Welcome to Phase Two of Metaverse Deathmatch!  Here you can read about the fights taking place on the current night.


Love Her or Leave Her Match
Liturgy v. Lean Il Lupe - DQ by interference

MDM World Championship Tournament
Entrants: Nails, Dax Lockheart, Dirk Manning, Aisha, four unnamed members of the Mainframers

Aisha def. Dirk Manning

Hardcore Match
Naught Aught v. Prime Guardian Turbo

MDM Viral Championship Match
Aarys v. Bios (champion)

Triple Threat: MDM Netwide Championship Match
Jeff Freeman vs. Tomasi Exley vs. Nathan Justice (champion)
(Match postponed from Nights #5 and 6)

Pyra vs. Dax Lockheart

Existing Coalitions
Minke & Team Voodoo

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