Metaverse Deathmatch!
Miscellaneous Media

So far, the only miscellaneous media that Deathmatch! has to offer are two song filks by our two main Authors.  Enjoy!

"2 B A MDM Author"
A Team Funky productions.
Filk from " 2 B A Master"
dedicated to Java.


So you want to be a Deathmatch! Author?

I got the be the one the only one that can stand up to the test,
Got to strive, don't bother to try, got to be an author.
It takes a certian kinda of skill, and i won't stop until,untill all the gold is mine. I defind the art..
of battle...

To be an Author, A DeathMatch! Author.
I will be writing, a brand new chapter!
Go Go Oh!

Chours: And I say "Nah, nah na nana, Nah na na nana"
"Nah, nah na nana, nah na na nana"
It's all about the winning of the battles.

Got my green room and my energy balls, got my characters to help me win them all.
It's all about the winning the battles, The training and screaming and being part of the phenomenon.
About being a Metaversian Icon, Team Voodoo will be long gone.

But you first you gotta know 'bout the different types, Hybrid, Human, Sprite, Bounty Hunter, Hacker, Zed, virus, guardian. Remember
what goes when frighting a Dreckard, Don't forget about Creature!

To be a Author, A deathmatch author,
I will be writing, a brand new chapter.

To be a Author, A deathmatch author,
I will be writing, a brand new chapter.

I will be striving, to be the greatest author of them all.
Pyra Go! Go! Go!

And I alway's say "Bai bai baibai, Bai bai bai "
"Bai bai baibai, Bai bai bai "
Yo, like i said before, it's about about winning the battles.
"Bai bai baibai, Bai bai bai "
"Bai bai baibai, Bai bai bai "
"Bai bai baibai, Bai bai bai "
Greatest author of them all.

[Voodoo appears, standing infront of Java]

Well, somewhat impressive. You've reached the plato, but not yet a hero.
Are ready to meet and defeat, the elite?
Can I expect some vivle, agianst your rivle? ha ha ha
And remember, gotta win them all.
Show me what you got!

Prya Go! Go! Go!
To be a Author, A deathmatch author,
I will be writing, a brand new chapter.

To be a Author, A deathmatch author,
I will be writing, a brand new chapter.

To be a Author, A deathmatch author,
I will be writing, the greatest chapter.

Metaverse Author. I will write the greatest chapter of them all.

*          Subdued Insanity Productions Presents          *
*                 A Song Filk by Jay Winger               *
*    Sung to the tune of "American Bad Ass" by Kid Rock   *
* Starring Nathan Justice, Jeff Freeman, and Tomasi Exley *


Nathan Justice:
Yeah!  And I've set up and torn down my life with my own two hands!  I've traveled the 'Verse, packed tight in hovervans, and all this 'cuz of Blues, foes, money, my name.  I've played their games, and as they curse my name, I will show no shame!  I gave them fear for this, and if I come off soft, then chew on this:

Justice, Jeff Freeman, Tomasi Exley:

Demon without a cause, and I'm back, with the muscle tees, and those hacker C's, 30 clips of show, 30 clips to blow!  No mercy and cursing Joes!  The hated one, I'm the living dredge with the gift of gun from the City on Edge.   I'm skilled, I've killed, and knocked Crossies back -- and I did not shudder when I said that: I'm going hunting -- a killing force!  I went hunting -- killed True Force!  And still they kill and wanna see me die, I guess because their f'n God knows why! (Why! Why! Why! Why!)

Oh...they call me Exley, I'm the killer in black, so throw a blaster in the air and lemme see where yer at and say, "Die! Die!" Lemme hear where yer at and say, "Die! Die!"  I'll shoot ya right back, I say, "Die! Die!"  Show me some bleeding, I say, "Die! Die! Die! Die!"

I like plain ol' 'cohol and playin cards, then killin virals and the Crimson Claw -- hackers, soldiers, Chrome, Che, the Blues, Hacker Anarchs and big cyborgs -- yeah!  Pass that bottle around, got the help from S-Comp, pals in Mainframe, the Underground big Hackers Group -- with hacks that crack and give back the whacked!  Never gave 'em up, I don't play like that -- but watch me rock and live the blade's own edge, pump-kill the bads, knock back the beer!  I say do the job, and show no fear!  (Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear!)

Oh...they call me Justice, I'm the shadow in back, I throw a flashbang in the air to help me see where you're at and say, "Hey! Hey!"  Let me hear where you're at and say, "Hey! Hey!"  I'll shoot you right back and say, "Hey! Hey!"  Show me some money and say, "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!"

Yeah...I saw your gang, hackin around the Net like a bunch of flamin newbs!  When you gonna learn, sucker?  You just don't mess with THIS `VERSE!


Watch me rock, you can hack with Jeff or you can log right off!  I'm a born killer, I'm like a Predator, I'm gonna kill Bios after I blow this core!  All the way, living on the fringe, sacrificed my life so Jenny can live, jumped, killed the Guards, bringing death by hand, got the trench coat flappin, smokin rifle in my hand!  Leather clothes, first-level Hybrid, see me live in sin, hear the viral yell!  I won't live to tell, so if you do, give the big Queen B*tch a big FAQ YOU!  Who knew I'd take a long blade
through my liver?  Said "FAQ MetaShip," pissed off my employer, blew the deployer, found my kids.  Bios hates me now, 'cuz I still live!  (Live! Live! Live! Live!)

Oh...they call me Freeman, I'm the Hybrid in black, I'll hunt the virus to the end, let me see where she's at and scream, "Bios!"  Let me find where she's at and scream, "Bios!"  I'll shoot her in the back, screamin, "Bios!"   Show me her home base, I'll scream, "Bios! Bios!"

Ha, ha, I'm the Hybrid, bad ass in black, tell it: "Bad Ass! Bad Ass!"  From side to side, from front to back, say, "Bad Ass! Bad Ass!"  I put home Scifera back on the Net, tell it: "Bad Ass! Bad Ass!"  Jeff Freeman is here, and I'll kick some ass!

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