"Metaverse Commercials"

The commercials made to include the entire of the Metaverse in the advertisement. Some may provide massive spoilers, so if you don't want to ruin the surprise for yourself, go back and read the fics these reffer to first.

Member: Jay Winger

For reference, the titles in quotes are, of course, the 'episode' I borrow from. Some of the ones I borrowed ("The Crimson Claw" "Bounty" et. al.) have yet to be finished or posted. I just used a little creative license.

Open on a black screen. Slow, soft music build up (metal music). A greenish 'mist' starts to fade in, along with a green-and-black icon, which materializes out of the mist.

MALE V.O.: So you think you're ready to face the Metaverse?

Music cuts off, and the screen goes black.

V.O.: (chuckles) Right.

The music screams back, a fast-paced number with loud guitars and lots of percussion. The mist exploded onto the screen, green pulses flying out from the center, where the icon flashes back into being.

Montage sequence:
-Sprite fires guns in the Resonate.
-DaVinci evades True Force soldiers. ("Arlington Road Syndrome")
-Susan, Jennings, Dr. il'Tana, and Ril battle the Hellfire. ("Hellfire")
-Orion's ship does a fly-by over Miyaera's village. ("And So It Begins")
-Lucia battles Anei in virtual reality. ("Fallen Angel")
-Naught and Nada clash with Lean-Knight in a Game. ("Incoming Game")

V.O.: We've got megalomania--

-Lean Il Lupe laughs. ("Comes the Wolf")
-Proteus leers. ("Know Me Well")
-Sen. Albert Brosky steeples his fingers. ("A New Type of Justice")
-Megabyte appears behind Cail. ("Cail")

V.O.: --racists--

-Apocalypse soldiers pour out of a transport. ("System Error")
-The Crimson Claw Leader screams, "Death to them all!" ("The Crimson Claw")
-Lazarus leers, "And He shall smite all the wicked!" ("Resonate Ground Zero")

V.O.: --corruption--

-Resonate Cops Red and Yellow laugh in their hovercar. ("Separation Anxiety")
-A view of the Council Meeting Hall. ("System Error")
-Hal Kitz address the press corps. ("Mindfields")

V.O.: --hackers--

-Nick Conelly adjusts his goggles. ("Guardian Protocol")
-DaVinci's sunglasses gleam. ("Separation Anxiety")
-The Flip Side Felons hack TruPharm-Net. ("Separation Anxiety")
-Cowboy tilts up his Stetson. ("A New Type of Justice")

V.O.: --terrorists--

-The Exley Brothers rob the Resonate Bank. ("Immoral Practices")
-A series of explosions rock the Resonate. ("Resonate Ground Zero")
-An explosion throws Susan to the ground. ("Guardian Protocol")

V.O.: --anarchists--

-Archer/Sagittaria smiles cruelly. ("Arlington Road Syndrome")
-Chaotis taunts System Vector. ("A New Type of Justice")

V.O.: --mercenaries--

-Jason turns to face the camera. ("Bounty")
-A groupshot of Jason's crew. ("Bounty")
-Justice frowns at something off-screen. ("A New Type of Justice")
-A groupshot of Justice's crew.

V.O.: --and viruses.

Montage: (faster than the others)
-Lean Il Lupe howls to the sky. ("Immoral Practices")
-Proteus marches into the lab. ("Know Me Well")
-Young Susan/Nemesis smiles evilly. ("Illusions")
-Elogin destroys DaVinci's apartment. ("Separation Anxiety")
-Megabyte sneers. ("Cail")
-Kora smiles to Peter. ("Kora")
-Ünres roars at Justice. ("A New Type of Justice")

The music stops again. The screen goes dark. The green-and-black icon returns.

V.O.: Still think you have what it takes?

Music returns as the icon is backed by a half-green, half-black diamond shape, with four green columns behind it.

V.O.: The world of cyberspace just got a whole lot wilder!

The words 'ReBoot Project Metaverse' appear overlaying the icon.

V.O.: "ReBoot Project Metaverse" Coming soon.

There is a click sound, static, and the screen shrinks to a green line, then a dot.

Member: Voodoo

Your reading my mind man, I've been thinking about that in the last week or so too.. mind if i give it a shot?


-screen gose black, then green streaks shot by, a light is at the end and then, boom, the camra looks at a unknown city. Then it gose black again.

A phone starts ringing then, a answer, " Yeah?"

the screens flashs and a few sence scroll by

- Quinn holding his shotgun
-Susan looking at her Key tool for the first time ( Guardain protocal)
- Ril looking at her "New" body for the first time ( Hellfire)
- Jeff pointing his pistol at Erics head ( First steps )

V.O: Welcome to Cyberspace, Where Humans dont sufe the net, they live in it!

Loud music starts playing, as more scence start playing

- Jeff Standing the the Command.Com office " Good? Bad? Im the guy with the gun!" ( First steps)
- " Alright talk!" David grabbing Quinn ( Comes the wolf)
- Alpha group looking at the Darkling Armor " So where were going to put it?" ( Darkling Armor)
- " Listen, if i felt like being Bitched at i would have married! ( The Calling )
- Nick smilling and adjusting his glasses. ( Every DK fic! )

V.O: Guradians....

-Alpha group standing at ease, Kathy hitting Nick upside the head

V.O: Anthros....

- Ril and Nar Hugging
- Ki'ace and Ki'eva yelling at one another
- Cail sitting on a rock.

V.O: Renagdes

- Jeff turing and fireing
- Jenny shaking her head as she watchs Jeff work out
- Jenny and Jeff running from an exploding builing.

V.O: Virals
- Lean watching a computer screen.
- Kora kissing peter
- Elogin talking to Sagittaria
- Bios leaning back in her thrown.

V:O: The Metaverse, Cyberspace just got a whole lot wilder...

- Jeff lifts his head up from the ground and looks at Jenny " did you get the cat?" she stares at him . " Yes i got the God Damn Cat!!!!!!!" she booms and small pieces of debre hit the car.

V.O: Comming soon to a system new you.....

Member: WeB ViRuS

For mine I've developed a team of Anthros, Sprites, and humans. (if you've seen my Metaverse picture, you'll know what they look like) Please forgive spelling, as this was done on the fly.

A light brown-furred Khatran female (Alara)
A Guardian F'val male[Parker (Parker il'Duan)]
A green-scaled Selani male [Trench (Trenris)]
A golden-feathered Krixan (Fayrah)
A brown-furred Rachallian [Whiskers Bright(Ra'Mia)]
A Zed [Derbic Umar (*--*-**)]
A red-skinned Sprite [Fujistu]

The [bracket actions] that take place in the present Metaversian time are marked with a *
      All of the speech of course is present day

The music of ReBoot begins to play and eventually grows into something with a beat akin to the song "Children"
      [We see Mainframe's skyline across the camera's view, as it pans left across the system, PO in the center of the shot.]
      The present is the Twenty Fifth century...
*       [Mainframe's image is replaced with that of the present-day Mainframe, an awe-inspiring sight to behold.]
      The cyberspace as we knew it...is no more.
*       [A group of Anthros and Sprites run towards the camera and past it beyond view.]
      Humans have overpopulated and spread...
      [A doctor holding a newborn and handing it to its mother, a concerned, depressed look upon her face. She holds it close as if to protect it from the turmoil her world has become.]
      Their last hope...
      [A shot of a portal opening with a number of humans standing around manning machinery, maintaining the Metaverse experiment, as the first human ever steps through the metalic-colored liquid of the portal into the otherside.]
      Was within...
*       [A massive train-like, levitating vehicle comes out the other side of the portal.]
      [We see a brief scene of the ancient battles that took place with Anthros and Sprites against humans from a distance, a darkened, heavily overcast sky over a huge battlefield in one of the colony worlds.]
      The world of cyberspace...
      [Alara, Parker, Trench, Fayrah, Whiskers, and Fujistu standing in the center, all staring seriously at the camera, all in power poses.]
      just got a whole lot wilder!
      [All run at the camera, Alara slashing at the camera, all going dark and then-]
      [The old logo is back...with major alterations, haveing a very silver-blue coloration, with copper-wiring texture going across it.]


I know, it's odd...but what the hell, right?

Member: Jay Winger

Forgive me, I've just been going crazy with this. <eg> The green mist on the black background seems to be my trademark.

(BTW, Subdued Insanity Online's fanfic section (i.e. my fics) is up, with links to my MetaFics on CC's site, as well as all of "Separation Anxiety" (Resonate #6), part one of "Mindfields" (Resonate #7), and part one of "A New Type of Justice" (Chronicles of Justice #1).)

RPM Commercial #4: "Welcome to the Metaverse"

Open on dark screen. Computer beeps are heard, then machinery powering up. Lights come on, illuminating a Gateway. Red lights start flashiing, and then the Gateway opens. The camera is sucked in, being shaken around by the Gateway as modem noises go off around it. It emerges over the new Mainframe, then the screen goes black.

V.O.: Welcome to the Metaverse.

Music. Montage:
-Dr. van der Waals laughs maniacally. (Immoral Practices)
-Rollo and Tomasi smash down a door. (Resonate Ground Zero)
-Susan aims her keytool. (Dark Sentinel)
-Dr. il'Tana is shot. (Know Me Well)
-Human terrorists smile cruelly at Miyaera. (And So It Begins)
-A Guardian transport is rocked by a Mousetrap. (System Error)
-The Grizzly emerges from a portal. (A New Type of Justice)
-Naught swings his car around. (Comes the Wolf)

V.O.: If you thought cyberspace was big before--

-The new Mainframe. (Cail)
-The Supercomputer. (Kora)
-The Teracomputer. (Fallen Angel)
-The Resonate System. (Resonate Ground Zero)
-The Great Codex. (Arlington Road Syndrome)

Black screen. Music stops.

V.O.: You ain't seen nothing yet!

Music. Montage:
-Game Cube descends on the Resonate. (Incoming Game)
-Hoverbikes roar around the Resonate Tracks. (Comes the Wolf)
-Nil and Void yell, "Ya-hoo!" as they buzz a sprite. (Arlington Road Syndrome)
-Sarah Descan sneaks up behind Alpha Group. (Mind Games)
-Miyaera drops in on the Hacker Underground. (And So It Begins)
-Cail reacts to Megabyte. (Cail)
-Tomasi attacks Cato. (Separation Anxiety)
-Dirk fires a heavy machine gun at Vice in his mech. (A New Type of Justice)
-Justice walks through a raging storm. (The Tempest Affair)
-Quinn crawls to his hoverchair. (Resonate Ground Zero)
-Susan holds out a hand to a trapped child. (Guardian Protocol)
-Ril holds out Susan's keytool. (Know Me Well)
-Jennings holds out the undelete software. (Illusions)
-Quinn holds out the nano-launcher. (Resonate Ground Zero)
-Dr. van der Waals holds out a vial of nanites. (Immoral Practices)
-Martin O'Brien offers his hand. (Mindfields)
-DaVinci offers his hand. (Comes the Wolf)

V.O.: The Metaverse has you...

Green light seems to come out of DaVinci's hand in a flash, forming the RPM icon-logo.

V.O.: ...are you ready to go?

The words "ReBoot Project Metaverse" appear.

V.O.: Downloading soon to a server near you.

#5: "Viruses"

Greenish mist on black background. The word VIRUSES bubbles out of the mist.

V.O.: Viruses.

Montage (with music):
-Kora fights the human terrorists. (System Error)
-Lean howls and fires a lightning bolt. (Immoral Practices)
-Proteus trashes a lab. (Fragments of a Diary)
-Nemesis/Young Susan smiles evilly before launching a psychic attack on Susan. (Illusions)
-Elogin throws a fireball. (Separation Anxiety)
-Kora's virus ex-colleagues fight Peter, Ril, Kora, and Susan. (Kora)
-Ünres throws Justice through a console. (A New Type of Justice)
-Vice pilots a huge mech. (A New Type of Justice)
-Bios sits back on her throne. (whichever of Voodoo's fics)

Cut to RPM icon-logo, with title.

V.O.: The world of cyberspace just got a whole lot wilder, on "ReBoot Project Metaverse."

#6: "Hackers"

Green mist on black background. The word HACKERS appears, comprised of 1s and 0s.

V.O.: Hackers.

Montage (with music): -Nick Conelly frowns at a computer screen. (Illusions) -DaVinci scowls at Quinn. (Comes the Wolf) -Aztral pounds his fist on the table. (Separation Anxiety) -Surf hacks wildly. (Immoral Practices) -Sagittaria screams in frustration. (Mindfields) -Apocalypse hackers look up at the Darkling Armour. (Darkling Armour) -Sarah Descan smirks. (Illusions) -Cowboy flicks his Stetson. (A New Type of Justice) -Chaotis cackles. (A New Type of Justice)

Cut to RPM icon-logo, with title.

V.O.: The world of cyberspace just got a whole lot wilder, on "ReBoot Project Metaverse."

#7: "Racists"

Green mist on black background. The word RACISTS, comprised of green 'slashes,' appears.

V.O.: Racists.

Montage (with music):
-Gan fights with Susan. (Bitter Homecoming)
-Crysta looks at the Apocalypse emblem. (Darkling Armour)
-Humans smile cruelly at Miyaera. (And So It Begins)
-Apocalypse soldiers destroy Susan's hometown. (Guardian Protocol)
-Humans fight System Draneese soldiers. (System Error)
-Cato raises his rifle. (Separation Anxiety)
-Lean looks at a device with the True Force emblem. (Arlington Road Syndrome)
-The Crimson Claw soldiers torture Lt. Burke. (The Crimson Claw)
-The Crimson Claw Leader, Renei, screams, "Death to them all!" (The Crimson Claw)
-Lazarus' cybernetic eye gleams. (Arlington Road Syndrome)
-Lazarus cries, "'Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war!'" (Separation Anxiety)
-Apocalypse soldiers fire at Susan, Nick, and the Dark Sentinel. (Dark Sentinel)
-Elim Faraday fires his guns. (Arlington Road Syndrome)
-Dr. van der Waals experiments on Quinn. (Immoral Practices)

Cut to RPM icon-logo, with title.

V.O.: The world of cyberspace just got a whole lot wilder, on "ReBoot Project Metaverse."

#8: "Terrorists" (last one)

Green mist on black background. The word TERRORISTS explodes out of the center.

V.O.: Terrorists.

Montage (with music):
-Susan falling down from the explosion in Karpan. (Guardian Protocol)
-Rollo and Tomasi rob the bank. (Immoral Practices)
-Dr. van der Waals attacks Lean in his exo-armor. (Immoral Practices)
-The Hellfire blasts through a wall. (Hellfire)
-Chaotis presses a button, quick cut to a bolt of lightning striking the Grizzly. (The Tempest Affair)
-Explosions rock the Resonate. (Resonate Ground Zero)
-Elim Faraday fires his guns. (Arlington Road Syndrome)
-Gan fights with Susan. (Bitter Homecoming)
-Sen. Albert Brosky steeples his fingers. (A New Type of Justice)

Cut to RPM icon-logo, with title.

V.O.: The world of cyberspace just got a whole lot wilder, on "ReBoot Project Metaverse."

Member: Voodoo

Again.. i cant help but write another one...


[ the screen is dark, then a spot light shines and a Human woman walks out, wearing a black duster and a pair of wireframe Sun glasses, she holds out her hand and a picture of the old " Reboot Net" appears]

Woman: This is the net as it is seen 2000 a.d ... nice aint it?

[ she smiles holds her other hand a picture of a gateway appears]

woman: here's how its seen today... oh yes... Hold on Dorothy.. we going for a ride!

[loud Punk music sounds as the Camera gose through the gateway, a wormhole of flashing streaks of lights, and then, exits on the other side,just as Nada races by on her bike]

Voice(male): Welcome... to the Metaverse... this aint your Fathers Internet

- " You.. have no place aside from kneeling at my feet!"- Bios( The Calling)
- " Well this is a find how do you do"- Dax (Crusader)
- " The Dark Sentinel is an old Sprte Tale...", ( the Dark Sentinel)
- The Dark Sentinel appears and helps susan ( The Dark Sentinel)
- " I'll take it back, when the web freezes over!"- Quinn ( Resonate ground zero)
- " Oh... Such moments.. Brings a tear to my eye... good thing for me such moments pass quickly"- Bios ( The Calling)
- " Strange Requirements... i take it Apocalypse is the reason?"- Nar ( Fallen Angle)

Voice: Metaverse.. where if you think it cant happen.. it will...

- " Ril..is a Cyborg???"- Susan ( Know me Well)
- " Project 65-415, Human Hybird, "- Jenny ( The Calling & Crusader)
- " Really...A Class 7 verses a Class 15?"- Elogin - ( Arlington Road Syndrome )
- " Since when Can Humans Jump 120 feet, land, and walk away?" " They cant... But silencers can"- Dax talking to Jim. ( Silent Killers )
- Silencer sildes over the edge of a bilding and runs down the side. ( Silent Killer )
- Darkling Armor being brought into the Battle ( Darkling Armor)

Voice: And you thought all the net was good for was MP3's....

[ The Screen Fades to black showing the woman, who removes her glasses to show her ever changing eye color]

Woman( who now can been seen is Bios): The Metaverse...Cyberspace just got a whole lot Wilder...

[ She changes into her viral form]

Bios: think you can handle it?

[Screen fades to black, leaving the Metaverse icon]

Member Voodoo

Voice: Welcome.. to the Metaverse...

[ The Super computer appears on screen, the Cammra does a fly by of the system.]

Voice: Here.. all the rules...have..just.. been... broken!

Montage, with loud rock music
-Bios fighting off Dax and Crix ( Crusader )
-Alpha group standing around susan hospital bed ( Fallen Angel)
- Jeff and Jenny emerging from the Chambers ( Flashback in The Calling & Crusader)
- Crix getting his hand shot off ( Crusader )
- Susan returning home ( Bitter homecoming)
-Game Cube crashing down in Resonate ( Incoming Game )
- Jeff Hacking into the P.O. ( first Steps)

Voice: In this world, we Call the Metaverse..they belong

[ Alpha group, Cail, all the Viruses, The aught Famile, Quinn, David,Jenny,Jeff, Ki'ace,Ki'eva, and Prime Jennings all standing infront of a green/black streaking backround looking at us]

All together: We belong... Do you?

[The Metaverse icon halfes slam together forming on Icon and the word Metaverse fades in over it]

Member: Voodoo

One destiny

Jeff, (O.S).: It will be a hard life....

-Jeff running from the H/K (First Steps)
- Quinn straping himself into the Hoverchair ( Resonate ground Zero)
- Peter watchs Kora leave him ( Kora )
- Ril Discovers she a cyborg ( Know me Well)
- Susan looking at her Home system ( Bitter homecoming)

Jeff: One without reward....

- Bios stands after having her arm blown off ( Resurrection)
-Alpha group being yelled at after the explosion
-Nick standing in the court room ( Dark Sentinel)
- Bios Smiling as she looks at her new form ( Resurrection)

Jeff: Without remorse...

- Jenny being Shot, as she holds her wounded leg ( Silent Killers)
- Proteus riseing from his defeat by Peter ( Unknown Fic)
- Crix holding his arm, as it bleeds from his hand being shot off ( Crusader)
- Dax looking at the horror of her mother, as she lays on the floor dieing (Cusader)

Jeff: Without Regret.....

- Susan running off to find Ril ( know me well)
- Jeff,Jenny, and Dax killing infected sprites ( Silent Killers)
- Ril sacfricing herself to save the others ( Hellfire)
- Peter not killing Proteus ( Unknown Fic)
- Susan telling nick to shock her ( Fallen Angel)

Jeff: A path is placed before you.. The Choice, yours alone...

- Dax looking at her mother and father as she decides on killing Bios ( A Slip in time)
- Crix sitting in his chair, debating on Joining Bios ( Extreme Measures)
- Crysta leaving Apocalypse.
- Susan Deciding not to fire on Apocalypes ( Darkling Armor)
- Ki'ace looking at Jenny and Jeff, then walking away ( Extreme Measures)
- Crix holding onto a Dieing Ki'eva ( Extreme Measures)

Jeff: Do..what you can not think you can do.. It will be a hard life, But you will find out who you are....

[ the Metaverse icon fades in, and the screen gose blank]