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Wrestling Moves
Those fans of Metaverse Deathmatch! who don't watch professional wrestling (such as the WWF or WCW), and have no idea what the moves mean, can find out the inspiration for some of the fighters' moves here.  For example, you can find that Nathan Justice borrows the Crippler Crossface from Chris Benoit (ex-WCW, now WWF superstar), and that Hexadecimal takes the Last Ride from the Undertaker (also WWF).  It will also tell you just what the moves are supposed to look like.

Moves that are derived from others are bulleted.  If a move is noted as "trademark," that means that only a select few people use the move.  If a move is in green, then that means the move is unique to MDM.

Air Assault: the attacker swoops in from the air to attack (Originators: the Dreckards, CReaTuRe)

Anklelock: the trademark move of Ken Shamrock, a submission hold, the attacker grabs the victim's ankle and twists with both arms.  Note: "Shamrock's snapped!"

Atomic Drop: a move in which the victim is slammed tailbone-first into the mat

Backbreaker: the victim is slammed back-first into the knee of the attacker

Bitchslap: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's trademark slap-to-the-face

Bodyslam: any of a series of throws in which the attacker picks the victim up and throws them to the mat

Bronco Buster: the victim lies prone against the post, while the attacker runs and jumps, bouncing their tailbone on the attacker's face or chest. (Originator: X-Pac)

Bulldog: the attacker grabs the victim's head, runs forward and pulls the victim face-first into the mat

Cat Flip: the attacker flips into the victim, claws-first (Originator: Pyra)

Chokeslam: The trademark finisher of the Undertaker, Kane, and Big Show, the attacker grabs the victim by the throat, then lifts him in the air before slamming them into the mat.

Claw slash: the attacker swipes with a claw or similar blade

Claw throw: the attacker pins the victim's head between his claws, then throws him in the air. (Originator: Gigabyte)

Clothesline: the attacker stiffarms the victim in the face with the forearm, knocking them down.  Often done while either attacker or victim is springing off the ropes.

Codex Press: the attacker kneels on the prone victim's stomach while pressing one hand on the windpipe and bending the head forward with the other. (Originator: Tomasi Exley)

Crippler Crossface: Chris Benoit's trademark submission hold, the attacker grabs the victim's left arm, shoving them to the mat while holding on.  The arm is twisted and pinned between the attacker's thighs while he locks his hands in front of the victim's face, stretching his neck.

Crossface Chicken Wing: Bob Backlund's trademark submission hold, the attacker grabs the victim from behind around the neck with the right arm, then hooks the left arm up under the victim's left arm and grabs his other hand.

DDT: the attacker grabs the victim's head under the arm, then drops him to the mat.

Doubleslap: the attacker backhands with both hands at once, sandwiching the victim's head/face (Originator: Niente Aught)

Dropkick: the attacker drives both feet into the victim's body from the air

Dudley Death Drop (3D): The Dudley Boyz' trademark finisher, involving two attackers.  The victim is whipped into the ropes, and upon springing back, the first attacker grabs him around the legs as if for a back body drop, but holds on as the second attacker grabs the victim's head on his shoulder.  Upon descent, the victim's face is slammed into the second attacker's chest as his body hits the mat. Note: "Testify!" Dudley Device: a trademark Dudley Boyz move, one attacker sits the victim on his shoulders and stands up, while the second attacker delivers a flying shoulder tackle from the top of the turnbuckle.

Eat: the attacker literally consumes the victim, usually in a grisly display (Originator: Bios)

Elbow drop: a simple move done only when the victim is lying on the mat, the attacker falls elbow-first onto his victim.

Facebuster: any of a series of moves in which the victim's face is driven into something (knee, mat, post, etc.)

Figure-Four Leglock: a submission hold, the attacker twists the victim's legs into a "4" and holds the twist with his own legs.

Fin Slash: the attacker slashes the victim with sharp fins. (Originator: AndrAIa)

Fireball: the attacker throws a fireball.

Guillotine kick: a turnbuckle attack, the attacker unleashes a powerful kick to the victim's jaw/neck while jumping. (Originator: Steve Blackman)

Headbutt: the attacker drives his head into the victim's head

Huracanrana: the attacker loops his legs around the victim's neck around front from the back, swings around in front of them, then swings their legs down, flipping the victim down to the mat

Laying the Smackdown: the attacker connects several times with an open right hand to the face, then steps back, spits in the palm, and strikes one more time. (Originator: The Rock)

Laz-eye: the attacker shoots a laser from a cybernetic eye. (Originator: Lazarus)

Leg drop: the attacker jumps and drops their leg into the prone victim's body

Lightning Howl: A trademark move, the attacker grabs the victim and electrocutes him. Also known as the "real most electrifying move in sports entertainment." (Originator: Lean Il Lupe)

Low-blow: any of a series of attacks done to a male victim's nether region

Mandible Claw: Mick "Mankind" Foley's trademark finisher, the attacker thrusts their fingers into the victim's mouth and presses down under the tongue, paralyzing the victim. Note: "I got one word for ya... SOCKO!"

Metamorphosis: the attacker transforms into another form (Originator(s): Bios, Java Trinomial)

Moonsault: the attacker backflips off something (turnbuckle, ropes) and collides belly-first with victim.

Paralysis: the attacker paralyzes the victim with poision claws. (Originator: AndrAIa)

Pedigree: Triple H's trademark finisher, the victim's head is pinned between the attacker's thighs, then his arms are hooked up by the attacker, who jumps in the air and lands on his knees, driving the victim's body face-first into the mat.

Piledriver: a basic move, the attacker drives the victim's head into the mat from an inverted position; usually the attacker pins the victim's head between the thighs and drops to a sitting position for the attack.  Piledrivers are largely banned, due to excessive damage they can do to the victim.

Powerbomb: a slam, involving lifting the victim onto the attacker's shoulders, then throwing them back-first onto the mat. Pressure Point Press: the attacker drives her pointer and middle fingers into the windpipe of the victim. (Originator: Dax Lockheart) Psy Attack: a psychic attack designed to knock out or stun a victim (Originator: Elogin)

Rock Bottom: The Rock's trademark finisher, the attacker swings his arm up around the victim's neck and grabs his shoulder (making sure the victim's arm is behind their head), then sweeps the legs and slams the victim into the mat back-first.

Sleeper hold: a hold designed to drive the victim into unconsciousness; the victim is grabbed from behind around the neck, while the attacker pulls the head back with his other hand, applying pressure until the victim goes out cold.

Spinebuster: the victim is sprung off the ropes, and the attacker grabs their legs and slams them back-first into the mat.

Spinning heel kick: a kick to the face, usually done after springing the victim into the ropes; the attacker hits the victim with the ankle of his/her foot or the back of his/her shin.

Splash: any of a series of moves in which the attacker throws his body into the victim's

Stone Cold Stunner: quite possibly one of the most famous moves in sports entertainment, the trademark finisher of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the attacker boots the victim in the gut, then turns and grabs the victim's head with one hand and drops to the mat, pulling the victim's jaw into the attacker's shoulder. Note: "Beer me!" Superkick: the attacker kicks back into the victim's jaw. Note: "Time to dance to that sweet chin music."

Suplex: any of a series of moves in which the attacker throws the victim while falling backwards

Tackle: a simple move, the attacker takes the victim down by throwing his body into the other. Tail Grab: the victim is snared by the attacker's tail (Originator: CReaTuRe)

Tail Smash: the attacker slams his tail into the victim (Originators: the Dreckards)

Tornado punch combo: done with two attackers, the victim is struck by one attacker, making him spin to face the other, who punches him back to the first.  This goes back and forth until one attacker throws the victim face-first into the other attacker's knee. (Originators: the Terrorizers)

Viral Punch: the attacker charges his fist with energy, then connects to the victim's face. (Originator: Puck W!ld)

Walls of Jericho: Y2J's trademark submission hold, aka the "Liontamer," the victim lies on his back on the mat, whereupon the attacker grabs his legs under his arms, then turns the victim over by turning around, then bends the back painfully.

Wishbone: done by two attackers, the victim lies prone as the attackers each grab a leg, then pull them in opposite directions, not unlike snapping a wishbone from a turkey.

The Worm: Scotty 2 Hotty's trademark finisher, the attacker hops in a circle before wriggling in the dance move of the same name toward the victim.  Upon reaching him, the attacker stands, swings his arms back and forth three times, then drops his forearm on the victim's sternum. Note: "The W-O-R-M!"

X-Factor: X-Pac's trademark finisher, the attacker grabs the victim by the head and jumps in the air, then brings the victim face-first into the mat, usually making the victim's limbs splay out in an 'X.'

If you can see any move listed here incorrectly, or see a move that is missing (the list is far from comprehensive), send an email to Jay Winger listing the name of the move and its description.  Include any details, such as who uses it, whether it is a trademark move or not, and whether it is derived from any other moves.  If the move is described well enough, it may even be used in a future MDM match.

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