Author Profiles


Name/Handle: D^Knight (Julius Arifin)
Age: 18 (as of September 2000)

Fic(s): Erm... pass. Go look at the site.

Characters: Have a spare year or so?

Writer Says (A Lot): I'm a neurotic Asian guy with a slight case of Multiple Personality Disorder. I'm cynical, idealistic, short-tempered, patient, stressed, relaxed, egotistical, humble, and various other stuff that I can't be bothered to list right now.
    I'm a student currently residing in Singapore, where the heat, the humidity, and the school syllabus gradually erase every last iota of creativity from our brains. When I'm not losing brain cells over the latest burden of Physics papers, I'm writing fics, MiSTing, or both, on my Pentium II computer, known as Compuzard. Sleep does not figure high in my list of priorities.
    My interests include ReBoot (duh), Anime and Manga (sometimes obscure ones), and the actual list varies quite a lot. My non-interests include anything to do with Disney that involves talking animals, and any show where the main character does a stupid "I will punish you" speech every episode. Similiarly, the actual list varies greatly.
    My writing style, as far as I can tell, is part Douglas Adams, part Andy Kent, part David Eddings, part Neil Gaiman, and mostly Terry Pratchett. And I'm not a native English speaker either, so there.
    My info may vary without warning, and I reserve the right to change it any time I damn well please. I also reserve the right to bore everyone with my life story, told at 3 am in the morning.


Name/Handle: Jay Winger
Age: 18 (as of December 1999)

Fic(s): The Resonate Series (starts with "Comes the Wolf") and the Chronicles of Justice (starts with "A New Type of Justice")

Characters: Lots. I'm not gonna waste space by listing them all.

Writer Says: I'm a teenager who spends far too much time on the Internet, or watching science-fiction or cartoons on TV. I'm originally from Maryland, but live in Virginia, where I moved from Texas, but I attend school in Pennsylvania. (Got all that?) "ReBoot" first intrigued me when I was fourteen and living in Texas, but I never got around to watching it habitually. Enter Cartoon Network's Toonami.
    I started looking up "ReBoot" stuff on the Internet, when I ran across a link to ReBoot Project Metaverse. Curious, I scoped it out, and proceeded to get addicted.
    I routinely say that I suffer from "subdued insanity" and "imagination in overdrive." Such is true for RPM. The original idea that I had for the Resonate Series was trashed, and became what it is now. Later, after watching "Alien Resurrection" too many times and hearing about DK's Bounty Hunter fics, I cobbled up the Chronicles of Justice. It has now been further developed by seeing Matrix act like a bas@$$ #@rd and by playing "Full Throttle."
    I am a fan of most things sci-fi (though some of it turns my stomach) and pretty much most things animated. (Though I draw the line at stomach-turning superheroine anime. *coughSailorMooncough*)
    My writing style is to try to keep things ambiguous, while incorporating as much wit, sarcasm, gunfire, and action as possible.
    My interest in reading covers sci-fi (natch), some fantasy (mostly Piers Anthony), and the occasional suspense novel. My favorite authors include Douglas Adams, Stephen King, Neal Stephenson, Piers Anthony, Orson Scott Card, and David Weber.
    Amongst my other fanfiction ventures are "ReBoot: the Cybernomicon," the first two installments of which can be found on Clearsky's page, two "Batman Beyond" fanfics, a "Gargoyles" fic saga, and a trilogy of "Matrix" fanfics currently in the works.


Name/Handle: Voodoo (Kevin Davis)
Age: 17 (As of June 1999)

Fic(s): Too many to name, so how about " Crusader Fiction: The Hybrid saga" and "Jade/Hunter Series" (On JC's page, shameless plug, but you did ask for fics)

Characters: Lots...

Crusader Fiction: Bios, Jeff Freeman, Jenny Lockheart, Crix Lockheart, Dax Lockheart, Ki'ace, Ki'eva, Dos Matrix.

Creatures of Myth: Diana, Jestus, Kaka, Mistya, Greg, Tonya.

Writer Says: I'm a teenager with too much free time, in that time I surf the Internet, watch Anime and Sci-fi (think it's a writer thing), become lost in my thoughts on Humanity, always trying to find the easiest way between two points, sometimes it's a straight line, others, it's a missile (don't ask). I'm the kind of guy that will put the square peg in the round hole just to see if it can be done (and it can), also the guy that will see how much gunpowder a T.V can hold before it blows up.
    When I write, I like to write simply, meaning anyone can read and understand, but I put enough detail and enough thought into it, so it can be read by different people and each get the same goal, but a different meaning on it.


Name/Handle: Al's Waiter (AW)
Age: 19 (as of May 2000)

Fic(s): (so far) System of Secrets

Characters: Lara Entrix, Duke Racer, Quake Conquer, Myst and Riven PC, Genesis, Mayor (of Uphoria) Cassidy, Leahan Sheldren, Kevin Mullen, Geoff Dunning, Shashi Elrick, Michael Houston (Head of Secruity for the Net). (and that's all in one fic!)

Writer Says: I live in Canada and proud of it. I'm in my last year of high school (Gr 13 or OAC) and next year I plan to apply to Algonquin College for either classical animation or graphic design. Later I hope to go into digital animation and maybe head to Vancouver for Mainframe Entertainment or Big Idea (makers of Veggie Tales).
      I love to: write fiction (mostly fan based), MiSTing fiction, HTMLign my three (going on four) webpages, draw (pencil is my favourite medium), painting (landscapes, comicbook and ReBoot figures on my school book covers; on paper, not on the actual books), read (fantasy, historical fiction, futuristic books, prophectial fiction, suspense, the list goes on actually), watching "some" television and "good" movies (I'm very picky!)
      My writing style? What ever the heck I want! It changes from story to story usually but I enjoy the writing styles of Douglas Adams, Jerry B. Jenkins, Frank Pereti, and Tim Lahaye.
      My television interests include Mainframe Ent stuff (ReBoot [Woo hoo!], Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and Shadow Raiders), X-Men, Anime (Ranma 1/2, Macross Plus, and El Hazzard), WB stuff (Animanicas, and Freakazoid), The Pretender, Touched by an Angel, and M*A*S*H. Surprisingly, I don't watch too much TV.
      Saying I hear the most spoken to me: You are so weird.
      My reply: You have no idea!
      Wow, I wrote a lot! Well, that's it; that all AW stop reading. I said STOP READING! Sheesh! Some people's children!


Name/Handle: Java Trinomial (Phelan Williams)
Age: Sore wa...himitsu desu!

Fic(s): Interlude Series and, when I have the desire to rewrite it, Truth in Existance.

Characters: For Interlude: Tri Cyanopia, Liturgy Mishima, Aisha, Faerie, Aarys, Essani, Jesse, and hopefully someday Anya.

For Truth in Existance: Erinys Naigerek, Pyra, See Piler, Cos & Salinis Salani.

For The Purge: Meiji and Mutsuhi, Little Rissie, Tekkah and Makih, and Anna Lassen.

Writer Says: Well, my nickname is the Chika da Chaos and the Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath, so let's start with that. I'm a maniac Hex fan, have had crushes on two Metaverse Authors already, and have the tendency to say with an cheerful grin, "I don't need crack to be like this." I like Slayers (I'm Xelloss), Tenchi Muyo (Mihoshi), Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (Nene), Ghost in the Machine, Tampopo, and Ranma 1/2 (I tend to play Shampoo) for Anime, and some other unimportant stuff in real life. ^_~
      Mostly, if you want to understand me, go look at the MDM. It clearly shows me in all of my brilliant psychosis.
      Oh, and I'll give you a nice quote to pass the time with: Raggot Lives!