Green Rooms
Team Trinomial

While she doesn't possess Jay Winger's extensive control or Voodoo's technological resources, Java Trinomial has proven herself someone not to be ignored.  When Voodoo snubbed her, she allied with Jay against him and soon became a major player in Deathmatch!, whether playing pranks or booking fights or sniping insults.
Java Trinomial
The `ress
Series: n/a -- Author
Titles: Metaverse Authoress
Entrance Music: "When I Grow Up" by Garbage
Quote: "Hmph.  Issa Magenta."
Signature Moves: shapeshifting
Aka "the Magenta Maineiac," despite being another up-and-comer in RPM, Java is no trifle in MDM, and she will remind you of it quite forcefully if you forget.  A polymorphic sprite, she can shift shape and trick anyone.  And remember: her scarf's magenta, and getting it wrong will earn you a whack from her mallet.
Tri Cyanopia
The Asp
Series: "Truth in Existence"
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Body Rock" by Moby
Quote: none yet
Signature Moves: Claw slash, energy balls
Tri is a quasi-benign Class Thirteen virus, and she has a trickster habit almost on par with her Authoress.  She can throw energy around like a laser gun.  She doesn't appreciate people dissing her or her Authoress, and she especially dislikes people calling her 'little one' -- no matter what language it's in.
One of Fury Squad
Series: "Truth in Existence"
Titles: MDM Light-Heavyweight Champion (current)
Entrance Music: "I Think I'm Paranoid" by Garbage
Quote: "Oh, you won't rise to the bait no more?  Let's try this..."
Signature Moves: Cat Flip, Zap
As hotheaded as her name, Pyra doesn't get along with most people -- most especially her partner See.  In fact, the more misery See is in, the happier Pyra is.  Don't give her too much sugar, though.
See Piler
One of Fury Squad
Series: "Truth in Existence"
Titles: none
Entrance Music: not specified
Quote: "Don't look at me."
Signature Moves: Keytool 'Click' usage
A Guardian, See is a confirmed cynic, and this gets him on many people's nerves, since he'd rather hack than be a Guardian.  Mostly what he does is criticize things -- and rag on Pyra at every opportunity.
Erinys Naigerek
Fury Squad Leader
Series: "Truth in Existence"
Titles: none
Entrance Music: "Radio Free Europe" by REM
Quote: "Would you please stop acting like See and Herself."
Signature Moves: none
The leader of Fury Squad, the Guardian Erinys is level-headed and fair-minded.  It's kind of hard not to like him.
The Punk
Series: "Interlude"
Titles: none
Entrance Music: none yet
Quote: "You're pretty, you know that?"
Signature Moves: none
A Chaos virus who has been selected by Aarys to be Tri's mate, he's more than just a little crazy -- and Tri can't stand him.  That doesn't stop him from pursuing her romantically -- no matter how many times she turns him down.  He's also very jealous of anyone who might intrude on his 'claim.'
The Sphinx
Series: "Interlude"
Titles: none
Entrance Music: none specified
Quote: none yet
Signature Moves: none
The mother of Tri Cyanopia, Aarys is a Class Seventeen virus who plays a 'Lwaxana' role to her daughter's 'Deanna'.  She can skim people's minds, and being an Encryptor virus, she's one you really don't want to piss off.  It is suspected that she may have a bit of Chaos blood in her, but she doesn't like to think so.

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