Metaverse Deathmatch!
The Commercials

Although most of these have yet to see actual air-time, scripts for possible Metaverse Deathmatch! commercials have been written by some of the participating Authors.  So far, only three have been written, but we like 'em none the less!

No Reruns Ever! | Bawitdaba | Whassup?
"No Reruns Ever" by: Voodoo (with additions by Java Trinomial)

[The screen is black, then a Stadium light flashes on, then fades to black, then another stadium light flashes on. Fade to black. The screen is filled with the Pyros of the Metatron, and the screen fades to black.]

V.O. (words appears on the Screen): the..Stadium!

[The pyros on the post of the rings ignite, sending blue flames into the air. The screen changes, showing the Cast of Reboot standing in the ring.]

V.O.: Reboot....

[The screen flashes and shows the Hybrids, the Aughts, Alpha Group, Fury Squad, Lean, Bios, Tri, and Zaria standing on the Metatron platform.]

V.O.: Versus the Metaverse.....

[The screen goes black, followed by:]

V.O.: Here, you must bring all your skill...

[Quick picture's of biker gloves being pulled on tight, boots being laced, wings being folded around their body, guns being checked, claws inspected and swords being sheathed.]

V.O.: Bring all your courage...

[Shadowy figures of many fighters appears standing on a stage, the light hitting them from behind]


[The screen goes black]

Johnny Gomez: OH! That's gotta hurt!

[The screen is back, with Tomasi and Nails fighting Matrix and Bob]

[Chorus: Metaverse....Metaverse verse verse...Metaverse]

[Cut to:]

V.O.: Here, we have action!


~ Jay and Voodoo meeting face to face.
~ Lean fighting Megabyte
~ Pyro shooting off as Jay steps onto the Metatron
~ See running for his life from Mike
~ Sai fighting with WeB
~ Jeff catching the Crossbow bolt a few inches from Justice face
~ Various shots of the Metaverse team and the Reboot team

V.O: Betrayal!

~ Lean interrupting The Triple-threat match
~ Zaria flying away from WeB
~ Cowboy being left to die in the ring

V.O: And a plot!

~ Java attacking Voodoo
~ Kaka joining the Voodoo Team
~ Jay grinning evilly as he leans back in his chair
~ Tri and Zaria talking

V.O: Starting  October's over!

[Jay fires at Voodoo, knocking him back and the screen explodes.]

V.O: Metaverse Deathmatch! No reruns ever!

"Bawitdaba" by: Jay Winger

[The screen starts out black. Slowly, the opening notes of Kid Rock's "Bawitdaba" fade in, and the screen begins to show images of screaming,
jumping, and cheering rabid MDM fans. Interspersed into this are brief clips of the fighters from all of the MDM teams preparing (gloves being pulled on, boots being laced, etc.)

[The music skips over the intro of "My name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiid" etc. and jumps straight into the chorus, which plays over a montage of hardcore
action shots. All of the clips are expertly timed to go with the heavy beat to the song.]

Lyrics: Bawitdaba, da bang a dang, diggy diggy diggy, said the boogie said up jump the boogie! [played repeatedly over the montage]

- Jay Winger hits Daemon with a steel chair.
- Jeff Freeman pounds Nathan Justice.
- Java hits Voodoo with an energy ball.
- Bios' skin rips open to reveal her 'evolved' state.
- Dirk Manning clobbers Old Man Pierson with his wrench.
- See Piler aims Click at Mike the TV.
- Lean Il Lupe pounds Megabyte with a steel chair.
- Ünres chokeslams Gigabyte.
- Hexadecimal blasts Elogin with energy.
- Sil al'Nasen is cut by Mouse.
- AndrAIa hits Dax Lockheart with her fins.
- Matrix powerbombs Renei through the commentator's table.
- Dax slugs Jay in the jaw.
- Tomasi Exley throws Web Rider Boss through a table in the Great Slam.
- Nails does his Throat Jab to Powerlock.
- Megabyte throws Lean to the mat with the Downward Spiral.

[Now the montage shifts its tempo as it cuts to near the end of the song.]

Lyrics: For the love...

- Quinn Rentack and Niente Aught standing side-by-side.
- Jeff and Jenny Lockheart leaning in over Crix's shoulder.
- Sil and Cen il'Ensar standing up from the table where they were sitting.

Lyrics: ...and for the hate...

- Jeff being held back from Jay by MDM security guards after the Author Fight.
- Justice shooting out the vidwindow with Jeff on it after the Bad Ass Fight.
- Java scowling at Voodoo.
- WeB ViRuS snarling at Jay through the vidwindow.

Lyrics: ...and for the peace...

- Jay entering Voodoo's Green Room following Daemon's return, grinning peacably.
- Voodoo doing the same after Bios' victory over Daemon.

Lyrics: ...WAR!!!

[Here, the screen flashes between two images, one of viral-eyed Jay leering at the camera, the other of skull-faced Voodoo. It flashes back and forth repeatedly, almost creating a strobe effect.

[Again the song cuts over the final chorus to the ending guitar chords. This final clip shows Jay walloping Voodoo with the energized-punch that sends the other Author flying out of the ring. It does it from several angles, then from behind Voodoo.  Voodoo flies backward toward the camera, striking it and making it go black just as the guitar stops.

[As soon as Voodoo blacks the screen, the METAVERSE DEATHMATCH! logo appears, the RPM icon in the center of the logo. Playing over the screen is the ending of "Bawitdaba," but Kid Rock's dry chuckle has been replaced by Jay's evil cackle.]

"Whassup?" by: Sai Kennedy

[Zaria is sitting at her computer terminal in her house, system Yora visible through the window. The phone rings and she picks it up]

Zaria: Yo?

Lean: Whatcha doin', girl?

Zaria: Nuthin'...watching MDM, drinkin' a Bud.

Lean: True, true...

[There's a brief pause]

Lean: Wassuuuuuup!?

Zaria: Wassuuuuup!?

Lean: Aaaaaah!

Zaria: Hahaaaaaaaa! [hears a beep] Yo, hang... [presses the button] Yo?

Unres: Wassuuuuuuup!?

Zaria: Aaaaaah!

Unres: Aaaaah! [hears a beep] Hang on... [presses the button] Hey?

Lean: Wassuuuuuup!?

Unres: Waaaaaaaah!

Lean: Eeeeeeeeh! [speaks into both phones] Aaaaaah!

Zaria: Aaaaaah!

Unres: Aaaaaaaaah!

Lean: Aaaaaah! [hangs up Unres' line] So, Zaria...wassup?

Zaria: Nuthin'...watchin' MDM, drinkin' a Bud.

Lean: True...true...

*Budweiser: True*

[Zaria is sitting at her computer terminal in her house, system Yora visible through the window.

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