What is Celebrity Deathmatch!?
Celebrity Deathmatch! is a claymation show on MTV.  It features fights-to-the-death between bickering celebrities and a lot of gimmicks.  There have been fights like Ben Affleck vs. Matt Damon, Jim Carrey vs. Mariah Carey, and the like.  It has grown quite popular, and you can see special episodes of it during halftime of the Super Bowl, when it originally premiered.  Recurring guests on the show include WWF superstar "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and controversial rock star Marilyn Manson.

For more information about Celebrity Deathmatch!, see the Deathmatch! homepage through the links area.

What is Metaverse Deathmatch!?
One day, RPM Author Jay Winger was watching MTV and caught a marathon of Celebrity Deathmatch! on "Stone Cold Whoopass Animation Weekend."  He got the idea to pit RPM characters against ReBoot characters on the RPM mailing list.  He pitched his idea, Metaverse Deathmatch! (MDM),  to the list and it soon grew into a highly entertaining thread that earned a spot on the RPM website.

Since then, MDM has had two distinct forms: Phase One, which had shorter posts and was more often than not vignettes of matches, and Phase Two, the current stage, which has longer and more in-depth posts and intense fighting.  Archived posts from both phases may be found in the archive area.

What is the deal with the 'Night' system?
The term 'night,' when used in MDM, is to denote a series of matches that are all supposed to take place within one night's worth of events.  Not all of the matches are written at once, but over the course of a few weeks, as details are worked out between the involved Authors.  As Phase Two got more involved, it became obvious that the 'night' system was no longer literal.

In other words, the term 'night,' used here, indiciates that the events and matches within are all related to each other.  (Though a plot-line may continue over several 'nights.')

How can I get involved in MDM?
Well, unless you are an RPM Author (meaning you have Metaverse fiction either part-way or completely done), you can't get directly involved -- by which we mean writing direct posts.  You can, however, contribute, by suggesting match concepts or plot-line concepts to the Authors.  To do so, write an email to the Author(s) in question.  You can also get involved by doing artwork or mixing sound files (see the Media Gallery).

What's been going on in MDM?
That question is a lot more complicated.  Since Phase Two began, an intense Rivalry (yes, it is usually capitalized) has emerged between the Authors Jay Winger and Voodoo.  The Rivalry has affected MDM as a whole, forcing most of the other Authors to choose sides.  Jay Winger's main advantage is his "controlling share" over MDM, and his tight relationship with the other owners of the MDM Stadium.  This allows him to exert enormous influence over what matches occur and sometimes the outcome of said matches.  Voodoo's main advantage is his more advanced technology and his characters' enhanced abilities.  The Rivalry has surfaced in many matches, including a major battle between the Authors themselves, ending in Voodoo's coma (which lasted less than a day, due to outside influence).

But if you really want to find out the full story, you have to read the archived posts.

What's the deal with the Arena and Archive pages?
The Arena page is where the matches of each night are posted, and it is updated as its status changes.  That means at the beginning of the night, all the booked matches are listed.  As the posts are made, the page is updated, informing the viewer as to who won each match.  It also keeps track of what coalitions or alliances are forming.  When the new night begins, the old data may remain up for a week or two before it is taken off.

The Archives are where old nights' posts are kept for the viewers' perusal.  Almost every post from the beginning of Phase One to the end of the most recent night of Phase Two is kept here.  The page is only updated after a night is over and done with.

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