin
Jeffrey Mason
Sylvia Sterling
Michael Lennox
Christopher Braken

Silver Tiger

While not the most prolific writer, Silv is one of the most popular, with her as-yet-unfinished fic "Cail" containing an unusual (but popular) plot device that brings back one of the most popular characters of ReBoot into RPM.  Everyone looks forward to the next installment of it.

Cail Weatherson
Peter the F'Val

Al's Waiter

An up-and-coming author for RPM, AW is well-known among the ReBoot fan community on the 'Net today.  His unfinished fic, "System of Secrets," is also looked at with anticipation.  He, too, is using a sort of plot device to bring his own brand of writing into RPM.

System of Secrets
Lara Entrix
Quake Conquor
Duke Racer
Myst PC
Riven PC


These people help run the Deathmatch! media event and oversee the business and protect it along with Jay Winger, who owns a controlling share of the business.  This includes the other businessmen and the people who work backstage and on camera.

The Owners

These three own the remaining portions of Deathmatch! and only recently have been included in decision-making by Jay Winger.  To them, this is just business, and are quite upset when something happens that's bad for business.  They watch the events in the Arena from a private skybox that only Jay has access to.  They have also been shown to be greedy, bigoted, and generally uncompassionate people.


These people keep Deathmatch! running from backstage.  Comprising the EMTs (who attend to injured combatants after brutal matches) and the ring officials, who holorecord the match and hold the combatants' things during matches.  They make sure any weapons are on hand for certain matches, and make sure the ring stays intact from all the abuse it takes.

The Deathmatch! Security Force

The DMSF are the security guards, who make sure the rabid fans don't harm the combatants and maintain order when recalcitrant characters (read: Bios, Terrorizers) go crazy.  They answer only to the Owners, in particular Jay Winger.  Their leader is a gruff man named Bruno -- and there have been hints of some racist tendencies within the ranks with regards to nonhumans.  Jay puts a quick end to this, despising racists.

Ring Personnel

This consists of mostly five people.  First is the referee, who may or may not be Deathmatch! standby Mills Lane, who officiates the match.  Second is the ring announcer, who informs the audience as to who is entering the ring at the start of the match, and informing the audience as to the final outcome of the match.  Third is the timekeeper, who mostly has to sit and ring the bell to start and end the match.  The last two are the ringside announcers, who may or may not be Deathmatch! standby's Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond.  They have a tough job, since many matches spill outside the ring, where the ringside announcers' table can be broken.

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