Green Rooms

Comprised entirely of the cast and supporting characters of ReBoot, Mainframe is the only true common opponent for the other factions of Deathmatch!.  By and large, since the start of Phase Two of MDM, Mainframe has been on the losing end, with the only notable exceptions being Mouse and AndrAIa's victory over Team Winger's Cowboy and Chaotis and Dot's surprise upset of Dax Lockheart and Niente Aught in a Triple Threat Match for a title.  Despite their losing record, Mainframe remains fan-favorites.
Guardian 452
Affiliation: Hero
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "On the Edge"
Quote: "This is bad.  Very bad."
Signature Moves: none
The main hero of the show, Guardian 452, better known as Bob, is one of Mainframe's top fighters.  Once exiled to the harsh realm of the Web for a User-year, Bob has returned tougher than ever and merged with his keytool Glitch.  It is expected that he will help defeat Daemon in the up-coming TV movie.
Enzo (\/)atrix
The Renegade Guardian
Affiliation: Hero/Renegade
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "On the Edge"
Quote: "We can do this the easy way... or we can do it my way."
Signature Moves: Chokeslam, Matrixbomb
No longer the hyperactive and always-talking young sprite, "Big Enzo" Matrix is now a large and in-charge renegade Guardian.  Isolated from his home system for User-years in the Games (whereas only a User-year had passed), Matrix has a great deal of bitterness built up, which emerges in dangerous rages -- usually aimed at viruses.
Dot Matrix
Status: Injured
Affiliation: Hero
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Theme from ReBoot"
Quote: "What do you think? Does it make me look too butch?"
Signature Moves: Tazz-mission sleeper
The lovely of Mainframe (not to mention a successful businesswoman), Dot has been through a lot in recent times -- having to deal with Bob's exile to the Web, her own brother's disappearance in the Games, and a terrible war with Megabyte -- but has emerged a strong and competent leader.
The Infector
Affiliation: Villain
Titles: MDM Viral Champion
Entrance Music: "Infector"
Quote: "My power be upon you."
Signature Moves: G-Prime Stunner, Downward Spiral
Without a doubt one of the most evil viruses ever to stalk the Net, Megabyte is crafty, suave, and brutal.  For the better part of three User-years, Megabyte controlled an entire sector of Mainframe, then the entire system for a User-year following the destruction of his Silicon Tor.  Although currently banished to the Web in the show, Megabyte is still around in MDM for the fans -- who absolutely kill to see him.
Hax0r 3l33t
Affiliation: Hero
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "The Mouse That Roars"
Quote: "One last double-cross, sugah?"
Signature Moves: sword usage
Widely recognized as the best hacker of her time, Mouse was pursued by the Guardians for User-years, hiring herself out to anyone who would pay her -- including Megabyte, though she later grew to loathe him when she was double-crossed.  This tattooed, sword-wielding, fang-mouthed beauty speaks with a Southern accent and can dish it out with the best of them.  Now allied with the heroes of Mainframe, she has stuck with Dot through thick and thin, during the dark time of Megaframe.
Game Sprite
Affiliation: Hero
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Theme from ReBoot"
Quote: "Stay frosty, sparky!"
Signature Moves: Fin Slash, Paralysis
The only recorded case of a Game sprite leaving a Game, AndrAIa is the one-and-only love of Matrix, remaining by his side through their long exile in the Games.  Very well-matured from her naive young self, AndrAIa is a smart and savvy beauty who can take on any opponent.
Queen of Chaos
Affiliation: Villain/Hero
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Masks"
Quote: "Don't mess with Mother Chaos!!"
Signature Moves: Mask Flare, fireball, Bitchslap
The Queen of Chaos, Hex is not a virus to anger.  With multiple personalities for much of her existence, she could smile at you one moment, then tear you apart the next.  Wielding transfinite energy levels, Hex can throw around more energy than all of her brother Megabyte's armies.  Controlling the entire collective of nulls in Mainframe, Hex could (and did) challenge her brother for supremacy of the system on many occasions, but as she pointed out -- that was just sibling rivalry.  Now, thanks to Bob, Hex's fragmented personalities have been merged, and now she is more stable than ever. In Reboot, Hex may have given her life to save the Net, but she's still around in MDM!
Destroyer of Systems
Affiliation: Villain
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Destroyer of Systems"
Quote: "I am become Gigabyte, Destroyer of Systems."
Signature Moves: Claw Throw, chokeslam, Gigabomb
When a Web Spore infected Megabyte, he merged with his sister virus Hexadecimal, and the result was a Class Five energy-absorbing virus named Gigabyte.  Although he only appeared once, Gigabyte combined Megabyte's brute strength and intelligence with Hexadecimal's energy powers, creating a destructive virus that nearly drained Mainframe of its energy.
Prime Guardian
Affiliation: Hero (?)
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Turbonium"
Quote: "Ah'm Turbo, Prime Guardian."
Signature Moves: none
A legend in the time of RPM, Turbo was a controversial figure during his time.  He authorized the destruction of Mainframe when a Class-M Web Creature was discovered there, although he despised doing so.  Later, following Matrix's return from the Games, Turbo revealed the existence of the supervirus Daemon, who had Infected the Guardian Collective, himself included.  Claiming to be able to resist her influence, Turbo now appears the heroes' only link to the goings-on in the Guardians.
Ray Tracer
Web Surfr -- Search Engine, Next Generation
Affiliation: Hero
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "The Edge of Beyond"
Quote: "You're in my digital domain now."
Signature Moves: none
The jocular and street-savvy Web Surfr is the part of the next generation of search engines.  A living component of his Surfbaud, Ray can take a lot of punishment to himself, but not to his 'baud.  Possessing incredible powers enabling him to surf the Web, Ray is an indispensible member to the team now.
Spectral Virus
Affiliation: Villain
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before"
Quote: none
Signature Moves: legbuster
One of the Hero Collective, Powerlock, the sunglasses-sporting, stogie-smoking, gun-toting grunt, was in actuality a sprite-mimic virus who desired nothing more than to stir up the war between the Hero Collective and the Spectrals before destroying their system.  He remains a threat in MDM, despite being destroyed by Matrix.
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Villain
Titles: MDM Viral Champion
Entrance Music: "Supervirus"
Quote: none
Signature Moves: Chokeslam, Pedigree, Bitchslap
Quite possibly one of the most anticipated villains in the series, Daemon's actual appearance remains a mystery (which is we try to avoid describing her in MDM).  Despite this, she has been a part of some memorable matches (key among them her match with WeB ViRuS).  Returning for Phase Two, Daemon interfered in a Megabyte-Ünres match for the Viral title, taking the title for herself.  She then promptly lost it to Bios of Team Voodoo.  She appears to be deleted, but with MDM, one is never sure. This much is certain about our Daemon -- she's not concerned with "the Word" or any of that.
Codemaster Lens
The Unfolding
Affiliation: Unknown
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "High Code"
Quote: "I challenge you to a game of High Spy!"
Signature Moves: Gibson Coil pike usage
Part of the mysterious and dangerous Codemaster Guild, Lens is one of the top assassins in the Guild.  He came to Mainframe once to track down his former colleague "Talon" (aka Old Man Pierson), and later left after learning of the Mainframers' worthiness.  Fast and agile and absolutely deadly with his Gibson Coil pike, Lens is not someone to meet in a dark alley.
The Web Riders
Boss, Ugly, Spine
Affiliation: Themselves
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Web Riders on the Storm"
Quote: "Disrespect is unwelcome."
Signature Moves: none
These three members of Bob's buddies from the Web are indeed tough -- having accustomed themselves to Web travel makes one tough.  The leader, referred to as "Boss," is the main frontman for the group, battling in singles matches and with other people.  The one called "Ugly" earned attention in the show ("Disrespect is unwelcome.") and "Spine" is known as such simply for his headgear's appearance.  Nevertheless, they can put up a fight.
The Infected Guardians
The G-Woman, Baldy, Solo
Affiliation: Villains
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "No Chance in Hell"
Quote: "Let's do our job and get out of this two-bit system."
Signature Moves: none
Infected by the supervirus Daemon, their code now states to divide and render, and that's what these three frontmen do.  Last seen in "The Episode with No Name," the leader is the grim female sprite called the "G-Woman," backed up by her cronies, "Baldy" and "Solo."

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