Metaverse Deathmatch!
Catch a link to somewhere else!
The home of Celebrity Deathmatch!, the other half of the inspiration.  Info on CDM can be found here. 
(CDM is on Thurs on MTV at 10pm EST.)
Subdued Insanity Online
The homepage of Jay Winger, the MDM Mastermind.  I included this as a shameless plug. 
(Contains fanfiction, artwork, and other things.)
System Inspiration
The homepage of Java Trinomial, the Magenta Maineiac.  I included this because she's a major player and I'm a good friend of hers.
(Contains fanfiction, artwork, and other things.)
Welcome to: Yet Another Homepage
The homepage of D^Knight, an established RPM author.  I included this because I like his work. 
(Contains fanfiction and assorted randomness.)

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