Metaverse Deathmatch!
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Here you'll find audio promotion featuring the Metaverse Deatmatch! stars.

Audio File
Back Up Plan
Jay Winger
"I didn't become the Extreme, the Big Shot by not having a back-up plan."
Bucko Nuts
Jay Winger
"I am abso-tively, posi-lutely, one hundred percent, full-on, bucko nuts.  I am Puck W!ld."
"Carrie was an amateur."
Southern Lightning!
The Cowboy Calvin West
"Everybody look out, 'cuz it's time to unleash some of that Southern...LIGHTNING!"
Puck It!
The Cowboy Calvin West
"If you're not down with Team Winger, and the Cowboy, well, I got two words for ya -- PUCK IT!"
Nathan Justice
"I'm damn dangerous and I say make this match hardcore!"
Stay Sparky
"Stay sparky, Frosty!"
Let's Do This
Nathan Justice
"Let's do this."
Don't Blink
Nada Aught
"Don't blink."
Nails' Taunt
Arn "Nails" il'Crais
"You want some of this?!"
Full Throttle
Niente Aught
"Time to kick it up to full throttle."
Puck W!ld
Puck W!ld
"I am Puck W!ld."
What God Thinks
Puck W!ld
"Do I look like someone who cares what GOD thinks?!"
Where Were We?
Puck W!ld
"Now...where were we?"
Out Of My Face
See Piler
"Why don't you get your ASCII out of my face?"
Tomasi's Taunt
Tomasi Exley
"Come get some!"
The Wolf: Finally...
Lean Il Lupe
"Finally...the Wolf has come back to Deathmatch!"
You Didn't Know?
Dirk Manning
"Oh, you didn't know?  Your ass better CALL SOMEBODY!"
High Gear
Zilch Aught
"Kick it into high gear, it's overdrive time!"

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