"MetaFic Commercials"

The commercials made by specific authors for their specific MetaFics. Some may provide massive spoilers, so if you don't want to ruin the surprise for yourself, go back and read the fics these reffer to first.

Member: Voodoo

Another one from me..this ones better, and has to do with an upcoming fic...


[A still image of a giant mushroom cloud fills the screen,then fades to black, a errie voice comes on, it' is female, but somewhat erotic in tone]

Voice: We though we had seen the last of the Humans, we used there own devices aginst them, and thus we could go back to infecting Binomes and Sprites...

[seen cuts to a Virus filled sector,no binomes, just sprites being put into ABC and carryed off]

Voice: but As the Humans came back we came across plans for a new weapon...we couldn't hold back...

[Screen shows a lab, it pans slowy down to a large, coffin like chamber which hisses open]

Voice: we had the weapon...

[ A pale human rises up, his eyes flash open, and we see there deep green ]

Voice: to bad this weapon...would fight back...

[ the Screen shoots off a few imiges of Jeff and the rest of the "Creation" fighting off sprites and Bios herself]

Voice: We thought we had seen the last of him and his kind....

[ Shows Jeff being killed from Bios's slash to the throat and the screen goes black]

Voice: We were wrong...

[ the screen explodes and looks at a human teenage girl, about 18, removing her shades and then it flahes more scenes]

-Shows her looking around as she holds a phone in her hand
-shows her looking at a sprite returning to a virus as it dies
- Shows her picking up a pistol and looking at another teenager, a guy.

[ the screen gose black and the Metaverse lIcon fades in ]

New voice: From the creator of "First Steps" and " The Calling " comes.

{ the Icon fades away and shows her looking up from a behind a park car as a tank burns.]

???: Whoa... Killer...

Voice: " Crusader "

[ she turns her head and looks at us]

???: girls gotta do..what a girls gotta do..

Voice: this fic is not yet rated

Member: Voodoo

Here's a new commercial.

The screen shows a small system, a few houses outside a small town,It slowly pans down to a Girl, about 18 or so standing on a small overlook to the harbor.

Dax: My father died when i was born, so my mother said, so i never knew him, but since i turned 18, my life has become something more...

[ Screen switchs to Dax opening a laptop and viewing a file with her jaw dropped, the screen fades out and shows her walking down the street on the sidewalk, her hands in her pocket, her wireframe glasses sliding down to her nose]

Dax: With the past now known, i thought i could rest easy...

{ Screen shows Dax walking into her house and stopping in horror, her mouth open in shock, the screen fades to black then shows a head shot, her Shades covering her eyes ]

Dax: i was Wrong, Bios Killed my mother, like she did my dad, Now.. it's pay back time!
{ loud punk music plays as the screen is filled with scenes]

- Dax and Crix Running down a street
-Dax fireing a shotgun at Drones
- Dax and crix jumping off a building into the harbor.
- " Dax! This insane, this is battle we cant win!"` Crix
- " Dad didn't die of natrual Causes, He was Killed by Bios! "~ Dax
- " Well, Bios.. hmmm.. not what i was expacting..."- Dax

Voice: From the man that brought you " First Steps" and " The Calling "

- " No... your not my Father!" ~ Crix
- Bios Turns to look at a table being brought in.
- Bios unleashing her Claws and slashing at a sprite in anger
- Dax running from an exploding Building -" your not going to fight a Virus are you?" " Hey.. a Girls gotta do what a Girls gotta do" Dax talking to Crix

Voice: Comes...

the Screen gose black and then the Metaverse symble fades it, as it does bullet holes shot through it, spelling out Crusader]

Voice: "Crusader"..... this Fic is not yet rated

Member: Jay Winger

Here's another RPM commercial, in the vein of a trailer, like "Crusader" by Voodoo. This is the idea I've currently got for "Chronicles of Justice #3" (#2 is "The Crimson Claw")
RPM Commercial #(Whatever): "The Tempest Affair."

Open overlooking the new Mainframe. We zoom in on one of the ports, to the Grizzly. Nathan Justice stands beside it, arms crossed, addressing the camera. The clear blue sky is visible behind him.

JUSTICE: I can take anything they can throw at me. Viruses?

Cut to several scenes: Justice firing at Ünres, Dirk firing a heavy machine gun at Vice's mech, Sil smashing Seize with her disc; cut back to Justice at the Grizzly.

JUSTICE: No problem. Terrorists?

Cut to more scenes: Justice slamming a Khatran Crimson Claw into a bar, then forcing the tap into the Claw's mouth -- "Here, have a drink!" -- before switching on the beer, Lt. Burke firing his keytool at a F'Val Crimson Claw, and Sentry attacking a squad of Claws.

JUSTICE: No sweat. Corrupt politicians?

Cut to a scene: Justice hauls Sen. Brosky out of his chair, over his desk, grabs him in a headlock, then points his pistol at him.

JUSTICE: Don't make me laugh.

Behind Justice, the sky can be seen to darken.

JUSTICE: I can take anything they can throw at me, [holds up a finger] except for one thing--

Thunder crashes, lightning flashing. The sky opens up, and rain downpours.

JUSTICE: --the weather.

Cut to a scene: Sil and Justice stand on a roof, looking at the stormy sky, rain pelting them. He turns to her: "How the hell am I supposed to fight this?"

Cut to a generic stormy sky, lightning flashing and thunder crashing.

V.O.: From the creator of "Mindfields" and "The Crimson Claw" comes --

Thunder crashes, and in the flash, the words THE TEMPEST AFFAIR appear.

V.O.: "The Tempest Affair"

Cut back to Justice at the Grizzly, holding out his hand in the rain, then frowning up at the sky.

Another lightning flash, this time revealing the RPM logo.

V.O.: Coming soon to "ReBoot Project Metaverse"

Member: Jay Winger

And now we pause for this commerical break!
[Overlaying the entire commercial is the music of Powerman 5000's "When Worlds Collide"]
[Open on a computer screen with a blinking cursor. The camera slowly moves toward the screen as we quietly hear:]

PM5K: "Now this is what it's like when worlds collide...now this is what it's like...now this is what it's like when WORLDS COLLIDE!"

[Music roars up as we see various shots of the Metaverse vehicles -- hovercars, hoverbikes, hoverboards, the Grizzly, and the like.]

PM5K: "Are you ready to go? Cause I'm ready to go!" (continues)

[Race scene from the Downhill Track, Nil and Void in the lead.]
[Race scene from the Resonate Tracks, Zilch and Niente in the lead.]
[The Grizzly roars out of a portal, smoke trailing from its engine.]

PM5K: "What is it really that's goin' on here? You've got the system for total control... Now is there any...body out there? You watch us suffer, yeah, `cause we can't go..." (continues)

[Quinn looking up the face of the MetaSpire Hotel in Great Codex.]
[The Aughts and DaVinci looking up the face of the Negacrag.]
[Alpha Group looking up the side of the Angel V.]
[Nick looking up the face of a giant computer.]

PM5K: "...now this is what it's like WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE!"

[Various shots of explosions and gunfights. Continue until --]
[RPM icon-logo slams onto the screen.]

V.O.: Worlds will collide...on "ReBoot Project Metaverse."

PM5K: "Are you ready to go?"

Member: Voodoo

Another one, Who knows what number....


[Dax, and Crix walking away from a large, crystal type building, holding an very badly damage Jeff freeman]

Dax: June 19 2510, we find my father, alive and somewhat well, and soon return home....

[ A slient scene of Jenny and Jeff reuniting, and the two teens smilling, the four humans fall into a group hug, when they look out to the ports to the net]

Dax: we thought we had seen the last of Bios...no person could servive that type of death..

[ the screen fades to black ]

Dax: We..were wrong...

[ Screen shows a glimpes of the new viral form, and fades to black, then an image of a young Jeff appears as he looks to the trio]

Jeff: Lets get Cranking..... on Armageddon

[ The Screen flashs a few scenes quickly]

-Dax and Crix looking at something
- Jeff fireing a volly at shots towards the camera
-Jenny doing a back flip to avoid a plasma blast.
- All of them looking up with there jaws dropped

Voice: From the bringer of " Frist steps", " The Calling" and " Crusader" comes..

[ Screen quickly shows "Old" bios Changing into something else]

Voice: "Resurrection"

{ the Metaverse Icon slams together and the words " Metaverse" appear]

Voice: Coming soon to the Metaverse.

Member: Voodoo

{ The Screen flashs into a System, a small village sits in ruins, as four people remove there glasses at the same time, and revile themselves )

Dax: Why would Bios kill Innocent anthros? they didn't have anything she could need.

Jeff kicks over a body and looks at it closely

Jeff: Bios didn't do this... these are Plasma scars...she Cares..for the more direct route..

he taps the scar along his face as he looks around.

Jenny: Then who did? and why were we told Bios was here?

[ The screen fades to black ]

Voice: In World, where nothing stays the same for long...

[Screen shows a vid window open with a picture of Jeff ]

Unknown Voice: This is the old Hybrid, dated, and a threat...

V.O: In a world like ours, where things are updated every day.

[The Vid window Displys a unit coverd in black, plastic like armor]

Unknown Voice: This is one is better, Fast, quicker, and deadlier...

[ the Vid-window with Jeff closes and the image of the Black Figure is zoomed in, and the screen gose black ]

Voice: This time.. it's a deadly upgrade...

[ screen explodes into a series of images as loud Punk Music play ]

-Jeff and Jenny running away from a Volly of shots
- Dax shotting at the Silencer with not effect
-Crix hacking into some computer
-Jenny being Shot and hitting the ground
- Bios becoming enraged and trasnforming into something else.
-Bios watching a vid-window with some intrest
-two sprites putting a robe on Bios.

[the scenes stop and along with the music, then the screen shows Bios looking down at the group ]

Bios: Bet your really feeling old now huh Jeff...
Jeff: I may be old.. but least im not a bitch
Bios: A Bitch? Oh my Jeff surly you know by now Jeff..

Bios steeps on Jeffs back and digs her heel into it, letting him crunch his teeth together.

Bios: Im Pretty much Queen Bitch of the Metaverse....

[ The Screen plays a scene where Jeff, Jenny, and Dax as running from the Silencer as it shots at them ]

From the bringer of " frist steps"."The Calling","Crusader" and "Ressurection" comes...

[ Shows the Silencer aiming and fireing at something off screen ]

Voice: "Silent Killers"....Comeing Soon, to a system near you..

Member: Voodoo

Now for Another Commercail !! ::watchs everyone rolls there eyes and moan::


[ the screen is filled with the twisting and turning, of the vibrant colors of the web,The View slowly pans down to an open portal, a Web Address and flys into it, emerging on the other side, In a forest system, it slowly moves through the woods and shows a small Village, houses made out of Clay brick and grass]

Voice: In the Far reachs of the net, Lives the last Race of Anthros, A Race that Humans dont believe exists...

[ the view slowly moves through the village and stops behing a rather large, figure, coverd in a light Green tunic, it slowly stands from it's kneeling postion and turns towards the Camra, it's Wings unfolding, showing it's Dragon like form, flying off into the air the screen fades to black]

Voice: And thats they way it was....till the Goverment found them.

[ the Screen shows the Dragons like anthros flying out of the forest attacking a goverment web ship, useing talons and blasters to damage it, the Ship crashs to the ground a few feet from the open portal and blows to pieces]

Voice: Now, the Creatures of myth, must once again fight for there lives!

- " Drecks havn't fought in over a hundred years..you want us to fight now?"
- Two multi-color Dragons ( Drecks) look up from the ground, to something off screen
- " We Have fought worse!" " Yes, but we never fought humans!"
- " I was not born into a Clan that would rather die then fight to save there life!"
- Two Drecks fly on to screen, skimming the ground and pulling up.
- Two drecks are forced to there kness as the Leader looks at them
- " We can not win if we are scared!" "Why not?" " Because Fear leads to anger, Anger to hate, hate..leads to Suffering!"

Voice: From the mind that brought you " Crusader Fiction: the Hybrid Sage" Comes...

[ A Dreck slash at us, clawing the screen as it fades to black,the claw marks go through the Metaverse icon, the tilt is appears as normal on the icon}

Voice: " Creatures of Myth"

Member: Voodoo

Voice: In the course of humanity,..humans have always improved on something...

[ Screen shows humans working on the frist car, then a house, then the first computer, the screen flashs and shows them drving a hover car, bulding skyscrapers, and building a Gateway]

Voice: But sometimes, humans make a mistake, Sometimes.. it's a Deadly one...

[ Screen flashs by images of Hover cars falling out of the sky, the Moonbase exploding,and then a Virus emerging from a portal]

Voice: Now, a humans Mistake roams the net, and looking for the one thing that will make it's life complete

[Loud rock music plays as the Screen is filled with images]

- Jeff and Jenny emerging from the Chambers ( The Calling & Crusader)
-Jeff hacking into the P.O. ( First Steps )
- Jeff Killing guards in the lobby of a P.O.( First Steps)
- Jenny, Fighting of Infected sprites. ( Silent Killers)
- Dax fireing at the Silencer ( Silent Killers)
- Ki'ace Siting on a bed with a wounded Jeff ( First Steps)
- Jenny Sneaking out of Jeff's Quaters ( The Calling)
-Crix Hacking into Bios's Datebase ( Crusader)
- Jenny,Jeff, Dax, and Crix standing infront of a gateway ( A slip in time)

Voice: The next step in Humans is here.. to bad they are to wraped up in there own problems to care...

- Bios stand and walking down the steps of her throne ( Crusader)
- Bios Shifting from her Sprite mode to Virus mode. ( All Fics that have Bios)
- Bios holding Jeff By the neck ( Silent Killers& A Slip in Time)
- Bios Stabbing Jenny ( Crusader & Extreme Measures)

Voice: In a world with so many Different things...this is the most normal Family...your gonna find...

[the Metaverse Icon Slams down, and the words " Crusader Fiction" appear in, underneath the icon the words flash in " The Hybrid Saga"]

Voice: Crusader Fiction...The Hybrid Saga.....

Voice: Coming soon....

Member: Voodoo

One Will....

Dax: There are things i can not do.. i can not Watch as my Family Suffers...

- Jeff being stabed ( Silent Killers)
- Jenny, laying in a hospital bed ( Crusader)
- Crix, yelling in pain as Bios digs her heels into his chest ( Extreme Measures)
- Crix Getting his hand blown off ( Crusader)
- Jenny being stabed by Bios's claws ( a Slip in time)

Dax: I can not sit while something must be done.. i can not judge those who are different... there are things i can not do... Run.. hide.... Ignore...there are things i can not do... But there are things i will do!

{ a quick scene of many of Dax's fights run by, and the screnn gose black, leaving the metaverse symbol to slowly appear]

Member: Al's Waiter

I think my story is far enough written for me to do this commercial...plus give you a little teaser....I hope it's a teaser. :P

- - - - - - - - - - - [soft music plays]

Female V.O: Hello, my name is Lara and I'm a sprite.

[a young, red skinned female sprite with blue hair and a long braid turns to face the camera]

Lara: I'm from the system of Uphoria. I guess one could call it a small colony of humans; mostly humans anyways.

[scene of the street filled with human children playing and cars flying overhead]

Lara V.O: I wasn't always part of the Metaverse. It was actually physically impossible for me. Then, one day, all of that changed...

[screen fades to black...Rock music blares as...]

-A shot of a racing track with fifteen cars whiping around the courners.
"He's coming up on your tail, Bobby!"
-Scene of six sprites heading to a Priciple Office. "Race ya!"
- five sprites in a diner booth, with a sixth one walking up "Sprites, I have something to tell you."
-two guardians sitting on system watch "A system that pops out of nowhere?"
-female guardian picks up the phone "...we have a problem..."
-group shot of six sprites with fear on their faces "What did you find out...?"

[Fade out]

(New) Female V.O: "Something that, if I am correct, will change the system and probably our lives as well."

Magic Voice: Coming soon to the Metaverse...

[flash shots of Lara; a male sprite with light blue skin and long green hair; a navy female sprite with firey oranage hair; a turquiose male sprite with short yellow hair; a purple female sprite with white spikey hair; a male sprite with firey orange hair]

Magic Voice: ...and introducing a new Metaverse writer, Al's Waiter...

[group shot of six previous sprites]

Magic Voice: "System of Secrets"

[shot of Lara]

Lara: The games have just begun. Are you ready?

[Lara aims a gun toward the camera and shoots out the Metaverse icon. The screen goes black leaving only the icon]

Member: Jay Winger

Well, here's a little teaser for "Mindfields." Expect a teaser-mercial for "The Crimson Claw" (Chronicles #2) and perhaps "On the Lam" (Chronicles #4)

Throughout, the song "Mindfields" by Prodigy underscores.

Open on the Ray Building in the Resonate, with Quinn looking out his window.

QUINN VO: My luck was looking up.

Cut to shot of the MAINFRAME MANIFEST Bestseller list. A box outlines #3 and #4: "The Dumont Treatment" and "Game Over" by Quinn Rentack.

QUINN VO: My books were bestsellers.

Cut to scene: Zilch and Niente race over the finish line as Quinn cheers them on.

QUINN VO: My friends were racing champions.

Cut to scene: Quinn straps on his bionic braces.

QUINN VO: A new treatment would enable me to walk again.

Cut to scene: Quinn, shaking hands with Industry producers at restaurant.

QUINN VO: But then I accepted a deal to have my first novel made into a holofilm.

The scene freezes.

QUINN VO: And that's when my luck started to run out.

The music starts to swell up, as the frozen image of Quinn starts to burn away, revealing Lazarus standing with his eye glowing harshly.

Cut to scene: Tomasi firing a repeater rifle and his handcannon while the crew of the holofilm ducks for cover.

Cut to scene: Naught and Niente escape in a hovercar while three True Force agents pursue, firing.

Cut to scene: Nails slashing at a True Force agent.

Cut to scene: Sagittaria swinging a blunt object at Hal Kitz, who ducks.

Cut to scene: Elogin holds DaVinci by the throat while a limp Nada dangles from her claws.

Cut to scene: Quinn pulling out his energy shotgun.

Cut to scene: DaVinci screams in pain, his hands going to his head.

QUINN VO: The problem with having so many friends is they have enemies who hate me just as much.

Cut to scene: A silhouetted Cato rises out of the rubble of a wrecked car, his cybernetic hand flexing while his eyes gleam.

Cut to scene: Elogin screams in fury.

As the music reaches the climax, we cut to DaVinci, who has his back to the camera. He turns back, lowering his sunglasses, and we get a glimpse of his eyes. They are glowing blue-gray.

The screen goes black, with a green 'scanner' line sweeping across it.

PRODIGY VOCAL: o/~ I walk through mindfields, eh... o/~

As the word 'mindfields' is spoken, the scanner line reveals the word in bright green letters.

The screen explodes, the RPM icon-logo appearing.

PRODIGY VOCAL: o/~ Whatta shock! o/~

MALE VO: Coming soon from Jay Winger...

Member: Voodoo

(Preview for "the Calling")

[slow music beat fills the slient screen of black}

Music: "These voices keep calling me..."

Cut to: Jeff shooting up out of bed, his head coverd with sweat breathing hard the Music pumps out louder as the Screen flashes Scenes

- Jeff Talking to jenny,
- Jenny streching out on Jeffs beds, sexually
- Jeff pulling his Duster tight as he looks at an open portal.
- A game cube Crashing down onto a Desert system, as a large Ship moves out of the way.

Music: "these Demons take my soul as they call to me..."

- " Ki'ace... i need your help" " why should i help you.. you lied to me..." "about what?" " Jenny"
- " Seems that you forget to tell Sis that you have another" " Ki'eva... Jenny and i.. We...Nevermind"
- Jeff and Ki'ace running from battle drones.
- Jeff Busts into Bios's Chambers as we see her sitting on throne
- A Large ship enters a system and begins firing at the P.O.
- small fighters take to the air, fireing at the ones coming from the Ship.
- " You? a Virus? Created us?". " Yes... Quite good isn't it?"
- " I am Your master!" " you are my hell!" Jeff fires at Bios.
- " I'll..See.. you.. in .. hell..", Bios thinks for a moment, then slashes at Jeff's throat." fine by me".

Music: "these Voices keep calling me!"

the Music dies off and the Metaverse Icon slams together, lighting shinning from around it. as the words " The Calling " Fade in...

Member: Jay Winger

without further ado: another commercial/teaser for "The Crimson Claw" (Chronicles of Justice #2)
Music underscore: something slightly ominous, but not too frightening.

Open on 25th-Cent. Mainframe, all busy with traffic and the like.

MALE V.O.: He is the world's most skilled mercenary.

Cut to street scene, Nathan Justice walking through the crowds, wearing his customary frown, the Bit hovering just behind him.

V.O.: His body is a deadly weapon.

Cut to fight scene, in which Justice rips out some killer martial arts moves and knocks the snot out of several terrorists. It ends with him pushing off the wall and spin kicking a Khatran in the head.

Cut back to street, Justice continues to stride toward the camera.

V.O.: He is a crackshot.

Cut to gunfight scene, in which Justice dives for cover, then slides out the other side, firing wildly and taking down five terrorists.

Back to street scene.

V.O.: The ultimate in mercenary skills is incorporated into his routine.

Freeze on Justice's face as it fills the frame.

V.O.: Now those skills are about to be put to the test.

Cut to scene at Prime Jenning's office in the Supercomputer.

JENNINGS: ...which brings us to your mission.

Close-up shot of a hologram of Guardian Lt. Thomas Burke.

JENNINGS: One of our men has been captured by an anti-human group, calling themselves the Crimson Claw.

JUSTICE: Why not use one of your own squads?

JENNINGS: We have. They all died.

Music swells, percussion. Sequence shots of Justice, Dirk, Sil, and Sentry battling Claw agents.
-Lt. Burke getting smacked by Claw Renei
-Justice slamming a Khatran through a bartop.
-Cowboy popping up and ducking behind a table as Claws fire at him.

V.O.: From the creator of "The Resonate Series" comes an all-new Chronicle of Justice...

Cut to RPM icon-logo with the words THE CRIMSON CLAW in red letters.

V.O.: "The Crimson Claw"

JUSTICE: [to Khatran] Here, have a drink! [shoves Khatran's mouth into beer tap and switches it on]

V.O.: Coming soon from Jay Winger...

Member: Jay Winger

[Open, interior, darkened room. Lights start to come up, backlighting small handguns.]

MALE VO: When the police are helpless...

[Cut to scene: police hovercar crashes through a barrier, being fired at. Viral sprites close in on it.

[Cut back to dim-lit room. More lights start up.]

MALE VO: ...when the military cannot succeed...

[Cut to scene: a viral mech-armor swings and smashes aside a few shots from gun-turrets.

[Cut back to room. Rifles and shotguns start to light up.]

MALE VO: ...when the Guardians are out of reach...

[Cut to scene: portal crashes shut as a large ship (the SS GRIZZLY) flies through, smoke trailing from the engines.

[Cut back to room. The room is fully lit now, and a man enters from behind the camera and picks up an antique-looking pistol. He cocks it, holsters it, then turns around to face the camera.

[Close on: the face of Nathan Justice.]

MALE VO: ...it's time for a new type of justice.

[Music starts up, blur-cut to a few action scenes of Justice kicking and punching and shooting viral sprites and Msyadt-controlled Anthros.

[Cut to scene: Col. Kimball addresses Justice beside the crashed Grizzly.]

KIMBALL: You the captain of that ship?

JUSTICE: Nathan Justice.

[Voices continue over scenes of Justice moving through the sewers, blowing up obstacles with pulse grenades and shooting virals.]

JUSTICE (VO): Gun for hire. My ship's broke. And I'm killing anything in my way to fixing it.

[Scene of Justice shooting Ytter, then fighting Ünres.]

MALE VO: From Jay Winger, creator of the Resonate Series, comes a new chronicle in action...

[Justice steps back as an explosion of fire blows out of a doorway.]

MALE VO: ...a new cast of characters...

[Justice, Dirk, Sil, and Sentry turn to face someone off-camera.]

MALE VO: ...a new take on mercenaries...

[Justice grabs a man in a suit (Senator Brosky) from behind his desk and grabs him in a headlock.]

MALE VO: ...and a new type of justice.

[Screen goes black, the words "A NEW TYPE OF JUSTICE" appear on the screen in silvery letters, over a stylized statue of 'Blind Justice,' that statue you see outside of courthouses. Hold on the title for a moment, then clear to another black screen, the Metaverse icon-logo rippling out of the blackness.]

MALE VO: Part of "ReBoot Project Metaverse."